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St. Joseph Saturday Herald from Saint Joseph, Michigan • 3

Saint Joseph, Michigan
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23 TO-WAD COUNTY. SPECIAL NOTICES. West's Liver Pills cure Indigestion. -HoMoel I Lt till r'l, "i' "34. CO Years Csfcre the Public.

xovm Jewolbra of St. "Jobeph, havo SATURDAY, HOV 22, 1879. 4 i j- 1 1 1 i rrozk East, West wad South, A IVortlL Ji50 i KastaudWfby Wight A. M. 1:00 P.M.

stage, tb a.m. Solng P-M. South, Eart nod Eastand :00 just received a npxr line of coodo in Mr. James M. Stevens has been visiting In Chicago this week.

Mrs. C. M.Xawler returned on Monday from Battle Creek, where she has been under treatment at the Sanitarium for some time past We understand that her health has slightly improved. The following personal we find in the Pbrt Huron Daily of last Saturday, will be of interest to many of our readers "Miss Carrie Clapp, of St. Joseph, and Misa Mary Whitteck of Berea, Ohio, are the guests of Mr; Ss Mrs.

Brown. Mr. Mrs, Nye Bush, Emma Brown, have arrived at their home in Chica ail' depjarfment0 That you can Jenr-clrv of allliindo, oilverpltiteCi: rare eta? of tMa rfirm (Wise y. WU CallBoforo TTnTring Paroliacoo. arenit court The circuit court' convened on Monday pursuant to adjournment.

The following business has been transacted hince onr last issue The People vs. William Rozell; horse stealing. Nolle prosequi entered. The People vs. Cluse and Wm; Chandler; burglary.

Tried by jury and found guilty, Sentenced to, the State prison for three years. The People vs, Ben. II. Evans; horse stealing. Sentenced to State prison for four years.

The People vs. Albert Uvlngston; rape. Sentenced to State prison for fifteen years. J. Young Sons vt.

Frederick Schmidt; assumpsit. Referred to W. J. Gilbert. Caspar Schulte vs.

Josiah Wolcott replevin. Jndgmont by default for plaintiff, John Crandali vs liouis Lam ore tried by court and judgment for defendant. Enos Putnam and others vs. Joseph 8. Tuttle." Judgment for plaintiffs for the sum of $1290.

T. Uuhl, Newland Co.ys.F.Gerdes Co. Judgment for plaintiffs for the sum of $200.47. Talmadge Tice vs. John W.

Pegg; replevin. Judgment for defendant for $95.56 and return of property. James P. Baxter vs. Milton M.

Morse; assumpsit Judgment for plaintiff for the sum of $774.54, and eight days allowed defendant to move for a new trial. Bernard A. Tormey vs. Charles W. Hall.

Judgment of non suit against plaintiff. 1. The People of the State of Michigan in the relation of Attorney General vs. "i ifw Jfcu; OTP PRICES It JOHN MTIiSrS. Read tlie now offered, in the 0 4 Olotbing- Xepartment 100 Men's Overcoats, sixes 33 to 42, 60 Men's Overcoats, 75 Youths' Overcoats, 50 Men's Black Beaver, 60 Men's Black Chinchilla Beaver, 50 Men's Blue 60 Men's Black fine all wool Beaver, Men's Youths' and Boy's Ulsters from These goods are designs, and trom lo to k5U per cent, cheaper than last year.

lion's and Hoy's Suits at Low Prioosi DRY-GOODS DEPARTMENT gywr offer some extra bargains in Ladies Cloaks, Dolmans. Prices from 02.00 to $16.00. A handsome-assortment of Yarns. Also Dress Goods, Shawls, Gloves, Hosiery, etc JOHN IttAJEfcTIlV, 40 Ship Street, St Joseph. Old Iron ware.

wanted at Sweet's Hard' ,22 LIST OT LKTTKHS remalnlaf la the Post Of floe at St. Jfoecph, Berrien County, Mleku, Nov. 82. UTS. XoTobtaia these letters please ay "advertiswUv Dolphin, Benjamin JlUsosu Cornelius Dunn, Versaille, Plerte.

f. Wens, Oeo A soK If letters are not called for within thirty days after tbe date of this notice they wtll sent so tee Dead Letter Offloe at WMhlofton. Just'received a full line of trunks and satchels at DonaldsonX nex to oanK, t. josepn. av i- 'f West's Liver Pills cure Dyspepsia, Strictly pure baking powder tor 80 cents per pound, at E.

D. Crane's drag store, St Joseph. S8- St. Josepk HarkeW '-Atfwe go to- press this Friday' afternoen we auote: 'u Potatoes, per Butter, per as 40 ner Hams, per Dound.

A. 4 SO Shoulders. Lard, ner Corn, per Dried Fmlt-Feaehes, pard, apples, per KaspDernes, is Blankbeniea. a Beans, per 116 Cabbagre, per i Onions, per bushel, M.Q.;SQ Chickens, per 7 live. 4 Turkeys, Hay, wiu eu 7S 8 00 Wheat, white, per bushel, 1 10 A 1 18 -red, ljt OI 19 Flour S.Prem.

XXXX, TS u. rrem. pr su Amber, extra, per barrel, 25 ner S00 100 Bran, per ,70 uiaes, green, over au vs under 909)9 7 Calf skins, over 8 vt Deacon 8b Sheep pelts, green, each, 75 Stock Kport, Cattle, $25 to 9SLSO; hots. live, 13.00 to 3J: dressed. $4.00 to S4J0: sheep, $2.00 to $4.00 per head; calves.

$3 00 to fejOO per head. i REV. WM. BARNES, Dealer In Standard ReKpons Books, And all kinds of Sunday School SuppUea, Life and Travels of GEN. KANT, by i.

T. Headier. BABTLAND. TJucmlu magazine in the world ezpressiyor BaMa! Only SO Cts. a Tear.

Tree of Postage. Taktitforyonr Baibfit Elirht lanre auarto pajres. Fine amber paper. thick and stronfr. Sweet wee stories, dainty pictures, merry jingles, ana runny tutsoi nany-' life.

lATge type, with words divided into syllables. A. Kindergarten in Umif. AGENTS wanted. Liberal Ad dress aU orders.

D. liOTHBur co raoiisners. SB 83 KrankUn Street, Boston, WM.K.HIOMAN O. O. JoBA.

Preeident. FIRST NATIONAL BANK, or JEST. JOSEPH AATOZZ: Capitol, $50,000 Sarplnsy 8,000 Transact a General Bankins; Business. Discount Approved "aper. Buy and Seii Exchange, Keoelve Deposits.

Make Collections. Ae. Our office is fitted np witn a 1TRX PROOF BRICK VAULT, (the only perfect protection from A solid iron and steel BURGLAR PROOF SAFE, with a Cbronontiter Lock attached, which, when locked, cannot be unlocked, even by the olfioers of the- Bank aatU tbe hour arrives upon which it was set to open. W. K.

HIQMAN, 1 H. C.fflOMAJf.1 K.NICKERSON. Directors. AS. BALE I J.


STUCCO, SALT, etc, i Also the J3ENOA, OB OHIO WHITE LIME, i the best lime in the country, Al WHOLESALE OR RETAIL I VJ Prices Reasonable-JEf OJUct and Ford, foot of StaU Strut, f3T Lime and Land Plaster in Bulk, rtf ST. JOSEPH. MICH. Aonorro patent PORTLAND GUTTED The Strongest SMc bt Siist s. "'Fine aalaa, IlKht, ehesper and ssore AersUevthM othar IWaighj.

Also, AliM's Patent Rmner Atbclinli, For whealvd vehicles of mrtry Per teetlj practical; fita aar axis; tracks la country road. Orw tear thousand in nee. mrwm ttealsn sad lean jronr nesrvstsgsat. A. A.

ABBOTT A aow waiNMii SSmS EECUCID nCXXZl CATE3 a sUMk flfflna at thin fia. Is MM MuiitissiMi wsmmStstsai alee) to offioM of nearly al I Oonaaatlns Lktea. money OURRINOY AND COLD. Paekagee not 20, 1 1 2 PQ 21 OURRINOY AND OOLD. I BO.

20e ,200. Xarg aw tstfMMc imallm-proportion. Tsoksgw aet exessllaf fltT.20 tofe. 9 SUitosUfre. iv Kin a ii i miuui wi at a IV (Station.

AU Improved. Good orchard. acres wen improved ana wen waterea land IH tus frora Troy Station. 0 acres rich Irit't land--tt? house wliSi cellar, and deep K1 wster. Fair bant.

a. en av i nese tracts are ctruea oy nonresiaetnn, having been taken on mortgages, and will be sold-for half their yaiaai. and on your own Jernis. Good real estate mortgages taktnea poxenase pnow. i 60 acres, rood soil, yount peach orehtrf-- two years in bearing, in good eondHlon, laig bullalnK, good roads.

'2 CLAPF a to bw Fancy Goods. a fie ot. losepni asaion Bazaar. r't 'ay71 A fun line Zephyrs alee ladies' and childrea's 4 a-XI J)osier; patterns i ia'i i'- state Street. it i (-.) ji as -j HAE1TESS ft-)! Gr.

W. PAUL. I have on hand and offer fori sale a eompleM Une of collars, whips, lashes and fly-nets, and in fact everything to be found in a well regulated harness shop. Harnesses Hade to Ori I manufacture from none but the beet of leatfc er. I warrant my work.

-Prloes to suit all. Call and see me in shop on Ship st reet. ST. JOSEPH, MICHIGAN. 31.

oRAVa awicoirio Msotciia TKAOe MARlC Tks onattsfUsa TRAPS MARK, Ksatedjrt As hmhh -e? WlfSMBteal Vsk. efereTsklagf asm: mIwiI Aftsr Taking, y. Vstmnal rata Is ik Smk. bimm Ota at.

ana? Hkar rmU saninilai ia aar yaairaMt. vklek SaSr eaataassrsuniaaiwiTsaa. tyTa8p.MWawla aaMlf-aBanaaVMaatSi par aaakaaa. sr ala aaakaaaa la, SKsr sis aaat as, aall aa isana, af aaa anaij kf TB RAT BtniCIXK co gsaaasW, Iwa, Dsssaw.1 8old In St. Joseph and ever where by ail drug gists, -Igl Monterey Sea Shell Son Shells AND Soa HIoss! PRICE LIST: 1 large Abalone shell, red back, 60 cts.

each. 1 large Abalone shell, bl' back, 60 cts. each. Medium size, per dozen, 75 cts. Small size, per dozen, SO ets.

Four dozen different varieties Sea Shells. cts. per dozen. sea moss sent witn tne sneiis rree. sent by mail to any part ef the States upon, the receipt of the above price, postage paid.

Persons wishing a lance Quantity of shells eau have them at low rates. Address, Monterey Sea Shell Ce, Monterey, California. Jteerenc Kditorof this paper. "SB PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY PREPARED Sibley's Drug Storo, tisrner Stats Shiptsv, sr. JOSEPH.

ABB, whale, golden, and black ells for XI ehinery, at SIBLMTM. PAINTS, lead, dye-stuffs, and a full line ef I brushes, at SIBLEY'S. SIOMBS.brusfces, fancy soaps and toilet artl1 SIBLEr. lTJSTBBS and sponges, at SIBLErS. JATKNTMBDICINES, all kinds, at SIBLEY'S.

pCBX Drugs and Medicines, a 9Jgfg'rVtg PUBB Wines and Liquors, for medicinal per poses only, at i SIBLEYV. IN FACTEVEBTTHINO usually found la 1 Srst-ciar Drug Ston, at 11 ST. JOSEPIT. TIMB8 OF HOLDING- COTJBT-Btste of Michigan, County of Berrien, as. The term of tbe Circuit Court, for tbe County of Berrien, for the years 1880 and 1881.

will beheld as follows On Monday next after the first day of Jannarvi On the fourth Monday of March: On the third Monday of June, and on the third Monday of October. Dated Sept 10, 187H. A true copy. Circuit Judsre. Knwur X.

CooxB, Clerk. SSwt MOKTOAGB 8ALE. The sum of two hundred and five dollars and eighty-five oents is claimed to be due at the date of this notice oa a mortgage made by Joseph E. Stickney and Sarah A. Stiokney, his wife, to Hugh Allen, dated May 12th, 187.

and recorded May 18, 187; in Liber of mortgages, on page l2, in the office of the Register of Deeds. Berrien oounty. Michigan. Pursuant, therefore, to the power oft. sale contained in said mortgage the premises in such mortgage described as the west half of the east half of the northwest quarter of section twelve, town three south, range seven teen west.

Berrien county aforesaid, will be sold at tbe front door of the Court House in the village of Berrien Springs, in said oounty, oa Taesday, December Sd, 1S7U, at ted o'clock In the to satisfy the amount due on said mortgage together with) the attorney fee of flfty dollars and other costs of foreclosure. St. Joseph, Sept. 1st. im v.

HCQlf ALLEN. Cr.Arr A Frrx. -j Unrtnna Attorneys for INSTATE OF VICTOR PLEK. State ef MtehK Jgan, connty of Berrten, ss. At a session ofj the Probate Court for said connty, held at the Probate offloe in the village of Berrien Springe on the S7tb day of -October, in the year ona thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine.

In the matter of the estate of Victor Flee, da ceased. On reading and filing the petition, duly re rifled, of Warren Chapman, administrator of said estate, praying bat he may be sbk thorixed, empowe-ed and licensed to sell the real estate of said deceased, as in the said VOIR tion described. Thereupon it la ordered, that Moadaar. Peeesnber 1st. at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be aseigned for the bearing of said petition, and that the beira at tow of said deoeased, and ail other persons.

Interested in said estate, are required to sppear at a amnion vi aniu vuun, men uv iiubwu hii the Vmhnta in the viiiacre of Berrien Sprtnea, and show cause, if any there be, wky the nratrar nt tha ixtritlfmer should not be granted. And it is further ordered, that said petitioner give notice to the persons Interested in said estate, nf tbe pendency of said petlttav and tbe hearing thereof, by oauaimr a. vt this order to be published In the Sr. Jh -M THAVbrUBiUM, a printed eftmtated lu said county. ltm auootrf.ive mm mm viaiia jf (VyT an a liOWEST a' -J-, a $2.25, worth 125.

2.00. worth 8.00. I. 75, worth 40, worth 5.00, worth 8.00, worth II. 00, worth 4,00 to 1.75.

6.00. 6.50. 10.00. UJ0O. 15.00.

all of the latest For Sale Cheap. I A new Kimball piano for sale cheap for cash. or at a bargain If time is i For terms inquire at this offloe. or of H. W.

HCAAS. IS Benton Harbor. I BROOIIS! Patronize home industry! Buy broosas made by I E. JONQUET, ST. JOSEPH, MICHIGAN.

Warranted not to set loose from the handle. and to be the best, besides von save 10 ner cent by buying the St. Joseph Bboom. Nones. If by accident a broom gets loose from the handle brine; it back to the factory and it will be bep aibkd fbesj of charge.

I Ask for the St Joseph Broom, The hiiAett market vrice void for broom corn raited in Uii vicinity. it The Propeller JOHN MORRISON, Master, Will make tri-weekly trips from this date, until further notice, between I BENTON HARBOR, I ST. JOSEPH AND CHICAGO. Leaving Bobbins' Dock, Benton Harbor, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night at o'clock, and Williams' dock, foot of State street, St. Joseph, at o'clock.

Betureing, will leave Lawlers River street, Chicago, Tuesday, Thursday and Satur day nights at 11 o'clock. IV For freight or passage apply to Thoej A. Walker, Agent, Benton Harbor; Ed. Brain, St. Joseph P.

H. Lgwler, Chicago. H. W. wmiAKS, Owne.

It. 7. Plane. Clerk. T.W.

KRHT. a. w. sorgx. Garble Works! Kent Bovoo.

The.welHtnown llarble dealers ef ST. JOSEPH; respectfully invito! all persons wanting MONUMENTS. HEAD STONES, or anything in that Has of the trade, to call and EXAMINE Prices and Styles before giving orders elsewhere. We deal in GRANITE. AMERICAN AND FOREIGN MARBUB.

wv They havo Juet received larse atook of Marble direct from the oefebratedQuariee of Vermont. H. W. Kent and B. 8.

Drake, havinv had I IS and 10 years experience in the Morbie Trad reel continent caas tney oann.ts excenea in letterlna. carvina and finishing marble outside of tbe large oltiet in tbe State. They guarantee nrsveiass worg ana satisiaeuon in an eases. Prices as low as any other Ana that does good work. Special attention given to aU kinds of work in tne trade.

Call and examine for your selves oeiore purcnasing euewnere. be found at the old stand, opposite Rosblen's furniture store; or first door east of Tbatklkb-Ukraxd ote, tt. Joseph, Ulca. i 870 Meekly. 1879 ky I Pronounced by all to be the most pleasant and efficacious remedy now in use for the cure of coughs, colds, croup, hoarseness, tickling, sensation of the throat, whooping Over a million bottles scid within the lot few years.

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with hints for procurmsr aaranoee on mw tloes. Address for the Paper, or concerning Branch Office, oorT A 7th Sta, Washington, D. READ THE PRICES. Clear Pork, 6 cents per pound. Fresh Sugar Cored Hams, 9 cents per pound.

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A full lint of Flour and Feed, AtMUlPriou. JAMES FORBES. Parker's Block, State street. 10 ST. JOSEPH.

TOR isao. THB Detroit Post and Tribune. THBOKBAT REPUBLICAN PAPER OFMICHIG1N. The vaar 1880 wlU be marked br one of tbe most important political campaigns in the his. tory of this republic.

In it Kepublicanism will be Charged with tbe championship of flnan-ciai soundness and honor, and with the defense of the cardinal doctrines of Equal Bights and. National Supremacy. Under a banner thus inscribed it will, with the spirit of TV resist re pudiation, nausm. seouonai aggression, snot gun rule, conspiracies against the integrity of tbe ballot-box, and disloyal ascendency in aQ its forms. In this important battle BepubUcanism must relv unon the Dress for the most efficient serrioe to its cause, and there Is no more certain way to -organise victory" than by Insur ing tne cirouiauon among tne voters, now ana constantly, of a sound political literature.

The Detroit Post and Tribune has an established raoutsxion as a ricrorous and able Benublioan journal, which has for year upheld the causes or geuineiy iree lnstnunons ana or ranonai finance. It is also a thorough newspaper, perfect! eautoned and complete in all depart ments, with large resources, a great and grow, ing circulation, and a system of news-gather lng wnicn covers me entire neia. locat, state, genera! and foreign. No paper has equaled it in -rapid growth in the public eonfldenoe. Its weekly is the largest published in the state, and dees not yield to any rival in interest and in nlim tn Ita maibwa.

During 1880 its news will he kept fresh and accurate. Its oonimerclai reports full and trustworthy, its miscellaneous selections abundant ana entertaining, its tone pure ana elevating, and its BenubUoanism sound and rhrorous. New features will be constantly added, and those which have already been established will be enlarged and improved. Care wlU be exercised to see that all Michigan Interests are properly upheld, and especial pains w(B be taken to make itt -agricultural- Denartment and the LetteiBox of eonUant practical um to it pat. ron.

nas rectevea me ictamonif or ntmarea ot it reader that these dtoartmentm alune have saeedto them ammaUg far mart than its snbsertp. The Michigan circulation of the Post Tribune already outstrips that of any other weekly oaoer. Every additional oodt taken in the 8 rate helps to confirm the Republican su premacy. LIBIRAL TKRMS TO TRIAL 8VBSCRI- New Subscribers to the Weekly Post and Tribune this includes any whose names have not been on its mall lists within a year wiU be received up Vi January 1st for 25 cents for three months. Thousands have already avail.

ed themselves or this adrantageoua oner, xry A PLOW TOR NOTHING. i Toanv nenon who will aret on a clnb of 14 new auhaeribAHi for the weekly and send tSl with the list of their names, or of six new sub. soribers for the tri-tveeklr and send with the list S30. an Oliver or Bement obiUedpiow teorth ruuruen ixtuar will be given, xnis applies only to new subscribers, and the plows given are in au respects nrst-ctass. OENXRAL TXRMS.

annum, montl. ido Trl-Weekly SOd tit 1S9' 1 44 Weekly, In clubs of 19. tl 40 per annum. Jiletnittanees ny be sent at our risk br dratis 1 A hundred d-ufart in preralwuts to ftgests. fn auditfon te liberal terms toesnv tseers.

Bmm Addns XAiiS AK JPittbllsbcr's Announce- In accordance with the expressed wishes of Republicans and prominent citizens generally of St Joseph, Benton Harbor and the Lake Shore we shall inmmenm fasninir next week a DAILY 'A DUtwutip- tloV Price, $3 per year. Our friends have iven us a large list of names to start 'with. Several dozen subscribers for the new dally were received this weesv Those who have not already placed their names on the list, and who desire to start with first issue should catl ai the Tbavkucb-Hbeald office eayly next week. Tjated Nor. 22, 1879.

LaONABD J. Mbrchant, ITEMS Tax Receipts at this office. That wood, if you please, sir! Thanksgiving on next Thursday. Now is the time to buy overcoats at Ze-klnd's. or good dental work so to Dr.

Ray, St, Joseph. The new Morning dairy will make its appearance next week. Rev. Barnes Is selling the "Life and Travels of GenU Grant" When it conies sleighing just look to Caldwell lor a good sleigh-ride. Sibley In bound to keep pace with the times by filling prescription with fresh The ladles, and children's underwear, sold by Miss Clapp, gives general satisfaction.

v' MjC S. J. Stephens, rear of Jos. Hagar's b'acksmith shop, Is making lots of substantia! sleds for the boys. Clock Bro.

have just received from the manufacturer some splendid patents in Silver-wire. Step in and take a look. Wilcox dVCo, are putting up quite an Addition to their basket factory near the depot It Is 26x53 feet, and two story high. The boiler at the Industrial Works of Cooper, Welle Cot, was repaired on Thursday. It tws a good day to lay off the knitters Will the party who wrote theTKAVEUSB-IIkbald this week to send sample copies of the paper to certain persons please call at our office.

1 The Stevens vllle Dancing Club give a dance "in Sclroeck's Hall, Stevensvllle, on next Thursday evening. A good time is anticipated. 1, John Martin has received a lot of new carpets, some boots and shoes, and a general assortment of dry-goods. Step lu and look at them. Nov.

27tli covers three 'words that commence wltli acapltal T. ThundMy, Thanksgiving, Turkey. We'll take some of the latter "if we don't miss it" We learn as we go to press that the residence of James Fletcher' near Stevensvllle, was totally destroyed by fire on Wednesday morning last Loss not known. Nlles City has purchased a new hose carriage and several hundred feet of rubber hose and now the Nil Republican suggests the formation of another bose com pany. The "Formals Will give a dance at Bartow's Hall, on nextThursday evening.

Music by Green's band; bill, 75 cents. Floor managers. Frank L. Fixley and M.B. Rice.

The Circuit Court of tills county has sent ten criminals to prison this term. That is one ot the benefits of having an efficient corps of prosecuting officers.Buchanan Record. It is reported that the Benton Harbor Pal ladium and Times are to be consolidated. Together they would make a good paper and a nice printing office for our sister The Universallsts of Benton Harbor will hereafter hold their services In Antlsdale's new block, on Main street Services on the first and third Sunday of each month, in the morning. We are indebted to the Hon.

E. W. Kelghtlev, third Auditor of the Treasury, for a copy of the annual report of his department for the fiscal year ending Jane 30th. 1879. Dr.

Pettltt, Conrad Kamerer and E. M. Ed wards went on a hunting trip into Lake township-on Monday, and besides other game bagged by the party Messrs. Kamerer and Pettltt each shot a wild turkey. The brick store la this place has been leased by Mr.

Charles C. Sweet of St Joseph, and the building is now being put in readiness for the reception of a full line of Roods, which will be here next week. Berrien Springs Journal, 15th. The St Joseph Dramatic Club will open the season with in Preston Hall, in a few days. Tbe bill is a good one and the young persons who comprise the cluffVIU aim to merit a liberal patronage! For full particulars, see bills.

A chimney in the northeast portion of the village burned quite lively and was the cause of an alarm of fire on Wednesday night. Fortunately the fire 'was confined to the chimney. A number of other chimneys burned out on the same night The Palladium and Times of three weeks ago placed the Tbavkxeb-Hkrau la a false position before the public In regard to the Benton. Harbor Elevator but failed to do ft Justice ltt not copying its reply to 'the same In our issue of Nov. 8th.

"Do to others," etc. At the meeting of the Good Templars, held on last Tuesday evening, it was decided to give a necktie festival In the basement' of tbe M. E. Chnreb on next. Monday evening.

Oysters and other refreshments served. Songs and speeches' will be in Pro ceeds for the benefit of the Lodge. The post office doses now at a o'clock p. and 1 it you should go there after that time do not get out of patience because there Is no P. M.

to wait on you. Tlie Postmaster needs a little time to himself in which to make up the night malls, write letters, which must be done after the office is closed. Hon. J. C' Burrows.

Congressman: from this District was in town en Wednesday looking over the harbor and consulting with leading citizens as to the wants of the peo- pie of this-section. Wo are confident that Mr. Burrows will labor hard to secure. a large appropriation at tbe coming session of Congress for the benefit of this port The weather we have had during the last week has been, to ray the least, bad. The Iron ore schooner lshpeming was detained, the flagstaff used for the weather signal flag was blown down, a chimney was blown over and some roofing torn up at tbe Wooden Ware and numerous other accidents occurred.

1 Out of ten cases taken to Supreme Court, from Judge A. J. Smith, seven of his decisions have been suitslned. No Judge In the State can say as much. Nlles Mirror.

Tfcose who knew Judge saldL 'when let was nominated by the HeprthJSifUis, that he would make an excellent Jodie, and he nut disappointing those who voted for hint go COUSTY KEWH. From the Niles Republican, Nov. 13. 1 About eight hundred dollars were subscribed last Sunday towards paying for the new Baptist church, which speaks Well for the liberality of that congregation and their friends. -The balance due oa this handsome edifice; we are informed, is only about $700.

The entire cost of the building was about $8,000. The family of Mr. Edward Slattery, of this city, has been deeply afflicted during. the last ten days. The eldest daughter was takeu with scarlet fever, bat recovered.

Soon after two other daughters took the disease. The eldest of these two, aged 6 years, died on the 8th Inst, and last Sunday night the other one, aged 8tf years, also died. Another little daughter Is also sick with the same disease but it is thought she will recover. This is truly an afflicted family and shares largely In the sympathies of the community. From the Buobanan Nov.

13. D. A. Wagner, formerly editor of this paper, ran for County Clerk on the Greenoc ratio ticket' in Chatauqua Kansas, at the recent election, and was defeated, receiving the lowest number of votes of any man In the county. What's the matter Dan'lf From the Berrien Springs Journal, Nov.

IS. The Connecticut Mutual IJfe Insurance company has compromised with Mrs. John Tate, paying her $1,500 on her policy of ooo. this company nrst onerea ner w. and after she commenced suit they offered Sl.000.andtiienSl.20a The Connecticut Mu tual Life Insurance such dealing we think, will lose what business they- nave in this section.

Men insuring for the bene fit of their families will seek companies that will oromotlv nav their losses, without shaving the widow. From the Niles Democrat. Nov. IS. Quite a little smash np occurred apout a mile west of this eity en the Michigan Central railroad, on Thursday morning last shortly after 5 O'clock.

It appears that there were two freight trains coming east and by some means or other the rear freight train ran into the one in front of it smashing up several cars, and more or less demoralizing two engines. Two of the freight cars were thrown over an embankment and -another was thrown off the track, and lust as this occurred, or soon after, the Pacific Express, going west came along on the other track and not knowing of what had happened, came in contact with the car which bad Jumped the track, causing a smash apof several or tne irons cars oi tne train. But fortunately no lives were lost or any one seriously hurt The Express was delayed several hours in consequence of tbe accident. From the Three Oaks independent Nov. SOL The following officers of the Good Tem- Elars LodKe, ar Bridgeuian, were installed Lode Deputy, O.

A. E. Baldwin, on last Friday evening: C. H. W.

C. Miss Rose King. V.T: W. A. Seekell, VT a ill 194 XJllJiail JXIIB A Uf SUheiin, W.

Miss Delia Weston, W. F. Ov A. Jefferis, W. Miss Sarah' Bride-man.

W. D. Miss Lillie Whitten, W.L 6: W. Uendrix. W.

O. 6: Miss Barbara Stahelin, W. Miss Hattie King, W. U. miss Alice uicaman, w.

it. a. "Dr. Sellers Cough Syrup without exception, has given satisfaction: Our readers give it a trial. Druggists Keep it.

Price 25c per bottle. The Worlds'. Child-Magazine-. John Greenleaf Whittier, tbe most cbild-hearted as he is among the foremost of Americau Authors, writes of the St. Nich olas: 'It is little to say of tins magazine that It is the best child's periodical in tbe world." fror.

rroctor, the astronomer, wrote from London "What a wonderful maeazine it is for ynung folks, and ours are quite as much delighted with it as American children can be That it is calculated to delight the little folk everywhere is indicated by the fact that it is to be issued in French by Delagrave of Paris and that even the far-away little Moslems are now to baVe a volume made up of translations from Sr. Nicholas into Arabic by tbe Key. H. H. Jessup.

Beginning witn tne JNovemoer numner the magazine is to be printed on heavier pa per witn wtaer margins, ana is to do so much enlarged that the new volume will contain nearly two hundred more pages than any former volume, while the price will re main tne same, me publishers announce manv brilliant novelties, including anew serial by Miss M. Alcott entitled "Jack and Jill;" VThe Treasure-Box of English Literature," in which will be given gems from standard English and American authors an Acting-Play for Sanday Schools, by Kev. Edward Eggleston, which will be printed in time for the holidays; with full directions for Its representation in school exhibitions; and a beautiful Fabry Operetta for children entitled "The Sleeping Beauty in tne wooa." Another splendid serial for boys has been secured for this volume, "The Fairport Nine," a story of a base-ball club, by Noah Brooks. In short, St. Nicholas, which has no rival on either continent is to be better than ever.

A superb Christmas number Is In preparation, to aoDearearlv in December. Bnv it of your book-seller, or send tbe subscription price to the publishers. Price, S3 .00 a year; 35 cents a number. Scbibheb 743 Broad way, New-York. The Western Rural, Published at Chicago; 111., comes to us in an entirely new dress, greatly roved in appearance though having een for years one of the most enter- trising and best papers of its class pnb-ished.

Current topics are discussed with ability, and its Literary, and Fireside departments are much enjoyed by the women folks. Price reduced to $1.65 per year. The publisher offers the rest of this year free to all subscribers who send their money now for 1880. For $2.75 we will send Tbaveler-Hkkald and tbe Western Rural, from now (ill January 1, 1881. Send for free sample copy.

26m4 Catarrh. Catarrh reached at last and overoome by a happy combination. Cream Bahn is the remedy that is doing- the work, relieving- hundreds or the moat annoyiiyr and universal prevalent disease. It establishes Itself -on its merits wherever it is known. Three days use of the Balm will give a decided benefit, and a reasonable length of time a decided cure of Catarrh.

Fifty cents wiU boy a bottle, and If satis fao tion is not given, on application the proprietors will cheerfully refund tbe money. Sample bof ties for sale at 10 For sale by BJg man, aruggist. A GRAND CHANCE! A man with $6,000 or $12,000. who wants to step into an estabJianed and profitable business, should investigate our offer of a half or whole interest in the St. Joseph: Mills.

This is about one- half the value of the property, bub-poor neaitn necessitates a cnange or occupation or climate. We have lately added several thousand dollars worth of the most improved machinery, and no mill in the country is better prepared to make good flour. Since last May, when we finished improvements, we have not been able to fill one-half of onr orders, though we have run day and night. It is well-known that no flour in Michigan has a better reputation than our U. S.

Premium XXXX and Patent flour. Our mill has a lower freight than any other mill shipping flour to Chicago. We have a larare retail and hmru tradn (our cash retailsales for the month of September were over We have also a well established order trade with Chicago and the Eastern cities, not having sold a barrel of our Hour on commission for six ears. This is also a first rate chance to go into the grain shipping business, as in cur elevator and is GGxSO feet, we have storage capacity for 25.000 bushels, with elevator la workiiig order ana reet oi water at our cock For particulars apply to i J-iEjg WELLS. St Joseph, Nov.

1, IZTj. West's Liver Pills care ic Xlead- D. H. Hanchett, David Bacon, and other; parties at Kiles. The jury found that certain off the defendants never claimed, or, exercised or used any rights, privileges or franchise of the Niles Water Works company, and that P.

II. Hanchett, W. P. Hanchett, David Bacon, Charles Taylor and Geo. Hart had exercised such rights.

David Bacon was -given twenty days to appeal from such finding. John De Armand and Scott Whitman vs. the Buchanan Manufacturing company; Tried Jby jury and verdict for plaintiff for $191. Robert McCarkle vs. John Wilkinson; tried by jury and verdict for plaintiff for the sum of $208.51.

The People vs. Michael Curran information for assault. Gave bail for his appearance at next term of court, in the sum of $100. The court made the following order It is hereby ordered that the first day of each term be for the hearing of motions, and that the jurors be summoned to attend on the second day of the term. The court will adjourn to-day until Monday at ten o'clock a.

when civil and chancery causes will be tried by the court without a jury, Amos D. Stoner, for assault, was sentenced to pay a fine of $100, and be confined at Ionia for three months. Journal, 15th. Bridgman. Dr.

Berringer has recovered from his recent illness. Mr. Mrs. P. Haller lost a little son, on Friday of last week, by diphtheria.

Mr. Mrs. Spar are snugly ensconsed in their new rooms over the drug store. Mrs. Bradley, of Berrien, was in town this week on a short visit to her daughter.

The new church organization here is known" as the Olivet Congregational church, of Bridgman.Rev.P. B. Parry, pastor. Rev. P.

B. Parry has rented -and furnished rooms in the hotel, and expects to spend a portion of his time in this place. Two tramps were arrested in town last week for stealing a One was acquitted, tbe other was convicted and sent to jail for 80 days. The Congregational social is held every other Tuesdav evening in jem-ons'hall. Owing to the bad weather this week there were but few present.

The minks- have been playing sad havoc among the chickens in and around town. One man found thirty-seven dead chickens in the coop one morning. A good chance for some trapper. Some of our old bachelors and widow ers have gallantly stepped to the front, and taken good' care that certain of Bridgman's fair ones shall not want for an escort, if there is a dearth of young men. Right clever it is of them, but we cant help exclaiming, December and HUDSON.

Royalton. Mr. Fayette Bort and Miss H. J. Martin, of this town, were married in Benton Harbor On the 12th.

Some kind hearted citizens got to gether one. day last week and held a chopping bee for the benefit of a sick neighbor, Mrs: L. Tanner, who lives on tbe Niles road. Mrs. T.

was worthy of the good act, and she got about eight cords of wood by it The tenth, anniversary of the wed- aing or Air. ec jiirs. jsa. uromer was celebrated at their residence near the Niles road on Tuesday evening. "Notwithstanding the severe storm, about eighty neighbors and friends were pres ent and passed a very pleasant evening with the worthy couple, who served their guests with an abundance 4 of refreshment which were highly enjoyed.

vwivoin iett witn jsir, Mrs. u. a tine display of tinware, consisting of a nice chamber-set; a handsome fluter, substantial pails, a nice graniteware kettle, a fine coffee canister, dippers, tea-pots, dust-pan and brush; and many other useful articles too numerous to mention. Coramoa Council. -a; special-meeting or the common council was held In tbe Recorder's office on Monday evening, Nov.

17th. PrMeut, the President, Recorder, and Councilmen Forbes, Grimm and Shep- ard. The communication from the Presi dent, which was read at the last meeting and referred to the Village Attor ney, was reaa wuu me Attorney's opin Moved and supported that the com munication and opinion be laid on the tame, ana mat tne opinion of the At torney do aaoptea as tue sense pf the council. Carried. -A communication from the Dramatic Club was read, praying that licenses be granted to it free of charge, which was, On motion, the council adjourned.

Cbrest's Restaurant, Ship Street, TTTAKW or cold Meals served on short notice and the beet style. A seed sqwsrs meal fvracent. AgOOu Supply ox xruns, nuw uu twiw tiooery generally also tbe best cigars and te- taTTrr my champion Soda Water and les-Cream. WM. CHKEST.

F. BITTER, Solicitor Patents, SIX years Member Examining Corps Patent Omee. SU years Praetice before the Patent, Office, Lenox Building, oorner 7th ana streets, N. tek Box SS4, WashiagtoB, D. C.

feA ir- vih v.llh-nnv hint tn Ik. lumiiMhU nuitlammi nd feel nonfldent that any business intrusted to him will be satisfactorily attended to, v. Can. N. w.

NAPraa, llmS St. Joseph. Hleh. 6t fPfjrrytbtof.lS fo rpnot pun gotutrr J3jipttvO woovftig wmmwnmj mw -f J- ur oeo Jed 8)uab oi aissiCo aon -isd 8)U8o ofr'daiXgjBSns pooo panod Jed anaeo ot f9lO 'ptmod jd s)aeo 6 lain 'panod aed irjuaa 6 'JBSnsiqAi punod aod tjuea or 'ooavqox Said punod jsd s)oao or oooqox aO ouu punod iad B)oaa 4 Vcl 'punod ad sneo 9 jojsssjt id0op 8, SaKWM XIOJL ail J. C.

CALDWELL'S LITER FEED and i i tate St. Joe, Street mich. TT A VINO ENLARGED my faculties for ab eenunodatlng the trareiing pubiio wtta FIRST-CLASS TURNOUTS, for the ssaeoa oflS77, would respectfully so- ucit your patronage. jsy stock comprises The Best' Horses, OPEN and TOP BUGGIES, TWO and THBEE-SEATED CARBIAGES, SPRING WAGONS, and A HACK, aU of which will be let ON SEASONABLE TEB2IS. BAWD WAOOW.

Mv band vims' has been repaired and nut in tip-top oondition, and will oewcaijuuiv uAzna. SALE STABLES pmriTCD matter- a ll. I Cel 3 1- gQq. i 4 IE errrrs pqs rracaAszse tmoss twitlvAtf thlsCa. wiepemfiy nmmmmuMimt sswamw, ether the ttmuamf.

arts tor earrying iie goooa. Bmi yew rSCowey Psrerfs Trpromt sod ttwickaet, wit posiave i -i -yit tt'A. Chcparti, dtmt 1 ST 1 3 TOTB HEARSE. have a good hearse which wUi be furalahed, with a careful driver, to Try ma, I aim to please. Z2 J.

X. OALDWEL weeks previous to s-m AL' JCAJNDaR B. LcKPS. (A true enpy Vw 0 udgs of fro bat. or tbe people ccnmHy..

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