Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 9, 1928 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
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Monday, January 9, 1928
Page 6
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'PAGE SIX NINE IN FIELD McGraw Sees Pennant in 1928 For New York Nationals StribUng and \* To Battle a iggirisv ; t Wichita Wchlta. Kaiis.. Jali. 9. (APIYoung: Striblin^ and gins', nationally' known weight -hoxeTs, will Forum'here tonight in MUGGSy KEEPS BUSY Hard Luck Has Followed Napoleon of Baseball During Season ".Tills is the Hixlh of a series of HtoriPfl on Hie 192fi. prospects of major leagtic baseball clubs. New York, Jan. 9. (AP)—Barring . «.inie sling and arrow praclHe by outrageous misforiunvi John Mc- Qraw bcllcTes the N'ew York Giants will have con,Hidera4)le to say before the Xatlonal ^league's 192S champions are crowned. The Giants hail a lot of luck lail year but it was mostly- had. Injuries during the early partjof.the season kept baseball's "Napoldon" Busy trying to devise some sort of a lineup that could keep him from being left at the post before •'the race jreally got under : way. Finally the jlux <Ieparted and the McGrawmen started . an upward cltob. that thi'eatened io bring both major I'eiague pennants 'to New York. The drive came too Iqte. however, and the Giants were forced to trail both Pittsburgh and St. Louis. Protoably couRidering himself lucky, to finish as high as third place. McGraw b^gan his plans for : the 192.S^ campaign, the addition of Lefty O Doul. crack Coast league outfielder, and of a flock of new pitchers have given the GianU ^paper power" tliat seems the equal of that of anv of their rivals. In Terry. Hornsby. Jackson and Ldndstrom. "McGraw has one of the bpst infields in the- league. The two' "Andys"—Reese and Cohen— are the principal reservists. Cohen Btarried in the International league last summer "While Reese was, fill- ten-round match, whic i will servf to eliminate the loser as a probable contender for To imy Loughran's | crown. Both fighters worke< ; out before a large crowd of fans iere yesterday, and *oth are repoi ted to bo in fine condition for tonl ihVa battle. THEtetA PAn;r REGISTER , MONPiit EVEWlN&iAifeABt siisag. 7 f. IChuck- Wig- light heavy- iji'eet at The a scheduled MINORS MEET TO WIPE OUT ALL TROUBLE Must Act within Week or Lose. Guiding Hand OfLandis SNOWCLAD Alips READY tOROLYMPIC SPORTS LOS ANGELES i OPENBimE Harry Cooper Wins Second Money in T mrney With 287 ESPINOSA IS T Three Tie for Fourth in Play With M^rks Of 292| Los Angeles, Jan. 9. Donald Smith. (Jreat Island linksman. tod:iy richer and the • 7)osses .4 $10,000 l^K Angeles oi^en <rown. Wil.shirc to run up 0 and 71. Ing In at third base for McGraw. ] of liic Ficely nerved Tile other infielders include Bax-' pro'.s 2S7. Cooper's ter Jordan, of Charlotte. N. C. .nnd -C. n. Crawford. Groenvillc, N. C. . • 'W'lth Harper and as two j sure starters. McGraw is depend-' Ing upon'O'Ooul lo fill oi't hh; quota of fly-cha.scrs. Once a pitcher with the; Yankees. O'Doul experienced a ch.nnRe of heart an 1 • took up thp Imsiness of Huaring Jlles'and hitting them far and often. He comes to the Giants from San Francisco. The other outfielders include X.«slie, Maun, that terror of southpaws. Art Jahu. once with the Chicago Cubs, land M';lvln Ott, pinchhitter extraordinary. ' .\ Indications are thai the chief . burden on the'mound will be carried, by Larry Benton. y>ho led the league on a won and lost basis last year, Burleigh Grimes, Fred Fitz- simmoris and Virgil Barne.s. McGraw hopes to develop at Ica-st oni' more starting hurler. from among •putch Henry. Ren CantweM. Jack- Bonvillc right ihander, "Lefty" •Faulkner. Toronto star, BBI.Walk­ er. Denver southpaw, and Arthur . Johnson, purcha.sed from Norfolk. All of these saw service during the latter part of the 1927 campaign. •With Al Devormer released, it looks like 7.och Taylor and Jack Sumnilngs will divide^ the catching "duty, although Alfred Spohrer. a highl.v-touted lad from Wilkes- Barre, joins the team in the spring. Spraying the difficult country club course ycst brilliant and ftrady golf fiial round scores of Smith left an imposing ilield of nar tionni professional ancj stars well behind him tome with a final card previous rounds read 74 "Lighthor.«e' Harry Ci ^er Dallas, Texas, proj Of Lo's .Angeles, faltered take 75 in the morning ifor a time led the earl wTien he toured the fini in masterful fashion for below par.' short lived, liowever. following up his .stingy morning round w'itli a afternoon tucked the., with a score tlirec strikes U ro was 7;i-C9-7.')-70, *1..")00. .\I)e Kspinopa of riii(|ago, tlif entrants KOinctliin .s t with a stendv round sriir 72-7 :t for :j third place l( .Tud .$l,(ii)0 added. Fourth, fifth and si "Food Products from Afar.," a popular account of fruits and food stuffs from foreign lands, by B. H. S; Bailey and H. S. Bailey, can now be had at the lola Public Li• brary. "Spices • from the Zantec Islands, .macaroni from the mills around Naples, oils from Italy and Spain, tea from Japan and China, cocoa and coffee and bananas from Latin-America—little do we realize how much we owe of the variety, and flavor an'd quantity of our foods to othy?r lands. In this thoroughly accurate and. altogether popular book two food experts— both chemists of high standing— present all manner of curious and important facts for the general reader. between Tommy Armour, ton, I). C, mil Mehlhoni burg, i Pa., joiintry einb Matrou.s.; Grand na])ldH. look 292 strokes each foij namcnt. Al Krtplnosa, Chicago. Burke, New York, split] and elgthth place nion BIG BOYSOyORRYING Present Lfiw Suits All of Big Minorj Club. Owners : C'hlcago. Jan. ; 9. blocks down the street from where (AP)- A few .findls jrules; th ]uuJor and ; Kcnesaw .Mountnin ;the l)asr-lia!l world bi jmlnnr. the minor leaj^uers were to I settle a family dispiite about the ^ jdtuft today, with thejthreal that if jthey did not,, they might .lose thuj JJ J J) Hhc :tering authority of Commis- •sioner Laurlls. The little iniiior.s want '.he big ^ minors to accept the draft wiiluiut i cliauge, and- the iiigger circtiits in-1 sisf on continuing their practice of' the last Fcvcn years, allowing only Icx-inajor league pia.vers to bo j drafted from their <:Iubs. This, the little miners contend, leads the, .\P)~Mac- eck. lAinK was Sf^.'tW lor of tlie major league scoi^s to .sign up every •anil lot and college ball : •rd"" with''" counlr.v, farming j er ..J „„, ,„ "ijiisjiieagues" wiih ' a string attached. Naturally the 'imsh leagues" hayc no chance to sell sujh'a player, since they do • not own his contract, and there the' draft problem pinches for the little; circuits. . ' A three-year rule to protect the A.V <-Inbs in their own rook- ' amateur and came 4f 2S4. Ilia and 70. )oper. for- and now Islightly to round, but finishers IS holes •. a 70, one I ""^^"^ Proposed. |Bai:hman Will Codch i At Florida College Gainesville. Fla.. I Jan. OL (AP)— Chajf-les W. BacHman.> football coach at Kansas State Agricultural college; for seven years, >viH succeed Harold L. Tom Settring. resigned,! as'head fo'otbaincoach at the JJniversity of Florida.- Kverett Yoni athletic director, liiade this announcement today and :said that Bachman resigned as coach at Kan- :«a.s';State Agricultural college a short time ago. CAGEGAM^ CLIMAXSOON Kansas - Oklahoma Battle This Week Is^Eeaiire Game of Season % 1 OTHER GAMES SOON Series of B^es Wili Be Played on M; V. Courts ' Five lola Squads Will See Action During :the Present Week CITY TEAA T TUESDAY Kansas City. Jan. 9. (AP)-\ struggle between Oklahoma anrl basketball teams of tlie Missouri Valley conference loi mod •e>k's !S. bol- five. Squad Meets —An School Teams To Play Friday St. .Moritz ill the Sw w!tli plenty of snow to .-lugue notable performances, the world. .\n ice racing scene at St. Mocitji is show Teams from all three otthe upper schools in lola and (|ne inde­ pendent'team swing into action this week with three honfe games and one trip to be taken.. ' T-lie; first game of the week will be bet!ween the Fort Scott ";Y. .M. C A. anil the lola city team in the Jlercliants' building at Riversidj Park i tomorrow night. All the ! schoo-'Igames will be played sometime Friday. Theflocal city team is expecting another hard game against the vis- ! if ing Fort Scott team which defeat- February.'ed lol^ a short time ago. 'lola will todav as the feature of a w slate comprised of twelve gam Oklahoma faced the series rtered by ^'perfect showing oi , wins and no losses while t3ie (pkla- lioma -Aggies occupied second place [with four victories and one defeat.. Pftrt ^nft Sooners had little difficulty in run. tjvwii ta^inp tjjgip fifjh straight, game Satlirlay night by trimming Drake "S to 2!. The Aggies, howover. vore hard pressed by Iowa 'State .It Ames and needed an extra period to win 42 to .41. ' Missouri lost to Nebraska 36 to 26 Saturday to droj) to a triple lio . for fourth place with the tvfo Kan-" sas quintets, whils the 29 to 19. victory of W^asliington over tho ^ Kansas Aggies elevated the Bears ji to third with two wins and i one loss. His tit;« li^pes were ?">„I'"^-P ^-i"., r Smith, I'" oi>"'i"'> iie.s for that, length of time, an in-' Olyiiijic bobsleigh chute. <reast',ln the draft priie from class ' —'—;r — -^-^.-^^-ZZT- —=,• . A\ circuits from $.5,000 to 31"> 000., m ;i i CwoJ/,^ i and various other remedies have! ""^^ pweueS ArC Peace at almost! Seeking Cage Games Alps IS reauly to:eiitertaln the pijinpic winter siK )rts w^^ ^ ^.. " At the right is the famous ski jump, called the best in ! be on iis ow ncourt and will prob- kn at the upper left, and i)elow is ••Crista Kun,"! ably ifave a little smoother work- ling quintet than invaded Fo'rt Scott — j gjjn,e will be called at !5 o'clock or liuist be achieved I of many "of the .... , . , , .- , I And<|r.soa's Terrible Swedes, are G9.of the """7 'i-aRiie leaders, since the ma:;still .siiiking basketball Raines. As It in thel'"''.^"^?'''''''^ f-''^''^" minors y,.t „„ ehallnuges litle awav!"""' •'"""'"•y 16 short /''Sreemeni or else !w:'.oIe major-minor s Angeles , yet no challnuges have been re- o come to an eeiv.'d by Alex .Milne, manager. He that ind score jTlhis in .effect would remove the for u-iiih he got:»"^="^';V"" r ^ from the prrtectioii of Commissiontlr l-andis ^ , minor I"apues. since they I gave share in the' of hi:;' H shoot,at ;•''••';l','•*• !'of 72-7:?- coast leagite .delegates are al ofiio. ^^^^^ instructions for eon-, consider the has e.\;pri-ssed the opinion pact ended, .other teani.s in this seelion must fear lii-fcat; Jan. GENEVA (.Alls. Ih-lla Leavitti The holidays an <tli mnnpy $1,600. was dividfl equally • ^V""'' "l'' tbreo-year pi^otective I w, with a 201. Incirlent.-illl something of a comedow by as he won last year's and was favored by man ahead again. He got $2/ The S200 tenth iilace one of the several $100 p doled out evenly to Jo Oakland, and Ed Diulle .wood. Cal. Their scores were 29 ."i. George A'on Elm. I^s Angeles, former natioiial amateur liampion. finished low among l! e Simon Pares with a 297. the to al of 7674-73? and 72. Allen Mose-.another Los Angeles amateur; ni|eded one more stroke for a 29.S. ....... ... . 11. ,ii.f(iu.t >n .til' over tinuance of the niodifi-d dfaft. The :,nd all: must gel The .New idace'-'^'""'''"'" "'''""''^'""" for-jVtbr eiime in ratlier fiercely, luit . three-year protective I we woiild rather have our. told Washing ;President Thomas Hickey weather now than in .May. Vilkins- . ^^nicricaii association is ,„„. i,,.,t.„e,.s me back ou the and Al ,.. job. Mrs. Kalb and Kmma CaW>- lIlchiThcvj, Dale Gear, im-sidcut of the \\ est- vacation in Ualdwiii: the tour-!'•""'"' '.ML-i. Kwing in Wichita: .Miss Station, is in.-istcnf on the luisis of R.y •%viih home folks, and .Miss Wa- and nilIv.t'"P resolution. ; with her mother in lola. A basketball ganu; Tuesday night In the hail between .\eosIio Kails and Geneva cesulleil in 20 to S in favor of (Jeneva. Wessie IJyflr-liI :iud family niov- , .1 r 11 • i 1 ' 1 eil to .\eislio Kalis ia.-^t Saturday. .0.. cagues the following, week, and i ,.,„„|„,,.,, prize an.l ^^l'"'"! argument thrown b.tck izes were 'aPf "\ . Helen Wilson ai.d Miss Lem Black, i'"''"'"'"^'""'' "i"^ ^> itba Troutwine tire rooming al Del,-. HoHy- j I la Leavitfs and attending school. with 29.1 apiece. KIght be}i"ind them ''J^,' ''"''=: was/Bobby Cruickshank. air N'ew York, "^'cr again; The resolution hili 'el V. it was forbidding the five big v->nr for Boi)-1to cfintiniie the moditicd Upen here .'''•a'^' plan. was. wrecked against to come'""* adamant attitude of the major' Mother of Mrs. Snyder ! Collapses iii the Office Ossluiug. Mrs. Joseph of Mrs. Butii Snyder. c(d N. Y.. Jan. I no Brown, ag f- Warden I Sing Sing prison today SOVin ANDERSON Lewis Leavitt, Luclcn Gosha and Delia Leavitt drove to Kansas City December 24 and spent: a week witli .Mrs. .Mabel Jaclison and .Mr.s. •Mabel Inge and families. Lucien .tiosha took the bus fOr Wichita University I Head Coach Resigns! jaud should draw lola rijoters. a large crowd o' i This left Nebraska ranking fifth 'with one win and two losses while Drake had a single victory against tiiree defeats. Iowa State and_ Grinnell occupied the cellar. Grin- neil has lost air four starts while the .-\raes squad dropped two straight. Wright of the Oklahoma Aggies,' used last week's march through Iowa to take the leadership in individual scoring with 72 points. Holt of Oklahoma and both senior and. junior high schools Wichii-i Kin^ l ^n 1 f4i>i ^ and the junior roilege and the juu Wi.hita Kans.. ,Ian. 9. )- j..^ i,jgh seconds going into action U'onaiti J. rmnus. director of phy- ~, ,f , ^oUeee will be nlaving sical educatiou at the ("niversity | Jlj-S .oT ^S^ of Wichita, has resigned "to ac- ,^ ba.sketball, when It me'ets cept another position Dr, H. W. | i,„icpehd»nce junior college there 1-oght. president of the univer.sity | senior high school will mean- announced today. HIS, resignatioti, fighting it out at home will be effective at the close of the j „ .„j„; the purple and whjte from present schoo year. .: pi„.,b„,g. Friday atternbon thf .Sam .A. H II tornier coach at j„„.,„. j,^^,, ,^.,,0,,, will play its hairmounl (ollege. now at Uollins ^^„„. ...gainst anothei- junior ; .ollege. Honda, and Coach K. S.' ,,5^,, sp,,„,„ ,^am. when it meets ! Lii-ton of Baker I niversitV Iiave j.p,.p,|„„^ j„ai,',r iiiiRi, lir.-its an.' been mentioned as i/ossibilities for ' Friday will lind the first (cams of I Drake. Iiis teammate, were next tiu^ IH>sition. second.^f in.a double heade}-. Coach F'loyd s'uiith-of the high school Will iirobahly make-<iulte a shakeui) in his team this iveek in an attempt to gel some scorers in Tax Revision Bill To Be Sidetracked 11'*'* llnepp. Against; I'arsons. Kri- _ I (lay night. tiie.lo(<a!s'were shooting [Stillwater: I Kansas (AP)— Al' "'''"I- a"*'' seemed erratic. ] Aggies. Meet .Mrs. Aileen'Allen, candidates impic team. will coachi womeii for .Uftclje Sam's Oly This ,fe (he first' tim'e the I'nit-* ed St^tcis has enterjed a woman's track and l^ield team In the Dlyniijici and Mrs. .ijlllen hopes Washington. Jan. 9 J'redicfion :t)iat the $ tax 1 revision bill would bo sidetracked until after '.March 1.";. when first tax returns.of the year aro due. was niado today by Chairman >>inoot of the senate finance committee. with 69 and fiS points, respectively. Tlie week's schedule: Tonight. At Manhattan: Kansas Aggies vs. Missouri. At Lincoln: Nebraska vs. Washington.: - Tuesday. At Lawrence: Kansas vs. [Missouri. ; Friday. At -Stillwater: Kansas Aggies vs. f)klahoma Aggies. At Coltimbia: Grinnell vs. Missouri. At St Louis^ Iowa State vs. Washingto: 1. At I'.Normah: -Kansas •\:s. Oklahoma. Saturday. At Norman: Kansas Aggl s vs. Oklahom.a. At " Columbia: lovra State vs. Missouri. At St. loiiis- Grinnell vs. 'Washington. Al Des -Moines: Nebraska vs. Draki. - At vs. •Oklaboma to cop squad; all honors (Mr.s. Anna McDowell) Jan. S.—"As the days, begin to 1 lengthen, does the cold fbegin to!,.. , , „, . .strengthen," is an old jiAie saying I r"'- f'""'** "'r'stmas morning where about,the weather. The weather is i'"^ ^''-"'l"'' friends till Tuesday. Lua subject that Is handled in many .' '"'i'" "ays it takes a regular pass- wa.vs, according to the individual. Prison i •speak of it fretfully, some i Irreverently, and some patiently— not forgetting that Was waiting; to be admitt leatir house, to yisit her She was quickly revived. The Mississippi and Its trlhiilaf- U-n drain an area of 2.000.000 square miles. I 1 Alex Howat^ Action Is _^ Demahde(i by .Printers ("'"^'Jy "leiting anti^inking'"^wa'y ' an appreciation of the gravel foad re.solu-1 'i'KJ'c ai'l bigher. Pcdera- t''^'"^ Colony Free Press announc- erallon'of l^ibor. has bee4 adopted ij'.t,'!"'^ .I','"';''""- tion of Lal )6r to Investiiiato the'T'"",- <i f«'«*I sorry fpr any who Topcka. J tion asking in. 9. (.\P) — the .AmericaI election of .Mexander I| vice-presideijl of the Kai by the Topcka union. . SERIES OF WINTER TOURNAMENl S DRAWS GOLFING ARMY TO FLORIDA port to gel into the nurses' home. We are glad our girls'. Mrs. K^- tlier .Murphy anil .Miss Bessie ,„„. lorKcuini; niai comidAVrfing! T'-°'''^^"''^/^:;'." ^^^^^ •''does no good. • I for appendicitis, are now at home mother j all gathered , "'"'"^ n"'''l>- , . , • In Ihi.. viVinily. kafir headed, do-!. We received ( lirist^ias greet- Iver. oats and kafir most all are headed. Crop reports tell of a larger I —Wanted to Buy: ; colored rags at the Clean light | Register. with hei» Komaii dandies In the first, second aiid-third centuri(|s of our era \yor^ heavy rings In Winter, which they exohalnged for rings of lighter weight clHi;ing the sumlmer. .New. Lnration. 1(»S E. .Hudlson. Flrhf Boor* Exist 01 Browns Drue Slore. IMione.lIfii er apsed in iwes al liile she d 10 the [laughter. J ings from Mrs. Pearl Hennlriger- Kriig*'r. of Sherwood. Ore.; from .Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Reese. Tulsa. acreage Of wheat In Kansas than 'l^fr'mde Gll- morc of Moraii. WD are glad to report Zack Per- kips as being able to walk with the aid of crutches. tSlASLIintD l»l ! usual, but it is not in evidence in jthis region. At-times like ihia. when .snow Is —Extra large bundles of cleau newspapers, 10c, at Register office. IL I T E BEGINNING TODAY FOR 5 DAYS Mannee 25c and 35c; Night 25c and 50c \ A ^Picture for the 4g€s! tare thus visited. It Would seem .^"p.T "^^^ having It, , ,J 1 •t'1 put up a notice of It. warning Typo!raphicaliJ,',„ ^^j,^ ^prgaj. ing It still more, j The recent slunip In prices will find quite a lot of shipping stuff on hands too. It Is to be hoped it will soon be controlled. The only mammal capable of flight is the flying fox. commonly called the bat. It really Is a quadruped, with the four feet and tall sort of obscured, "or at least made less noticealde by a membrane connecting them together. This membrane, furnishes means of flying. They hibernate in quiet, dark places and arc a very lntercMling| subject for'study and observation, I They are nocturnal in. habit. -A. $1,000 trophy given anuouyinoiisly in memory of Walter J goes to the winner of the first annual .National .Amateur Championship ofGolf Club Champions at St -Grand Old Man of Goir and • :•...} Augustine, Fla.. January 4 to 8. the cup. which is to be held each 'the club \rhose rFpres ^ntativrt=w;las ihe title, are .shown aliove. Travis. "he late year by PHONE 720 NASH MOTOR SALES 214 North Jefferson OPEN ALL NIGHT NIGilT MECHANIC—3ERVICE ANY CAR PLENTY OF STORAGE CO. A Mctrq-GoWii'yn-Mayer Picture • Cba*. B. puiinci|ai ami Flams XltgUU, J*. Score* of tiattlethip*- thbuiandf of men. thrilling ftniSgIc*~ death .dared every in- •tant-lyoall gaepo ypall -<£ h c e r — yoall thrill c^rcry eacond'ac t .befe narreloui (cenca jtift one of tbo DCTcr-Co-be-forgattcii inemeBti in the greet* eat dramatie acreea productioa of all time. Aescip^s Fables and Topics of the Day In the world of conunerce there is such a thin, as corpofate personality—quite as defmite ano recognizable as the personality among individuals, The names of large business organizations call to mind definite impressions just as the names oi people chaiiacterize the individual. i. Wherever the name of the Standard Oil Company (Inaiana) is spoken in the Middle West it arouses a" definite reaction. Nothing abstract or impersonal or vague about that narael ' I It stands for.ser\ice, honestly rendered; for a friendly qcpert to be called on for help or advice when a cwtain particular problem demands solution. It stands for the kind of friend whose opinion is respected and whose judgment is trusted. : The Standard Oil Company (Indiana) has earned thd friendship of the people of the Middle West by yjears of unfailing, efficient service. It has "produced and .distributed to all comers of the ten states petroleum products of imvarying dependabiUty. It has given empIp>TOcnt to a s^al group of people — creating corigenial: conditions for work — providiflg opjwrtunify for them to advance according ^o their energies and abilities. .It has employed—advantageously to all con- cetTied—the money of thousands of stockholders— many of them persons of small means—giving them the security of investing in a useful and well-run enterprise.; ] EfScieiicy characterizes the corporate personality of the Standard Oil Company f Indiana). Its creed of service |s not sentimwital idealism. It is a business .proposition—a business of acts and facts and figures. This Company is "hard headed" but not, "hard hearted." Size and efficiency are but means to an end — and that end is service. .The more efficient the busing, the greater the service it is able to render. • ' The Standard Oil Copipany flndiana) never loses sight ofjthe human basis on which all business is built. Busmess is an achievement of civilization. Instead of each riian doing everything for himself, men band together and say, "We'll do this for you ^ if youll dj) that for us." The va^t business of the Standard Oil Company (Tndiana)^is simply organized helpfulness. The • desire to pe helpful is multiplied 'many thousands of times by the power of men and machinery. The Standard Oil Company (Indiana) is friendly —humane—efficient—helpful. It has a personality; imchangiiig. endining —representing all that is best in more than 29.000 men and women—a per-i, sonality teld true from one generation to the next • by the highest of creeds—service. Oil Company ' (Indiana) General OffiQK Standard Oil BoUdiBg 910 Sonth Michigan iAvenne, Chicago, DL -4646 SSti*, W)>,> i a! iife*;: s

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