Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 7, 1955 · Page 8
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 7, 1955
Page 8
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EIGHT EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND. MD., MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Tak« 9 s Counsel By Mail Editor'* Nolc: Parents dispute question of allowing daughter to attend houseparty at beau's college. DEAR MARY HAWORTH: My very well behaved and level-head cd.-W. P. Woman's Outlook \j Ajr>i I- it** »i* * .»•»«" v ---—-.- --_,.. t rr \,r i f t.\*t •/ «7 *-r •.»» » w wife, and I are in disagreement) Mn . fu i: ne concerning a social policy for our /*" t Masculine 16-year-old daugliter. When Carol was about 14, she started going with a boy who was then about two years ahead of her-in school^ He has developed into heri (hc r jgj lt answ er to this kind of unconsciously appraising all masculine nature as potentially scoun dreHy where the fair sex is con cerned — especially in the rip tide of youth. Of course, you seem to feel that .. , „ ,'john can be trusted with Carol, at DEAR W.P.: I -think all goodh east whi , e y(W kcep a lalchstring ivaov v» imv. j uu i\v,^jj tv itiwiui-i vvigj parents -- devoted, intelligent so-j c heck on their dates. But as for dally aware — search soberly forj trusting Carol out of your sight, overnight, in a dating situation that you can't regulate — well Now he is in college, and they are corresponding, and he dates her when he is home from school. perfectly natural difference of opinion, in the throes of trying to reach an appropriate decision jiei wijcii ii^ iv i*wi*iv* **v*.» «•—--• reacn ^\\ s^^i\i^iia\.^ ui^ioiuu. Carol still has two years ahead of j It [ s a difference in viewpoint her in high school. Jth a t issues from your being a A question has arisen about man, and S ( he a woman; your be- Carol's attending weekend social events at John's school. She has been asked and wants to go. Girls are invited from Friday evening through Sunday evening, and the boys' fraternity house is turned over to them, under the jurisdiction of a house mother. Father Holds Against Going As Carol's father, I feel she is too young, at 16, for this sort-of thing; that her proper province at present is attending dances and functions in her own group here. However, I have no objections to her attending John's college dances occasionally on a one-evening basis —as the college isn't loo far from our home. I think the college group is a little beyond-her. John is just starting college and he himself must be among the youngest of the crowd. And Carol's being two years behind him makes it seem out-of-keeping for her to attend these two-day programs. My wife doesn't feel as I do. She Is prefectly agreeable to Carol's going for the weekends. Naturally this isn't very conducive to happy relationships at home. What do you think? Carol always has-been ing the fath'er and she the mother It is substantially the difference between the masculine and feminine outlook in man-woman experience. So don't let the difference engender ' bad feeling; rather, be philosophic and open-minded ' in trying to learn from each other, how to augment Carol's growth while protecting her also. Well-married women are realists enough about human nature to be glad, when their daughters are sufficiently attractive and .admired to be asked to properly chaperoned weekends. Because instinctively they want good marriage for her to turn down offers, in the event she prefers another vocation. And the campus weekend is truly a compliment, from the boys' angle. They invite their nicest, or most beloved, girl friends to do them credit before their peers. And what is more poignantly painful to the sympathetic.parent, than to have a wallflower daughter, withering on the vine? Paternal Trust Helps Adolescent rioting fathers, on the other hand, tend to be jealous guardians of a winsome daughter, as if New Vicks Wonder-Drug Spray Clears Worst Head-Cold Distress! • Uls You Broclho For Hourt — Almost As If Your Cold Had Gone! • Helps Fight Germ-Infection. • New Clinic-Slyl* Packaga Works Like Ooctor'f Atomizer To Spread Medication. Relieve head-cold distress or blocked nose, stuffy head— with Vicks'newnasalspray, Medi-Mist. Use the Clinic-Style Atomizer as directed. Feel swollen membranes start to shrink. Breathe again for hours— almost as ,if your cold had gone.' Helps fight germ-infection with exclusive wonder- drug combination, Cetamium and gramicidin, plus anUhista- miiie. Modi-Mist won't sting—children like it. By makers of famous Vicks VaooRub. " VICKS Medi-Mist NASAL SPRAY you don't trust her lo please you. In contrast, her mother does trust her, to behave with prudence and moral propriety. Of the two parental attitudes, your wife's is more helpful to the adolescent. My advice is to stop arguing your anxiety in terms of generalities. Search yourself for the exact reasons why you prefer to have Carol stay home. What is it, exactly, that you fear for her, if she goes? As you dredge up your fears, discuss them explicitly with your wife, and listen attentively to her responses. That way, you'll be getting down to cases, in deciding, jointly, whether it is (or is not) a good risk to let Carol accept the weekend invitations.—M. H. Mary Haworth counsels through her column, not by mail or personal interview. Write to her in care of The Evening Times. (Copyright, 1955, The Washington Post) (Distributed by Kins Features Syndicate) 3ver Million Small Trees To Be Planted Four Counties In Western Maryland Given Allotment The four counties in Western Maryland have been allotted 1,317,X)0 trees for reforestation this all and next spring, according o William H. Johnson, district orester. Seven varieties of evergreens lave been made available for Gar- e'lt, Allegany. Washington and Frederick counties by State Forister H. C. Buckingham. Trees designated for Western Maryland by the state forester in- lude 559,000 red pines, 375,000 vhite pines, 157,000 white spruces, 50,000 Scotch pines, 50,000 Nor- vay spruces, 22,000 loblolly pines nd 4,000 tupil poplars. More than half of -the trees will go to'Garrett County, scheduled to eceive 819,000. Frederick County vill get 200,000, Washington Coun- y 162,000 36,000. These trees are for reforestation Police Problem Discussions Get Added Support LAUREL, Md. Ml — The'sug- gestion of Laurel Police Chief Jack : Larrimore that officers of different Maryland police departments should hold regular conferences on mutual problems has drawn favorable comments from other police officials. Larrimore said Saturday he feels cooperation is seriously lacking among Maryland police departments, and that perhaps get-to- gethers between officials could improve things. • Among those praising his -idea ,vere State Police Superintendent Elmer F. Munshower, Baltimore Police Commissioner James. M. Hepbron, Anne Arundel County P,o- lice Chief Wilbur C."~Wade and Capt. Carl Kunaniec of tbe : -;Friendship . International Airpo.rt -police. Said Capt.. Kunaniec of the proposal: "The best idea I've heard in a long time." Rotary Meets Tomorrow The Cumberland Rotary Club will meet tomorrow at noon at Central YMCA. A survey of com munity conditions will be on the program. SPECIAL AT YOUR POTOMAC EDISON GO. STORE Lo introduce the sensational new and Allegany County mrposes only and will- not be given away in lots of less ,than 1,000 rees. Johnson observed that -it akes about 1,000 trees to reforest an acre. These trees have grown rom Seedlings at. the State Forest 'ree Nursery at Harmans in Anne Arundel County.' Landowners interested in -ac- luiring some of the trees should ubmit their applications immedia- ely to Johnson's office' in the Court House so they will be assur- d of having them when they want o plant them. Most of the plant- ng is expected next spring. W. Va. Senator Supports New Bridge Plan Here West Virginia Senator Ralph J.! Bean of Moore-field, has pledged his continued support to a local delegation which meets with the State Roads Commission in Baltimore this week to urge action on a. new bridge at Wiley Ford. State Senator Charles M. See, who will head the South Cumberland Business Men's Association delegation, said Senator Bean, who is president of the West Virginia Senate, has assured him he is 'very much interested in being helpful in connection with the proposal to construct a new bridge between Wiley Ford and Cumberland." . . ' The West Virginia legislator enclosed a copy of a letter he wrote to West Virginia State Road Commissioner Burl 'Sawyers. "I certairtly agree with Senator See," he told Sawyers, "that there is a great need, for a new bridge at that point." Senator Bean requested Commissioner Sawyers and other state officials to make a careful 'study of the matter in order that construction of the span "may have such priority as you may feel it is entitled to." . The Moorefield legislator also Since replacement of the obsolete span was not included in Maryland's .12-year road improvement program, additional legislation will probably be needed to secure funds for the project. All interested parties have agreed on the feasibility of a new bridge at the point and considerable preliminary work has been done. The urgency of a modern span which can be used by trucks will increase, Senator Lee said, when the new Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company plant at North Branch goes into production. The bridge already is carrying over 3,000 vehicles a day, a recent traffic count by the City of Cum berland disclosed. Academic Route LOS ANGELES iffi — 'Driving along Sunset Blvd. in the fog- mog en route to an appointment, Dr. Wallace Sterling, president if Stanford University, got his Directions mixed. Mrs. Sterling quickly straight- ned him out in simple academic erms: "Why, we're just going oward USC and away from UCLA." asked Sawyers to keep him advised as to developments on the bridge proposal. In his letter to Senator See, Senator -Bean pointed out that West Virginia does' not determine, by legislative action, the question of road and bridge constructions, but appropriates money for primary or secondary roads and leaves specific projects to the discretion of the SRC commissioner. Copies of the letters, Senator ]See said, will be shown to the ! Maryland State Roads Commission at the conference planned Wednesday at 10:30 a. m. Senator See has conferred a number of. times with Senator' Bean concerning the urgency of securing a new Wiley Bridge, stressing that the span is of major importance both to his state and to Maryland. He points' out that Wiley Ford is the only bad major bridge in this area and constitutes a weak link in the area's roads system. FREDERICK Ml — Richard Eyler, 26, of Rocky Ridge in Frederick County and his 16-month-old son were killed and three others injured in a collision near Frederick here yesterday. Shirley Mae Eyler, 22-year-old wife of the victim, was injured, as were Kenneth T. Day, 26, and Martha Jane Day, both of Gaithersburg, Md. State Police said Day was traveling south on Old Frederick Road when he collided with Eyler's car, going east on the Motter's Station United Nations To Have Own-Atomic Exhibit CLEVELAND -(INS)—The United Nations will join commercial, governmental and educational exhibitors from the U.S. and Western Europe with an exhibit of its own in the Atomic Exposition in Cleve land this December. , The exposition is being held in conjunction with the Nuclear Engineering and Science Congress — largest undertaking in history of the combined 400,000-member engineering societies of the country. Costly Windows DETROIT Wt—Detroit's new city county building, called by some a "glass shell," has 3,500 windows which get washed every two months. Each washing costs $1,048. Father, Son Die In Crash Road, about 12 miles north of Frederick. The Days were taken to Annie Warner Hospital in Gettysburg, Pa. Wife Cuts In RICHMOND, Va. W) — Mervin Seamster. a butcher by trade, smiled confidently as he took on the assignment of carving the turkey at a food dealers' banquet. But . he had to yield the task to his wife. Before he had disjointed, drumstick Seamster cut his CAUTION! Act Fast When Cov^fc From Common Cold Hang* 'On Chronic bronchitis may develop if your cough,.chest cold, or acute bronchitis is not treated and you cannot afford to take a chance with any medicine less potent than Creonftlsion. It goes into the bronchial system to help .loosea and expel germ laden phlegm and aft nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchialmembranes. Get a large bottle of Creomulsion at your drug store. For children get milder, tastier Creomulsion for Children in thepinkand bluepackage. Adv. KRAFT'S CHEEZ-WHIZ 49c HEINZ KETCHUP 14 oi. bill. 49c SUNSHINE KRISPY CRACKERS 2,. We NEW IOTION PINK DREFT 31c aiant Vit * TIDE — OXYDOL — CHEER — DU* 31C aiant iii« /JO -| Ig. CRISCO 1 32c JOY Ig. btl. 31C sjiont bii. 73c. 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And never before has Cadillac left solilltc room for argument as in 19561 Certainly no one could behold the new Cadillac without recognizing it as the , "car of cars". Its beautiful, graceful lines and its regal bearing on the highway are simply.too significant to misunderstand. Surely no one could ride in a new Cadillac and not agree that it is the Standard of .the World. Its .new fabrics and leathers are luxurious almost beyond belief ... and its new interior appointments have been crafted with a jeweler's skill. And we doubt if anyone could drive a new Cadillac and not understand that it r is the finest-performing motor car of all time. Its great new engine is a revelation in power arid performance . . . its new Hydra-Malic Drive is incredibly ^smooth and responsive ... and the car rides and rgument! handles and moves with unbelievable ease. Truly, the evidence on the side of Cadillac Has never been more abundant— or more apparent—than it is today. Why not pay us a visit soon—and see •for yourself? We'll be delighted to introduce you to Cadillac's great new styling . . ..and to arrange a demonstration at the wheel. .. and to acquaint you with Cadillac's two new models; the Sedan de Ville and tht Eldorado Seville. You'll agree, we're certain, that Cadillac for 1956 is beyond the realm of argumentl I) SPOERLS GARAGE SALES 20S North Mtchanic Strttt Cumberland SERVICE 2S North Q*or|t fttr*«t

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