The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 13, 1958 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 13, 1958
Page 9
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ANN!! tWEM6TMS?rceT. SOME AND SHE HA9.TOQ, UMBAWNXf wet'ROUND H6R6 D-VSU 61*86—- I'M Noir d«H7) BBINfi WRITTEN OP TH6 SCRIPT/ I'M NOT EVEN AS SASCO BY IfilNd CALLED 'LAPV'Aft 1 AM WITH THAT flM AT ACTR6S*' PART... ttt. WWIV HJU IWAYV SAVANNAH- I UfiARNEP HOW TO TAKB OFF PLAYBP IN "CAMPUS WINGS " SAVANNAH SAY, TH6 eREATACTRSSft ARBN'T UAPV? MATTfidTMTINEVSK UCARNCO HOW 10 UANP/ WHAT TH . PUAN TO POJ MARY WORTH AND.AT MARY* APARTMENT I'D BETTER COVER HER 5HOULDER5 MORE,IN CASE AND THE WAY SHE'S r UNDERSTAND VOtl GAVE . ™ING«COME>I«T! ...AN SECOND! USEDTO5LE.EPING WITH A STUFFED ANIMAL! ABNER PRISCILLA'S POP-By Al Vermeer YOU LCX,.x »•— x x-<A ^—N SIMPLY STUNNING!)-' PAGE' k DOESN'T SHE,T-^f OUTOF/ 1 MR. BOTTS ? LIKE MY NEW OUT- PIT? SILLY f WHICH BOOK? BOY.'/ ^CINDERELLA? TEE HEE/ OUR BOARDING HOUSE-Wlth Major Hoople LI MIGHTM I'VE . - . READ OF THIS FAMILY OF 14 VJHOM FAT& HAS REDUCED TO MOST PITIFUL CIRCUMSTANCES/ MARTHA IS SO COKSU/AED PV PITY THAT HAS IMMlTED THEM TO SPEND "WE HOLIDAYS ^\ IM TUK MERE.' 1 M5EO NOT POINT OUT THE HARD-/,.'£ IH6 SHIPS THIS MIGHT WREAvCOMUS—- IMDEED IT MI6HT SB AUJCH 6£TT£R W6RE WE TO PROVIDE MONEY £rJOU<SMy J ff^LL / / -faiN* rM TO SEE THIS LUCKLESS WMlLY/-----^^!/ £ NBAR- THROOGK fY-V--,^--^--^ ^^.>-,/AlT*5;Z_V5lSHTED FEMCiNS MASTER/ 1 ^ ^ il' ALARM FLUSHED CARNiVAL-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams AY, AH.' OW Y 1 PONT SAVVV VOUK SOUWP TRACK, If teOUT OWEW I BUT I 6ETTHE PICTURE/ MECHANIC 5PENP5 HOURS WORKING OW JALOPY- COMES IN FOR TOOLS-WONT TAKE FIVE SECONDS TO WIPE OFF HANP5 SO HE CAN OPEN DOOR.' WELL, VOU'RE ON YOUR OWN "I WON'T BE A PARTY TO SUCH LAZINESS? T.M e »» »/ NU »««M. nif TIZZY-By Kate Osann 'Now let's not have any cracks about this n*>' borhood not being zoned for an all-night resta*.dntl" THESE WOMEN Bv d'Alessio "Oh, that wife of mine and her flair for the unique!" GIRL FLIES AWAY {stead she fell 25 feet into a deep HOLLAND, Mich. <AP) - Six-j snow bank. She was uninjured, year-old Kathy Langejans decided to try to" imitate "a lady on tele- Gibraltar, important British vision" by jumping from a second : naval bast' at the entrance to the IT PAYS TO READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS sLory Wlndow - she said she meant .Mediterranean Sea, has an area to Qy to the bouse next door. Iu-joi two square auks. 'You're probably wondering why I'm being so nice to you!" OONTMKE t. I THINGS. AH LIKES PEACE. AN' DAM) THINGS IS 60 MUCH PEACEPULLER THAN LIVE OKIES. WOdl'M Y ENOUGH?.') U'LABMER, HOWMANV S-AND KEEP FOLK'S WOat) v, THE VO'LIKE'ME 10 QUIET POWN? HOV/ 4 TRUE/f- HERE'S TEN WILL THAT BE ENOUGH? THI fOODLIS SO IT'6 TRUE THEN 0UT— S(THAT UASTSAT-K WAS URPAY YOU) LAST SWlU YOUR Vr^ A»R^ T6X- ^ N ^,^ii^ IMAVBAWTe 60 OUT ON THE tt>WN TONI&Ht. IN6 TO CONVINCE MYSELF BUT tJUST . WOULPN'T UIST6N/ 5ATUK- PAY TODAY 1 60T MY SENSES LEAVE IT I SEE ARCWIS ) TO KIDS •' 13 GETTING ^TO BREAK ACQUAINTED WITH ) THE OUR NEW NEIGHBOR.' NOW I'LL, GO OVER AND MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE FATHER/ ARCHIE •AND MY FATHER CAN LICK VtXJR FWHER.' JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bald and Jerry Brondfleld ...NOTHIN& REMOV6P FROM WRIGHT'S APARTMENT, NOR HIS OFFICE. NO^NOTES. NO IOSICAL REASON FOR HIS SOIN& ANYWHERE... STEVE HAS NO REALLY FRIENPS, SAXON. HIS WORK IS HIS WHOLE LIFE. HE HAS NO ENEMIES WE KNOW OF... I'D HAVE TO SAY DR. LUCAS. BUT < SHE TOLD ME SHE KNOWS NOTHING. , ...ANDHfS FAMILY IN PITTSBURGH HASN'T HEARD FROM HIM? WHO KNOWS HIM 8CST, THEN? WHO ARE HIS aOSEST FRIENDS. MR. MARSHALL? WELL, LBT'5 SEE WHAT SHE TELLS MORTY MEEKLE / JILL 5AYSTHANK5 FOR ( HAVING HER OVER TO \ DINNER LA5T NIGHT, MRS DUDLEY SHE EN JOYED YOUR SEA FOOD DINNER SO MUCH, SHE'D LIKE TO HAVE THE RECIPE / "PLACESEAFOOD / DINNER ON BAKING SHEET IN PREHEATED I (35O°)OVEN.FAAKE \lFOR 4O MINUTES...' • . Im. T M. Ri|. U.i. fa. (HI LOOK.' WE'RE HAPPY TO AID IN VOUR ETHNJO- HISTORIOLOGICAL PROJECTS, BUT MOVING ALL THIS EQUIPMENT IS UNTHIMKABLE^ ...iHAT FOSSIL IS OVER TEN MILLION YEARS OLD.' IT REQUIRES PINPOINT VvORK BUT IF GOING TO PO OREOPITHECUS, WE'RE SOINS TO PO IT RIGHT..OR NOT AT ALL... AND I SUPPOSE WE'LL HAVE TO GO GET OOP BACK FOR THE JOB, TOO OF COURSE.' I WOULDNT THINK OF TRYING THIS WITHOUT HIM YES. HE WAS A FRIEND OP YOUR TUCM wr>.i i PATHEItS, ELLEN. WE USED TO KNEW MAX ^ PIW ' 5UWAEK STO< * WEBBER YEAE5 MO, MOTHER ViAX.PAKU.'a! ITS LIKB OU> I SUPPOSE YOU PLAN TO FOLLOW YOUR MOTHERS FOOTSTEPS OW THE STASE.HONBY? OHi THAT ^r MOULP BE WAX ..WHAT PIP YOU WISH AH. SUES THE OF YOU ABOUT THE TIME WE PLAYEP SUMMER STOCK PROVIWCETOWIO.EOIE/ THIS 1$ ELLEN MY PAUSHTER BU6$ BUNNY KILL HA8PER, FUPDSY- J nnpc:i r ' A BIT 1 TIGHT! PERHAPS I SHOULD GET NAW! THEY'D BE TOO i/HOW DOES TH £ OVERSHOE • 1 T) FEEL, VEWY WELL! I 6UE5S YOU KNOW B£9T '. HELP ME SET MAVBE \ A SIZE I [ WOULD \ BE 8ETTER"/ **._ ^^ AUSTIN (Minr».) MFI»Att) A Soturday, Dfit. 13, 1931 9 f SHORT RIB^ MOM/HEY: MOM .' I'VE <OOT A SURPRISE FOP-YOU/ SiNCE ITS SATURDAY, ANP MR.- STU^PLE PO&5MT WsVE MUCH To DO AROUND SCHOOL, Hfc'LL HELP YOU CLEAN HOUSe/ •" I KKE'.V YOU'P EE SPCtCHLCSS, MOM, BUT. C'MON —~£UL HIM WHERE To START IN — •/ v \Ti-lATS 6OOO eKOLkSH/1 ir/ /TMIMK SMSLL LET YOU BACK INSID& OU6HT TO SEE A ABOUT THAT LABVK6ITIS JACOBYS BRIDGE By OSWALD JACOBY • , . Written for NBA Service Virgil Anderson of Springfield, Mo., writes, "Barbara Welner of Joplin,, Mo., and I reached a slightly ambl- , tlous seven no-trump contract In the- Mlssourl state open pairs, . "West opened the ten of dla,monde. (A spade lead would have beaten- 1 me.) I won the trick and cashed dummy's queen and Jack of hearts. At ' NORTH (D) AAK8853 WEST • 643 *K5 EAST 41042. 4 Q J 7 ¥8 V 100 532 • 10987 *52 * J 9 7 6 3 * Q 10 8 SOUTH 49 VAK764 • AKQJ *A42 Both vulnerable North East Booth 1* 3* 4V 5* 6V Pasi Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass 3V 4* 4N.T. 5N.T. 7N.T. Wert Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—• 10 this point, West showed out and* 4he 13 top tricks I would have had,, with a 4-2 heart break had become'"* 12 only. r "I though a while, recalled your re- . cent articles on squeezes and claimed the balance of the tricks on a squeeze. "It was automatic. I simply ran all the top diamonds and hearts and West had to discard down to flv* cards. He chose to keep the apades guarded. Dummy was down to three spades'' and two clubs. Now I cashed dum. my's ace and king of spades and East was squeezed out of his club stopper . to hang on to the ten of hearts. "If West had held three clubs I would have played the king and ace , of clubs and squeezed East that way. ' Right?" Bight I A very fine hand indeed! Week's Sew-Thrifty ,. PRINTED PATTERN 4824 By ANNE ADAMS Ea«y step-in (or the shorter, fullei figure! Note the slenderizing mldrin framed by gentle fullness beneath the.' bosjin. (Uttering buck view. Tomorrow'* pattern: Mines' tOtlrtwaUt dren Printed Pattern 48»4: Hall Sizes H'a. 1«U. 18',;!, aO'.j. '22'b. M\4. 81z# 16'i requires 4 yraci* 39-luch fabric. Primed directions ou each pan. Kasler. acourale seud FIFTY CKNTS in coin* t!u» pattern - add 10 cent* for pa'teru (or Ut - c!u=a uiulllug 6end to Anne Adding, cure or the Au«Uu . Dully Herald. Pattern Dvpt., 143 W*»t 11th St.. New York 11. N. V. Print plainly NAUK. ADOBES8 witb ZONt, SIZE ud »TVU( MUM8JSB.

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