The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 19, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1933
Page 8
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNTAN, THURSDAY, JANUARY 19, 1933 AIMEE TO MAKE II Amusement CLOSES AT CALIFORNIA "\Vill First Visil Holy Lund in Effort lo Regain Her Health (f/tii/rrf I'res* Leaner! lUrc.) T.O.S AXOKIACS. .Tun. 10.—Urowii us n. berry. f;it and with lots of inuscle, Alnice Senipli.' MuPherson Hllttuii will return lo lit>r devoted-Clonk nt Angelus Temple (if I or slit? roniplctcH huv trip 1o T'lilrslino nnd tlio IToly land, tlie iilllns/ isviiiiRellHt. promised HN Mlie wus fiirrled to Hie pulpit In.M rilRht for her farewell IUC'.-WIKO. She nlno plittiH to inalte her tlobut as a movie star thru. Pnle ami worn from her nervnuH breakdown,- Mr.«. Hutton leaned against her cliolr sinfflnR liuHbiind, Dave. UK Hlie surveyed her followers. "My uniform ' IB too lurso for mo now," .she s:ild. "But when 1 return J'll be brown as n berrj'. fat and with lots of muscle." -Her flock ehoered. Slip plans to leavf next week-end. Her debut, as a motion picture, actress will be iinclor the supervision of >ier own production (irntanlKatlon. her nttorneya promised In announcing settlement of two diinniKO sult.s arisliiG •from her failure to comply with an original contract for "Clay In the Potter's HundK." The Kid From Spain, Laugh Getting Comedy, Opens Here u "OUT OF SINGAPORE" 1 FEATURED AT RIALTO Action, comedy and gripping sus- jrense are predominating features of •'Out of Singapore," the thrilling Goldsmith melodrama which comes to the Rlalto theater tomorrow and Saturday. •In the cast of "Out of Singapore" are such well-known players as Noah .Beery. Dorothy Burgess, Miriam Seo- j?ar, George Wals=h. Montagu Love. Jhme.s Aubrey, Wllllnm Moran and Olin Francis. Sally Ellens and Ralph Bellamy In "Second Hand Wife," along with "The Savage Girl," starring Rachelle Hudson. 468.5 M.—KFI—640 K. 285.5 M.T-KNX—1050 K. '5—NBC-KGO programs to 9:30. 0:30—Orchestra and soloists. 10—NBC-KGO program. 10:10-—Phil Harris' orchestra. 11:30 to 12 mid.—Jay Whlddcn's orchestra. STARTING TOMORROW Continuous 2:30 to 11:00 Dally Bargain Matinees THE ROARING OF 24 CYLINDERS WAS THEIR LOVE SONG ... IN THE FASTEST ROMANCE EVER FILMED . . . Moving Pictures Are Back Again! ENDS TODAY— %£ EVANS /WHAOEL ARTHUR BMON EDWARDS quartet. 0—News. 6:15—Bill, Mac and Jimmy. 0:30—SI and Elmer. 6:45—Currier's Sorenaders. 7—Frank Watanabo and Hon. Archie. 7:15—Guardsmen, male 7l30—Kate Smith. 7:45—Light and Stover. 8—Organ recital. 8:16—Pennsylvania Duchies. 8:45—Golden Memories. 9—News. 9:15—KNX dance band. 9:30—Lubovlskl violin choir. 10—Idylls. 10:30—Organ recital. 11 lo 12 midnight—New Paris Inn. Cantor in Lively Vein in His Latest Offering al Nile By MAE SAUNDERS E DDIU; CANTOU In "The Kid From Spain," now ut the Nllu- theater, tlds his way from one laugh-provok- ng situation to another. It Is bright ntertalnment. In the Canloresque vlsecracltlng style, with.'' beautiful girls, lavish settings, and 'a flock of Id Spanish customs which the board if censors allowed to got by. . does Spanish. Iflddlo Is found first In a girls' dor- nltory, a prank which puts him pre7 sumablr put of college and on the sldowullrs of Chicago, but a gang ot junk robbers pick him up and ho takes them for a rldo. Implicated thus n a robbery, he crosses the border to Mexico whore ho becomes reunited with his old college pal, Rlchardo, and jecomos a blundering aid to romance jy kidnaping 1 the wrong girl. To conceal his criminal past, he Is Introduced us a bullfighter, and ono of the funniest scenes is his appearance as a matador. It's an- old formula but It still clicks. Original Comedy ' There is a lot. of originality In tho lines, In the photography, In the dance routines, but tho music Introduced is FOR SCREEN FUN FAST LIFE" HAS SPEED ANDZEST William Muincs Excels Huir-Kujsing Spued Boat 'Thriller-' Eddie Cantor and Lyda Robert) In "The Kid From Spain" exceedingly mediocre. blonOo und on'o Bong, At least ono without oven KERN—1200 K. Week Days IE- Matinees... • «»* 300 Seats Any Time.. ISc STARTING TOMORROW—TWO BIG FEATURES! I ENDS TODAY— "SECOND HAND WIFE" Sally Ellens—Ralph Bellamy "THE SAVAGE GIRU" Rochelle Hudson FAIRBANKS: CAR1ET PAWN Tomorrow Night Is Pay Night —the Pay Roll Will Be Ready at 7:00 o'Clock OPEN 12-11 P. M. Mitlneii to 3 p. in. 15c 300 SEATS, Any Time 16c Tomorrow and Saturday Two Big Features BUCK JONES in "McKennu of the Mounted" Also Bert Wheeler in "Girl Crazy" Last Day, "Madieon Square Garden VIRGINIA Continuous 12 m. to 11 p. m. 300 SEATS—Any Time, 15e Today and Friday Fannie Hurst's "SYMPHONY OF SIX MILLIONS" With Irene Dunn, Ricardo Cortez Comedy, New«, Cartoon G RANAD 618 Kentucky Street Talking Pliturei Every Diy A Tonight Only, at 8:30 WRESTLING Okl Shikina vs. Hardy Kruskamp and three other excellent matches. Ladies, 55c any aeat. Men, 85c, $1.10, $1.35. Tax paid. TOMORROW AND SATURDAY Two Features "COME ON TARZAN" and "THE REVENGING SEAS" Amateur Night Every Saturday 6—Uuth TCltInK, Chesterfield. 8:15—Jau Garlmv'.s urchentrn. 8;30—Col. StijoDiiaglO' Si Budd. '7—Tho,. 7:15—"Tarzan of Iho Apes." 7:30—KUwIn C. Hill. 7:45—Myrt & Marge. S—Globe headlines. 8:15—The Is(unders. 8:'30—iBliain Jones' orchestra. <)—Eddie Duchln's orchestra. 9:30—Leon Belasco's orchestra. 10—All request hour. 10:40—Ted Klorlto's orchestra. 11—Dancing with the stars. Humor to recommend It, might have been omitted with good effect. t,yda Tlobcrtl us tho blonde! comedienne ndda very llttlu to the picture. Robert Yountr, tho fresh-faced American lad, appearing as Rlcardo, goes Into tho romnntlc-lover-hero role In a big way with sideburns nnd a devastating mustache. Among others In the cast are Ruth Hall ns, Nlta, the beautiful sweetheart of Rlcardo; John Mil Jan as the wantlng-to-nmrry-her vllllnn: Paul Porcasl as Gonzales, the border offlcal with ft *he-shall-not-pass" complex which provides a hilarious scene; Noun Beery as tho Htern parent; nnd J. Caro.I Nash as the terrifying Pedro, and others. The picture ts a Qoldwyn production directed by L,eo McCarey. The story Is by William Antony McGulre, Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby. JONES STARRED AS CANADIAN POLICE Buck Jones dons tho trim uniform of tho Canadian Royal Northwest Mounted Police in his latest Columbia picture, "Mclvonnu of' the LA GRANADA PLANS "OLD-TIf DANCES Qulnu Johnson, leader of the orchestra which entertains nt tlie Tin Granada bnllroorti^at Sixteenth und I streets, today announced that "old- time" dances will be staged at the ballroom every other TYIdiiy night, starting with tomorrow night. The old-fash Ion eel dance events are being planned to appease popular demand of dance enthusiasts who asked for them and the la. Granada 10-plece orchestra Is arranging special music for the affairs. "Pop" Weaver will act as master of ceremonies and caller. The old-time dances twice each month on Friday nights will supplement the usual Wednesday and Saturday night dances staged at the ballroom. . One hundred mllow per hour speedboat racing, Iho world's most thrilling sport, la shown In "Fast lilto," the bronlh-taklng action picture featuring William JHalnes, that starts tomorrow at. the Fox theater. : •William rtalnes has never boon offend a role with the virile punch to' oqiuil his "Handy" III this fast-moving racing picture. Ho continues with the refreshing "wlso-cruoklngV ; that has murkPd his work In previous pictures, wllli a new restrained performance In dramatic scenes that shows his real acting ability. Cliff Edwards is uproariously funny In hip characterization of Bumpy, the comedy mechanic who complicates matters for Halnes through the entire picture. Tils ability at various comedy expressions Is worked to the limit with many screamingly funny situations to give him full opportunity. | Madge Evans Is perfectly cast us i the charming Shirley, who provides I lively romantic Interest for Halnes I during his attempts to establish his new racing boat In International competition. Excellent work Is also contributed by Conrad Nagel, Arthur Byron, Warburton Gamble, Kenneth Thomson, Albert Gran and Ben Ilen- drlcks. Harry Pollard directed the feature. FAIRBANKS; JR., ML STAR AT CALIFORNIA F ENDS AUOX TODAY Queer vegetation,' fantastic flowers, products of a mad scientist's brain and Jungle fertility, were required in the filming of H. G. Wells' "Island Of Tjost Souls," which closes Us run today at the Fox theater. Evolved by the diabolical experiments of the elec- trobiologlst, Dr. Moreau, these weird plants had to be devised to convey reality, and offered a definite problem to the Paramount property department. The cast of "Island of Iiost u ..v ...u.u... „,.,„.„„„- „ Souls" •Includes' Charles La.ugh.ton. Mounted," coming Friday to the Rex Bela Lugosl, Richard Arlen, Leila Hy- .1—<__ .....i •!,„ -„,,,.if >„ „ uii-,.1,-,^ i ams and the "Panther Woman. 333.1 M—KHJ—900 K. 6—CBS programs to 7. 7-r-Inglowood Park contest. 7:30—Chandu, the Magician. 7:45—Myrt and Marge. 8—Headlines. 8:15—CBS programs to SMu. 8:45—T. Zlngarl. n—EHdlo Uuchln's orchestra. 9:16—"Unknown Hands." 9;30—Riviera orchestra. 10—News und Blsqulok bund. 10:15—Ted J'lorlto's orchestra 11—Dancing with the stars. 12 to 1 a. m.—Marshall Grant, organ. theater, and the result Is a stirring I swift-action • picture such as we too ' Seldom see. • Set against the scenic tapestry of green forests and mountains, "McKenna of the Mounted" Is crammed with emotion, riding, fighting, Intrigue and other elements dear to movie audiences, which prefer these virile oul- i door films. Columbia has surrounded Jones with i a notable cast, Including Greta Gran! stcdt as the heroine, Miles Welch and Mitchell Lewis as villains, and Walter McGrall and James Flavin as members of the Mounties. The picture has a skillfully developed dramatic plot, which lifts It far beyond the usual outdoor action film. Buck Jones plays the role t of Sergeant Tom McKenna,, the stalwart Mountlo, who always "gets his man." I There has been a series of robberies which ha's baffled the picturesque custodians of law and order In the northland, and Jones decides on a plan to trap the gang of malefactors and Its leader. To do so, he joins the outlaws to learn the Identity of the mysterious master mind, whose craftily planned depredations are bringing disgrace to the Mounties. • For "Scarlet Dawri." the Warner Brothers picture at the California theater tomorrow, In. which ho plays i young aristocrat caught In the swlr of the Russian revolution, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., has two leading ladies One Is Nancy Carroll, the other Lll yan Tashman. Tlie former portrays a peasant love, Miss Tashnmn the haughty siren whose infatuation fo the youth brings tragedy upon their all. William Dleterle directed. "Hello Trouble," Columbia's lates Buck Jones vehicle, will also bo an at traction at the- California theater to morrow. It's a tale of old Arizona Supporting Buck In prominent role are Llna Basquette, Wallace MacDon aid, Alan Roscoe and Lafe McKee. SLAIN BANDIT IDENTIFIED SACRAMEJNTO, Jan.- 19. (A. P.)— Authorities today Identified a. bandl slain in a gun battle with Sacrament police last night as James Noonan, 27 paroled convict. He was killed b Patrolman McCollo9h after ho ha wounded Fred Russ, radio patro squad officer. Nothing Like It Ever On Stage or Screen! I5O of Amtrici't meet bmutifui girli. Si<Jn«y Franklin, world famous bull fighter in actual cofflbit Eddio't battlo with tho bull..fonniort climax ovor filmod. Shows • 7 and 9 p. m. NO WONDER THEY ARE CALLING IT THE MOST IMPORTANT PICTURE OF THE SEASON HNME CfflllOR . in Swnue/ Goldwyn s Production of ' ^ THE KID FROm SPHIH RIALTO 9 TO 6 P. M., ISc; AFTER 8. He. 23e Tomorrow and Saturday '•Out of Singapore" With Noah Beery, Dorothy Burgess Chapter 9—"The Last Frontier" Comedy, News, Cartoon China Night Tonight LAST TIMES TONIQHT "Washington Masquerade" DO YOU BELIEVE THE GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY IS GOING OUT OF THE RADIO BUSINESS? Look at their strong position in the field, their resources, their patents. No, friends, GE Radios are coining to us direct from their own factory in Bridgeport. , HEAR THIS RADIO THAT MAKES A FEW RADIO DEALERS LIE AWAKE NIGHTS FIGURING WHAT TO TELL CUSTOMERS NEXT Bakersfield Hardware Co. 2015 Chester Avenue Phone 231 or 232 for Demonstration , WATER-WHAT IS IT? •' i Well, for one thing, it is the second necessity of life. After air, we must have water to exist. We are told that seven-eighths of our body is a liquid form and it needs constant replenishing. Nature intended us to use water freely, both internally and externally. The proper functioning of that highly complicated chemical engine that we call our body demands large quantities of water. • But though water is a necessity of life, it can also- be a menace lo health if it is not pure. "So pur water supply must not only be of sufficient quantity but it must also be safe. This is a job for specialists. It should not be a "sideline," or one duty out of many. It is too grave u responsibility. Tlie company that supplies water to this community is a specialist. Supplying water service is the only job it has. Your water » supply is safe in its hands. CALIFORNIA WATER SERVICE COMPANY (A California Corporation—Operated by Callfornians) COMING IN "FAST LIFE" WILLIAM HAINES AND EVANB HAVE LEAD ROCES. HE WON'T DO PLYMOUTH, Ind., Jan. 19. (A. P.)— ury comnilsslonerH, drawing mimes of enlremen for service at the first de- ree murder trial here of Virgil Barer, charged with killing Arnold Pratt, row the name of the slain man. G. A. R. MEETS SEPT. 17 ST. PAUL, Minn., 19. (A. P.) The Grand -Army- of .the Republic and ts allied organizations will hold an- luat encampment here the week of ^efltember 17. . ELIJAH IS FRANK" WH1TESBURG, Ky., Jan. 1^— Here;& the way Elijah Maggard .announced his, candidacy for jailer of Lolcher county: "Hello voters. Tills la Elijah Maggard. I guess . I. have caught more 'coons, drank .more corn llokcr. and been on more, wild drunks than'any .other man In the county. I have'settled-do^vn to civilized life, and I want "to be your next jailer. ; I have always kept a welcome table." ' PONTIAC /// c \ (' // ' t COL.STOOPN^GLE - .,,..' BUDD --' •Ml* WV^iVR^Ili^HMMiWMBHilMiVclVHlKVtV in 0 bra/re/ /tew RADIO PROGRAM KERN AT 6:30 P. M. DR. VAN METER CAREFUL DENTIST NIC low prieu «n ililit and brldui»trk Mtili In «ur •»» libtriUry 1421 Nineteenth Street Acr.M Frtm Wtlll'i Rh«nt 176 Hotel El Tejon A DELIGHTFUL PLACE IN WHICH TO EAT Hot Toasted Sandwiches Fifteen Cents Baked Ham Tuna Fish. Roust Pork Swi.sK or American CheeHO TJcvllud 10«n Bacon and Lettuco I Iain and KBK Surved.Wlth Dill Pickle, Ollven, Toiuutooa SPECIAL Hot Kouat Buef Sandwich, Mashed Potatoes and Brown Gravy, 2Gc ..Hot Roust Turkey Sandwich, Mashed Potatoe.s, (ilhlet Gravy, 45c El Tejon.Made Pies u la Mode, ISu Club Breakfasts 25c to 50c PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY Now Carries SHEET MUSIC CLEARANCE SALES! Final Clearance 56 Women's Coats FUR TRIMS AND SPORT StYLES 30 Sport Coats In plain colors and tweed mixtures. All- wool 'materials ... some fur-trimmed. REGULAR $8 to $15 VALUES. 26 Beautiful Coats ..,..„ With luxurious collars of fur and some with fur cuffs. Sizes range from 14 to 48 ... and these are our regular $25.00 coats. SECOND FLOOR $ 33 Fur-Trimmed Coats! Regular Price $25 , 17.65 Just thirty-three coats in this lot. Each an individual model, no two alike, made of the finest selected 100 -per cent all-wool materials. The colors: Black, brown, green and blue. The fur trimmings are fitch, marmink, Mancurian wolf and pointed fox. Luxurious coats for little money. SEVENTEEN SIXTY-FIVE Final Clearance Millinery Department TWO GROUPS OF FALL HATS GROUP ONE offers a choice of most every wanted color in fall and winter hats , . . the values of which were much as $2.95 as each. Choose any one from these tables at 88 GROUP TWO offers a choice of an entire line of $3.95 fall and winter hats, embracing new shades which have just been added to the sc- lection. One price SECOND FLOOR S.& H. GREEN STAMPS GIVEN WITH EVERY PURCHASE-, fljf

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