Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 28, 1965 · Page 9
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 9

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1965
Page 9
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CARD TRICKS—Mike and Paul Anns, two Little Leaguers from San Rafael, Calif., spend their time away from the diamond collecting baseball trading cards. The boys, who have accumulated more than 4,000 cards in two years, hope to have 6,500 by World Series time. Assemblyman STEW HiNCKLEY .... Says One of the oldest legislative Itol Park have a dental prob- devices is showing through in the massive tax bills proposed lem—they can't chew nuts. This is not so funny as it by the Governor and by the'might seem because when this Chairman of the Revenue and i happens, they may starve Taxation Committee.. Both tax,death. Jerry Olrich, the packages are very complicated • gardener, explains that Green carpet rolled out for jail guests SAN BERNAKDINO (UPI)Prisoners being escorted into the county jail these days are getting -the .green carpet treatment. A plush avocado green carpet has been laid on the 51 - by-17- foot concrete rear ramp leading to the sheriff's office in the county courthouse. Some county employes seeking a pay raise have questioned the $500 spent on the carpet. Theodore H:. Jay, county safety coordinator, defends the carpet installation as an accident preventing measure. The con crete ramp used to get dangerously slippery on rainy days, he said. Some detractors wryly suggested that maybe the.county should have given the prisoners a more royal reception by choosing a red carpet instead of avocado green. Jay had this reply: The avocado green was chosen purposely because of psychological reasons. Prisoners, seeing red, are more inclined to violence, whereas green is a more soothing color. "If a belligerent prisoner is being brought into the sheriff's office," Jay explained, "he might be more inclined to struggle less because of the carpet coloring." NOTICE INVITING BIDS 1. TIME OP OPENING Notice Is hereby given that the Governing Board of the Redlands Unified School District of San Bernardino County, hereinafter referred to as the "Owner" will receive up to but not later than 2:30 p.m. on the 5th day of May 1965. sealed Proposals for: FENCING FOR KIMBEKLY AND MABIPOSA ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS at which time said Proposals will be publicly opened and read aloud. 2. WHERE RECEIVED District Offices, 33 W. Lugonl- nue. Redlands, California, or will be ness problem, received at the same address. 3. SECURING DOCUMENTS Each bid must conform and be 'Exercise,' says Stan Musi a I By GAYNOR MADDOX Food and Nutrition Editor Newspaper Enterprise Assn. (Second in a Series.) NEW YORK (NBA) — Fruit, bacon and eggs and toast for breakfast, no lunch, steak, roast beef or lobster and salad for dinner. That's what Stan Musial, 45, executive -director of the President's Council on Phys? ical. Fitness and vice president of the St. Louis Cardinals recommends to any man or woman in the 40s eager to remain healthy, fiat-bellied and full of oats. "But what you eat is only half the story," Musial adds. He is tall, slender and three times a grandfather. "Just as important is regular exercise that keeps you fit," he stated. Stan the Man is an apostle of strong, trim bodies. He warns against physical idleness and overindulgence in food and drink. "I think President Johnson put it straight on the line when he said, 'We cannot stay strong as a country if we go soft as citizens.' My job with the council . is to encourage everyone, youngsters and adults alike, to shorten his waistline and limber up his muscles." He pointed out what has happened to Americans in this era of affluence. The ordinary tasks of daily living no longer provide enough vigorous exercise to develop and maintain good muscle tone or cardiovascular and respiratory fitness. In homes and factories, and on farms as well, machines now supply the "muscle power" for most jobs. They have all eliminated the necessity but for walking and climbing stairs, and one of them—the television set—holds too many of us in captive idleness for many hours a week. This inactivity, to.._ gether with overeating, has re- Proposals may be mailed to the cnltoH in a maciivo nhvciral fil istrict Offices. 33 W. Lugonla Ave- sultea ln . a massive pnysicai 111- responsive to alt pertinent Contract Documents. Copies are now on file and open for public inspection at the Business Office of the Redlands Unified School District, 33 W. Lu- gonia Avenue. Redlands. Specifications and all pertinent Documents may be obtained for bidding only at the above office. Bidders are direct- State (ties and to visit the site where work <.„,,:.. ! is to be done. squir | 4 PREVAILING WAGES BIG SWINGER: Grandpa Musial knows what to eat and when. he knows he must in order to keep his weight down even though he doesn't eat any more than he used to. Therefore, he goes to a gymnasium frequently. He tries to jog along streets rather than walk. At home he does pushups because they are great for firming the stomach muscles, he explains. He shadow-boxes in his own room. "I've found that regular exercise that is not too strenuous gives a fellow a feeling of emotional stability. It releases tensions. It's easier to stick to a weight control-program year after year when you are emotionally stable. Flexing your muscles speeds up circulation and gives you a feeling of well-being," he observed. Research scientists in the causes and prevention of obesity know from experience in obesity clinics, hospitals and group therapy that those few who do stick to a weight-control program and learn to live happily within a calorie budget, are almost without exception emotionally well-adjusted men and women. These scientists agree with Stan Musial that moderate exercise every day is important in keeping a dieter emotionally stable. For that reason they, too, encourage physical activity while on a reducing program. He smiled engagingly, saying, "Please don't get the impression I want to preach, but a lot of men are tempted to relax, go soft and indulge themselves when they hit 40. A little self- discipline would pay them dividends. A man looks better and feels better when his belly is flat and his muscles limber." (NEXT: John Lindsay). Red lands Daily Facts Wed., April 28, 1965 - 9 Television ACROSS ; I broadcast I 5 Tennessee i Ernie I 9Shakespearean 5 Instead of 6 Few (comb, form) 7Hosy 8 Saturate 10 Wildcat 18 Abrupt flexure (anaU 19 Seine 20 Chopping tool (var.) 21 Deed 22 Roughly dressed,as a beam 24 Exhalations 28 Wile 30 •Wheel's spindle 31 Part of the iris 321002 (Roman) 33 Predicament 36 Cattle, for instance 40 Cloth measure 41 Obtain 43 Southern general 44 Exclamation • 46 Babylonian god 47 "La, Boheme" heroine 48 Wrinkled 50 "Leave it to " 52 Pithy 53 Of the Alps 54 Descry 55 Military frontier post DOWN 1 Pinned,as a. plank 2 Substitute 3 Grape juice 4 Observe 17 Bird ,20 Pertinent (Latin) 23 Roof edge 25 Male sheep 26 Be 27 Dismounted 29 Scottish cap 31 Losses by sifting (com.) 33 Expensive 34 Enlighten 45 open 35 Time of life 48 Turkish. 37 Masculine name governor 38 Mortar 39 Bleaching vat (var.) 42 Exile isle for Napoleon 47 Small goby (West Indie* 49 Structure forswia* 51 Sprite For Results Use Facts Classified Ads Musial is 6 feet tall and; weighs around 184 pounds. "Ij step on the scales regularly— maybe twice a week—to check) on my weight. I never try to| starve myself. But I do watch I my diet—reasonably, not fanat-i ically. I cut the fat off broiled j meat. I pass up candy. I rarely j ever eat dessert, avoid midnight j £su\.iiugbd ML w i «•" J fc w»»»j..-~ —. —~. , o . i . •!, .rnr. v AU^aMVLT WrtVjdO . . , ' and are set up with little itemsirels 1 teeth do not stop growing; it shall be mandatory upon the|snacks and try never to leave: which every legislator seeming-with age and the teeth become i f^SS"^ 0 upon^if su^comrac-! lhe table fulL But l do eat . a> to support. This so large the little critters are;tors under him to pay not less than!good, hefty breakfast," •••> "^ ' legislative gim-j unable to fend for themselves, »{£, * e ^|™J p £ v ?n n workmen' <SS- addin g- "A? 1 *- of cou would like a well-worn mick, but it has political dan-iThis freak of nature also hap- gers in it because it also gives!pens among squirrels in the for- every legislator at lease one est as well as in our park. reason to vote against the bills. | Mr. Olrich suggests if visitors It is a foregone conclusion!in the Capitol Park would feed that whatever tax program | the squirrels hard shell rather eventually finds its way through both houses of the Legislature and to • the Governor's desk, it than soft shell nuts, the squirrels' teeth would be kept in proper shape. to Avenue. Each Proposal shall be sealed in an envelope provided by name of rk will take the rest of the session) The state gardeners try and then some to do the job. i help all they can, for whenever Legislators aren't the only]they spot one of the squirrels ones around few of the squirrels in the Capi-jtask, and take him to a doctor, the Governing Board at or before the Just the other day, one of the i"™ stated above.^ gardeners took one of the little i °; l« h bid shall be critters with tOOth trouble to a accompanied by a certified or cash- ployed in the execution of the Contract. All foremen not specifically classified shall be paid not less than twenty-five cents (25d per hour more than the hourly wage rate of the highest classification over which he has supervision. Apprentices may be f™n P '°i"7J ln of C ?r?e' 0r c.i t iforn'ia h Lab ! o C ; days over, he seeks other ways Code. 5. PROPOSAL FORM Each proposal shall be submitted on a form to be obtained at the Business Office of the Redlands Unified School District. 33 W. Lugonla he said, course, while i I was playing with the Cardin-j als I got a lot of exercise. As a) result, in the past 10 years I've: kept my weight fairly steady.") Today, with his ball-playing: the t . Ownw .. wuh name o ound the State Capitol • with a dental problem, they j bidder and the kind of wor problems. It seems a! catch him which is no simple «*u* ta^i^^rjjjdjgjtairo !to get daily exercise. He says) •—•—•—— i Missing boys found dead in refrigerator THE ALMANAC veterinarian who extracted of the teeth and trimmed Today is Wednesday, April! other. 28th, the 118th day of 1965 with! 247 to- follow. ier'« check or bid bond for five per one cent (5CH of the amount of the bid. an- j payable to the order of the Redlands Unified School District, Redlands, . California, a sort Of animal poverty I b. Said check or bond shall be , program, one of the Legislators |»"ii" n "r a into a S" t cenrract tl if award- The moon is approaching its donated a large sack of wal-:cd to him. in the event the bidder new phase. The morning and Mars. The evening and Jupiter. James Monroe, the fifth Presi- iTwo . for several hours from home.j were found dead in an aban-j doned refrigerator Monday. | The boys were identified as! Morrell Little and Anthony L. j Thomas. The Little child was staying with Mrs. Hazel nuts to the cause. So you seeveaye stars are Saturn there are people who worry 'and the public win suffer great dam-} as. Anthonys mother, while his i about the park squirrels andi^; ldr S ne] *S ! ™5; i ; l ^ ei 3«.S5«J!jparenU were at work. stars are Mars:their general welfare. But na-| practicably to fix said _amount_ of i Mrs. Thomas said a search is, and dent of the United States, was; hardships cannot always lure being what it storms, earthquakes born oh this day in 1758. On this day in history: In 1788, Maryland entered the union as the seventh state. all, be i avoided, even by the squirrels. NOTICE OF INTENDED BULK TRANSFER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Austin E. Davis, doing business as In 1019 «ho ITS onuprnmont Austin E. Davis, doing business as in l»4A tne u.b. government| Davls Cnevron whose business ad- ordered a World War II "dim-.dress Is 24523 Central Ave.. Loma nut" in =11 /.nmmiinitipi: alnnt> LInda ' County of San Bernardino. out in ail communities aiong, California js aboul to make a bulk the Atlantic Coast after dusk.! transfer sale to Ralph O. Brewer, Tn 1<K?' thp war with TaDan iwhosc DU ' ine5s address Is 11261 San in law, tne war witn japan Mateo \j, ma Linda, county of san Officially ended as a treaty Bernardino, California, the following signed the year before by the pr °ff ri £ the < , quipme nt, materials, U.S. and 47 Other nations Went;supplies. merchandisc_ and other in- into effect. In 1964, President Johnson proposed to Congress a $228 million program to relieve poverty in the depressed Appalachia i au: area. ventory of Retail Gasoline Filling Station, known as Davis Chevron. This property is located at 24523 Central Ave., Loma Linda. County of San Bernardino, California. This bulk transfer will be con- d on or after May 20. 1965, , _- ..._ -scrow department of WESTWARD ESCROW CO.. 4137 Almond St.. Riverside, County of Riverside, I California. A thought for the day: Italian' Within the past three years trans- Dictator Mussolini once said' feror nas als ° uscd "" '"' the "War alone brings up to its highest tension all human energy and puts the stamp of nobility upon the peoples who have the courage to face it." IT'S A FAXE A Swede named Arvid Faxe used asphalt as a roofing material about 1785. Since then, asphalt roofing has been so well developed that it is now the roofing material on three-quar ters, or more, of the buildings in the United States. Modern technology has given asphalt shingles fire and wind-resistance, permanent color, and long life expectancy. i business names at the following business addresses: Loma Linda Service. 24834 Central Ave., Loma Linda, California. The purchase price will be paid as follows: A portion outside of escrow, balance by cash through escrow. Transferee has taken possession of the premises and property being sold hereundcr solely as the Agent of Transferor pending conclusion of the sale. DATED: April 20, 1965. RALPH O. BREWER. Transferee. Escrow No. 11034 NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 34076 Superior Court of the State of California, for the County of San Bernardino. Estate of LOUIS GRAMS, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the creditors of the above named decedent that all persons having claims against the said decedent are required to file them, with the necessary vouchers, in' the office of the clerk of the above entitled court, or to present, them, with the necessary vouchers,-to the undersigned at the law offices of John P. O'Connor, Attorney at Law, 35249-B Yucaipa Boulevard. Yucaipa, California, which is the place of buliness of the undersigned in all matters pertaining to the estate of said decedent, • within six months after the first publication of trils notice. • Dated April 1, 1965. NEIjLIE GRAMS,, i , (Executrix of the Will of •the above named decedent. JOHN P. O'CONNOR, o;w»i-B Yucaipa Boulevard, Yucaipa,. California, Telephone 797^)087, Attorney for Executrix. (First publication April 7, 1965) NOTICE OF INTENTION TO ENGAGE IN THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES To Whom It May Concern: Subject to issuance of the license applied for, notice is hereby given that the undersigned proposes to sell alcoholic beverages at the premises, described as follows: 27349-53 Redlands Blvd., Redlands (OUT) Pursuant to such intention, the undersigned is applying to the Depart, ment of Alcoholic Beverage Control for issuance on original application of an alcoholic beverage license for these premises as follows: ON SALE BEER AND WINE BONA FIDE PUBLIC EATING PLACE Anyone desiring to protest the issuance of such license may file a verified protest with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control at Sacramento, California, stating grounds for denial as provided by law. Tha premises are not now licensed for the sale of alcoholic beverages. The form of verification may be obtained from any office of the Department. ROCCO and' ZINNIA GRAZIANO, and AL and THERESA A. HOLDORF. Quality ROOFING Since "1825" Contractors, Inc. 700 New York St., Redlands Phone 793-3234 Free Estimates — Bank Terms damage. Therefore, the School Dis-], , wt j 4 c _- »T««J trict and the bidder agree that th«!*as started a t 5 p.m. Monday NO ROOM FOR GLOOM IN YOUR HOUSE D YOU PIIX THAT SPARE ROOM THROUGH THE CLASSIFIED. found. above sum shall be "paid to the j when the Children COllld not DCi School District under the conditions above set forth as liquidated damages and not as forfeiture. 7. RIGHT TO REJECT BIDS The Governing Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any irregularities or informalities in any bid or In the bidding. 8. WITHDRAWAL OF BIDS No bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of thirty 130) days after the date set for the opening thereof. Dated it Redland.i, California, this 21st day of April. 1963. CHARLES R. STULTZ. Clerk of said GoverninK Board. At 10 p.m. Morrell's father found an abandoned refrigerator that had been dumped in the neighborhood. The bodies of the boys were inside. HANDICAPPED ARE GOOD WORKERS BOSTON (UPI)—A survey by the Raytheon Co. showed its personnel includes 783 handicapped persons ranging from guards to engineers and senior executives. QUALITY CARS MANY TO CHOOSE FROM '59 OLDSMOBILE 88 2-Door Hardtop Factory Air Conditioning, power equipped. Lie. No. KAX 548 '« RAMBLER 770 Classic Automatic trans., radio and heater/ head rests. Only 15,000 actual miles. Like new.. J| LOfi '3295 '1495 $1795 Lie. No. KEP 752 •'62 CADILLAC 2-Door Hardtop Full power with Factory Air Conditioning. A white beauty '60 OLDSMOBILE Super 88 2-Door Hardtop Automatic, power steering and ?100C brakes, radio and heater. Lie. No. KDE 025 I*w3 '61 VOLKSWAGEN 9-Passenger Wagon Can't ba told from new. Lie. No. KEH 226 '63 MERCURY METEOR 4 Dr. with V8, Automatic, Factory air conditioning. Low mileage, a real beauty in white. Lie. No. GKT 121 ..., '59 CHEVROLET CONV. Impala, V-8 engine, automatic, radio, heater. $1 Easy to care for white. Lie. No. PVZ 117 .... * '64 CHEVROLET Chevelle El Camino Pickup Beautiful white with radio, heater, seat belts and standard trans. $1OOC Only 16,000 actual miles 1779 UNIVERSAL JEEP Military model with snow plow. A mechanic?* special. Koley Kars inc. Authorized "JEEP" Sales & Service 118 East Redlands Blvd. 793-3197 l'/2 Blocks East of Orange St. ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY End of Month Clean-Up! Starts Tomorrow At 9:30 A.M. Main Floor Buys Basement Bargains 90 PAIR GIRLS' KNEE HIGH SOCKS 50' Choose from a large selection of sizes and colors 60 PAIR OF MEN'S DRESS SOCKS These stretch to fit all. Not many colors left. 36 MEN'S JAC SHIRTS Sizes: Small, medium and large in fashion colors 44. I 15 ONLY GIRLS' RED SWEATERS If you need a red sweater, $ * we have them! So hurry! I 47 ONLY GIRLS' SPRING HATS AND PURSES You won't find a better buy if $1 you search all over town I 216 PAIR OF BOYS' BRIEFS AND T-SHIRTS We have these sizes 6 to 16. ^ So hurry in before they are gone. a£ for and $ 2 Folding Web Chaise Lounge 6.44 Folding Web Chair 3.44 Replacement Chaise Pads 4.88 - I and I 67 BOYS' FLANNEL SHIRTS These have been reduced to a new low! Sizes: 16-18 l anr j 27 PAIR OF WORK PANTS AND 26 WORK SHIRTS Twill Pants in waist sizes 29-30-32-33. Twill Shirts in sizes 15 and 50 [j 60 PAIR OF MFN'S BRIEFS We only have these in waist sizes 40-42-44, so hurry! 3 hr l 22 READY MADE DRAPES REDUCED 8 Pair — 48" x 54" Only. „ 3 Pair — 48" x 84" Only •199 I" $ 3 '4 28 MEN'S WHITE DRESS SHIRTS Short sleeves with regular collar and snap tab collar 99 18 ONLY AREA RUGS REDUCED These are a large 3'x5' in newest styles and colors 80 WOMEN'S SPRING HATS Fabulous savings on these pretty Spring hats ( 2 ,. $ 5 30 WOMEN'S CLUTCH PURSES These are in black patent * 88 and beige patent ....................... . .......... .... I 28 WOMEN'S GLOVE AND PURSE SETS These come in white, black, O99 beige, pink, & blue .................................. Better Luggage Reduced to Clear 5 Only Beauty Case $fr 6 Only Weekend ; : .._ $JO 6 Only Pullman ...:. ....:....;.... „ $15 — FOR MEN — 5 Only 21" Companion $10 6 Only 24" Two Suiter $15 18 WOMEN'S LACE BRAS Not all sizes but a real good buy ........ : 60 ONLY PLAID 70"x 80" BLANKETS Made of 94% Rayon, 6% Nylon. Also a few in solid colors . D Bath Towels D Hand Towels 2- $ 1 120 PIECES OF WOMEN'S JEWELRY A selection of Pins and Ear- ^ $ m r I rings at real big savings.. for 60 ONLY CHILDREN'S PLASTIC TOYS A grand assortment of toys including trucks, cars, golf games 18 PAIR OF KRAZY FEET HOUSESLIPPERS Man, what Krazy looking house shoes . . . hurry in for a laugh. 11 ONLY GIRLS' SPRING COATS Reduced to a new low! Not all sizes „ . : ... D Wash Cloths '. Q 500 YDS. SLEEPWEAR FABRICS Assortment of Fabrics, styles, ^ yds. J«j and colors. Hurry! . ..„.„ «J f er | D 800 YDS. PERCALE COTTONS ' Scoop up an arm-load -. 'M ydi. j «j at this low, low price........ „ .._ "I f 8r | D 400 YDS. 36" BETTER ; SPORTSWEAR FABRICS Hurry! Hurry! These are better fabrics marked down from stock. D 350 YDS. 54" DRAPERY FABRICS Large assortment of better f f Q J m materials reduced to clear, OO v - and I yd. D ° n/f Let Th " S9 Gr0t B " y$ G "* Away! Ponn *y /1 Downtown Redlands. Is Open . Monday and Friday Nights Till 9 P.M. . , Weekdays 9:301« 5:30

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