Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 9, 1928 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 9, 1928
Page 4
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I'ACE KOUl! lOLA DAILY REGiSTEB CHAS. F. SCOTT Klrti'fcHl lit , 111-' l"l;t P.Vsliiflli-.. ie < 'n'lllH'i-linK •; TelepKone .. .'i ,iri'l\Mtv Hiiiiii'li Kxi luiiiK'' I All Di-i'-" ""••'•'•->• SUBSCRIPTION BATES T?y Cjiniti !ln, l<il;i. C.isCily. I^iIlnrfH Ouo Wcfk K r<-nti One Mill)111, ..- 70.<Viif On.. Vr:u • , ' BY MAIL k - Outside Allen County c Y.'nr '. •Six JlonlFL* Tlirfv Mniitlis Jn.Allen County Urs: jviiJi killing hi.s ct^eniioK. JK>tli . ..IT.M' ..SJ. Six Month.s! .. TJii-H.. Months One Xl.-.iuli .. . 11.21; TiHi Member of— National Editorial Aseociation.; Kansas Press Association. .The Kansas Daily League. Audit Bureau of Circulation. Press Congress of the World. p/flclal Paper^City of Iota. OflUiai Paper City of Bassett. Official Paper Allen County. (MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. ' Tli»* U.'jri'-Uff'.-aril.-.-i ili..' Assii»*i-il»-il I'rf.sM ivjuiii l.y s|i.ii.-il (••.•u-.'il \*ir>' ' Til.. .\i:.-.j/'i:il.'il. I'iv-;s 1 . xil'j^ .•II- till.'.l t.. (Ii** r.'iiuliU .-:iIii.ii of . i.ll iM-n-r. tlispaf.'li.'-. .'i .Mlii.-.l to II 01- n .rf f>j»i.-iuls.. .iidliiil in iliis |ia?>.-r. .'itii.l al^ .* lit.': l<.*'.il jii*\v.-i tititjlisii.'il li.T.' Vli.. Ail ri».'hi-i .11 i.|.iili!|...alliiii nf ><|»-.•I:il «li!^}jut>'h.-s iii'it-iii ylH.i !»•- Bihil Tlioitf/hl for ToiJan. Ari|ii.<liii H""' iiiysiii' Willi liiin. IlMil III' I.ll llr.'ll'l-: lllcll'lly lllOII :>li:ill rililii. illilo llli'<'.: .litl^ 'S-'l'^l. THE "VVAK- I\ .MrUfViaA. - , Tlu; !iilii:ili<>ii ill .N'ii'uriii'.u:> would , liiil Uc pn/.i'.lllif, l <i ri 'i 'laiii ui-ws- linii.'is iiii.l ('iiiiKii:.Miji,ii If ilify Wiiiilil liii-i) IlK'ii- fill-It :iiiil lllf'lr ..lilt.lory on sti'uUclil. 'l"o lii'i 'iii III till' lii 'i-.iniiiiiK IJn" Tniii'ii Slates .M:il-ilii '}i yic iii .Nic-- !ir.-imi.i laliiiiiiily ln 'ciiii «i'| of fli.' .Miinroi- ilorlrinc. .As 'a licci-ssary corollary «ff iliai tlociriiu" as it has liocii liihtorically ilijvclniipil, 'slncf ilip riiiK'ii St:iH-.K cjniiiot ix-rmit " Kiiropcaii povvt-rs to land'ironp.s in any t-oiiniry ,in ilii.s lli'ini.splicre -, fur till' purpose of protettinu their • nationals, the Tnited Stales iniisl prolect (hos.- nationals' when- any local K<>vernnien|i is tinahle to do .so. When civil Avar hroko out in Xic.nraniia and tlie lives of all f<Jr- eijcnei's were 'enilanseied. fhe Cov- ernnient of the country frankl.v confessed iha! it was nnalile ti) afford theso forei.ynei's protoi-tion. .Tliereiiiion It'alyiand fJreat Mrituin called upon th.^'l 'iiited Stales to - look .-ifter ili.'ir nationals residitiK ill .N 'ii .tr'auiia. The Tniicd Slates eiiJiei- hail to respond ;o th;it cull , or pei -niit Italy and Creat llritain to .-itteiidto the ii!:><ier th" nisflves. Th.-it is to sa> the Inited States hail to afford the'proiciiion asked for or .-iliandoii Hie .Monroe Doctrine. The I'oolidiie adiiiiiiistration . f lio.'!!' the former of the iwo .-ilter- nativcK ;is iv 'iy other adininistra- tioii at Waslijimton. I ii 'inocratic mid l;>-|iiihlii'aii. ha- diHi.- lor more . than a hiiiulred .Nfar-. iiiid'-r simi­ lar ill iiiHislanci -s 'I'he, SCI Olid tlilni; l <i renieiiiJK-r l.'i ifiai III the cetiliiry and a little - more .:|iice .VicaraKiia frolii S|iaill. Ille_ covertlllielit litis never - chaiu-eil liailiN .-Mipl hy revolu- tliiii. The parly in iiowerl ihroiifih li.'i colli rol of the army, h.-is always - h.-eii iible to perpeluale itself in . <iffice liii- ii iiiv.'r has periiiilieil a free and fair idectloii.. The only 'way the uppusiliiui coiiiii ever Ret .Moncadn, the ^)viid of pnrty i-lmrKex Ihlni the* with money and sulisistence slde.s and front nierirhantH. .under threats of iiillaee and prisal: Willi enlistinK Ifoniine: witii ' niiirderl Woody re- |<ul(ller.>i of fiK jirlson- l.iberals and Consierva with Kenerally tljrroriz ^i^oes and Ind/hns into. .\peditiou.s. direclcd i ialily aKaiiisl ail place tiqoty. That l.s'the jsorl Sandino Is. andj that i« nan the enemies of tlie rooIidBe iduiinistrntion ^re tryiip to inake; (ivor into u hero, fiRhtlpK the bat- Jes of hJ^ cotiiitrj-. The fifth ihltiK to remember hat the rolled Stsites htivhiR lie of jieape. refjuired both he Kovi-rnineni and I ioiiary 4orees to di.sarn^ TitlT-iOLA HAILY KI-XiKSTKIt. MONDAY jl'lVENlNG.' .JANUABY 9, li )28. Mhcnil KettlnB from both lives, and ng the Ne- Jolu^nR tils rill iuipar- I promising , of outlaw the sort ol tie revolu- r^ftH tinier the tdillKtiilon to ii^ainl.iin the peace of the country ui d Ibiis baa iiu alternaliye but to ] lit au end o the depredailonn Of t^e Sandino iiilawH. lleiiieinherlnK • ihono he siiiiafion in NieahiK to pii/.zle at all. hut llld'il Ktiiles to he fol lain line of duly as hliitiiry. preeeileiil a IS Italph |ioiiiii-i 'd ve thinw la prenea.iji KhoWH DM? itWillK l|U! ifiarked out III fail. Tin: DAV 'N f». llrewrtler. his cuiididacyl wlio bar. an- .'jiiled .Stall's senule ailaln.".! lor Kr -i |erlik Hale, in jlovenior of .Maine and •it man who ever held lif chief execiilive ill I le was educalcd ill chools. of IK'Xter. in was horn, and tiradi l^owdoin ColleKe :ind H: (hnol. After beinR ad|mitted the bar he began the is j)rotession in Port as a member of the jittire in lun -lS as replesentative fkoni I'ortland. was renominated ui resisned from the tl tier the military service, tje-elected to the lepis IjSJil. bird <{uard for the Sen- he present |ijie yoiuiK- Ibe iiffiee t|hai Stale, he public Which town [aieil from rviird to jiraetice of and. He fltate leuis- kcit to en- and was latnre in He helped to pruanize' the Infantry .Maine| for service in \yar and later entered the artillery i)|rficers' achary training Taylor. school So I'.ir as niiiirns ba^|e come In New Year «-eleliration i^i :UI N.-ilional he World at Camp lie bi^' cities this year was the ((riest and deceniest the cottut,r> 1 as seen for many u Ions year. At ansas City not one xjrresi was ROCK CREEK (.\va .Morrow Jan. .">.—.Mrs. iierman Halzer cii- teriaiiied the niemliers of the H. C. S. JI. cinb Wednesday. The diiy was spent socially, and piecini: quilt blocks for > the hostess. Roll call responses were '•.\ew Yetir Resolutions."' Those present were: airs. Oscar Wilio.\en. -Mrs. .1. A. Wagner. .Mrs. .Moffit,. Mi^. K. O. Rixler. .Mrs. Homer Dreher, iMr.s. J. l\ Copening, ftlrs. Cclia Hamil-)" ton and daughter .Ma.\!ne. Mis. W. h. Hai-nion, .Miss Violet Harmon. .Mrs. Anna Ori/.zle and daiigh- ler Oeraldine, Mrs. Neva Sallenger. Mr.s. M.nrvel Oillespio i-nd Mrs. Ava [Morrow. It was not fully decided who would ,he the nc.M bosl- Uonahiie have <;. <:. Sbafer any i:ide. not even at .ins ~ "chlckeu here the wildest parti| dally staged. Ncjther ; ny arn -^ts tit fhicago ill New York the celeb i |ulel; and orderly. |'riie I Sunday came in :it midii feS4! Iiad HOmethillK to <iH i^n 'l it ptohiible thaii a<!tor tvas the knowlei lafi'-oi the revelers Iha Ulni .Irlnk these days dif i V,'. I.I llieir lives? ess. -Mr. and Mr.=. H. A. been visiting: in the home. .Mr. and .Mrs. Harold Crizzle and datighter CeraliVine sp'Mit t.'hrisi- -Mr. and Mr.*. .1. ¥ Hiiniboldr. farms"! -^''"•kley and .Mr. and Mis. ' IVarce spent riirislnias with .Mr. and Mrs; .Moffit. • Mr. and .Mrs. ,1. .V. Sieinul Tin: WIIV OK VlllMK. To the Kditor: .' The Register of .laiiil.ary :!d. caV- rie<' a syndicated article iiuotiii^ a criiniiidl. court p.'-ychiairisi who claims iliat ilie mujority of lines are^ommlitcd hy i ^,,<.,„ni men -het^^pcn adole.. encc and ! ,^ twemy-five _ wno have ^•r.i.glu i ,„,Llu ..eai does not dij.e. nose..:, crooked eve hvows ana I a.4 I~11IC mas Kvitli jij; the out - Izle. ne;,r dinnijr S are us' -re there I lid even lit inn WHS fact that gilt dolibt- ^lo with it. till, main g|. on I lie the folks t<ii at III , , i, . • . ,i.a:«iei, %riiiii. «v>i by shooting Its way in. ]„„. „,.,,„„, ,j„„^ 511 war The tljird. ,lliitig to reiiicmher is j T that wiien-ihe lat,est civil warj hlok.. out* Kiiited Slates .Marines,} _ tieiit tliere to preserve lln- livtrs of . .Atm-iicjHi 'i and :<ilber lor.'igiii.r:?. took III) j.ari against either side. Piflitinii cuiilinued iiniil: Presidonl foolidce £i .)it Henrj- 1.. Stimiifion down to see .if jtoace could not be arranged. Stimpson Rot the leaders, of the two fuclions logether and p.ot Iheui l.o UKre.- lo lay down ilieir .inns witii ilie iiud.-rstanding t,hat the I'liiteil Slates forces would leniain in the country to i-nforce - peace' and to siipervif:e the elections that are to he. held lite com- _iiig suiiiiner. The .Marines are thei-e now. therefore, tipim request' of Ixiih sides, the leaders of which .have agreed that lli.>y will abide = hy the results of Ilie coming election as it shall he sitperviseil liy - rnited Stales" authorities. " -.The fourth ihiiig to reinember; is that ;"<;enerai" Sandino. who Is now making all the trouble, has 1'alking ifbont new iHliigH and old. a speaker at Ft. f^coll lately Is 'luoted as follows: "Jii the seliool lH):lrd of Lancaster. Ohio, Vs'as askedl to be lo allow hised for a debate on whether rail oads were praciiealile. The an.swei was: You are welcome tol . he school room lo ilebale lall'pr( per questions in. but such thin ;s as railroads and l.-'li'graph ai' bililies and rank infidel is. nothing in the Worjl about them, that His intelligent should travel at the! frightful speed of l!> ralle.<< an hoii • by steam. He would have" foretold It through Ills holy prophets. It is a device of Salun to le:ul immortal s.ouls down to hell." ' inipossl- ly. There of cod Jf (iod ba|l designed creatures . no revolutionary deiuntnced by ilie sides of the late <'oniinon bandit "nSoiiie years ago standing hut is leaders of both civil war, as 'a and murderer. Sandino coinmli- ted It murder and was obliged lo flee the coitnliy. II"- went lo Ale.x- Ico wliere he JoiiK -ij raHiho Villll. iitlil .iN believed lo have bepn \vith that jiand .ii when he. made his mid. Into Ainerii'an lerrKory. Returning to Nicaragua \\Uon '• irhuble .liroke out tliere he Joined fli'iieral Mimcado and foiighl Aviili hiip until flf Sti^nson agreenlent "was reach- eii. He r<tfused to| liiy_ down blM .inns, but gathered about, hlin a hand of "bad men" and began to make war. not on tlie tovernitneni forces but) upon lli<; helpless : people in a remote seclioti 6t\ the cotinlry.— a war of loot and rapine and murder. : He himself characterizes his ni«i as "tJie wild beasts •Secretary .lardine: I is <he time for farm farms, and if they alrj them, to hold farms. Jias been in despair for of years, but has hegu i out of it. It i I'ontiniie to improve years. Conseqtienlly il Iioi'inne moment for far s'.eciilatoi's. to Pnvesi in est ll.'. think this rs to buy •ady own ^Agriculture a UMniber to come iinprovin|;. and will coming set inar- imiierl- IJndberKh "\|'lieti are yoil going I ricd," asked u jsojilewli Inani NIcarugitiin of while he wasial .Munariua. Tbi reply was a smile and the remark: "I hardly believe that refers to avlatlot^." Sniuil, that l»|)y: We s men ai| •e by the news jditure^ that ditg" hats If they |se In the still wearing 111 Wusjiilngioti. Wondi Itreido^dC II anywhere i world 7 "I.oa| ot the imountalns" is an iners. T. not comb their hair neatly. .Now, I may aii|>"'ar presumpiu- oiis in takiii.g up tho liludgeun against sucli noted aiithi-riiy. hut J have given con...iilerahI"e alleli- lioii to psydiopliysics and allied* subjects and w'ill venture tiie as- j •'.•rtion iiiat more of these crimes, are due to wroiip enviroiiiiicnt, j nient.iH suggestion- and 111" urgent (Iri/.- i ''<'f.''e • for lioioriety than Ui I l.-iraiglit or crooked h.-aks or tliej I iise of slaycomi). , I . .V--' tills aiilhorily tri--- to say;) • during life ailole'>.cent period wiiicli yiiii; exteiirls from |iuli<rt> to tlie in- family spiini .New Year's with .Mr. defitiire early iwenlie., the .vimilg and Mrs. ,1. .1. JCeefe. li|aii is in the .-lage most siisi .pt- .Mr. and .Mrs.- Kloyd Higofiiijinth- "I'le oiit'^ide infllieni e, tile am and Mr and .\rrs. .Mall .Moi row | amenability to sugg.-.stloii lieglti- i ailed on .Mr. aiid .Mrs. Clcnir Dick-; iiliig lo <liill as lull in:mirity I." ersoil, Monilay evening. | reaihed. .Mrij. Wulti-r I.ealie of I'iiisliiirg, Tlie Dalton broiIters were second .Vew .Mexico.was <'allliig on friends cotifiiis of Kraiik and .le.tse ./ariici and ri'lalives In this iieiclthorhood I Tlnfcdav. .Mrs. I.ealte Is :> l.tadii" | Iheir tirolher-ln-Ia w, Mr. K. if. Sal in the I'itlshiirg school'*, anil speni | lengcr, j lor vacation here. ' -Mr. "."ind Mrs. .lohn SelbeV and .Miss .N'hia Ilalzer i retiirneil jo j d.-iughters. lone and ,leaii. returned I.lheral. KailH., Silild.iv after spendr ing the h'dldfiys with her pap-iils, where she Will restiine her schofd duties. Ml. and Mrs. W; K. Vaiifatnp were Sunday dinner guests in the Homer Hreher home. -Mr.'-;, .lames. Powell of Slerliiifj, Kans., who was called here by the illnesxand death of her father. Mi. Wilsoii. spent Tuesday and AVed- nesday with Mrs. .Mary .Smith. Mr. and iUrs. Wm. Mai'i.-jarz of Prati. Kaiis.. spent the holidays with Mr. and Mis. E. Q. Bixler. Mrs. .\'(|lsou Huston of Colony spent i Weifuesday with her mother, Mrs. E. B.' Arnold. 1 Mrs. Myrtle Shadle and .Mis,? Nannie KsieM of Oklahoma Citij' came up to attend "the fnueral ofj to I heir honor in Shidler. Ol^la., after spending jlie last Iw'o weeks in the Karl Satb-nger home. ' .Mr. .V. .1. Caldwell and son Hii- lierl of Moraii spent Thursday at the Mull -Morrow iiomi>. Mrs. IS. Liiwuiun Wfiil lo western Kaiii .'ts to visil iier tlaiichti-r. liel ma and family. .Mrs. Ralph .^liali-r ami childr.iii vislte.,1 a lew days last week witii her sister. Mrs. Ciias. Ituri' an.I fani'l.v liorlh of .Moran. Mr' ail. I Mt>. Kloy.l lli.ocinli .ith- am aiiit .Mr. and Mrs. Clenii UiclnT-. son ittend.-d ihe funeral of iheit' (;raii|tinother .-JLilanii Tiie.'--ii:i\. .Mr. an.l \lri<. Cuy .'''inith an. I chililreii of lola have moved on th.^ Fitz)iatriek farm soutli of Rock (.'reek school. (ajid Were j small l;ids when that pair were'jin the zenith nf their jiopularityj but a.-: they grew- up I t!ie meniory of the adnlation the ! press hail'lieape'd on the' .lames hroiliers for theii- "iroa ijerve, etc. I i.otlierwiHei reckless bravado) lutd Ijuncli -ioiijo Willi the hirt^i of an i urge tty (•nnihlte their 'ileeds of daring;" r | now}i in;Louisiana there wasjre- cpntly a; three-cornered lease I in wh'ich'the perpetrators j :|idinijted hrutal' I ''-"'^ eopied the Snyiler *'a»e "• given- in the papers e.xcept an to improve ou it hv dis- Fear punisluiieai does nol d^ter tiiem. it heiitf; very much like the j-ore of tlie hoys apple. .V few (lays al'ter the Hickman case took the spof-liglif, one Robert .McCIellan. like Hickihan a paroled i 'cinvict. iniiled off a coi>y of tliat atrocity exce|>t he did not kill liiij \ictim. the $1..".0U jiot being in evi.leiice to sustain^liis dutch coiiragjr. And there are Other ex- aipples ad infinitum. I JFakiug the Hickman 'cast» as tyiiical-, tlie .•\?sociated Ifress re- iMirters gii*her their inrorniation ;uid tli'eii, in their zeal uJ make a ..•i-iisa'ionfil spread, tiiey proceed !o hang garlands about hii' siiould- ers anil jli'aw a large iiidesceiit halo a^otjnd Iris noble hr.iw. seemingly forjtetfttl of the fail 1 hat besides >h'> respon.'cUiiiily to their ! einployerH tliere is iitiotiier 'they 'owe la tlieir fellow n)aii:;for aft- I i-r all. inia way Wj' are luir Iiroiii- ers ki'i'per. In the press il.spatihes. Hickni.'iu is I'alled the "jFox" and lil.s ctm- niug aiid clevelness in duiwitiing the ofli<-<!rs is played'up strongly. Hickman;l» nol clever or ciiiuiintf: bo's a Jdiinderlngfool. If he were not lie^woilld not cominit a crime. Would ajclever person deliver the body oT iiifi victim wrapped in an 'initialtfd linth towel aiid'tlivn return |aiid await the arrival of Ibe officers? ! Kumquais'! A si]}- line tiispaicb in an oliseiire corner iiiills of the jUrposIug of theso offlceis for their imbecility. Wa.-* Ihi.c-'arlicle liidden lesl-itdim tlie bright colors,of th«-» aforesaid halo'? !S<irry I am moved to wield tile hammer against aa i>therwise exceyejiiiorifnnizaEion. "bill if that be irruson. then make thi^ mos4 of il." '•: CONNY CLAST. —Wonted to Buy: colored rag'i at the Clean ligUI Register. farm re Fugit IH to (jull departnjent," reporiM I ho TIme.s. ougiit police the police h Dorado A man with .tWnt name ever fo have gonje\ on the ijorce. Ten graduates of the (!!oilege of E:mpori4 are'senrin^ as mlssion- -TfME- .GARBAGH. •FOR ? foR GUM . pA -s -s : \< AROOMO. P L AIKI ''APIE COM \MGr SACK IM •ET R LE.AMO ID LIKE pLAiM eer FOR .A CHAM&W I CLAIMS ALLOWED iBjr the lioaril of county conimis- Hioui^rs at .the January. J92S liieei- ing. ; ; ' Bd J. Ditnfee, salary and ex- pens*. .-.-5147.66 NoftZKer. satne ; '290.00 U. D. ;Sniock. .same W. l\ Clark, same ? ISO.."?!) OladvH F. .Marmout. same.- 12U.iiS \V. S". Lytle. same — -IS.Ml G. A. Ste'ivart. same _ 77.0U Zella .M; Freeman; same 136.78 C. H. Stephens, same 133.1:5 Doilie V. Adams, same 145.3:5 F. Iv. \yilson. same i— .272.16 J. Q. Roberts, salftry and ililleage —-, 66.9.5 Wiii; A. Hess, same - — 62.10 K..!li. parnhart. same i 59.90 L. Daggett, .^alary and jail board 233.79 D. <'. Shulliee, Kaiar>- and : 272.S0 Ralph Moisinger. same 12S.S5 Paul Mclntyre. salary ll.'i.OO Chas. H. Ashford. .=ame 12.'>.00 Esielle H. Fnnston. same 120:00 .Mnrvelle: C'tirk. some 100.00 Kenneth H. Foust. .same 13.'i.40 Travis Morse, same .133.:I3 Porotbii .M. Freeman, same. "5.00 Mary Webster, same 50.00 K.'^iher Kra'lz, same r.0.00 Ruth Green, clerical work-- 75.00 .Minnie .Morse, same . r .il.OO l.nilu Adams, same . 41.BB .liihii R. Percy, salarv ... I'M" Roy Oihle, labor '..l .. - 4tt.llO Ros4> M. .loy. sam.' 31.00 Vi Ima Uromagem, :.a|ne . H .'tH Percy KlliH. same 3.r.ii .f. H. Kamlieth. sa ... 12 r .ii I), r. H;iuser. same .107.00 l.m X«iftzger. pay loll . 171..SI .Noflzger. saiiil. , .. 6r (i;.70 I.,«'e .Nofjzger. sauie' .. S.'il.iJl 1,".^' .S'lifiZK* r. same 2!i7.iMJ Lee .Noflzger. j-mirgency fund, exjieiise 211.70 Lee Noflzger. nauw . I3.l6 Lee Nofi'/ger, atime . ll.t;7 Ha.-i'kins & Sons. esiimaLo -No. 1 L-.: 14«.*{.57 D. ('. Kills, e.vtlmate .\o. .'{ and- final ^. 271.30 M. C. Kllis. estimate No. 1.. 21.S.02 A. r,. Cook, esliinale No. !t-.2.'{66.4S il. R. .-Xiiiniermau. estimate i .No: fi -_4S<>S.32 Ole. Olson, wit. case of Chas. ' Butler . 1.00 Ira Ander.son. same l.oO D. F. .Miller, same l.ttO A. E. Marri.son. wit; case of I .Ie«.«e Romero Chei'ez 1.00 I Wm. Triflet. same l.OO .1. I'. Fredrickson. sani,e ... 1-00 Chevez, same l.uO .Agnes Creenwood. wit. case of Floyd Price .. l.'iO Wm. Callis. .Kanre . . l.oi) II. B. Blaiie. saqie l.'iO R. O. Christian, examination fee. case'of Fordflrover. "..oo O. L. Carlinghouse. same . r..rtO .•\. R.-Knfielil. counsel's fee. case o/ Ford fJrover .... :"..00 C. H. Stephens, wit. case of Ford <;r.>ver . I.OO Klla .M. Crover. same l.uO lieonard Daggett, same. . - l."0 C. L.,Whitaker. J. P.. State vs. Ray Liueback .'..^0 F. O. Smith. (*ous.. State v.s. Ray J.,!nebark 1.75 Kenneth IT, Foust, fee. State V:-. Horsey Fostor'ei al - . • 7-'..00 C. I.. Whitaker, .t. P.. State vs. Dorsey Foster el al . 7.50 F-O. Smith. Cons .State vs. Dorsey Fo.= ter et al .. ! J. .M. Lamer; drawinf; jury . C. L. Whitaker. bame A. .M. Sanderson. vi-olf scalps .. • . .•\. W. .Meyi rs. same . .Allen County Farm Hiireau Deccnilier apiiroprlatlon Kritpp Coal ,liiiik Co.. coal - .' Woillhweslerii It. II 'led!. Co., phone service .. . .1. .Merchant, attenting clo\ -:- LMe! W. Fuller, stove . jj. \V. Ha 111 111, calf for farm. Ilarold Smith, cleaning ^'mimeogruph ,KHIK .Motor Co.. used auto Crane &- Co. sitpplie-i. r V(SiaI Chemical Co. same White Ragle Oil Co , same. . ^Vhile Piigle Oil Co., same Shannon Hdw. Co.. same.., I.esh Oil Co.. swine Mi-'souri-Kansas Cliemleal i Corp.. sain»'. Cook Drug Store, same...... Andrew AVilson. same L .. 'riie Rvans Store, same.. iJlliott Fi.=her. same S^ion Inslitiitinns & Indiis: dn^iries. same.. . 2.50 ftaml Dod'sworth Stationery Co.. .same Archie . Wood. same. mxm Mormon Temple iThe beautiful baptismalMont In the magnificent new $1,000,000 stemple of the^Latter Day^Saints in Mesa. Ariz., supported by twelve. iiie-siz^ stone bulls. Is pictured.above. The cUurcli, also called the. SUorrn'on church, closed tie great temple receiitly after a fouf'^lay ^dedication, and it will remain closed to all but aersons ot high rank! •in the church. Two Qi the bulls which etjcircje Uie loiit. are.showa ? • • ; f Jbelbsr." 12.70 :!.oo 2.00 2.00 2.00 1.00 :!:?3.:<:{ :!4(;.ft5 101,02 2.';.nff 3.50 123.00 2.00 .'.r.ii.oo 20.27 i :!.7 .5 lO.IW 20.00 .73 2.00 r.7 SI 13.00 43.60 2.95 360 F. ?. Beattie. Sec'>'/ Fair ai)-i proi>riation..lsT half.... . ..IIIIHI.DII Logan Twp.. relocation of riiad - — - lola Laundry, iaundry for jail ... \ J Dalton Adding .Mdi. Co.. re^ pair.s -. -. .- - .-.' lolA- Planing .Mill, saau- , Olhurdiug Bros., sanip . . . 'r lol.ii Auto AVm'kiiig C.i..' .-•jinie . McCarthy Mouir Co.. sajne. Dalfon Adding .M.h. C0..4 .sii^ne . ' .M'^:;irthy .Motni- Co.. .sanie ' .lo.sjlidi Clielia.-ke. mileage ' A. ti .Malouiv. paiiper mdse. .McJJOnalil-Ransoni. same . _. Spo>;('a.'-ll .slijie Store, same- .1. 1^; Kirepp. Same . C. Siiiciai.i'. Slime . ' t;. .M.' Reynolds, same .. . I'^itl Klein, pauper rent", ias.-;i.gnedi _ 5.00 Dr. (!. W. Longnecker. pau- p.-r practice 1. 15.00 Dr. O. C. I'ayiio. same 1."V.00 T.'P. Wade, pauper "care..I In.fjO (Uell :Memorial Hospital'. ^ ."5.00 1 .same - U-i--- 77,! HI 1".J^^0/K. 11. Banlelt. pauper ccal. 7.75 h..">f !1Vi!sc>n Son. .<-ame '.'Vt \ .State Sanatoi-iiini lor T. B. :'..15 ; pauper care .- .'.:-i Jtl.OO S.:'.:? • Ciiy of lola. pauper gas 4nd |i electricuy - 1244 1.25 M. c. Skiiiiiei'. pauper Iiaul- l.y2 ing 10.60 1."..20 ::i."iii.: .hrotal _.$2l .4, '16.27 15.42; State oj' K;iiis:i.<. County of. Alls 75 Ion. ss. • • 21.00 I. \v. D Clark. County Clerk, in 10.00 and lor .said countv do hereby cer- 14. ;r Sciinit^ Oroc same ' 1-:. >; Cook, same — • J. l'I;Reinington. same . , lola; Jililling ("o,. same .1. Fryer, same . Fdxyin Kelly, sante . A. W; .Anderson, same _ . '- C.f.i. Harris. s;ime ' .'. . Ricrtird-iou's same'lor farm L. i|.-'Foster, saini" . Cha*. ;0.->ger. same C. It fs'mlili. same Itoltjin (.'ro.. same KeiiS Jlreeii. same Ralston Store. s;inie li C. F> Overgard. sapu' M. 1^ ^IcKlnney. s.inii' • A. R; Clinkinlieard. saiu.' . Willc.v: Cro.. sam.' : M. *S M.'liroi'cr.v. same . F. .\' Fryer, same E., .1.^ Wriglit. sam.' .. . - DeliiAdains. sam.- . F. l-J ;Sniith. .'^^aiii.' .1. (;.* ililtelhach.' sam.- lor l'ai |i5 Keiiirt^li H. FoH.vl. jiaiip .M' reiiti .. J. O.yf lioinp on. .^ani.' ?.lar\* il>a.=ater. s'ame . r Chai?:R. Hraden. same I4.;t7 I tiiy ihe aliovt' and foregoing to it 10.110 1 a irn.' and correct statement of an I.'10 , ciaini.s allowed In tht? amouiUs a.nd_ 4.Oil • |()|- ijiv piii'lMises as above .specified, 1.00 . by the Bo'.ird 'i>f County Cninmis-,- fi7.!)fi j ...joners al tilie .Liniiarv. 192S'ineet- ing. j • ' :2!t,45 I Witness tiiv liand and seal thl* 17l!tOi7,|, ,iav of .iaimarv. Hi'iS, '••'•Mr. •• tSI-.'Al.l , 5S.tia; WD. CLARK. "10.00' Coiinlv cl. rk. Allen County. H.OO|Kaiw:i' • 7..';o ^ I4 .IMI .:. ' .'It. 'IS •> lO.IIlt •:• :: 2 !t •:• HlOli <• , .':7-..5"o • 10.00 so.Oil *l.s nil 'Il 00 •:• •:• •:• • •:• •:• •:• •:• •> •:« « « 101 .\ I»An.V AB.STKAf!T • iHsited from office ijif lola • Ahfitrai'l Company <• <• <• • <• (Manuary 7. 1 !)2.S> W. 'D Cl.irk. Conniy Clerk, to VoojRo.y T. Kaufman. Loi M. Block 12. iBrrtoklyn Park Addition to City of 5S. 11; lola., . / • . 4.00 j Tiie town coiiiieil of Weymouth, 7;iiu 1 Knglaiid has decided 10 disband tfae. 7.0I>' niiinicipal orchestra because It 5.00 .'could iioi play Jazz. 25.23 11'.00 Disinfeeiiiig Co., .same 120.00 llttmlHildt rnioii. same .A. R. Sleeper, .same Standard Oil Co.. same lol.-i Daily Regi.'iter. same... Olherding Bros., same Clui^-. F. Smith, same. .f. D. .Adams & Co., same... Heullunan Oil Co.. .same..-. Bollinger Service Sta.. same Standard Oil Co., same MeCarthy Motor Co., same.. Archie Wtiod. same C. C. Mc-Carty & Son, saine. Shannon Hd'w. Co.. same.- Ralph Knsmlnger. same. -. Foster .Meyers, same.-...- Slandard Oil Co. same Archie Wood. sana> « Capital Iron Works, snme-- Soiith-Street Auto Parf.s Co. .same .. Shannon Hdw. Co.. same . J. H. Oiiliorn Lbr. Co.. .same Archie Wood, same Huiiiboldi Auto Supply- Co.. same I Peerless Oil Co.. same .... I»eerles» Oil Co.. saiile , . . AV. .1. Runihel IJjr. f'o..' ma-. terial . - - 137.0S Martin Tractor f;o.. sabie 10!i.75 .1. D. Aiiains Co.. bladtis ... 103..'ia Shannon Hdw. Co.. asphalt. 2S.83 The Texas Co.. same S. K. Wil.son. use of mowing machine I'niteil Iron Works, blue prints •Ray .Morris, damages K. E. Allis. rock —A. E. .Dewey, gravel ...... C. C. Magee, s«me '. lola .Milling Co.. supplies for counfy farm ;—.~. City of lola. gas, water and electricity •-' ;Ed J. probatloij officer teea —'——-— S. C--8rown, Judge, pro tem iIii .Oi) 145.35 3.66 72.45 6.00 4.15 • 13.20 13.30 lO.Oe 37;49 3.;.8 30.00 2.15 •:i .5o 71.01 43.7i» 11.97 i;.36 .30 .5.30 17.5.13 16.»6 3.0.S 3.34 29.67 26.60 1 .5 .00 10.00 15.00 ; 8.32 31.13 46S:i8 31.00 i 142.24 2L00 24.54 Keport 01' tiie ('onditfon of the \i First National Bank of Iwla fi . .At ihe.clii.^e c. buV.inr-s.s,, on Deceiiib.r ::l, ltlL'7. .'11'. ;.-curi' eircu- .-I50.000 .0U . 1.150.tiO hu'-.inr-s.s, on Decemb RF.SOl,'RCKS LoanS-.and disciuinls. including redi.-^couni.s. ^ Over.fftifts. unsecured « r. H.;\;;overiiiiie!il Securities depo.-.ited to ': .I^Lion (C. .S. Inuids par v:i!uel ... -Adj other I'. S. (JoVernniei^ .securities . Otben Jioiids. stocks, secnriiiesj et... owned . ... .--^ Furnanre and Fixtures -* Real'••^itate owneil other than shanking iioiise Lawful reserve with F'ederal Reserve Bank .. Casli*lji vault and amoiini duD fr'«ni national banks _ .Anioi(i|is line from State bank.s. b:!nker.s ami trust compauics iij.llie liiited States (othej- than included in Items S 9-;jnd nil . J.; .: .... Checks on other banks in ihe;sanie city or lowii as repo.rt- - i^g hank ..... .. — - - Miscejianeous cash items . .*.. : -' Redeiiiption fund with V. S. Treasurer and due from .1'. S. •feasurer . . • . .. . . Oilier"'assets if any .. - - - - - $289;404.05 i 365.35 .51.150.00 43,908:-21 500:00 20,921J54 35,195.68 36.253.45 50,ooo;oo 2o,ooo!oo 980 12 49.200 00 130 12 45.711 91 70 00 2s:oo 7,000.00 3 .550.16 •l,562J }9 2/,02.50 m.m i' ' . T^Oial ". , : .'$492,843.03 , i LfAI!lLITIKS Capiti *r slock paiii In . . .. : Siit-plits fitnil ..... . ^ I'ndivljJed p^olits ... . Circufaiing note.s ontstandiiig ,- ..J .Anioiii^t dot to;nati(inal banks i ' . . . 1 AniouSp due Ki StaU- bank-. b:iiik"is and trust companies in tl|<» United Stales .... •. ... Ceriilf^d checks iJiitsMindlng . - -. .. Cashlet's clitcks oiitsiandiug Indlvift'iial deposits subject to irlieck . CeillfRjali'S oi' deposit due in less than .'JO days (oilier tlian USr money borrow.-d) .. - • . — . . : State.fcoiiniy or other niiiniciiyl depositw secureil ijy pledge ol^iisstts of Ibis bank or surety bond ..— Other^jlemand deposits . :. .1... . . ... Savings d<;posits fincliidiiig tiiiie ecrrlflcute.=» of dcjiosit other Ih -Ju for money borrowed 1 :.; .... . Pdstal'.isavings .deiiosils .. ! .Notes and bills rediscoiinteii .^-- L- Llabil(«ies other than those aliove stated i ._...". T *ital ... . —.|492 ^W8 .93 STATE OF KAXS.AS. COrNTY .OF ALLE-Y. SS. j l.'JIoraec L. Miller, Cashief of the above-named;.bank, do solemnly .swear ihat the above statement-is true to the bestj ofmy knowledge aud helietji ? HORACK L. ^MILLER, Cijshler. i Subsftribed and sworn to before Correct—.Att^t: ine.tbfe 5th. day. of January. 192S. ' - A. R. SLEEPER, 1 /: JVUA ftlcCLURl:, f?. A. EBERLB, 33,469.23 25.617.4* i2,oe«.«e 103.80 (MJI Notary Public. eiEpires Aug. 20, 192$) U. HOYT, 'Olr^ctois. 1.-

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