Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 14, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 14, 1933
Page 5
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' iQLArJUNSAS THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. TUESDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) New York, Feb. 14. (AP)—The stock piarket received the isharpest •setback in weelts today, but the low, est priceis of the session were mostly reached tiefore noon, and there- hltei the list showed occasional inclinations to railj'. Many I leading j issues were off ^hout l to points I at the close, and the turnover og- '• gregatwi l ,550,opo shares. News of the Michigan banking; holiday, was at first unsettling, but "Wall Street later' decided tlje situa­ tion'wai being dealt witli courageously and effectively. Selling in shares tended to subside duirtng the afternoon, and closing prices were ! inostly - fractions to a point above j tlie^ lowest. 1 American Telephone and Allied ^ Chemical rallied about a point, aft -J CV' losing 3''s and 4'; respectively. An extreme loss of 4'i In Union Pacific was reduced by more; than a point. Delaware & Hudson^ slipped back 6 before meeting support. Automotive stock."? were .sold in some volume early,,both acnernl Motors and Chrj'sler getting down about 2 points, Lssues with losses aroiind 2 points in the final dealings i included New. ' York Central. Dupont, Southern Pacific, U. S. Steel, Public Service of N. J., North American, ( Westinghoaso and others. Tobaccos held up fairlypwell. and HomesLake Mining actually advanced : a few /bUSlN MET AN CM-D FPIEND WHO, WE. PPOM\9E:D HIM A B\G \i06. AL HAS OUST RETUPNE.D n?OH A LUNCHEON- ENGAGEMENT WITH H»M EVEOYTHWG-S COMIN- ALONG FiNEl rr'i-u TAKE A UTTLE TIME T-COME T'TEOMS AND T 'nNQ .OUT *JO';T WHAT THEV EypECT FOP THEIO ;MONEV Ar Always Has "art Out! By Cowan CLAIMS ALLOWED By the Board of County Commissioners at t'he February 1933 meeting: i William A. Hess, salary and i mileage . 1.. $137.00 Joe McKinley, same 106.10 H. V. Adams, same 93.20 John T. Tyler, same j.. 91.30 Bud Hurley, same 192.59 Bud Hurley, jaU board 95.40 Mary C. Rem.sfaergi salary and car rental 57.70 _ points.' . HiBh Low Close Melvin Fronk, salary 150.00 Cities Serv' .. 2' •• .2-'.i .2'^ Melvin JPronk, postage, ex­ SO of Ind .. 21 " 20-i 20"-i pense, vouchers cashed .... 77,10 Amn Can ... .. 57'.. 55--, 58'j Dr. A. R. Chambers, salary Amn T<feT . ..102 N 99':. lOO^'i and expense 64.00 Amn Tob B . .. .'54 53'; 53 S Ella M. McGinity, .same...... 137.93 Anaconda ... ., 7'i' Ii-'. 0"; Travis Morse, same 135.33 fAlchison . . 44 41'i 42 Prank W. Taylor, same...... 154.41 'Aubtirn .. 41>.; 38-;; 39-'i N. C. Kerr, same ;.. 171.71 _ Beth! Steel .. . . 14-; 13'4 13':. DoUio V. Adams, .same 173,15 Can Pac .. IO'L. 9-', 10'; Otl.s Lambeth, .same 112.20 • Cose J 1 .... .. 42\ 39 'i. 40 A. W. Young, same .;. 160.40 Chrysler .. 11-^ ic''; 11'.- Ralph Elarton, .salary 18333 Con Ga.s ... .. 5a-"s .50 51'. B. M. Gregory, salary Dep. Co. Con Oil ii 5' '•: 5 ".i Clerk 72.59 -Drug Inc .... .. 35 34 35 Marvelle Chehaske, .same 27.41 DuPorit .., 36'< 35 , 35'. Blanche Tice! salary Dep. Gen Elec ... .. 13'i • 12-''i 13', Clerk of Court i 3630 Qen Motor.s .. .. I3-'»: ii--; 12% Anna Marmont, same 13.70 Int Harv . .. 19-'. 17', 17-'; F. A. Wilson, .salary Dep. Co. Mont Ward .. .. l2-< 11'; II--; Treas 100.00 Packard .. 2% 2 2'; Minnie Morse, salary , 50.00 Penney J C .. .. 25'-i 24'.;; . 24': Lutie Adams, same 41.67 Phillips Petr . .. 5^ 5'>i 5'-: Hanna J. Wigner, salary Dep. _ Radio . . 4'i 4'; 4'.4 Register of Deeds 92.81 —Socony Vac .. .. 7', G -s 6-, 'Mrs. Flora E. Steel, same 18.75 Std Brands .. .. IS'-l. 14--'i 15 Mattie Rster, clerical work.. 50.00 SO of NJ .:.. .. 26-', 25 ••K 25-; Roberta Fronk. same ;.. 63.75 Union Pac ... .. 75'; 7P1 73 S Cha.s. Klaumann, same .. 50JBO • Tex Corn 13'; 121,. 26';, 12'{f 26'i Maud Vaughl, same 6 .60 U a steel .... 27-; 121,. 26';, 12'{f 26'i L. G. Smith, salary and ex| 6 .60 ..We.stineh E .. .. 27 25 'v! 25 "s pense . i.. 75.25 ..We.stineh E .. C. W. Nelson, salary 75.00 250.00 151.56 65.48 450 LOCAL PRODlTrE j Allen County Farm Bureau, Eggs, firsts lOc January appropriation Eggs, .seconds : 8clCiiy of lola. utilities ..... Egg^, thirds 6c j Soutlnvestem Bell Tel. Co.j Eggs, ungraded 8c j .phone service Hens, No. 1 8c I We.stern Union Tel. Co., clock Hens, No. 2 .-. 6c'; rental . .; rfo. 1 Springs. 1': Ib.s. up .. 6c ' J. M. Powell & Co., bond pre• NO; 2 Sprinps 4c i miums 50.00 iPapbns, over 9 lbs. 11c j P. J. McGannon. same 10.00 Capons, over 8 Ib.s : 9c ; V. C. Archer, same 12.50 Capons oi'er 7 lbs. 7c ! D. O. Giflord. same 25.00 • Capons, upder 7 lbs 6c i R- M. Cunningham, insurance ; Capons, under 6 Ib.'^ 5c | premiums . ..: 25.00 Vjlips :5cifola Daily Register, office . putterfat.: lb 14c j .supplies 398.30 Stags, lb. 4eiMoran Herald, same 49.00 Cocics 3c ; United Autographic Reg. Co., Oeese,lb. 3c! same . -Guineas, e ^eh .10c i Crane & Co.. .same White Ducks, lb. 4c ' Humboldt Union, same Colored Ducks, lb 3c i Gallup Map & Supply Co., Hides, per- lb Ic | .same Mixed Corn, bu 13c | C. J, Warner, .same Yellow Corn, bii : 14c • Tri-City Herald, same Wheat, bu. , 27c I Humboldt Union, advertising. knfir Corn We | Savonburg Record, same . .1.. j ! Burroughs Add. Mach. Co., Kansas City Troduce! 1 service contract Kansas Citv. Mo., Feb. 14. (AP)— | Martin Foundry, supplies 46.00 6.12 6.71 6.52 16.75 7.00 11.76 .50 Eggs 9V:c.'Other produce today; iin- clianged. Kansas City Hay. Kaiisas City. Mo„ Feb. 14 Nojiuy, receipts too light. lAP). Kansas City Grain. Kansas City. Fob. 14. (AP)— Y/heat 169 cars; No. 2 dark hard. Greene's Cash'Gro., same.... F. E. Bacbn. same J. H. Huff, same Jones Electric Co., same ..... Ralph Ensminger, sqme ..... A. H. Dtvls, same Tola Plumbing Co., .same Brown's Drug Store, same.,.. Fryer Bros. Gro., .same 19.40 42.80 1.27 8.00 .75 2.80 11.15 13,00 2.12 1.95 .46 Tola Laundry Co.. same .. 2.66 nom 42"J-51'J: No. 3, nom 42-50!.i: ! City Shoe Shop, same 1,10 No,-2 hard, 42-46: No. 3 42-44'-.: No. H. Stewart, .same .,., 1^20 2 red 40>-:; No. 3, nom 41-4X:ciose: Ed Morrl.s, same 50 May 40'-.- Jiily 4li;- Sept 42'-. ^ Junk te Coal Co., coal... 196,60 ' Ellis Motor Co., auto for sheriCorn: 33 cnr.s; down ':; No. 2 white 22; No. 3. nom 21-21'-:; No. 2 vellow 22; No, 3. nom 21'.-:-22; No. 2 -mixed 2r 'i; No. 3, nom 21-21»4. Close: May 22'i; July 23'4. . Oats: licar; iirjchanged; No. 2 white, non^ 18-19; No. 3, nom 17-18. Mlio maize, 49. -Kafir, nom 40-44. rtye. nom 34-35. Barley, pom 21'.4-24. K. C. Livestock Close. Cattle: Fed steers S 1 OM % steady to easier; light yearlingMAjmdy; cows steady to strong; veaia^O-$l lower. Sheep: Opening sales lambs fully steady. Closing dull and weak. Top fed lambs $5.55. Hogs unchanged. iff . ., I.. 627.85 Skeiiy Oil Co.. coupon books for .sheriff 30.00 H. C. Bishop, same 20.00 Sutherland Tire Shop, repairs on tires 1.75 Bert Doyle, appraisal dead i animal 30.00 i County Clerk, bounty bills— 17.20 j Ed J. Dunfee. fees and expense : trans, juv. prisoner E. C. Cannon, mileage and fees testing T. B. cattle Amanda Franklin, wit. State of Kas. vs. Jack Slavens... F. H. Franklin, same D. F. Haibert. same ..... J. S. Lehman, same Kansa-s Citv Livestock. _Kansas City, Mo., Feb: 14. (AP)— (U. S. Dept. Agii.)—Hogs 3,000; no -directs. Slow, uneven, steady to 10c lower than Monday's average; Prac-, . _ ,,, tical top $3.45 on choice 190-220 lbs.!**«- ^hos. Pranklm, same. Good and choicp 140-350 lbs. $2.85 ft -p^^"-''- ^- WUliams, same 3.45. Packing sows 275-.550 lbs. $2.20! °- Lambeth, juror lun. 21.55 27.45^ 5.50 5.50 550 2;50 O. C. Payne, same 4.00 A. L. Rinehart. same Martin Roos, .same M. Weston, .same .. J. S. Lehman, costs same D. F. Haibert, same, constable Dr. O. C, Payne, same I. 4.00 2.50 5.50 650 8.25 .75 .75 .75 fi2.65. 8t(k:k pigs good and choice, 70-130 Ibsi S2.50f/3.00. Cattle: 5,000: calves 400. Killing classes opening slow, fully steady. Vealers tending lower. Stockers and feeders scarce, steady. Top 1120 lb. fed steers ^6.00. Steers, good J choice 550-1500. lbs. $4.00fI6,75, Heifers, 550-900 lbs. $4.00ir/5,75. Cows. good. $2.50'3'2.75; Vealers (mUk fed) medium to choice S3.00Ti6.50. Stocker and feeder steers, good and choice, ~$4.00@5,75: Sheep. ID.OOO. Killing classes fully . steady. Early top fed lambs $5.55. Some held higher. Lamijs good and choice 90 lbs. down $5.00f/5.65 and ewes, 90-150 lb; %l.50m.G0. THE J. F. GRENNAN PilODUCECO. C. O. COGHILL, Manager POULTRY AND EGGS Egg Cases and Supplie-s -Old and Reliable—Established 1911 Comer Monroe and Elin (Just West of the Water tower) J, W, Gish 5.00 W, W. Perham. same 2.00 D, A. McDonald, same ;. 2.00 John Reuther, .same ; 1. 2.00 Frank McCarthy, same, witj.. 1.00 Dan J. Fry, same 1 . 1.00 Dr. J. T. Reid. samci.. ':. 1.00 W. A. Wheeler, same , • . 1.00 Dr. J. T. Reid. exam fee same [• A. R. Enfield, counsel fee same case i. ID. A. McDonald, juror lunacy inquest P. V. Crouch 1. M. A. Schllck, same T. A. Edgerton. same Dr. A. R. Chambers, same.. Mrs. C. R. Michaels, witness same Dr. J. T. Reid, same I Dr. J. T. Reid, examiner 's fee same case —. — I. F. J. Oyler. counsel 's f ee,.. L. ' Hugo T. Wedell. attorney fee, 100.00 E. W. Arnold, witness Juvenile court vfi. West L. Linard... ; Mrs. E. W. Arnold, same W. D. Clark, witness fee. atfi mileage Stat« Highway Dep. vs. M-K-T Railroad ....I. C. A. Dickinson, same '.. J. H. Henderson, same IflJW J. Fred Schmidt, same 1950 Clyde ThompsoQ, same .... 1, 19.50 5.00 5.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 7.00 1.00 1.00 5.00 ,10.00 1.00 1.00 1950 I ISM CLAIMS ALLOWED Dr. Ira F. Kerwood, coroner's fee for inquest In death of John E, RusseU 6.75 Dr. A. R. Chambers, coroner's fee for inquest in death of W. R. Brister ..... 3.25 Wm. A. Hicks, salary ....... 125.00 Thclma Peck, work at county farm 20.00 Marjorle Peck, same ........ 10.00 2.99 2.89 8.55 6.85 13.63 16.95 27.04 23.70 35.g6 15.97 14.23 11.07 .60 2.20 83.40 3.58 35.00 4.87 20.00 3.00 3.40 C. E. Richards, sanie .' 9.00 K. C. Plumbing & Elec. Co., supplies to Co. Farm ; Shannon <fc Shannon, same .. H. T. Upshaw, same Hess Drug Co., same Perhakn Clothing Co., same.. VanHbozer's Bakery, .same... Qreerie's Cash Gro., same Bert's Cash Feed & Pro., same Mont McKlnney Grp., same.. Stephenson Oil Co., same .... Standard Oil Co., same — J. C. t?enney Co., same:...... loia Shoe Hospital, same City dhoe Shop, same.. Bell J^emorial Hospital, care crippled fchildren Quinton-Defferas Opt. Co., same . .. — C. B. Francisco. M. D.. same.. lola Daily Register, pub. for Co. Health Officer . Mary Banks, judgment ..... iola Cemetery Board, pauper graVes . 16.00 Waugh Funeral Home, pauper burials 120.00 M. C. Skinner, pauper hauling 21.00 L. Averel, same 19.50 City of Humboldt, pauper gas 2.65 City o^ lola, same ..... 103.97 F. J. Horton Oil & Gas Co.. same . G. & ;0. Gas Co.. same Brownie's Feed Store, pauper fuel. : 6.00 E. Beckes, same 109.00 Osborne Lbr. & Coal Co., same 3.33 Guy M. Tredway. same 12.75 E. H. Bartlett, same :... 12.50 Cox Grain Co., same ... Hensley & Brosius, same .... LaHarpe .Farmer's Union, same- . Dr. Paj-ne's Emerg. Hospital. pauper care 27.25 St. John's Hospital, same— Bell Memorial Haspital. same State Sanitarium for Tuberculosis, same 93.00 Tola Council No. 73, S. B. A., .samp Dr. A. B. Twadell, same Dr. Ira F. Kerwood, same Dr; J. F. Heath, same 15.75 Dr. H. M. Webb, ,same 24.00 Dr. F. Lenski. same 20.75 Dr. H. B. Parker, same 25.00 Dr. R. O. Christian, same 38.75 Dr. A. R. Chambers, same.... 103.00 Dr. O. L., same Dr. D. D. Deneen, same Dr. F. L. B. Leavell, same— Dr. L. W. Simmons, same— Dr. W. H. Porter, same. Dr. P. E. Waugh, same Dr. John L, Parkhurst, same. Mrs. Jane Valentine, .same, nurse hire 50.00 Mrs, Effle Jenkins, same .... • 25.00 Mrs. Delia Brown, same ..... 30.00 Mrs, Tevericia Chavis, same., 5,00 aeorg;c LeValley, same 20.00 Miss Margaret Canatsey, blind care 10.00 C. W, Hume, pauper rent 3,0ffj Redfield & Lclmonstoll Agts., same Mrs, Jennie Gcshorn, .same,, D. O; Gifford, .same Mary Crowdbr, .same A. R, Enfield, samf., Ruth Fisher, samq .; 2.40 7.25 6.07 44.50 87.40 32.39 1.25 20.00 17.37 1.00 68.'' 3.00 2.00 2.00 -2.00 same. W. E. Van Camp. | S. A. Ellis, same Mrs, Kate Schell. same 3.00 3.50 6.00 3.00 6.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 6.00 J. A. Boyer. same i 5.00 P. E. Sinclair, sanie 3.00 Lois Aylhig, same 3.00 WUlard Doolittle, same 3.00 J. M. Jones, same 4.00 Mrs. O. W. Masden, same.... 3.00 G. W. Burnett, same 3.00 Rosa McKinney, same 6.00 E. M. Weatherman, same .... 3.00 J. O. Thompson, same 7.00 J. C^Jhomas. same 3.00 Mrs. E. J. Bryant, same 8.00 W. A. Wheeler, same 3.00 Mrs. A. G. Paugh, same 3.00 Mrs. Dolly Brown, same 3.00 Mrs. Edward Russell, same.. 3.00 Ella R. Best, same Kenneth Poust. same Mrs. M. M. Carroll, same J. F. Plnley, same ,.. U. K." Epperson, same EUa M. Whitaker, same J. T. Tredway, same C. S. Forney, same .. Mrs. Cora Payne, same Brown's Qrug Store, pauper merchfindise, Hess Drug Store, same Cooks Drug Store, same Scarborough Bros., same Danforth & Waters, same ... Safeway Stores Inc., same .. A. M. Tippie, same D. E. 'Patterson, same Ramsay's, same E. C. Dudley, same 34.04 Brown's Gro., same 8,25 Geo. McDonald, same ; 50,61 James Handley Gro., same .. Mary Zimmerman, same — Auerbach Oro., same John Barley, same .,, Bert Watson, same C. T. Harris, same Greene's Cash Gro., same — Frj'er Bros., same W. A. Porter, same Mrs, D. Schomerus, same — Hatch Market, same Orange Supply House, same .. 275,47 City Market, same 39.41 Humboldt Orocerj-, same — 81.80 East Side Grp., same !>0..20 E. L, Cook Gro., same 6,74 A. L. Maloney, same ^.86 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 7.00 8.20 3.95 10.63 6.50 4.55 21.33 18,00 12.10 10,96 4.00 33,93 19.63 8,10 5,00 12.00 122.02 53.87 11,63 6,50 14.34 CLAlkS ALLQWEP B. O, Kem, same 16.83 M. S. Lewis, same 3.00 Self Service Gro., Iola. same., 74.01 A. W. Anderson, same 2754 E. J. Wright, same 13.65 J. W. Reynolds, same 3.00 Monte McKinney, same ,..,. . 21,83 L. E. Foster, same ;.,. 71.31 Economy Shoe Store,-same,. 9,54 John Rapp, same 4.96 Taylor & Laughlin, same 29.86 M & M Gro., same .'. ,., 64.83 C. P. West G;o., same 15.00 Dell Adams, same 10.00 L. L. Thrall, same 7.00 Self Sei-vice, Humboldt, same 83.36 F. W. Roach, sama 2.15 J. C. Penney Co., same 3.43 J, B. Knepp, ,same 14.00 Geo. Reynolds Gro., "same 49.92 I. A. Anderson, same 17.15 A. W, Young, general road payroll 404.10 A. W. Young, county patrol payroll .,,, , 51.30 Ideal Service Station, sujiplies , 30,15 Stephenson Oil Co,, same 1,96 South Street Auto Parts, same .35 Brigham Hdw. Co., same 3.19 Gallup Map & Sup, Co,, same ,48 Shannon & Shannon, same .. .35 McMurray's Shop, same^ ..,.. 5.25 Ralph Ensminger, same 4.60 Iola Junk. Co.. same .25 Burnap-Meyer Co.. same 21.85 Lesh Oil Co.. same 2.88 L. E. Heathman. same .' 10.31 Carpenter Service Sta., same.. 16.56 Mid-Continent OU Co.. .same, 12.60 City Oil Co., same 10,00 A. H, Davis, repairs ,.',- i 2,75 Martin Tractor Co,, .same 3.73 Wagner Mach. Shop, same .. 7,80 Roth Brothers, same 50 Frank Eggen's Garage, -same, ,85 Moharcli Cem't Co,, .materials 6,25 A. W; Young, bridge and culvert payroll 1 151,25 Kansas Utilities Co,, light.,.. 4.00 Brigham Hdw. Co.. supplies.. 3.27 Finley Lumber Co.. same 16.79 Carpenter Service Sta., same. 5.22 Humboldt Oil & Gas Co.. .same 359 Blaker Lbr. Co., same 113.12 Ralph En.sminger. .same 29.55 Kirk-Morrow Iron Works Co., same ,,. 1,62 C. C, McCarty & Son, same,, 1,50 Ncrthrup Lbr. Co.. same 6,10 Paul Klein, same , 16.39 General Auto Parts Co., .same 2.46 LcHigh Portland Cement Co., materials 15.27 Joe Chehaske. salarj' special road improvement j,., 57,65 Road Materials Lab., testing materials same :... 2.25 Total S9.997.03 State of K:ansa.s. Allen County, ss, , T, Ralph Elarton, county clerk in hnd for Allen County, Kansas, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the bills allowed by the Board of County Commissioners at their regular Feb. 6, 1933, meeting. Witness my hand and official seal this nth day of February, 1933. RALPH ELAR -rON. (Sean County Clerk. Manhattan—Members oi" the women's auxiliary of the Episcopal church, Kansas diocese, yesterday chase Mrs, Charlbs Bdlley, Topcka, as their president for the next year. Other officers elected were Mrs. Harry Perry, .Topcka, vice-president and Mrs. R. K. Kinkson, Topcka, treasurer. . MLss Emma Hyde, Manhattan, was elected iiresident of the Daughters of the King. Mre. Walter Win- tic, Wichita, is the new vice-president, and Mrs. W. A. Jonnard, Manhattan, the new secretary-treasurer. Have y6u a house for rent? Or for isale? Want to buy anything? Use the Classified columns) Bill Buyd, hero of "Men of America,' has just leamea from Dorotny Wilson, iJlaylng his sweetheart, that he is accused pf killing his best frienci. This R-K-O-Radlo picture is the attraction Wednesday at" the Kellely Theater. THE PRINCIPALS IN THE lOLA'S BARGAIN SHOW FOR WEDNESDAY. NEWS OF MILDRED High School Play to Be Presented At High School on Next Thursday Evening. Nat Pendleton. Thelma Todd and Leo Carillo head the cast of "Decepi tion," romantic comedy of the prize ring which the Iola Theater presents lomori-ow. Popular Barbara Weeks is also featured. ' DEWITT Feb. 11— Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bennett and children spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Strack in Harmony district. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fredrick of Wichita .spent Monday at the Leo Frederick home. Betty Crawford called on' Mrs. Robert Bennett Thursday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Everett ^Wrestler spent Friday afternoon at the M, L. Klrby home, Mrs. Leo Frederick and Jack spent Thursday at the parental Michael home, . Mr, and Mrs. Ross Cress and Shirley. Mr, and Mrs. Cllne Ostrander and girls spent Sunday with Prank Ostrander and Charles. We extend congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Noel Jackson who were man-led recently. Mrs. Jackson was formerly Miss Julia Bennett. We extend our deepest sympathy to Mr; and Mrs. Ray Ostrander and family in the death of their little daughter Joyce Rae last Monday' morning. Joyce Rae would have been six months old Saturday, the ilth. She leaves besides her parents, a twin brother, Jackie Fae and anf other brother. Homer Eugene, lier gi-andparents, Mr. and Mrs, Jack Hartwig and Frank Ostrander. There was no school at DeWitj, Monday and Tuesday on account oi' the ccJid weather and blocked road.s. Herman Crawford and Tonj Brooke helped Robert Bennt^Lt butcher a hog Wednesday aflemooh. Little Shirley Is. .sick wltli tonsilltis. Pollticai Announcements For Finance Commissioner, 1 wishito announce my candidacy for nomination to the office of Finance Commissioner, subject to the will of the voters in the cominB primary. Your votes will be appreciated. J. D, BUCHANAN, For Commissioner. I wish to announce my candidacy for nomination to the office of Fi4 nance Commissioner, subject to the will of the voters in the coming primary. Your votes will be appreciated. O. W. HOLMES. OUT OUR WAY -To VM \PE. Ov4 7 1 Vs^AKlT ^ -To Cl-BAKi ; ON ~- I OOtvAT" By Williams e «MiwiKAmmec we-Mo.U.S.PAT.ofv. Mi-s. Millard Heath has been able lately to sit up at tlie table to eat. but has not been quite so -well tlie past few days. •The high school will present their operetta "The Ghost of Lollipop Bay,'' Thursday evening, February' 16. in the high school auditorium. Mrs. Charley Merrifiold, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Crabtree and Russell Reynolds were among those from hero w;ho attended the funeral of l;orcn McCoy at Kincald, Friday afternoon. The family have the sympathy of their friends here. Mi.s.<: MerHjetla Ater si>ent Tuesday night with Mrs, F. C. Dickenson. Mrs, Maiy Walton of Sand Springs, Okia., is iiere visiting her son, Floyd Walton and family. C. S. Orosley of Louisberg, who is doing the work at the Katy depot now. Is boarding at Tom Lewis's. The i Ladies' Aid had an ail day meeting with Mrs. P. C. Dicken.son and spent the time quilting. Pauline-Miller spent Wednesday night at Urless Nevitts. Mrs, Nancy Hunt and Miss Helen Hunt spent the week-end with Mrs. O. E. HutclienSr Jiortheast of Lone Elm, Friends have received ' tlie announcement of. the arrival of a baby girl in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hickman at Louisville. Neb The little lady has been named Mardele Erlyn. Mrs. Hickman was formerly'Miss Ina Hackett. . Albert .Irwin, Carol Hutton and Ira Norton went to Independence Friday morning to play with the Kincaid town team in the Ijaslce.t- bal'. tournament. Miss Wilma Brown substituted for Mr, Irwin in the gi-ade school. ' Hank McAdams looked after the business of the .Wilcox filling station while John Haberbosch attended the funeral of Homer Varner. Mr. and Mrs. Vivian Ralney and Kenneth Rainev have mpved from the restaurant building into a residence building. i - Mrs, Walter liughs oH Independence, is vi,silihg • at FYnnk Thomp- S0IV-, E, C, Dudleys and witii other friends. Mrs, G, F, Jolliff and Mrs. Oral Cline of Ft, Scott, were in Mildred Saturday. Mrs, John Haberljoscli and daughter Mi-s. Carol Baldwin, went to Paolii Wednesday to sjHuid a few days at Pres Deihms, Mrs, Delhm is fjiilte ijoorly. . Davy Patterson and Emmelt Lamunyon went to "Toivka Monday j-clurulng Tuesday afternoon. Art Alll-som took Clyde Cowan and family to Ft, Scott Saturday. Mr, and Mrs. R, R, Novltt Jr.. were dinner guestis of Dr, and Mrs. Russell Ncvitt at Kincald Wednesday, A few of bur folks attended-the funeral.of Sammle Invin of Xenia at Kincald Suhday,/ Dorothy Moore and Kenneth Trimble sang. Those wlio knew him here extend sympathy to the relatives. Mr, and Mrs. Jolm Haberboscl; and Mrs. Carol "Baldwin attended the funeral of Homer Varher in Moran. Mrs. Ethel Scruggs of Kincaid. was crlling in Mildred Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson' and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth. Bibens visited at Elmer Biijens,'Monday. Mr, Draper and family who moved from here to Silver Leaf neighborhood have moved up near Holton. CLASSIFIED RATES (Effective Jan. 1,1933.) • For one insertion, V,ic per, word. For three or more Insertions, Ic per word per insertion. Minimum, 25c per order, cash in advance. For special low rates by the month, call this office. AUTOIVIOTIVE Antomobnes For Sale PONTIAC-BUICK Sales and Service Guaranteed Usied Cars SHEiLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson ? Phone 80 HUDSON-ESSEX—Parts and Service, Bud White Motor Co., 209 South street. Phone 60. SALES Dependable Used Cars and Truckfl Dodge ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phone 301 ; Cash—Trade—Terma PAGE FTVK Wrecker Service Fender and Body. Work. Tops Rebuilt. NO JOB TOO BIG AND PRICES ALWAYS MODERATE. ROSS ARBUCKLE GARAGE ! CHaYSLEB..FLYTaOUTH Salesr-Service—Farts AUTOMOTIVE Antomobiles For Sale '26 DODGE 4-door sedan; '27 Chevrolet coach; used parts. Iola Auto Wrecking. Phone 782. •6 i Anto AccMsories, Tires, Parts: GASOLINE—PER GAL:. 5 'i.c 100 gal. lots plus tax or taxes : (Not the Cheap 3rd Grade Ga.s)'- VINE OIL & GAS CO. Wanted—Automotive SERVICEABLE!-CAR for scholar .^to drive to school. Prefer road.sCer or coupe. Phone LaHarpc, R, -C, Pai'ish. EMPLOYMENT 13 Help Wanted—Female GIRL OR WOMAN—To help in home for room and board: give age, experience, references, Wrjte Box 85, The Rejrtster. 14 Help Wanted-Male DRIVER—For wholesale cleaning route with enclosed car; experience nnnecessary. Cut Rate Cleaners, MAN'WANTED—To work on. farm ^or board and room. Inquire-at 306 South Buckeye. ••_ 16 j SitnaUona Wanted—Male BOY—14 years wants work on farm. Home considered more than wages. Inquire 201 N. Second street. ' FINANCIAL 17 Business Opportunities PARTNER^Man or Woman for established business in Iola; $125.00 half interest. Should , make jou $18 to $25 per week. Address Box •'84" care Register. ^ LIVE STOCK 21 Horses, Cattle. Vehicles COWS — Just fresh, and cows- to freshen soon. J. C, Butcher. West Street road. FOR SALE—4-year-old horse. 2- miles west, of Carlyic. _ 22 Poultry and Supplies BABY CHICKS—For February 26lii hatch, 400 S. C. Reds, 175 Barred Rocks, 200 Buff Rocks at $5.40 gcr . -100. Book your orders now'-for custom hatching, I'-ic per egg. Taylor Hatchery & Produce, 201 South Jefferson. , BABY CHICKS 1 100% from flocks blood lesiea and certified by Judge Harri,s-. poultry experts. Ask about our 90% guarantee on .Custoni . Hatching.- Al! heavy breeds 5'.ic Ass't Heavies ^ 5c ' • Custom Hatching l%c or $5 case j WILLSON FARM HATCHERIES ' (Formerly Oantrell) 2 miles south oji- 73W or L. E. Steele Su|))jly Co. 'Talk Chicks with Wiilson" ; CUSTOM HATCHING-Ic in modern Buckeye Mammoth, world's best incubator. Set each Monday, We have purebred blood-testfed chicks from best layers, Leghomv 4'<ic, big brefeds 5c, Ru.s.soll Hatch-cry. Gas, Kas. Phone 956F3. y INCUBATORS—2 250-eBg capacity Favorite incubators, new-; .sell at'a bargain. Brownie's. • ONE G(X)D USED Sol-Hot brooder. ICOO-chick size, guaranteed same as new, $8.75. Taylor Hatcliery & Produce, 201 Soutli Jefferson. SUNFLOWER. CHICKS — Hatches weekly. See us before you get chicks or hatching. Sunflc-sr:' Hatchery, Bronson. _^ MERCHANDISE 24 Articles For Sale NEW AND USED cream separator^; DeLaval service. George J. Matr. 27 Feed, Fuel, Fertilizers BALED ALFALFA-$7 ton; sweet corn seed, 4c lb.; sweet clover seed. $1.50 bu. Austin's, 2 mi. north Iola. KANOTA OATS—Good quality, suitable for seed, 21c per bushel. M. 11. Lathrop, 4 miles south, e^st LaHarpe. ; Boasehoid CkMtds USED STOVES and Pumiture. Stdre packed, Hehninger's Purn. Store. USED LIVING ROOM, dinhig room and bedroom furniture. Save Stt'Jo. Easy terms, W. H. Wood Fine = Furniture, 202 S. Jeff. Phone 190, WE BUY, Sell, and Trade new and .used furniture, stoves, etc. Ciir- tis' Furniture, 10 N. Washlngt6n, Maehinenr and Tools TANK HEATER—A good iised one, • $4 .50. Allen County Implement Go'. 30 Musical. Badio SEVERAL good used radios. Terms. Hennlnger's Fumlfure Store. ' ' Real gstate For Rent 31 HoBMa For Bent TOR RENT—Houses, good location: See G. E. Pees. > HOUSEJ— 6 rooms, partly modern. 603 N. Jefferson. Phono 461. HOUSE—6 rooms, modem, double garage, chicken house, garden. See property 1021 N, Jefferson. $9.00 month, ;

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