The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 16, 1939 · Page 2
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 2

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1939
Page 2
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I'AGE TWO «.*!. i i in i in THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. MONDAY, OCT. 16, 1939. SOCIETY Local Amusements ARTILLERY LOUDSPEAKERS Miss Mildred Baltzer Weds John V. Swanson at Quiet Service ' A wedding of local interest occurred Sunday at noon in the Evangelical Mission church of Evanston, 111., when Miss ; Grace Mildred Baltzer. daugh- I LYRIC THEATER— Presents Wallace Beery in "Thunder Afloat" with Chester Morris and Virginia Grey. OSSAWALD CRUMB TAPROOM Dancing. OLD HICKORY INN— Dancing. of'Ludington, became the bride < of John V. Swanson of Chi- j cago. also a former resident I of this city. The vows were j read by Rev. John Dahlin, pastor of the church. The couple was attended by Miss Phyllis Love and Edward Mulligan, both or L.udihgton. The bride chose a street- length afternoon frock in a soft blue shade. Her accessor- Dancing. TODD-L-INN— Dancing. #SOCIAL CALENDAR Pere Marquette hive No. 14 Ladies of Maccabee, will meet at 7 o'clock this evening at the she wore a corsage bouquet of white sweetpeas. Miss Love wore an afternoon frock in two shades of blue SS^iS 1 * p a in C k e Tnd eS wSte ! Rowing «>e meeting, the men,.° ~ r\£»r*c'fi*iJIo i nri!ii»friii-if-Vinir' TT*I an n ? sweetpeas. During the ceremony. Miss Ruth Anderson of Ludington softly played the piano selec- ' ans of Foreign Wars, and tiov, ••/-. TJr^voico ivTo " ladies' auxiliar il mee at tion "O Promise Me. Following the ceremony, the ! 8 o'clock this evening. The post immediate families of the cpu- ! will hold its regular business pie had a wedding dinner"' at ! meeting at Wing school and the home of Mrs. Ellen Egbert. 101 j elected president to finish out East Pere, Marquette street, j the year and Mrs. A. R. Vestling " " " " 'was chosen for the office of vice president in tne place oi Mrs. Matthews. Committee in charge of the tea included Mrs. K. B. Matthews, Mrs. Charles Peterson, Members of the Mason county j hospital auxiliary entertained at tea from 4 until 5:30 o'clock Thursday afternoon for the captains of the hospital teams. Tea was served from a long table decorated wii.Ii an arrangement of fall fruits, flanked by tall tapers in silver holders. A talk was given by Miss Hanna Rasmussen, superintendent of the Shelby hospital, on the highlights of the National Hospital convention which she attended in Toronto in September. Miss Rasmussen also discussed ; . the vital part the hospital aux- ' ..... iliary plays in keeping the in- ; Particularly interesting at a against the largest shell. The stitution in best order. critical time in world history largest shell is 16 inches wide At the conclusion of Miss Ras- like the present, is the size of and about four and one-half mtissen's talk. Mrs. K. B. Mat- different shells used in warfare, feet in height. The photo was thews spoke .briefly on the need Photo shows Capt. James Per- taken in a Brooklyn, N. Y., of the hospital teams in further- ris. 308 North Rowe street, with warehouse, at the conclusion of j ing the woik of the local hos- a collection of shells used in the \ the World war. Capt. Ferris I p.tal auxiliary. Mrs. Matthews World war. An idea of their size j served with the field artillery. also expressed the hope that can be gained by comparing! He is now employed on Pere many more teams from Ludmg- them with the foot rule, leaning: Marquette Railroad carferries. ton and from the county will be added this fall. \ >~-~-~-~>~..-.x-~.-, ~_^^^~^ ^ At the recent Women's auxil- . otearns. i and Mrs. A. E. Johnson, will be iary board meeting, it was .in- Sunday supper guests at the j hostesses for the afternoon. nounced. the resignation of Mrs. Abe Gamertsfcldc-r home were ; —* * * J. A. McFar.and from the Mr. and Mrs. John Lichte and I dency was read and accepted Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hariey. with" regret. Mrs. K. B. Mat- ; -* * * (hews, first vice president, was entertain their friends wiTth a card party. Leveaux post No. 2409, Veter| ladies' auxiliary will meet at the Claredon Beach hotel. Chicago. Mrs. Swanson is a graduate of Ludington high school of the class of 1937 and has attended Cleary college at Ypsilanti. Gay Party Honors Girl Scouts Enjoy \ Miss Ursula Yeskey Supper At Golden Hall Mrs. Edwin Yeskey and Miss Gcnevieve Yeskey were co-host- j esses recently at a delightful Mrs. F. R. Stearns. auxiliary will hold a short business meeting and experience social at the D. A. V. coach. The,,..., post will later join the auxiliary f "' st studv , fr ° m for refreshments. ! "Women and the All members of the American Legion band are a,sked to meet. ;held Friday evening at James i n^rmee will be an event of the Golden hall in the place of the nf , qr future hike that had been planned for n , that evening. Mr. Swanson is associated in i in uniform, at 7:30 p. m. in the business with the Western I the band hall. Market House of Chicago. ! The regular meeting of the Mr. and Mrs. Swanson are at home to their friends at ladies' auxiliary of Edwin H. post No. 76, American Legion. 410, Chicago. Those present at the ceremony were Mr. and Mrs. Ray Swanson of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson and fam- ,. , , After the supper a program, tne , °P? ' Prepared bv I_oi.s Masse, was pre- TT . . . Way Mrs. se ntsd and later plans were made Harold Larsen is co-hostess. f or a Hallowe'en party Chair- An evening service will be men of committees elected at held at -7:45 p. m. at the Pente- that time included- costa! Assembly of God. The Women's Foreign .. Dorothy Dove: social. Mary Bar- Mis- bara Carrier: decorations. Fran- Bunco was played during the evening with first prize being by Mrs. Michael Wozniak, I by Mrs. Joseph Korbelar, j third by Mrs. Ervin Yeck and ' fourth by Mrs. Frank Baltzer. The honoree was the recipient of a lovely collective gift. Those present were Mesdames Extra-Curricular Activities Started Teachers of the Freesoll high school are promoting activities which will add interest and provide extra-curricular work among the students. The organization of a school band is one of the projects and a Home Economics club .another. A debating team has also been considered. These objectives are worthy of hearty co-operation. Mr. and M£S. Harry Rasmussen and little daughter are visiting at the L. L. Stanley home for a few days. Mrs. Monroe Stanley and children attended the Brethren Aid society meeting Wednesday afternoon at the home of her mother, Mrs. James Bennett of Sherman. Mrs. Marian Seitz was a supper guest Wednesday evening at the G. A. Canfield home in Sherman. Mrs. Emma Brownson and friend of Pere Marquette visited her sister, Mrs. Celia Hagstrom Wednesday. Mrs. Edith Little, of Laurence, arrived here from Traverse City Wednesday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Tobey. Mrs. ] Little was formerly Miss Edith Webster, of Freesoil. She had been visiting her son at Traverse City. Maurice Bailey returned Thursday evening from spending several days with his aunt, Mrs. Kendall of Riverton. I Fred Coon and L. L. Stanley j attended a Townsend meeting at I Walhalla Wednesday evening. ! Rev. J. H. Rayle returned • Thursday from a ten-day visit: with relatives in Indiana. ! Theodore Johnson of Luding- | ton was a Freesoil visitor Wed- j nesday evening j Thursday brought cold gray I clouds and a temperature which reminded one of -what the future months have in siore for us. Highest temperature was about 42 degrees. Snow fell here on that afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. John Bellville visited Cadillac and Lake City. Thursday. The most widely purchased size in women's shoes is 6 1-2B. In the 16th century, in England, the well-dressed man had his portrait painted in miniature on the tips of his shoes. Recently introduced at laundries are laundry marks visible only under a special lamp. Alaska was purchased from Russia in 1867. Could He Have Eaten so Voraciously with STOMACH or, ULCER PAINS Life is miserable for those sufferers who have to pay the penalty of stomach or nicer paina of ter every meal., Make This 25c No-Risk UdgaTest" Thousands praise UDGAI Try it forrelief of nicer and (tomach pains, indigestion and stM pains, for heartburn, burning sensation, bloat and other conditkmscauBcdbyexcessacid. GetaZficpack- WeofUdKa Tablets today. Absolutely safe to cue. They must help you or money refunded. At Snow's Drug Store and good druggists • everywhere. WE GOT OUR PROTECT Tl PHONE TO I LIVESTOCK v.N . , ottd att the owlet, eaMte with ---- .. -------- ----- = __ . - •, , „ . ,. T , „ . sionary society of Bethany ces Barber, and entertainment i John Smegowski, Joseph Sine- >JT_J_T___I-_J_ _ i ______ i_ ___ -11 ___ __ L _ i. — \_. T-^ ' n r\: i • **:\.~ i T-Tol o vi T^ t*i i elr o T5r*T*o M If Methodist church will meet at Patsy Dove. gowski. Helen Kruska, 7:45 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Other troop members, other ' Krupa. Michael Nowak, Carlton Benson, 206 ^ --•-••• - - ....... T ..,.„ T^_^_ Frank Eliza- North than those already mentioned" : bcth Lit -ka. Peter Jensen, Frank: .who attended the supper w^ere > Horowski. Eurley Boertman, Er- i -- • - •-- : - Yeck. Michael Kazmerski,) 3,500 Pulton avenue, apartment \ wil1 be held at 7:30 p. m. at the — - ! home of Mrs. Mogens Larsen. 806 East Melendy street. Members are reminded to bring their dues to the meeting. Members of the Summit ily of Chicago, Mrs. Mil'iie I p, hild Study club will meet at j Members of the Lakeshore Jean Ereon .Barb ara DoW Paul"-'' Bvoza, Robert Hamp, Frank Baltzer and Miss Susanna ! the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Study club are reminded of the , ine Aive.steffer, Elizabeth M™- ' Baltzer. Jennie Proszak. Michael i and George Baltzer, all of j Brye. Mrs. Robert Maynard will! occasion or the clubs annual . mel Ypsilanti; Mrs. Arthur Button, i act as co-hostess. i chicken supper, to be served sister of the bride, of Hamlin, j Ludington Beta Psi of Beta ! to me and Miss Ruth Anderson, Roy i Sigma Phi will hold a dinner and Swanson, Miss Love and Mr. j and ritual of pledging at 6:30 !£• m _J „ . „ . * * "'•'• i Anna Horowski were unable to i The Summit Community p re p are p r() rr^or» I be present. Goulet. Patricia • Wozniak: the honoree, Miss Ur-j Mulligan, all of Ludington. ——— vT 7T 7T —— E Pinny, is o'clock this evening at Hotel ! Stearns. The regular meeting! Iwill be held following the cere- Mr, and Mrs. W. E. Rynerson, 501 West Ludington avenue, entertained a group of their friends Saturday evening at a unique "Forty-Niner" party at Lincoln Hills country club. The guests arrived in mony. All chapter members and Uus.Jjees pledged to be in formal dress. The Altar society of St. Simon's Catholic church will hold a potluck supper at 6 o'clock this evening in James Golden ! hall. Each member and prospec- ! tive member is urged to attend : and to bring one article of food ! and her own table service. i TUESDAY .— The regular! meeting of the Woman's Liter- ! Farm bureau will meet at 8 p. m. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Sterns.. The subject of discussion at this'ineeting will" be "What Is Wrong with Agriculture." A spec" has been planned. * *. MORRISON FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Phone 65 PT A IVf^^f ii-ir.' ' Tu '° signers of the Declaration i T 1 -J\ iYieeilllS, : of independence an. 'raversary of the historic date of The regular meeting of the signing. July 4. J\ WHILE back, we almost lost a cow because it took so long to get the veterinary. We got a phone, and it's been useful in so many other ways that we'll never be without it again. We call our friends and they call us. It makes it so much more cheerful here on the farm, especially when the weather's bad. And it's a fine feeling to know that we can phone neighbors or the doctor quickly in an emergency. A phone is well worth its price. It doesn't pay to be without one. MICHIGAN ASSOCIATED TELEPHONE COMPANY arAMne •.W.V, A special program Parent-Teacher association of Foster school will be held on Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock I at the school. A part of the interesting pro- 2ram planned for the meeting will be a talk by Mr. Hasoer of the Automobile" Association of Mr. and Mr.3. Abe Gan: s ?rts- Michigan, who will illustrate his Are at Dinner Sunday _ary club held at 3 p. m. i felder of West Riverton enter- talk with special pictures costumes lr ? tne Masomc temple. Dr. R. P., tained at dinner at their home: Another feature of the after- l,UotUIUC3 QVioafc- rv^^Hi^nl r.imn*.;«4- „ v- J««. 4- i .-,_. -i f _ , » . , INSURE YOUR EFFORTS Your most valuable asset can n-v-r he replaced unless insured with full coverage Lifetime disability p hall of 1849 " j speaker. jand Mrs. Arthur Bigsby. Mr. and class instructed by Miss Cath- Dancing and a number of The Wesleyan Sei-vice Guild | Mrs. George Sterns, Mr. and Mrs. | erine L'tz. amusing games were enjoyed ' of First Methodist church will j Lz Gamertsfelder. Mrs. Joseph Tlie VSighth grade mothers A during the evening and a mid-! meet at 7:3 ° P- m - at the home i Gamertsfelder and Frank headed by Mrs. Edward Emms" night buffet supper was served , of Mrs - ^oyd Fitch in Harnlin, i from a long table covered with a Wlth Miss Barbara Fitch as co- ; red cloth and centered with an • hostess. Miss Lela Johnson will' arrangement of fruit. ! lea d the devotional service and > Those present were Mr and i Mrs - Arthur Dewey will be in Mrs. H. P. Furstenau, Mr. and Mrs. j charge of the program. Half of Stedman itoim, Mr. and Mrs. ' the Home Mission study book Robert Rohn, Mr. and Mrs. Ray- i will be reviewed by Miss Viola i mond Hermann, Mr. and Mrs. i Mallory and reports on the ! Frederic Read, Miss Jean God- ' Women's Foreign Missionary so- j frey, Jack McFarland, Mr. and i ciety meeting at Grand Rapids! Mrs. Edward Gray of Manistee, j will be given. Lieut. Cecil Hay of Charlotte, i Miss Barbara Fitch will be in i Miss Peggy . Cosner of Battle j charge of the social hour j ran e £'v, Mr ™ nd M ^ S ' *y ance T u F> i Ludin gton Junior Townsend j Callignan, Mr and Mrs. John j c ] u b will hold a dance in the! ?h ra ^'H-,_ a " d -, Mr ^ J ° h "^ ee . ne ' I evening at the Moose lodge ball-! MtrTl'AL BENEFIT II. * A., L'MTED BENEFIT LIFE GIVES YOf THIS PROTECTION. OLD LINE, LEGAL RESERVE J. WESLEY BALTZER ' LtUINGTON, MICH. 210 N. James St. Phone 686 \f I Helene Sailer 1 - ! room. Music will be Ge ° g D? ' Fhe Mrs. Rynerson. and furnished will b ittancecharge" ^1» 17,11 01 rail A special Fall Festival program has been prepared t 2:30 p. n home of Mrs. Peter 301 North William street. The Fall Festival service. • sponsored by the Ladies' Aid society of Evangelical Free church, will be held at 8 p. m. i 1U . , An interesting program has ' f been planned and refresh- presentation on Tuesday eve- | ments wil1 be served. ^_ jiing at 8 o'clock in Evangelical I There will be a meeting of the \ f~^~- Free church. The festival isi; ma . nce . committee of First i, : .^l. ^ ft , sponsored toy the Ladies' Aid so- Methodist church at 7:30 p m clety. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. The program will be opened ! A - Swanson, 302 North Lavinia •with the singing of two songs ; street. -by the congregation, to be fol- Girl Scouts, Troop 5 of The lowed by a Scripture reading Community church will meet at I arid, prayer by Rev. Ludwig An- i 4 p. m. derson. Two songs will then be Th P by the choir, followed bv O "V ,..„ ,, Msrtha . Violet Halverson and songs be sun« by the mixed quar- i iefcjrtld by the young ladies' trio. I second reading on the im will be given bv Mrs. lam Kronleln, to be followed a, musical selection and a Iding by Jimmie Halverson. spriate remarks will be >y Eev, Coil Klcholson, Of tho church, and a Anil prayer will close the I. Later, a social hour enjoyed and refresh- i Will be served. tccordlon v«i Invented in HOMOGENUfiD Soft Curd Milk Will Not Form Top Scum When Heated. 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