Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 28, 1965 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1965
Page 8
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8 - Wed., April 28, 1965 Redlands Daily Facts OUR ANCESTORS tyQuincy "Also tell Commodore Perry our Japanese carpenters have found a new way of cutting wood. It's called Karate!" Traditional mediators lacking in world today By K. C. THALER United Press International LONDON (UPD—One by one the traditional "mediators" and would-be conciliators in major world conflicts of the post-war period have been forced out of the go ; between business. Changes in the world power balance, the breakup of the Communist international, disputes weakening the United Nations organization and, last but not least, the emergence of Red China as a major force in Asia all have combined to undermine the role of the "peace maker." Little by little the scope for "good will" intervention by a third party has shrunk until to- Nam that has the United States and Red China on a potential collision course has spotlighted this development sharply. To date there are only parties or partisans to the conflict, onlookers and some would - be helpers—but no capable mediator has appeared. The classic example for the change traditional "conciliation ship" has undergone is provided by India. In the immediate post - war period and well into the 1950's India, under the late Premier Jawaharlal Nehru, was the classic self-appointed mediator in the worst phases of the East West conflict. Acting as the representative day there is virtually none leftl° f "neutral and unahgned ' In of sufficient stature, influence d' 3 , *enru had at the time the and independence to command ' ear of both Moscow and Pe the attention of the parties to kin §- Both a major conflict. The present crisis over Viet considered him as trustworthy and sympathetic to their cause. Offered Direct Channel The West, though often an gered by and suspicious o | Nehru's "meddling", neverthe less accepted that he offered a direct channel, in need, both to the Communists and the Romney rides high, but pitfalls are ahead By BRUCE BIOSSAT Washington Correspondent Newspaper Enterprise Assn. LANSING, Mich. (NEA) - Wichigaii's Republican G o v. jleorge W. Romney, at 58 fairy launched into his second erm, keeps on building political 'star quality" and thereby reshly confounds his bewildered adversaries. With the 1968 GOP presidential nomination beckoning on the far lorizon, the governor's progress on his home grounds is a mat- :er of moment well beyond Vlichigan's borders. A new visit reveals him to be riding high, though not without pitfalls to skirt in the months ahead. Different now in some ways, is basically what he was vhen he charged into the political arena three years ago — un- >redictable, unorthodox, so 'good" that it hurts. Says one Democratic appraiser: "That clean life he's leading s really paying off." Seldom does the governor let anyone, including himself, forget his rigid Mormon upbring- ng. A political adversary who :ruly admires him declares: "It's his virtues that frighten me, not his sins." The first time Romney invited :op state officers to his office, a fellow who enjoys his pipe observed: "Governor, I don't see any ash trays here." Responded Romney: "That's right you don't." The official added: "I'd hate to spiE ashes on this beautiful carpet." . Romney snapped back: "I wouldn't advise it." Naturally he avoids 'all profanity. Yet listeners thought change might be in the wind when they heard the governor's annoyed rejoinder to a remark by Democratic House Speaker Joseph Kowalski: "Oh, joe, fiddle-faddle poppycock!" Romney's partaking of exercise is by now legendary. His fast early morning brushes with the golf course go on. By Mormon precept, the body is the temple of the spirit and must be well maintained. But for five days this winter the temple shook a bit. A veteran newsman notes: "Believe it or not, this man had a cold." Provoked by his "goodness," Romney's rivals won't stop trying to take the shine off or push him into displays of temper. He, of course, never admits anger but says simply Unit h« "gets intense." A needling Democrat comments: "He's been intense a lot lately. In other words, madder than hell." As is well known, the governor's unique make-up causes as much bafflement among potential Republican allies as among Democrats looking for the "handle." KOMNEY ON TAX RELIEF "You don't look underfed" Despite his "I'm a team player" and his stepped-up out- of-state visits to party functions, many hard-shelled professionals still ndd together his strong religious bent, his moralizing, his evoking of "proven principles" Hint somehow seem beyond GOP doctrine, and come up with the tiifi of "maverick." One crusty veteran of the national party never will forget Romney telling him "money isn't everything" when he visited the governor on a fundraising mission. Republicans can't really fix him philosophically. Moderates and liberals applaud his concern over civil rights and other "peo- THE ROMNEY IMAGE "That clean life" pie's problems." Goldwaterites perk up when they hear him thrash everything big, foreget- ting that he includes business. Romney's brand of Individualism strikes one appraiser as of the rugged, western, "you don't build no railroad through here, we'll take care of it ourselves" variety. Now and then he gives it a shape that makes him vulnerable to assault. Listening to senior citizens pleading for property tax relief, he singled out a stocky speaker and said, with Robert Taft-like bluntness: "You don't look underfed to me." When he was told that De- ROMNEY PROFANITY"Fiddle iaddle poppycock" troit's crime. situation was aggravated by 200 hardened young offenders prowling the streets, he suggested that each of 200 businessmen take one of the incorrigibles under his wing. Democrats scorned this as Romney's "take a hood to dinner" program. Motorists spinning along Michigan's interstate highways complain they are sometimes stranded hi lonely stretches far from relief. New state facilities were proposed but Romney demurred. He suggested a program of voluntary help by those of the 33,000 state employes who regularly ply the open road. Will Muller, veteran Detroit , ROMNEY ON ASHES "I wouldn't advise it" News observer, commented fa print: "Imagine the delight of a stranded truck driver who rolls down his window to look into the affectionate eyes o£ a Grade IV stenographer with a gasoline keg on her collar. " 'Governor Romney sent me,' she might say. 'I am your Freeway Bunny for t h • evening.' " "Conterminous" Government agencies have adopted the word "conterminous" to designated the 48 states, minus Alaska and Hawaii. The word means "having a common boundary". Ambulances ask rate increase SAN BERNARDINO (CNS1 — A public hearing on proposed! Asians. increases in rates for ambu-j There have been suggestions lances used by the county vas!j n his acts and in emanations set for June 15 on Monday by;f r0 m Paris, that French Presi- the Board of Supervisors. jdent Charles de Gaulle believes Robert A. Covington, county! he might be able to intercede administrative officer, told Su-j constructively in the Viet Nam pervisors that the 10 ambu-! situation. But De Gaulle, while lance operators petitioning for a 1 French recognition of Red hearing are asked for an in-!China gives him a pipeline to crease of about a third in their; Peking, appears to have rates, which would boost the, blocked any such opportunity county's costs by S35.000 to $40,-iby his persistent antagonism of 000 in the coming year. | Washington. 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LARGE NAVEL _ M **.# ORANGES..4 49 FRESH TASTY Bunch—GREEN ONIONS... 5 SEGO LIQUID ASSTD. FLAVORS DIET FOOD 10-oz. Cans KLEENEX PAPER TOWELS 3 s 100 75-Ct, • Pkp. • 4 •~xtfyi rfr*ry:•«-••• - -, -— t-f •,«•«•!•*"-—•- •>+•'—-.•• *y^--it«itypgfv ~— ...-.-. s **,-*o*<afr ~ -«*—«-• DEL MONTE BUFFET SALE/ Whole Kernel Corn Cream Style Corn Early Garden Peas Stewed Tomatoes ^"""" ^^^" ^B WITH MUSHROOMS Del Monte Figs £; 19* Tomato Sauce £; 10 ( TREESWEET FROZEN ORANGE JUICE 5 6 "- 99* UP NATURAL SWISS CHEESE SLICED 6-«z. 99 VAN it K»m» JtSSTB. 2 2 ' Dressings » 39 BETSY ROSS ^^ Grape Juice v 29 M I M CHOCOLATE r PUIN PEANUT Cocktail RK «c™" l 35' A&P FANCY ALASKAN KINfi _ _ Crab Meat 89 ANN PAGE ASSTD. FLAVORS A&P'S OWN PRE-SWEETENED Jfe 4 A AH 1 Cheeri-Aid3 ^ 19° CloesBleach* -- 35' FOR WHITER CLOTHES Purex Bleach* H-gal. CHAMPION SODA Crackers ^ 25 C Kal Kan Chunks* ^ 2V^43' WISCONSIN MILD Cheddar Cheese ^59' ALL-PURPOSE Ajax Detergent* ub., tec 4-01. Pkg. ^9 Py-O-My Mixes Coffee Cake '&HO* Spice Cake ;^ 10 f Dial Soap*Bf 4^52^ 2S!!! Chiffon Tonel Tissue* 2$. \ MINUTE MUD OS-or FROZEM *Cjm 23* Heinz Vinegar CIDER or WHITE ti. 19* Gold Medal Macaroni Sugar Wafers Zee Paper Napkins* n n ff_. MAXWELL 1-lk. OOf iionee HOUSE c» «w* Ynban Coffee ^ 23* 47* Z*. IS5 Can I 2-ft. ITT Cm. I AQUA NET Hair Spray" i3-oz. size J£:A< Reg. 99' for OV ANN PAGE PLUM Preserves 69 Biscuits Mtannin 7Vi-K.Hl. 10* Prico tfbcriv* Thurr, Fri. t Sot, April 29,30, May 1 « 2 320 REDLANDS BLVD. •TwroW* MM* wb|'*cf *• tox-Opm SvnaW 1M GtCAT ATlANUe C PAOnC 1C* COWANT, uper ({arkets uttiicv! Biruomi IWD MIKHIHT linn list- *llo. Chip Stamps giv.n on all Hvms «xeept ilcohotic bBVMag«» tobacco product., fluid milk and crmi

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