Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 7, 1955 · Page 5
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 5

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 7, 1955
Page 5
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Dial PA-2-4600 for m WANT AD Taker EVENIN 7 G TIMES. CUMBERLAND, MD, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 1955 Aid Planned By Firemen InMD Drive AUegany-Garrett -County Firer men's .Association at/an executive j meeting • yesterday at Baltimore Pike Fire Hall, endorsed the fund campaign for .muscular dystrophy, - heard a number of reports and • : planned the December session. '" Virgil Parker, fire .chief of Cumberland, asked the firemen to, lend their help ; in the annual " fund drive for the Muscular Dystrophy campaign. Parker ; s county chairman. A committee • was named-to asrist in the campaign, including Alvin Rahkin, "? Frostburg; -Glenn O'Brien, Deer Park: Harry Haekett, Western-:.' port; Earl Lawyer, -Bedford Road, ; ' and Harry Defibaugh, Baltimore Pike. ., ... Reports were made on com- 'i pany arid community activities ' during Fire Prevention Week, by •'»•• Alvin Rankiri 'for Frostburg, •: Homer Ambrose,' McCoole. David v? Kirk, Barton. John Eichhorn, Lonaconing and Harry Hackett, Song Fest Ariswtr to Prtvious- Piiul* ACROSS 1 Singer. —— Crosby 5 Operatic solo 9 Demented 13 Fast season 14 Exist J5 Turpentine tree . : 17 "The — World Symphony" 18 Philippine island 26 Without laughter 28 Comforted 30 Hireling 31'Asterisk 33 Prescribed portions 23 GrearLakes' 24 Scottish caps 35 Figure of 19 Twelve noon 22 Smelling 21 Melody organs Westernpqrt. Announcement -was made that 3 Standard 4 Large 5 Fourth Arabian caliph 6 Milk curdler 7 Preposition 8 One of the "Three Musketeers" 9 Stringed • instruments 10 Scope 11 Moist 16 Animals 20 Din the/ Maryland - State - Firemen's Association; next year will award a total of $500 in cash prizes to the volunteer companies . with the best community observance of the program.. , : , _ . Robert Byru's, chief director of the fire extension service for the University of .Maryland, told the firement that 93 classes are under way or forming, to train volunteer firemen of- the state in proper fire-fighting and prevention methods.. In order- to operate within a "budget. which. suffered a 10 per cent, reduction in. funds, two^ and three companies in numerous -areas , are. combining in their- training, courses. He als"o announced that on November. .19, a regional fire school 'will be held-at Cecil .County, .and: .all firemen are invited.. A'feature" of the. school will be the destruction., by. fire .f 'a building in" .the center, of the town. . John" Prichard. of Grantsville told the firerneri : that a -special .bus is being chartered, for a. trip to see a game between the Steel- ers and the Browns on December 4. The' association is sponsoring the trip with _ Prichard, William Wilson of Midland, John Eichhorn, Lonaconing and David Kirk, serving on the committee. Prichard said the cost per fireman will be canals 24 Male cat . 27 Carry (coll.). 29 •French islands 32 Lives 3* Help 36 Gloomy 37 Reddish. brown pigment 38 Hardens 39 Son of Noah (Bib.) 41 Indian weight 42 Musical cat 44 Norse god 4 S Least true 49Rent ' '..' 53 Mineral Yock 54 Went back 56 Abstract' being 57 Indian- 58 Repetition 59 Distress signal 25 Wind instrument speech 40 More torrid 43 Fish 45 Approach« 46 Enemies 47 Italian river 48 Withered 50 Upon 51 Caterpillar hair 52 Paradise, 55 Communist Local CAP Search Misson Success; Reported Fastest In Maryland \i 16 15 36 Sio including : meals, admission and transportation. i Guests at "the meeting also in- eluded Vincent'Simmel,- secretary and of the 'state association trustees, and Spencer' Brown, a member of the'state'executive board. .The next local meeting wijl be at the Cumberland Hose Company on,December_ 11.. ', Kentucky Has Young Editor • C? " HYDEN, Ky. W — Denzil Allen, 16, is 'editor of Kentucky's youngest full-scale weekly newspaper. He still wears braces on his teeth, but he had completed a year ol college when .he; joined the paper The Leslie County News, which be gan publishing .in May. He puts out a. six-page edition each Thursday and is part-owner of the paper. L At college, he assisted Dr. Leonard Roberts in collecting mountain folklore for his book, ','South From Hell Fer'Sartin," and reported for the college newspaper. By taking' Saturday classes and correspondence courses, he plans to get a degree.' ' ' Mexico supplies about half the mahogany- used in the United States. - • • . DOWN 1 Larvae 2 Notion 59- ZT 57 II 55 , Civil Air Patrol unjts.-operating out of Cumberland -Municipal.Air-j port were the "first -in the state to complete their mission in the simulated, statewide air search test. The Maryland test was termed "quite successful." > _,/;-, By pre-arranged . ; plan, searches were made for "targets"-in separate sections of the state. One Avas made from the airport here, one from the Hagerstown ^Airport' and others in other parts of the state. The local target had "been described to local search/pilots as a "downed plane" overdue -in Morgantown Saturday afternoon: The target was found af-ll^ : a'. v n\ along the Mason-Dixon line" which separates Maryland and Pennsylvania, in a' rugged 'area,; ph'.'Martins Mountain. i .".Vj-. The "target" was: a small "pickup truck, with several collapsed parachutes, a piece of airplane wing and other items laid out to-simulate a crash. Lt. Gilbert' Kesler of Parkville Squadron was pilot:of the ship which found the wreckage. His : observer was : Capt. Michael Sentz of the same CAP squadron. A ground crew was immediately dispatched from the local airport "and the "crash victims" .were're- moved and transported back here by motor vehicle. The ground crew included W/0 Floyd' G. Harper and a cadet from the Parkville Squadron, equipped with radio, rescue and first aid equipment. After the discovery and rescue lad been accomplished, the planes and personnel from Parkville and .hose from Frederick and Aldino airport near', Baltimore who had )een assigned here to assist Fort Cumberland Squadron CAP in the search, were sent to Hagerstown to help find the "target" in that area. Personnel here from other squadrons included 13 from Parkville, Your Horoscope Look in the' section in which your birth-; day' comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars,. ...... . - For Tuesday. Nov. .8. 1955 to APRIL 20 (Aries)-T-Clear •our'niind o£ ."fog" and; with a smile, ;tart this encouraging day with purpose, lope and determination to keep up the right tempo until .responsive results are yours at the end of the day. 'APRIL 21 to MAY 20 (Taurus)—Friends'' rays lingering from yesterday are now coupled with 'excellent .Sun vibrations. 3ut don't overreach or try to do- too many' things in one day. Go ahead steadily. MAY 21 to 'JUNE 21 (Gemini)—Whatever your occupation and duties, begin vith cheerfulness and ambition, knowing hat you can attain as much, if not more than usual with conscientious effort. JUNE K to JULY 23 (Cancer)—Practical and sound .business'and work mat- .ers, seeking reasonable favors and ' re cognition AND granting _benefits are in he front line this promising day. JULY 24 to AUGUST 22 (Leo)—Your Sun augurs for personal and business ;ains, helpful cooperation from others jnd, perhaps, new advantages that will give you a wider field for operation in your own work. A good day on the whole. AUGUST 23 to SEPTEMBER 23 (Virgo)—This day should give you a chance :o make fresh headway in familiar activities and perhaps pick up important leads for new objectives. It' favors sell- ins, 'buying, advertising, promoting. SEPTEMBER 24 to OCTOBER 23 (Libra)—Go straight toward your goals: tackle difficult and less troublesome tasks with equal effort. This is a good period for advancement in all worthwhile undertakings.. OCTOBER 24 to NOVEMBER 22 (Scor p|o>—This '.is no day to go to extremes but--you can have excellent returns foi steady, systematic work. Your specifii interests, necessary duties, social activi tics favored. NOVEMBER 23 to DECEMBER 2: (Sagittarius)—This can be a red lettc; day for you if you concentrate on esscn tials before wandering off to things friv olous. This does not mean to overwork Use Rood judgment. You can gain. DECEMBER 23 to JANUARY 21 (Cap ricorn)—Pushing steadily ahead wlthou worry or strain should put you right u where you expect to be. Labor. Industry mechanical trades, surgery, dentistn tdps in favor. JANUARY 22. to : FEBRUARY 10 Aquarius)-—Rays are not very propitious or new enterprises,, but familiar activi- es, .healthy : pastimes, study, and 1 the ome are favored. Don't neglect import- nt matters while dabbling with unim- ortant ones. . . FEBRUARY 21 to MARCH 20 (Pisces) —No round-about routes, now! Direct traightfonvard methods and procedure vith your schedule will bring you quick- r, surer returns. The possibilities »re good. " YOU BORN TODAY are active, ambi ious, highly " capable. Intelligence trong in this Zodiacal sector. Guard igainst a tendency to- domineer. You iave many fine characteristics to devel p so never give harmful traits the up lerhand. You can hold, with dignity and fficiency a position, of authority and im portance. or be a thorough employe in rade. 1 industry, teaching, medicine re search; would do, well as author, actor awyer. Not So Lovey . AUSTIN, Tex. UP) — A man com jlained he was- assaulted by his two girl friends, ''"Lovey" am 'Baby Doll." "Baby Doll," hi said, used a beer bottle. BRING YOUR FILM WORK to bt dtvtlap*d o RAND'S 24 Hour Strvic* ' • WE SELL FILM OF ALL KINDS RAND'S Cor. Baltimore and Centre Sri. _ BOTTLE ONLY 49$ SSBIOKETS THROAT TROCHES Soothing to simple, sort throat. Antibiotic Tyro- thricin inhibits many biettrii. FORD'S DRUG STORES .Cumberland and Frostburg Ctoaning & f nssing (all dtluxe cleaning) 3 Pants or 3 Shirt* . 3 Panto ~C«f 00 FrM Gall ft Diliwrf 2-Hour Cltanlng Valid Anytime y» ta 2:30 Op«n Monday Night UNTIL 9 P.M. GEORGE ST. CLEANERS, Inc. Car. Gaarga * Union Sfi. Dial. ,,. M>S440 YOU CAN WITH MILK Pelican"Found In Yard Dresses Up Game Room MIAMI,-. Okia.'—'Wi - A Miami, Okla.. ..physician has a first class exhibit for his game room—and captured it right in his own backyard. Dr. J. P. Van Horn found a huge pelican in his yard. The bird ap- aarently had', been knocked to the jround by a bolt of lightning. eight from Annapolis, and four from Frederick. Fourteen airplanes paricipated and total flight- lime in the search was logged at 14 hours and 28 minutes. Local fliers who participated included "Edgar S. Leasure Jr., D. Varner Carpenter, Edward Koch Jr., Quinter H. Fike, W. Donald Smith, John F. Wagner and Ronald F. Slough. Base commander here for the operation was Major William M. Paterson of the Parkville Squadron. Capt. Warren Mullenax, local commander, was operations officer and his assistant was Lt. Rutledge. Warrant Officer Floyd G. Harper was communications officer. There were four cadets here from Annapolis and four from Parkville. Planes were sent here by Frederick', Aldino and Parkville squadrons. Major James Inks, .Air Force j« liaison officer, was an. observer of;* the operation, as was also Col. A.] Paul Fonda, Maryland CAP Wing commander. There were also representatives here from the Air Force Search and Rescue Center of Westover, Mass. They praised the efficiency the participants. of the local operation and the rapid discovery.of the simulated crash. Yesterday's . weather for the search was termed "excellent'! by Present Your Christmas Club STAMP CHECKS Buzzer Wants'Driver When Tires Lose Air OSWEGO (INS) — A buzzer sys- .em that warns a motorist if his res are losing air has been de- ised by Joseph Shelley, Jr., o swego. A stiff wire extends along, the de.of.the tire from an electrical ontact box and when lowered ressure causes : the: side" of the re to bulge,-it -rubs against the .re. The vibration is transmitted ) the contact which amplifies it nd sets off the alarm-under the ash. - • MOO *300 '600 ? 8.3S 25.13 •44.68 $ 6.72 -20.16 34.44 , topni 5300 and teti made under the- Maryland Small loan Act. (Md.J FOR LOAN IN 1 TRIP plu<... LIFE INSURANCE-NO EXTRA COST ON LOANS $300 or LESS K Phone for, loan in-one visit. Loan custom-tailored to needs and jucome. Life insurance, no extra cost on loans $300 or less. -Phone, write, or come in. PAYMENT BEGINNING I. af Cumbcrtaittf ENTRANCE SO. CENTRE ST. (Takt 2nd H.) CUMBERLANE 2nd Ft., Rooms 202-204 . LIBERTY TRUST COMPANY BLDG. Phone: PA 2-0721 • Ask for the YES MANager OPEN EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT —PHONE FOR EVENING'HOU»S . - Loons mitt le midtnls »F ell turroiinding lowni ' ' OUR 1956 CHRISTMAS CLUB IS NOW OPEN FOR MEMBERSHIP : , 9 . • .- • .'•• .^ THE COMMERCIAL SAVINGS BANK At the City Hall Square Member F.D.I.C. Have more fun when you cook ... use Queen City Dairy milk often. It's easy to use in lots of ways . . . gives you better results . . . -makes .cooking a breeze! i\ THIS BOX CAR COULD BE SAYING YOU MONEY! Drink 3 Glasses of Queen City M-I-L-K Every Day! Every day, thousands of box cars just like this .one are returned empty to their points of origin. .They might have returned iull —and brought merchandise of various kinds to your dty more cheaply than it actually arrived there by other means. But outmoded government regulation frequently bars railroads from bidding competitively against big trucks and barges for specific loads. This is an economic waste that deprives the public of the service of a carrier which could do the job better at lower cost. To eliminate such waste, a Cabinet Committee set up by President Eisenhower has recommended changing outmoded regulation now hobbling the transportation industry. . Adoption of these recommendations would —by spurring competition —.do away with many present regulatory dislocations estimated to be costing the public* billions of dollars. *Tht public^ you. DAIRY 310S,MtcfcinicSI, Th * ONLY D ' lry ln Wttttrn Md * Wlth COMPUTE Dally Laboratory Control! FRltlSce the actual Cabinet Report—not what others say about it. Published by the U.S. Government Print' ing Of/ice. For a FREE copy, address Eastern Railroads, Room 711,143 liberty St t New York 6, N. Y. 'V-'l f The Railroads Serving Cumberland MEMBERS OF THE EASTERN RAILROADS, 143 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK 6. K. t.

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