The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 19, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1933
Page 6
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"• \\\, f . ^;; !r ^ ^*r»^ .^>^'^v^ , j ' i - >' ••*' 1 '. n" '"*'*.*, l . '\; * " "*>*,' w , ~'.i ' >•>* -" ! ' % '• »" •"•••,._» * • •' ' . • ; /'">".•>••, - ; , J ,.. c THE BAKERSF1ELD CALIFORNIA^, THURSDAY, JANUARY. 19, 1933 COMMUNITY NEW Specials for Friday and Saturday CAMPBELL'S TAMALES Johnnie Campbell was the bsst baseball catcher In our league. These tsmslss are made by Johnnie's mothejr and they are better. Free demonstration. 3 for 25c DANISH BUTTER Quartered in 1-lb. Cartons Pound 22o N PET M. A M. MILK 6 small cans 15o 3 tall cans 15c COFFEE S & W or Folger's Pound . . 29c A-1 FLOUR So-Called 5 Ibs 19c 10 Ibs 31c 26 Ibs. 61c 50 Ibs $1.19 OLD MlHn»RODUCTS Corn Mf>al, White or Yellow, Coarao or FMno 6-lb. sack 15c 10-1 b. sack 25c Graham Flour, Whole Wheat Flour or Wheat Grits 6-lb. sack 17c 10-1 b. sack 29o WAXED PAPER ne-Foot Roil 3 rolls Be BLUHILL PIMENTO CHEESE Pkg 9c R. A R. PLUM PUDDING Mb. can 23c WELLMAN'S rtaspbcrry Preserves or Orange Marmalade 16-or. jar 16o TOMATO JUICE Newnmrk's Special Extra 3 No. 1 cans 26c 2 No. 2>/2 cans 25c CORN Xftwmarlt's Special Extra No. 1 can ........ 8c No. 2 can 14c LIMA BEANS Fresh Del Riches Brand No. 2 can 9c PEAS New-mark's Telephone No. 2 can 15c TOMATOES Xewmark's Special Extra No. 1 can ...... . 10o No. 2J/ 2 can ....... 15c GRAPEFRUIT Golden Rod Brand No. 2 can ........ 13c , PINEAPPLE Newmark's Special Extra 12 Slices No. 2J/2 can ....... 19o .Vewmark's Special Extra No. 2'/ 2 can ....... 19c RED RASPBERRIES EJnslgm Brand 2 No. 2 cans ....... 25c SWIFT'S SLICED BACON nind Off Pound 25c SMALL HENS 2 to 2%-lb. Average Pound 19o FRYERS 2-lb. Average Pound 22c LOIN PORK ROAST Pound 15o BABY BEEF POT tROAST Pound 12[/ 2 o BABY BEEF GROUND ROUND STEAK Pound 20c BABY BEEF"CLUB STEAKS Pound 28c PORK SAUSAGE 2 Ibs. . .' 25c ORANGES Medium Size 2 doz 26c GRAPEFRUIT Arizona—Size 80 Dozen 39c H€INZ KETCHUP Small bottle 14c Large bottle ....... 19c COLOsHAlToLIVES* Lindsay Queen No. 21/2 can 33c HILLS MAYONNAISE or Hills nitz Sandwich Filler Pints 27c Quarts . 49c 8UNBRITE~ CLEANSER 3 cans 11c LUX SOAP 3 bars 21c TODAY'S NEWS FROM WASCO WASCO, Jan. 19.—Mr. and Mrs. Andy Wheat recently moved Into tho house on tho ranch belonging to John Schroedcr. Mr. Wheat is employed by tho Mllham Oil Company. Miss Evelyn Palmer spent the weekend as the guest of Miss Molllo Herman. Miss Palmer Is one of tho teachers at tho Frultvale School. Mrs. D. M. Herman, Miss Molllo Herman and Miss Evelyn Palmer were Sunday dinner guests of Dr. Belle M. Lee at Tehachapl. Miss May Carter and Messrs. Leland Penman and Leland Tyrer wore guests of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Denman last Sunday. Miss Carter was one of the party marooned In a snow storm on Breckenrldge mountain during the holidays. She is still unable to walk without assistance due to badly frozen toes. Mrs. Fred Gill and her two daughters, Fay and Patricia, wore dinner guests of Miss Emma Buckmaster and Miss Gladys Gill at tho homo o.f Miss Buckmastor In Bakersfleld last Sunday. PEET'S GRANULATED SOAP Large pkg 19c CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP 10 bars '. . 27o We Give Pkg. IVORY SNOW 9c TUNA Xewmark's Special Extra White Meat i/2-lb. can 18c Can SHRIMP Gulf Coast Brand 9c TROPIC OYSTERS No. 1 can 9o MARCO DOG FOOD 16-oz. can 5c TOILET PAPER 1000 Sheets Silk Tissue 3 rolls 19e Red Label Silver Slice Bread, White or Whole Wheat.. .2 for 15c Raisin Nut Bread, Delicious 15c Cinnamon Rolls, Six in Package lOc MRS. RAMBAUD'S FRENCH BAKE SHOP Phone 2020 for Food 1918 "Eye" Street Talk, Don't Walk—Cash or Charge—Free Delivery 6i?ergbodys grocer Stamps 812 Baker Street Quality Merchandise at Prices MoVe Attractive Than Ever Free Delivery Service Daily Just Phone Your Order Phone 822 Old-Fashioned Pork Backbone , Ib. 15c Butter . . . lb.22c Steer Beef Pot Roast, Ib. I2ic Loin or Rib Pork Roast, Ib. I5c Lean Rolled Pork Roast, lb.J So (No Bone) 100% Pure Pork Sausage, 2 Ibs. 25c Bloators, 3 for 25c (Fancy Quality) Codfish . I Ib. 22c (Absolutely Boneless) Coffee, Schilling or Hills Red 2 Ibs., 62c Sockeye Salmon, 8-oz. .*! Cans * for Milk, Any Brand in Stock tall can Oysters, «J I QA 5-oz. Cans.... * for • w* N. B. C. Sodis or 97f& Grahams..2-lb. pkfl. a»lw Eggs, Large 9ftfl» Extras doz. mWl Mission Bell C Mrs. Charley Denman has received word that the fireman who was scalded to death when his train ploughed Into a three-foot bank of Hand at tho Kthvanda avenue cross- in K.' leaving IAJS Angeles for Imperial valley, was her nephew, R. R. Koonte. The Teachers Club of tho AVasco Elementary School Is planning a Jolly affair for tho week-end In tho nature of a snow party to bo held In the mountains. Miss Lqnoro Brechnn of tho county health department and a school nurse spent Monday in Wasco at the school and checking the various cases under her supervision. Wasco High School basketball team will play tho Marlcopa team at Marl- copa next Frk>y evening, Vlnrll Durando had the misfortune to fall and break an arm while playing on the school grounds at the Wnsco Elementary School Tuesday morning. Mrs. A. D. Fry was painfully burned Saturday night when her clothes caught flro from a gas stove. Tile burns were painful but not of serious nature, as Mrs. Fry quickly boat tho flaniqs out before tho fire had burned very far. Mr. and Mrs. J. 13. Dunn and son Jack of Corcoran were guests of friends In Wasco Sunday. •»•» NEW BOOKS RECEIVED SHAFTHR, Jan. 19.—Mrs. Thomas' Vedgft, librarian, at the public II- rnry, announces that she has sov- ral booka which have been requested Soap. bars WE CARRY A FULL LINE OF FRESH FISH EVERY FRIDAY eat Co. Fathers' Council to Be Featured at P. T. A. Parley <$>- -<*> BEARDSLEY, Jan. 19. i- The meeting 'of the Beardsley Parent Teacher Association Friday night at 7i30 will feature the first regular meeting of the Fathers' Council since Its organization last month. President W. Hartzell will attend a meeting of the Washington council tonight and report It here tomorrow night, Coutjty Probation Officer Claude Johnson will lecture oh the "Dangers and Pitfalls of Ybung People," and lead a discussion on the subject, and several Important' committees will be appointed. The general meeting of the P. T. A. preceding the fathers' meet. Ing will be presided over by Pres, Ident Letha Greene, at which time •a program of entertainment, Instruction, and business will be presented. Refreshments -will be served. The meeting Is reserved for adults. Small children will be taken care of by a capable woman In the kindergarten room. frequently. Among them are: "Cabin In tho Cotton," by H. H. Kroll; "Good Earth," by Katherlno . Buck| and "Robbers' Roost," by Zane Groy. No. 1—Corner of Twenty-first and Chester Avenue No. 2—Corner of Nineteenth Street and N No. 3—Two Doors East of Nile Theater _^ mi ±^^ mtm — ____ — mmi ^^^_ Prices Effective Friday and Saturday, January 27 and 28 Worrell's Pride—From Waterloo, Iowa HAMS As Cut Centers to Roast . . . Sliced to Your Favorite Thickness . lb. lOc Ib. 15c lb. POT ROAST Lean, Tender Chuck Cute. They Are Delicious Pound 9c STEAKS Sirloin, T-Bone, Round and Rib. Delicious, Tender Cuts Pound 14c PORK ROAST Shoulder Picnic Cuts From Selected Firm Pork Pound 6c LEG 0' PORK Small and Medium Selected Legs. Lean and Firm Pound lie I BAKERSFIELD GROCERY CO. AND SHANNON'S MEAT MARKET Corner Nineteenth and L Streets Phone 435 FREE DELIVERY—OPEN SATURDAY EVENING For Everyday Consistent Prices—Trads Her* 4 Friday, Saturday and Monday Specials 7 4 C 9 Ibs. Granulated Suaar Large can Milk Creamery Butter ................ lb. Oleomargarine O ................ '' for No. 2 l / 2 can Spinach... Iba. for 25c 25c Graham or Soda Fresh Large Ranch OR* Eggs doz. *WV Campbell's. Pork and e A Beans ....'..... WV No. 2i/a Heavy Syrup : I A. Peaches can ' Wv Ginger/Snaps or Fig Bars... ib. Spuds OK-lb. lOc 33c for 25c 25c cans Z5C for Tomato Sauce Oval Sardines ^ for No. 1 tall can Sardines In Natural M Juice ** for Flat cans Alaska Sockeye and Red O ~ ~~ Salmon \... O Can A Corn O for Can Corn, Peas, Tomatoes, Kraut, Homing, String II Beans si Strongheart Dog M Food ^ cans BIG SPECIAL ON GALLON CANS OF FRUIT Red Sour Pitted Cherries gal. Blackberries gal. Apples gal. Gooseberries gal. 2-lb. Jar Peanut 9K«* Butter :. *wG Golden Age Maca- M 9Of* roni or Spaghetti*) pkgs. SiVv Premium Coupons in Each Pkq. Bisquick . 9Qp 39c 45c 50c Drifted Snow Flour "Home-Perfected?' 24'/ 2 -lb. Sack. 19-lb. Sack. 62c $1.19 Del Monte Corn Del Monte Peas. , Del ( Monte Bests Can Oysters Pint can Ripe ' Olives Fancy Prunes Pint Catsup Jsll-well for Ibs. 6 for for Mission Bell Toilet C Soap .............. ™ Longhorn Cheese ................ Ib. Large Toilet g lOc !5c lOc 25c lOc 25c lOc 25c 25c I8c Paper. Tuna Shrimp Bread Pink Beans. IOC can IOC loaf 5C 10 lb , 34c Large No. 2 can Namco Whole « Clams Navy Beans Rice for 35c 10 38c 6 , b , 25c Quart Jar Mayonnaise and JC~ pint Relish Spread 496 IXL Chill Con " " |||. Carne I DC Parlor' Broom Large pkg. Peet's or Mermaid Washing A Powder *> Crystal White lift Soap IU Lighthouse Cleanser V for 3-lb. box Macaroni Large pkg. A Wheaties •• for Wheat Pops or A Rice Pops •» for Large pkg. Quick Quaker Oats Bulk T. N. T. 3 25c for bars Popcorn. SHANNON'S QUALITY MARKET Pot Roast, From Young Tender Beef Ib. Nice Lean Rib Boll Ib. 7c Pig Pork Roast, Shoulder Cuts. .Ib. 8c Leg o' Pork, Half or WhQle. .Ib. lie Pork Loin Roast... .Ib. He Leg b' Lamb. .Ib. I6c Lean Pork Stejk 2 ,. 22c Fresh Ground Hamburger.... W Ibs 3 , bs 25c Pure Lard or Compound., 4 ,„, 24e Bacon, Half or Whole Piece lb. Sirloin Steak 11* 2 ,„, 25e VISIT OUR MARKET Rib and Round Steak ..Ib. Fresh Spareribs AND SAVE MONEY I5o 2 , DB 22c VEGETABLE DEPARTMENT Bulk Dates. Ibs. 25c San Emldlo A Jules Orannei.... • doi. 25e Cauliflower .head I0e Qrapsfrult '0 for I5C Bcllefleur or Pippin V 9Rl» Aooles • Ibs. s»IH» lOc Apples Celery, large stalks for Artichokes for 25c All Bunch Veaetablts. for 5c Cranbirrlas Ibs. 35e Ysms or Sweet IA Potatoes IV Ibs. 25c Lettuce AVOCADOS. GRAPES, EGGPLANTS AND STRAWBERRIES TODAY'S NEWS FROM SHAFTER SHAFTER, Jan. 10.—Mr. and Mrs. allace Regoster are the parents of ;wln boys born Monday afternoon at .he Mrs. Abo Strauss homo. One ot the boys weighed 7. and tho other 9 jounds. Mr. Regester Is an employe of .he Santa F"o Railroad and at present s taking tho place of H. L. Hetz. Mrs. Ltegoster was formerly I^aura Qloeck- er. Mrs. Wedge, librarian, announces that the library will be open on Saturday mornings from 9 until 12. H. I* Hetz, who has been 111 with a grippe for the past two weeks, Is Improving slowly. It will be some tlmo before he will be Well enough to resume his work ,as agent at the Santa I o depot. The eighth grade pupils at (the Richland School have been taking, the Constitution test during the last few Mrs. R. S. Carter, who has been confined to her bod for the past month. Is Improving very slowly. Her illness was brought on by the.shock of tho sudden death of her daughter, Bessie. It Is sincerely hoped by her many friends that she will soon be able to perform her regular duties. Mr. and Mrs. I, M. Upton and three sons, Robert, Donald and Ernest of Arvln, drove down Sunday to spend the day with Mrs. Upton's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Carter. Mrs. 'Herbert Mldgley and daughter Frances were callers at the R. S. Carter homo Sunday afternoon. Mrs. .P. H, Grant, assisted by Mrs. George I,. Myers, recently gave A. R, Duohron a surprise party. Those present were Sam Ijachenmaler, R. J. Myers, Dorothy Sargent, Betty Hamblen of Lost Hills, Ifinrl AVlllford, Bill Srtimldt and R. S. Duehren. Tho motif was pink and green, Refreshments consisted of fruit salad, coffee and Mr. Duohren's birthday' cake. Tho 'Junior Sewing Circle of the Monnonlto Brethren church will meet at the home of Rubena SchultB Monday evening at 7 o'clock. The members will do quilting and fancy work. The Swiss Bell Ringers from the Bible Institute of Los Angeles will give a program nt the Mennonlto church Friday evening at 7:80.- The public is c-ordlally Invited. There will bo no charge. The American Legion Auxiliary held Its regular meeting Tuesday evening. Tho following new members were InU, t la tod: Rose Zimmerman, Jean Latin., Lilly Harmon, Elizabeth Tngram, Nol- lle Chlldors, all of Shnfter, and Anna Roberts of Frultvalo. Mrs. Lois Berry was chairman of tho program committee and Mrs. Glen Nay of the refreshment committee. Friends of Irene Ingram Pelot of Inglewood received announcements Tuesday morning of tho birth of a 5- pound. 8-ounco baby daughter on January 4. The little one's name is Wllnm Irene. Tho Wednesday evening bridge club meeting was postponed until January 25. tt will bo held at Mary Grunt's homo. SHAFTER, Jan. 10.— It has been de- bldad that the high school will publish an annual this year. A staff of editors Is being formed by a committee made up of E. J, Peery, Mrs. Lohronz Wolns, staff adviser/Editor Reynold Mettler, Business Manager William Johnson, and Murray Arnold. ' • Publishing an annual, according to those who have had. experience In that, line, Is a great deal of work and must bo done carefully. The theme of this year's publication Is football, to honor the season of succesful recreation which the local team has enjoyed. REBEKAH LODGE MEETS MARICOPA, Jan. 19.— Marlcopa Re- bekalv Lodge No. 319 met recently in the Odd Fellows hall. It was tho first mooting of tho new year under the recently Installed officers for 193H, Mrs. Mnble Bond, noble grand, and Mrs. William Devlne, vice-grand. Following tho meeting a surprise party was held In the banquet hall, tho occasion being tho birthday of Mrs. Delia Shoemaker. Many gifts were received by the guest of honor. Mrs. Mable Bond and Mrs. William Devine were in charge of arrangements, AT JANZEN. HOME SHAFTER, Jan. 19. — The C. S. E. Club met 'at the home of Mrs. H. R. Janzen Tuesday afternoon. The following members were present: Mrs. A. B. Fox, Mrs. J. P. Harris, Mrs. C. a. Llnquist, Mrs. S. M. Bobst, Mrs. H. M. Bobst, Mrs. Elmer Chinberg, Mrs. W. H. Sanderson, Mrs. J. S. Harris and Mrs. E. G. Kolbenstetter. The club will meet In two weeks at tho home of Mrs. E. G. Kolbenstetter. INSTALLATION PLANNED MARICOPA, Jan. 19.— Installation of officers of Delano Odd Fellows and Rebekah lodges will be held Saturday evening In the Delano ' Odd • Fellows hall with tho installation team of District 75, composed of members of tho Marlcopa lodgo In charge/ The Installing team of district deputy grand officers consists of Clifford Helms, district deputy grand-master, assisted by William Dovlne, D. D. G. marshal; Wesley Parmenter, D. D. G. warden; Virgil Hslter, D. D. G. chaplain; R. F. Deaton, D. D. G. Inside guardian; T. A. Lambert, D. D. G. secretary, and W. H. Bryant, D. D. G. treasurer. . SEWINO CLUB MEETS McPARLAND, Jan. 10.— Miss Ethel Hosier was hostess to the members of the Happy Hour Sowing Club at her home on California avenue Tuesday night. After an hour spent at hand sewing, tho girls enjoyed a social hour and tho hostess, assisted by her mother, Mrs. F. L. Hosier, served refreshments. Enjoying the meeting were: Mesdames. Earl Prior, Albert Lehman and. Harold McCall, Misses Fern Williams, Leonore Dumke, Ruby and Thelma Chavers, Ethel, Vedu. arid Eunice Moomaw, 'TIET CONSTIPATION DULL THE IOY OF LIVING Kelloffg's ALL-BRAN Relief - Brings MEETING POSTPONED FELLOWS, Jan. 19. — Mrs C. A. Brand, president of the 'Aremo Club, O. B. S., announces the postponement of the regular meeting of tho club from January 24 to February 7. On Saturday evening, January 2, the Club will serve a "Jitney" dinner at the Masonic temple. LEMUCCHI GROCERY 725 East Nineteenth Street—East Bakersfield Phone 1869 Free Delivery Imported Olive Oil, All Brands gal. Vz Gal., $1.08; Qt., 60c; Pt., 36e Imported Anchovies 2-lb. 3-oz. tin 31/2-01. Fancy Pack Jar, 22c Imported Antipaste 6-oz. tin Imported Olives, Almond Stuffed 7-oz. jar Imported Dried Mushrooms per oz. Imported Mushrooms, Buttons 8-oz. tin 4^oz. Tin, 17c Imported French Roquefort Cheese..Ib. 22o Me 47c Imported Gorga.nzola Cheese Ib. Imported Swiss Cheese/ Ib. Imported Parmesan Cheese Ib. (Grated or Piece) Italian Salami Ib. Medaglla Brand Salad Oil gal. 38e 73e Butter, Danish. .Ib. 22c Coffee,' Hill* Bros... Ib. 2 Ibs., 63c Snowdrift .3-lb. tin Catsup, Del A AE. Monte, Large.. * for CUv Chocolate, Wellman, 11/2-lh. Pantry Jar.... Sugar, Pure Cane... V Ibs. (Cloth Bag) |f| IV Longhorn * ID* Cheese Ib. I OB Peaches, or Apricots, Trupak, No. 1 A Mf|290 Tins. for Soap, Crystal IA White Ill bars 25e Drifted Snow Flour 26,.660 Crackers, Better Bett—One Ib. Sodas and One Ib. 9fi* Grahams..' all for MiWV Potatoes, U. S. ' No. 1 25-lb. sack 39c Sperry Wheat Hearts, 1-lb. 4-oz. Box Free With Large Sperry Pancake Flour Constipation takes the sunshine out of your days. It may bring headaches, loss of appetite and energy, sleeplessness, sallow skins, pimples. If neglected, it can seriously impair health. Fortunately, you can avoid this condition by eating a delicious cereal. Laboratory tests show that Kellogg's ALL-BRAN provides two things needed to overcome common constipation: "bulk" and vitamin B. ALL-BRAN is also a rich source of blood-building iron. The "bulk" in ALL-BRAN is mucK like that of leafy vegetables. Within the body, it forms a soft mass. Gently, it clears out,the intestinal wastes. How much better than dosing yourself with patent medicines. Two tablespoonfuls of ALL-BRAN daily are usually sufficient. With each meal in chronic cases. If not relieved this way, see your doctor. Get the red-and-green package 1 at your grocer's. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. pouto " I00£k $1.25 25. Ib. sack ......... 33o 3 for IOC WASHINGTON MARKET PHONE 1083 1917-1919 L Street. FREE DELIVERY Friday and Saturday Specials Horn o' Plenty Brand Tomato Catsup; 10/* large bottle J-Vl Peet's Granulated Soap; large package.. 17c Pure Cane Sugar.... 6 Ib8 25c Quick Quaker Oats large pkg. 15c Our Choice O Corn; No. 2s O can* 23c Van Camp's or Campbell's f? „ Pork and Beans... .can tlv/ Purex .quart bottle lie Purex .small bottle 6c Pink Beans ./» O Ibs. Rancho Coffee. 3 , b , 43c Pot Roaat Beef.... .ib. 9c Sirloin Steak. ib 15c Round Steak. .Ib. 15c Hamburger 2 , bs 17c Pork Chops. 13c Pork Roast. ,b lOc Pork Sausage. 2, b8 17c Longhorn Cheese . ib. 15c Oleomargarine 2 ,bs 15c Butter, 0-i Cloverbloom Ib. ^J-v/ Cabbage Ib. Ic Bunch Vegetables. 2for5C Lettuce 2 forSC Juice Orangss ' 4 doz. 25c Apple*, Fancy Winesap, Dell- clous, Spitzenburg and Rome Beauty.. Ib. PIKE'S GROCERY Ibs. I "|^ I •« OR* *WV «JK* £VU Sunshine Krlspy Crackers. Butter, . Danish Ib. Chipso I at* ..large llH» Eggs, Fresh Ranch, Large doz. Corn, S. & W. « P t aby Kernel.. W for Pears, Del Monte large Chocolate, Sweet Ground Ib. Wlnesap -| Apples....... • Strawberries, in Heavy Syrup....can We Feature Golden Crust a*nd Butternut Bread Full 1-lb, Loaves, Sliced 2 for 15c 24-oz. Loaves, Not Sliced,' 10c Tomatoes, Our Choice, Large Cans.. Peas, Our •Choice Peas, Wellman Small Sieve Sauerkraut, Trupak large Shrimp, American Beauty Salmon, Alaska Red tall Heinz Oven-Baked Beans, t New Style •*, Cans W Kraft's Kitchen Fresh Mayonnaise Pints, 29c Quarts, 49c FRIDAY AND SAT 302 H STREET

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