The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on July 13, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1894
Page 7
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I DAILY AND WBKKLt. ALL HOME PRINT. TMB BifrTtMBL is the obit newBkMper in car tell county that Is printed all at home and It con •Ins more local and county news than any othe two papers in this count*. POWHBB A COLCLO, FKIDAV, JTJJLT 18, 1894. PEOPLE; AND EVENTS. PBBNDBBCrASl? WUNO. Patrick Eugene Prendergael paid the penalty of his crime npon the gallows today at 12 o'clock. The assassin ol Mayor Harrison, after one of the., moe hotly contested and stubbornly fought legal buttles, has at last been bang for the orimej be committed eight months •go. ' • ttlippers at Moore i Fine shoes repaired at Moore's. Best shoo blacking at Moore's. The best fl.OO work shoes Bt Moore's. To rent, a seven room house on north Bide. J- A. McNEi Desirable rooms in dwelling for rent. A. II. QUINT. Pabst's Hofbrau beer always on tap a Henry Theirs'. Window screens and screen doors at Martin & Clovis'. Wire door mate with your name woven in, at,Martin &. Clovis'. Frank Hagan. of Arcadia, was a pleasant caller at this office today. Today ii the time set for; tj«e hanging of Patrick.Eugene Prendergast,, Inquire prices on screen doors and windows and Hocking Valley coel at Joyce's. Babr carriages for sale at cost at Woodring's furniture store for a few days only. Pimples, bolls and other humors ot the bloud •re liable to break out In the warm weather. Prevent It by taking Hood's sarsaparllla. For jaundice and- liver complaint, Ayer's Pills are better than any other. They do not contain a particle of calomel. Do not spoil.-your shoes with inferior dressings, but if you would 1 like something good and nice, you will find it at Moore'i. . The funeral services over the remains of Mrs. O. T. Wadsworth will be held this evening at the residence at 8 o'clock' instead of tomorrow morning, as announced. The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Spencer of Omuha was brought to this city for interment in the city cemetery. The mother is better known to many of our readers as Miss Dora Evans. Ralph Griffith left this afternoon for Ohurdan, Iowa, to accept a position in the tonsorlal rooms of E. M. Pentz at thaE place. Ralph is a deserving young man and will render valuable assistance. The members of Signet lodge are requested to meet at Mi sonic hall tomorrow, Saturday morning, at 7 o'clock to escort the remains of Mrs. O. T. Wadsworth to the train. A full attendance is requested. The members of the Eastern Star are requested to meet this evening at Masonic hall at 7:15 to attend the funeral services of Mrs. O. T. Wadsworth. It is the earnest desire of the offlcitls that every member be present. Chairman Illy the of toe Republican party of this state, hM again taken, the bit to his mouth a'pd postponed the con vonlion until the 20th. There is a general howl in the party against it, but what Olalms thfct the Carroll Stars do not give them fhlr play. We have been unable to see the captain of the Stars and cat not give hie side of the controversy. But we rather BUspect that the Stars are not spoiling fora meeting with the Qlidden players again, as they won onegauie add are a little suspicious of the result in the event that another game Is played. The Ames Times has the following complimentary notice of D. M, Grove, a formerCnrroll county boy: "The nominee ^or auditor is, a resident of Nevada, where he is engaged in the implement business and IB verv successful. While Mr. Qrove is not an old resident of the county, he has been here quite a while, and has proven himself to be .a bustler and n thorough business man, aud when he assumes the duties of auditor of Story county on the first of, next January, he ill from the very, start give the people an administration of the affairs of that office that will be highly satisfactory." Mr. Grove is a bright young man and it will please his friends in this county to learn of his good tortnne. As Story county has, about. 1,500 Republican majority Mr. Grove will undoubtedly be elected and will make a model official. THE ConNEit STONK LAID. Last evening the corner, stone to the new Germania'hall was placed in position. The stone Is not a very large one, but it IB sufficiently large for all purposes. A tin box was placed in the stone in which wps deposited ajist of the. members of the society, its officers, a copy of he newspapers of the city, and such other souvenirs as were considered appropriate to be filed away in the archives of the building. The Northwestern band furnished, the music for,, the occasion, .Owing, to the absence of the. president, V t . Hinrichi took charge of the ceremony. He made a very appropriate speech to the audience n forming them that the object the socle- y had in mind in undertaking the work of erecting so costiy a building was that t would have a place of. its own for iolding its meetings and also to furnish a i all to he the. public as. an opera house. As it would be fitted up with all he latest appliances, it. would furnish ust such a hall SB had long been desired by the citizens. Peter Whalen and John McAllister placed the stone in position. After this was dope, John Loebel, contractor, made a speech to, the society in German which was heartily applauded. The building is irogressing nicely aud it is the intention f the society to have it completed by ieptembcr 15, when a first-class troupe will be secured to dedicate it. This will IB made the .occasion t'Or a special pro;ram which our citizens should all take n interest in, for thu hall when competed will cost close on to. f 10,000, and will be a credit to our city. THE VIGILANT AND CAPTAIN HAFF. lant, last year's BuccesBf^ defender of the America's oup. is now *nPr W ^™n S £ e tr § £ w ,r 1 . by G?or ?f and Howard Goufl and. ta ^™™.anded by Captain Hank Hatf, the famous skipper who has several times successfully'sailed Yankee yachts choisen fe defend the America's 5up. ar« they going to do? JPhen traveling, whether on pleasure ' bent, or business, Uke on every trip a bottle of Syrup of FtKs, as It acts most pleasantly and effectually on the kidneys, liver and bowels, preventing fevers, headaches and other form* of sickness. For sale in Buy. and $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Manufactured by the California Fl« Syrup Co. only. "Bo sure you get Ayur'b" Is an import •tut caution to all In search of a thoiou^h- ly-rellable olood-purlfter, Aycr's Bar8«|>»- rllla being the one ou whluh tl>ere can b« no manner "f doubt. It has stood the test of nearly half u century, and has long been considered tbtt standard. Last Friday was tho anniversary »f the Poinoroy cyclone. Hpoaiul services wore lield In remeiubrtincu of tbat fearful day. Ex-Governor Doles presided, The memo. rial services wore very solemn and culled to life many snd recollections of tbat day wfeeu the tcmpost wrought such havoc to life and property. W. II. Nelson, who U In the drug biul l naSB ut Klugvlllo, Mo,, has so much coiill- dODoe Iu Olmwburlalii'H cullo, oholoru and dl»rrli«i>a remedy that do wwrnuts ovury botllu »ud offoratorofuud'the uionuy Iu auy ou6toi»ar vt Ita ^ nut BiUUUud after us luglt, Mr. NeUou Ukesiio rlwk In doing tliH uuoauso tiiu iiuutiily Is a certain cure for tliudlBUttsmi for which It IB Intended •n,d he knows It. It U for *ali> by J. IK. A horuo klokud II . S. Sliafur, of the Kruo- Hiv«r house, A/liJOlcbui'g, N. V., uu U" 1 knee, which lulil him up Inu^il uudcftuswU the kuao joint to become tttilf. A friend rooomminiUod him U> uao UUviuuvrlnlu 1 * n»|u balui, whic.h lia did, »nd fn two day* w»u uhlu Iu bo uruuiul. Mr. fihafec lias re- aauimeiult'd it tu nuiuy uthers aud suys it is uKuollout for any kind of A bruUw or «pr»>u . Tula Bauju i'fuiedy U »Uo fiiuiutm for U« cures of cliuuumtlam. Fur »»lo by J, W. HaUuu.aruggUt. f Up WM)t»nj of ttw «ull«icg ba§« b»i|l te»m »t Gllclduu publltfUos u ouiuwunl- catitn in today'a puptir iu which Itu PfcAX EDITOBS SBNTINBI.: In your, ie- ne of June 29th we issued challenge to the Carroll Stars to play return gome of ball, or a. series.of two r three, games, which the Stars claim ley aeoepted.making game to be played Carroll July 15,' which would Dot a return game. Tbe only place a re- urn game can be played is on grounds f the challenging team, when they have Iready played one game OQ grounds ot earn challenged. They also staled that game must be played on Sunday, knowing that our team would not play on tbat day, and to farther show tbat snob was their knowledge will eay they have now arranged to play another team on tbe Saturday. It the Stars do not want to play us another game we would ba pleased to etanding in. the telegram. Mr. Korte oonolnded there,was not enough testimony to obnviot and retarned home Saturday afternoon. $XOO Reward, 81OO. The readers, of .this paper «|lil be pleased to learflthafthorelsatleaitoue, dreaded disease thHt science has been able to cure In all its stages* »nd that is catarrh. fail's'catarrh cure Is the' only positive care now known t) the medical' fraternity, qatarrh being a opnstltutlonal dls- NW«, requires a cpa^tUatlonal treatment, catarrh cure Is taken Intwpallr, acting directly upon tbei blood and mucous surfaces of the ays tern! thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building uo the constitution and assisting iia tare In doing It* work. Tne nrpprletors have so much faith lr< Its curative powers, that they oilier one hundred dollars .for any case that I nils to. pure. Send for list of testimonials. Address, F. J. CHENEY 4 CO., Toledo, O. |&-aoid by druggists, 76c. People's Party. The People's Party congressional con ventipn is called for July 20. at 1 p: m. at Uumboldi. Carroll county will be on titled to seven dcleijat- 1. The committee requests tbat the county convention be beld at the court house of the various counties Saturday, July 21, for the pur poeo of selecting delegates to attend, the congressional convention. J. E. ANDKHSON, Chairman. For Sale. I have thirteen brood sows, some heavy with pi^, and twenty shoats weighing day evening and to Hadea the eume waj. SANTA. from twenty-five to seventy-five pounds each, which I will seil at a reasonable price. Inquire at THE SENTINEL ottUe or C. JENKINS. have them Bay to, otherwise -show ue respect enough to answer letters we write them, and show their willingness to meet, us ball way. We ask nothing but what ia fair, and our former challenge yet holds good. We have a good grounds now and would be pleased to initiate lama witb a game between Carroll and Qlidden. Oiiddeu College U»*- Ball Team, L. E On 11 •-, Manager. Olidden, 11., July 12, 18'Jl Reporter. Doru to A. W. Bottauud wife Wednesday, July 4, 1894,9£ pound boy. Niak Tboru and Abbie Davis were married Tuesday at the residence of Itobert Sapp, iu Kiohlaud towueulp. ThaO. M.&Ht.l', oommenoed taking •took at this pluoe yesterday, aud a'l freight trains are now ruuuiug. The Htriku seema to be over, witb this oom. pauy ut leant> A Bt, Louis brewing company baa purchased I wo uorea of ground oue mile north ot |{ie «lty limits of Perry, juat over the line iu Boone oouuty, aud will a euloou uud beer garden, A of Perry Iwtde to the plooe, ami u>e antloipated trattlo is eo great Ibat a motor Hue It talked uf nlrwdy, Perry iui»l( ia Hulpoulwii. J. H. Pike (juueed the nrrest ot Mre. May Barber and bur husband, William for the orima of lurueuy, Tue WUB eat for Friday at !i o'otoek before Unatwr, The uouuty attorney wue to appear aud proatwate but (uil- •J to put iu au opp«ttrauoa, BO the j«is- were ditoburged and both oaaw di»wl«»»d. Hewrlvwd B«turduy worn- ioj, however, there beiog IOB. Ice season has now begun and the wag< on is now out. Leave your orders at the office of A. U. Quint or M. Simon's si ore. Sl'KCIAL. . Your choice of twenty-five patterns of Trouserings made to order, 10 50 to f 7.50; regular prices, f 8 50 to $13.00. We must close thesu goods, and you will reap tbe benefit. HOSBS SIMON of the Famous. lea, Rich & Todd are now ready, to deliver Ice, They desire the patronage of their old customers and all others who.are 'n need of first class Ice. and prompt delivery. We guarantee satisfaction. Leave orders at Todd & McAllister's lunch room. R/cnt & TODD. CORRESPONDENCE. I Correspondents, to luiurft the publication of tiielr lettan to tbe weekly, mutt mall ttmm tlier will roach our office WednMdar.J , ONION TOWNSHIP. Mr. Letting well's granddaughter from Omaha is visiting relatives beie. Mr. Disqu visited here over the Fourth. Most of the oats will be cut this week. Mrs, Hall has gone to Qulhrie count/ to visit a tew weeks. Mr. Lewis Johnson, of. Greenville, visited his brother Lawrence last week. Mr. and Mrs. D. Dulun spent the Fourth at Coon Rapids with relatival aud friende. I'LBABANT HILL. the buy lauda was in order last week. E. Shlrkey and wife attended the Broiuk-Pietig wedding last week. O»t8 harvest has begin ou the Hill with iudiffi'rupt sucotiPB in saving tbe 01 op. Our po«toflioe WHS uotn(T«sted by Ibe awlury change iu Ibis state. Mwwr«. Bquirea aud Kesver buve leased the Waldrou paiture iu order to recruit their pastures, tbe feed beiug abort. Jno. Kulghl, farmer tor 0, Ohrler ue«r Currolltou, r«oautly left bis employer and several other purlins to mourn bia abaeuoe uuiinoially. Mr. A Uroiok aud \vf» buva boguu life awoug us iu Urst olu-^i ahapa and we good wishes for their welfare, Whon it OCOIHB that wo buve outlived oar ueefulueae us correspondent, we think (he "Juuior" will euy ao without otber folk ttiukiug in their clack. We that tbe surest route to the peDiteutiary i« to ride a bioyole ou Buu- TEMPLETOM. Miss Waldmnn has retarned from Council Bluffs, where she wee attending college. Frank Roth has purchased a top buggy. Farmers have laid their corn, by, eome »reTeapiog barley, Mies, Mary Elooke bas returned from Omaha. Bernard Eettmann has ended hie tin d yearle, study at St. Franoia Seminary in Wisoonein. Mr. and Mrs., Wm. Roth spent Sunday at Arcadia, ae did Mieses Joeepbine and Franoia Both. Jno. Sahliote is tbe father of n bright young Democrat. Dr. Patty, who baa been at Carroll for eotnei time, bas returned to oar city. We are pleaeed to see him back. , Quite a number from Willey spent Sunday in onr city and several of them wflhs gneata of Jos. Erlemire. M.esirB. Jno. and Qeo. Wale and Miss Hsttie, of Mt Carmel, were visiting in this locality. Ted and Anna Sohoappner , went to Manning to celebrate and n number of our oitizans were there O)B«. Jno. Sablioto was at Omn'. i recently in the interest of the creamery, ae also were P. Hoohetotter and W. 0. Scott. Died, Greatgrandfather Campbell, Juue 27, at the'ripe old age ot 84 years, seven mouths He passed sway quietly, big dis- eabe being tbat ot old age. Mr. Campbell leavesa wife with whom be spent sixty-five happy years, and eleven children and many old and young friends to mourn bia loss. Ten of his children followed him to hie resting place, where be was laid Friday at the Eden cemetery by Rev. Roberts of the If. E. church. Mr. Campbell was one of tbe beet men in town and was loved by ell. The following tbe program given by the school children: Entrance march. Welcome fddreee. Song—'Twee long ago. Sunflowers. Chorus—Patriotic Glee. Doll drill. Tableau. Drama—Pie vogel orgcl. Flag ilrill and aoug. Die Muaikanteu. Hoop drill. Columbian exercise. Deolarnatipn—Reveree of the mttlal. Chorus—Alpouj ueger. Obiuatnan. Dumb bell drill. Chorus—Gathering home. Closing address and tableau. AH those taking part did nicely eud tbe sisters deaerves praise for the^xottllent er iu which they had'drilled and instructed all ot those on the program, i'he house was crowded by friends ot tbe pupils and all were well pleased. Jnlv 11. BIN. KA6T I41UUITV AMD UDOK HU8J. HUH dry, Corn Is Itild by; it iweds ruin. out, barley au.d oata harvest |n Huuliug water ia a new industry. Johu Uiukley is drilljug a well for Youug Moor*. Fred Luah«r will have his wiud mill bin wiiak, Mrs. Jasae Mavity^ud doURhler Muy tire vieitiug 0, W. Suudersou'a fuinly. Herman Beat atuitt>d for Nebraska ou tne 4th to wse sister who i* critically ill. Last week we omitted to state that lieidesel uwd Mr.Sliearer bad new Wind millsjto repioce the ooee wrecked i the late storm. The meetings at the Taberuaole con tibne dnrifag the Week; are expected t o'ose on the 16th, Mr. Btobplder, of Mount VermoD, frfend of Bev. Mr. Hughes ia assiatin him in tbe tflberuncle meetings. Mr, Burden is receiving medical treat moot at Lake City. Mrs. Cnlvin bus been quite sick th past week with iDfleamntion of the storn aob. She is better now. JIM. Carroll Market Report COttN—28 OATS—8fc ; HOGS—84. 25 POTATOES BU'i'TEU-12ctoi6 EGOS—7c CATThE-82.OOto2.25 WANTED.' An notive agent in each county in the United States, to solicit subscriptions for the Twice-a-Week Republic. A hber'a" commission will be paid to hustlers. At! rlrees, superintendent circulation, The Republic, St. Louts. Mo. TOUBIST BXOUftSiOi^ TICKETS At reduced rates to the principal summer resoits of tne United States are now on sale via T|ie North-Western L'ne For Particulars apply to agents Chicago & R'y T3EMEMBER there A V are hundreds of brands of White Lead (so called) on the market that are not White Lead, composed largely of Barytes and other cheap materials. But the number of brands of genuine Strictly Pure White Lead is limited. The following brands are standard "Old Dutch" process, and just as good as they were when you or your father were boys: "Southern," "Red Seal," " Collier," "Shipman." FOR COLORS.—National Lead Co. 1 * Pure White Lead Tinting Colon, a one-pound can to a 35-pound keg of Lead and mix your own paints. Saves time and annoyance in matching shades, and Insures the best paint that it is possible to put on wood. Send us a postal card and get our book on paints and color-card, free j it will probably save you a good many dollars. NATIONAL. LEAD CO. St. Louis Branch, Clark Avenue and Tenth Street, St. Louts. Know Thyself. How Important this Injunction to every young m«nl How many ruin their he Hlth nnrt future happiness through pernicious practices contracted In Ignorance and repented ot when too late. Parents, gntirdmns and humanitartnne can do no better service to the rifling generation, tlmn to plftcn In their hands the Information and warnings contained In a little book carefully prepared by nn association of medk'Hl ventlo- men, who have had vast experience In dealing with the erave maladies here hinted at, and who feel that they owe It to humanity to warn the ronnvofthe land against certain destructive habits which are fnr more prevalent tlmn any layman can possibly Imagine, and which, If persisted in, gradually undermine the constitution and health, and destroy the future happiness of the victim. Cut out this notice and enclose It with ten cents In stamps (to pay postage) to World's Dispensary Medical ANSI elation, 663 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y., atd the b-iok will be, sent, f retire from observation In a plain sealed envelope. THE VALE! OFMINNBKAHTA IB the title of a beautifully illustrated booklet recently issued, descriptive of the Hot Springs, South Dakota, and the efficacy of their waters for the cure of rheumatism, neuralgia and kindred diseases. Copy of this pamphle will be mailed free by W \A Thrall, General Passenger Agont,Chicago & North-Western railway, Chicago, 111., upou receipt of'request, enclosing two-cent Plunp 18flO o:— —:o 1894 GRAND Jubilee Celebration — OP THE — FIRST GERMAN SETTLEMENT IN CARROLL COUNTY At Mt. Carmel, JULY 15 and 16 A aalute of 25 guns at sunrise will open the emorable days. T.vo brass bands will furnish music during the festivities. Also orchestra music. There will be spools! entertainments for the young people, Including Wheelbarrow races, Greased pole climbing, Sack races, nod other Interesting games. The ladles will Inaugurate a great fishing party In which everyone can take liart. A steam merry-go-'round will give enjoyment to all. The Carroll Turn-Verelu will produce a large and Interesting program, Including Pyramids, Mouse Traps, Giant Swings, Stick Drill,' also athletic exerilses on the bars. The singing section will be grand In the jew humorous and Interesting selections. On Monday forenoon a grand parade will take piuce. •a-Everybody Invited. Come, everybody! celebrate these memorable days witb at. THE COMMITTEE. NEXT DOOR WEST OF POSTOFFICE K yon want to sava raonav read this, yon know that it is the nimble dime that makes the mighty dollar. We will nave yon dimee on your small pnrormeaa tnH dollars on your larger ones. Our potions niul small wares will ba aold at the following low prioea all thin woek : IOC 1 DC 1 0 DC 1 C OQ Warren & Lindsay's hose supporters (children's), per pair ............................ Warren & Lindsay's hose supporters (ladies'), per pair .................................. Best knitting cotton, full weight, per ball ..... Swan bill hooks and|eyes, per card ......... . Adamantine pins, per paper Best English pins, per paper — Best gold eyed noedles, per paper Japanned hair pins, per package Best English hair pins, per box ............... Best vulcanized rubber hair pins, each ....... ; 2^, 3, 5, 7^, lOc Best steel (Countess) hnirjorimpers, per pair. . . IOC Boat steel hair waivers, per pair Imported feath«r stitoh braid, per bunch 25 cent pursua and pooket books, each ......... Qeuuiue hair cloth brushes, each Whisk brooms with Japuimed handle, eaoh. . Flash Brushes, each Superior tootli.bvuHlies.jJeuch bristle imil brushes, each .............. 10(3 IOC IOC Ladies' solid louthur bull*, each ................ Tha bast crouhet cotton (Olajrk's) in white, cream and oinbre, pay ball ....... ........ M A 17 \TT \ For Amsterdam «Uk mitts, the beet iu tUe world JJvlN 1 \ EVKBY PAIU WAWUNim our children's cap*, at ..... JiJu,, Uiu., d5o. ami iJOc. just bait priiv fgv tunn, at v ONIC J'HIOE UASH STOWB, J /* I 1 1 1 fV VI W I L. la* .'A.,,...

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