Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 9, 1928 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 9, 1928
Page 3
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^-^.r. ----. THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. MONDAY R^^NTHQ. JANUAllY 9; 1928. ^ .1 PAGE THBEE "Mrs. Eiiiabeth Be<k is reported 111 at her home, 602 East street. '—Special reductions on Pants this month. AVe make them, $7.50. Jo-ft, The Tailor. - Prof. L. H. thoiiiiison, teacher of Anierlca;n HiBtory and debate at lola high school, is at St.. Johns hospital for treatment for an infected hand. It will probablr be several; days before he will be able to meet with his classes. [ "Xre YiMi n .HHsonl?: —lola Junior Cnllefje play Thursday. Jan. 12.1 Tickets on yale at 'J', v.' Morchanit's t<j)morrow. -.Miss Paul'ii^e Trowbridge,' who ha-s beeii ill for -the past two weeks of flu and pneumonia, ex - pccts to be alble to return to her wrork jfs bookkeeper at the Hobart Motor company tomorrow. : —Clean white raps wanted at the KeKlstor office; will pay li>c lb. ^ Mr. and .Mrs. K K. Ware, of Coeur n .Mfiie. Idaho, arrived in ibia .Satu'rday evoninfi for a vi.sit •with -Mrs! Wares brother. Mr. V. B. ^pencer. .MrC Ware went to Pittsburg this niorniuR to look after some business inlere.-^l.s he has tiiere. They. re]>ort that at the Joined here fo Mrs. Mirj- Weeks, of Fourth btreet. -^le Reglste^ Paul more st Allcnto for a weeks. Mrs. Johnaot; a third morning on som|etlme stones. F. >\-eeks. of a visit with Garnett, is Ihls mother 414 South n.white rags wjinfed at th office; will Fegely, of 311 lay 10c lb. Xorfh .Syca-' STOCKHARKET ' ISNT REGULAR Pricie Movemehts Are Far From Uniform During Trading .New York. Jan. 9. fAP>; — Price inovementK lacked uniformity . in today'.s stock market. Stan(|ard induBtrial.s /were inclined to hcavl- ne .'^ji. particularly after the call J -eet,.left Saturday night for'money rate was marked up from en. Pa., and Netv York City •* to per cent, hut. aggressive Vacation of about three bullish operations were conducted in a small as.soriraent'of foods and ."••pecialffps-. TradInK falh'd to measure uji to the terrific pace of last week, i Higher call money rates follow- —Spe.ial for this iveek only: Course of six rejtivenliting Burnham fa< iaiH, $')M Pho. Puff Bci uty Shop. Mrs. I. It Drake, w 10 i« in the hospital at crease of the United States wheat J ^ ^-„^ 1 visible supply total. Favorable -If :ou want to biy or biiild., ^.^.X^er for the Argentine wheat City or iuburban property. The lola harlest had .some influence and $0 Buildini: & I»an A8S)ciaU^ *»', likcfwlse did the fact that world make y^u a loan, low ntcrest rate, 'nhii-ments of wheat were riecreas- no com mission. See lovely little suiuiner resort! which i automoU is ivir home they havt h:id four-; ago, arf recovering ler: i Ellis Mjitor;Company. ! return o work this 11 • ••«•«•••. ^t. «•••*' ivrefved cuts about th 16S. Powder! H. D. Ar|ielt. bbannte for 0 (1 the calling of alxjut |25.ooO,Oi'0 in iloans. Mheat K Knirlsli., DEMOCRATS TO VIEW WHITE HOUSE HOPES AT JACKSON DINNER treatmeht and an opi ration, took (.'hlcago, Jan. !•. (Al'i-Persistent - •••'-•I Wood tran» fusion tbis ^.sion house selling had a, bhe will be jperated up-; |„.jjri„i, ctfeti on wheat values toJ this wej-k for gall-j u„y; - despite l..-|.->S.OuO bu.'hels de- G. ki. Pees ing. Corn prices ilisplaye<l rally-, Secretai.v, at old Hegljter building ^ .^r at the" helped bv a southwest corner of ^quare. ,new high price record for the sa- daughter "'^ barley market, putting .Neyman anil P. n. Eleanor of 209 .\ortl< street, fvho were inj ile accident atiout: a werk —lold F. L. v.. LKAVF.l.L, M. D. Special attrition given Diseases lit Colon and Rectum. Electro-Ph.vsiotherapy - • ; da.v. .]ijn. 12. Ticket Office lola State Bank nidg. Phoues -T -HT and Tn.\ barley at above 2 lenls a pound IV 1 i^., whereas corn an<l oats command [ired in ..11 ^^^^^ j^, • i jured ojie of his shot Iders. 1 ison r* \re Yon a M Junior Collegj .1. V, Merchant's toraorrow. The rrport Mr. T I). .Vasli .the old soldier who is being cared for at the home of .Mr. and .Mrs. W. .11. Tester, 216 South Buckeye, is that he passed a veiy ^had night and while he rallied somewhat this niorning little hope is entertained of his recovery. .Mr. Nash is in his ftSth year and is one of the pioneer.^ of Allen county.' W. Siminotis Dr. (•ago V post-c "iduate course pr» V livcrsity. Ho wjll Fridajf. [esterday aftprnoon to take :< ^t .\ort'h>Vest- be home —Ti Fuel le lola Ice Cild,! ICompany .sells qualifb-. Phone 116. Hafohl Kelley wen|t to Chicago r a few days yeste visit. rday afternoon fo —rir. A, B. Twade New Mr been Mrs. ran, Tulsii It. r. O. E. Social Club Card Party Thursday. Junuary 12 , rt at Chih Itoonis. * Phone Mrs. I.Io.vd Carter. 117. or . Mrs. C. X. Swicsett. "20. Please call promplly. Cards at S odork sharp. The proi;ram an<l exoeutiv..' com- •mittees of th* Star Valley tniit of the Wotiien's Fariii Bureau will meet tomorrow aff^rpoon at the home of Mrs. lioutly "Uav. south of Igla. • tor. .Mrf< Milli her" slow rapidly. Mr Wheat closed unsettled. Ij to (i.ved "at the '"Pi 's to cent net lower, corn at was able to ^ shade to cent advance, oajs loaning. He ' •« "l»- and provision.s face and in- ^ cents to 20 cents gain.' Kansas tity Produce. Kansas City. Jan. 9. t .APi—But- playThurs- t»>r: Creamery .52c: large quan- on sale at titles 4Sc; packing 2Sf NEWS EVENTS i OFRUMBOLDT i I»r. Payne Kecoverlnp Satisfactorily Tfrom Injuries Received in .^otor .Vcrident—Lyceum Prosnahi (Joini. i (Frances-Culver) ilir .MIJOLDT. Jan. S.—The .A.rt- elis Dickson Company, entertain- eijs. were the fourth'number-of the Humboldt lycetim course, present- od Saturday evening at the high S( hooj auditorium. This ehtertain- ujent was very well received by Ille audience, and wa .s easily one of the best attractions that have been presented here. The com- j p my was composed of Mr. Dickson.} |ttianager of the company, his wife, i J. J. ITptoii and fnmil.v; Junction. Ifo., spent from Thurs-' day until Sunday at the parental Re.vnolds. home. They also visited at Mrs^'I^a Shepherd's at BronsOBi Mrs. Bythe Dayling helped her tjioUier. Mrs. Tneo. Guder, with her hou^e work from Thursday until Saturday. , NORTH FJVIRVIEW (Mr.s. J. E-j Reynolds) .Ian. 5.—We areihaving real win-j ter- weather with jots of snow. Mrs. 'iuda iWilletts. of Kents.. Wash-, and .Mrs.-^O. J. Horner of' lola! spent Satur^.i.v night at the J. E. Reynolds hnme and Christ-;] mas day with J. J. Upton's. Mr. and Jlrs. jim Tinsley ^nd. sons s^ent AV'ediicsday with hi-r sister, Mrs. Dick Sisson. Mrs^ ^'ettie Coojifield and ('a)igh-S ter. Lucile CoonCield, spent las: week with their daughter and -lis­ ter. Mrs. Howard; .McCioud. -| Mary Reynolds! returned, to her/i AM» OlU PHOXK STJIBERIS »7« GRENNAN'S MARKET Cornel- l;'ast Monroe and Eim Sts. IOL.\. KANS. \S'c Wa'nt Your Poultry, Eggs apd Hides school work afte^ having a week's.' vacation. j Mr. and Mrs. .Uim Tinsley iandj family axe .sta.ijiiig with their- daughter, Mrs. Edrl Sisson iind Mr.: Sissoh. ; • •< •Mrs. S. E. Netdey of Fort Scotfj spent last Week ?»iih''her nephew. lola's Produce House Since 1911 i: (K LOC.mLL, 3Ianager uiid .Miss Uandel. .Mr. Dickson is an uriusua'lly clei'er impersonator, it(id has a robust baritone voice of excellent (luality. His . numbers Were .solos and impersonations done in'costume. .Mrs. Djckson is a. brilliant pianist, and her solo work was (juite pl .?aKing. She also Howard McCiofid has rented the Orville Holeman? plate and will J soon move there.- we understand. ] Mrs. J. E. Rej-nold-s' spent lastJ Thursday with Mrs. J. F. Ros^^. 3 < I i COLDS went fo Chi- plo work proved to be one of tiie iijiost popular parts of the program.-! 11 the numbers were done in cos- inie, with suitable scenic and llpliling effects. The program con- .stcd of four types of music and.! ijnpersonation: Gipsy. Spanish. I'i- i ite and Scotch. .Mrs. K. It. Russell and -Mrs. Fred : Itewart. of Salt Lake City. Ctah. • ho came here Friday to bring the ', Ijody of Dr. E. H. Uus.sell here for iterment. left today for Kansas' '('iry. The.v will remain there only ! ii few days before returning to j Salt Lake I'it.v. ; fjr. O. C. Payne left last night for .Men to tthomlthe Democratic party looktf as possiWeiirtsidi-nttal niiiu-,j Kansas City to spend a-few da.vs Butterfat; 45c; premium e.Mra ' inees—including Governor Alfred E. Smith, of .\ew| Yorkl (upper leift.'with wife and .son. who are living quality .3c. and Senator James E .Reed. of Mis.«ouri. (upper right*;-Will join in d-.s- | in City while the latter is Eggs: Fir.sts nic: seconds 2Tc: • t-ussxoa of paity affaiis at .1 .luckscMi Day banquet in \Va;.-hington. Jau» ;i».ttending thir^Horner Conservatory candled current receipts 36c. ' . - . Kenneth Cooiitield iof Bonner.; „ , . . Springs spent Christmas day with i „StppacoIdbeforeitstopsyou. Take his sister, Mrs. Moward MeCtoud.i ? Cascara-Bronucte-Quinine. - - -i ............ Mrs. Arthur Jack.srin and chil-j f'^l^'^ef'^^h^ks Ae^^^ Mved i.s accompanist for .he oth-! dren spent-last Tuesdav with iier i ??^^'^v!°°^.,'h«^5^*|™^^ • artists. Miss Kandel is a vio- 1 parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Rey-l"^^ Red box^30c. All drnggutS. linist of exceptional ability. Her (nolds. } VOUS j* S Mr. and Mrs. Dan '.-Vllen of Carl 1 Coacarm - Bramlde - ftalalM : uary 12—'he lir.''t such cvoiii in eiplit years. Cl.-'ni Poultry: Heavy hens 22c; light 1 left), n-itional chainuin. and .lolin W. Davis U-jwei e hens 17c: springs 2"Tj2.=;c: roost- j nominee in 1'.'24. will handle the Kavel. • A-rs. ll'fil.'ic: ducks 111^ lOc; tur- Ikeys 2:!'ij:;2c: ueese 1,")C. Storace and i iCoal of best 1 1. Osteopath,! jlobe Bldg. Phone 191.- 1 ^ ' i Russell Sulllvi^ii. .who has | visllihg her parpnts. .Mr. and ' •Cdwaril Cloplonj of near Mo-. leturned today to her home in —rir, I^ucy-E. Poison, Clliroprac- KnnsiiK city Hay. ! Kansas City. .Mo,. Jan. 9. rAI'i May steady t(r $1 lower: receipts! 14S ears. Timothy .No. 1. $12.ii(iif. : 13.i>i>: prairie .No. 1. $10..-,of> 12.<'0; i jaifalfa .No. 1. $2n.noff 22.r.o. I'nited States standard' hay quo-. Italion.s Were as follows: : Prairip. No. 1. $lrt.5<ifi 12.f>ii: .No. | |2 fS.OOWin.OO: .No. :! Srt.r.uTi.^.oo. I Alfalfa. No. 1. e.xtra leafy. .?2 .'.J 'rt ! 57 2S .00: .No. 2. extra leafv. .?| /ff2».."n): No. 1. *2il.007( 22..->"o: .No. 2; ileafv 116..1iig 20.00: ,No. 2 $l5.,'.offt i lt;..".fl: .No. ?, $9..-.0'7(in....). Timothv. No. 1 $12.00T/l.T iiO: .No. j 2. SlO.r.Oi^ 12 .00; No. $9..->0fi 10.5(i. LAHARPEAND ITS CITIZENS Indepetitlini.el jThe exhaustion Paddock'* (afe Kntered .Salorday. .Mght and t hocolatcs Taken. . Uiin>th) Haines (oni- pany Pleases. (.Mr--. Opal Milcli'iD LAIIARPK. Jan. !'. - I'ail.loek's this afternoon 1 forc4d I.. Shavi-r (lowj-r fbere. Dr. Payne is recovering right). i>residtnt:al il'""^ satisfaetoitily from the effects j i>{ .severe Wijiiries he re<-eived in an! aiiionio!)il.- accident aiiout three; wefks a .KO. " I Mrs. Kmnia McKnight. of Wich- )ia. Kans.. returned^ to Wichita 10•I'.ay after I-.avin.i; " spent several ' (la.vs at tlie lioni'- of ; her sister. Mrs. H. II. Slewai-I. of thfs city, oj two jury panels was call(;d here by the death Moody Muifder Trial Held jLIp for Jurors; Kai. Jan. :i i.\\'> two jury panels , the trial of IJa>i ville. Ark., cha der '>f 3Iis< Vo ryvaJe. Kas.. li <'ourt was r" iiintil :! p. ni.. P' a of Mr, II. II. Stewart. ' -Miss Hea Clark, who has been here for the past three weeks at the luinie of her sisters, the .Misses Therea and Rose Clark, returrl- eil today to Kansas City, where she .M OCK I V. :Ui. Bentrin- ged twith the niur- Kenny. !>. ("her- sf November -1. essfei! .-it ir.'.O I), ni. i n-ling ihe summon-1 ""'P'oV'' as a teacher. -a i The . Fuel Notice. j- Communication T-'/• .•?S. Tuesday eveninii. . .Mrl who parei 16 S ed h(i torei <. Russell Yarton. of Wichita has been visiting .Mr. Yarton's!cd: No. 2 white 79'ic- No. ijts. .Mr. and .Mrs. .\rt Howey luth Kentucky street, return- me yesterday. .Mr. Yarton mo- over for her yesterday. —We pay 6^'-^ on Full Paid and Insta nient "—Special Lodge No. January io. A. A. MOSHER. Sec. | All —I . : I visif Another riniinder that the .«i>e .Th- ami er at Curr.eut Topics tonight. Di- .\i>;' Edwards L,. Taylor, doubtless wi'l , make one of fh-- nnwt in'erestin;: I —if' semflty BIdtr. & Ko.-in .Association,} lola. Kansas. - I • I l^n TiAvn -oii. oV Cntieyyille. is | IS lii- niii].' ; ml aunt. Mr . |.\I-s Ce.. : N. Hiilie. o: lOlS. .iraii'Jure .-!r(.t addresses fo whii-!i tb'- <'lii!i listened this year, (.aiu'llorii Kelley .authorizes th<- i ;e -.;isier ti> say that even if any <-ii.' re.i.'iing this has not made a reservarion he wiW , be taken care of if he shows up at ; the hotel by 6:ir>. Mr Noi-I Wn. F. CRKW Phr»lrfan and .Sunreon • g Eye Ear. N''se and Throat • • 01a.<:ses Fitted • 2'i S. Wa.shlncton. lola • Offire phone' S29: Re-^. ncr. * i .»C-ra: 1K.;< V « Jv'orthrup Bldg. Phone 326. — • Kansas (lly Grain. ,e.^; wiri "'Mi;fconf^e5"to' ^"'"^''^ ^">'' ''""• ^Al'.-i _nuy vonr harness and sho-s .;. • ilL.tV is ™ Wteat.^ receipts l:tl cars; v., ,., 1 ^W. I.e .-.ther is twi.e :,s l.iph as om« b> illness. ,^ improMUg i^,,.,.^. , hard $1.13 ^ix months a;:o. All leather goods Uil ..'>7; .No. r, nominallv |1.27ff(1.64; jwill double in price in :!0 .lays. Foi- INn. 2 hard $1.2«'i'ft l.»6»..: ; .S 'o. .! ; „ Umit -d rim..- we will sell nioii s ;oo,i Coal makes ^w>rm friends. ' .V'-,;""'".^'-r'; "/''^^^-^^^^ »mne.i :.m..- we ' AHI sen luo. s lola Ice. Cold Storaire ^^I'i \^:^trJ:'\u • ' j ^^-V'" ">>'l "P:;™).Co Call lie for prices . •• 'i"niinall> $1..,.>.,TM.UU. ' bor Doots. .>2..., :,m1 up; mm S ovei:- _ ' ,. Close. May $1.2.")';; .Inly .51.2'it^.. alls. !io.- and tip: mens shcepskih —O. L. Cox. M; p. Specialist Eye. Ear, .N.>se andil|hroat. 1 . " ! — Dr. .Monl,;:onier.v.j Clilroprat'tor. lola Laundry lUrfg: jriionc- IfiS, PILES Cured ivWwut Surgery DrOAJohnson 1324 MAIN ST-KANSAS JCITY. MO. \68? AGEBOOK'VREE SOUTH sjbE SQUARE lOLA, KANSAS 25 A Anniversary Big Mac" Work Shirts Corn, re.-eiprs 17« ears; iinchanc- l'"-'I wort; 7C,:.. 1 shirts, piood wi-i^ht. 6r,i-: boys'lum- Iment Stock. The best invest-;:} .'•>2'i.T; 5tJo. -^T.Sc; .No. 2 vellow .S2«-.c: No. ;! Sti j.ber ja(-ks an.I sweaters at your i ffjSlc: No. 2 mixed TS'-'.Ti79e: .No. :! ;:irice. The -.daee where your money 7C'S7.Sc ; I buys something new. Roaeh-EUIott. i Clo-e'. Mav Sl»ie: Julv S7 '3C. i it T'"' r>"n>tliy Haines Company.' Oat.«. receipts .-, ears; unchanged: lecture course which .No. 2 whitie nominallv ,-,r.(rir ,7c; N.>;''-''^''''? Fri.lay night, has ;,r the best methml to save. Milo maize. $l,:'.7Tn. 12. Kafir. S1.27?;l.:in. Rye. !t9'-l.ifi l .noij. Barley, S0^S'4c. Real Kstaio Spiul-il« RIdf. A l.oiin .\ lolH, Kf. Office in Fifst Kansas. City I,i«e>>tock/ , Kansas City.. .Mo.. Jan. 9. (Al'i. (C. S. Dep." of Agriculture I--.Hogs was i eivo'l ' mu«-!i favorable comment' and ilu- I entertainment was enj<iyed v.;y ' ; niU(-h. • ; The I'hilathea cjas.s of the y\. ' K. Church held a bu'iiness meet- j ing at the. home of the president.; •Mrs. K. W. Ilagltind. Friday aftef-; noon and p!an,s were made for t.'ie • coming year. i -Bring in .vour harness befor 1 Oni* Own Brand ] Look for* the Big Mac label fjf you •want big value in work shirtsi Ot fine, and coarse yarn chambray. Cut full and roomy—big all over; roomy sleeves and body. In ilim. rej^lar atid extra sizes. (Exceptional values at an e.x- ceptiona!Iy.;Iow price— I7 .UOO; uneven; opening 10,, to 15«:!-.,' , i , 7, l^ar.s see the hicher than Saturday's averager, "='"'1 >» repaired and i n .\ss"clat?.ni. rlosing slow, around steady; slock' '':'' "•7", ""^'"^ ^ •St .Natl. Bank. lOc .0 U.c higher; top J.<^.40 ='^'''^2-','. ' '''' '^"^ on choice 22.T tb 260 lbs.; bulk de- kjB. F. .Scarb(JrouKh. of fio-t sirahle 190 lbs. Up $S.20frS.40; 110 jelfei-son avenue, went to to ISii lbs., $7.05 to $S.10:0 packing .50tt7..'5,");. stock pigs $7.50 Colu nhu-< I-Cansas today for a few sows $6.5 days v|sit'with .Miss Frances .Skin-' ^ <!.25. J. T. Rcid, Phone 357. Surgery and I'an 's" Bread." good as ever. Canle 17.00 M : calves 2.50'i. Ked <teel's slow, generally bidding lowler: few good heavy steers on ship- jping ordec. fully teady: she stock ! weak to 25c lower: spots off more .Mr I hell ........ ^ ... V . . , Ifor 1 — • , the ( -Mr. .lames K. Week--, w ho .«p ' l^"'" mother lives .-it til South Fourlh'^^''' street, showed tl-,e R.'sisier this , afternoon a >verv inle're.stini: fam-i . 7 lly relii- in the form of a worn' ""^ copy of IJeii.iamin Kj-jink'.in's .\1- munac. If \»as a fiimoiis publication In its day and stray copies of j it which still exist ;ire greatly treasured. f on mediu\ii heifers; .bulls firm: — Ivealers fullv $1 lower: stoekers G. E. Brenner, of 101 Camp-laijj fej,,ier.s fnllv .steadv; four treet. left Saturday morning 5^3,,^. g„od heavv steers $17; bulk lenver. Colo... called there by :fp,j steers eligible around $10.73 alh of her grandson. Bobby j ^jo. ,,„,^ stoekers and feeders ai er. the five year old Son of .$0.00'?} 11.50. ud .Mrs. Cecil Brenner. .\1 and J|. tenla.y conipi er's ir who Dr. oij Co State el' at !i<uali tlie i;| .Mr. and .Mrs J IV H.-U have returned Iioiu.. ti-oiti ' Waco, Texas where they visited their daughter Mrs. P. I,. Hanler They also visited with .Mr. IMis brother. J. B Bell au>l tamilv .11 'liiisa, Okla. . We kn((w !';erv I'loiinrts ar.* j;'t(td. But Have Vou • fried , Ours? VAN HOOZERS. t •t'he Hor\-.iile Cnit. of .the la'dies; found farm bureaii club, met Thursday i live o< afternoon, .lanuary 5. with Mrs Austin. Mrj;. Harry (Griffin was elected presiident and -Mrs. Clara Howland secrelain- and treasurer for the new iyear. Miss .-Xnna Felh- erlngill inst)ucte*l the in inalking painited handkerchiefs,and 80me be«iutiful ones were made The next meeting will be held the f irVt W ednesday afternoon In Februarj at the home.of Mrs. Griffin. present included: Mrs •y ijur drive in haltery and rviee during this cold weath- olllnger Service Sjathm. and .Mrs. J. K. Sv »Duger. jr. F. Swonger. sr., i»pent yes- in tiamett. They were ac- uled home by .Mrs. S%vong- other, .Mrs. Katherlne Woods III visit here a few nays. Taylor .If ToiiIcs. |Kdward L. Taylor. Professor nparative .\natomy at the 'nlverslty. will be the speak- he Current Topics Club this Sheep ll .fMM); lambs ceneraMy weak 10 15c lower. Sheep strong and top fed Iambs averaging 74 to S5 lbs.. $12.S(i: other fed lambs largely $12.0'"T( 12.75: clippers i\l $10.9U; loi> ewes $7.15. Roach-Elliptt. Miss I.ueila Montcotnerf. teach-! er :it Oakland >chool n.-ar Hum- i holdt, was home ^to spend the ! week-end with her moth<-r. Mrs. i A. I. Montgomery. i Preaihing services were held at ; th.' Baptist church last eveninf^ | .Mr. and Mrs. Fi-ank Troxell and family of Oklahoma, who have been visitiuE rolatfves here. re- } turned to their home Friday.. Mr. and Mrs. Georce Correll had ; as their Stmday dinner guests Mr. [ and Mrs. Henderscui .Mitchell and sons. Jack and Fred. Dorsett Produce Co. Kast Street. lola Phone 70 .1 ('n.>h for Poultry and Kg|?!< (all Is Any Time. >Ve Mill come after ponttrj-. eveniiib at the Kelley Hotel at the lour. 6:15. Ii.'ctor Taylor siieiii ten yi^ars' in Harry •garet. Kuth. Anna Au.slir GKffin imd daughter. Mar- Mrs.. Patterson. Mrs. Clara HowIa^d ^''s. Denning. Mrs. Austin, Mrs.fVern jVustln and children ICharlie and Margaret. Miss iFetherlngill and Miss Nellie there as to cannot i'.ippine Islands, six years in the gok-ernment service and foui years u explorations "on his own." a.nd hi I address'tonight will di.scuss the dl ferent races of people, he; in the Islauds with a narra-' some of , his experiences ind with some observations j the political situation. I T fall to be a highly interest-" ing ard educational address. At t^ie conclusion ot the Current Club meeting 'the .\llen Medical .Association will meeting in the same, place iwill. also be addrest^ed i>y Tayloi- who- will d'^<-usr Topics Count\j hold : which Dooforl "serpe^ii serua .s which while invited] which o'clock! \\'hil When You Feisia Cold Coming On to t!'e study of he rievoted much a;len;ion n the Orient.; Tlie public is to attend this uieeting [probably will begin .about S in lola Dr. Taylor is : guest : n the home of Dr. aiid Mrs. O. L.. C arlinghoose. Grip, Influenza and many Aieii- monias begin as a common cold. Price 30c. The box bt«r» thli ri«n«tiTra ^Prooen Merit since \lSS9r^ \ famoui Saata tnint cvrrv dav, awaT from wiatHr weather to lands of (umhine.;- Ta Callfani'ia — the .uonv rlav KTOOnd of the Paicific—where \ou can eojov an encUe«» variety of pleaturc< in a climate that !• perfact. Lite t>kc< . on new (aicination in this aparldini country of the.CoaM! ToSoatbsraArteaoa—iriih iucol- orful dcicrtf »aH fertile vallevt — ici ocanse grovet.olivcs and 6i». An open conntTT—Ideal for ri4ms or motorinc —iheaoft air if atonic—du lunsbine lure* von out of door*:. To aawaU ' af ur OdUmU Coral beache*—exotic Bowcring trec»—South Sea apUndonl New •porta and new expc- nencca await you on "thcUlandaT The Santa Fe will take yoo, awitdv, luxutioo*- tv to these land* de- Usht this winter. IV. E. Balston. kiiU loU. Kan. Phone S7.'« AllBeen WITH THE NEW MODEL Jbr Economical Transportation^ J J CHEVROLET 1 During the past ei^ht days literally thousands of peoplp have visited biir show rooms to see the new Ghevrolets. i If > vite you The tions. Every one of them was surprised — none of them expected to see such beauty, staunchness—so much real value packed into these new models. ou haven't seen the new Chevrolet we into visit pur display rooms. New Chevrolet will exceed, your expecta- S IMMEDIATE DELIVERIES OF ALL MODELS KELLY W. Jackson Phone 60

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