Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 9, 1928 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 9, 1928
Page 2
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PAGE TWO • ? i RVIVUOW ( HASKHS TJiere -ouic .Mtii at spok for truth afar. Beyond; tho borders of ilu' lasi, •film Btar. Yet trutli gleams Iifre wtliiii u blaU(> of grass— Tljey calPh a glimpse; ami. searLli- 5ng still, l))py jias.s. —Stanton A. Ooblentz in the Siw York Sun. lolft Mnsic Club Projmim The lola lluslc club will hold Its first meeting ot tho new year tomorrow afternoon in the home oiiiirs. P. E. Wuugh -41 :i o'eloik. A splendid program ot miscellaneous numbers has been i)reparr-(i. Mrs. Genevieve Creen Nichols of Chlcaigo, a non-resiiWni member of ithe club, will play a group of piano solos. Mrs. Bumey Miller and Miss- Roberta Warner will be .hostesces at tea. The remainder ' ol the prigram -will be as follows: In the Time of Roses Rtichardt airs. Oiarles Fry. ^At baTTOing .Cadman , At Parting Rogers . Mra. Waller Cline. AntTinm Chaininade Miss LuCile Wagner. . .iJnet, Lullaby 'Jloon — Brown Bath Bishop, Laura Benson Uoeical Reading, • A CUilds ' Dream of a Star Dickens "Mrs. D P Northruj) Mas Hoban at- the piano, Sacraiaeut Mac Ijermid Song of India"; ilrs. John ! Wedding Music Jensen , Mrs.P. K. Waugh Mrs; Ed Danforth. Duet, Sing, Smfje, Slumber _: \. - CuulKid Miss Crook. Mr-. McCl.-llund • <• <' Compllinentlng Mr <s, liewey I.iint,' MIsD Olartt Brown w.i-i lic.i-ie.sK Saturday night to a d-v iii.inls in her home at :ioi .NOrili \V:i:iii- jln^on avenue in S 'lHtiiiliHniit ui ;-Mrs. Dewey VOUK. who ri --iiiily returned -from J O I IIIE I OVH . I'ii - The guest* iricludi-d': Mr.-. I/iw- renc^': Copenlnie, .\lls> All)io;:i Thoroman, Miss Inn L <;i 'v(II. ;LnollI© <;ard, Ml.s.>9 Catherii 1. :Miss Margaret Robert.-.. \l-- - ian J^utfroii and -Min- r "Brechenrldge. • •:• •:• • WWttle -Eastwood ; Ponca City, (Okla.) News, Un-. 81^-1927 —A marriage ceremony oi' Interest to their friends here was ihat of Saturday morning at '•- o'clock at the home of the brideV parents, Mr. and Mr.s. A. A. Wiiii- tle, when Miss Claudid Whiiile he- came the hride of Jlr. Arthur .S. Eastwood. Rev. G. Frank Sander.s ot the First Christian ehiircli read the marrikge vows. The bride was attractive in a spring costume of powder blue flat crepe!and wearing a pearl necklace. OtBer than the par.ents of the bride the guests ivere Mr. and Mrs. Royal K. . wood, a brother and sister-in-law Of .the ^'-Hcjrroora. .Mi'-->-- Irma •yanghai. ..h-^ the -t>ride a. .i - • v , Tiie brtde ll • ; « i'. .. ' - .t<r of Mr. - and Mrs. A. A. Whittle of 74ti Korth Palni Btrect. .Shi- attended school here but was graduated from the high school (•las?^ 01 1925 In Augusta. Kansas! Slif now employed in the pipe lipe department of the Marland RefininB Co. The bridegroom is the son of .\I.r I and Mrs. W. E. Eastwood of loin, KaoB. He attended school in lola - and -was graduated wiui tlio elass Of 1917. Mr. Eastwood enli.'it<d in World Vfflr in 191S and was •tationed at Camp Lewis. Wash. He has been in Pout-a City. Okla., for the Jast three and one -half ,years •where he is eniplovt ^d in ihu "Palace Shoe stor.'. Mr. and Mrs. » SaMwood left lii!m:«-diaiely' afier the ceremony for a s -hnri honeymoon to be sjieut in (Jkiahonia City. Upon their rcriirn will he at home to Uioir friends at 7-lu Nortb Pahn. <"<••:- i'h-gt Methodist rhunh ' In contrast with the Sniidav _ previously, last Stindu,T was a "day beautiful and as a result many who were jio'l. ;ihl<- :»» aiu-ud the cervices of the <liunh a wt-.-k. aKo .were privileged to b',- iiici-ciit >»s- •tferday. Th»V atlfiidant-e ;ii .Sunday ejohool was well towaid ilie .'lO'i mark. The niorning sirvii-e was als -t 7»-ell attended. The pa .-Jtoi-. ilii- Re\-.C r. Coldsmiih. spoke on. ihf RUbjerl. "The Preseme of <rt >d;' lie polnifd Ivut that I he need of tin- day| is tlio' fouseiou .«uess of tlie .presence,. of God. ."We need! Him lor four inspiration for He is our JHeajvenly Fathtir. We nj-ed Him to keep keieil and aetivo the liiural consciousneiis. We need Him to make us aware of our own responsibility in relation to the kingdom." ! • Very profitable and helpful sessions of the.junior and iuterme- •'diate Epwprth Leagues were held at the .5 o'clock hour. Miss Mar- "garet .son led the lesson at the. senior league meeting and pre- ..sfttted a part ot the book of Brftte Barton. "Tie JIan Kobody Knows." ' At the evening service the pastor" followed the idea of the morning service with a sermon on "The -Presence of Jesus," saying in 1 part: . "Many people retrain fr-:! ; r-- '*onal relation with Hiiji i > - u-' of His goodness dhd tjieir ov perfisctions. But Jesus j coin< • offer us forgiveness, a wja.v of life., a plan of life and strength to carry out that plan. SucK''an offbr ' inakes Jesus real aiid abiding in I Jife" so tliat we .ought to practkc the preface of Jesus In daily • I life." - - I ' :• At the morning ser\1cej tho.choir ^ng. "Sanctus^" by Gounhd and at the evening service, "My Faith In TAee." by Mtry O'Hara. i :s. • - f. . •» - - - J ' •• I ' THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER; aiONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 9, 1928. He said -a straight crooked I ,;it revealsr tsist in my I: does noti |ie,n. elothed that are in Christ Jesujs. in part: "The law of ftod is edge, it shows nie lio ^i' am: it is like a mirro any defects that may life. It ir» unbending, inspire: it in only w with rishteousiiess of ^esais Christ Ihiii. we caii slaiid before the .bar oj the law uncondemnned." . In The evcninji ilij> choir sang as a special. "Sing to the Lonl," by Ciia.f. F. Allen. Mith a .soprano oldiRato by Mis,';, I.,avon Fishery The ."-iibjeci of the evening sermon, was "Walking with Cod.'" tiie text.? JK-iiig "KihiVh walk.'d with Cod? and was nnt. ror (!od took him.'II was aiiiioiiiieed that the rlioir. would fcivi- an t -nieriainmenl 'I'lii-^day. January Id. at '7;3i) ii'cloi-k. fei '.tuiins "Twelve Comi- Country Cousins" v;ilh nin-^ic ot j by lJi<- Craii.t- or<-ii(-stra. admi.s'- .-^ioii fr(i'. ;it ihi- (ouidusion of wliich a chili supp'-r would be :;trv <-d. •:• •:• •:• • ,tt the I 'reshylerlnii Chiireh .•,lffiii!:ini-<- :it till' Firsl fr. :hy? ff-rian ihurch was bark to normal y >-a-vday Inilli iu. tlie Sunday si -h-)Ol iind the niurniuK- worship, and 111.- pa; jar wa i^lad to w<-l- eoiiie the ii ;-:tchers. and stiideni-; bac k aftvr tiie chri.^lnias vacaiion. Thf- •^'iiiiir Clirirtiau Kndeavr.r so- 1 ci. ;y w.i- Ii-il by .\lis> Cladys Coi-I- iit -i' and wa.s iin iiit'-r -'stins nieii- ine io all \vli.> at:endfijL IMiss Veniia l^oram-e .oanp a spi i-iul solo numhvr iVir ih.- devotional hour. Tho internU'ilaie .<:oeleiy hecsn a new le .sson ilidy.iiniter the le.ider- sliip of ihrii- ajvisor. .\lr. C A. l>orsey. Til" < hoir s.iiiK appropriate aii- tlieuis at IjdlU iiiovufnt; and e\< • iiilig- woi .-^hip. In the morning Ihi' . K .'V, H. C. .\lalhis. IJ. 1). iii.-a<!i- I <-d oil "The I'nendini? Joy of tin Uedi.-< tl!i -d" The I'-xt wa i Isaiah :!.'.:!(-lil. "Hut till, ri-de.-lned >h :ill walk Mure.' And the rali.-omeil of the Liml shall rcJuni, and cni" to /.ion with songs and eviTlu .-^tini; joy ujion their head?: they .-h ;ill obtain; jciy and Kladn>-s.-<, and sorrow ami .sinhiiit; .'-hall flee away." III the evi iiJnK the Ihumt- w ;is F .nteHuins Uintter <>iieK (s .Miss Kvadenn Harelerode, of 4l>i South Walnut .street, bad asiliii- uer giicsts today her fullie.r, .Mr. ,1. M.Horelerod.-, and her sister and husband. .Mr. and .Mrs. Karl Snyder, of llroii.«ou. <• <• To Tniln t'«r .Vrjrse .Miss Klizabitli Smith, who cx- preli>d 10 t-'o to Kaniias (.'ity to enter Itesearch. Iiospil.-il to train for a nursf and lake several sludic.-i at the K:insas Cily junior'^ cpllejie j there this semester, on accoiint " hir rev'eiit injuries in a niutor e;ir accident will exiHid tlie time for entrance to the next semester. • • •:• The Baptist Temple The fine weather brought out fin.j eons:reKatioii>- both Hiornini; and evening yesterday, and made it seem nuite like old times. Tiie remarkable thing about the evening oongregation was tlial by actual count there were more men pre.seiit tiian women. This? may be the- reaction of the stress thai, has been made 011 attendance at the Brotherhood class, but wltether it is that or hot ii is a mighty fine sign of iuler*-st. The union prayer hieeting of all the churches will he held on Wednesday evening at the Naza- rJne cluircli at the corner.of Sycamore and Monroe .streets. The meeting will be led by Dri. .Mathli!.^ This is preparation for the~Siiiiduy meeting which will- begin on March 24, it having been jK)st|>on- ed. three weeks at Mr. Sundays request,, to allow him 10 hold a; two weeks' meeting al fj/Os Aii- ^ele?, Calif. y In lUs St rnioii im "Insfrunienis of Conversion" last night Dr. Sowerby stilted tli:it lln- word mn- versiiin i.s I'iniiid only' o.nce in tho Ni w Tc^laniellt and l-Jn-n li;id ii j' Very iK-tiiii;.- application to Hie ] on Die imiM)rlani-e of ih.-tirst ••icp. fa. t that rh,. <,'|les W«.r<'. ••lnrn-1 Th<. i.-.\i wa.-^ fn.iii Ci n. i:; I:; " Ami ilig" to Cod, In oiir day conver-' 1 ,01 pihh. d hi.s toward .Sod V. COOLIDGE PAN-AMERICAN VISIT FIRST/TRIP OOT OFU. S. To .jiidi -• id.-ni Cooiiiim \i\ liaiii to K. d>•l«•l •.;ll^•^ lo :! rail .\ii..-i ic:i!i :lic dO«K-ii- 1! the - iMli foiiKii-:-: ofth.- I'.in-Aniericnn Union .it Havana, January 18. Pre.s- (.1. Ill ivjii 1:1.11. his tiiKi trip oiil.-;ide tli.- ii.irtd Stales as the nation's execuiivi-: He will go . \V. I, l-!;i. .i-iil liieiicc lo Havana on Ih.- liag'.hip Texas (below). Among the Viut-A Stales ;re.;. 1 W. -Moiiovj Onset». aniliassauur lo Mexico. At tli«j right ubov. is the ill \V;> liiu;-,ioti. liiadi:ii(irler:i of llie union >• lullKl- lllllll'lIlM I .\]r.s. (iulletlV Uems o l:ii- lli.t .-.iillia iiiiipiilie 111 oil our. , I' I 1 oiii;i|iiii<-;if:'. lid uiih the ;i:iiu Ki.oil.-. World >>•<• til. . ^';:!^ : .iiid .l .iii •. i- doiit -liik-- ;i dill (•a.--h 7,'.-v,>-. W.- i2ii>yi u. \ have to 1 op\ I iuhl ih .':ii. Wi 111.- ',. -I l..i..l^ in t!i.- wi.'rl.l w; j (.ipy; !;-hl.-l :-o lii-i-- ,\o .i M. I I'.iir.'-, iiiiiiiy M -.itu l.>':il>r ; om, I "Til. I l;oiii.. i h' giiii i o'hcr ,sioti doi>.> iiol iiieaii wiiat it tiii-atil 10 them. All our |A -o ;iile now b>- lii 'Vo thill Jesus ii the: Son of flod, and (onver.iloii loday!'iiiealis that a man 1.- eontorniing^ liis life to what he already hi-lieves. The in- ; si rniiieiits of i-oiiversi«)n he'said; were the Holy Hpiril who convicts ;iien of sin, and the man himself' in Ills d.-ierniiuatlon to conform hi;-, life to that hi-iicr. The jielps! 'J th(> man are th.- liihle. his in-• rruclional Ruide and his friends! .ho are already Chrisiian."^. John i •-17 was ciitoled to prove that a ' Inian may know that'he i.-; a Cliris- ian. •:• •:• Il-'irsf t'hrNlinn I 'hnroh Spr>lces Yesterday was ii; g <M >d day at he Christian church. .'iO.s were in j.oiiti -^tandinj; he IJihie SC I KMJ I. and several t ;ann'j 11 too la:e to he counted. About, 1 |50t) were out to communion and noi-uiiig worship. The pastor, the [Rev. .1. Lee" Heleford. iireached in "llehuilding of tiie Walls (Vronnd Jernsaletn" and likened H into the churcli at lola: "As .\e- lemiah and his helpers had a Jjiind to work .so may we. Let us lay oui. of the valley of 'Ono' and ontinup to lay hrick." The Christian lindeavorers were ;j;Oing full blasi al their ineeling nd it. wa.s a hclnrul hour for all. A large audience joined in the (Iv.'uing fi-i vice. 'I'lii- sermon was ' Evolnlioii. of Cod's Ku-rna! I'ur- jiose in the Scheme of Iteileinp- lion" showiiiK^ the revelation by degrees of God himself jo the norld. the unfolding of the plan, jtelting ready for the Chri.-.t, HI.-, ( evelopment and the unfoldiug of Che church which He foiinded, Ibat the church i4 lio.l yet i-oin- 11 h.- s. par.ilcd hiin>elf froiii lili-aK- and influences, Ije 11. -w lit." ,in 'the wdr'.d witli asf ij( iaiev,- in a location Ihelii. happi Ci,. a):aiii 11 i • llUi- tli ' as w.'' go I -liii.f.-^ !i;; > and w.- iiiii? IMII' lit. • Will 111. I . Ill- •li.ii.- - one • l .'l p. .still, i-alidy \Vi ill aunt an iin< voVi know cajiie Salilie. saiii- you be callered iire toy:- and p;). Is. and nuts. Say "I'.eal.s. Wetil lliear *el our hell. s :iiil. sav did .^ahlii? was. in our bed III He and sure ellJoVell tin the siliili;; • roiUii. loom and y^ii never new it. lioUMh t .'i.'v w.-r They -iip- l,-oll j siir.' . .Mrs I and Mrs, H.iiiv l:.n-l>iM a Mr- Will Wi---;; H.-rlH-rt .\Ia :li;l lIKlK" iroML-h .III.' ; t .a', w. Xi.iliy Ihaiilis to anil Maii.l. III on a .s prisi'd. \li, .\Mi .iid- was c;ill.-d to Kr'a to he Willi 1 M r ?i-.i<'.i who has lufen I pi r:>t.' itpcii. .Mr ami MJA'. Siiangli-r voe .t Im .111 (1 (orlh to; the store ever day i:;aiillc .ss of ;ihe coald. then he Pill'! . for M- a:..! ,i' i!: :o!i.« lends 111- I I'r. ies.ii- iiil!..-rs. j iio'.r I.imley, h.- -.-Ill ! coal aii'l cii)i>- .>!r • of -.1 wi.niaii W I '.ie^. i-ho-en for his h' rd.» nnd not lor his faMllly. .\ad he siirreii 'ter.'d: his ;it itii-iples :o exi/ediency. In so iliiiliir In- was!<-d his life in sci- \ dsn iiidiilgelK e. He lost his wife and leii! his iniluence fo tne morul , uaiiliii;! to -11 to !li Chvi ^Miias ii.'cliiie o;" iiis dangliters-. The fir.-^t | irfii: her man sid,! she went aiid sI'-}> iiilo life is.iniiiortaiit Ui youug 1 i;,.li».|| la -iie th.- i ilild.. n i.. .1 A li.Miiiie loday. Havfj a c.ire how j f,-oi;i ,oi- li.:. That i.- Cii: like, you clioosf. Your <-ho1<-e may lead; .v Christ'mas eave in .".i. v..- «.•:• to disappoiiilinciit and- (i :sa >l.-r as toiild to tio '0 hi-.l..ii-e '•'.uilii- would may le;id t,» high ; nnt < (inie. We w .-nt in u. room, let on as tho:lirii prayer iiieciMii;, jfor a- l:i(l ill 1; It i of a h-r went dojv. 11 i!»-iii a l.iad of ,\h- Span;;ii>i I'lnalil riear.l Kov .Avii . .-luli'.ieii \M->- • SlcWaT! aiVi were liele li Charlv ' th' xlm . cit.v-council and is doiii); ck e- lit- :ind Well did LoJs; or \: ;i !ii! holy purpose ajid activity to evtenii the kinsdonr of rii,'liteous- ness into other live^;." were the thoughts. wjorkinj.' i :i tin II sore eye fi ir The gass ^l •a.•^ ..Mr and .Mrs Spang- to Cl.anule Iri .sei- .sister a Sunday. toiterlained Claiul diuiplitcrs while they r dinti'-r one ilay. yasi;oin i- s;ol, a •,ye 'the oth<-r day we and all so lots of s, so Welcome in another year. • We received a greetinj; from l>r Hoverly and wife i fioni Girard. We wer lii.-s Kiinday .vchooi teacher in 77, tliey all so spoke very compliinenlary of C. K. Scott, a bout his i-orrespohdents and his jiaper. Mr and -.Mrs OldfasI and theari' friend from .Mo. speni Hie day with i'*' .Mr Sam Kno.v and famley. .Mr Roberts enlerlain'-d Mrs Rob-!j^,i eris bro anil fanil^-y from Neosho''. Falls. an ami Mr Tiirner and lii The .-rowd ii|i at tort Dodge ,(r,.„ 5,;,,.;. oi,rf».ympathy. ; Kv .T bodv sej-msto be httisV.' ! LIBERTY • (Mrs. Ctora B. HairrisJ Jan. 8.—.Mr.^Searcy's Were among, those making; hogs intii pork thi.l week. ; I Waller Johij.son. .Mr. [Harris and .Mr. Searcy ea<h hail cOrn proujid al Mr. l'resto^!s. this w{ek. P. S. Heatfi received a bo.\ of orauges fromiFlorida, -and they were very mtfcb nicer it ban those bought in the jnarket. Mr. Heath's nephews, the J'oglazier boys, sent theili for the iiolidays. - ; -., The snww in alK>ut gone. It brought cold ;yul sufferipg when it came. Cold weather in most country homes i>ff:nnt very: popular— fo those burning coal- tKVre is the soot to conteifd with, then just, to remind those ^viio burn gas. a lot of i>eople in the country have a serious time, keeping' warm. Mr. Nathan Wilson i.s-. not feeling so well litis week. " • Mr. and .Mrs. A. . L. Townsr-nd were called t*| Osawaior^ie to the bedside of a ((aiighter who resides there. . i 1 . .Mrs. He.slervHi ilh motored li.:re from Wichita ;:!aliii -day "to • p.-nd Ihe Chiislauv ;ilio:,dj;.'.. her parents, .Mi .\lr:i. Mark cas­ ta lor. 1 Mrs. Meaib attended chnrch service at Liberty .Sunday ^ morning and the .sacred concert at Litwrty Sunday tveninfe. Her old ' friends at both plaire.'S were very glad; to see her again.' Mrs. Heath stayed over iti be pr|sent at fhi^ Willing- Workers club,' which nJet with Mrs: .i;';istaidr jpii Thursday. ; The FiunieCf;.Union is expecting to have a program nex^ Friday evening, .fanu^ry i :f. C4II P. S. Heath, presfdejit. or Walter .lohn- son. secretary.? for information. .Vathan Wilspu accompanied his aunt and iinclfi .Mr. and .Mrs. .Marion Foster, to jheir home )ii Buek- ner. .Mo., near; Kansas .cjjy. He will -;ee Ihe byiglit light-:; of the <-i (y. •; ' .Mr. and .Mi-sj Chris Jengen and i children spent; Thursday ^ evenin.i? , j Willi .Mr. and SIr.s. Henry'Baeten. j i .Mrs. Chas. f*on (;er suffefed wiih i:in attack of lii;nibago last? week. I Air. and Mr- fO. H. Foleyiaud son Hue! were Chri!Mmns dinnitr giiests Mr niiil Miti.- Iia Towhgend's. .Mrs." Foley ^,is been utSder Hie doctor's care f^r the last jweek or She is mi»cb improved now. IheThmStmtoa The wonderful Golden Peacoctc Preparations bring you a akin of superlative smoothness and fineness. They t»ntsh all skin driecu. prevent wrinkles and age signs, 'and uiousa the skin to new life and vitality. Already a million women all over America are keeping their skins radiantly, gloriously youthful with these anuuing new treatments. Coldra Pearovk Bleach Crexne—An umax* ing new discovery of science which clears, and - t^hitens your skin almost overnight. Banish^ freckles, blackheads, sallow skin^ tan, blotchci, pimples and all discolorations. (1.00) <:oldeil P.'McorJc Tonic T IASIIC Creme— Just recently it-cC-aa discovered that wrinkles, crow's-feet, SabUy tissue* and age signs wnre due to a starvctt condition of the skin, fiul now this wonderful ne-.v creme has a stimulating effect on Tthe skin—arousing the sluggish, starved cells to new life. <I.OO) >. <;oldf (> Peacock Toni.: Face Powder—This new poj.derisactuiil!ybKkln tonic—itiscom- pcunded of certMin:riii 'H >riedingredientswhiCi: liBve almost nuigic&l results in correcting enlarged iK.r<:a,nr.ii.l«.hleir.iahes.roughnes»an,l preventi.ig bin. LhriicJs. And it utays onl (.75; Start usin^ ttits^^ohfifvndid traataiBnts to- •rit^ht Vseilititiit^t -jjays. J'hen,i/yau'rr P.\LArE mCQ STORE 0. w. 1 AWiirvci:. Prop. •HONEy-=TAR COMPOUND Effective For Ail Coughs A and AH Aor..«ei iliil- .veams to be enjoyinfr there .self. Santie sure reniemhered its. ("ardi. well vye should ^•nlile. tliej would reach ne .-irly a mile, ciilien- ,ders. all in store w-e goi a lot more. .Mrs Bell Lee Davis came home, picks up lifes burden and gm-s to iier school work iiuain lick'sisters death. She while how she BKOWN'-i HRKf: STORE after he: tiiiil .i Mr.s Davi^ oar items Mrs to UI enieiicely poor, the jit is over, the curtains arc drawn . our li.d -M -oal was;bla<k but-carried the he.nt. land death sealed it ail. She was v.c w, :• ;i ' So Chri.striias pas.«ed.- lots of joy'a very «insom pleasant litll_e wom- • harn. and had i|iiite j Davis tonld me. then we tried t several days. • i phase her in our selection, l.u INDEPENDENCE (Catherine Shaiighne.ssyi .Ian. 7. •r.,,eslie l.,ai-.sou returned to i'iltshur.i; Tuesday afief spending jllie vacation with his jiarents and si.sters, Mr. and .Mrs.' Li-wis Larson. Hiiili, Alvrll.-- .and Annabet ii. Florence Funk spent l.i'st Friday and Saturday wiih .Mr. and .Mr.--, i.; A. .Ayei -H and family. I'aiiliAyers reiitrned to .Manhal- Wednesday. iitt. r ><pend last Ian in« (iiij vacation with his pareiils. JAIr. .-Jiid Airs. I.. .•i.-.Ayrcs. I ,ilii;i ;n Ayris n-lurn.-il in Hutch plfde. and that those wlio start in ijho Christian life nnist ever he going ihrouKh a change;-a growth. If not, they ar.- like tho dwarf in lihe piiysical world: all art- supposed to grow, many will not; The Caniniii- (iri:y fTiilM was announced to m."-i 'I ue .-^day evening Willi Mi^s Ha/..l Sullron. -J2o Nofth Waliiiii •:u-: .-ii 'd th.- .N'oriheast div:-;i <ii of the I.ailif-:-' .Aid WV-d- tiesdav arleriioou wiiii Air-. Bi-rt Fryer?: riiiiih prayer meeting will he h<-ld Weilne..^iiay evening; .it ihe NaTiaeriie church. Krr.hXV evenliij.: at the church the Key. Air. Hahh of I-'I. Scolt. \vho li:i.-. ju.-.t r.;limed the Holv Land, will give his lecture :' VVhi-re Christ Walked" ' This w.ill Id' ail illu-itrateil : Uviiire. free t») a 1.- • • • ST»ices at ilie < hnrch tti" (he ("Inlleil Krihthreii In ( brisi .Al- .services were well atlcndeU yii--;!erduy at Ihe Cliurch of the ryiiie,! Ureihren in Christ. The subject o-f the'niorniug ser- nijon by the" pastor, the Kev. K. N. M >ntKOinery, was. "Living the Christian Life'; yho clio.s<' for hi.'; in:.oll ^ ill^ i.lll- -Mr. an Jijliii put up Itelh. W.el: c Mr, :i Joan. Claud noon umiay i -venini; niiiir speiid- vaculion with her parents, Mrs. L. A. Ayres. I lav h.-lped O.scai' Uiowii ice Fiiihiy. rr Johnson is spi'iiding ihe III with Ralph Slcwarl. ' Id Air... Kenneth Wight and .Ali:;.-i Uhodo Harris ami .Mr. Wight spent Sundav afler- wiih Mr and .Mr.-^. A. 1!. j.Shaughhc.ssy. .N'elle and ('alhariiie. i Opal and Bill .SaHee 'spi-nt Sunday evtuin?; with Nelle 1 ShaughnesKV. ! The New Xiav'r< jiariy which I was lo be held at the liojue of F ! It. Slew.irt'd .New '\"ear's .-ve WU;. I l.o.itponert until next .Saturday ililcht. .• C OLDS ; of bead Or chest are more uisUy treated externally with— • VAF»O RUB Orrr 17 Mni!r^Jermtl.rd Yearly ' tepct: Romans .S: fo^e now no confiemnation to thetn "There is there- PLEASANtilELIEF FROMCONSTiPATiON i houldersdioopiinderwaght of years. Ycung,yetbe:uityhasl]ed. Cbceksare sal ow and drawp- Unaghtly irimples. K€;p your system dean and yotixeep the beaaty of youth. Its energy. Its irr^tibie chaitn. Then life is not a fai ure. • • (logged bowels and inactive Ever (Cat se poisons to .seep through the sys- 'ten. Health vaitishes and with it beauty and energy.' I>r. Edwards'Olive Tablets will save you from this dailc haai. For 20 years they have been prepibed in place of jcnlomel to men A ME m m and tmneheeSdiiig health and freedom froi 1 constipation. Theiy act tasly and smcothly. No dangerous gripingl Take nigl tly beiioFe ledtin;. Results will asm re you. T xnisands of men and woineo would new r'be without Dr. Eawards' Olive Tab etsi a vegetable compound mixed vitt olive mi Know ithem by tbdr • DiGER SIGNAL Persistent coughs and colds lead to jctiuus trouble. Y.oU. can slop them now with Crepmulsion, an cmuuilied creo- Mite that is plea^nt to tak^. Creomul- ftion is a new medical dis^covery w-ith iwiji-fold action; it soollies and heals, liie inflamed membranes "and iuliihUs germ grovrtlL < Of ail known dru{B. creosote is recognized by high medical auHiorities as 'snc of the greatest healing agencies fox persistent Coughs and colds and other furnis (if thriut troubles. CrronniUion contains, in addition to crcosole, other healing.elemenls which soothe and hed tlie infected ibembrsnes and stop tho irritation imd inflammation, while the creosote goes on jlo lite stomach, is ah- Mibed into the blood, attacks the teat of the trouUe'and checks ilie growth of the germs. Creomulsion is .guaranteed satisfac- loiy if 'he treatment of pcrgtstent roijshs anil colds, bronchial asthma, iirqncfihis and other forms of respira- :ory diseases, and is excellent for building up the s)-stem after, colds or flu. .Money refunded if any cough or cold i« not relieved ^fter taking according to directiDW. Adc yoiir tlruggiit. (adr.) ALE Rugs ANGLO-PERSIAN DROPPED PATTERNS Twici. .i'<'l'-:i;.tl (•r .'\»n'i"ifj .•"to'i ii • villi (•;u-ii .M.-.I. V. liilUil! Asstil-isiUts, niauufacturcrs of llu' famous -\nK!o- (li::(nuliiiiii rt'i-taiii ti)lj)i"iiig-s aiitl patteni.s: This is one of (Iu- fitiesl ti nit'.-, iiiaili- ill all of 111'' Oriental pa(torn.s and .coloring-. In uill liii'l UKu'c iliaii Iwi'iity-ilivt'ditfercnt. patttn-ns from which to si-]fcl— rtiajiv of tilt I,! «dii- i.r 1 . <'lk'i'.-i. ('liiiK.'.sp niotils on bafkj^roniid colors ofj-c'c; l>liu', jri-wii. tiiupe. .^and ami \v;ilti!it. Orii-iilhl patterns in large and medium .sized de.sitrns. .Uodtrn ]i:iiuri..v iii .MiRderfu] color hannqnie.s. , The Big Sale Starts Tomorrow SxVZ-ft VVhittall Aiifflo-Periian Rugs, Regular $150.00 value, Sale PHce $119.75 The Best Selections Will Be Tomorrow SMAIJ.. .MEDir .M, r.MSl'AL SIZES Don't Wait YOUR;HOME| SHOULD COME FIRST Thrpe-pietre .Jacquhrd .';uiio of Davenport, Wing Chair, Club Cpair, built'with .-^priny edj^e and spring filled rtnersUsle cushion.s and 1 )aveni)ort Table I.nmp ba.%>.:hand painted lamp .shade to t QQ AA niatch. All for onlv' «MO*/,Ul!f One Ihret-piece .suite uphol.slcicd in .sprinif edift^ and sjiruig (ill(?d cu.sliitin.s al; : \i-loiii'. built wit $87.50 $125.06 The following combiiialion Inchidiiif? tbe following piei-f;.: Davenport, ;wii g thaijr u'jjhol.steretl in .[tttquard veloui, .Spring'edge; and Hpring filled vever.-ible (•u.shion.s\ oci'a?- ioual chair,Fda\cnj)or| table, lamp and a beautiful hand painteH lamp shade to match. Convenient IVrm.s '. .South Side F'hone 25 A. W. BECK FURNITIJRK CO. IlEDrCED— 22»4x:}6-inch, reffular $10.[75, sale price 27x51-inch, reg^ular $16.00, sale pride .. :}6x6;]-inch, re?:ular $l5iOO, sale price . 6x9 ft., regular$97.50, sale price 9x15 ft., rearular $215.00, sale price . .. Il-3xl5-ft., regular $26^.50, sale pric^ ........ .$8.60 ...... ..$12.80 .....$20.00 $78.00 .....$172.00 ........$ 1 THE PALMER ALL WOOL WHltTALL WILTON 4x12 feet, regularly $95.00, sale price .... ..$76.00 Wc have Uflargre selection of theseihieh:i;rade all wool ruR-s in the best sellers in Chinese motifs and Oriental pa^Ltei^^- A . R Fumiture Cbrnpany 3- MlTHfEE JOc ani 20c .NfUHT 10c and WIc t TODAY AND TUESDAY Here thejjare—the men in pitfiire.^ ir the "Gloom third»utive fun film: in their Can^" ha.-i you down, come over and let Wallace and Raymond Jian die the easel i MTALi^iXC E- R. A. Y AA ON D RV'HATTON In. mEMEi Von'II forK«l yonr larome ticc. the jiricp of cnal aiiW Mif hills yon harent p;iW. j^Von^I hnne tn yo»r sent nnil II uifh, AfliKht. It hils you wherp yoii live. , . The Copiedy, Jimmy Adams in "No Sparking" Also'Paiiunount News CONSIDER THE NEWS REEL It Brings the Wdrld to your Theatre Vou can sil ioraforlabl.v in xoiir tho.itip .^rllI .ii -c :ill the joys, ihe triiRi'die-s, the triumiihs. the diaaster.s pf ilit- uoiIil.--:ill th*. epochal event .H of |urrent hiimiiu jsxi.steiu-t- vividly -piciiiroil lor you! Comlni^-BllBe Dorr In "Tb* HMen llridi >T— follei-n .Hoore In 5 "Ilpr "WHd Onl-

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