The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1956 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 18, 1956
Page 10
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PAGE TEH BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.V COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 1956 Despite Distractions Business Confidence Is Creeping Higker By SAM PAWSON NEW YORK (AP) — Despite all the distractions of love and politics and sports this week business confidence and activity is managing to creep higher. It's a big week, all right. The two most writt en-a bout romances of the nonce are at the "I do" «tage. The national pastime got under way with President Eisenhower tossing out the first baseball. He also has tossed ihe farm problem right back to Congress and to th* two parties' national committees. Color TV moves one short itep nearer the ordinary fellow, with & $15 cut in the price of a tube. Russia's top travelers bounce into London. Business confidence seems sturdy •nough to rise above all this. Mostly On Paper So far confidence has showTi itself mostly on paper — in Indus try's optimistic plans to plunl down 35 billion dollars this yeai for expansion and its eagerness to borrow money from the banks and Other financial sources at steadily higher interest rates. In the regions where growth has been the most astounding in recent months and year it's hard to find there has ever been any leveling off in the boom, such as some of the staider regions dis played in the last few months. • To name just a few, in Albuquerque, Phoenix and Tucson housing developments go right on endlessly reaching out row on row toward the mountains. In cities Uke that the report that housing •tarts dropped for the nation a a whole is met with indifference Businessmen out that way just can't believe the boom can ever *nd. More Tonnage Some concrete evidence of in- i creased activity In the industrial ' picture in the entire nation is also »t hand today to baclc up the growth in confidence in the business community. The American Iron & Steel Institute says the steel mills have just turned out more tonnage than in any other week in history. The Aluminum Assn. says production of that metal has set a record high for the first three months of the year. Construction contract awards in general are being signed in ex- cepitonally large volume. Looking at all this and more the Federal Reserve Board finds Industrial activity in March and April a little higher on an unadjusted basis. But it says the output of consumer goods didn't increase as much as expected with the spring thaws, so its adjusted Index is slightly off. One disappointment for the aU-ays-big- 1 ger-and-better boys is the indica- ' tion that auto production may not spurt much bei'ore the 1957 models go on the as s e m b 1 y late in summer. To Pay Bills Another reason consumer goods may not have moved quite as fast as the extreme optimists hope can be found in another report which shows that the citizenry used January and February to pay up some of their charge accounts at the stores. This item showed the biggest drop of any type of consumer credit. They still owe the stores around six billion dollars more than they did this time last year. And total consumer credit at the end of February stood flt nearly 35'^ billion. Businessmen can take some comfort from the evidence that people are saving a little more now than last year. Savings nance the growing demand for credit. When the saving supply got a little tight last year there was some trouble raising money for nev^ mortgages. This year business wants six billion dollars more than last to finance Its growth plans. The big: demand for credit — to back up business confidence — is a chief factor in this week's rising interest rates. LOOK All DeKalb Seed Corn—White or Yellow, while it lasts *A50 3 Per Bu. Get your seed corn now while our stock Is complete »nd remember more farmers plant DeKalb thin any other Hybrid seed corn. Tour DeKalb Dealer HARDY SALES & SERVICE 70S Clear Lake Ave. Bljlhevllle — Phone 3-6978 Youth Draws Big Sentence MOUNT STERLING, Ky. «") — Billy Hill, 17-year-old high school senior, received the following sentences when he pleaded guilty to 12 different charges in Circuit Court yesterday: Ten years for robebry, two years for carrying concealed a deadly weapon, two years on each of two housebreakljig charges, two years on each of two charKes of stealing from a school, one year for operating a motor vehicle without the owner's consent, nnd one year on each of five charges of storehouse breaking. The sentences will run concurrently and the youth will be turned over to the Kentucky Youth Authority until he becomes of Rge. AMBITION ACHIEVED—Six years ago, Msgr. Sigis:Tiund Mihalovics escaped from the Communists in his native Hungary and came to this cour, try. Now he is an American citizen. The Catholic priest takes the oath, above, in a special ceremony in his hospital room to Milwaukee, where he has been confined since suffering two strokes last fall. Federal Judge Robert Tehan, right, gives the oath, while Dr. Bela Kovrig, a friend ol Msgr. Milhalovics, holds his arm up. OSCEOLA NEWS By Bettye Nelle Starr I never get through thanking God for "horning" me a country gal. The worst punishment could be given, I think, would be to tell me I had to spend the balance of my life in a hustling, bustling city. I love a small town for many reasons that city folks wouldn't understand. When sorrow comes to a small towri, there is a shining example of the definition. Your affection toward your fellow man seems to grow with their losses. Every tree that lines the paths and streets in a small town was planted by loving hands, hands of your neighbors. We are all neighbors in a small town. Like our constitution, there are no first and second class neighbors. News in a small town spreads like wildfire. If it's gossip, it's soon forgotten. If it's news of a tragedy it hurts deep in the hearts of the entire community. If It's the glad news of R newborn baby, all the country side is on hand to offer a remedy for the ailments that are soon to come. Common names that have never made the marquee at a theatre, are spoken of in reverence, when everybody in the town calls you by your first name, whether it's a small tyke or the presiding judge. People in small towns are important, they aren't just, "that old lady who lives do\vn the street." All small towns are cosmopolitan and especially your small town. Regardless of race or creed, when trouble hits, the whole town turns out with open arms to help soothe away the pangs of a sorrowing heart. You are on friendly terms with those of every walk of life, you know those and know them well, the rich and the poor, the brave and the cowards. Unless you can give and take, a small town wouldn't appeal to you. There is no limit to the friends you make in a small town because you are in constant contact with your town's entire population. There Is always a guest room waiting for overnighters, not so in Oil Production Average Down TULSA. Okla. WV—Daily average production of domestic crude oil and condensnte during the week ended April H declined l.lQQ barrels to 7,193,800 barrels, the Oil nnd Gas Journal reported yesterday. A drop of 10,500 barrels to 228,400 barrels in Illinois was the big factor in the net decline. Only seven states registered gains and production In five went unchanged. The week's output raised the Journal's estimate of 1956 production to 746,970,630 barrels compared to 710,590,550 a year ago. Other losers Included Louisiana, off 750 to 826,300; and Arkansas, 350 to 72,500. Advances were reported for Oklahoma up 200 barrels to 607,500. Production was unchanged in Texas at 3,035,025 barrels and Mississippi at 111,800. crowded apartments that line city streets. Those who live in small towns take a personal pride in their town's developments. The youth growing up experience the events that have been near and dear to their parents. Their roots are planted deep. In the course of years to follow when their life's amibiton takes them away from the town they love, the small town gets the credit for the success they achieve. .When you sum. up the real living In a small town. It doesn't seem small at all. Even though the name of your town doesn't show on the map is no sign its inhabitants have failed to respect the j area your town covers. ! One has only to attend a Sunday; morning church service in a small ] town to see the true meaning of' Love Thy Neighbor. Paul Bevere's ride began on this date m 1115. What I can't understand is. why we always associate him with, "that famous ride," when there were others who also should have been given credit. The one in particular I have in ] mind was William Dawes. He rode through Raxbury nnd Brighton to Lexington, meeting Paul who came by Charleston (Medfbrd route) and that ain't all. They rode on together with Samuel Prescott, to alarm Concord. So the next time some patriotic soul Jumps to. his feet and shouts, "The British Are Coming," you go him one better and give three cheers for Dawes and Prescott — and you'll fill land in the brig, no doubt. The first soda fountain patent was issued on April 24, 1833, which reminds me of a sign I once saw hanging over a soda fountain, "Take home a brick, you might have company." en used cosmetics In the middle ages. Women still use cosmetics In the middle ages, it you ask me. I've heard it said that country women make the best wives. No matter what happens, they've seen worse. Could I get a second to this? Deceive not thyself by over ex- pelcing complete happiness In married life. Remember the nightingales which sing only some months of the year, are quite silent when they've hacthed their eggs. Remember old Voltaire? He said, and I quote, "The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease." Unquote. They say it's a well known fact that frustrated slnjters are the most talkative of mortals. I know a few talkative mortals that should take up singing. An optimist is a man who thinks the time will come when there will be no more wisecrack definitions of an optimist. "Pity" is a feeling strictly for adults. It's an emotion children seldom, if ever, feel. Sign of our times: "Driving a mortgaged car over bonded highways." To err is human, but to admit it isn't. Nebraska has no bonded debt; has a clause in its constitution which prohibits it. Nebraskans pay as they go. Hurrah for Nebraska. The fellow who is all wrapped up in himself is overdressed. If you want to know how important you'll be after you're dead and gone, go out to the cemetery some Sunday afternoon and see the weeds growing on the graves of some who thought they were indispensable in this old world. You don't always have to use milk or cream for creaming potatoes. Get out of that old rut sometime and use cream of mushroom soup instead. Of course Junior might embar- rass you when you are entertaining "the girls" by asking In a very- loud, skeptical voice, "Wnat-in-the- world-is-this-in-my-potatoes?" M y advice is to corner Junior in the kitchen before company arrlvei. Well, Grace made U! So what* SO POTENT JJ-year-old labor*- nxj. Fm time* u potent u otdi- o»r y her moot crtam. Only 1 drops ck3j- ott^cd. HORMONE SERUM Look Younger- Feel Younger! ftxfe Away WrmklM, Cnw't Ft** Anuzinft new HORMONEX BEAUTY SERUM is *o pot"'. ^ <H«pi o»i" " de ? wrinklw and crcw'i fc«. When smoothed •Q *kin, iupplio maximum duly *U<»- •Mnt of female hormones—hormones aecesMiy to youthfulneit of practically to fcnulc orpini. HMTT Viih Unolui »nd faumc for fastest pcnnr*tion. Skin trcl* »fcer, smooihcr, frwhei tlraou mscmily. ACTS so qnkkly because h's 5 nmo M p»waful u sana«a hormo«e er«m-— 30.000 I.l). P<T ouocc- It'j «conoraK»l, too —costs less chin 411 0*7. K>0 DAY SUPPLY U*c re « nishc, before retiring—lock for imiiing tesulu in the morning, or—try it u » ihrtirac nukc-up bile, it's frafirant and giMSelMi. too! bo. for a fresher, brighter, youn^o-loo^'fR complexion s« » bottle of HORMONEX BEAUTY SERUM todiy. Only $i.» plu* •x. On sile »i Toiletry Counters, Dcpirt- •iK Stores *a<3 Drui Stofd crtfy^'Acn. 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