Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 7, 1965 · Page 7
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 7

Ironwood, Michigan
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Monday, June 7, 1965
Page 7
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MONDAY, JUNt 7,1945. IHONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN KVIN Ike's Army Class Holds Reunion on 50th Anniversary By CHARLES WEST WEST POINT, N.Y. (AP) — Affectionate calls for ike and Mamie were heard Sunday night as West Point's Illustrious class of 1915 let down its hair ati a banquet, a high spot of its' tolden anniversary reunion. j Today was given over to the formalities - the traditional! march of the alumni, that longj gray line, and the review of the 1 Corps of Cadets. Sunday night was a time for reminiscing and relaxing in the company of old friends, with former President and Mrs., Dwight D. Eisenhower prominent In the group. Eisenhower, Gen. Omar N., Bradley and other members of! th« "class the stars fell on"i were the guests of their honor-! ary classmate. Manhattan res-i tauranteu.i' Eugene Leone, ai; his i Central Valley farm lo miles 1 from the U.S. Military Academy. The class got its nickname because 59 of its 164 members became generals. Under & giant canopy, the old generals and colonels talked of their graduation 50 years ago. They chatted also about another anniversary — D-Day 21 years •go Sunday — which played so prominent a role in so many of their careers. Eisenhower, supreme Allied commander for the World War n invasion of Normandy, said his first conscious thought upon arising Sunday was of D^Day. "I never can forget that day," he said. Strolling musicians serenaded MRS. MARINA OSWALD IS MARRIED—Mr*. Marina Oswald and her husband, Kenneth Jess Porter, pose for pictures on porch of Richardson, Texas, home after Fate, Texas, marriage. Mrs. Oswald in the widow of Lee Harvey Oswald, alleged slayer of President Kennedy. (AP Wirephoto) Father Is Anxious to Talk to McDivitt About Space Flight The WORRY CLINIC By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE Wayne offers a very e n - couraglng report about his 17-year marriage. But young couples who marry nowadays have only a 50-50 chance of happy wedlock, so scrapbook this case. And by •II means send for the sex booklet mentioned below, forewarned Is forearmed so I « a r n how to AVOID divorce! . CASE W-413: Wayne D., aged 82. works on a newspaper. "Dr. Crane," he said, I proof read your copy every day for our newspaper. "So I literally read it word for word, and even letter b y letter 1 "Several times 1 have noted your report of men patients who Senate to Work On Foreign Aid JACKSON (AP)—"Buck Rogers" comes home to earth today and his father, James A. McDivitt St., seems almost as anxious as space agency officials to hear Of what the astronaut found In his four-day space exploration. Space Agency officials have first crack, of course, at reports on the 02-orblt Gemini 4 mission of James A. McDivitt Jr. and Edward White. The senior McDivitt will have to wait at least several days to see his son. But the landing schedule for this afternoon will end a four- day vigil in which astronaut Me- The nentloned frontiersman Daniel Divitt's family stood by confl- , dently but never thoroughly re- the Eisenhowers who joined the'i axe d. singing. • The parents awoke each Leone reminded his guests morning to the rather hard-to- that they had planned this 50th anniversary celebration 15 years ago and said: "I won't say we are going to look forward to the 100th, but we are going for the 75th." He spoke to men and women In their 70's. A few of the 81 surviving class members were missing, among them Gen. James A. Van Fleet. He was to arrive today to attend the graduation Wednesday of his grandson, Cadet Joseph A. McChrlstian Jr. The reunion began Saturday. SPORT PARACHUTES The sport parachutes used in sky diving have large holes that permit the air to escape and drive the parachute in the direction opposite the hole, much like a low-power jet engine. believe thought that their son more each was circling the globe than 100 miles up and morning they attended early mass to pray for his Safe journey. "It's a relief to have him up there, but Monday can't get here fast enough," the astronaut's sister, Mrs. Charleen Shehan of Jackson, said on the first day of the flight. The nickname "Buck Rogers' is a sign, though, of the confidence McDivltt's family has in him. The senior McDivitt said he used to bawl out his son when as a youngster, he read fiction stories of Buck Rogers' space exploits. "He kids me no end about i' now," the father added. And the senior McDivitt, an grumbled because their wives failed to pick up their cues in the boudoir. "Some of these husbands said they were driven into clandestine affairs by lack of tn ardent wife. "Well. 17 years ago I married a lovely girl. "Slip camp from a somewhat sheltered, religious home where she had been taught to restrain herself where men are c o n - ccrned "Indeed, I was thankful for her innocence and shortly after our marriage she responded sexually like a professional paramour "In these 17 years I have nevor considered becoming involved with another woman. "Why should I when I have an intelligent, attractive and sexually alive wife? "Why should I settle for hasn when 1 have caviar right in our own bedroom? "My wife has said that maybe the irigid wives of those male patients you mentioned In your column, just had not received the proper instruction in their WASHINGTON (AF) slectrlcal engineer, shows an in-j g enale concentrates this week I own boudoir. f^!,n* J i «5 e ?,,Jl l .!i 0 i 1 ).« t ifc C «? l f^l|on tlle foreign aid authorization' "Since most of your columns ?pace fSSht * JWH In a debate likely to center ' on IW? subject deal with the Once during the flight he: on what form aid to other coun- Boone and commented that peo jle never know What potential jse a new area has until someone explores it. He emphasized the idea tail-blazing for a moon shot. And he has said if he were cold wife. I thought It might be j refreshing lo Include one that! tries should take in the future. , typifies the reverse situation." The Senate Foreign Relations', It j, ; a pleasure to have Committee included a two-year \ Wayne give such an encourag- cutoff of the program In the Mug report about his own happy of $3.35-billion bill it approved, i man ' it1ge ' providing for a special 12-mem-' Alas, when a young couple now ber commission to study the i enter matrimony, they have only WIN SCHOLARSHIPS— David Rigoni and Marilyn DeZur, 1&66 graduates of the J. E. Murphy High school, are the recipients of the Glle riowage Association Scholarships to the Oogebic Community College. The Scholarships, which amount to $100 each, are given on the basis of grades attained during the four years of high school and financial need. Rigoni, son of Mr. and Chris Rigoni, 323 Cary Road, Hurley, will attend GCC next fall, where he will major in English and minor In psychology. During his years in high school he was sports editor of the yearbook and a member of the Student Council. He was also basketball team manapir, a member of the Spanish Club and the Midgette Staff. His hobbies and Interests include all sports, coaching grade school students, writing and reading. Miss Dezur, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John DeZur, 117 N. 10th Avenue, will major in medical technology at GCC next fall. During her years in high school she won the Music Camp Scholarship in 1964 and was elected to the National Honor Society. She was secretary of the Choir Council, vice president of her Junior class, was in band for three years, choir for four years, forettsics one year, was a member of the Girls Athletic Association, the Pep Club and the Student Council. Her hobbies include water skiing and horseback riding. younger he would want to be up in space exploring, too, After space officials decided Saturday against extending the flight another day, the parents showed both relief and a touch of anxiety that the critical reentry stage was approaching soon. The astronaut's mother, Mrs. Margarett McDivitt, has expressed confidence about the splash-down, though, "They are trained enough to know wherever they land how to take care of themselves," she said. Once she gets a chance to see her son after the flight she said, "I think I'll just squeeze him to death," The parents have passed the four days following radio, television and newspaper accounts and pictures on the flight and visiting friends and relatives. Newsmen have passed the flight days following the parents, who have been gracious hosts. Mrs. McDivitt has passed out rolls and coffee to reporters and even bandaged the finger of a television cameraman who cut himself winding his camera. problem and make new mendations. recom-! a SO' 50 chance of happiness. For over 25 per Cent of such Chairman J. W. Fulbright, D-i weddings end in divorce. Ark., long has favored scpa- 1 And another 25 per cent are po* rating the military and econom-i'ential prospects for the Divorce 1C assistance portions of the aid i Court, but stay together either program, atid tunneling muchl because of VoU11 B children In more aid through international; tne llome or religious scruples lending organizations. j thal f «i'bid divorce. When I present these tr u e office cases of real patients who conic fof advice and help, I do so to help "vaccinate 1 " millions ol readers AGAINST d i v orce. NMU Graduates Blind Student In fact, Fulbright refused at first to shepherd the bill through the Senate, the usual duty of a committee chairman, because it did not meet this issue. Only last Thursday he reluctantly agreed to act as floor manager, mainly because he couldn't find anyone else on the committee to handle it. Fulbright drew mixed reac- worker. Sikkila, who plays a tuba, tunes pianos to earn spending money, operates a ham radio, said his handicap didn't turn Out to be a major obstacle in I college. MARQUETTE (AP) — Robert! He took class notes in Braille Sikkila was graduated from j and used tape recordings of his Northern Michigan University textbooks when they were avail- Sunday with a B average and plans to enter the University of Michigan this summer to work toward a master's degree. able. Sometimes fellow students read necessary material to him. The Detroit-born Sikkila, who delinquency and other types of failure in the realm of psychology. Divorce usually starts in the bedroom! And you wives are at least 50 tion Friday with his proposal to Per cent to blame in the usual assign to the Organization of|9 as f' despite the fact you claim American States a In channeling U,S. Pork Butt Roast H.49C SUPER RIGHT, PORK HOCKS 35c SUPER RIGHT BUSHES Jumbo Regular Sit* 99 C 79 major voice military assistance to Latin America. He asked that military assistance funds for Latin-American states be furnished to the maximum extent feasible according to joint plans approved by the OAS. Another foreign aid proposal Re- to br 100 per cent Innocent of any wrong doing. Most of you err without knowing that you are at fault, for you have seldom been taught the sex differences that p r o- duce divorce. Men and women are radically different In their sexual outlook. But many new brides either fail to understand that fact, or now lives Peninsula in the little Upper in tourist Tourist Group Issues Warning MARQUETTE-'Anothef warning against falling for adveftUing schemes which produce little or no benefits was Issued by the Upper Mlchgan Tourist Association today to proprietors of resorts, motels and other business establishments catering to summer visitors. "Too many of these salesmen who come into the upper Peninsula every summer get what amounts to a 'free vacation* by soliciting — and collecting—payments for advertising In magazines or literature which «lther are non-existent or which are printed in very limited quantities," Ken Dorman, Houghton, UMTA secretary-manager, declared. "We urge all our members and other people in the tourist industry not to fall for such schemes, because more often than not their money is simply being thrown away. We might compare these visiting 'advertising salesmen' to the fraudulent roofing and siding solicitors who higlvpres- sure home owners Into Signing contracts, or making down payments for Jobs that aren't at an like they've been described." Dorman urged resort, motel, hotel and restaurant proprietors, as well as operators of other retail establishments, to "remember that you get the most for your money from home patronage." He suggested that all suob merchants "take a good look" at the benefits they're getting from their chambers of commerce and the Upper Michigan Tourist Association. Invest in such local and regional organizations, which are working the year around to promote the Upper Peninsula, win bring community or Rock, came Sunday from Senate iv ^-, . , . . ,. « publican Leader Everett M. I the >* tactfully forget It after the Dirksen. He said in an interview' flrsl tiat) y arrives. $100- What makes him different from others who do the same? Just that the 22-year-old Delta County resident has been blind since he was 2-years-old. Slkkila described his accomplishment in completing four years Of college as "a common- day occurence in an uncommon world." "More than one-third of my high school graduating class has gone on to college," Sikklla said. His "high school" was the State School for the Blind in Lansing. "Some are in law school and others are in social work and teaching," he said. "But I want to work With people who have their sight because I think I have something extra to offer." He majored in sociology and said he planned to be a case out. mueh richer revenue, he returns pointed where his father, Onni, manages a grocery store, is realistic about his blindness. "I'm not afraid to rely on others," he said, "in fact, the teachers at Northern have always gone out of their Way to be helpful. But I enjoy finding! my own way, being indepeiid-' ent. And it Isn't as hard as it seems." A*P TOMATO JUICE cons 7i $ 1 Soup Soto! •ton A Mcon, C •f Celery, or Vefetobte Campbell Baked Beans Spaghetti • Gum Drops Apple Pie A&P Beets 3 CwnpbtR Picnic Favorite Werfhmere Candy Req. 4fc JIM* Parker Sliced or Whole -39e fHt «MT ATUWTie A PACIFIC TEA COMPANY, MC. AMfR|(/l <, DEPfNOflHIf FOOD MER'HAHl MIKf 11159 All J»rfe*t Effective Thru June he will urge approval of a million addition to the bill to put Chiang Kai-shek's Chinese forces on Formosa in top fighting trim. The House already has passed its version of foreign aid without any two-year cutoff. The House Foreign Affairs Committee has strongly opposed changing the form of foreign aid and this ideological Issue is expected to be the main point of difference between the two bodies this year. Mony of you brides think the big problem is over after you have won a husband and o b rained his signature on the marital "dotted line." Don't be so naive! Your real difficulty has just then begun. For there are far more Women than men in this country! sc you are in a potential love triangle every day of your life! Get hep! Senri for the booklet "Sex Differences That Endanger Marriage." enclosing a long stamped, retuin envelope, plus 20 cents. UEP it to become as happy as Wayne and his wife. Escanaba Airman Dies In Crash of AF Plant ROSWELL, tf.M. (AjP) — Lt, Anthony scheriff of Eseanaba, Mich., has been identified as the copilot of an Air Force plane which crashed near Walker Air Force Base Thursday night, killing all five crew members. UlflTHI mm TM eMm Weiw MiMr Hi* flow •» waMr afor «Mh 7Sc AT HAtQWAKI STOUS Dog Is Taken Off Probation SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (AP) — The shadow of the Bastille has been removed from a French poodle named Mr. Benchley, who has been on probation for three months for chasing deer in a state preserve. Upon accepting testimony that QQP Public ReldtiOtlS Mr. Benchley is now as law- _.. . u * abiding a French poodle as the} Director fids next, Municipal Court Judge j WASHINGTON (AP) — Rob- David Baty expunged the record i ert M. Smalley has resigned as and Welcomed the pooch back; director of public relations for into unblemished society. (Always write to Dr. Crane in care of tills newspaper, enclosing a long stamped, addressed envelope and 20 cents to cover typing and printing costs when you send for one of tils book*lets.' (Copyright by the H o p k i ns Syndicate, inc.) TRY THIS DELICIOUS TREAT W. Aurora St. Ironwood TOP TASTE CURED BEEF Duncan Nines 6e Off Deal! CAKE MIXES 3 ^ 99 MOTORISTS' ILLUSION Motoring sight-seers over San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge are discouraged from driving at a snail's pace by an optical illusion. Metal pales below the guardrail block the view at speeds under 35 mph while proper speed give an uninterrupted panorama. the Republican National Committee to join the California political public relations firm of Whltaker and Baxter. Smalley was named by former GOP National Chairman Dean Burch. Ray Stull, an Ohio associate of new GOP Chairman Ray Bliss, is publicity chief. assistant GOP USE DAILY OLOBil WANT-ADS SPECIALS for TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY F I N E R FfllRLURY PLUS-TOY DUMP TRUCK FREE! lOc OFF LABEL OXYDOL BREAKFAST SAUSAGE LADY LYNDA ff0J%| CORNED BEEF»79' 1 Ib. roll Giant Size 71 EXCEUINT FOR PICNIC OR HOME MEALS National's Vttlue«Way Fre*h GROUND BEEF ...» 39 FRESH SANDWICH COOKIES Chiqolfd Fancy Yellow BANANAS Ib, FOODS BANANAS Firm, Golden .. . Everybody loves eml 10 Jumbo 27 CANTALOUPE 39c~ Now Yellow ONIONS 3... 49c 19' 2*49° PEANUTS.. 3'•I 00 100 Sugar Sweet 20 Ib. Average f* f± WATERMELON 98 Kraft Miracle WHIP Orange Supreme ORANGE DRINK gloss quOHt C •• INRJP LID BOX I 55c Ibs. MiucU Whipped Morgqrint 2 i b , 59c FREE OFFER! OOLDIN HAHVIST FLOWER SEEDS 1 r»KO. OF I PACKITS With Produce Order of $2>00 or More FREE! ""SJKSr* TEASPOON With 8th Week Coupon from Mailer

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