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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Monday, January 9, 1928
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•feTAtB R-ISTORI-CAL' SOOIBTY. C C M P - i TOPKXA v KANS. The REGISTER'S Circulation records open to public \ inspeption at any time. VOLU|flE XXXI. No. jB5. SiiTi'ssor lo The lolM Haily IKeglster. The \it\a Ihiily i :<Tonl und lola Daily Index. CIRCULATION is the only Commodity a Newspaper Has to Sell Its Advertisers. lOLA. KAN., MONDAY EVESJSG. JANUARY i), 1928. ENTRIESFOR ARE COMING Thirty Bushels of Corn Are Receivecl As * Entries MANY AWARDS OUT Cash, Gilts, Ciips, Ribbons Offei-eid As Prizes January 18-21 Over thirty buiihels of .coru were entered Saturday for (he southeast Kansas Corn and Poultry slio\y to • b(! held Jan. 18 to L'l. TheHC entrk'« Were made by men who are enrolled in the coni growers contest Iflag conducted In , the county There were 34 men who «-ompleie(' . the contest, and whose fields were "* jneasured. weights tiikon, awl yiilds liKiired. Kaeh must exhibit - tuo hnsliels of corn in Ihe show. Thehe re^jults will Ix; liniilly Uu- A MERICAN GIRL WILL MARRY MAHARAJAH OF INDORE, SAYS RTEPORT London, Jan. ,f). '(AP)—An Exchange Telegi-aph dispatch friom Bombay silys that an American girl, a Miss Miller, has anrived at Bombay for the purpose of marrying the former Maharajah of Iiidore, whom she met while he \vas visiting in America. The American conkul i.s said to have failed in ah attempt to dissuade Mis^ Milter from the marriage which is to occur at Indore, after which she will adopt the Hindul-eligion. In Noveirtber. 1923. when the tbr-^ • — ciflod uud annouuceii in of the sliow there .will be next week. In all itvaliable it he course cash and mer Alabarajah ivas in SsJt Lake Chy Miss Nancy Ann .VliUcr ol Seattles Wasbingtoii, and hvr mother were memtoers of Uic former ruler's party. He was travelling iucoRnito'as ".Mr. T. Itaje." Recent reports from Rombay that the former Maharajah intended to marry an unnamed American girl brouKhl from the motlier. Mrs. Jennie .Miller in Seattle, the statement that th" match was a possibility. She dlmlHlmed aU knowledge of her dauRhter's plans. "The Maharajuh of ludore RaJnel notoriety in January. 192.'i. when Mumtaz Degum. a dancing girl, was sla.shed in the fm-e and her escort, a wealtliy. Hoinhaj; merchant was killed by nine Indians. later identified as having connection with the Maharajah's train. Mumtaz had been a former! favorite of the Mahurnjah and it was declarcci the Indians were lieeking to kidnap her. The incident later led to the abdication of the .Maharajah. ".Mumtaz ncgiim was rescued (rtmi the kidnapers by the intervention of a party of British officers, who happened to be passing. The offi<-cr8 armed only with- golf clubs/ routed the Indians. I^ter throe of the attackers were sentenced lo death and four-others deiKjrted. In .March. 192S. Mumtaz was married to Ab<lur Kahman. ;i U.S.MPNES ARE OFF NOW The Weekly Register. Establi.^h.^1 nssT. The. Iota Daily Register. EstaWiahed lii97. SIX PAGES PANAMACITY CLAIMS KING OFAmiORS Colonel Lindbergh Has Little Difficulty On Flight CROWDS WORRY HIM I MARINES URE CfTED As Plane Lands, Crowds Fifteen. Given Rewards Saii Diego Squad Leaves As Others' Prepare To Sail Soon Place Lives Danger In i For Work Duriiig Trbiible I I'anai|i:i. Jan. U. (Al'i- .\ ', fiiic fiiglit from San Jose. «'().-t:i itica. to Panama'City today carri-ii ("ol. j Charles A. l.indl«-rgli to the end j ?f his C'eiitrul .vmencun tour. He |left San Jose at 'J:to (ea.steni stan- |dard tiinei anu landed safely at Campu i.iiidberj.'li. on I'anauia soil at 1:51 this alt rnoon. San Diego, ('ai.. Jan. .'». (AIM. .Nit^rasua-lioijna. 4!*l' United Stairs marine.s. I offici-rs . and men. sailed fvom here oil the navBl animniUtlbh carrier Sir Xm at 'JA 'i o'clock this morn-j I jjk. j. WashlnKton. ;Jan. !t. (AIM—The oft-recurring pjctjire of American NEW COMMITTEE WILL WATGH EXPENDITURES OF GOVERNMENT NOW Washington, Jan. 9. (AP)—Every dollar that congrejss allows Uncle Sam to spend will have to 4-alk the straight and narrow path hereafter, for a new house committee going to take a closer check on expenditures than ever bfefdreLAnd unless each dollar reaches the destination": set for it hy congress, the expenditures committee will have a lot- to say about it. ' \ This new committee results from^.— a consolidation of eleven minor,in •ommittee's on governmental expenditures, and has been clothed with such responsibilities and powers that it is considered destined to play an importa/it part in affairs. One of Its chief functions is to sit as a board of review to see that the government departments use the mopey allotted to them for the purpos* for which it watf specified. Chairman Williamson of South Dakot.-i. does not expect the committee to steer a sensational cour-se- but he intends to investigate all credible reports Indicating improper use of public fund.s. One , other prizes for tills coiitest, over ?r.(iO. The farmer who s'cures tlic j ; higbe"' yiebl of corn on live acrer j ol upland will receive a Check foi j $100.00 from the lola fhambi-r of! - Commerce. A similar prize ;will gc to tiie best- vleld on bottom faml. • • To Kwehe l.lHs. The farmer in the contest who has the best recovd. jiidged lioth " froni the standpoint of yield' and i tlie quality of thie two biisbcU I shown, will receive a pure bre<fj gill • <iffered by the' Kansas City: -Chamber of Commerce, and a siiu- j ilar prize will ga !to the second | winner- Then there are cash . prizes for the ten;highest ranking! iiidividuals and special prizes for j teu-r^r samples and single ear ^ samples as well. MRS.SNYDEKIS TO HAVE LITTLE MORE HAPPINESS Visiting Privileges Are Curtailed After Note Episode Discovery Ossining. .\. Y.. Jan. 9. (AP) —.Mrs. Ruth Snyder today was moved to a new cell in the Sing Sing prison while a minute exaininatioi> . was made of her old tjuarterb.' wealthy merchant !ind a municipa-.; the landing j.lar,. ili.i. was '"n'!': was afforded at rtliref port -- - commlsshmer." ; tropical shower and a stiff wind citfes (i.<iuy as-r tlnforcomejils for " vr.iri mowing. llie. .Nicaiatsiian: campaigners -as- A great ciowd had gaihcied at senibled at San Uiego,! Cal,, .Norf'>^k. \a.. and (ilmrlestoii, S. C. .\t the head of the marines at CHILD, 3, BURNED m BEATEN to DEATH, TWO HELD O. I.ej 'iiene. cpmiiiandant of the Father and Housekeeper Charge EacK Other With Slaying the flying field, ini-luding: .\mericans, and Lindbergh bad his lu^ual enibiisiastic welciime. President Chiarl in greetiu:: liim said: Charleston was .Major Oeueral J. Krings \aliiins 'together. "Colonel Lindbergh, others have isecurvi the liberty of America, •yon. Willi yiMir ahilily of sliorleii- ing di^ilan(•e. are csiablisliing a basis of iratirnilv and are bring- Uieie involving his marines lug tottetber alt ilu- .\merican Uie i..n<-.s oi the insuir'cto. committee is .that money intended for military ammunition has been spent for banquets. Under law; high ^officers have, been al-'; lowed to account for i missing money as. "Ibst in line of dtity," and the cpminittee probabiy will inquire whether this has sometimes beien used to cloak payments for social affair.". Another instatice is the reported infproper alld^'tinccii paid »o soinc officers for Supposed "deirtjudant"' mothers, although the .mothers;have been w^ell-to-do. All sucji practices are .<Iue; for close .scnitjoy by the expcnditiires committee.'.and it will also stud.v other methiods of saving money for the pove'rument. Chairman Williamson would have -fho treasury Mop reporting; tax re- fun/ls under $50 tcr ;^^This nlone: he says, would mean'a'great saving, reduc;hig the usual 26. thick volumes to five or six. MINE BLAST ISFATALTO 26 WORKERS Illinois Men Trapped In One Section of the Big Mine OTHERS ILRE FREE Mine Rescue Crews Seek To Recover Bodies Of Dead Men : West Frankfort, II!., Jan. 9. (AP)—Two miner-s were known to have been killed and 24 were missing four hours after an explo.sion to} day in the Indu.strial Cpa Company'.s Mine No. It' near fJreeiiup, Ky.. Jan. 9. (AP) — While approximately IMO excited and curious visitors from three st:ites viewed the 'beaten scorched body of Mary Magdalene Pitts, a three-year-ol<l baby here. coi i)s. wild is bound for the Cen- | irai .Uiiirican republic to . gather first hand information of llie strife and Aug- FALL-SINCLAIR . RETRIAL TO BE HEARD APRIL 2 Continuance Is Granted When Fall's Illness Is Explained somewhere in Kentucky the child's .N"ew York, Jan. 9. There will also be classes which ! tailm^nt of her visiting privileges, father and his housekeeper, secret- today .left .Mrs. Ruth Snyder with but ^wo occasions upon which she can see her mother before the time are open to the world. These w-ill . be 10 and '70 ear classes in both while and yellow varieties, ami also a prize for the best single ear in ; tlie show. .\ granil prize in tht form of a beautiful s'ilver trophy will be given the grand cJiarapion bushel, of tlie whole ishow. This , i)Kze is being offered by Dr. T. L Parkhurst of Humboldt. Kntrie's in these open cla.s.«ps luav be made up to antj incltJding .Tnnuury IS. the flrst . day of the show. The premium list, which I f Jiow out, give.s all of the details of the show, lK>th in corn and poultry Premiiiin lAst" Out. Premium Jists of the corp and poultry .show, which are now being iiiailed out, outline a liberal poultry premium list. Prizes are offered for both . single birds and "^pi'us Jn all standard varieties of chickens, as well ns prizes on all ' .other poultry classes. The prizet •ore figured-on a gnirluated scale -the size (lepen<iing upon tin?-number of entries, the lirsts ranging rlroni $r>.«ii'to r,ii citiits. • All birds entered in the show will lie ted and cared for while at the show, and uniform cooping will be furnisliiMl free. Kvety consider. iiliou win be givi 'U exhibitor?! in «iiis 'as well as in the ;'".rii dejiart- Intlnt. Norton-1...^llvl•i^-. I'aisons. , 'fas. will Jinlge iiif slio'v, which if 'ji guarantee iiir<M' pleasani and 'jirolitahle dav.svvill Ii" '-pint al tbr «Iiow. Mr. Harris lias ha'l a long jilid varied e.xperiene.,- in tlie poul- "iry .business from many angles, aiv^ is exceptionally well iniHlifled to . -ijudge a show ami tir di-^cui-^ poultry problems. Kiitiies in this de- i>artmunl may be m.-nle at any timr . . •' I': to ami . iiielieliiig' .lanu.iVy I.S "if 111 1" (iisl liay of the. show. WEATHER and ROADS • n»I{ K.\>SAS; Vsiir tonight and Tuesday: inoderiite tetnpenitnre. • Weather mitltiok for ne.\t week: TSorliiern and Central Great Plains: Temperatures above normal most of the week:, probably coJdor toward the close: not much precipi- .tation likely, but may occur toward the middle or close of the week. Temperature—Highest ye.sterday US, at " p. m.: lowest last night 2, . nt « a. m.: normal for today .TO; ''excess, yesterday 7: deficiency t since .lanuary 1. ^7-1 degrees; this •date last year—highest i?.; lowest 2."?. Precipitation for the 24 houcs i-endinB at " a. m. today. 0; total for this year to date. .02: defic- I .'lehcy since .faniiar.v I. ..14 inches. ' ; ftelatlvc humidity at 12 noon : yesterday, 64 per cent; 7 a. m. to- day 90 per cent: barometer reduced to sea level. 30.19 inches. .''un rises 7:39 a. m.: sets 5:20 J). m. , - Road Conditions, i • AU <?lear. all roads good except Kmporia, rough. ly Jailed to prevent accused each other if slaying the girl. . The father. Rolien | Pitts. :!5, said set for her e.\ecution at Sing .Sing . his housekeeper killed the, girl; cheered wildly. —^Thursday night. ' iwhile he was away firom his farm countries on a basis of ri^al under-. u.-*linu hanilini standing." InChartesioii harbor were the! Ther.' was some confusion at ciuisers 'I'reiiKm, italeigh and .Mil- the landing and as Cobin-'l l.ind- waukee, desigiiaied to carry the bergh taxied down the field past I'ans island uattalion of I'eathcr- the president's stand, niouiiled necks. '1 be 1 K-uton, flagship of Panama troops galloped ibeside bis tlii cruiser gttjup, which is com- plane to keep the ni.sbing crowd manded by Hear Admiral (Jeorge anj I hack. . The crowd, iiowever. wiiii'd <.'. Way, assigned (fuarters to (Jen.; 'not give way. and it setjmed for I.ijein-ne. wiii.e ISng. Gen. Logan ; of Albert H. Fall, several seconds that lives were in Feland, who i.i to command the jMIee Pomeiene. special govern- danger as lli.- -propeller of the augnKUted juaripe force ili Nicar- „jent prosecutor, said if'Kail was mob violence, Washington, Jan. 9. (AP)—Retrial of; th.<" Fall-Sinclair oil conspiracy case was postponed today until -April 2 because of the illness Spirit of St. I.ouis kept whirring. Jagua. was arranged for aboard the The landing, safely made with i Kaleigh. no one injured, .the American air hero was immediately escorted to the president's grand stand.' 'While the crowd surged about him and .Manj- in Ylrglala. The bulk of' the marina force from the E^st was at Hampton The restrictions were imposed by W*ardeh Lawes upon discovery that Mrs. Snyder had smuggled letters to her: mother, Mrs. Josephine Brown.-by hiding tliem In a washroom used toy Mrs. Brown on visits to the prison. The notes subsequently appeared in a tabloid newspaper. Warden Lawes at first suspected members of 3Irs. Snyder's counsel and forbade visits by them. Later lie discovered that Mrs. Brown was according to officers.! In a still unfinished confession lie ac<;used the woman of putting the-baby; through a long cotirse of torture, ihc» officers declared. He told that fihc held .the haby over ia stove until its back was blisteredi and scorched and then when the 'wounds had partly healed, rirbb'ed J<alt and turpentine into them and later tried twlcevto hang the baby in the barn. He declared the woman did this, officers said. Iiecause she feared the ba;by's mother who had left Other Fortreries in Mexican unable to appear for the retrial the government would proceed separately against Harry P. Sinclair Mark Thompson, Fall's lawyer iR -^niio va 1 isald the former siecrctary of the !SS i^'inlria^.^'^lS''--^- "•'•^ - j well and-officers aboard. ; About ,i , , ,. „ •lil- same numlier of men were as-I '^'^ courts ruling. Pomer» t siurbed at Sun Die^o. with the vene is.sued new subpoenaes for H. nOl.UUt mine Uy.r ,x,-gonnti assigned to '" ' ilieiitXus fransport. GEORGE REMUS the messenger. She will be per-. mitted to visit her daughter only:""8* m'sht return, on the Tegular visiting days, which i ^Irs- . Marie Frazler. the house- .are today atid 'VVednesda.v. ; Henry Judd Gray. .Mrs. Snyder'ji paramour, who Is under sentence to die with iier for the murder of the woman's husband, was not affected by the order. Ho received visits yesterday from his mother. Mrs. Margaret Gray, and his sls- t<«r. .Mrs. Harold E. Logan, and her husband. The start of H ip week during which both prisoners are to die- un- Icsjj oxecuti \'R demenc.v Irom Gov- eriior Smith or a last-minute legal move intervenes, resulted in a doubling of their guard. "Warden l«iwrs j .said the.v would be under constant surveillance until the exwutions. Jan. <>. iAPt -Jacol :.W»/en the. l.o(K» mailues from the leU-K 'yled •••IntPi -u»(^-:XMfcrf and West- coasis unite with New V'irk. Jan. Nosovitsky tionai spy." wlmse nemi- w; - nun- their buddies now on the scene,. , , . • i , . <• t!on d in .the s.n:,f iiivsligHtlon th- force in .\icaragua will ap-i«'«« "'^ retn;il .set for M : Blackmer and James O'Neil missing; witnesses in the oil trial Blackmer was served in the previous trial.aind cited for corrtenipt when he failed to appear. He alsr keeper, who is an e.xpectant .iiother, said Pitts killed th'<? girl "•because he -wants me to hang." The habv died Tbursiiay and Pitts and the bounekeeper were arrested later when Dr. H. T. Morris, who treated the child, told of-jLitt[e Chah^e in Ihc fleers that he;found nn iron poker | i/- i_ ,,ri A /' in the home which fitted .a wound I in the baby's bead. He also sai.l iher Internal orgntis were bruiHed, her entire body was cut by switches and her stomach contained brown s-pota which lie thought might have resulted froni pepper. New Record Set by Every Pupil Contest j Lyceum Number Will ?; Be Presented Tuesday The Stout Players, will put on • the. third number of jthe lola high , Bchool lyceum courie. tomorrow; the play. "Sally Fro(n Our Alley." • The play will be given in the hlgH . ^ school auditorium, j . Court Docket To Be Set Here Toinorrow The docket for the January term ; »f Alien county dl8tricr:conrt will _ be fixed tomorrow. Jurors will not report for duty until next week. College and High Students Are Busy This week fin<ls students in both the high schools'!ind the junior college hard at. work in trying to Emporia, Kan.. Jan. 9.—All ever.vfhing up for the conclusion of the semester, January 20, while a good manyi outside activities are also calling for attention. Xext weeTc will be given /^ler on- tirel.v to examinations in the college while a .'good part of the time will also he taken in high school examinations. High school eproll- of forced .V'xii;iii <! icuni'niir pub- pr.;.'iimaie 2.lo(j. They will devote lished bv the ll>ir-'- n •••••i/ij)'rs ibeir acliviiirs. General I.ejeiine tiiday was wi.Ji oi;;t;- for- -^aid befor • leaving Washington geries. yc-ieniay. lo eliniinatin'g Sandino The .Vew Yurk Wur'd -aid tlial iroin tli.-"olb,e;rwisi- peaceful .\ic- a series of doiiini-nt- inirp<irtlug araguan hori'/iin before the A"Kust to reveal plol.s by Americans 'lections." • ' the - .Mexican goverument i—: — ^ had been offered for sale to Ar- CitatloUS j " ' •liiro Elias, .Mexican fonsiil-geii-' H i i ; eral in .\ew York, but had |„.(.n ! ' Or UaiiaOiry found by him to In- fMrgeries in-- ' - spired bv .N'osovit-kv. ' .Managua. i.Mcaiatua. Jail. 9.— (AI'i Citations for gallafttiy .!:::.- vcal<d toda.y that American iiia- iin. 1. /' rincs li;,d livViC up to the bi-st tra- KanS^S Wheat Crop dltlons or the corps famous for In- January 16. O'Xell- has never been served. Their testimony is sought in connection with the operations of the Continental Trading company, thru which the government charges Fall received a large batch of Liberty bonds after he had leased the Teapot I Dome naval oil reserve' tc Sinclai^ trepid fightirig. The citali'nm told Liitle of jiersonal courage under wither^ ing hiachlne gun fire when the marines captured, Uuilali, stronghold of the rebei . "general. Augustino I Sandino, on i December 30. l Sandino, tho self st>ied "wild i beast pf the mountain's,", is now Topi'ka. Jim. 9. (Al'i chango was reported in the Kan- .sas winter wilieat outlook by the state board oti agriculture and other farm agctiries In tbelr weekly crop rpoort today, which saiil In part: ^ ' ' "An ample supply of soil mois-' believed to be; lurking in a mine ture is present only in southeast-|lhr<.'Q miles fi;om El Cliipote. A ern; counties however, wheat in Ijody guard pt fifty picked men ords for all scholaishiii contests conducted by the bureau of measurements 'of Emporia Teachers college will be broken by the Every Pupil Schblarshlp contest in which lola high school students will participate January 11. Exactly 717 schools from twenty- one states had ordered a total of jm'ent and college enrollment'" will 210,913 tests and recorded forms [also iiegin tf^ appear on the sche- by January 7, four days before the! dule as do contest.. The number'of tests already ordered is more than twice the number distributed for the first contest last year, antl exceeds by 70,000 the total number of. tests used in ;both of last year's events.. Nutrition Expert Will Be In County Wednesday Miss Collie Foote. niitritlon specialist of KansaJ" State Agricultural college, win be '\n lola Wednesday. In the morning .she will hold a conference with Mrs. Florence Sy- Vcrnd, connty home demonstration agent, During the afternoon she will meet with club leaders in the Chamber of Commerce rooms at Meihorial hall. Plans will be made for 1928 work. hook exchanges and other such m d-»emester notices. Tomorrow finds the lyceum pro- cram which-13 to he given at 10:13 in the high school auditorium as the main e; tra-cirricular attraction. Wednesday is merely a day for study, with Thursday having a debate in the afternoon and a play at night. The debate Is to be "between the senior high . teams-and Freilonia. The affirmative teams will travel. Wire Tapping for Dry s Evidence Considered .Washington. Jan. 9. fAP)—-The jiupreme court reversed Itself today and decided to consider the validity of evidence obtained in prohibition cases by wirei tapping. Jtfnior College Expression Class WillPresent '*Are YouaMason?" Next Thursday night the Junior college dramatic department -n'ill present thel three-act comedy. "Are You a Mason?" under the direction of Mrs. A. E. Oarri.son. • ; This comedy is- said to be a screamingly humorons pla.v. Those who hare witnessed the rehearsals have remarked it is the most taA- inornus production ever produced on the local stage. The cast is a good one. Howard Bell, who made a bit in the flay. "Sfeveli Chances," Is the leading man, [He is a-bly supported by the following: Owen Paul, Charles Funk.! I..ester Dolfisont Charles Sutherland, David Shannon. Haxel Troutwlne. Golda Larson, Margaret Shannon. Hilda Braun. Racbael Heath and Elna Close. This play has been' produced In various colleges and has had e.xcellent recommendations and "write-ups." The play is to be produced at a nominal price and a large crowd Is expected. eastern counties generally has suf- I'*"'* four l>oys who have been spec- ficient moisture to carry it well j'^lly trained to shoot at his re- Into the winter period of dor- i 'IHest surround him. The f eljel I leadbr. whose official documents bear a seal shofwing a rtbtl soldier iWheading a biarine, id ready to! escape through Honduras or down the Coco river to the Caribbean.' if hani pressed. The 33-yeur-old general, who was formerly a clerk In an American mine! which he captured and destroyed, has rescinded his penalty maucj- in good condition. Former College Boy Faces Two Charges jfor the man' that solt^ liquor and the burning; o( her property for any woman ^^ound gui Six officers; two WiclMia. Kan.. Jan. .0. (AP)—! John Ayies. 23, former student at Southwestern college, Winfield charged with the robbery of $2.')3. ..... j .u from Cliarles White of the WlchUa I'.a^ j providing the death theatre here December 13, will face two jutlges on two separate charges for the offense. In accordance -with assignment of the docket In district court here today. Chanute Theater Man Is Robbed of $397.84 Chanute, Kas., Jan. 9. (AP)— The People's theatre here was rohbed of ?397.S4 last night, by robbers who kidnaped |an employe on his way home, took bis ke.vs and left him bound and gagged in the lobby. The safe was smaihcd with a sledge hammer. Saturday night two' dwellings were entered' and searched. sinned officerst and s^ven privates of the iharlineis and three navy pharmacists niates w ire cited for gallantry in action it the capture of Qiiilali by Col. Lot Is M. GuHck, commnndin^q the marines in Nicaragua. Three. N'icarakuans. members of the] national [guard, also were cited. ty. non-eommis- Kansas Legion Will Universal Draft Law Urged by Spafford Topeka. Jan. 9. (APi—Enactment of a universal draft law a.s a move for pear* was urged by Ed'fai'd E. Spafford. national commander of the American legion, in an address today before the Topeka chamber of commerce. Local Teacher Has Article ih'^gaizine For the third tinie alncL he started teaching in lola Junior coifege. J. Francis tide in Lemon hqs bad an ar~ iTie Modern ' Language Journal."'a magazine for language teachers. The article appears in this month's Issue' and Is titled, "An-Objective Test in Spanish." Contest O^ahomansl Topeka. Jan. 9. fAP)— A challenge of tUc ; Kansas Department of the Ameifican Legion for a 1928 membershipj contest with the Oklahoma Oepaijtmant was accepted by H. T. Petit §tate commander of the Oklahonia department, at a meeting here;; today of commanders and adjutants of the Legion in Kansas. I ' E. E. Spafford of New Vork. Na- tjonal conunahder, was scheduled to address the meeting this after- nopn. I • Adoptioij of Daughter Bly ftlarUnd Is Annulled Piiilad«pllai, Jan. "9. (AP)^The adoption twelve years ago by E W., Mariana, 'multi-millionaire oil oper^or ofl • his foster daughter- MIs^ • Loyoj^' Roberts ' Marland whom he v^ill matry shortly, was annulled in common pleaa court today. • I ; Many Farm Meetings Are Held at Topeka Topeka, Jan. 9. (AP)—The first of five meetings to be held in Topeka in connection with Farmers' Week and the t>~{}i annual meeting of the Kansas State Board of Agriculture, opened today. The meeting, that of creamerymen and field suiwrintendents, will bo in session three day.-*, A two-day meeting of the state .nssociation of Kansas fairs will open tomorrow, when the annual meeting of the Kansas' Agricultural councl also will be held. She annual meeting of the board of agriculture will open Wednesday, and closed Friday. The Kansas. Poultry Association's annual poultry show opened today. American Mining Man Escapes From Bandits Mexico City. Jan. 9. (AP)—Becoming desperate when he overheard that he was to be killed on "Tuesday, Lyman F. Barber, American mining man attacked and killed four of his bandit guards Saturday night and escaped from the band of outlaws who havie been holding him for ransom since December 17.1 Kansas Car Owners Miist Get Licenses Topeka, Jan. 9. (AP)—Kansas automobile owners today were warned by Frank J. Ryaii, secretary of state, to (-purchase their 192S license lags. Letters were Iie- ing written to county .sheriffs. Mr. Ryan said, instructing them to arrest, delinquent motor car owners. The secretary of state said applications were not coming in fast enough. OFUMAHOME Aisylum Members Sdem to Like Former Kjng Of bootleggers I..imai Ohio.: Jan. 9. (AP)-?-George Remus.! acquitted by a Cincinnati jury of slaying his wife, Imogene, and committed to th6 statp hospital for the insane here has; entered into lite at' the .institution as a model inmate^ and is proving popular with other mcnibers > of his -ward, according to Superintendent W.:H. Vorbau. i ; He jplned .the choir on jiis first Sunday there; yesterdisy, aiid showed intense interest irl the services, asking whispered qufestlons of the man on his Sght and joining lustily in the singing ofjhvmns. The remainder of, the day he "spent in reading the ^unday papers. Remus is fliiiet, congenial and apparently refsigned tio his fate. Dr. Vorban said.^AU visitors will be deniedthe privilege of seeing R*;- mus, Superiiitendent Voi|jau said. It ha.s beeti indicated hy Remus' attorneys, Fr.ancis W. Di'irbin and D. C. Hender.son, of Lima, that three Lima physicians, in addition to hospital d(>ctors, will •likely be I chosen to obgerve Reinu's. Charles H.'-Ejlston, chiOf counsel for Remus, atntl the two'' Lima attorneys retainetl, indicated that habeas corpus: |)roceeding's ^vill be sought, but wovild not say when. • 14- 1_. Account 6^ Collision Of S-4 Is Gived Today • •-T——. ; Boston, JarP. f 9. (AP)f-An eye witness accoiUf of the cqilision off Provincetown-' »n December 17, in which the coaC't guard 5 destroyer Paiilding rammed and sank the submarine S-4, "w'tih loss of 40 lives was presented .tqday atjthe naval court of inquiry Investigating the disaster. • =- .>» }. Showing slgr.'i, of deepest emotion, Lieunteria^i Commander John S. Bayliss, wlS) commanded the Paulding at tip? time,' tpid of the submarine emerging suddenly under the port b*jw- of the; destroyer as it approaclMJd ProvinCptown harbor. • i : here. The dead were Jones and David "McP'ail. Tlieir bodies still 1 were in the mine at iirxm. Of apf 'proximately lOi) nion in the secf tion of the mine; where the explosion occurre<l al! lnit twenty-four had been accouiiti'd for. Hre 'broke out alter the explo­ .sion and made restiie work diffir cult. A' rescue team from Benton entered the mine at lfp:i."i a. ni. and a team from Vjilier entered' ah hour later. Five Bodies Recovered Today Spriiiicficld. IlLs.. Jan. fi. (API- Director .A. I). Lewis <it" the State department of mines, on business in Centralia. this morning, di- rectert mine rescue teams from Benton ami Ilen-in to West Prank- fort and him-^Hf iirocoeded there iiy automobile. Five Ijodies had been recovered from tlic mine thi.s afternoon, when it wa.s definitely reported to the vtate department of mines and mineral.s that al! hope had been given up for the missing twenty- one men. One of the bodies was identified as that of Carl Jones. One hundred and fifty men were at work in the section of the-mine where the ex;)Ioiioii occurred, the last report snid. and all of them escaped wi;!n>ijt injury except twenty-six. Fair Weather For Kansas, Says Report Topeka. Jan. '.>. (AP)—With skie?. reported clear over the entire state this .nioruing. the weath- •i er bureau predicted fair weather and continued mild temperatures. An afjernoon temperature' of alwut 4 .T degrees and a low mark tonight of near tlie freezing point were predicted. -.Vn moisture was reported iti the last 21 hours |npr for several days preceding. j j. Last night's niiiiimnm reafliiift reported was 21 (Ifgrces at Dodge City. I I Senator Urges Trial Of Ambassador's So i Washington. Jan. 9. (.\I>t -As S r E.sme Howard, the Rritish a"mbai- sador. was expressing his-regre s to Secretary Kellogg today ov< r the accident on Saturday in which ;i. 12-year-oid girl was injured iy an automobile driven by the ani- bassador's It-year-old son. Senat< r Blease. of South Carolina, entered a prote.«t in the Kcnate against allowing the plea of diplomatic immunity. , i ^ X ,...... ! ^ Parsons Laborer Is | Suffocated in Fire; No Tariffillevisidn For Tfi^o Ye^rs Now WashingtOHf c'ilan. 9. (CAP)— The I administration--will not • sanction i fhie McElroy. 43, a iaiwrer. was a revision df-t.Jte f^ariffiapt for at \ suffocated early yesterday at the least two yeii^. Chairman Smoot [ home of bis daugjiter. Mrs. A. P of the senatef:ifinance,'c<immittee. j Sauter. whcii the bouse caught fire declared toda^^lin: the senate as j from an undetermined cause. Mc- Parsons. Kan., Jan. 9. (AP)—Ar- today-> Senator JIcM>Ster, South Dakota; i was p^esising his resolution to:jf|iiclaire th^ senate in favor of imiiic^iiat© lowering of rates. Rejpublican. ' Elroy was alone in the houte.'from ' wliich the roof was burned. - Dr. J D. Pace, coroner, said .McEIi oy was under the influence of liqior. Farm Woi&er Killed In l^andit ;Hold-up iMarsiiail, "sB.. ijan.:9. (AP)— Dick Bacon. farm laborer; was killed and Gnivfr Kit« was dangerously wounded .i>y bandits during a hbldup last ni'glit at Kite's farm homo near Mi.^imi,; 18 miles north of here. 7-* ' '. 192SWill be'l happy year, indce.l for PICKWICK-COFFEE Drinkers' Ask >Tjur grqcgr. Hickman to ReceiveAdvc^tages in Sanity Hearing J^fiuary 25 Kansas^ City, Jan. 9.. f AP)— The state has waived statutes governing •the admission of evidence in California cotirts to permit a thorough examination of AVilliam Edward Hickman at his sanity hearing January 25, Jerome Walsh of defense counsel anndunced. today. The young Kansas City attorney who returned last night to collect evidence and summon witnesses from this section, ezhioited a document signed by Asa Keyes, district attorney at Eeji Angele.'iJ agreeing the defense ccMlld issemilfle data In any way possible.! : Walsh denler| reports hje had formally demaiifffjd at purpprted second confessl0(| by-the,'confessed slayer of Marran jParKeni which it was said, hsiY beien withheld by the .state. : i ' .1 "Hickman trld me he; did the whole thing.T.iWaish said, ."and I believe he told" the truth. I do not believe the ptfrported second confession existJJ,'" Merchant Marine PI m Approved by Comi^iittee \Vashiiigton. Jan. 9. (Aii)-fDIST regarding the'policies of President Coolidge.:. the Seiiate Comr lerce committee today- approved thi bill of S';natf>r .Jones. Repub lean Washington, to build iip the merchant marine and keep it- nder government supervision through-: ttie shipping board. Sienate Investigation Of S^ Disaster A^ked Washington,-Jan. 9. (.\l'» Per- si.stent demand for inyestigatisn of 1 the S-4 disaster by a .-enate com- .^| mittee instead of by a specialicom- ptission to be appointed by the president was made today before the senate naval committee by leading Democrats of that body. Senate Has Opening Tariff Row of Session • \* - "Washington, Jan. 9. (.VPl—The senate engaged today in its; first tariff row of the year when Sector McMaster, a South Dakota Be- publican, opened his fight forj a declaration in favor of an imnpe- diate downward revision of rates.

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