Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 7, 1928 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1928
Page 6
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•••• ••••4 PAGE SIX J.C.1N C. OF E. CREW Local Squad Pulls Out in Miiial Minutes To Win 33-30 MEJN LQOKING GOOD Visitors Are in Rear Most Of Fray on Local Court lola Junior college's t >a8kctball team last nlg^t outpassed, outguessed and ^ulscored the strong College of Emporia reserve team to win 33 to 30 In the last few mln- Elsmore in Victory Over ^uffalo Five Elsmore Journeyeii to Buffalo Thursday, night arid added another win to thd tune of 33-22. C. Daniels wa« high poii^t man 14 iwlnts in tiiree Quarters of play. Elsmore took the leaa early and never lost lit: Bronson. [qf Fredonla. did the ofUciating and >*rorked a very credlUblo game. I A Rcculiar feature of t^ie game was a\ ield goal niade<in Elstuore's basket] by a {}uffa:lo player. In a Rcramb e under Our. basket, a Buffalo player In possession of the ball tried to pass down' the court but the ball h.'t another player and Iraunced into the basket. WASHINGTON HAS GOOD PROSPECTS FOR 1928 SEASON THE lOLA DAJLY'REGISTER. SATURDAY feVENING, JANUARY 7.1928. LOCALS LOSE BATTLE WITH PARSONS FIVE 5 lola High Is Humbled in 22 to 4 Battle at Parsons PLAYING IS POOR Labette County Crew Is Too Strong for the Smith Squad I'arsons high i school gained tlio ! first victory In Ihe Southeast Kan- HU.4 ba.sketbaH league Kea .son last night by virtue of Itsf victory over ^ the lola hgh school team. 22 to r>. i The game was played at J'arson.s. The loI;i leani was wild in it.s LEO LOSES HARP BAVFt IltM nf tlTof In tha mnc> «hrlllln<r - ~ IC J01;l leani wa .S WIKI III ll.t ;;SUa^:;^^2vriT'^!Kansas AlsojWins Game;sh.,o.u,g .a»t nigh.. ..fact^wi.ichj liattketball game played on the local court this season. The lola team waa going strong with Burger, Fronk and Kemp doing the scoring while Cloplnc ami Schlick were' lighting to hold the -opponent!). The locals were ahead most of the way and at the half were holding the lead, 22 to 19. With six minutes to go before the close of the - game the score stood 30 to 26, Emporia. lola tlien opened up a strong scoring attack and •with two minutes to go tied the score. In those remaining two minutes the lola men added tliree In Valley Play Last Night accounts for the few points scored. | The team .-iliot over, uijder. on both j sldi 'M anil everywhere except Into ihtf basket. A stiff Pardons deNOTE: This is tlie fifth of a .•<er- if<"««' lhat was. very hard to pene- les of stories on the 1928 prospecU trute. The game was rough but ofi major league clubs. foul.s. were not called very frc- Washlngton. Jan. 7. (Al')-The n"ently on either team. The Par, , .i.sons forwards and center were potential power of; the New ork . ,j.y,,i„^ „,p ...orhig atUi.k of their Yankee!^ Uaa not j shattered the ! tram but found the defense put out morale of the Washington Anierl- : by the lola boys a good one. can League club, ilnd both rrtsi-' '''•'•^ .'lose, until the .><.:rri,i . 1 II 1 ' Kccond half. At the end of the den^-Griffith and .Manager Bucky , j.^^^^,,^,^,^^ the score was 3 Jo 0. for th^ li )28 campaign • withoiit shivering at the mention of the _„,„ „„,„,„ .u V ,r, i I name of .Miller lluggins' forniid- more points, holding the, baffled ,, . • roeprrffR onroioec ) able array of stars. reserves scoreless. The entire starting squad of Coach Stockebrand's was playing Harris, are going about preparing, I'arsnns was leading then as well as ai the halt when the .score .S'tood S to 1. (). .Vli<;uirc having made a free throw. Iiu the third quarter I'ar.sons again held lola scoreless Even with the absence of Wal- j ter Johnsoii. Harris believes that with the lola men helping them by i erratic shooting and the s<-ore stood 14 to 1. lola managed to do " ^I^, same and the coach j L^s«,bee. Hadley. Van Alystj^ie^ j ""'"""f, '^'"""l^Z onlv used one substitute. The lola L, , i, „ , , than any other time during the pa/sing attack was . workingP"**^ ^"'^^'l^'"-'-game making four points to Par- IJ for the ! Burke, Bra.xton, Gaston, and sev- ' sn .E LOUGHRANIN WIN IN FRAY WITH LOMSKI After Hitting Canvas in First Round, Champ RalUes BATT^LE IS HEATED Challenger Is No Easy Mark For Tommy in New York I.eo l.omski. Aberdeen. U'lish., firhter (pirture'il alMilTe) failed to • enrxy off Tommy l,«nghran's llirhf heavy'welgW title In a torrid battle Inst nisrht in >'ew York City. Although LomslI knocked the cimniplon to the ll (M >r fur Ihe countiof nine fwlre In tie first round, l.oughrun rallied and ontpointi'd him in fifteen! roundM. snroothiy and was too much visitors. The locals also proved to be able to outguess their opponents and oftien worked the ball into the C. of E. reserve defense. Cloplne. regular guard, and Schlick who was put in for Hubbard last night, iboth played wonderful, games. Kemp and Burger tied for high point man with five field goals and two free throws. Fronk made eeven points In the first half before (he reserves managed to stop him. McCartney, forward, was going the best for the vleltors. It was stated jby; the Reserve <-oach that McCartney and Simonton will both go to the varsity team as soon as they get back to Kmpprla. Another thing interesting to note is, that the reserves defeated the %-8rslty team the night before they came to lola. The lola team was small In size compared with the visiting team, but managed to get around Its opponents, with Burger getting the tipotf part of the ttao at center. The summary:' sons eight. oral promising pitihers from tlie Donaldson and Hall lied for minor leagues, he "as - the best. scoring honors for the lola .squad, inound staff in the league. This I each making one field goal for group; wisely divided between left i two points. .All men making the banders and right banders, also • trip wiVc used, has been selected with a duo re-! Coach Smith had a pretty green feard to having a few seasoned .bunch in last night's game but a men,, along with those of less ex-' i <'W more; games- anil good results perienie. Iladley. ani|, Liseiibse | can be expeited from the team. are now looked upon By the club •— as being In the star class. iPaintcrS Win BowHng Strength has been added to Ihe , ll/l„4„K CifF X>a,.,.nnti^n i infield by the acquisition of I Match Uff Kccreation | <ieorgo .SIsler. who. according to ! Crlfflth, will alternate with .ludge i Painl'-rs df-fcand the Ue<!rc- at first base. Wise Washington i •i""" 'i'"'". 'lif Kccreation al• ' • • •• " ' and nt idual he will be used In a trade to P'"" '''"'ling tlie league I at first base. Wise Washington i leain on uic uuireuuon ui fans, however, cannot see a play- ; 'I 'Vi* - K'lnu-n to 1 an er of Judge's calibre kept on the Pl"«- '^I- K- .Penning wer bench at any time, and expect that I ahead of Croilu-r I on Indivi<Iuj HtlMBOLDt FALLS IN STIFF CLASH WITH CHANUTERS Superior Teamwork Wins 28 to 19 Battle Last Night lluiiiboldt. .Ian. 7.— The lluin- l)oIdi liigli s<lioo! basketball team wa.-i ih'feati'd last iilglit in the Humboldt gym 2 .s to 1!) by tlie Chunute tiulntet. This game was tlie firsi h'gli uliool game nf the season. The. game was inlercsling throughout, and was «-IoseIy cbn- lested in the first half. In ijhe second lialf. liowcvi-r. riu* t'hanute nu-n outplayed the liome team and piled up a sizealile score. Their Western Conference Opeps Play Tonight CKicago, Jpn. 7. by stiff, practice (AP)-i-Seasoned ompetitioii, the lols FT F TP Konip, rf , _ 5 «> 1 12 , • Isaac, rf - _ • ... 0 0 1 0 . »onk, ,1C . ... 3 1 0 .'7 Hurgcr, c (C) ... C •> 0 12 ("loplne, rg 1 . ... 0 .0 0 Schlick, Ig 1- -.."(• •» 1 0- Totals „ ...13 -7 it 33 BpxerveK FG Ft F TP iMcCartne.v, rf 5 1 ?, 11 Livingston, If - —. 0 0 0 0 Slmonton, f — ... 4 1 0 D - Hauii. c i- ... 4 2 1 10 Timmcrman , c _ ... 0 0 11 a Munday, rg ... 0 0 :; 0 r Itubow. Ig ... 0 0 o 0 Conway, Ig • * ... 1) 0 •1 0 Totals r. -.13, 4 12 30 victory was won pcrlor . teamwork. $u- of Ilie first' half the score stood 11 to jstrengUien the club el.scwhcre. ''y tJrother however, still | The other iwsitlons on the ln-|''o''l« '"'B!' "'" f""""^ recort' fcid are assigned tentatively to ! wi'li ami the high VM frame ,.i,.,„„„.v /...-..r Harry, Reeves and HIuc«e, but the I T"''" '"'1' ''^'"'K "'" I !^ ^' -^""'^ •' club has several minor league i'''"K""" the 6oiii Tlie box score: young.sters for dntv on the Inner ^ " ">•'•"•'' f"'- work«,iiotably (rlllis from BIrm- 1 Painters. largely by At the enil Kemp .M. Denning Handicap Total . In the preliminary the local junior high tschool team defeated the senior high Ischool seconds 23 to 16. .The box icore i. H. .S. 2nds FG FT JCUiott, rf L 1 1 iMcClay. If 3 3 Phillips, c .. 0 0 Howell, c - -.-0 0 McCarty. rg ..- 0 0 Nelson, rg 0 0 Breckenrldgje, Ig —.2- 0 Totals . I. 4. H. .Si. Sharp, rf Orant. rf Troinbold, Thompson. Harbison, c| "Wlnsett. c Driggs, rg .j Skinner, Ig ' Totals P TP 0 3 1. 9 2 «0 0 - 0 0 0 2 0 1 4 6 4 6 16 FX> FT . n . 0 f ...... -. 11 0 n 1) 0 0 0 1 TP 6 0 0 8 6 0 S 23 Junior College Clafs To Present Play Soon The junior college expression Ingham^ who showed - Impressive | Billbe fonn In a few games at the close ' """k'l' of last season. He tnay replace i JJ- l^'-nning DInege or Heeves If he shows more promise. The outfielci trio of Itice Si>cakcr and Goslln I.s- backed up by West and Ganzei the latter having batted for. more than .100 In quite an extended period of play last year. Tentatively Speaker has "been as- rfgned in' the outfield, but few expect h.'m to remain with the team for another season. As; In the case . ir.S 176 iritt—49? -Ill 141 ir.6—4.-.1 141 ISt 169 -4!) 1 •117 l,-.7 I 7—431 * ISl 213 I'.' • -TiSO :. 6.-| at, 6.-. -19.T s :t,S 933 .S7:, 26 .^0 Itenrpniion. Anderson 160 21).'i ir.9—524 Clemans 149 167 17.'!—4S9 Knox .,..106 149 li ;6—411 .Seymour . .•^.214 141 184— .WS Grother 139 1B7 169—47.5 Handicap r>n iiO 50—1.",0 Total ...StS S79 .S9I -:i588 I (Conlinued from I'age One) ceive no part ot the insiiranci'. Staples and his. mother now live in California. Woyd Murray lives near Yates Center. HumlHildt (l») Wiliiams! f. . . Sinclair, f. Frong, «•. . — Hicgins, g. llaskins. g. • Coverdale, g. . .Martin, g. ... Totals . - (Itunule {i» Harnhill, f. . Kricksoii. f. . Shiftl.ell, f. jkehorn. c. ... Keas. g. .Mc.Veil. g. Harnhill, g. 1 .1 ..It _ o . Ji (I s KC u . fl 1 -.4 1 -T 1 It •t (t II II II FT ,1 II 1 TP 3 . C 10 It 0 0 0 11 19 P TP 2 1 2 0 western conferei ce' basketball teams open; their season tonight with all ten teams engaged, and at least half ofi them figured as better than average prospects for the championship. Three tea(hs es<|aped defeat In their pre-season i:ames, InBlana, Wi.sconsln and Pu due, but these three, with JlHnoi!, did not meet Pitttburgh Of '.Voire Dame, the teams, which; conquered six of the •conference squads. .Mil higan ^lungeii Into the thick of the schedjilc at the outset with games against .Vorthwestern tonight and Wisconsin The lIlinoiB tean^ Its hardest games 'Monday night, tackles one of bn the ojienlng night, playing Purdue".; For its opener Minnesota cago still viaying a game, encouitters tlie speedy short pasK style of Indl ina tonight at liUxitnlngiOn.; Wi^onsin Ohio Slate al Coin hurry home tjo entertain .Michigan. Johnny Mieyer^ Will Defend; Cro Chicago. Jan. 7. 1 I 0 0 Totals ..10 S 12 28 High School Kusketltall ResnllH. At Olijiwa: Ottawa 23: Olathe 21. Independence 19; Caney 13. Fredonla 22: Coffeyvllle 16. Xeodesha 21; Cberryvale 10. of Ty Cobb, who has heen released ! by Connio-Mack's.Athletics, .Speaker Is a high prited man, who is not regarded as an essential to the bTiccess of the clnb anil he is expected to make other <onnecUon.s. But even In his absence, the Griffith-Harris clan believe they will present a strong outfield. The absence of Walter Johnson, who will manage the .Vewark club of the International League next season will be felt more from a psychological than from a material standpoint. The veteral was of little use to tlie dub last year after nildsoason lie'annomiV«^d'uiaf hoj C I^E AT ACH I E V.E E N I never would take his regular turn ; in the box again. Uuel and Tate will again ibe the mainstays behind Ihe bat. Although Uuel has slowed up somewhat, he still ia regarded an one of the best catchers In the league and will be the number one man. .^reye^s. middleweight wrestling champion, finished training today for the firsV lief ens ^ of his crown this wljptcr. Ho meets Jimmy De- metraI„*of 'Madison. Wis., Monday night. Meyei^ said ho believed he would have little dif lenity In making the title i-eight of 160 pounds, although he had to | scale down nearly 14 pounds v l^en he began conditioning 4 mont{h,'ago. A BRIEF HISTOR.Y OF A department will make its second appearance Tliursday, January 12. in the play. ."Are You a Mason?" which will b? presented In the sen lor. high ret ool auditorium. - "Arc You ;i .Ma.son?" Is predicted • to be even ! better than jirevlous ' plays Ih that it is funnier aiid more difficult. The fact that.every member of the cast has'had experience cither in high school or junior college plays will contribute to the Bucdess of the play. The story jof the play deals with n group of men who pretend that they are;Masons In order that they may stay out late at night without "their wives becoming suspicious. Mrs. A. E. Garrison Is coach of the play. The tickets will prob- ahly go on sale Tuesday morning at the J. V. Merchant jewelry store." Toots .Mobdt in Easy -Win Over Cantonwini - Wichita, l^ans.. Jan. 7. (AP)— T.'sin« la punishing; arm lock. Toots Mondtj'Coiorulo oqi^boy floored Howard Cantonwioe. Iowa champion' in I straight falls in a heavyweight wresuln^ match at the Forum here last night "CaUfornia' Boh Allen thre^ Jack Savage In a -oreHminary match "with a body hold. 1 (By Ihe Associated Press.) .New York—^Tomniy Loughran, Philadelphia, won from Leo Loin- skl. Aberdeen, Wash.. (15). K. O. Phil Kaplan, New York, defeated Babe .McCorgary, Oklahoma (10). Jake Warren, Chicago, outpointed Jimmy Byrne, liouls'ville, Ky.. (S). Janice J. Braddoe. Jersey City, won from Paul S. Widerskl, Syracuse (S). t ! Kansas' Cilv—Neal <'li8by. l.os .\ugeles. knocKl'd out Billy Lyons, Des Moines, la.. (3). - New Orleans—Dudley Stadler. New Orleans, knocked out Mike Dundee, Brooklyn 13). Dajfon. O.—Steven Nugent. Cleveland, and Jacinto Yaldcz, Havana. Cuba, drew .no). Cowboy (3onnell. Youngstoxyn. won by technical knockout over Silent A'lex- ander. New York, (3). Berlin—Max Sciiinellig. Germany, knocked out Michcle Bpna- gUa.Italy (1). Hollywood, Cat. —Vigo boman. LoA Angeles, knocked out Duke Horn. Minneapolis, (3). . Omahk. Neb;—Ace Hudkins, Nehraska, knocked out Mike-Roz- gall. Omaha, (3). Tommy Grogan, Omaha, knocked out UOdli Sylvester. Kansas City (2V. St.-Paul—Billy Light. SL Paul, defeated Billy Alger. Phoenix. .4riz.. (10). Huron. S. 1).— Clyde Hull. South Dakota, and Norman Brown. Chicago, drew (10). San Francisco—Lefty Cooper, MiiueaiMlis, beat Tony Azevda Oakland (C). Billy Defoe, St. Paul lefeated Joe Burns, Los Angeles, '4). T WO yeats ago Doidee Brothers einbarkeidupon • program designed to place; it and its Dealer <)rgaiiuatu>a in a position on January !> 1928, second to none in th* industry. The astonishing results of diis great achievement are now known to the world. • It is doubtful if industrial aimals can dte, oyer a similar period, an achievement so outstanding. A smart, swift, Iow;-priced and immensely popular quality Four has replaced its famous predecessor. The Senior-Six, outstanding in performance, quality tad luxurious appointment has been created. Graham Brothers Trucks and Motoi^ Coaches (formerly exclusively Fours) have been supplemented by sizes. Fifty new types have been added. The capacities aire broiadened; • to range from one-half ton to two^tcfti, all resulting in the most complete and capable line of work cars known, and with prices ranging from $670 to $429(k Then Thursday came The Victory—a Six for il04S smd utt—the most spectacular; engineering dcbievememt ef A» decade. These accomplishments, one following die other in steady progression, nave now prorvided Dodge Brothers Dealers throughout the world with the most mvetsified and comprehensive line of passenger and commercial vdiides ever manufactured and sola by a siiigle organization. For every need and pu^ there is now a Dodge Brothers vehicle built dependsbly and in full recognition of-die progressive ideals of today and tomorrow. A has Iowa. Chir tight defensive ineels bibusljind then wn Monday (A P)—Johnny New York, Jan. 7. (AP)—Tommy Loughran continued to hold sway over the light-heavyweight domain today by virtue of a decision after a fierce struggle In which Leo I^omski, of Aberdeen, Wash., at one time had the pride of Philadelphia biting the rosin dust. Two .battering fists, packed with dynamite, knocked Loughran down twice for the couitt of nine in thi> first round of a 15-round title-engagement In TItladisoa Square Garden last night while a packed patronage of 15,000 enthusiasts roared at the prospective crowning of a new champion. But a. courageous heart and ring mastery served the Phlladelphian well, tidahg him over the bad start and eventually enabling him to wear Lomski down in ten of the remaining rounds to take the jde- cision and retain the title. • ' As Loughran said afterwards, it was the most vicious battle of his career and he had .to call upon all the science of his trade to pull him through. The knockdowns were the first scored against Loughran since he was floored by Gene Tunney in a Ijout at Phila- deiphiif five years ago. Lomski waged , a ^ furious combat, tiring somewhat in the closing stanzas. Loughran ripped a sold right to Lomski's head in .'the eighth round which opened a cut under Leo's left eye. The wound bled freely and slowed up the challengers attack. Loughran, W1K> won the light- heavy weight title by whipping the >;enerable. Mlie McTlgue last fall successfully defended the standard against Jimmy Slattery, of Buffalo, .V. Y., about a month ago. The title-holder declares he is willing to accept all challenges and lhat after Ije has disposed of all opponents Ii^ his division, he plans to battle Gene Tiinney for the heavyweight championship. In Canada there Is said to be a .scii<)Hs shortage of air pilots, now that commercial fiying Is being undertaken • on a greater scale. Tt remedy the situation the Dominion government Is fostering the formation of airplane clubs throughout fhe country. Bbbhy- Jones Turns • Down "FriiendsL Gift! Atlanta, Jan. 7. (.-VP)—Friends of Mjobby Jones were taken fey sur- prtse last night at his New York announcement that he 'worild decline the gift of a JoO.OOO. check' made him-by his friends and admirers her^ for the : purptise of building him a home. His father, Robert P. Jones, said that Bobby's' decision^ eamoTas a ;»utprise to him. though he had talked by long distance telephone yesterday with his sonL When the gift was made s'everal weeks-ago by Kugene Black in the; name of tlie donor.s at. a banquet here, it was acg^ptei!. OKLAHOMA iCREWS WIN IN CLASHES ON lOWACOORTS Strength of I Yainkeeis No Worry to Senators And Theiri Plans Kana.«« City. Jan. 7.' (.\i')!-WitIi Oklahoma's two Missouri Valley conference basketball; teani.'j- staging! a successful-invasion or Iowa courts, Missouri moved iiiio the northern' territory today to' take on Nebraska at Lincoln. "viciory of Oklahoma last night over Grinnell by-a score of 40 to 21, lleft the Sooners -at the head of the column with four wins and, no losses. ,It was the second \\c- tor>t for the Sooners over Grinnell by a wide margin, the first occurring at Norman, in JJeceniber. The Oklahoma Aggies squared accounts wittf Drake at Des .Moines last" night by winning SO to 2S. Drake beat the Aggies last month at Stillwater 37 to iX. This- gave the i\ggies a standing; of .7.">0 with three victories and oiie defeat. Kansas, champions bf the Valley for six years, foi^nd Washfngton a U>ugh opponent i. and. took an extra period to l>eat the Bcar.s 2 !t to 26. at Liiwrence in the: third game on la«t night's ^prograiii.' Ab Wright. Oklahoma. .Aggies forward, used the Drake-game Co add ten more points to ;his .scoring column, leaving him; in tliii lead over, all valley contenders \\ix.\\ a total of .'>9. Holt. u;il Oklithoma center, made nine jmints. against take second plac^ with .14. lirake. Sooner forward, ^added eight points to his string to .'boost it io -rr2. '. v Oklahoma iiiccis 'Drake .aj Des .Moines tonight, tlio OklahdnKi Ag­ gies ;i}lay Iowa Stalt* at "Ames. .Washington shifts to .Manhattan to face t&e Kansas AggiP-s and Ti- ger-(Jornhusk (T Kanieiompl ^jCe the slate. HAS IT HARD INGOLFPLAY In Los Angeles Opeji, Takes Par Three Hole^ In Nine Strokeii ^ STILL fs^AVCRED Youthful Golfer Still Is One of Leaders in Tournament lx>s Angeles, Jan. 7.(AP)—After taking a nine on K par three hole, the one upon lyhom this great golfing misfortune fell still ranked today a.s one of the favorites in the Ix)s Angeles |10,000 open , championship. A half dozen others finished the first 1.S holes of the tournament yesterday with scores better than the 7:{ turned in by Al .Watrous, young Grand Rapids, Mich., pro, but. he remained the most dangerous challenger in the championship field after one of the gamest battles this section ever has witnessed. Watrous. out in 33. the lowest card recorded for the first nirfe holes during the day; pitched over the llg yard tenth green and. fore a sunned gallery, wipjed CTK his sensational lead by reduirin .g nine strokes to finish the par three hole. •• , Despite this Mine 'strolc4 ; mis- Probably the most isolated town In the world is Menaos. on the Illo Negro near its Junction with the -Vmazon. tl Is the only town of Amazonia, and situated a thousand miles from any other civilization. The completion of the new airway station at Croydon has given I.,ondon the best-equipped terminal air station In the world. . . The French military • cst' iiient^1ncludi-s B.114 airplanns. as compared with 3.4fiO for Great^ Britain. l.<700 for Italy imd 3.?,00 for the Cifltj^-d States. ; : ' : i- I '• , The ^travel time between London and Ddblln is to be reduced-to four hours .;liy an airplanc\ and> flying- boat sCr-vice .soon to he inaugurated. . : : Tlie Germans are . jlying. lian -tO.OOO miles a day. iiiore fortune. Watrous came home In 40, to tie at the 73 istatioii witii three others. j At tlie head of the be-knickered army seeking fame and fortuioein: the tournament treked threej links- . men who solved the tricky >vn- shire countr>- club in. 71, in a tloj for the leadership. Thi9 pace-set-:| ters. Tommy Armour of "W^aishing- ton. D. C. National open champ-' ion; Bill Mehlhopn of the Wllkins- burg club, Pittsburgh, and. Dallas Jeffers, youthful Riverside, Cal., professional, equalled pari In their accomplishments. Theltj cards bettered by' threej strokes that turned in hy Bobby Crutckshank, liefending titleholder. j ' Abe Espnosa of Chicago, Kd Dudley,; Hollywood: flash 'and Fay Oleman, 'Los Angeles, followed -the three leaders with (»rd8 of- 72 ea<h. ITie 73 division In which Wat'rous found himself after his great battle al.'so was occupied by ; Harry. Cooper, of Los Angeles, Mel Smith of Portland, Ore., aad Tony .Manero of New York. Another I.S :liole round faced the field today and, as oiily the low sjxty-four scorers and ties will find their way into the 3C-hole championship flight tomorrow. >ew Location, l£b K. -Madison. Ffffl Door Ea-tt ofi Browns Dm^ Store. Phone 176 CSTASLtSMED 1911 THB VICTOR r SIX Coupe . ( I i « f 1045 Sedan :••.••( 1095 BrouEham. t :' i : 1095 AMERICA'S FASTEST FOUR Coupe . . . J J J $855 • Sedan ; : ; f- j i : 875 De Luxe Sedao. : j ' 950 Cabriolet Cpdverdble 955 THB SENIOR SIX Sedan aetdMrnpbobtny) $1495 Coupe for Four . : : 1570 Sedan . . . . : 1595 Csbriolet Ccnvertible 1595 GRAHAM BROTHERS TRUCKS AND MOTOR COACHES A chvsis and Ixxirror ncrrceoect^ able kind of bnsinus. CuMctdci from V^toa CO 2.coa—fours UMi rims. Price* nnsins from . . .S<70to4290 All pTtft t-o. i. Dtlr»$l ^^^^ Tune In lor D«Klgp Bniihem Hudio Prpimim Every Thursday .MfrhJ 7 to 7:30 (Cenfrtil Standard Time) >BC Red Network. DODGE BRQTHEKS. INC ers' We match this against them all- s! R EGASPLESS of its package, although - the padkage is right; regardless of its price, aitlipugh lower; regardless, too, of; cut, thoogh. the cut guarantees cool snioking—l-ye match Grai^r Rough Cot against them all! No costly tins—nothing for show-i^- fciut in qudity of leaf and care of manu- • • facture, not one penny spared! We.: sin- icerely believe it is the greatest pipe tobacco valfie obtainable toiday. N« htfliy, costly tin, btHte.... Half pound vaaam humidor, 4) «wtt GRANGER ROUGH COT IS MADE BY THB tlGGETT& ttYERS TOBACCO CO. ill

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