Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 7, 1965 · Page 6
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 6

Ironwood, Michigan
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Monday, June 7, 1965
Page 6
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The World of Women SIX ENGAGED — Mr. and Mrs. Arvo Ulvila, 214 East. St.. Sullivan. Mo., former WakcJ'leld re- Eagles Auxiliary Has Installation Mrs. Alex Bielawski was installed as president of the Iron-; wood Eagles Auxiliary for the next fiscal year at the auxiliary' meeting Thursday ntglit at the Veterans of Foreign Wars club rooms. Installing president. Mrs. • Leonard Bergman, and installing conductress. Mrs. Leno A. Efldra. also exemplled the oath of obligation for the following officers: Past president. Mrs. John Wyzlic: vice president. MrsJ Roberto. Palmquist: chaplain.] Mrs. George Stulac: conduct-; ress. Mrs. Thomas Archambeau; I secretary. Mrs. Romy Ryskewecz: treasurer, Mrs. Arthur Pyykkonen: trustees, Mrs. ! Charles Tolvanen, Mrs. Eska ( Lammie and Mrs. Binnr Man-' sidents. announce the engage- i ki: guards, Mrs. Peter Mindorff ment of their daugther, Loris | and M ™. Fred Cummings. Alexandra, to A-2e Jerry A. Ha-i Prlor to lne ceremonies, a kamaki. Miss Ulvila is employed ' rose corsage was presented to by the St. Louis Area Council, Mrs. Bielawski. After the in-, Boy Scouts of America. St. j stallation of officers, the jewels Louis. Mo. Airman Hakamaki of the office of past president, is stationed at Midland Air and certificate of office were Force Base. England. The wed-i presented to Mrs. Wyzlic. In-! coming officers were presented with "hanky nosegays" and out, going officers were presented I with gifts as a token of appre- ! elation for services given. MONDAY, JUNE 7, 1965. ding is sel 1'or Sept. '!8 at Wakefield. St. Paul Day Camp Will Open Tuesday Children attending the D a y j Mmdorff "audltoiT Mrs Camp of St. Paul Lutheran Teke ] a Auxiliary Mother- Mrs i fascinating to do. ™ ,. _ t .,._ ™...„„..:„., -, RECEIVES DEGREE— Kathleen Marie Sekelsky, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sekelsky. iron Belt, Wis., was graduated from Wisconsin State University. Superior, at the commencement exercises held at Gage Gymnasium on June 4 at 8 p.m. Miss Sekelsky, received a bachelor of science degree in in termedlflte-upper grades education and minors in science and English. During her university career Kathleen took part I in many activities. She was a 1 member of the Delta Sigma Sorority; Angel Flight, serving as and coin- Drum and information officer inander; AFROTC Appointlve officers announced. „ ., , nlif | r>nlm . hlnf .u lo a solld ' col ° blocKu KASY AiMMjqtUv A single- Bugle Corps majorette; Young piece rose Is quickly appliqued Democrats: Newman Club: Uni* versit Social Committee Stu- Church at the Extension Camp at Little Girl's Point are r e minded that the bus will leave Iron Belt at 8:30 in the morning on Tuesday and Wednesday. Pupils will be picked up on the route from Iron Belt to Hurley, at Hiawatha statue 1 n Norrie Location, at the church at 9 and on Lake Road to the camp. Children will take their lunches for noon, milk will be provided. They are also r e minded to take a Bible, cancelled postage stamps and an empty frozen orange juice can if possible. by Mrs. Bielawski were membership co-chairman: Bergman and Mrs. Katherine Laabs, delinquency co - chairmen. Committees appointed for the year are as follows: Publicity, versity Social Committee; Stu Mrs i'" " """" «.—» -.— r, a : rjent National Education Asso- charming quilt! You'll find this elation, serving as secretary; recipient of Angel Flight Out- Pyykkonen and Mrs. Ryskewecz Pattern No. 506'J-N bus paUern • standing Member of the Year full directions. ; Award: Fex Fraternity Sweet- To order, send 35c. in coins to: ! heart: AFROTC Majorette Anne Cubol. Iromvood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive Chicago, 111. 60G07 Mrs. Palmquist; finance, Mrs. i F ° 1 ' ist-clnss mulling add lOc Wyzlic and Mrs. Ada Gregory; investigating, Mrs. James L. Dibble, Mrs. Lammie and Mrs. Manki; Eagles Memorial Foundation, Mrs. Tolvanen, Mrs. Phillip Nelson and Mrs. R.C. Johnson; muscular dystrophy, Mrs. Lammie, Mrs. Lydia Moisio and Mrs. Zadra; Fort Custer Michi- ages. Special features are a study in 'Bible 1 geography b y Mrs. Charles Johnson, a story hour by Miss Helen Jalonen, a hootanany led by Kathy Talo and John Solin, a conservation talk by Ernest Leonard!, the preparation of an outdoor meal with Miss Carolyn Crowell i n charge^and play activities 1 e d by Miss Karen Aukee. Pastor Oliver Hallbert is d i- rector of the camp. Snacks in the afternoon will be provided by the Sarah Circle of St. John Lutheran Church on Tuesday and the Mary Circle of Str'"Paiir' Lutheran Church o n Wednesday. Committee, Mrs. Mindorff, Mrs. Gregory and Mrs. Emma Hibbert: Eagle Cancer Fund Corn- Mrs. Hjalmer Mattson, j for each pattern. Print, name, address with zip code, style No. and size. Send 50c now for your new '65 Spring-Summer Album! Regular features; custom collection; items to crochet, knit, stitch! Sharp Shopping With Cynthia of sunlight as the award, and Military Ball queer candidate. She was also named to Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Misi Sekelsky will teach fourth grade in the Franklin Elementary School, Manitowoc, next fall. . , Mrs. Wyzlic and Mrs. Joseph! Bet longer spotlight, how drab Finco. Further committee appointments were: Disaster Fund, Mrs. Palmquist, Mrs. Cummings and Mrs. Norman Kellett; Eagles Heart Fund, Mrs. Laabs, Mrs. Archambeau and Mrs. Joseph Michelli; nominating, Mrs. I rooms become during winter months. Many feel this is a perfect time to redecorate and regain a freshness to match the season. It may be a painting or wallpapering session is called for. Ruth Belmas Feted With Two Showers Miss Ruth Belmas was honoi guest at a surprise linen shower Thursday night, May 27, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Cricks, 118 W. Tamarack St Games were played and prize,, were awarded the winners. An umbrella cake, made b; Mrs. Cricks, served as a center piece of the table from which lunch was served to 20 guests Hostess for the affair wa Mrs. Cricks, assisted by Mrs Leonard Erlckson and Mrs. John Raivio. Miss Belmas received man\ Like most of our home furnish-1 lovely gifts. Pyykkonen, Mrs. Nelson a n d ! ings, wallpaper design, color and ; Miss Belmas was also honorer. Mrs. Archambeau; Tribunal, j durability have come a 1 o n g 'with a personal shower on May Mrs. Laabs, Mrs. Tolvanen, i way There is something for all • 19 at tne home of Mr. and Mrs ! Mrs. Palmquist, Mrs. Leo A.! tastes and pocketbooks. | Albert Coleman, 135 E. Coolldgf Goodwin and Mrs. Kellett, past: wallpaper like paint can be i Ave - This was 8' lven bv Mis *^<. nn ;^I n «i.» . . . ' ..-.' . 13/tvi tit A frtlnMi r»« TV* i't? "D It till presidents. A potluck lunch was served from a buffet lace-covered table centered with a profuse arrangement of lilacs. Tapers and other carried Art Group Picnic Painting Day Set The Range Art Association will appointments were hold the annual "picnic painting' out Wlth a day" at the H. J. Hansen and Ernest Sandell cottages, Lake Gogebic, Saturday, June 12. _. The tricky when applied to a large space. A Chicago wallpaper designer and manufacturer, s u g- gests you go into a store to buy wallpaper with an idea of how you want a room to look. Consid, er, too, the comparative price of meeting of the aux-1 pa i n t an d wallpaper before de-; at ciding which to use. Bonnie Coleman, Mrs. Phili] Wirtanen and Miss Paula Set terlund. Miss Belmas, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Eugene Belmas, Tarn arack Street, will become the of Dennis Puisto on June The Mature Parent By MRS. MURIEL LAWRENCE Dear Mrs. Lawrence: My sis- cr says that my i3-year*old girl s very "affected" and "dramatic." It is true that when her aunt is here, Ellen does get quite "gushy" when she is talk- ng to some friend on the telephone. I have told her to use ;he bedroom extension when her aunt is here because i can see how this criticism of her "affectedness" upsets her. Is this 'gushy" manner normal in girls of her age? ANSWER: It certainly is normal around a person like your sister. Your sister doesn't like your child, my friend. Ellen knows, if you do not, that she Is under attack by her aunt's ill will. So when that ill will Is around, she feels such excessive gratitude for her friends' good will toward her that she expresses it in what you call "gushiness." Were I you, I should be glad that my daughter had not adopted her aunt's form of "affection"—that dramatic role of the Plain Speaker which permits spiteful people to express spite under the guise of frankness and honesty." If we'e going in for dramatics ,surely the "affectation" of enthusiastic appreciation of other people is a much pleasanter one than the affectation of the Plain speaker who exploits his role as the honest person to disparage, hurt and humiliate them. The role of the Plain Speaker is a favorite among hostile relatives of children. It permits them to expre s s their ill will while presenting a front of moral concern with the child's behavior. Like you, we are blinded to the spite behind the virtuous-seem i n g concern. This apparent concern is always the power of the spiteful Plain Speaker. It makes him sound so down-to-earth, so I-must-be-honest-no-matter-what that we don't realize we are listening to spitefulness. Is your sister fond of you? I'm asking because it is not unknown for brothers and sisters to substitute criticism of our children for criticism of us. Obliged as they Believe themselves to be to feel unflawed loyalty to us, they maintain this illusion by attacking our children. Thus, when a sister actually feels spiteful toward us, she may express her feeling by attacking Ell e n as "affected," "untidy," "rude." Were I you, I would forg e t Ellen's "gushiness" toward her friends to consider my sister's adoption of the role of Plain Speaker. It's certainly prov e n to be a pretty dramatic one. commanding so much limelight and attention from you. She's a much fancier actress than Ellen. ENGAGEMENT TOLD — An- Ann Landers ... .Answers Your Problems. Dear Ann Landers: We are people of modest means and could manage well on my husband's paychedk If we had only our own family to take care of. Unfortunately, m y husband's two brothers are frequently out of work, and they are steady boarders. Last night by h u sb a n d's two brothers were here for dinner. There are five children In our family ranging in age from 14 to B, I prepared pork chops and mashed potatoes for supper. 1 thought 13 pork chops would be enough to feed us all. Well, I handed the platter to my husband and he took two chops for himself and handed the platter nouncement has been made of, to hig bK) ther. His brother took the engagement of Cheryl Thorn- Paul Thomas, 508 Lake St., to four chops and passed the plat- as, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ter to the other brother who also took four chops That left three David colema'n, son of Mr. and chops for myself and five children. By the time the potatoes Mrs. Albert coleman Jr., 135 E. Coolidge Ave. Miss Thomas is a Luther L. Wright High School graduate and her fiance is a senior at Northland College, Ashland. No definite date has been set for the wedding. (Modern Portrait Photo) Missionary Tallrs At LOW Meeting The Rev. Melvin Lofgren, mis- J U8T BURNING got to me there were none left. I said I didn't Care for any chops and gave the three older children one chop each. The younger kids and I had cheese sandwiches. I can't tell my husband that I don't want his brothers to come for meals any more but no matter how I plan, it is never enough. What can I do? — sionary to Tanzania, Africa, gave a brief account of his work in the Mission Field, at the meeting of the Salem Lutheran Church Women Thursday night. At present he is teaching at Mwlke Bible School, Slides on eastern Africa were viewed and Pastor Lofgren narrated descriptively on the settings. Piano solos brilliantly p e r formed by Mary Ann oinolfi and Scott Albert preceded the business meeting conducted b y Mrs. Adelia Rowe, president, who also conducted the devotions. After Pastor LOfgren's talk Mrs. Willard Nordon, sang a solo accompanied by Mrs John Blomqulst. Hostesses were Mrs. carl V, Anderson, Mrs. Ruth Anderson, Mrs. Emil Baron and Mrs. George Oberlander. Dear J,B.: In the future prepare the plates in the kitchen. It is not safe to pass platters to pigs. * *v * Dear Ann Landers: My husband's mother lived with us for 20 years. I know what it is to have a domineering mother-in- be one. Now I see something in my son's family that worriei me sick, but I'm afraid to say anything. My son and his wife have three children. I'm concerned about the oldest child. He is almost five years old and large for his age. The boy hat a violent temper and is terribly destructive. He has broken every toy in the house, shattered the wall mirrors in the batnroom, slashed the curtains with scissors and he is so mean to his little sister and brother that sometimes 1 fear he will injure them seriously. He throws himself on the floor when fie doesn't get his way. I've also seen him slam his head against the wall until he nearly passes out. When his mother spanks him he laughs instead of cries. This does not seem likt normal behavior to me but I don't want to interfere. Should I keep quiet or should I speak up? — SILENT AND SICK Dear silent: When parents do not recognize that something may be wrong with a child, it is an act of kindness to call R to their attention. suggest to your son that h* have the boy checked by a specialist. He may need professional help. a <r * Dear Ann Landers: I married a wonderful man in January. This was my first marriage— his second. Two years ago hi* wife died after a lingering Illness. I'm aware that they had a law and I vowed I would never | beautiful marriage and that he loved her dearly but must he speak of her so often? The other evening he called me by her name. He didn't realize it, and I said nothing, but it cut me like a knife. Should I tell him how I feel? — THE SECOND Retreat Is Topic at Altai Society Meet A discussion concerning a retreat which will be held i n July at Marygrove at Garden, i """ «TOH linlrf of flio mnaftnrr nf Qf MKb. Team Matches On Wednesday The first team matches o f the women's Golf League of the Gogebic Country Club will b e played Wednesday and a "closest to the pin on 9" golf event will also be played. Luncheon Wednesday will be at 12 noon with a league business meeting at 12:30. Golfers are asked to be present at the 12:30 meeting. was held at the meeting of St. Michael's Altar Society Wednesday night. This was the last meeting of the season. Two delegates, who have not been chosen yet, will attend the retreat as representatives of the society. After the business meeting, j lunch was served from an a t | tractively decorated table featuring a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary and a bouquet o f flowers. Hostesses were Mrs. Bernis Bogan, Mrs. Anton Clsewski, Mrs. Walter Hoglund, Mrs. Gerald Johnson, Mrs. Edward Luczak, Mrs. Joseph Mariani and Mrs. Roy Puisto. The meetings will be resumed in September. USE DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS Dear Mrs.: Almost every woman who marries a widower has the problems you described —yes, even being called by tht wrong name. Say nothing. The mistakes are not intentional. As time passes your husband will speak less of his first wife. Talk of the past will gradually diminish as your life together fills his thoughts. You'll be glad in a few years that you didn't complain.' o i> * Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Copyright. 1965. Field EnUrprlxi, Inc. Members are asked to come early, bring a box lunch and their painting equipment. Dessert will be served. A business meeting will b e held and there will be election of officers. the home of Mrs. Archambeau. Huron Street. Mrs. Gregory will be the assisting hostess. Church Events St. John's Lutheran. A devotional service will be held Wednesday rilght at 7:30 by the Rev. Oliver A. Hallberg. All are i n - vited. St.^Paul Lutheran. The Luther League picnic, postponed from Sunday, will be held Tuesday night at 9, with Kathy Talo to be contacted for reservations; the church council will meet tonight at 7, and the Chancel Choir will rehearse at 7 Tuesday night. Trinity Lutheran. V a c a t ion Bible School, which started t o day, will continue through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. each day. The board of directors and the board of elders will meet tonight at 7 and Tuesday the Junior Choir will rehearse a t 6:30 and the Senior Choir at 7:30. Bethany Covenant. A work bee will be held by the Men's Brotherhood at the parsonage tonight. All men are asked to take part. . First Baptist. The Women's Missionary meeting will be held Tuesday night at 7:30 with Mrs. Oscar Qustafson and Miss Nellie Berg as hostesses First Presbyterian. Elizab e th Circle will meet June 9 at the Ray Smeeth Cottage, Manitowish Waters. A dinner will b e aerved at 6:30 p.m. Grace Lutheran. A cleaning bee will be held Tuesday beginning at 1 p.m. Members are •sked to bring cleaning equipment. Family Dinner By CECILY BROWNSTONE A refreshing, nutritious dessert for summer's active children. Meat patties, mashed potatoes, snap beans, sliced tomatoes, farina lemon snow, beverage. » FARINA LEMON SNOW V\\ cup farina Vi cup sugar % teaspoon salt 2 cups boiling water 2 tablespoons butter or margarine 1 tablespoon grated lemon rind Vi cup lemon juice 2 egg whites Stir together the farina, '4 cup of the sugar and the salt. Slowly sprinkle into boiling water in a saucepan. Cook and stir constantly over medium heat until thickened and smooth. Stir in butter, lemon rind and juice. Beat egg whites until they hold stiff straight peaks; gradually beat in 'remaining '.-i cup sugar; continue to beat, if necessary, until extremely stiff; fold into farina mixture. Pour into individual molds rinsed with cold water. Chill. Makes 4 to 6 servings. "Wallpaper," he points out, "outlasts paint three to one." When selecting paper designs, be especially leery of designs that look alike three feet away. For example, these incl u d e certain leaf, bird cage and bird designs which blend into one another leaving a neuter feeling. Don't be afraid of bold patterns 3 Wesley Circles Meeting Wednesday Three circles of Wesley Methodist Church will meet Wednesday as follows: Esther, 2 p.m., at the home of Mrs. Joseph Bulinski, with Mrs. George Gregory and Mrs. Joseph Gregory assisting. or colors, if you plan their use | Mirlan, 2 p.m., at the home well, the designer says. In this!of Mrs. Erwln Erickson, Lake vein, stripes continue important Road. Ruth, picnic at Hewitt cottage, Pine Lake, at 12 noon. and should be considered when shopping for wallpaper. Unlike many decorators, he does not like fabric and wallpaper to match although his New York outlet, a top decora tor wallpaper firm, is noted for offering designs for such co-ordination. The outspoken designer also urges those in smaller communities to show more courage Mr., Mrs. Gould to Mark Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. John E. Gould, Route 1, Hurley, will be honored at an open house reception commemorating their 50th wedding anniversary Sunday afternoon. when decorating. "Good design," i June 13. The event will begin he says, "is not confined to big i with a program at 2 p.m. at metropolitan areas any m o r e. 1 the St. Paul Lutheran Church. Shake up the neighbors. They'll probably join you." Here is how to figure how much wallpaper to buy: A single roll cover 36 square feet; a double roll, 72. Figure the area of each wall (height and width) and add these. Subtract each window and door opening. Multiply by 1.1. This is for waste and matching. You now have the area to be covered. Divide this by 72 or 36, depending upon whether you plan to buy a single or double roll. Multiply by price per roll. The Hurley American Legion! Two final tips: unless you're Club Activities Their children will be hosts and hostesses. Good Manners Make Friends Auxiliary will meet tonight at 8 in the Legion headquarters of the Iron County Memorial Building. After the business meeting and lunch ' for an expert, have a professional, hang your wallpaper; dry clean washable wallpaper (erase with rubber sponge) and then wash will be served. Aurora Chapter, Order of Eastern Star, will have a meeting Tuesday night at 7:45 at the Masonic Temple. A meeting of the Saddlelites 4-H Saddle Club will be held Wednesday night at 7:30 at the USE DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS Go to art galleries or church to meet people if you're traveling alone. St. Luke's Lutheran. Vacation home of Mrs ' Joseph Bolich Bible School is being held this week through Friday from 10 •.m, to 3 p,m. .each day. • Salvation Army. The Young People's meeting will be held at f p.m. Tuesday, Zion Luthfran. The Mary Circle will meet Wednesday night 5 at 7;30 at the home of , fre.d, Bentilla, 116 W. Coo;•"" Ave." The Oma Community Club will meet Thursday night at 7:30 at the Oma Town Hall. The color- ama committee report will be under advisement. Lunch will be served by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Klnnunen and Mr. and Mrs, Murdock Juntilla Baking apple pie? Count on a pound of apples yielding about three cups of slices. ROBERT L. ZIELINSKI We Endeavor To convey religious beauty to all parting moments. CHAPPELL-ZIELINSKI Funeral Service Courteous Competent Funeral Service Our Only Qoncern 631 East Ayer SI. Dial 932-4410 ironwood now on deck... all new for '65 ONE-PIECERS, TWO-PIECERS ALL THE NEW STYLES YOU COULD WANT INCLUDING FRILLY MODELS ARE HERE . . . NYLON, BAN-LON AND ORLON ACRYLIC KNITS IN PRINTS, SOLIDS, PLAIDS. IN SIZES TO FIT YOU BEAUTIFULLY. A. Seattle Texture Two-piece matelaise knit, rlon acrylic, nylon, rub- ier. $20 C. Wave High Ban-ton two-piece boy- leg in seersucker knit. 100% nylon. $16 I. Souffle Texture One-piece boyleg matel- aise knit, orlon acrylic, nylon, rubber. $24 Other Catalina Swim Suits Catalina Swim Suit Coordinates 2-Pe, SUIT i-Pe. SUIT JACKET ItrAIYi $14 $8 Other SWIM SUITS in btouson styles, 2- plece styles, pleated overttdrt styles, one- piece styles— big selection. from 8.98

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