Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 14, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 14, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE TWO GREAT-GKANIMrOiaiEB'S i. VALE.VXINE." " ran across it In the atttc.«hest; A faded Valentine of long ago, A little lace-edgred card that , bore the words. "My dear, I love you so!" A wisji - of ribbon that had once been talup Held its small pages firmly In their place, 'i And faded bud.s of lavender and • pink . Circled a; lovely face - - - Ajifi while with tender touch I held . it there A dear, quaint lady from an age Innp: gontv Tii)-tOf;d the room in ruffle crrtwn. ' Sin,o,in| •Lovr'.s Old SWECj; Song." Hau.sir.rj ft moment, with her hand in 'mine, To .softly .spy. "Ho".s still my Valentine!" ' —Katherine Edelman. l.'nKy CIul. Meets with Mrs. BowUis Thn jjJnliy club met yesterday afl- ei-ncion? at fhi- home of Mrs. L. V:: Eowlus with -Mrs. J. H. Sowerby as- .•iistincc hostess. The program con- .si-sted of a review, of "Consuelo," Georw Sand, by Mr.s. .T. C. Benson. ;tnd a di.scu .'L 'tion of the life of Cieorjie. S;rnd by Mrs. C. A. Brooke of Kurjiboldl. The .'-aninial election of officers heid. resulting in the selection of Mr.s. P. G. Apt for president, Mrs. K. E. Lynn, vice-president; Mrs. A. K. Ch.imbers. secretaiy; Mr^. I., V. Rowlus. treasurer. Those i)resont. v.ere Mesdames P. f;. Apt; J. H. Ariiiel, J. C. Benson L. V. Rowlu.s, C. A. Brooke, R. Hi CarpriHcr. J. F. DlekcnsheeUs, A. R. Fnfiii'ld. E D. Land. J. F. Lemon. E. 'Lynn, Burney Miller, Paiil rf.. ^ ^ „ - ,„ Rei'd. Louis Schlangcr, J. H. Sower- fhe \h^neT nf^ WflnoPfl An^!rJ^ In-- M-i«« Pii7Htv>i)i An( inri \tsU '"^ abscncc Of Wallace Anderson bi , Miss Elizabeth Apt. and Miis ^^^^ Sandajf School Class Meeds The iSunday school class of the First Christian church tkugbt. by Mrs. Blanche Tice met VasX, night in the home of Miss Virginia Williams for a "taffy pull." The ^members and guests who attended were: Misses Alice Hurlock, Barbaj;a Seay, Margaret Landrum, Hazel Dressen, Marguerite Reinfeld, iMalle May Wallace, MarceUa Chryst, Alta Yocum. Mary Margery Schwartz; and Messrs. Paul Davis, Doni-Prantz, Allen Sleeper. John Qriffith, Barney Smith, Louis Rosenbiirg, RtKse Long. Archie Cuppy. Roy Plnley and Charles Willlaras. .Owing to the illness of her ihother, Mrs. Tice was unable to be present. TTie party was chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Williams. • • • Sorosis Club Dinner At Kelley Hotel Following their usual i custom the members of Sorosis club observed the twenty-seventh arnilversary of the founding of the club by Inviting their husbands to a dinner at 6:30 Monday evening in the Del Rose room of the Kelley hotel. An orchestra composed of Misses Rose Frantz, Gertrude, Green, Lucille Stratton and Celeste Griffith played during the' dinner. Tlie taWes were decorated in; Valentine style with red candles ill candelabras and tu- lip6, roses and snapdragons centering, the tables. Valentine colors also predominated in the menu. The club is indebted to Mr. Eugene B. Cook for tWe artistic hand-made menu and program cards which he made for the pairty. Before being seated at the tables, "Bicst Be the tie that Binds" was sung by the members and their guests. The address of welcome was made by the pre.sldent, Mrs. P. W. Sherwood. Tlie response ad- CONFESS KIDNAPING DEAN'S WIFE. THE I6LA DAILY REGISTER. TUESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 14, 19S3 lOLA. KANSAS NEWS OF COLONY ,|^(d|^Uves Snrpiise Mrs. Emma. Hes- ftt^ia Heritfaig Her Celebrate ^'^ Mtr 76th Birthday Sunday. •rbC^irr, Feb. 14.—Mrs. H. D. ^wlckud spent the week-end in lEmporia visiting Mrs. Clara Payton sons Paul and Dwlght. Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Knapp, Moran, spent Suaiday night with Mr. and Mrs^C-K. Barackman and son Jim- jWi'.C'rtie Knapps were en,route to Iftaaa^City to spend the day Mon- Aiic! Hoiidricks. (iohlim Link Club Meets Willi Mrs. Ixiwis T)ie Goidi'n Link ciub mei yester- dny at thr'liome of Mrs. M. S. Le»- wiDi-Uie pi-pxidont. Mrs. Fred Menzic, presiding. Roll call wac ; witli current events. A ."itlucly .on Unitpd States laoney was conducted by Mrs. J. H. McMurrajr, nnd a paper on the .origin oi St. : Valentines d-iy \v:is read by Mrs M. M. Close. Mrs. C- C. McPhersoh • a biograpHical sketch of the IhV.oI William Jennings Brj-an. A round tablp discussion of the pro-' KJ'^m followed. . Rcfieshmpuls were served by tli'? Uostf FF.. nssisicrt by Mx-s. C. E. Moi- rell, to ilic following: Mesdam?s Brum AiTOacost. T. 1. Christy. Jul iili: ! , Next on the program was a musical entitled "Ye Old Time Times" and was presented from a stage decorated with cherry blossoms. In the center of the stage was a large book entitled. "Ye Old Time Tunes." At one side of it sat Miss Doris Ann Burt at a spinning wheel in colonial costume. Miss Jean Stover also in colonial costume lifted the cover of the book revealing singers of old time tunes. 'Love's Old Sweet Song" was sung by Mrs. Ralph Stover; "The Golden Slippers" by Mrs. E. W. Haglund; "I Love You Truly" by Mrs. Floyd Smith. Mrs. T. W. Sherwood sat in the picture representing "Mother Machree" while Mrs. E. W. Haglund sang the song. The last number in the musical was a trio. "Aunt Dinah's Quilting Par- Kidnaping of Mrs. Mary B. Skeele pf Los Angeles wsd solved with cohfes- sionis frbim Miss Liidia Pearl Hammer, 26, musician; and her household handyman, Frank Howard. 80, shown above, that they plotted the abduction to obtain $10,000 to pay mortgages on two houses Miss Hammer owned. i»olice are seeking two accomplices. Mrs. Skeele, wiffe of the dean of the College of Music of the University of Southern California. wiU released byjher abductors after 48 hours. Howard and Miss Hammei^ kaid they planned to marry. , ver and jJean, C. A. Swiggett, B. B. Thompsoin, L. H. WisSbrd, A. R. Sleeper. Rev. and Mrs. W. P. Wharton; Mesdames J. O. Allen, Wallace Anderson. Florence Longshore, D. P. Northrui|. The decorating committee for the party y/iik compased of Mesdames W. P. Wharton, Stanley Kirk, and Harlan George. The entertainment committee was. composed of , Mesdames A*. E. Garrison. D. P. Northrup, and Ployd Smith.. TOKYO NOTE GIVEN LEAGUE. Conciliation Still Possible But Considered Highly Improbable. Geneva. Feb. 14. (.API—The Japanese government's note insisting on the maintenance of the government of, Manchukuo. established by the Japanese in territories wrested from China, was delivered today to the League of Nations. The door of conciliation in the Sino-Japanese controversy, while still theoretically open. . was thus practically closed. The note was In reply to a league inquiry as to Japan's views on discontinuance of the Japanese-sponsored Manchukuo regime. ALCOHOLISSC ; CAUSES DEATH. Glrl'8 Body. Fodid Scantily Cbid In ' lilihois City Park. I Lawrenceville.Ill., Feb. 14. «AP)— The death of Dorothy Adams, -19- year-old orphan whose body was found yesterday at Bridgeport, was attributed by Dl-. C. M. l«wls, coroner, to alcoholism and exposure. Officers continued their investigation and announced they would .question four Lawrenceville youths who were reported to have been wltli the girl Sunday night.; The coroner «ald there we^re indications the girl had been criminally attacked. Her body was clad only in a blouse and a woolen jacket. Sheriflt John Hipsher sild there were no automobile tracks inear the I spot where her body : wa.s found, \ which led him to believe • she was : put out of an automobile. i>erha|3s while in a stujxjr from drink, and then died of exposure after wandering about in the park.. following friend^ were guests home of Miss Alta Argo Sun- 5iy aitefnoon following a skating Misses Frances Conard^ Crawford, Dorothea Oooden. -littbel Bldwell, Frances Swickard, Wfide Moslng, and Paul Gooden. •^tie Nolan. Loren Cox, and Phillip VtiUai -were visitors in Greeley Sat- tiMsy night. John Martin. J. M. Nolan, and Clarence Bel voir went to El Dorado on business Sunday. Mr. Belvoir purchased a 4-year-old Percheron staUion from J. C^. Robinson. The stallion is one of the best aniijials in this part of Kansas, it is Iselieved, and will make the season at the Belvoir farm south of town. This Willi bei good news to the farmers and stolckmen of this vicinity. Miss Henrietta Vamau visited relatives In lola Saturday night and Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Brlckey. of Kismet, announce the birth of a baby daughter Sunday, February 12. Mm. Brickey was formerly Loree Stanford and was graduated from the Colony school. She is a daiigh^ ter of Mr. atid Mrs. W. J. Stanford of Colony. Mr. Brickey taught for three years in the Colony, high school. Relatives surprised Mrs. Emma Hester by going to her home Sunday In honor of her seventy-sixth birthday. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hester and Juanlta, Mr. and Mrs; Wilbur Boone, and Sandra Jean, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hamilton and son Dick, and Mrs. John Hamilton. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jones and son Gene of Mound City called in the afternoon. Miss Alta Argo entertained friends at her home Sunda|y evening. A \ONLYPRESIDB )T OFTHECbNFED- EBWESrATBOF WHO HOLDS TOE ITHISWOPOMEAN?:' ' (Answers will be tomi on Page 3) Jig-saw puzzle furnished the entertainment. Light refreshments were served. H. C. Haas, of Lawrence, spent the week-end with his son. Orval Haas and family. Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Schell returned Saturday evening from Kansas City where they spent Friday and Satiurday. O. P. Haas made a business trip to Ottawa Monday. • Chester Johnson is managing the Brownrigg farm north of Colony. Mr. Brownrigg has been bedfast for some time. Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Haas, son Bobby, and Elzorah Haas were lola visitors Saturday. Ed .Lane, Lone Elm. visited friends in Colony Sunday. Gen.e Jones, Mound City, is visiting his grandparents, Mr..and Mrs, John Hamilton and family. Mr. and Mrs. O, W. Ramey and son Dudley spent, Sunday at the Corbin home. Mr. and Mr.s. w. O. Wilson and Edna Peari were dltmer guests. Olin Jordan, lola, visited at the A. V. Scott home Sunday. O. R. StUwell was an lola visitor Sunday. A. P. Huskey and family entertained the following relatives from lola at Sunday dinner: .Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Sinclair, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sinclair and family, and Grandma Sinclair. . _j Aden Scott, Bert and Hwinan Scott spent Sunday in lola at the A. V. Alexander home.. Adell Scott, northeast of Colony, spent yesterday at the John Hamilton home, ! Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Brooks visited Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Miller in Welda last night. The Colony high school teams defeated the Klncaid basketball teams on'the-home court Friday night. Second teaim score, Colony 26, Kln­ caid 18. First team score. Colony 33, Kincaid 20. Colony has excellent teams. The first team has won three games and lost three. The first team lineup was; jBrooks and Tonkin, guards; Jackspii and McCaughey. forward^; Towrisend and Gooden, centers. Good team work characterized Colony's game. _An invitation basketball tournament will, be held In Welda thLs Friday and Saturday, February 17. and 18. High schools in this vicinity will participate. Lila Hu.sted, a freshman in the Colony high school, was thrown from a horse Sunday afternoon and broke a vertebra in her spine. She is under care of a specialist and although her condition is very serious, it is hoped she will soon recover. Otis. Mass.—Mrs. MSnnie M. Wcb- stor has heen elected constable, town clerk, town treasurer, and tax collector. She •ft'lll be the onlyj woman con.stabIe in western.Massa-i chusetts. "NOW I FEEL FULL OF PEP' After taking Lydia E. Pink-I ham's Vegetable Compound That's what hundreds of women say. It steadies the nerres... makes you eat better . . . sleep better... relieves: periodic • headache and backache .. . makes trying days endurable. If you are not as well as you ^nt to be, ilive this medicine a chance to help you. Get a bottle; from'your druggist today. The modem ^way of TREATING ^oldt Leuens thfir duration and cojU Proper fnedication, at the;proper time—combined with certairj simple „ rules of. health—forms the new |^ VICKS PLAN FOR BITTER CONTROL-OF-COLDS This safe, practical Plan—fblly explained in each Vicks package—can reduce your family's "Colds-Tax" in money, loss of time and liealth. If-thcrt if a cough, try Iht ntvf Vicki Madicottit Cough Drop—ingraillantt of VapoRub in convaniant candy form rr. W. M. Williams. W. A. Wood- n:ff. and M. S. Lewis. M. Clasc. J. W.-Fife, J. H. jMcMui;- ; tv." .sung by Mesdames Ralph Storey, C. C. ^!:cPhcrson. Fred Menzlc, \ ^gr. Plovd Smith, and E. W. Hag- C. E. Morrcll. J. S. Reed. Mark Run- jund. Between each number old time songs were played on the piano by Mrs. L. L. Burt, .and at the con'•' '•' V i elusion'the orchestra played a mel- Rcsenroh Clnb Meets with .ody of old tunes. Mry. Smith i Tlie last number on the program TIic nosenrch club met .vcsterdav ) was a humorous and very entertain- at tl:e l'.om,£' of Mrs. Clarence C. mg one-act play entitled "The Hen- SmiV.:. Mi-s. A. O. Spergle. presi- peck Holler Sewing Circle," directed di'nt. was in charge of a rhort j by Mrs. A. E.. Garrison. Those who nr-ss •jossion after which .Mrs. L. W. Kansas City. Kas.—Benjamin O: Sullivan. 55. was shot and critically wounded here last night and his son, Newlin Sullivan. 25, was arrested on a charge of assault with intent to kill. Police quoted young Sullivan as saying he shot his father because the latter was mistreating the youth's sister. Cecil, 18. The girl, police said, denied any mistreat- Jiient. CON0CO CONTEST CLOSES (N ^?rr) FEB. ?3 JAP l5LTIM.\TtJMS TO CHANG. Orders to Leave Jehol to Be Given j Chinese Commander Soon. \ Slmmfuis di.scussf d the lesson. •China." Mrs. A. A. Kasmussen c r.' talk on '-The Many Custonis of China" which was listened to with i;ivnt interest. , | • in attendance were: Mes- riamc'/.O. L. Cullison. L. R. Thomp-•.-in. oboigp .J. Trombold, John Bra- 7.(jc. A. O. .'^i^ecsle. G. W. Gates, L W. Simmons, Lloyd Carter. C. M. Funk, and Mary Remsbeiig. Mr.s. A. A. Rasmu.ssen was preseiir. as a K.iicst. took part were Mesdames C. E. Russell. D. P.' Northrup. N. C. Kerr, Ralph Stover, Wallace Anderson, John K. Layle, and L. L. Burt. The following guests, Mrs. Florence Kent Beldlng, Miss Alice Hendricks, Miss Esther Anderson, and members and their husbands were present: Messrs. and Mesdames A. E. Garrison and Jean, E. W. Hag.: lund, Ira D. Kelley, L. L. Burt and Ltoris Ann, N. C. JCerr. J. P. Kohler. Guy Lamer, C. Ei Russell, F. W. Sherwood,, Ployd Smith, Ralph Sto- 1 IIOI^IZOXTAL^ OA token of the S 'rweniy-Iour 51 Hamimnijlcv's stick 12 ^'atiw mPt.ll. i:', Cluiwli lioUry " 10 Unit. IC Novtliwe.'^ttnr IS Soutlieast. 19 Prophet. 110 Sccoiul unto. I'l DestrtKtibn. Pcrtuiuinj; to wing .N-. 2'! llaUaii rivor. 21". To lift up. .momori.iV. "f) Kce of a louse. ;;u lU-lioved, 3 L' TU low as a >-oiy God ot love. 'M Inlel. C7 Toilay i ..5 In intmory of a Answer to Previous Puzzle ;pTi)-sinimor 41 To telephone. 42 Pound (abbr.). 44 To eject. 41) Magician's rod. 47 Sun god. 4S,j\urora. no Emerald lale. .12 Soft mass, ji:? Baby's bed. iib Growing out. .'j 6 Renown. Til Seraglio. 59 Orb, ! GO iSoothsayer. 61 Handsome.: , G2 Reparation. VERTICAL Weathercock. Dined. Behold. Tedium. Toward. To annoy. Northeast. To accomplish Reverence. To cry shrilly. To perforate. Wild duck. Tumultuous disturbance. 17 Sagacious. 18 Winter carriage. 21 Unkeeled. 22 Close. 23 Surface measure. 24 Coarse. 26 Tears stitches. 28 Spiral ot wire. 29 Chaos. 31 To drink slowly. 33 Upon. 34 Two-wheeled vehicle. 35 Half (prefts). 37 Grit. 38 .Merchants. 40 To telegraph. 41 Walking stick. 43 White powder 45Dogma. 4C Aqua. 47 Branch. 49 Male ancestor. Gl Unprofessional. 52 Pay. 54 To implore. a6Mink. 58 Mother. 60 paid publicity. 15 ' ' Kansas Coal Output Increases. Pittsburg. K.1S.. Feb. 14. (AP)— Kansas mines in 1932 produced 2,348.140 tons of coal, an increase of 100.304 tons over the pi-evnous year, according to the annual report of William P.'Keegan, state mine inspector, announced today. Peiping. China, Feb. 14. (AP)— Ultimatums demanding withdrawal] of Chinese troops from' Jehol have been prepared for delivery very sodn to Chang Hsiao-Liang, the Chinese commander, to the governor of Je­ hol province, and to the Nanking government, the Japanese legation disclosed • today. It was expected that the warning will declare Jehol to be an integral I part of Manchukuo and that the I presence of Chinese trbops there is j calculated to disturb the peace, • i It will be pointed out. the legation said, that under- Its treaty with Mancliukuo the Japanese government pledged, its assistance in maintaining peace in Jehol. Help Name it! Help Describe it! But First Try it... Know all about the A small ad m the Classified columns often puts over a big deaL > It inn't enough to be merely tailored this Spring . . , you muRt be tailored to perfection. ; And that means, of ', by Janelle or Ely nor. Il'.s a compliment indeed to have yoiir new .suit-or coat bear ' these labels that are heralded as New York's foremost fashion.s. They are now waiting your approval. $1075 •to- A 4 10000 IN CASH PRIZES For fliB Besi Nar^e and Slogans Describing Conoeo't Naw High-Test, Instant Siart- ing, Lightning Pick-up Bronze Gasoline Grand Prize for Winning Name ^5,000 ALSO 74 OTHER PRICES For Winning Slosans as Foltows: Makes Motors Say, Wh-oo-peeV. then Get-up-and-Go... Here's high-powered gas; extra dry; extra fast; extra potent. .-The instant it reaches the spark• plugs, then the show begins. "Within the cylinders, it explodes. Every atom turns irtto energy . . . drives the piston down in a smooth stroke of power. Greased lightning can't beat it. It starts quick as a spark and picks up fast as a flash. Press the starter and step on the gas. No mis-firing; no bucking, stalling or lagging. You step right out.., right now! A treat to your motor, a joy to you, yet it costs not a penny more. It's improved in antiknock. It makes miles thrifty. Fill up today. Test it out. Ask the Conoco man for an entry blank. Last call to help us name it. Who knows? You may win a prize. 1 PRIZE OF... $1,000 . 1 PRIZE OF... $ 750 ' 1 PRIZE OF ... S 500 1. PRIZE OF).. $ 250 5 PRIZES OF .,. . J100 EACH 10 PRIZES OF $ 75 EACH 10 PRIZES OF 50 EACH 15 PRIZES OF ; . . ... $ 25:EACH 15 PRIZES OF . . . 1.'. ...» 15 EACH, 15 PRIZES OF ...» IO-EACH Crt Official Enliry Bluak from Conoco Statiotfianii Dealers.' CONTESt RULE$: 1 Names muit I>e not more than 12 let- terif slogan* nftt Viore than 12 words. Submit cither or. both on single sheet; pLiin white paper; one side only; but prcfcrably on official contest information-and-entry blank, free at Conoco dealers and stiitions. £iaboratl^ presontatians receive no^ extra credit. 1 ;^: 2 Contest closes Midniglit, Febrasty 2}, 193}. Entries ftitist be postmabkjtd before that date and Boiir. 3 Continental citiployees, members at their families and others connected directly or indirectly cannot compete. : 4 SKduld more ihaii one person Submit exactly the same name or s'ogattt each •virill receive full amount of any priie such entry may win. All entries become Continental Oil Company property, and none will be returned. . ; 5 The Company reserves prior rifhts to phrases and Logans of its own creation, already in prepared advertising. Also it reserves the names "Continental" or "Con­ oco" gasoline, "Conogas", and, "101? gasoline. Whether or not the winning contest name is adopted, prize money will be paid; but the Company reserves the right to use a name<of its own creation if decided more suitable and more protectable undei'. trademark laws. 6 No purchase is required of contcttanti. Contutcntal Oil Company executives will be the Judges and their decisions final. Winners! will be announce^! over radio and prize money paid as soon as possible after contest closes. AJdrtss Art Fnfrift to "CONTEST OFFICIAI." Continental Oil Company Ponca City, OUi, $5,000 WORD R E S E R V ED FOR A CAN you.cREArd THE WINNING WORD^ NEW BRONZE HIGH-TEST G A SOL I N E Worfhy Companion of Conoco Germ Processed Motor PiT Get Your Gontest Entry Blanks at These Gonoto Dealers: Hale Service Station 318 EAST MADISON Bitting Tourist Camp SOUTH WASHINGTO;^)!

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