The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 14, 1939 · Page 7
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 7

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1939
Page 7
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SATURDAY, OCT. 14, 1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE NINE Where There's A Want - There's A Want Ad Way 1 PHONE 21 FOR AN AD-TAKER LUDINGTON DAILY NEWS Dally rate per line (or consecutive Insertions: Charge Cash Three days, 3 lines $ .81 $ .72 One day, 3 lines 36 .30 Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions tahcs the one time Insertion rale; no ad taken Tor lesi than basis of three lines. Count, six average words to the line. Charcc ads will be received by telephone, and if paid at The Daily News Office within six days from the first Insertion <iash rate will be allowed. Ads ordered for three or six days and stopper! before expiration will be rliargrcl only for the number of times the ncl appeared and the adjustment made at the rate earned. Publishers reserve the right to edit or re.trct any Classified advertising copy. llate per line for \vhitc space is the same as a line of copy. JUST ARRIVED Men's New HUNTING COATS Red and black plaid, All wool. Button and Zipper styles. $8.90 PANTS to match, §4.98. PENNEY'S POPEYE D. 8. Patent Office Trademark Retlsterei A Bird in the Hand— IF I COULD PI KID A MERIDIAN WE MIGHT USE IT TO LOCATE W-M-M.A STATE OF L EMERGENCE EXISTS vJELL.THE FOOD IS ALL ^ NEVER BEFORE HAVE EATEN A OH,MV IS EMPKV.' Good Things to Eat 57 ' Announcements Flowers and Mourning Goods 4 t'UT FLOWERS—And funeral work. Tel. ! AI'PLKS—Kor snlc. Hand picked 25c a 072. Frank Nordine, 810 E. Ludir.Rton hii. Mrs. Emma Schwass. IV. mi. K., 1 mi. S. Sutton's Corner. K. i,*Ludine- SCORCHY SMITH Trademark Registered U. it. Patent Office Post Mortems and Previews APPLKS—All varieties, priced low. Brst j quality. Order now. We deliver. L. A. Hawley & Sons. I'lione 207. Ave. Personals 7 ton. MEANWHILE,IN A SUPPOSEDLY DESERTED HOUSE ALONG THE COAST MKN! OET VH.OR AT ONCK! NKW Ostrrx Tonic Tablets contain K''nrral Invlgorators, oyster elements for vim, vigor, pep. K('K. $1.00 si/e. special to- clay 8!tr. Call, write Sahlmark's Pharmacy. Automotive ^•"1.^^%^-WN-^'^'V^-w^^^^^,^^-^^* Automobiles for Sale I ORDKK YOUR—Winter supply of apples now. Very fine. Starks. R?d & Golden Delicious, Wagners, Spies, Winter ISananas and Haldwins. John M. A. i llansrn. '-. mi. N. Stiles Corner, K. 2, ' l.iidlnqlon. AI'I'I.KS—Number of varieties for sale. I5c a bu. and up. .Joe Strcm- sUi. 1',, ml. N.. i., mi. W. Stiles cornrrs. 11 1'ORI)—Short whPclbase truck in very good condition, .iiist tin- thing lur skidding bolts out of the woods, a r-al buy. only $85.00. Two 1931 Kord panel trucks in good running condition, real Itargalns. Two in.18 Chevrolet 2-rtoor Household Goods 59 BARGAIN PRICES—(Hi good ujed gasoline engine washing machines, cream separators, rnnge stoves, electric ranges, gasoline stoves. L. Mattix Store, Scotlvlllc. town sedans. 1938 Plymouth 4-door , GOOD USED OIL—BURNING CIRCU- """ sedan. 1938 Hulrk 2-door trunk sedan, i I!i:i7 Ilulck coupe, like new. Be sure and see our selection of low priced, high quality cars under S100. Every one a real buy and ready for thousand of miles of trouble-free transportation. Low prices. Easy terms, (aldington Auto Salos. Phone 600. FORD—193-1 Dcl.uxe sedan. $135.00. 1335 Tudor Ford sedan, $275.00. Nerhelm Motor Co. )!I38 l)i:i.l'XE—I'lymouth -1-door touring sedan. Radio, heater. Very clean Job. Call Gerald I'onko. Phone 1203. UcpairinR—Service Stations 16 *l'TO RFI'AIRS—Ily experienced work- ""•-• *-> tjn»r v» • u 1* \.j IV..1 I i^ V* V> AlVVi W j LATORS at bargain prices. Sec them before you buy. u. Smcdberg & Son, Custer. LARtiK—Circulating boater, in pood condition, for sale. Call at 803 \V. Kitrh St. I.KARN ABOUT Till: CLKANLINKSS— Kconoiny and quiet operation of the Double C'hanibiT Howl Burner. It's one of the outstanding features of the new KSTATK OIL HKATROLAS. See Ilirs? stoves at \V. K. RKADICR & CO., ill CL'STKR. Si;F—The new MKAIIOWS WASHER at ! THE PALACE. Srottville $39.95 and up. FRANK CI.AVEAL'. i mm that will save you money every i SKE OUR NKW—Flex Steel bed spring. day. Betka Garage. 1102 S. Madison St. Business Service j^t~^*^* f S+^'*^*~' l ^~**~r*~*-**+^~^** l r*S-*s^s*+S* Business Services Offered 18 Guaranteed for 25 years. Much easier to clean than the coil springs. A light, strong spring. W. E. READER & CO., in CUSTER. Farm Equipment K ATTENTION—Dead slock removal. I'honc collect. Prompt service. MUSKEGON RENDERING CO. Tel. bcotlvlllc, I29-F-I1. IMPROVE YOlll VISION—By wearing glasses, pro|M-rly fitted and correctly adjusted. riilnii: ry. Scottville. POOR EYESIGHT — Makes children b.u kwaril and adults inefficient. For cornel glass?* see Chlnnery, Scott. H. SMRDBERG A SON- CUSTER. POSITIVE / — WE WAITED OUTSIDE THE BOATHOUSE TILL THE ROOF CRASHED IN- ARE SURE YOU \ TOOK CARE ) OF THEM'S HE MERRICK PLANT IN SAN DIEGQ,AND WAIT FOR FURTHER DEVELOPMENTS/ — AND SO, AFTER WE LEARNED THEY KNEW, WE DESTROYED THEM , AND THEIR PLANE/ Gem Overboard! Trademark Registered u. h. rai«u- utuce DICKIE DARE AW A RAT-6OUL L, MV VJATCH HAKIM., TUB MAT A MOU6& - Seeds, Plants, Flowers 63 TULIP HUI.BS—25c to 50c a do?.. Nel- i sou's, 1st house east of R. R., E. Lud- I ingtou Avc. I WE SELL—TT.e best and service the i rest—radios, washers, oil humors, I Ironcrs, refrigerators, etc. Buy where vou let ncrvlco. Grotemal's WIFE ; PAVING STATION. 417 S. James St. i NEWEST (J. E.—WHITE WASHER. $li!l.50 Specials at the Stores Cleaning, Dyeing, Renovating 20 MEN'S SUITS—Dry cleaned and pressed, plain dresses, 49c. l.udlngton Dry Cleaners. James & Foster Sts. and $21.95. 6 tube (i. E. table radio free. Newest Easy White Washers. $69.50 and CO boxes Oxydol soap free. Wallace Kuras. 210 W. Lndington. Phone 604. j SWAP COLUMN Ads accepted for this column will be published two times for 2. r > cents. Each ad must bear name and address of advertiser. They must be accompanied by cash or stamps. Ads must be brought or mailed to The News, none taken by telephone. If ads involve exchange of labor for commodities, or vice versa, they will be run free of charge. Goebel Brew 2 3 ,o Graham Paige 92c I Hall Lamp 4'.4 outi/is uepiu imviib ui Houdalllr Hcrshcy B 14'« I Potatoes—Receipts 100, on track 405, to- Chicago Potatoes CHICAGO. 111., Oct. 14.—Ml—(United States Department of Agriculture.) — .Kingston Prod | LnSuUr Wines .. ] McChiniihan Oil | Michigan Sugur i Mlcromatlc Hone Corp Wanted—To Buy GO; — (Murray Coip Nnsh Kclv ... Scotten Dillon Socony VHC Stand Brands Tinikcn Detroit Axle 28c 1 4 5 i, tal U. S. shipments 446; market, Idaho Kupsets demand Improving for best quality stock; firm with slightly stronger tendency; best quality Northern stock all varieties, demand fair; steady; | NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS Trademark Bejlstwe* u. ». Patent Office BUYING—Used lurniture, cook sioves. heaters and heatrolas. Bob's New &: Used Furniture Store, 501 K. Dowland St. Tel. 481-M. Dressmaking and Millinery 21 IlKMSTITOIINfJ—Stamped pillow cases, j haliy dresses, sweaters, blankets,hait- klrs. XcedleworU Jshoiv 211 S. James. Employment Help Wanted—Male APPLE PICKERS—Wanted. S. J. llerban, j i-LKASANT ROOM—For 1 or 2 persons CIDER PRESS—36 inch rack. Hydraulic .., cll , in<>c D 3 puinp. 80 ton pressure, complete, will i Todav "' 739 swap for hay, grain or anything I can ! p-.p.'.'X..^",'in'v" " 74'' usi-. Ceorge S. Bryan, R. 1, Scottviile. ] Mo,Va, agd .. ^ 74 is 6'.a ! Colorado McClurcs good quality stock 69'i ! demand moderate; steady; fair quality 23 i .stuck demand slow; weak; supplies 13 3 .i | rathf r heavy; sacked per cwt. Idaho 6 i Russet BurUanks U. S. 1, washed, mostlv. 1.55-.60; unwashed. 1.45-.50; - | Colorado Red McClures U. S. 1 most of- Stock Averages, Oct. 14 i Krings showing decay, occasional car (Compiled By The Associated Press) I good condition, burlap sacks car gen- 30 15 15 60 | erally good condition, 1.70; showing >;lc- Indust Rails Util Stocks I cay. 1.35-.57i.z; Minnesota sandland sec- Rooms and Board i-, ml. W. Kistler's Corners. CUTTERS—Wanted for wood and ties. I 1 -., ml. south Walhalla. 4 EXPERIENCED POTATO DIGGKRS— Wauled for Monday morning. Mrs. Homer Westcoll, N. Washington. Tel. '.I5I-W. Rooms without Board HOUNDS—Choice of two Beagle hounds will swap for 32x4 tires or 32 Winchester Special rifle. Roy Henry. 2 mis. N. of Cuslcr. for rent, with use of bath. Inq. 601 K. Loomis St. Livestock Horses, Cattle, Vehicles 48 FOR SALE— fi weeks old pigs. Peter Dehro, 3 ml. S., 1 nil. W., ;t i nil. S. Custir or 1 mi. E, ',.» ml. N. Marble school. TWO HORSES—For sale. Age 5 and 12 years. WMglit about 1.200. E. W. Classen. R. 1, Ludington. I", ml. W. Ktst- Itr's filling station, Summit. Wanted—Livestock 50 WANTED TO BUY—2 fresh milk cows. Ell llansen, R. 1, Ludington. Phone I7-F-13. Real^Estate for Rent Apartments and Flats 74 DOWNSTAIRS 4-ROOM FURNISHED APT.—WcstliiBlioiisj refrigerator. 509 E. I udiimton Ave. MAPLE SYRUP—Will swap pure Maple Syrup for wood or anything I can use. Maurice Kistler, R. 3, 6 mis. S. of Ludington. Tel. 13-F-2. SOWS—Will swap two brood sows, one due to farrow in a day or two, and the other in November for anything 1 can use. Gerald Stewart, i\<, mis. S. of Fountain. go- Year iigo .. 1939 High . 1938 Low .. 1938 High . 1938 Low 77. 'i 77.0 58.8 79.5 49.2 D.3 Unch 22.1 38.8 38.S 38.9 37.1 40.6 33.7 37.8 24.9 22.4 21.4 21.2 23.8 15.7 23.5 12.1 D.2 | ticm Cobblers U. S. commercials car, 52.0 : 1.10; Minnesota Red River valley section 52.2 Cobblers U. S. commercials, car, 1.10; 52.3 1 North Dakota Red River Valley section 52.9 Cobblers, 90 percent U. S. 1, few sales, 53.5 1.10-.15; BUss Triumphs 90 percent or 41.6 better U. S. 1. washed, 1.25; unwashed, 54.7 i 1.20; Early Ohios, 85-90 percent U. S. 1, Movement in Recent Years 1932 Low 17.5 8.7 23.9 1929 High 140.9 153.9 184.3 11927 Low 51.6 95.3 61.8 33.7 16.9 157.7 61.8 TEAM OF HORSES— Will swap for cattle or anything I can use. Helgc Johnson, R. 3. Scottville. Corners. mi. S. of Amber THE nflARKiETS 1.15-.20. LOC/iL, Light red kidney beans $4.00 . u ^^....* ta v...~ ,r,^~ *w -^ * u ..^., —Dark rod kidney bruns $4.00 | cembc-r 821a- a ,4, May 62 3 ,u-\'.\, wheat Inter Chicago Grain (Quotations in Cents) CHICAGO, Oct. 14.—W)—Grain prices continued to slip fractionally lower today, with early losses of about ','2 cent recorded in the wheat pit. The market was unsettled by the un- I certain Exiropian situation and slow I for.tgn and domestic demand for wheat, j Opening unchanged to ',a lower, De- Dark cranberry beans $1.75 Light cranberry beans $2.25 White pea beans $2.45 held near this range. Corn started \\-\3 clown. December 49^B- 1 .a, May 52 l ,j ) - I /4. Chicago Dairy (Quotations in Cents) CHICAGO. Oct. 14.— (A')— Butter—Re- FOR RENT—Ttirnished apt. for house- j keeping. Heal, private bath, all convcn- i truces, 204 N. Gaylord. Tel. 643-W. 1 MARKETS AND FINANCE | MODERN FURNISHED APARTMENT— i For rent, 3 rooms and bath. Norge re- I Irigerator. Inq. 301 N. Delia. Tel. 119. 1 3-ROOM FURNISHED APT.—With bath, lights, heat, hot water. Inq. 408 First. St. Houses for Rent 77 Merchandise Articles for Sale 51 AT BARGAIN PRICES—V& h.p., 110-volt fiO-cy. General Electric Rebuilt Motors. L. Mattix Store. Scottville. STRAPS AND BANDS—All styles and si/es, for all watches. Reasonable prie.iss. Hamilton's, 225 S. James. Farm and Dairy Products 55 POTATOES—50c a bu.; also carrots, rhubarb. Norman Randall, 6 mis. S. of Ludington, R. 3, on US-31. RIPE HUBBARD SQUASH—For sale by Hit; pound or ton. Frank Barclay. Tel. 126-F-H, Scottville. POTATOES—For sale. Good quality. SOc a bu. at farm. Get your winter supply now. Charles llansen, i ml. w., % mi. S. Victory townhall. Tel, 8-F-2. MODERN HOUSES—For rent, at 509 N. Howe; 200 N. William; 205 N. Robert. Olmstrad A Newberg. Phone 22 or 792 evenings. NEW YORK STOCKS (Closing Prices) Ariam.s Express Am Can Am Smelt .t Rof Am T<1 .Sr. Tel .. Am Wnt, Wks ... Anaconda Armour oi 111 Auburn Auto 3 " 1 Beef 1G35J, 13M. 32T B Yellowey c beans .................. $2.75 Poultry i Leghorn hens, 3 Ibs. and up ......... 9c i Heavy hens ......................... 14o I ceipts 519,749; market firm; creamery- | Plymouth Hock springers, 193 score. 29-29'. a ; 92, 28',;.; 89, 25V y - 88, under 4 Ibs ....................... 17c!24%; 90 centrallKod carlots, 27-271/j; Plymouth Rock springers, ! other prices unchanged. - •- - • •"Colored springers 4 Ibs. and up ...................... 17c Grain ShelloJ com, cwt ................. $1.05 Rye, cwt ............................ 85c Oats, cwt ......................... Sl.OO Wheat, cwt ........................ $1.00 Produce Eggs — Receipts 2.626; market firm; current receipts. 19; refrigerator extras, 18; standards, 173V. prices unchanged. firsts, 17; other Meeting of PT-A r e ' § '."/.'". 7ci Is Well Attended HERE'S SOME TRAINING TABLE CALORIES FOR VESUVIUS —GOTTA BUILP HIM UP— HEY WHAT'RE VA DOIN' BOTT/N' PRACTISE /-^OTTA PEVELOP HIS PUNCH AN'TIMlrJ'-THAT THERE'S HIS SPARRIN 7 PARTNER//--KEEP OUT O' THE WAV-- HERE HE QOES //• Wanted—To Rent 81 WANTED TO RENT—Unfurnished, heated, 3 or 4-room apt. Phone 793. Real Estate for Sale Brokers in Real Estate R FOR BARGAINS—In city, farm and resort property see Home Realty Co., Room 8, Nat'l Bank Bldg. Farms and Land for Sale 83 Aviation Corporation Calumet & Hecla ................ 8 :1 i Che.s .V Ohio ...................... 41> Chrysler .......................... 90 Coluni O & El .................... 7>:, Com'wlth South .................. l n i, Cui-Uss WrlKht ................... 7 1 ',, Elec V & I, ....................... 85J, General Eire ...................... 40',' 2 O rn Foods ................. , ...... 40' 1 !, General Mot ..................... 53^ Hudson Mot ...................... G ;1B Tnt Harvest ........................ 65',j lilt Nick dm Int. Tel & Tol Krnnccott Corp Ling & Myers 15 Masonito Corp 38 1 ' 4 5 397',; 97 : !.'i Montgomery Ward ................ 537ii Motor Wheel ...................... 16'.;. 6Ta 22'', 8% 20% POTATOES—35c a bu. Field run. Earl Wolf. R. 3, Scottville. 3 ml. N. of Scottville. FOR SALE—Turnips, citron, kale, llelge Johnson, R. 3, Scottville. U mi. S. of Amber Corner. Fuel, Feed, Fertilizers 5G PRATT AND DOMINO FEEDS—At reasonable price*. IJi'UiKe t'eucl Harn. 'lei. lfi5-W.. ,FOR SALE—20 acre farm 1 mi. N. and 100 rds. W. of Scottville. Good land. Must be sold to close estate. 1. J. Eddy, Adm. M. Ambrose Est, Houses for Sale 84 2 FAMILY HOUSE—With lot for sale on James St. Centrally located. Furnace & bath. Rents for $28. Bargain. Write W. J., Box 71, Ludington. Nnsh-Kclvlnator National Bifcuit Nntl Power & Light New York Central North American .................. 22^ Packard .......................... 3^' a Penney (J C) .................... 90 Phelps Dodge ..................... 42", Philips Pete ...................... 44% Pullman ............ .............. 38',, Radio ............................. 5T« Bco Motor ........................ 1 T'a Republic Steel ................... 26',u Sears-Roebuck ................... 78 South Cal Edison ................ 25',!; Standard Brands ................. 6 Standard Oil Cal .................. 28V, Standard Oil Tncl ................. 27 stand on N J 47 " 4 601 K. FOSTER—Will he offered at big sacrifice. Let me show you this beautiful house. Shown by appointment only. A. T. Benson, National Bank nidg. S1 urtotaii kcr ! Underwood El 40'!; | Union Carbide 89 Union Pacific 101 United Corp 2% U S Steel 74i' s Wahash 2 Yellow T & C 18% Gc I Horse „ 3',ic | I siehia^Tne-ins CUSTER.—The October meet- j SAOiNAw.'Mich.. Oct. 14.—(/PI—Mich- ing of the Custer PT-A was held i igan Bean Shippers' Association Satur- j at the SChOOlhoilSe Tuesday fiVfi- clay payim; prices: Handplckcd pra • • .... beans, 2.25 per hundredweight; handpicked red kidneys, light, 4; dark, 4; Handplckcd yelloweyes, 2.75; handpicked choice rccleaned cranberries, light, 2.40; dark, 1.90. Ilenton Harbor Produce (Quotations In Cents) BENTON HARBOR. Mich., Oct. 14 — (XI 1 )—Prices paid on the fruit market here for 27.803 packages' Friday were: Grapes—Concords, 4 qts. fancy table, 13',i-14',i; 12 qts. No. 1, 28-32; No. 2, 23-28. Apples—Buslicln, No. 1, 2';> in. Jonathans, 65-70; Delicious, 65-85; Hubbard- stons, 40-45; Steel Reds, 50; Staymans, 55-60; Winter Bananas, 40-50; Golden Delicious, 65; Mclntosh, 65-75; Kings, 50; Rome Beautys, 55-60; Wageners, 4050; Baldwins. 45-50. Ppnrs—Bushels, No. 1 Kleffers, 2»/. in., 60-65; 2>/i In., 55-60; 2 In., 50-55. Detroit Produce (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) DETROIT. Mich., Oct. 14.— (A>)— (United States Department of Agriculture.)—Apples—Mich. bu. boxes and bushel baskets U. S. No. 1, 2'A In. mln. Delicious, .75-1.10: Hubbardstons, .40.50; Jonathans, .85-.90: NW Greenlnes, a ai'KG Ql'Oiin in it- M^ Brandenburg, vice president, was in charge and will also direct the work for the year. The meeting opened with community singing by the group. The regular routine of business was carried out with the following committees for the year being appointed. Ways and means committee, Mrs. James McMas- .3s.eo spvs. .75-1; Lots fur Sale 85 LOT—On North Delia street for sale. Price, $40.00. Inq. Mrs. Paul Pepera, 503 N. Staffon. Phone 120fi. DETROIT STOCKS (Closing Prices) Fruehauf Tr 27U Oar Wood Ind 5>'a Den Motors S3- 1 ;;, .so: McntoBh. weaithys, .25-.50; wolf Tv/r r c Tnspnh M1S '- J 9. he P n Mrs. Newton Goff, Mrs. Eugene Chad- JUST AS HE RAMMED HIS HEAD HALF WAV THROUGH THE SIDE OF THE 8ARN A BUNCH OF THE 8OY5 SHOWED UP TO LOOK OVER THE- PETERS ENTRY -THE WISE- MONEY SHIFTED TO HORSEFEATHERS' &ATTLER/ and educational health talk. ! Payne and family. I Cameron and daughter, Patty, After adjournment all went to I Miss Mary White of Scottville | called at the McKenzie and Roy the dining room where dainty I and Miss Clara Bacon were re- | Lasley homes Thursday eve- refreshments were served by the i cent overnight guests of Missjning, Oct. 5. following ladies, Mesdames Martin Olsen, Elmer Smith, Mary Wing, Margaret Farrell, Eugene Chadwick and Robert Nelson. Refreshment committee for November will include Mesdames H. Smedberg, George Woodhead, Ralph Tower, David Beadle and tee, Mrs. B. T. Hackmuth and Joseph Sanders; program committee, Mrs. Mabel McKenzie, Mrs. Earl Johnson and Mrs. H. Hedrick; publicity, Mrs. W. J. Emerson, Mrs. Rosplock, Miss Zeriollo; membership committee, Mrs. George Mallison, Mrs. Mary Wing, Mrs. Elmer Smith, Mrs. Clyde Rummer and Mrs. Russell _ .__..-. Littell; health committee, Mrs. «' vers - i 40 -- 5 °: ^ in. mm. Jonathans, Howard Wing and Dr. V. J. Blan- wick, Mrs. Martin Olsen and Miss ! Ml0ss , Grace £eyis. Announce- Grace Le.vis; hospitality commit- merit was made that the annual , ' V_. J ,, . nnpn nmicA fni» rhicroi' mcrn onnnnl Lannon. Mr. and Mrs. George Riley and Gladys Chadwiok, who has been spending some time with family called on Mr. and Mrs. her sister and family in Scott- Edward Allison Sunday evening, i ville, was a week-end guest at Oct. 8. l her home in Custer. Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Barton and [ Mrs. Elmer Foster of Iron baby have moved from this dis- | Mountain came Monday for a trict into Scottville. two weeks visit with her sister, .60-.75; Snows, .00-.65. Celery—Mich, bunches dozens large, .25: mammoth, .35-.40. Onions—50 Ita. sacks U. S. No. 1: Mich, yellows, rmdlum size, .50-.60. Potatoes—100 Ib. sacks U. S. No. 1: Ida. Russet BurVmnks, 1.75-1.90; Mich. Russet Rurals. 1.25-1.35; Chippewas. 1.30-1.40; Katahdins, 1.30-1.35. Ida. 10 Ib. .20-^2; Maine 15 m. chette. After the business meeting George Reed Jr., favored with a trumpet solo and Louise Damkoehler of South Custer played a" piano solo. Princess Watassa rn-.h,,,.);..!,,-!., Q _ Tuberculosis as- open house for Custer high school from Paulina Stearns hospital Mrs. Frank Vermeiren returned i Mrs. George All of South Custer to her home Wednesday, Oct. 4,1 and with other relatives In the pnpcr sacks Chippewas, ,35. will be held in November on the regular PT-A night. More will be announced later regarding the program for the evening. Marble School Mrs. Frank Stone is spending this week with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson and family of White Lake. Moad Beard of Shelby was a week-end guest of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Thomas and son, Albert. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Nightswan- der of Flint spent several days this week with Mrs. Nightswan- der's mother, Mrs. Mary Astra ' rmrl xinH-i TVylv on^i TVvTpcj T3r*V\n>«f where she recently underwent major surgery. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mosher of Ludington were dinner and afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Thomas Wednesday, Oct. 11. Mrs. Mosher and Mrs. Thomas made a short call on I EVERYBODY WANTS county. Clarence Schwertzer of Sebewaing is spending a week at the McKenzie home in Custer. Arthur Adcock and Claude Norton made a business trip to Hastings Monday. Mrs. George Riley in the afternoon. r.uster Floyd Shaffer, Gerald Wheaton and Ernest Ohse returned to Flint and Pontiac Sunday using them as college living, evening havmer scent the week-end at their homes here. THE SAME TERRITORY LARAMIE, Wyo. (/P)— The trailer camp ground Is a favorite place this year for University of Wyoming students. So many wanted to park their trailers there for the winter, the olaoe became Locations, with Miss Claribel Cameron of light and water connections, sociation gave a most interesting' and with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ludington and Mrs. Cardinal iv.n, for $5 to $10 a

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