Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 7, 1928 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1928
Page 5
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THE IQLJ DAILY REGISTER. J • The .storv 1« laid in the. Indian ^l^rrliory, und along (lie .'Kaunas / imrder in tlJp 'SW. ••hon a fight WHH being waged hy the "BiMJm- <^rR" for xhe opening of the ter- rliory to ftehlonient. . Chlr,f|cluiiaoterH are: - rosy 4l «\r ^RISON, orpHanoa at 13 when htH rather' ^Sil.s mnr- riered In a Jioktr ROfnn; 1' AV \-\F:K MILL, adventnrer. Indian Interpreii-r and jjihow- JOB CRAIO, who lakes Tony ro tlie Uar K rant-h tu live; TITUS .>100RK. own<-r of .the Har K; ' RITA MOORR, his little tomboy daughter. When Tony I'lf lii. Rita and h<r mother depart for Virginia mid the lJoy.|.»arn3 for tlie flr«i. time Low nmclihr: cares for the Jlltle • red-haired, arrogaiil miss. .Moore is one of the ehief op- jiouonm of rhe movenient: to open Oklaiioma. Word is reeeivi-d that •JJAVLD l^AY.VK. leader of ' U<h " movemen^; i ,s dead. :ind Tony, in his loyttlty to .\liiore, is tri)itbied hecaiise of his sympathy for Paynes eaiise. Jle iries to forfiei Rita Moore and acfompanieH Pawnee liill u«<l pi'FFALO HILL on a wild' show toiir. U'iien he le- liiriis, Itiia eonies li.Tck for a visit •and T<iny is forlorn in tlie iinowledKc of liis iiop<-less love for her.; Finally, in despphilion. ii«' ilcilares hini.M>lf. LYNN you wouldn't let me know— jiist let nic go on :^nd .make a fool of myself. Who I H it? Oh. 1 donrt rare who it Is; Honieone rff your .^oeieiy frIendH Iiaek taKt..' 1 reckon. Rome- one that's) good enouRh for yoxi. I'm no't~"| "Tony, please—.vou don't know what you're saying—" ••non 't I? I mlghl have known I tkas eray.y to fall in love with .vou. hut 1 didn't ]ihink yim'd *Ut tlii.s to' me— let mi' kiss yrih and think—" "Ton.v. li .sren to me." Vfhe implored. •'\Vhat for'?' he said aayageiy. "roitellinK the iruih. ain't I'/" "But I've heen fryint? to leil you ail along. It wa.-* so 'hanl: Tony.". "I'd have llstfn.-d. wouldn 't 1? Yon could liavf told in<- right afier I made that damn fool speeah .of mine. But no—you had to do tlie ioh i 'ompietely —you kis.sed nie. and all the liine \wu w.iv in love with another man." i She hail taken a 'mse with her liead down. .\i these last worils of lil .s she raised it quickly. lie eyed her sr.spic.iously. "Oo op." he said; • I'm listening." Iler head <Irooped again. ".Vever mind." she said <iuietiy. "Please leave me here, Tony. I want to he alone." XeA .80 .4iE )CT y^SEk. I'LL UGHTTH" rbSEOMtW OilliEiACNIMG SfOCK AN' ^ubw tU'GUHHSAk' "tVTes OFFA THEIR TECT—POP mnkcs xfVv TH' BIG NOISC SEcAOse X x:xjefiH£D OP lOO eocxs POR HIM A StOCKtlP- AS A MATTCe OP- T^CT, Tmr HOMDRED CAME OkJTA / • SATURDAY FA^NJTNG. JANUARY 7. 1928. VIAHTCOroSHbW TH' IWeSltt fSHXS -THAT <3weS • READY FOR.BU^Pa:SiS. BY TAYLOk riiAr-'TiiH XXXIV. Ilis yoicf. low and impassioned, "slopped al)ruplly.' He heard a soli, inuffleil hidiind her hands, and islar^d at .Ijcr lielnlessly. Ag< s -Pusscd lictori^ .'illicr of them iiiovfd. Thi-ii In- titiiu-d .'lop'"- I l<'ssly away. "Wt!!;. Ivi- --uid it. 1 | i .'n <-w then- wasn't ;;iiy use. hui 1 , had lo -Afi it off my miud. I'm ; a-^kiun you to forget it." i .Shi- heard rii>' i iistle of ihe gras.-^ ; as li. niov <><l away anil sliddenly i • Irtippcil Urr hands from her fai -e i and !an towaid liiiii. i -alliiiK ijti a half -siran.i ;led voii-.-. •'Tony, Tony, don't no.' ••\Vliy -Wliy- '" Ml' Vitared iliihe-: liiviii,!;ly, fur a nioiuijut atid then lol<|.'(l-her in Jiis arms and pressed! his lijis against' iifis fit-rtely.; ^jhe i'litlig to liiui and he kissed iii -r again and irTSain. hrealhiiig hiT name .•xullanll.v. •Jlita!" A ijioment later he felt her sliud- , df). ii'li lier liands tlirnstingj aKaijisi liis t lii'sl. "Tony." sin-' <rl.-(|. rilcasiii;4 herself from his i • inhrare. ' "we mustn'i. . Please, | Tony; 1 fiir;;ot myself" . ile let his iirms fall, staring at Iter iim-omjireliendingly. "1 don 't: iiiid* rstand. Uita, Did I ' i Her eyes, a-shine with tears, ini-: pluied him. "Vou mal ;e it so hard for me. Tony. understanil. | JiiKt— jusi leave me. I did wrong; ' it rant be, Tony, it eani he." i She turned lier fare away from : him. her voiet ialieiijig. and for a- fflTr'mlniite lie POftiinuOiTlo star?^ at her in hflplesi wonder. There; WM a Wounded look lit his eye;; as ; he "asked. "Ytiii mean tlie'iv's .ionie- i one else?" She did not answer; niendy nodded, not daring to look at him. and ' raised one hand a llnl.^ 'I>it in a I despairing gesture. i He wais Pileni lur a '.xhile. as if j him. lor ; .vou. the imp<irt of her unsi.olv. u answer ' were slow to dawn on hinr. Hut' when he spoke his voice xva.-, edsed with billernesa. '.Iiist wh\." ht« asked, "did jou |.i oe- mink—" ; - ';0h, :Tony,'|' : lie mieri upted; "please don't ni .ike"ine explain. 1 did U -roiig in leitiiis \oii . . ' Her; voio4 trailed oti ••I.r'l's gel this :tiaii -hl. ' he insisted aiid wall.eii i,,rwaril to plant • himself dire<-tly in Irolit of lier. ' -"l/tell you I'm si-rry. Tony." she rrieil half liysierie:i||>. "Isn't that eiiongh'/'.' "No, it i:-trt." 11.- refiweil to let Ihei tragie iiuli- in liii voire slop hill). •"Vou -.ay." h<- went on' hatishly. "tliat theie'^ someone' <'^^j•. Do >oii mean You've proui-j i :=ei| yours, ll llila, an you eii- j gagvd lo iiianv aiiiillier man'.' Is | thill if/" I Again she inii!i!.-d - ".Say it out , - loud.'" he (i.iiiiiiaiMled ,-iii;;rily and ^ sej/'ed hei ;^rruiii a ;-!asp that hUlt ; lie - cruelly j Ooiri;. Toiiy." -.lie iiiolesled. ! "I'm wai ill!; to hear you say lie I • Ves." .she iiHirniiired. Jt was as i'f someone had hit hini and.the overwlieliuin;; sense of ; in iiry wjtliin him wa-Ottfuraged. It ; de Handed e.xpressioji. commanded i luijii to strike liack;: his fingers! sank into ilje flesh tif her arm. i She Imre it in silence, -without! resistanie. and he let ao. to let i loose a torrent: of angry speech. | ••.So you just reckoned yo.u'd : amuse yourself with me! Kngaged ' to lie married to someone else, lint Ordinarily he would iiave lieen j wrung to pii.y at the dead ilespair , in her voRe. liiil in the mood thai i was on him he cot'ild only obey the} savaue jnipulse to liurl hi -r. "AU : right." he said in a flat lone. ••I'll | go. You've cheapened me. but j you've oheapcned yourself, too.^ .Maybe the ihpiijrht of that Viill j, somewhat s|)oij the s;'lislactJon ; you're likely to take in knowing I thai 'i'ony Harrison made a ilaiun j fool of hiniseil." He sprang to Cherokee's back ] :;n ,d rode away wfilliout anotfii-r | word. Hehilid him. Kita tlirew herself face down in ilie grass and i .sobbed. When she arose th< thiiii-; ding of Cherokee's feet was dim in, the distanie and Tony Harrison <>>•yond ri 'i -all. She spoke his iiiiiii- ill a cliokine voice and climbed : into the saddle and rode after him. i A light biirijed in tlie bunk house. I It would h" the boys at theii- stud gam.-. Tony told himself, and <le- bated whether lo -Ao in anil call : .loe Craig outside. Iliil I! was mil necc^»ary to come to a .ilei-isiiin. 1^' .-jaw a vajiue shape approacliin..; liiiii in llie darkness from the i o|-- ; ral and ('raid's vole <• haili -d "Tlial you. Tony'"' , "It's me. .I .o<." - •'('v.- been lookin' around .VOU; The i ''ol0nel wants lo se< He told me ic was i jghi imporiani. Where vou • been - riding with I '.it.j'.'' ' •"V'-s. .loi-. I waul y.iii to do nie I favor." Craig looked at him (|iieerly._ar- •ested at a strange i |uality in the I'oungi-r man's \oice. "Shoot." he aid. "I want you l_o make my e .xi ii-e.-! o TTluiT Vloore. ' Tell ~ him I'm iduml) grateful to 1 ini for whai le 's jione lor me. bit I <-aii't slop |o see what he waits. And the i-ame goes for'you. .loe. (. . .Step lip, yod fold, and slijke haiids. I 'm Uying goodby." , \ . In the dark'Jiess Craisi's voio lunded da /ed. "Hold on. hold in; noi so fust. What's it all bout?" : "I 'm hiking." lie seized Craig's liand, wrung it and let it go. But (^raig-sprang to Cherokee's !' and laid hold of tjie bridle. It don't make sen .^e. Tony," he • "Sleep ii off and tell uie in he morning." r. . "Let ;'o. .loe" -.No. by i:od' Sav, where'? Rita''" A .siidd-n mde of sfs|ileion had I'lepi into his voii -e. ••Thai's noi '.e of my business." There was ice in the sentence, and Craig saw he had made a misiaki'. Put lie i-liiiig lo 111.' bridle-, never- , fheless. "Tony, ilo.n 't le- a fool. I I don't Know what's liaiijiened* and ' don't care: but don't go ruiiniii* I av.av fioii! .iiie Craig, 'i'otiy.'" ! •"Let go Id" niv lioi -e.- .loe."- • "No." I , J •'Craig, if you don 'i iivy way you 'll «ei;huri MONDAY. JAN. 9 JUV The Asioclnttd- Press'] I Procrams In Central Standard time. ' Alt' lime is 1>. M. unless otherwt!>e In- l.rllrated. Wave U-iisths on left ot cull I lelt.>rs. kllucyclea on rl(^it. Satisfying Effects! Mason City, Iowa.— 'I Lave tallen Dr. ,P;er<,-es Favorite Presirip- tion an 1 it Uxs always given me entire .sail faction. d tonic f. .- women 1 do not ! "lieve it can be e<i -Mled. "i iiavc ils<i taken Dr. i'ierce'?! > ricasaut r III ts as a ni'ild laxa'ivp.; I consitJer I I MH the best remitly i know of to keep thi r -toni- acli nnd.bowel.s In coiidillon 1 think thfv art; e.xtraondjnar^''.'*— Mrs. Wiu. K4vs, tilO S. V4n Buren"St. \ br. Pierce's tablets)' can be jmediriues (liqulil oi , bought iu your nelgh- bt^hood store (O'Pellets, 31) cts. I\\^rite Dr Pi ree, Buffalo, N. Y., H you'djesire free medical advice. )!el out ol' i 'l'i leliiiii; vou." His face had gone while in the daiikne'ss and his lips compressed - into a iliin. stiaight line. ••You'll have to knock me kick- in'." Craig said hoarsely, '"rm hangin' on." - Tliere was a desperate (|ualiiy in his voiie and 'I'ony Harrison rec- ogiii/ed il. He resolveil on one j more w:irning. one more plea. If j that failed, then what followed would have to foMow, tiial was all.i "For the lasl lime. Craig.' gel (lut'ij of niv way." j •'Vou go pltiinb lo hell. Tony." j "I'm coming:" He reaiicd far for-| ward in bis-saddle" and ilug his j roweled spurs hub deep into the ! surprised Cherokee's flanks. .\t j the same time he swuns his fist in ' a descending, ati-, striking Craig I fairly on the' wrist and loosening i liis,lioId. Cherokee who had neve:^; felr the j-ain .of spurs before, i sprang forward 'in a miiihty bound and .loe Craie sprawled his length on the ground. ••Coqdby. .loe; Vni sorty." Tony called !l)ack over his siioulder. .And as Craig did not an>;wer. he called back'again: ••I had to do it. .toe: you mad.^l me. fliHxlby." • i . Craig's voice came floating back ! — to him over the ihuilditig of the | fitallion's hoofs. ;'C.oodl)y. yon hol-i he.Tded fool. You damn near broke : my arm." :' Tony! could picture ^jim picking j himseif up froih the ground an.l \ Mr. shaking his head. But there was 272.6—WPG Atlantic City—1100 C;0.'.—ninner Concert "M.'i—Studio I'roKram •.•:|n—.MtMody Pals 9:::0—Uiince Orchestras 285.S—WBAL Baltimore—1050 ."•.trtn—ninner Music C.::o—Ko.xy anil His Cans i>;:ii«—.Siaff Concert 608.2—Vi^EEI Boiton—590 . 5:00—Waldorf Astnria Orch<>i>(ra 7S!"—A. &; K Oypsi.-s S:3ii—a. neral Motors Party 4S1.3—WNAC Boston—eSO , S-SO-OrehesIT.Ts T::!" —.sheiihrrd PIx SMPli—Mll-=ii;d All.uin . 9:U0—Cniuivators 302.S—WCR Buffalo—990 7:01—Jenny Wren Hour S:<'i'T-ll:i«ailaii Kiisemble »:;;uf-ijeiit-ral .Motors -Party M5.1—WMAK BbfTsto—SSO 8:no—.Musical Album ' !':i"i—Captivators iMij;—Pame Alusio 535.4—WTIC Hertford—SM 7:"n—.Vi-w l>eparlur'F Uand T ::;M—.\. & T: C;ypsie« i:iii;—Cenerul Motors Party 422.3—WOR Newaric—7t0 r, Old Kins: Coir i;;iMi-onim.Mlore l-:iisonibl« • i^7..1--.s. s.-.ioMs Ctiiiiieii 7:'J-*,—i l \tu .-'.;«'c's l..-a.I(-rs SMii> ..Mmini :t;iMi--(i*:intiVjlnrs • Itfr'ir.-illo.-^tlaml. 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(.API -The hull movement fin ;theistock market received une.x |H 'cyted| impetus today fiom thet announcement of I'resii'eut f'oolidiie th it he 'saw no reason tor iin^ayoralile cr<mtnent in; I lie increu.-'ipg vol ime of brokers' Iiian.s. Katriyj su nK of 1 to 3 pciiiiis Acre . redlued however, by in-ofit-takins apil a lesumption of iJnar sellin.i;. The tloi-ing wa.s ••-tniiiv. ,' ; t ' t Wheal I-iirlcps lllirlier. (•bica;;o. .lait 7., .l^WI - Despite | ENTERPRISE .Ian. 5.--AIr. and Mrs. R. K. Hayes were Clirlstmu!) dinner Kuests of -Mr.'and *lrs. Rutterfield and fam- .Alrp. I-ager and family entertained Mr. and .Mrs. S. (). Palmer and Mr. and Mrs. Karl Caldwell of Tola "at Monday eveninp; dinner. Mr. and 'Mrs. Walter Liiig and .Mr. ; ."^nd ^Irs. fnrlson of Iowa spent Sunday nisht and Monday at fh'e jpareiital Ling jiome. •-•>Ir; and .Mrs. .V .«?. Hayes enter- tainl^d the following relatives and friends last Monday: .Mr. and Sirs, ^ymond Peek and family. Mr. and ilrs. Rov Hayes. .Mr. and Mrs. Hny- mond Hayes. .Mr. and; .Mrs. Hert Ha.ves and fatiiily. .Mr. and :vir.s. .loe Law .and •family. Homer The, Dean Hayes and Melvin Ha.ves. ,. (•randnia Huyes. who has 'aeeii seriously ilj with pneumonia for a louR time, is improvinc slowly. Her many frieiid.s will he plaii io. hear this encoiirafiins; report. Mr. and Mrs. .Arthnr Uohhs and AUTOMOWyE AitoBiAbfle Aeencfes A HUDSQN'-ESSEX—Sales and Service. Bud White Motor' Co., 21D .South Washington. Phone TSO. ' Auto Accessories. Ttrea. Part^ Vi LIVE STOCK ^. l'ojil*ryj^d_Siipplirs __J 9 WlirrK l.KtniOR.VS-ii'.'V yonuR hens, pnllels and roosters for sal isriced^. reay<:nable. rundy. one block north Churcl fiaji,, of Ood. BATTKRIES—12 rndiatoi's; .T'5x4 and C tires. voltr^ord lola lAiito" MERCHANDISE Wrecking Co. Phone 7S2. BUSINESS SERyiCE Articles For Snle SI i Willi a week HKO.i anji Iporleil cash coyn jpriqi- I well about a ^mritiy wjith ChicaRO. ' Wheal closed irrej-iilar. 'Itc to maty receipts Of corn! today !<how- {^"'^ '''"'''V'^': ... , ,, .„,, ... ed I? tiiateriai: ^ .;;unpared [ Jj; there jis ''''"f ^'"^ family, .Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Peek spent Christmas at V. It. Peck's. iMr. .1. W.;- Cloud spent Monday Business Serrlce*; Offereil •WE C.VX SAVE-You $6.00 on ?iew '2?, Ford radiators.' We cTi.irge Kord inaBnetiis while^ you wait. Some -tires ebeap. : Siiiiilrs ;<!ur- ase. 421 Xorlh street. ;Plioue"576. ICLOPI-N'fl.Onj Steel traps: Xo. 1 traps, 17c; .N'li. IVL- traps. SCc. 13 j -AUen County Implement Co. j i FAIRHA.N'KS ' WACO.V PCAL^i^— For sale, well "worili the" moii^y. Phone 70;i. ." MoTlug, Trucking,Jitorape25 CALL PE.\N TR .ANSFrJR — Phone SS5. will more you by hhur or contract, with experienced men. Business nnd Olfice Ecnloment ift -TYPEWRITERS—For sale, rent sir trade. Williams Typew-rit^r Qp, ii:; West "Madison. I Fuel. Feed, Fertilizers- WHEN-YOU MOVE—Or .store yoar pp \LF\LF\ goods call Corr'fl^Transfer Office j --^ i & i^mk. 140. residence 140. Timothy a hay. Sfewji FINANCIAL Busliiess Opportunities TIRE -SHOP- .\n old established i I BALED HAY—iT.c bale nt barn M'' Lewis Powell, mile east Slerjl- ii.c Heiphls. CLOVER .\.\l) Tl.MOTlIY— Hay. tire sales and service shop. :goo,l ! ,„„s„v elover: also soo.1 thi lnc:;tion. paying busiu-ss.- but ^ _ willli. owner has opeiiini; in - a not her ; -•line, priced ti> sell. For full i!e-1 Rov fresh ill (;illespie. Phone few ».'.2-2. n- k dayk tails write Riix 'ic lower to ',c to "ii- up. iOats to \i and provisions; varyiiiK from decline to a rije of T ! cents. c advance. Corn at; off, 12u KiinsiiN (ily llay. Kansas Cily.r.Mo.. .Ian T. ^AP' Hay ;;ti:idy: receipts '.7 cars. Kiinsu- (ity l't<iidiiee. j K.iiisa:i City, iliiii. 7.i (.\Pl EfiKf' jlii-.-is second>j 2fjii. Poultry. sprtiiKH :.'•)..• (o 2.''.e: I (!i-i->e l.'ic. • ; Oilier prfidiice iincliiiiiKed. k.'in-iis •rij) (fi-nin. Kansas City...\l<».. .\,iin. 7. FARM : LOA.N'S—Quick Kcrvicft and reasoijahl" r;tles. A.: D: llaw-. • Ihnirno. l-'-Vj -West .MaiRso!). •. j I - ITY l .p .\SV I nte ve^tme-ii Co..^Kel- (•( t.M'i. afternoon with .Mrs. .\ainy <'l"Ud. -Mr.. and .Mrs. Fl;ink Preston, Frances .Mae and Preston. Mr. and .Mr-;. Free Preston. .Mildred Pre-lon. Air. and Mrs. Fred Peatt: :-tiil Mr and .Mrs. .limmi'e -lones j p^jj\i : c \T\ :,!id familv were Chrislmn.c suests j Allen c 'onniv hiv of MV. and-Mrs. Marian Prestan of j jpv ],„,^i ,>,,i„ i„i:,.-Kans. lola. Miss Helen Lins called on ~^Irs. • niilterfield and itirls Thursday aft- 'eriioon. 1 Eu.eene Peck 'i:is been absent, from school this week, on account' ' of sickness. - ' %. The C.. E. C. met with Mr=. May Pie.^ton on Wednesdav, .laniiary i. J'2:_£='L'l-J*'SlS'.r^ '• HAY b: Money to I.onn—.Moijtpapes -111 ;:!e. C. ! wi'it of (ola. pi r ton at L. .\ru(dd. :: barn; mlle.s .so TI.UOTHV A.N-l) CLOVER- Hay sale. Phoue 7SC. Lallarpe. lionsehuld Goods 20i- iith- for C9 r^Vheal: Receipt^ .;(. ca .s; unclptnK-! Work for the da.v was tiuiftiUK ami trd o 2 cen.s'np. jNo. -dark hard Piecin? .,uilt blocks, ^""''h,';^-' P^^^- •'inominallv *1 2.sV..<il«7K.: No. it.ient were: Me.sdnme.s Biitterfield. H5 "l NO 2 li-ud «l .rp .>..i,l..l.:;:no"d. Fisk. ftedsev, Ha.ves. Smith. N -t U.:'.«»''-: -v. 12 rid *1.-I.;: .No. j Laser. Peck. Ruth Preston, and ;h.. )OK STOVES - 2" used qook stoves. Kuaranteed to give Rooil service. Real baraains. Curtis Store. Lallarpe. FARMLAND CITY LfJA.VS- rafeW farms, citv f,',. or short time. R. .M. Curinineham-[ pirij^jT-pni: .\ew nn-.l .MOXEV—To loan on fann am! city property, .iackson Realty Co.,^over BrowB'.s Drug .Store. hand. llS Ea.=t .lackson. .Mel \V. Fuller. second Phone MONEY TO LOA.>I—Oii farms or city profierfy. Lowest rate. Stewart * Funk. ( , ^ iCAS RAXCKS- .\'ew ones. low jirices. triiarnnleed stoves. Heii- niiiKcr's l-'iiriiiture Store, lis We.-it |l .Madison. i noiiiihally ft't.^fii 1.15. May *1.2f.^i: .luly 1.21. forii: Uei-.-ipfs .'5i» ' nm-lianned lo '^c up. 79.': .N'o. :i 77'ii J.s'i-c; ><2c: .No. myuitially ( lose - hostess. May Preston. Vi-itors were: .Mr?. Frank Bliss. Mrs. .May rs Market Izinh. Blartclie Hayes, .fosephiue No " white'l^ser, I>-slie Uifllerfield and Fran- N'o •• yellow'ces Mav and ,Lee Preston. Mr. ' -rl'i-'TtSIc- Frank Predion was a dinner guest. M ^Er 'F^ri:^^i^r:^';::;;rZtP.t.v (>vi -:R .sTi'FFEn p.MtLOR sci rep.-,yable in smaU mouthly-pay-! •'""' nients; These loans never confedne - -better hecan.«echeapef and.moro convenient. Seciiritv lluilding .tl: ,L «mnJ .\.ssn.^ 1st Natl. Bank BIdp.; PRIVVTK .uoi'ids :it SPITES, room .Suites. K'\iIi;iiiKe your old for li>*\v. Easy paymcius. I'lirti.s Furniture ,.Co , L;illar|ie. !ed: .No. No r.fv. No •• minced 7x^.ci «!lose - .Ma>-,ine luiriy w.'iich ,was to be held j ^jv .- In V S C T'I'" I -NVw Year '.s eve was postpoifrd un- 1 l^i;- R.*eipt;:S ca^si;- unehang-Hil ucxt Thursday night .lanuary 2 white nominillly .SS-fTSTc; : 1-'. The next tneelinp will be he! with Mrs. Ruth Preston, Janua Kansas i'jlyll.Uestflek. ,J _IJYE STOCK j Horsesi Cattle. Yelijcles ; 48 S.M.K l)f household 111 .South Cliestuiit sire.-t. I'liout- l:!:'.!.!. Wanted—To Bny HOLS-PELV 1IRIF>:R - Jfei^Jslered, ^.^^^^ y^.^K RIGHT•'l fre.-^h H'hristmas day: als-o <Jthers | g^.;.,,, ..^,.3,,. '>! due tg freshen m Jantiary.- Roy. _ ,,.,3, Kans. " Kansas I 'ity. Jan. 7 neparimeiii of "Agrh itlture.—Hogs pound; bulk $S .ir .(ir$S.2:'.; |$7.W). for week: ii:,r higher; >• :;cl—lleiienil s.;:u—Vofui Co lUotora licert Partyv SOUTHERN -1010 296.9—WyVNC Aihevill .":-i;--Dlnni'r Miisle t.l.-.-.VKriuuIture y«rIod 475.9—WSB Atlanta—630 -in—Ki.xy !ind His lOanK K.-d Head Ciul) S::;i>—i;-iK-ral .M6lur.-i Party • 343.8—wodo Chattanooga—1:!30 SMi—Il;i»allan Trio 'J.UO—.Sixtli iJ:iv'alry Bani) .,3«4.4—KTHS Hot Sprlngt—780 7 "0 — Tunes !i III)— ;.liiliilep SonKH u.uo—ArUiiKtoii,,'i:n»«mble 340.7—WJAX: Jacktonvllle—880 -:-.0—filil Time Klddltra • f HIP—l!ec li.d rrourani i::.0—i:.-iii-ral .Motors Party 461.3—WHAS Louisville—650 7:*.0—Sliidi.i Concert S:ii<i- Hal Kcnin's Orchestra S::y .Motors Farty j 516.9-WMC Memphla—580, S nn-Karin Talk • ' ; S tM—Ii. n.-ral Motors Party 1»:«" —I'oncert •' 336.9—WSM Nashville—890 «:no—Ro.vy and IJI» tlanic S '•<>—I •inner Con^Jert i: :!i—lieiifral Uotoni Party 322.4—WSMB New Orleans—930 8.:.'l—Orcliestras: WSMB SiKCial hrs.) WESTERN .325.9—KOA Denver—920 S-.IO—Appreclatjlon Prosrara S:UO—.Mus^Ical I'roRram Lot Angelei fP'i; generally .st.';|dy iviili l->iday'.« ^Average; no sijippers] :! top JS.2;i on 22f( lo 2411 of desiralde l!Mi-lbJ up packings show Jll.riU'ifi (^•iltle .'<ilu; calves .". fed sir-ers geiiei-a'lly I'.'i! offerings suilahle .'.p celits higher* sbe s eeiils higln-r; biJUjS 2r> vealers SLail to $2 (HVhigher; slock : -i-rs and feeder>i i scarce. ; Week's lop heavy i slj-ers :i yearlings l.'.."!";. 'med i j fl."..:tn: vealers .*I4.I)0: [[fed sleers Jlli.arililJU.f:.'.: fed holf- i|i-rs $!i.tJU'ii$U.rilt; hilcher c-ows - i $7.')pfi $H.iiii; stockers. and feeders SII.IHliff JJl.;"iit., (.API -r.'S ANNOUNCEMENTS Straj-ed. Lost, Found in: packer • PA.N'TS—Brown, ht^t twc.n Odor's C.reeuhoii.-e- siilKire. Rew:ird. C-iil-.'MN. AUCTIONS 10 "hi-^ ami Paul. Route 1. of HORSES - Farming implements WANTED TO Bi:V-All kinds and machinery; all kinds of .feed: i oatMe and boss. .1. (. Butcher.^ or will trade for-lola •'''•spfci.^" ' RP A T EST\TE P'OR RENT smalls Ruburb. P.. W. P.el'l 11 ; 5^^^!^^^*^ -^^^ JL^i^i t Farms nnd Land For Kent ; 76 .'vCRl':>i -For rent, lor oats.'anil .rii. Ilorville Ranch. Pho. 474W. for shlpplnBl<'0-M-Ml!N'ITV.: SALE- At l.alhiipe. lock 2:-, 10 all Kans.. AVednesdav. .lautlL -it 1 lents higher;: P- ni.: '22 Ford coupe: '2.'! Ford igher; stock-! coupe. go<«l: '2:! Chevrolet super- Strong; *17.0U; um weights bulk price.-- -640 (2 .468.5—Kri 10:00—Spotlljsht '-Hour 11:0«—Composer* Hour 416.4^HJ,Los Angelea—720 10:00—Yellow Jackel.s Orchestra 11:00—Operatic Quartet 336.9—KNX Let Angelet—890 !):30—One Act Play U:30—Feature Program- 384.4—KGO Oakland—780 jl:fiO—The PlIcTlms J-::0«—SpotllRht Hour 608.2—Kt.X Oakland—S90 ;S:.''.b—Dinner Concert D U.Wi—ljake Merriit Ducks ' 491.6^KGW Portland—610 10:00—KpotHslit Hour 1 11:00— Concert Orchestra' 454.3—KFR9 Sin Francisco—660 10:00—Blue Monday Jamboree 13:00—Dance Music (3 lirs.) 422.J—KPO Sati Francisco—710 •» ll:r!0—roneert Orche.«tra 12:<.i0—Variety Proijram (3 hra.> 348.6—KJR Seattle—860 •):20—Studio Propram ll:M) —Aliuic:!] Program I2:30a—Goofy Bird Frolic 370,2—KHQ Spokane—810 in:0O—Shell Proeram 11 :00— Maxwell Iloun that^n his friend's voice which reassured him. > Craig did not hold the blow against him. 'Injured he INDIAN CREEK (.Mrs. .1. L. C.rego yl We are having try weather, for and .Mrs. ('. I. .M^-Cee family of Richmond spei tit several : ;days lasl week at the Wkrs Brooks hone .Mr and .'.Mrs. James wa4. .^erlainlv: heartbroken per-1 ,,„;, ,",r ijiamond neighboboal'vUliaps: but—after all—cannb' underst§|id!ng. He le:ined HTr«';ir-l lo speait to Cherokee and the stal- 'ioii with snort and an upfling of hiH hiagnificeni head tengfliene'l his ctride toward .Caldwell. Craljt wii.s not surprised to sre Rilti ride up a few minuter later. She came lo lilm directly and he could see that she had been crying as she inquired In a. quavering TOico for Tony Harrison. . (TO BE CQNTINUBO); Lloe (ireg- s Bernlce , (•It. who'"' last week. ileil .Moifday evening at ory'.s. Congraliilatlons lo MitJ Wells and Henry Bartl were married in Wichita Miss Wells was the teilchen for (WO years at Indian Creejc and this year she i.-4 teaching Vale, ihree miles Mjest They hare rented the farm tpr the coniink yelir. Rhe4 Brookia"iuif 'ay (e Uamll toa.-WflV*jln Cbuiiit^:8 ^ii|rda]r cail NEW ROAD m JKEOSHdcpiilV Thayer to Chanute Road Will^ Soon Be Hard Suiifaiced. - I Chanute Tribune'; .'J .eosho county coinmissionevs will center their! lefi'oriK on the cpnipl'(ion of the i islab from Thayer oorsli. this year, ito i-ounect witlt rile gravel- 011 7:$-, E. Tliis was i,hif'coi elusion this j iorenoon wheiifith-f hiiard lie'.d a consultation with jHip iway. Com- I . missioiier Jam'e»» .\. -A len of this jj district, in lalkin;: o^'I'-r it.K plans : • for the. year. 1 i It is known as project ; :<n."« on [highway K-HI. froUi Iliis cify south (.into Tulsa and; poim^ in Oklaho- .riuia. If is better know 1 a.s the Red —. ^-— -| jSiar line beiween th s city Jind ',; „ .;,,[,, , . .M'offeyville. It 'connerks with 7:!-E ng on Harold lliooue. who is ini-^, ,„^. p,^,..., ,'„r„ soiilh of the |tl. • hospital there. ,,,, ^^„„, p. ^,.„„„^ ^o real win-' • who has been le; eten more eipllcil. the road be- ispendinu lier vacation in Oklalioiiia twceii this citv iind Tl ayer by way 'returned beie .Monday eveniui;. io:„r K:irlt/)n. TJie eimmiiisioners begin teaching Tu'sday. v.ill ask the highway tommissio-i Esther and Fr:in«-es Kelley tvere . for 'federal aidrto c miplete Ihe in c.ilony .M<milay (iiN-nding a .New, nrojett all at o'pce. this year. i iosinr: .Wud Kap. Perhaps there is n>j# piece of coupe. ROIM I; '2.'{ Chevrolet sui)er- ior touring; new tires; horses; i-aftle; good, hogs; 2 faiicy Hiiroc boars; cljii-kens; lots of good household ftirhitiire. itfcluding 2; extra good cook 'stoves. -Chas. j Dragoo. Auctioneer. ' COM.MCNITY S.\LI-:S -Will he; hehl at my feed barn near Santji Fe stock yards at Hpmholdf nme each month, first Hale to be hell Thursday. Jan. 1!». We will >ell all kinds of household goods, farm | implements, livestock, el< one having small farm sales can place it; with ns and sell a! regu­ lar.fariii sale prices, tiee list In! later issue <if Regisvter. l>»ight; i vpr-,, VTMH Smock._Aitc.*_D.TEllis._ ' • Pt'BLfC AUCTIO-V—PuLlfc auction every Saturdayvat 1:00 o'clock at Rlshon's "Sales "P.iVillon.^ Scot I tst reel. I0I.1. RED .M.\r.E HOC Itniiiir.- .\hxv:.\ Edwahls. -t miles nurlli Ji 'ml 2 miles West of lola. : ' j - - .. " ' ",. Houses For Kent 77 SIIO.VTS III; good Sliorlhoiir luiM. — - . : L. V. jTice." mile sotil-li gnd 2 i COTT.VCE Four i.-onLs. modern,_ inilvs "east of Lallarpe. Kans. i i-loi^. in. liMpiire ;ii. Iir. Curtis BILLY COATH-For sali;. '. or j trade S'crvires. .".Oc and ?1.(Ml'; dry; FOR RENT 2 liiiiises at JC per goats.-eai'e and feed. :'.Uc.per Xveek. j month. .S.-e The .\lleii County-In- Want ;ir. head diy goai« tiiijsi: b. I vesliiiriit Co. Kelby Hotel Uldg., i^ood milk stock. . Chimney S'we.ep. I lol;i Kan-i. ' •PoiinrVand Supplies ^ 4»!REAL ESTATE' FOR S^LE BARREO. ROCK ROO.ST.ERS~ For j sale, all new Missouri stock. J. A. Slelmel. Phcne Hunses For Salel 84 ;KKVKi;.-\L SMALL DWELLINCSj- ; For v-iiie cheap, on ea[sy terms. I BABV ;CHlCKS--CusIoni huliUiinf:. j j;^l.^\Vhita!^-r^ Phonej220. _ 2c per egg and o.'J'cr chick;. Reserve: sjiace r-jirly. .Stuidy Chick Hatchery. 220 West, •street. To E.xrlmnKei—Real EKtate in.K.Ai; Bc.vcALOW AUTOMOTIVE AntomohHenFor Sale Coal oil automatic.: the kind O: K.'d by goternuient; ; payments if il.-sired. Phone 'ftili. ' room, with garage in Kansas City, .Mo., for :;creag" or small lola property. .\ddress •Land." care Register. j Year's program v.iveii ther rwin ^and li;„„iu„„ii,y church. at 111- ijt Prairie of here. A. J.iAsh llel-n ami Elleeu Cregory spem'road in this jl' ^an^^s f" , . , . Mmportaul at this time. It i.s the several days last week visiting an i,> „„. j.X„„horn pwH (.reuory. ami f='""«y> „„ ,1,., m&n north and .:«.uili highway.; I'nie.-ls it c >m- .Mr. jiiul .Mrs. clandi' .McCuire of|j,|,,^,l yojiri it wil) be ;lie, oely 'cud gap on - the uncle. Jarhes Diamond. Jl O. K. USED CARS—102 .-1 Chevro-• let touring; 192-1 Chevrolet toiir-j ing: 1924 Ford road.ster; 1!>2I; Ford touritig; 102:! - Stitdehaker, • 4 -paBS. coupe; 1022 Ford coupe; \ 1S2- Ford coupe: 1927 Chevrolet i ton truck with cab; Peerless "K" | touring: 1021 Dodge roadster; ( 1.021 Chevrolet ton trnik witbj grain body:' 1021 Overland tour- 1 iiip: nearly 'new International, .grain-brwly for truck; 102.-( Ford; roadster: 102C Ford roadster.* .s:helly Motor Co.. 11S West Jack-' son Phone fit). ^ j .Mrs. Ei»;el Kozeman Scoii. \»ere calling thi:i. iieighliorhuoil llumlMildi and of near Fori on frieniLs in last Week. Ooida Davis, who IH working In Kansa.-! CUy. visi(e«| with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. a. DaTis, roil Crankilii and U(>UKlaH complete their jhard-s irfaciiig iliis year to the Audtrson A two-mile Btr^ch In connty. beiweeU'. jOhetryyaltj lahid CotteyvllI*. Wflli al«> »1« itoittaed In le, l)e-!ii;ae ounti9.4 will OAKLA.Vn — Dealerw — PO.VTIAC '27 Ponfiac de luxe- landau sedan, diiven 600 miles; '2C Oakland coupe; '26 Pontiac coach; "J."! Bnlck liffht six touring, fine I shape: .'27 Ford coupe; '2.-> Ford | tudor, Froiitenac head, counter balauc«>d crank shaft, all e.xtra.s; '2.-» Ford tudor. fine shape; '25 Overland coupe, good; '26 Chev. rolet coupe; '2.'. Chevrolet touring: '24 Dodge touring: brand new Chevrolet coach. ^ Several other gooil ii.sed cafH. Cash, terms or trade. Hofiarl -Motor ^o. ^ bounty tine. \(ont;;flinery IJtze CHR\ SLER SEDAN—Chrysler ••60'\ coupe; Chrysler f'60" coach: Chrylrier "W tourmg: 192;'. Ford iudor sedan: Ford roadstersFord- coupes; FoM tourings. All arcju good shape. Ross Arbockle'a Gar- SPEdULSALE Pependable Used Cars - i - . i A Used Car Is 'as De pevdable as the '. •. Dtal'er Who Sells It! l!l-2; D0D<;K ((MTK. Hte new. ]»:>; littlM^F SPOKT BO-*D.STKR. ,:ije ;.i»oiH;K sKDA.x. ; lii-JK IIIDSsON BKprtiHAX. like new. rUet; CitUVXt.KK .«Si;i».iX, a real value. ; l'ri.1 lH»ln;E TtllRlvti a real value, ; laa* ,I>0IM;E 'HH'KlSti/exoentfonal TBlne. ; lltti FORI! TKITK. llkie new. ' i Rerondihoned l'i-Ton> (Graham Brothers Trnck, •gnaranteed. : . - •• • • • • We don't have so many used cars. There's a reason. • Som<; good, serviceable, used cars cheap. : We trade or sell on easy terms. Dodge Brothers C^rs—Graham Brothers Trucks ELLIS MOTOR COMPANY (Open Erenlngs anti Sundays) 214^9. WMktagtoa , j j J Phono Ml

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