The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on July 13, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1894
Page 4
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What the Gay World of Fashion is Wearing—The Very Latest Styles. BEAUTY PILLOWS. The? May Be Filled With Ross L.CIXVCS, Violets or rino Jfccdlcs. It la liow the fad to have a beauty pillow, as It is called, which Is a euphemism tor something very hard and uncomforta- We for the head to rest upon nt night. The •oft reposeful feather pillows -which have hitherto been the confidants of our midnight meditations are to bo cast aside as deleterious—too sympathetic possibly— and their place Is to bo taken by o stony hearted article distended with rose leaves, Ylolets, pine needles or some other stuffing poetically suggestive, theoretically health- :ful and practically so hard that that pro- Terblal head that wears a crown could rest no more uneasily than does that of the : simple republican faddist. Vegetation Is not the only filling rcconi- Jnended for theso new bcautifiers. Some- < BILK COSTUME. "body has lately advised the use of paper torn into tiny fragments. But It -would neom that discrimination should be exorcised in the selection of material for this •sort of stuffing. A pillow full of unpaid -bills, rejected manuscripts or outgrown ;love letters might be a fruitful source of restlessness and nightmare, while, on the • other hand, one with an agreeable and soothing table of contents would be calculate?! to allay mental disturbance and induce slumber. A woman inclined to melancholia might be cured by sleeping on a cushion stuffed with the best jokes that • can be cut from the newspapers and funny publications; insomnia might be ward- ad off by old sermons torn very small indeed; a too volatile and frivolous spirit could be curbed by upillowfulof death and funeral notices—in fact, there is no limit to psychological possibilities in this direction, and the experiment is certainly worth trying. While w are making up • our minds just wha- sort of a pillow is .best suited to our particular case wo can uie one stuffed with curled hair if feathers and down are too warm. The sketch given shows a moiro and taffeta gown. The first skirt of moire has an application of pointed guipure around the bottom. The second skirt is of taffeta draped at the side. The full pointed bod ice of taffeta has moire rovers covered with guipure and decorated with pendent ends of moiro. The balloon sleeves, also of taffeta, have guipure cuffs. JUMC CIIOLLET. GRANDMOTHER'S TRUNK. If It Contains a Brocade Gown, You Have a Treasure. Some women ore fortunate enough to have a grandmother's trunk in the garret Perhaps it is covered with hide and dcco rated with brass headed nails, or it maybe • stout wooden chest made when work was done to lust. But, whatever the out : aide may be, the inside is sure to bo rial with the treasures of a pant generation, so . old fashiouc. that they are now now fash FOB A FAMILY OF GIRLS. At the right is a gown of pink chambray with a French blouse waist. The little girl in the center wears a zephyr frock with pink and blue stripes and red sfippers. Her elder sister, at the left, has a hairline striped percale frock of blue and gray. There are three rows of ecru lace around the skirt. Decorative Touch to (lie Practical Ides of Womankind. "A woman's greatest charms are those east easily analyzed." "A woman is not truly beautiful xintil Jio angel of sorrow has touched her with its wing " Theso are two of tho Innumerable pret- ily expressed fancies with which the Trench natlou adds a flavor of sentiment 10 its practical everyday life as it adds a decorative touch to tho ubiquitous nogll- feo morning sack by means of a bow ol •ibbou. Wo in America hove still some- ihing to learn from tho older countries, al- ihough not perhaps on the points upon which we are most willing to receive Instruction. Wo are so scientific and so, progressive that wo loavo no room for sentl- nont in our life and are in danger of set- gown of sky blue taffeta, with blue and hcstnut brown flowers. The bottom of he plain skirt is trimmed with white lace arranged in coquilles Tho corsage crosses urplice fashion back and front over a }lostron of the silk. It is trimmed with white lace, and the belt is covered with ace. Tho round panniers terminate at the sock under a short silk drapery forming oquilles. Tho draped sleeves extend only ;o the elbow and are finished with a frill f lace. The white straw hat is trimmed with black moire and forgetmenots. JUDIC OHOLLET. LEARN TO SAY "YES." loral Obligation and Personal Care For the Little Ones. No doubt we can each of us remember iccasions in our childhood when wo were .enlcd a pleasure that, in the light of mature years, we see was inuocent and might easily have been granted. Child- .ood is or should bo the golden ago, tho period when humanity is irresponsible without being blameworthy, simple in its oquirements and easily pleased. While i foolishly indulged child is one of the most detestable beings on tho face of the earth, there is no need of denying a child, ir a grown person either, for that matter, any innocent pleasure that it is possible or him to enjoy, innocent pleasure being iaken to mean a pleasure which does not mrt himself nor inconvenience anybody ilso. When a child asks to be allowed to do a certain thing, the parent often says No" automatically without stopping to consider whether there is any real reason why the request should bo denied. It is worth while to weigh the pros and cons of this matter, trifling as it may seem, for early associations have a strong influence in tho feeling with which grown children regard the father and mother. A little child soon learns tho difference between loving sympathy with his, small interests All white parasols, covered with china silk or taffeta and having white enameled sticks with a china knob, are much liked for general use with muslin and other thin NEW PARASOLS. costumes. There are more elaborate ones of white silk muslin and lace, flounced and f urbelowod to match tho fluffy gowns and highly trimmed hats now in vogue. Entering the domain of color, tho scarlet poppy, purple clematis and blush rose have all their prototypes, very "Beautiful kind also expensive, elaborately trimmed hnd fitted with valuable porcelain handles. There arc likewise plain scarlet and dark blue sun umbrellas, well made and much more serviceable, although lesa costly, which are useful adjuncts of a modest summer outfit where economy as well as beauty has to be considered. In low priced goods plain natural wood handles aro seen bearing a frame covered with Japanese figured cotton stuffs, mainly in blue and white. It is reasonably safe to predict that the popularity of china knobs and handles will soon wane, and that natural wood will again come into favor for expensive umbrellas and parasols. Tho latest French designs show bamboo sticks, the irregular swelling-where the stem of the plant joins the root forming the handle. • JPPIC CHOLLBT. -——' A PRETTY HAT. It [8 Made of Black Lace ihlrred on Wires aud Edged With Jet. Somebody has lately raised his voloo for the purpose of disillusioning us and do etroyiug the poetical associations of oui hats. He says that neapolitan braid—tha fine, lacy material, made of horsehair—is not Neapolitan at all, but was Invented by New York who gave It that iton, ana a very pwtcy gom colored Straw irald has been brought out, wide ah<$ jlossy, but light. It is fragile in spite of .ts coarse weave and will not bear rough usage. A sketch is given of a largo round hat made of black lace shirred on wires. It s edged with jot spangles and trimmed with chantilly loco which forms two. largo wings in front. Theso servo as a background to two jet wings fastened together n the)' middle by n knot of ribbon from which springs a jet algret. JUDIO CHOLLET. A FLAVOR OF SENTIMENT. refusal to open their months to rub It ttpou theif faces and even into their eyes. Parents ond pupils protested vigorously, but the BQhool board uphold the teacher and expel led nine pupils, several of them girls Just entering upon Womanhood. Aa a result a stormy annual school! election was carried by the friends of the expelled pnpils, aiid the retiring members of the school board were defeated for re-election. The teacher, however, h;v.» been re-engnged, against the wishes <vf a etroug majority of the voters of the district, and this has caused a continuation of the ill feeling.—Exeter (N. H.) Special to Chicago Inter Ocean. SB8|icctcd Politics, The American delegates to the sanitary conference in Paris have been in a delicate tiud difficult position owing to their attempts; to secure incidentally facilities to enabl'e America to exclude undesirable immigrants. The measures which proposed this end have been based ostensibly on scientific grounds, bnt the other delegates suspected political significance .und resented the propositions. The American representatives are able to accomplish little on these lines.— Paris Illustre. William Ryner, shot by Officer Cole at Clinton, la., is dead. A mob of his friends sought to kill Cole, and was only prevented, .doing so by a strong special guard. Shlloh's Cure, tbe great Coughand Group Cure B In great demand. Pocket size contains twen- tf-flve doses only 25o. Children love It. Soldo; G. B. Westbrook. Colgate university celebrated Its 76th annual commencement at Utiea, N. Y. The degree of LL. D. was conferred on Charles.Qarroll, Bonnpy.of Chicago. Ciiptlnn Sweeney, U. 8. A., San Diego, Cal. says: "Shlloh's Catarrh Remedy Is the first medicine I have ever found that would do me an; good." trice50c, Sold by C. H. Westbrook. GREEN COSTUME. tllng down into a sort of highly moral 1 materialism. Sentiment, even if it occasionally degenerates into sentimentality, is a genuine relief from tho utilitarianism which is the' atmosphere in which we ex- st as a people. The French aro scientific md even more thrifty than ourselves, but ;hey contrive to take life with the bloom on it and make living in somo sense an irtistlc pleasure, whereas half of us live because we must and are constantly conscious of the fact that it is very tedious, work indeed. We are inclined to ignore our emotions and afford them no escape valve, so permitting them to concentrate their force until they break out into seri- demonstration. Perhaps we shall never improve in that direction, and if so wo can only lay it to tho climate, which already bears the responsibility of our nasal accent and our restlessness. The climate is just now particularly torrid arid suggestive of thin gowns, an Illustration of one of which is given. It is: of the shade of green called tillcul, and the lower skirt is of taffeta, accordion plaited. The second one is of crepon to match, out In a large point back and front and trimmed with a flounce of white point de ve- nise. Tho Eton jacket has rovers of lace, which part to show a full vest of taffeta. The full elbow sleeves are finished with a loco flounce and a band and bow of black satin, and the waist is encircled by a black latin bolt. JUDIC CHOLLET. He Thought So. They were engaged. Perhaps he repented. Perhaps he did it only for fun. Said he: "My darling Ethel, what would y/ou say if I were to tell you that I cannot marry you?" . "I would say, my dearest love, that I have a big brother, who would make it Miss Kaggie Sharp 3ied at Ann Arbor of injuries received by being accidentally, hit on the head by a baseball. Buoklerrs Arnica Salve Tbe best salve In the world for. Cuts, Bruises, bores, Ulcers, SaitRhenm, Fever Sores,Tetter, Chapped Hand*, Chilblains, Corns and all 8ktB Eruptions, and positively cures Piles or BO pay required. It U gnaranted to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 91 O*BI* per box. For sale b J. W. Hatton. Tffe Antllynch league nas desired TiIUs Frances Willnrd to explain statements made by ner in London disparaging to the negro. THAT •MT ~ COUGH /v WITH SHILOHS CURE ttete., 1 Mote, and 11.00 Bottle. One cent* dose. Ah DM cured lhotuaBd«ri taken in time. • Bold by .- antee. For a Lame Back or Chert, uta BHlbOH'8 BELLADONNA PLASTBRJ960, will cmuMrcnr'iZ ists on •.guarREMEDY: This remerty Igptmran. ee.&0ct« Injeetorfrce. Sold by O, H. Westbrook. HBV.L. .-ou CotarrL. teed to cure you. Price, i'-'eta DR, DOWNING This well known and successful specialist In Ohronlo and Nervous diseases and dUoMiti of the Eye and Ear. by request at many friend* Mid parent!, will visit CARROLL, IOWA. Saturday, July 28 Burke's Hotel One day only every month. Consultation free. «y^^i^te$* ULUE TAFFETA GOWN. loncd and may bo brought forth and ro- moduled to M tho dainty lady of today, 'who cannot realize that tho womuii who originally \voro thuiu was then us froah niid blooming u» her grunddauglitur uow U. Tho flowered nalnsooko uud inusllna of .(0 years ufc'o itro cuiiBlilcruil eminently fashionable this tuusun. They uro ulmust •urn to 1x> lino In tuxlui'e, und uHhuugli tender with agt', 1C thuy uro mudo up over nfillk foundation, which will bear tho brunt of wear, they will bo found Btll! Horvioeablo, Vunalerii aro qu^lto b\o tills year. Perhaps gj'aiidniolhur'H trunk oontulnu A9 old brouude gown. It so, it IB a troas uro Indeed, fur U will inuko a bouutlfu ooviil'ti eout full BltU'Uid und with wldo rev urs opening over u rufllwl vest. If tluu-o la not enough of tllp bvocado Iu nmk l>oth body and slcovos of tho li tht>»o dnyu o( luunlliiuto unn ili :• >, jet tho slooves bo of plain goods Imn: ; • |pg with the color of the bt'oeadu. 1 totteirhasu black buultgi'ouud with i flowow, tho tilenvi'ii nmy ho of i)lnk i. voverud with liluek him*. A largo eull.. « law fl'lll ut thu wrlbl ai-e theam't'Ol' 1 '' 1 flnlvb. BlVOll of U J'Ol.ll.1 ljull) CHILDREN'S COSTUMES. and Indifference or opposition to them, und once learned tho effect of tho lesson is lifelong. Tho Htato of mind induced by tho needloss thwarting of pot wishes Is not u favorable one for tho growth or even maintenance of family affection. To provide tho necessaries of life, food, shelter, decent clothing and tho average mount of education for tho child whom wo Imve called into tho world without onsultlng him is not enough to merit his Ifolong dovotlon »nd. self denial. Sucli provision IB u nic/ul obligation In simple ustlco. To rightfully possess our children's devoted affection wo must flesorvo t by giving something beyond tlio neccs- ary euro that an animal gives its helpless young. Wo must enter into their inter- ists with sympathy, advise them without >orsonul prejudice arid roco^nizo tho fact .hut they uro not merely our satellites, but iliat they huvo a distinct personality und nalionublo Individual rights us strong us our own. But this is wandering outside tho bounds of u fashion article, and fashion nust hero bo considered. Ti»o larger flguro ,n tho sketch shows a gown of bluo Borgo irlnimod with white braid. It Is sleeve- .ess, uud tho bodice opens In front to show a frillod shirt of rod canibrio with Whlto dots. Tho smaller child wears a lawn gown which lias u triple capo to match, both being trimmed with vulou- clounoa lace. a man In name because he could not think of any-1 warm for you, and that I have some of thing else to cull it. So goodby to all: the sweetest little billets doux that dreams of Vesuvius and the boy of Naples in connection with our bonnets. Thus aro most of our idols— and idyls—shuttered. We dress our salad with olive oil, nomi- would make it expensive for you, George, nolly tho product of sunny Tuscany, only to discover later thut it is mudo from tho domestic peanut. • We eat Mediterranean PARASOLS. They Are All Colors uud Stylus aud Are Very I'rvttjr. It is such weather as thin that causes tho luxuriant blossoming forth of parasols. They spread themselves in tho sun like tropical flowers and display us brilliant an assortment uf tints, besides being much larger. Thu evolution seems complete from tho big grucn leaf, which was doubt- IUSH the unit parasol, und which ill way* shelters tho 111 futcd l j iiul and Virginia iu I>UstUrCH. Thoro In tt great variety shown In bluok ulomi. Ik'bhlrs thu usual plain Bilk and Hat I u uueH, now lull inulnly to old ladles, UKTO uro innumerable puffed und ruiUod umuigHWuntu iu black uhllTon aud inous- Kullue Uu solo. Kigurod silk grenadine U also usul, bircU'huil smoothly uud thinly 11 null, bo that tliu light shilling through Indicated ihu llguretf. Other uiuok paranoia luivo bunds of luuo insertion, t'lthur black or white, net 111 ut intervals. BLACK LACE HAT. fardlnos, ascertaining by and by that they were caught off tho coast of Maine. Our Brio cheese is mode iu Orange county; our French wines come from California; our epaghuttl never came near salt water untl It was cooked. Since, ai it appears, we must use our own products, why not an nounco to tho world In general that wo really are sufficient to ourselves und hon estly cull American goods by American names, thus avoiding tho payment of duty on imported titles? Black hats, noupolltan and otliuri, aro much worn this year and are often pro f usely trimmed with ostrich plumes, wh ore again In full vogue. They uro a per Ishublo sort of decoration, although vor, beautiful, for tho least dampuuiw In tb« air destroys tho lovely eurl that 1» thel chief charm and make them stiff und flat and recurling uover restores them to »hel prlstlno bwiuty. Tho npuugled pluutM aro especially sensitive to moisture, thel frost vanishing before a fug us ut»turu frost dooijbofore the nun. Moiro rlbtxm »iiuws no decline of popu lurlty us u trlinuilug for hut und Umu ' It coinbliu'H well with Jet and spuni and huu tho glitter which iu thin Buueci conceived luwonwiry to a fushlonublo cffooi Yellow and black i» a popular oomblni* ear. "But, you know, I haven't said it." "I know you haven't, my pet." "So we'd better get married, hadn't re?" "I think BO, iny precious."—Tit-Bits. BIMETALLISM IN EUROPE. 'arlluiiiunt t» DlueuM the Subject—Spanish Counterfeiter* UaliiK Law I'rlced Silver. Samuel Smith, a Liberal member, soured tho first ploou on Tuesday, May I, or a motion iu favor of international jimottilliBm. Au important debate is ex- jeoted. Sir William Harcaurt, the lead- r of tho UOUBO, is uow inclined to meet ho motion with a direct negative, but peat pressure is being brought to bear ipoa him to treat it as an open question, o that every member will be at liberty o vote without fear of displeasing th« )arty whips. The bimetallists aro con- Idontly prophesying a considerable majority, but are secretly nervous, owing ,o uu ill defined rumor that Gladstone uteuds to tuko part in tho debute and oppose tho motion. This is scarcely likely. A well informed organ of bimetallism alleges that tho coiaugo of counterfoil; French 5 fruuo pieces is proceeding iu Spain on uu extensive soulo. Tho forgers can afford to iiiulco tho spurious pieces entirely of silver uud still realise u handsome profit, while the coins uro so well mudo that detection ts impossible. According to tho sumo authority, tho English police have rousou to Bospoot that similar fraud is buiug practiced haro iu tho manufacture of 0 shilling pieces mid half orowuu.—Now York Bun's London Letter. THE RED PEPPER TREATMENT. Uuutuol FunUliiiK'ut lullloted by it Nuw Uttiu|>*Ulru auhuolluuolivr. Tho cruel aud unusual method of p,uu- Ishmotit frequently adopted by the young woutuu who tuuuhuH one of the grummur schools iu Iho adjoining town of North Hampton luw boon creating no little ill feeling. It hits bouu the custom of tho teuoher, who ouiiie highly rooommondod from u MuswufhuHuttB normal school, to place ouyeinie poppur upon tint toaguU of the offending jiupils, uud upon Ihoir Karl's Clover Root will purify your blood, clear your coinpleilon, regulate your bowels and make your head clear as a bell, 26o., 60c. and $1.00. Sold by C. H. Westbrook. Near Louisa, 25 miles from Ashland, Ky., Jacob Jones was fatally injured and liis son Robert, aged 15, instantly killed by the explosion of asawmill boiler; Cure for Headache. As a remedy for all forms of Headache Electric Bitters has proved to be the very. beet. It effects a permanent cure and tho most dreaded habitual sick headaches yield to its Influence. We urge all wbo are afflicted to procure a bottle, Hnd give this remedy a fair trial. In cases of habitual constipation Electric Bitters cures bj giving tbe needed tone to the bowels, and few casei long resist tbe use of this medicine. Try itonce. Large-bottles only fifty cents at J. W. Hatton's drug Btoro. TranK Ellison.' who assaulted' Broker William H. Henriquea of New York, baa been indicted by the grand jury for at> sault in the firat degree aa a second offense. Guaranteed Cure. W« authorize our advertised drnultt Iu peil Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs and colds, upon this condition. If you are afflicted with a cough, cold or any luig throat or oncst trouble it. J will use Ibis icme- dy H directed glvlug It a fall trial, aud ex- no benefit, yon may return the bottle and have your money refunded. We ooild But make this offer did we not know tin I Ur. Klug • New Discovery could be ieliea on. Itnovtr disappoints. Trial bottlea fieeatJ. W. Hatton's drug Btoro. Large site SOc. and |1.00., 2 • Tho greatest height over attained oy balloonist^ was by Coxwell and Gluish- er, who reached an altitude of 87,000 ieet. They made the ascent from Coveut garden, Loudou, iu 1802.—St. Louis Republic. DR. DOWNING Author of ••Nervous Debility." "Generatl Kianitlon. It* Cause and Cure," etc. This Skillful and Reliable SPECIALIST Burning Pain Cryslpela* In Face and Eyea Inflammation Subdued and Tor* turet Ended by Hood'e. " I am 10 glad to !>• relieved ol my torture* But I am willing to toll u»e bon«OU I U»v« dt. rivet from Uood'i Banaparllltt. ID April u4 M*y,IwM affliotea wlui eryitliielMUimyfw* aud ey«i, which spread to my throat and neck. I tried divert ointment* and alterative, but were WM no pennauent abatement ol the yum- (pi, torturing palu, peculiar to tlili coaipUU* I DtKau to tttke ilooa'i Burv&purUM aud felt Marked Mallei before I hod finished the first bottle. I eoa> turned to Improw uuul, whou I UttU token four HOOD'S Sarsaparilla CURES bottlei, i wa« ooiauietely cured, and felt thfttatt tlKUt, nwrk» uud lyuiutomi of tlwt air* com. Pltlui had forever v inUlied." MM». M. & OTTAWA, UlUiboro, wuoounlu. Well and favorably known throughout th» northwest for tho many wonderful cures of all form* of CHRONIC AND NERVOUS DISEASES bleb be bas effected that bad baffled tbe skll of ether physician* and specialist*. He Cures -When Others Fail. Dlieaoes of Byes and Ears, Granulated Lid*. Cataract, Cross Byes straightened without pain or danger, Discharging Ear*, Deafnes* etc., Diseases of None and throat, Catarrh, Bronchitis, Asthma, etc. Disease* of stomach andldver, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn, Bllllouine**, Jaundice, etc. Kidney and Blad- l*r Troubled, Blood and Skin Diseases, Scrofula, Pimple', Blotches, Eczema, Ulcer*, eta. Nervous Diseases, Headache, Hysteria, Insomnia, Lack of Vitality, Laugor, Nervousnes*. Bbeamatlim, Neuralgia, eto. Disease* of Women, Deformities. Surgical operation* «f all kinds •uooeiBtnlly performed. Young and Middle Aged Men Suffering from Lost Manhood, Nervous or Physical Debility, Seuilnul Weakness, Lost Vigor, Decline of Manly Powers, Drain*. Discharge* or IxiisoB. Vartoocele, and all tbe train of evil* '•suiting from Excesses, Errors In Youth, «tn. producing some of the following effect*, a* Nervousness, Emimlon*. Pimple*, lllotoh**, Debility, Dizziness. Defective Memory, Absent* of Will Power, Oodfuslon of Idea*, Aversion to Society, Sexual Exhaustion. Pain In tbe Hack, etc.. blighting the most radiant hope*, render- derlng marriage unhappy and business a fall- lire; sweeping thousands to an untimely gra»* Xo matter who Imsfallfd, consult the Doctor, lie bas cured thousands who huve given up m despair. A perfect restoration. Consultation* lacrodly confidential. Delay* are dangerou*. MARRIAGE. Tho*e contemplating marriage who are aware of physical defect* or weakness which wonld render marriage a dli- appointment wonld do well to call oa us. FREE examination of the Urine, chemical *ua microscopical In all case* of Kidney Dli- ease, Bright'* Disease, Dluhatei, uh<» Bparmft- tonboca. tiringipeoluien. REMARKABLE Cures perfootud tu old e»M* vrWch\HvoT)een neglected or unhkllfully treated. Mo experiment* or failure. Partle* treated by mail or oxpr«*«: bu» wbere poiilbli penoual consultation preferred, Case* and correspondence Btrletlr oonfldoa • nut and medicine tent to an; part of th* United States. List of questions free. Ad- r»a* with pottage. Bll. DOWNING, '18West Uadlson Btroot,Chicago,III*. MANHOOD RESTORED, UIU The Qulokort WIM Norvlno known, Sul-4 with » writuin Himrnutuu to cure all nurvimu tllKojueH Huub B.I tiurvuu* I'roitra- Low uf llnilii 1'owori llil|iotull.-}-, Lout IllUl- huuil, Kitflilly bosun*, .... AlUTtJiUIng, yuloknom, Kvll J, Ijiok of C'atilltlciii'u, T,tiHMltiulu uiul all Drulus •ni l.unoaof 1'gvfi'of |l,u Kkiiu-rullvuurwaiiii III ultliur >\-i-iiMOf tobiioou,ui>lumur ciilniulunu, wiilcb soon uutl to InfmiiUy ur (luuuumuUuii. 1'ut up la % <iari*y •\ tlio vent jioL-kot, Hiuit by mull In plain |iai.-k»iio to tuy y'drvusforII, or »!*: fur 46, Wittflvu nwntUuk il'urililv* t-> euro ur 1-1 Junil lhoiiiniii>y,7;iixiulars irv*. K-Or-w KATIOXAI, MKUlCrNK CO,. 110 Muilluou N;., Chicago, «!• I/or »«i* In Carroll i>y .]. w, nation. Hood'e t*llle »uJ efficient ie) ft»libviniarug»UU. Wa. BOOQE, FRAZIZE *CO, 315 BIALTO. CHICAGO. Member* of thu Jhlcago Board of Tradfj ORAIN, |g< " PROVISIONS loo un1 STOCKS |M Ilurorcucoi 3OHN EXOHANOB B*NK| nrket Letter Froe.

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