The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 12, 1958 · Page 14
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 14

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1958
Page 14
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RUNNING EVEN Merchants Set Sights on Record Christmas Sales Network Television Sunday, December 14 (C) Meant Program li In Color 14 AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD WEIRD WORLD OF DARKNESS Friday, Dec- 12, 1958 ""' The (allowing TV schedule for Sunday afternoon and evening Is being published today tor those who may not receive the regular »y SAM PAW SON , tor than in the same month nfi Many economists believe that Saturday Showcase on the day ol its publication. The Showcase glv v™ vnBK 9 ,AP? S n M , I' ° , Ra ''? *"/ d "° t( V l ' rh lncome (npen f ° r lhe mer " ing a f " n weck ot TV Programs, will be published Saturday as usual NEW YORK (AP)-On the ncxl inn-eased sales of autns. furnituiT'chants to tap now) hns increased in days depends the clianre of tlio rind appliances. 'further since Spetembcr. nation's retntl merchants to top To bent last yeai's record DC ; Merchants have some good last year's record Christinas husi- cember business of billion prospects in specialized fields. Government employes have larger paychecks this Christmas than last. Members of Christmas clubs j 5—Stoat"/ 11:45 «.f» 3, 4—Bowlcromc J—Star Showeat* 6— Bishop POt* «—ftet. Town Holl p.m fiess, dollars, merchants pin their hopes Early reports indirnlr that in on two things: (1) increased inmost sections of the nation sales come left over nfter Inking care so far are running even with or of the necessities: (2> improved j received nearly Pi billion dollars' j^ZrirJ'' 01 Rol> " f! better than n year ago. Predie confidence among consumers as)this year. 3 per cent more than'»—Christian Science lions of this year's increase over,to the slate of business in general! last year's previous record. \ 12:45 p.m. Inst. range from 2 to •> per cent.'and their own financial prospects.) Christmas bonus plans of lead-; 6^hrirt£ii ek SeLec Some cities hnve hnd tough' Discretionary income started;ing American corporations, as! 1:W> P- m sledding, though. Heavy snows rising during the summer. This is ' polled by the conference board .' sl-wa^Mr Wiierd and cold winds have kept many that part of income which may indicate thrft the big majority will j *—Coii« ge Nt»t coni«r- .shoppers at home. be saved with no immediate mi-'be handing out bonuses this year. 10—indu"ry Jn New York City, merchants pairment of living standards. jOnly a handful say they are dis-J 1:15 p.m. are up against a different hazard.: The National Industrial Confer-, continuing the practice because of >' a ~~ cl " ll |' a " s«'«"" Tlie shutdown of daily papers be-:ence Board reports that durinp'lhe recent recession. '-- - - ' cause of a delivery strike cuts the : the July-September period thi*' retailer off from communication;measure of purchasing power in- Rocky LidhtS TfCC fitli the shoppers nt a crucial'creased at an annual rate of 4V. _ , ~ time. biiHon dollars to mi billion doi- in Rockefeller Center Chances for a record retail hoi-' lars. Way season appear excellent ' This was 4'J! per cent higher Volume was rising in November, than in the April-June period, the The Commerce Department es- first rise since the second quarter timafes total sales, seasonally ad- of 19. r i7. and the largest quarterly justed, hit 17''4 billion dollars. This "gain since the second quarter of was some fiOO million dollars bet- iplin. NEW YORK (AP)-Rockefeller CHICKE DINNER EAGLES HALL SATURDAY, DEC. 13 Serving at 5:30 Adulis $1.00 - Children 50c Members and Friends Music by Curt Wilkenson Band Center's traditional Christmas tree was lighted Thursday night for the holiday season. The 64- foot tall white spruce, a gift from East Madison. Maine, is adorned with 1,000 big red and white globes plus 2,000 smaller white lights. It is topped by a huge white star. Taking part in the annual lighting ceremony were Gov, Edmund S. Muskie of Maine and New York Gov.-elect Nelson A. Rockefeller. S, 10— NBA Boskftboll 6—Thl! It Uif 2:00 p.m. fr— Gsipel In Art j 6—Oral Roberts I 3.-00 p.m *—Op«n Hearing 3.311 p.m. >—Command Performance fr—Roller Derby 10—This It Life 3.-t5 i\>n. 3—Industry 4—Film 8—Thru Porthole The Accordion Shop Only Accordion School In area with teachers certified by the Am. Accordionist*' Association. Wilbur Says Our Christmas Greetings Edition of The Accordion News is being circulated this w««k — featuring two photo pages — the cover carries a depiction of the Accordionist-of-the-Month. We know you will like your News even better than before — and we promise to continue to improve it at every opportunity. Every accordionist may have a free Subscription to The News if he contacts us. The Accordion Shop Hwy. 218 S. - Austin - HE 7-1692 FREE MOVIE SATURDAY - 1:30 P.M. STERLING THEATRE "NO PLAGE TO HIDE" Plus 4 Color Cartoons Plus Chapter No. 8 "Trader Tom" i iUK Tonight & Saturday 7 & 9 P. M. MOST HORRIFYING FRANKENSTEIN! THE REUEHGE OF SUPERNATURAL • w TECHNICOLOR! WE DARE YOU ID SEE IT! WEDOUBlfrDAKYDUTD FORGET IT! STARTS SUNDAY - 1 ;00 P.M. G WELL MICKEY Mickev CUAKANIUD limUKUUCHS MERRILL [HAT SHOULD BE R OBBED VFW Family Party FRIDAYS Dec. 12 & 19 8:00 P.M. Poultry Nights VFW HALL Public Invited Please Use East Door 4:00 P.m 3—Skippy am) 3 R's 4—Conquest t, 10—AmoM & Night Visitors (C) I—Wnjon Train •}:yi~) p.m fr-8owl!na 3:00 p.'n 3—Command Performanct 4 —Charter Boat S—Meet Press 6—Joi Matt Family Hour •—Bengal Laneert 10—Bio Picture 5:»> p.m. 3, 4, S—20th Century 5—Newt *—Variety Time 6:00 p.m. 3, 4, «—tOiSle \ 3, 10— HallmJrB: "Chriit- mos Tfeff (C) 6—Wild Bill Hfekok 6:30 p.m. 3, 4, I—Jack Benny 6— Mrrerlcn 7.OO fm 3, 4. I—Ed Sullivan S, 10—Steve Allen 7:30 p.m fr—lawman 8:00 p.m 3, 4, I—G. E. Theater S, 10—Dinah Shore'(C) 6—Colt 45 S.Jo t m t—This It Jatt 3, 4, 8—AUrtd Hitchcock 9.-00 1} m 3, 4, t—Keep Talking S—loretto Young 6—Meet McGraw 10—Silent Service 9:30 p.m 5—Whlrlvbird* 10— Behind Closed Doors W.-OO p.m 3, 4, 5. 6, 1, 10—Newt 10:15 p.m. 1 3—Viewer's Digest 1 S—Man Who Was There. 6—News «—N. Y. Confidential 10—Movie 10:25 p.m. 6—Sports 10:30 p.m 3—Viewers Digest 4—All Star Bowling S —Brains * Brawn 6—Ida Lupino 10:45 P.m t —Submarine Service 11:00 p.m. S—Stage 7 6—Minnesota Football 5—Theater Russell Against South Pole Could Provide Armed Forces Clues to Space Problems Manpower Cut! WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen Richard Russell (D-Ga) said today 'the administration is wrong in ordering the armed forces' manpower cut, but that he doubts congressional critics can do much about it. Russell , chairman of the Senate Arjned Services Committee, said his group would start hearings early next year on the cutback, and on whether the top military people believe it to be safe. He said he considers the planned reductions "are penny wise and pound foolish." "But I don't know of anything affirmative the Congress can do," he said. He conceded the White House lias the authority to refuse to spend money even if Congress appropriates it to permit a bigger uniformed service. "You can't impeach the President, and he seems determined to increase foreign aid and reduce the defense establishment," Russell continued in an interview. "If I had my way I'd reverse MYRNA OBJECTS Lack of Good Comedy Worries 'Perfect Wife' By HAL BOYLE , NEW YORK (AP) — "I don't trust anyone who can't laugh at himself," said Myrna Loy. Filmdon's "perfect wife" was talking about the scarcity of light comedy roles which had brought her screen 'career to a peak. "The real problem is why isn't the comedy being written," she said. "The trend has been toward realism on the part of the writers —and they furnish the material. Hey Kids . . . Every Sat. at 1:30 FREE MOVIE AT THE STERLING THEATRE • Full Length feature • Cartoons • Serial REGISTER FOR A $100.00 U. S. SAVINGS BOND TO BE GIVEN AWAY EVERY DAY . AT STERLING! \ Wednesday's Winner: Mrs. Bob Bulger, Fairview Place, Austin. By CHARLES MAHER MCMURDO SOl/ND, Antarctica (AP)—Man's behavior in the cruel and eerie isolation of the South Pole may give explorers of another generation an Idea of how to get along In space ships. Pnlle Mogensen, polar transportation expert who has just spent a year as leader of a scientific party at the pole, said: "I don't know any other place on earth where you can come up with a situation so much like space." The nine scientists and eight Navy men who spent a polar year with Mogensen were not selected indiscriminately. "They were picked by skilled people and psychologists," he said. "All went through the head-shrinker line." Half a Year The men hnd to spend nearly half a year in a weird world of darkness and desolation and in temperatures as low as 100 degrees below zero. "There were no fights during the entire year," Mogensen said. "And ho near misses. Not even this, because we're inviting trou- the tendency. Disputes' were al ble all around the world with ways straightened out verbally, "Sdme problems occurred as we began to get into the dark night. A man might become annoyed at the way somebody else blew his nose, or at the way he left his place at the table after eating, or even at the way he walked along the passageways between huts. Some Phrases •"Some people use the same|| being turned over to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, where psychologists will study them.. From such studies as this, Mogensen believes, man may get some idea of how to stay away from his neighbor's throat even after a year in a cramped rocket ship. phrases over and over, and thisij can be annoying too. You might feel like telling them to be quiet or say something new. "But even what problems we did have were always over little things." How about such things as politics and religion? "You can safely say they're not! nearly the problems as the little; things," Mogensen observed. Group Censure "Nobody can become really an-j noying in a situation like that. He will be censured by the group. And group censure is a big thing in such a place." Nearly all the men kept diaries. Some, including Mogensen's, are r* aALL ROOK. J Owatonna, Minn. Sal., Dee. 13 ROMAN REZAC WEDDING DANCE INVnrtD GUESTS FREE Sun., Dee. 14 WHOOPEE JOHN Columbia Recording Band, Adm. 90c "Serving the Finest Food* In Southern Minnesota" Open Saturday! ana Sundoyj Only S to 10 O'clock Exception: Open New Years Evi. By Rcicrvollon Only these reductions. We boast we are the richest nation, but are unable to maintain our defense establishment." Secretay of Defense Neil H. •v?n' ly STERLING ^Shopping Center "••'$ ALL SKATERS - ATTENTION ROLLER SKATE AT MARK RINK Brownsdale, Minn. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13th Join The Fun On This Great Roller Skating FLOOR PLAN HOLIDAY ROLLER SKATING PARTIES W« art now accepting reservations for afternoon parties during the Yule Holidays. Give Roller Skates for Christinas A Popular Gift With Wide Appeal We Have A Wide Selection. COLLEGE STUDENTS Homt for vocation — H. S. students — ichoof but drivers art arranging rollir skating parties now. MARK ROLLER RINK Brownsdale, Minn. Phone LO 7-3291 and LO 7-3296 New 45 Records To Love and Be Loved Jane Morgan The Diary N«7 Sedaka Rocka-Conga Applejacks Chipmunk Song .... David Seville Won't You Come Out, Mary Ann? Quaker City Boys J Just Thought You'd Like To Know J. Cash Teen Commandments Anka — Nash Gotta Travel On . . Billy Crammer NEW LONG PLAYS Sing Along >^ith Basie Krupa Rocks Christmas Carols />'. \ uughan Sing Along With Mitch Miller Merry Christmas J. Mathis Over 300 Long plays available at only $1.98. Why take chances — buy economically and still be able to hear your recordings before you buy. RADIO & TV 116 EAST WATER HE 3-9677 Moil or Phone Order* Filled - Open Monday Nite* "There is such a tendency to conform among people that to laugh at anything or anybody is almost verboten. You can't write comedy without satirizing or being critical of something. Don't Laugh "We have lost the ability to laugh at ourselves. It's a very unhealthy thing." After a two-year absence from Hollywood, Miss Loy recently completed her latest film in which she is costarred with Montgomery Clift and Robert Ryan. She plays the part of a wife with a past. She is being hailed as "the new Myrna Loy," which rather tickles her. "Being typed is always a danger," she said, smiling, "and I've been typed so often I feel like a cat with nine lives. But I'm glad to do roles that have more depth." Born on a Montana ranch, red- haired, freckle-faced Myrna Loy was earning $30 a week teaching ballroom dancing while still in her teens. Then for seven or eight years Hollywood cast her as a slinky Oriental femme fatale in film after film. $3,000 a Weck When stars like Tab Hunter were still in their diapers, Myrna was earning $3,000 a week up as perhaps the screen's all-time favorite wife, the woman every man wanted to marry and bring home to mother. Off-screen, her four matrimonial ventures fared less happily. The springboard for this phase of her career was the immensely successful "Thin Man" series in which, she was teamed as the understanding wife of William Powell. They are popular all over again now as television reruns. She has been one of the film colony's busiest workers in furthering the cultural activities of the United Nations. Weren't Wasted "The years I haven't been so active in films weren't wasted," she said thoughtfully. 'They have brought me much experience in life and living. "The world consists of more than government moves. The artist used to be looked upon as suspect and unreliable. That was ridiculous." "Life becomes a dead end for people only because they don't know how to stay active." McElroy announced last month a directive to the four armed services to cut back their uniformed manpower to the hotly disputed levels President Eisenhower had set in a message to Congress last winter. vSTRIPES MAKE EXIT DES MOINES (AP) — Prison stripes no longer will be worn by inmates of.the Iowa Penitentiary at Fort Madison when they are placed in solitary confinement. The Board of Control has decided that putting stripes on the convicts' trousers hampers rehabilitation efforts. Stripes for all prisoners were abandoned several years ago. ROPU Friday, Dec. 12th Saturday, Dec. 13th _ THE BOB WHITt ORCHESTRA SUN7 TERP WILL BE CLOSED TERP WILL BE CLOSED Christmas Eve Dec. 24th and Christmas Njflht Dec. 25lh BOOTHS FOR NEW""ifEAR'S EVE ARE ON SALE, Call HE 3-64SS, Austin. Advance Adm. Tickets $2.25 at the door $2 75. Save 50c by buying in advance. Thgrt., Jan. 1st "ON THE HOUSE PARTY" All beverages on the house TOM OWENS BAND C AND UP Spruce • Balsam • Scottish Pine t Norway Pine PAPENFUS 106 South Greenwich FAMILY NIGHT FAMILY PARTY TONIGHT AT 8:00 p - M MOOSE LODGE Klngge's "99" FAMOUS FOR HOT DINNERS • So. Fried Chicken • Shrimp ' Walleyes ^ Complete with All the . <D Trimmings 99c ^>S HALF A CHICKEN <* with Full Meal /• U $1.49^ rC'k Try $* KLAGGE Famous Hand Packed >< ICE CREAM • Cadillac Quality • Honest Weight Most Popular Ice Cream in Area "There's A Reason" Delicious Frosted Malts Call Your Nearest Klagge Store EAGLES FIFTH. DISTRICT CONVENTION and INITIATION at EAGLES HALL Sunday, Dec. 14th FEED and DANCING Music by Roy Harlan Orchestra 7:00 & 9:45 20c . 45c - 60c Double Feature! TRAPPED! IN A STEAMING INFERNO! No green hell ever blazed with such white-hot heat! as the Marshall whose guns were white lightning-and whose name was tio •< WARNER BROS. «..». DIANE BREWSTER SEBASTIAN CABOT Coming Surv - Mat. 1:00-3:00 • Eve. 7:00 "THE LAST HURRAH!" Spencer Tracy 9:00 NEWS FLASH! Swede Carlson's Hamburger Heaven So. on Hwy. 218 ANNOUNCES HOT MEAL TAKE-OUT SERVICE LOOK AT THESE HOT SPECIALS GOLDEN BROWN CHICKEN SO. FRIED DELICIOUS JUMBO DEEP FRIED SIZZLING FISH DINNERS You'll Love $1.00 em SHRIMP $1.00 $1.00 All the above includes French Fries - Salad — Hot Parkerhouse Roll and After Dinner Mint Dessert. Just Phone HE 3-9824 & Your Take-Out Order Will Be Ready When You Arrive! SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT WE ARE SERVING BREAKFASTS, LUNCHES and EVENING MEALS DAILY — 7 a. m. to 10 p. m. and SUNDAY — 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. EXTRA SPECIAL BAR-"B-Q" RIBS ON TAKE-OUT SERVICE $1.45 Includes Regular Take-Out Dinner Extras Now on Sale! The Ideal Christmas Gift/ YULETIDE FOLDERS OF THEATRE TICKETS .. . FREE MOVIES at the PARAMOUNT Saturday Matinees at 1:30 and 3:00 p.m. Sponsored By the DOWNTOWN MERCHANTS OF AUSTIN DONALD O'CONNOR in "Francis in The Haunted House" PLUS COLOR CARTOONS LEAVE THE KIDDIES HERE AND SHOP DOWNTOWN IUNIGHT and SATURDAY Evenings Only at 7:00 and 9:00 P. M. MASSACRE ClNBMAScOPiS' COLOR by Deluxe — PLUS — 3 - STOOGE COMEDY and COLOR CARTOON Starts Sunday At 1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9:00 AND THEN SHOWING MONDAY AND TUESDAY TEENAGERS Take Your Parents to See This Picture. It Will Help Them Understand Your Problems. "li f/ial a/I you want? A cheap thrill? I "She just looks innocent. Bui how does she act?" ig&j /m\\\ «•-«.«.* JOHN SAXON ^ ' SANDRA DEE TERESA WRIGHT JAMES WHITMORE <u 'f lizubefh Gran/'

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