The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 12, 1958 · Page 13
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 13

Austin, Minnesota
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Friday, December 12, 1958
Page 13
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AUTOMOTIVE-12 BJI8R8 1940 CHEV. 4 dr. 'Radio, henttr. A gooH ettd weather ear. Hl-Wft» CM Give Yourself t A BETTER CAR FOR CHRISTMAS Keep Warm and Comfortable In Ona of Our Near New "OK" SPECIALS. '58 Oldsmobile "98" 4 Door A beautiful fully equipped near new_car. All power equipment. Air cooling. New piemium tires. The nice cars are here. $3475 '58 Chevrolet Impala Hardtop Coupe V-8 turbo thrust motor. Full power equipment. Very low mileage. $2545 '58 Chevrolet Bel-Air 4 Door V-8 motor. Power steering and brakes. Almost new. $2475' '57 Nash Ambassador V-8 motor. Hydramatic drive. Low mile- tMte car. Will give you good economy. Fully equipped. Continental tire on back. $1695 '57 Chevrolet Deluxe 2 Dr. Sedan Good clean car. Lots of economi* cal_ • warm • comfortable transportation. Our low price. $1190 '57 Buick Super 4 Dr. Hardtop power steering and power brakes. This cur shows the pood care it's owner has given it. This new looking car is low priced—too. $2375 Governor Soys That Killer's Confession Is 'All a Hoax' MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP)-"I hink it's all a hoax," says Alabama Gov.-elect John Patterson of a Virginia convict's confession .hat he killed Patterson's father during a robbery attempt In 1954. Commenting Thursday night for he first time on the statement by Calvin W. Pruitt, 28-year-old Alabama native serving a life sentence In Virginia, Patterson '58 Chevrolet V-8 4 Dr. Station Wagon Hitch your star to a Station \Vagon. You'll enjoy it. $2575 '55 Ford V-8 Station Wagon overdrive. Nice red anil white tu- tone gives this wagon flavor. Kuns Jikc new. Out low price. $1195 said it appeared false to him. However, he plans to Investigate It thoroughly. The 37-year-old attorney general, who gained the post after the murder of his father Albert Patterson, reported two of his assistants have gone to Virginia State ^Penitentiary at Richmond to question Pruitt. They also revealed that witnesses who had declined to come forward earlier 3id so after the conviction of former Chief Deputy Sheriff Albert Fuller on a murder charge. Their testimony, the sources said, reinforces the state's case against Fuller, who had been charged along with former So- MARKET Friday, Dec. 12, 105« The following prices were paid at The elder Patterson was killed j !j ctor Arch Perrell and ex-Atty. shortly after he had been nomi-!o cn . SI Garrett nated attorney general. He had No 1 Austin. Bnrrnwi and Uradlng 160-170 170-180 180-190 190-200 1765 200-220 17,65. 220-230 17.40. 230-240 17.15. 240-250 16.90. 250-260 18.85. 260-270 1640. 270-280 16.15. 280-2PO 1J.90. 290-300 15.65.... 15.25... .14.85 All butchers weighing nvnr 300 lb« are priced the snm* nr sown of the same wgt clnurilcatlun PACKING SOWS oradlng Nn i N<I 2 270-300 15.65. 300-330 15.40, 30-MO 15.15. 360-^00 14.90. 00-450 14/0. 150-500 13.PO. IHM-SM 13.40. 550-up 12.80. 8TAOS under •'OO 9,50 Stags 400-600 8.75 Stnss over 600 7.75 UnderMnlshed cull or filled hnt-o u*t be dlscnun'cd accordingly. All hor-a urn subject to government Infection 1958 SPRING LAMB MA" BT Prime 1900 Choice 17.00-18.00 Good ............. 15.PO-18 0° Medium 10.SO-14.50 Common 9.50 down All buck lambs discounted t| pn nnndred wMpht bt ttrade Lnrnhg over 100 pounds discounted lOo per cwt ocr pound Old crop lambs at marte' No 2 14.23 11.25 10.25 .. 17 25 . ..17.25.. ..17.00.. ..18.75.. ..16.50.. ..16.25.. ..16.00.. ..15.75.. .15.50... .15.25.. 1500.. . 14.75.. 14.50., 1->.00.. 13.50.. 13.00.. 12.50.. NO. 3 .16.85 .16.85 .16.60 .16.35 .16.10 .15.85 .15.60 ,15,35 ,15.10 No. 3 .14.85 ,14.00 .14.35 .14.10 .13.HO ,13 10 .12/0 .12.10 proposed, if elected, to clean up vice-ridden Phenlx City, In Phenix City, meanwhile, unidentified official sources have hinted that at least a part of the murder gun. previously missing, has been found. Janitor's Story Starts New Conflict Over Chicago Fire CHICAGO (AP) — A janitor's'school about 2:20 or 2:25 in an story stirred a new conflirt today alleyway separating the school over the time of the start of the land church rectory. He saw a ralue. VEAL MARKET 7eal calves of all weights and class's nurehnscd Choice 180-230 2950-3100 Good 180-230 26.50-2800 Standard 24 50-26 00 Utility 180-230 Ihs 22.00-23.00 Choice heavy 2^0-300 Iba. ..2700-28.00 Good heavy 240-300 Ibs. ..25,00-26.00 Culls all weight 9.00-18.00 All calves over 300 Ibs. dlsrountf 3 rwr Veal calves will be accepted at Austin until 0:30 a.m. Friday No market • Saturtlav CATTLR MARKET U S Prime steers & vear- lings 27.25-29.00 D 3 "hnlce steers & vear- lines 25.25-27.50 0 s Oond steers 4s ve»r- lings 23.50-26.00 0 s Standard s'cer* St yearlinxs 21.25-23.75 All heifers 25 cents to 50 cents CWT under steer prices All steers over 1.050 Ibs and heifers over 950 Ibs. are ... ... 'ilscoiinted according tt> welRht. We'will finance you here—no u - ?• commercial cows ..17.00-19.50 (Continued from Page 6) Miss' Barbara Snater Honored at Shower Miss Barbara Snater was honored at a shower Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Lawrence Ganfield, 411 N. Seventh. Mrs. Harvey Nielsen was co-hostess. the bride-to-be was presented with a kitchen corsage and several gifts. Games were played and prizes awarded Mrs. Alvin Hanson, Mrs. Fern Mitchell. Mrs. Hen- , Fuller was given a life term,|ry Snater assisted in opening Ferrell was acquitted and Garrett never stood trial. On the basis of the weapon and the new testimony, the officials said, they were skeptical of Pruitt's confession. Eire which flashed through Our Lady of the Angels School Dec. 1, killing B9 pupils and three nuns. James R. Raymond, 44, the janitor at the West Side grade school for 13 years, told a coroner's inquest yesterday he noticed the blaze at either 2:20 or 2:25 p.m He testified he ran to the nearby rectory and shouted to the housekeeper there to call the fire department. Authorities and witnesses earlier had said the fire was spotted between 2:30 and 2:40, that the alarm was sounded at 2:42 and firemen arrived about 3 minutes later. Raymond told the jury Inquiring into the fire deaths he believed it was caused by "human hands," meaning he thought it -Has set by an arsonist or accidentally. But he gave no reason for that belief. Summarized, this is his story of the holocaust: He checked some other parish buildings and was south of the fiance. "whiff of smoke" from the ground floor window of the pchool, ran up, and through the frosted glass saw a red glare. Then he ran to the rectory and told the housekeeper to call firemen. Then, Raymond told the grave, intent jurors, he ran into the boiler room and saw two boys'. They were the last of a group who brought wastepaper from the classrooms to empty it into drums. He warned them to get out, ran up to a second floor classroom and broke down a door giving partial access to a fire escape. The pupils and the teacher fled down the escape, he related. Next, he said, he ran to the front of a second floor corridor and because the smoke was so gifts. Miss Snater's marriage to George Haymann.will take place Dec. 26., Catholic Unit Meets for Holiday Party : The Mother of Sorrows Unit was entertained at a potluck supper and Christmas party Thursday at the home of Mrs. John Dooley, Austin Rt. 5. Games were played with prizes awarded Mrs. Bernard Wehner and Mrs. Austin Lux. The next meeting will be Jan. 8, at the home of Mrs. Harold Mandler, Austin Rt. 5. Pipefitters Auxiliary Meets for Party The Pipefitters Auxiliary held a Christmas party Thursday evening at the community room of Sterling State Bank. Gifts were exchanged and court whist was played with prizes awarded Mrs. Helmer Tolzmann, Mrs. Roscoe Blanchard and Mrs. Clifford Christensen. Plans were made for a potluck supper Jan. 17, at the community room. Lunch was served by Mrs Blanchard, Mrs. Benno Bissen and Mrs. James Dale. dense broke out two windows, iMrs. Heimerman slashing his left wrist. He stum-! , ,_, bled down the stairway and out-j'S HOStesS tO Unit side and then he remembered j struggling with some person who j wanted to put him in an ambu- red tape—1st payment due until February. Our 15 \fiiri in Austin Aisn>e< )uu ('I a gnariiatfu ihitt really taunts, USEM CHEVROLET . Caiiners 14.00-16.00 •Fiif. Bulls 1750-2150 SatiSiUo Hulls 18.50-23.50 Lt. Wt. Tlfln Bulls 14.00-1600 AUSTIN UKA1N MARKET Soybeans , $201 Oats ' 5J Corn 98 SOUTH SAINT PAUL MARKKET SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — (USDA) — Cattle 2,300; calves 1,800; slaughter steers and heifers Rochester Man Found Guilty in Criminal Negligence Case ROCHESTER, Minn. (AP) —Arthur J. Gile, 33, Rochester, who vanished following a car accident was convicted of criminal negligence Thursday night by a jury which deliberated more than nine hours. Judge Arnold Hatfield who heard the case in Olmsted County District Court granted Gile a 20 ^JTON '51 Fora pick up. HE 7-3B58. iday; all other classes unchanged; •55 STATION Wagon. Ford v-s -Tcir i short load high choice and prime White-red Interior. Perfect condi- 1107 Ib qlanuMpr ctpoi-c 0775. 1lon. 1005 N. 5th. HE 3-9472. I ' 1D slau S ftter Steel S 27.7o; good and choice steers 26.00 27.00; good and choice heifers 25.50-26.50; average to high choice 950 Ib 26.75; utility and commer- active, fully steady with Thurs- day stay . of Sentencin 8- Gil <-''s LARRY "Thrifty Auto Corner" Stop At The Little Red House! '55 BUICK SPECIAL 4 Dr. Sedan K;iJio, heater, dynatlow. Real sharp one owner car. $1345 '54 PONTIAC (V-8) Chieftain Deluxe 2 Dr. Radio," heater, liyiiramatic, power slewing. A bwutiti'l car. $745 '57 BUICK SPECIAL 2 Dr. Hardtop Really clean. Radio, heater, djna- llow. Excellc-r rvbber. $2)45 '53 CHRYSLER 4 Dr. Sedan Torqueflite drive, power steering, radio, heater. A Rood buy at. counsel said he plans to file a ers sold up to 32.00; utility and commercial vealers 20.00 - 29.00; few 825 Ib feeding steers 25.35. Sheep 600; slaughter lambs steady; bulk good and choice 90- $625 ST. PAUL & WATER HE 3-9169 1!N9 STUDEBAKER pickup with com- hlnutlon eaitle raclc. Good condition. HE 7-3378. Frost- Farmer Burns to Death in House FROST, Minn. (AP) — Arthur Sandness, 62, a rural Frost bache- cial cows 17.00-19.00; cutter and 105 Ib wooled slaughter lambs utility bulls 21.50-23.50 commercial and good 21.50-23.00; vealers and slaughter calves steady; good and choice vealers 27.00-31.00; high choice and prime 32.00-36.00; good and choice slaughter calves 24.0028.00; stocker and feeder classes steady; small lot good stock steers 2G.OO; medium and good steer calves 26.00-31.00. Hogs 10,000; moderately active; barrows and gilts about steady; sows steady to weak; 1, 2 and 3 190-240 Ib barrows and gilts 17.0017.75; 1 and 2 hogs 18.00-18.75; latter price sparingly; U. S. 2 and 3 240-300 Ibs 15.75-17.00; 1, 2 and 3 160-190 Ib butchers 17.00-17.75; 1, 2 and 3 sows 270-400 Ibs 13.7515.50; 2 and 3 400-GOO Ib sows 12.5014.00; odd head U. S. 3 sows 12.00; good and choice feeder pigs fully steady 17.00-17.50. Sheep 1,800; all classes steady; numerous sales heavy wooled slaughter lambs above 105 Ibs, discounted 1.00-3.00 per hundredweight; most good and choice wooled slaughter lambs 19.50-20.00 good and choice above 105 Ibs. 17.00-18.50; cull to choice slaughter ewes 5.00-8.00; good and choice feeder lambs 20.00-20.50; few 6575 Ibs choice 21.00. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP) — Butcher hogs prices 25 to 50 cents lower today with most of the decline on weights over 230 Ibs; sows mostly 25 lower. Slaughter steer market slow and weak; vealers were steady at $2032 for utility to good grades. Most good and choice wooled slaughter lambs cleared at $18-20 18.00-19,50; a few around 90 Ibs 20.00; and a few utility and low good 17.00-17.50; cull to choice slaughter ewes 5.00-7.50. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA) — Live poultry no tone; Thursday's receipts were 68,000 Ibs; no prices reported due to insufficient information. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) - Chicago Mercantile Exchange — butter firm; receipts 541,000; wholesale buying prices Vi higher; 93 score AA 61V4; 92 A 61'/i; 90 B 60Vz; 89 C 60; cars 90 B 61; 89 C 60!i. Eggs steady to form; receipts 13,000; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 70 per cent or better grade A whites 36H; mixed 36%; mediums 31 3 ,4; standards 3UL'; dirties 30; checks 29; current receipts unquoted. CHICAGO POTATOES CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Potatoes: arrivals 41; on track 177; total U.S. shipments 516; supply motion for a new trial. Gile's car and one driven by David Hlubek, 26, LaGrange, 111., :ollided near Rochester June 30, 1957. Hlubek suffered a'shattered hip and was hospitalized for surgery. The following July 18 he died of a blood clot. Gile was accused of criminal negligence following an inquest. Two days later, on Aug. 11, 1957, Gile disappeared. Several days later a note was found in Gile's fishing tackle abandoned near the Mississippi River south of Red Wing. The note indicated suicide. Gile had one foot and one arm in casts because of accident injuries. Rochester police continued their search for Gile. Early in October of this year Gile and his wife were found in a LaCrosse, Wis., hotel. Gile was returned to roches- ter and pleaded innocent to the criminal negligence charge. French Will Scrap lie de France Soon PARIS (AP)-The He de France, queen of the Atlantic for more than a decade, is headed for the heap. The French Line announced that the 32-year-old liner is too old and expensive to run and will be sold for scrap. STOCKS YORK (AP) - 1 p.m. Mrs. Paul Heimerman, 1104 W Winona, was hostess to St. Ethelreda Unit Thursday evening, as sisted by Mrs. Harold Barter. After recitation of the Rosary, Mrs. Harter reported on the recent Rosary Society session. A donation was made for welfare work. Prizes were awarded Mrs. E. E. Barker, Mrs. Catherine Sheedy and St. Olaf Lutheran Guild Circles Meet Several circles of St. Olaf Lutheran Missionary Guild held sessions Thursday. CIRCLE 3 Officers elected at a meeting of Circle Three at the home of Mrs. Wilbur Heimsness, 1109 N. Kenwood, were Mrs. Maynard Enright, chairman; Mrs, Simon Johnson, co-chairman;-'Mrs. Kenneth Ree, secretary; Mrs. Laurence Larson, treasurer. There was group singing and devotions led by Mrs. William Warfield. Mrs. Heimsness gave the sunshine report and a donation was made to the Dorcas Society. Mrs. Harry Feeley entertained (with accordion selections and Mrs James Braaten read a poem. The next meeglng will be Jan. 15 at the home of Mrs. Braaten, 609 Myrtle. CIRCLE 1 New officers were named by Circle Seven at the church parlors. Elected were Mrs. Roy Nelson, chairman; Mrs. H. K. Lund, vice chairman; Mrs. Everett Lee, secretary; Mr?. Olaf Wicks, treasurer. Mrs. Mamie Hall gave the worship offering prayer and self- denial envelopes were distributed. Members participated in reading the Chr-igtmsa Story. Mrs. Brooks Cutter, 106 N. Fifth, will be hostess in January. CIRCLE 16 New officers were elected by Circle 16 at the church parlors. Hostesses were Mrs. Melvin Conklin, Mrs. Erling Hanson and Mrs. Hans Paulson. Mrs. Adrian Tinderholt is chairman; Mrs, R. E. Lees, vice chairman; Mrs. Alvin Anderson, secretary; Mrs. Harvey Peters, treasurer; Mrs. Dietz Smith, Bible study chairman. Scripture reading was led by Mrs. Smith arid the Christmas Story was read by Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Tinderholt. Mrs. Ander son gave the worship offering pray Friendly Neighbors Meet for Dinner Legal Notice ORDER FOR REARING 0.1 . ..„„ ACCOUNT AND PETITION FOR DISTRIBUTION ,A program of readings follow-i 3T ^ cr °' ed by a gift exchange highlighted the Grand Meadow Friendly Neighbor Club party Tuesday. Mrs. Henry Christgau was hostess at a turkey dinner. Mower—ss. tn Probut* Court in Re Estate of Charles W. Wllklns. also known 89 C, W. Wllklns, Decedent. The representative of the above named estate having filed her final account and petition for settlement and allowance thereof and for did- trtbutlon to the person* thereunto entitled; IT IS ORDERED, That the hearing thereof be had on the 7th day of January 1B59, at 10 o'clock A. M., before this Court In the probate court room In the court house In Austin Minnesota, and that notice hereof be iiven by publication of this order Hi the Austin Dally Herald and by mailed notice as provided 07 law. Dated Decciwber loth, 1958. PAUL KIMBALL. .JR. Probate Judge .PROBATE COURT SEAL) CATHERWOOD, HUGHES Kc ALDERSON Attorneys for Petitioner Austin, Minnesota Pile No. 11671 DPP, 12, 19, 2fl Legal Notice ORDER FOR IIUARING ON PETITION FOR ADMINISTRATION, LIMITING TIM6 TO FILE CLAIMS AND FOR HEARINO THEREON STATE OF MINNESOTA, County nl Mower—gs tn Prnbut* Court In He Estate of Ruth M. Relnartz, also known as Ruth Margaret Reln- St. Margaret Unit Meets for Party St. Margaret Unit held a Christmas party Tuesday at the KC Clubrooms of Sacred Heart Church, Adams. Annual reports were heard at the brief business session. Five hundred was played with prizes awarded Mrs. Paul.Ulwelling, Mrs. Joseph Luksik, Mrs. Math Schmitz, Mrs. Phillip Ra,uen. A potluck luncheon was served. Spring Valley Club Packs Cheer Boxes Twelve Christmas cheer boxes u>nro nailer) r n ~ r«u.' i j v I Brwii nlun ureBRan. jtutn Keinam, were packed for Christmas deliv-lanci Margaret Ruth Relnartz. Dec«- ery when the BI Club, Spring Valley? one of Mower County's ldest community clubs, met with | Mrs. Ida Fox, Tuesday. A noon dinner was served. During the business session, members voted $5 contributions to Christmas seals, Helping Hand, Sister Kenny and the Salvation Army. A Christmas greeting was received from Mr. and Mrs. George Willmarth, former members now residing in California. Cards were sent to out-of-town members. Plans were completed for the Mew Year's party Jan. 13, when husbands will be guests at the Leo Galloway home for co-operative dinner. AUSTIN (Minn.) HtRALD Friday, Dec. 12, 195S Legal Notice 13 er. A donation was made to the Dorcas Society and members pur chased a clock for the kitchen o: the Alma Murray reception room CIRCLE 27 Mrs. Burton Anderson was hos tess to Circle 27, assisted by Mrs Lee Cummings. Christmas carols were sung and gifts exchanged. Members receiv- artz, Ruth dent, Albert Relnartz having filed herein n petition for general administration Albert Reln- testate and STATK OP MIRN«SC»A,'c<ma»» Ot Mownr—m. t(i PWrt»t« Odwt in Re Batata-of Norms Brret, O«c«* dent, The repregtntattvt of th* tfMi* named eitaM having filed htt final account and petition for Mttltment and allowance thereof end for dl«> trthution to the perjoni ther«unto entitled; IT is ORDERED, That th* hetrfln* thereof be had on tft« 29th day ot December, 1958, at 10 o'clock A, Mil before this court in the probato court room In the court house in Atwtirv Minnesota, and that notice h*r*tjf be given by publication of thl» order in the Auatln Dully Herald and be mailed notice an provided by Uw. Dated December 3rd, 1958 PAUL KIMBALL, JR. Probst* Judge. I PROSATE COURT 8EAL) ' CATHERWOOD, HtJOHES k ALDERSON Attorneys for Petitioner. Austin, Minnesota File No. 11778 Dec. S, 12, i» Legal Notice (ORDER FOR HEARING ON PETITION TO SELL REAL ESTATE STATE OF MINNESOTA. County ol Mower -«a. In Probate Court In Re Estate of Helen p. Christensen. Decedent. The representative ot said estate having Hied herein a petition to sell certain real estate described In said oetltlon; IT IS ORDERED, That the hearing thereof be had on the 23rd day of December, 1958, at 10 o'clock A. M., before this Court in the probate coun room tn the court house tn Austin Minnesota, and that notice hereof be given by publication ol this ordei in the Austin Dally Herald and by mailed notice as provided by law Dated November 25, 1858. PAUL KIMBALL, JR. Probate Judge. (PROBATE COURT SEAL) BAUDLER & BAUOLEH Attorneys for Petitioner Austin, Minnesota artz be appointed administrator; IT IS ORDERED, That the hearing thereof be had on the 5th day of January, 1959, at 10 o'clock A. M.. before this Court In the probate court. room In the court house In Austin Minnesota; that the time nrlthii which creditors ot said decedent m»v rile their claims be limits'! ti fnut months from the date hereof, and that the claims so filed be heard on the 13th day of April. 1659, at 10 o'clock A. M., before this Court In the orobate court room in me couft hou*. In Austin. Minnesota, and that notice nereol be given by publication ol this order in the Austin Dally Herald and j» mailed notice as ornviri»d by law Dated December 9th, 1958. PAUL KIMBALL, JR Probate Judge (PROBATE OOITRT SEAL) BAUDLBR & BAUDLEH Attorneys for Petitioner Austin, Minnesota File No. 11853 Dec. 12, 19, 28 Notice of Hearing Notice of hearing on change of us*, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that it is the determination of the City Council of Austin. Minnesota, that U Is necessary and expedient to have a public hearing as to whether or not < the use district of the following d«scribed premises shall be changed *.' from residential to commercial and-' light Industrial use. (a) South 277 ft, of North 500 ft. Block 10 . (b) North 50 ft. South 100 ft. of North 600 ft. Block 10 (c) South SO It. of North 300 ft, Block 10 All in Slavln Addition. ' NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN that said Common Council v will hear said matter and will pub- Holy hoar all persona Interested ia •. said matter, Including those in faYor. • of said change of use district and • those opposed to said change of UM district at a meeting on the 19th da* of January, 1659, at 8:00 p.m. at the • Council Chambers In the Municipal;' Building on East Water Street IB Austin, Minnesota. LET THIS BE NOTICE TO ALL INTERESTED PABTTES. Dated December flth, 1058. J. H. WEILAND City Recorder Dec. U READ CLASSIFIED ADS File No. 11772 — ~» *m-4 , *,*• u. v^uvu*-* nix, unctuj' auu ; j irj't » ••• ** Mrs. A. Schollmeier. The Jan- ed self ' denial envelopes. Mrs. G. NEW Stocks: Abbott L Allied Ch. Allied Strs 54?n Allis Chal Amerada (ifl'j Ml Paper 114% 57 97 3 s 80 "•'» 68 '•> Jones & L Ken'cott 2774 Lor'lrd Lukens Stl light; demand moderate; market | A ™?* n . for russet about steady; round reds slightly weaker; Idaho Minn MM 108 Vz 3.90-4.00; Idaho standards 2.55; Minnesota North Dakota Red River Valley pontiacs 2.15-2.70. NEW YORK POULTRY NEW YORK (AP) — (USDA) — Dressed poultry: There were too few wholesale sales to report pric- Am Mtrs AT&T 36V4 199% 59 \z lor farmer, burned to death early | on a steady sheep market. Ewes today in a fire that destroyed the farm house where he lived alone The flames were discovered by a passerby, who called the Frost Fire Department. Cause of the went at $5-7.50. CHICAGO (AP) - USDA)-Hogs 9,500; 25 to 50 lower on butchers; es for turkeys; squabs and ducks j steady; prices unchanged. NEW YORK PRODUCE NEW YORK (AP) - (USDA) Butter offerings light; demand i good. Receipts 364,000. Anac Co Armco Stl 63 :l i Armour 22 :l i Beth Steel 49'i Boeing Air 48?8 Case J I 21 Celanese 29 r ;s Ches & 0 66 C MSPP 24 7 s Chi & NW Chrysler Cities Svc 29% Minn P&L Mon Chm Mon Dk U Mon Wrd Nat Dy Pr No Am Av Nor Pac Nor St Pw Norw Airl Penney Phil Pet Pure Oil 32 38 : <i 30>2 41% 47'ii 48 s i 21Vi 24 5 a urn 46 4Pi uary meeting will be with Miss Florence Garrity, 901 W. Winona. Riceville Circle Elects New Officers The Women's Fellowship, First Congregational Church, Riceville, evening circle elected officers Monday at the William Calhoun home. Those named were: Mrs. Calhoun, president; Miss Clara Carman, vice president; Mrs. C. C. Pearce, treasurer; Mrs. James McMaster, secretary. The constitution and by-laws presented by Mrs. Calhoun, drafting committee chairman, were passed. Other committeemen were Mrs. Theis Fox, Mrs. Lyle Dinger, Mrs. Marion Graves and Mrs. Dwight Willey. Mrs. W. E. Westfall Elected Vice Grand Mrs. W. E. Westfall was named vice grand when Violet Rebekah Lodge, LeRoy, met Tuesday evening. The Christmas party included the singing of carols with Mrs. Robert Green, accompanies! and a reading by Mrs. Leslie East- void. Members contributed Christmas verses. Secret sisters were revealed and gifts were exchanged. During the business session, plans were made to pack cookies Dec. 20, at the home of Mrs. Elmer McRoberts. The Past Noble Grands Club will hold a Christmas party Tuesday with Mrs. Casper Wolthoff. Members were invited to attend open house for Mr. and Mrs. George Volkart, who will observe their silver wedding, Sunday. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Harold Rich, Mrs. D. F. Mahoney, Mrs. Harlan Knight and Mrs. Arnold Struthers. Wholesale prices on bulk cartons i (fresh). Creamery, 93 score (AA) l>2 3 4- ! Dou S-as Cons Ed Cont Can |Cont Oil ' Deere 49',.i Radio Crp 46 :1 4 61 :1 4 Rep Steel 7Hs 52'i Rey Tob B 87 5K'» Rich Oil 102'i Anderson gave the worship offering prayer. WCOF Sponsors Family Party Santa Claus distributed Christmas gifts to the children at the WCOF family Christmas party at the KC Hall, Thursday evening. A picnic supper preceded the social hour. Cards were played and carols were sung. Mrs. William Kimlicka and Mrs. Louis O'Malley were chairmen. PERSONAL NOTES Mrs. Merrill Gilbert, Spring Valley, is a patient at St. Marys Hospital, Rochester. Mrs. Lula (Sally) Woolery, Spring Valley, is a patient at Community Hospital, Rochester. Mrs. Lloyd Lane, 605 Oak, is a patient at St. Olaf Hospital. Her room number is 210. Mrs. Leona Morgan, 707 E. Hope underwent major surgery Thursday at St. Marys Hospital, Rochester. Her room number is 2-192 Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kernetz left for Frankfort, S. D., today to attend the funeral of John 0. Bahde, Mrs. Karnetz' uncle. Eugene Mallory, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mallory, 808 Cleveland, underwent surgery at St. Olal Hospital Wednesday. His room number is 295. Mrs. Ernest Berg, Grand Meadow, was hostess to the Tuesday Evening Sewing Club, After the work session, Christmas gifts were exchanged. Mrs. Catherine DeArmond, Wan ette, Okla., and Mrs. Dora Sen- oemann, Macalester, Okla., have arrived to spend the holidays with Girl in Hospital After Cat Chase their sister, Lansing. Mrs. Lena Miller Daryl Kobs, 1503 W. Allegheney returned Thursday after visiting his father, John W. Kobs, at Mercy Hospital, Iowa City, Iowa John Kobs, a former resident of! Austin, underwent surgery and DULUTH, Minn. (AP) - A 19- in room 330. Nov. 28, Dec. S, 12 Notice of Hearing Notice of hearing on change of use. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that t la the determination of the City Council of Austin, Minnesota, that It s necessary and expedient to have a mbllo hearing as to whether or not the use district of the following described premises shall be changed rom residential to commercial and Light Industrial use. Beginning at a point 22 feet North and 33 feet West of the Southeast corner of the North half of the Southwest quarter of Section 34, Township 103, Range 18; thence West along the North line of Myrtle Street 153 feet, more or less, to the land of Edward Schultz; thence North parallel with the East line of said quarter 77 feet; thence East 153 feet, more or less, to a point 33 feet West of quarter line; thence south In a line parallel with said quarter line T7 feet to the place of beginning, being all of the land lying and being between the Schultz laud on the west and the Lyou land on the North. NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN that said Common Council will hear said matter and will publicly bear all persons Interested In said matter. Including those In favor of said change ot use district and those opposed to said change of use district at a meeting on the 10th day of January. 1959, at 8:00 p.m., at the Council Chambers in the Municipal Building on East Water Street In Austin, Minnesota. LET THIS BE NOTICE TO ALL IN TERESTED PARTIES. Dated December 6th, 1958. J. H. WEILAND City Recorder Dec. 12 Legal Notice ORDER FOR REARING ON PETITION FOR ADMINISTRATION, LIMITING TIME TO FILE CLAIMS AID FOR HEARING THEREON STATE OP MINNESOTA, County ot Mower—ss In Probate Court In Re Estate of Frank D. Moshler Decedent. Nina Helny and Emily Magee having filed herein a petition for general administration stating that said decedent died intestate end praying that Emily Magee be appointed administrator; IT IS ORDERED, That the hearing thereof be hud on the 23rd day ol December, 195a, at 10 o'clock A. M. before this Court in the probate court room In the coun house In Austin Minnesota; that the time within whl.-.h creditors of said decedent may ftic their claims be limited to four mouths from the date hereof, and that the claims so filed be heard on the 30th day ot March. 1959, at 10 o'clock A M., before this Court In ths probate court room In the court house In Austin, Minnesota, and that notice hereof be given by publication of this order In the Austin Dally Herald and by mailed notice as provided by law Dated November 25!Ii, 1053. PAUL KIMBALL. JR. Probate Judge (PROBATE COURT 8KAL) PHILIP RICHARDSON Attorney for Petitioner Austin, Minnesota Hie No. 11844 Nov. 28, Dtc. 5, 12 Legal Notice 57 57', 51 Sears Roe 364 ; year-old girl was in good condition at St. Luke's Hospital today blaze in the two story frame house ,225 Ibs down to 18.00; several was not definitely known although j hundred 1-2 l'JO-220 Ibs 18.75-19.00; several hundred mostly Is these 2-3 mixed grade 200-225 Ib butch- J63li cents; 92 score (A) 62 : i4-63; j Dow ^ cl J e '» "•* ers 18.25-18.75; a few 3s around:90 score (B) 62 ;) 4-G3. .-•..«—i firemen believed it may started from a coal stove. have Frost is in Faribault County in extreme southern Minnesota. Quakes Keep Many Shivering in Cold weights 19.00-19.25; few Is 210 Ibs 19.50; and a few lots mostly 3s 250 Ibs down to 17.25; 2-3 mixed grade 2GO-2«0 Ibs 16.75-17.25; few 2-3 230-330 Ibs lC.00-lli.75; mixed grade 330-400 Ib sows 14.75-15.75 most 400-550 Ibs 13.50-14.75. Cattle 500; calves 100; slaugh- SIENA, Italy (AP)-After shiv- ter steers slow, weak, few choice and prime 1,300 to 1,600 Ibs; veul- Cheese steady; receipts 32,000; prices unchanged. j Wholesale egg offerings of large light. Mediums adequate, demand fair to good today receipts 18,200. (Wholesale selling prices based du Pont East Kod Firestone 201 136':. 131 GenElec 71.U Gen Foods 76 a 4 Gen Mtrs 47 a 4 on exchange and other volume I Goodr ' cl1 sales.) 73 U i Goodyear 117 New York spot quotations fol- G , t '_ N ° r Rv ering all night in the open hundreds of residents of this ancient walled city moved back today into homes evacuated because of continuing earth tremors. The 3Kth earth shock in seven days struck the city Thursday. There were no casualties. low: includes midwestern: Mixed colors: extras (48-50 Ibs) SB'a^'i; extras large (45-48 Ibs) 38-38^; extras medium 32'-33 1 ;; Greyhound 18 : '.i Homestk. 41% Inland Stl 14l l 4 IB Mach 485 Westg El Shell Oil Sine Oil Soc Mob St Brands St Oil Cal St Oil Ind St Oil NJ Stud Pack Suiiray Swift & Co 32 Texas Co Truax Tra Un Oil Cal Un Pac U S Rub U S Steel West Un Mrs. John Buchanan, 906 Pad- after a futile chase in subzero coldi den ' e "tertained & supper Thurs- Thursday niglu to save her pet in '""""' "" *"" """^ A —">* cat from a marauding dog. (id 7 « 47's b'4'4 58 ::s i Kathleen Cook was in her trail- 4ti',i er home at the city's northern out- 5? • skirts when she saw the chase be- sin. Clad only in shoes, slacks. and a sweater she ran through !the 6 below cold more than a mile 87 : -4 ; before collapsing on the porch of 2U 7 38!)58 A STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OP MOWEK IN PROBATE COURT ,111 the Matter ot the Eitate of Juy I C. Hormel. Deceased. I (JUUKK K)K HEARING ON PKTITION FOR APPROVAL OF PARTIAL ACCOl.NT AND FOB PARTIAL DISTRIBUTION Ou reaciluij and tiling the partial claims day in honor of her granddaugh : { ter, Bonnie Kay Buchanan, on heritors.'' repreirfu'tYnT that" an 12th birthday. Guests were Eileen !r dla °Uea ^d "thuVVVime'Tr Smith and Duane Buchanan Jr.,j"nns; claims his expired uncl praying for approval thereof and ior partial •"' distribution or the est.ite to persons 3ti 45 a girl friend's home. She was taken to the hospital BmwnsdaTe,'entertained ^Ttur- -y ambulance, suffering from ex- key ^tiner Wednesday in honor •posure and possible frostbit,- of - Mr _ flnd Mrs LaVen)e Gabriel> who were recently married. Guests Blnnminu Prniriw Rnhxrt dooming name, HObert an, Oakland; Mrs. Herman Nem 'entitled thereto as more lully appear* itz, Marilyn Larson, Gordon Buchanan, M r s. Donald K o 1 b and daughters, Austin. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Gabriel, steady; a few good and low choice 137; checks 32-33. ers and stockers and feeders smalls 30'a-31; standards large 3S- lnl1 Harv 42a " Wlworth 52 -'---•-• ' ' y ng s & T HT-'b George A. Hormel & Co. Common Stork (Wriglil HVMs & I'u.) Tlit-re was still no word on how her pet fared. FIBLISHEK DIES were Mr. and Mrs. Russell Ander son Mr onH Mrc luv 1VT l,,hn ;1 u; "'- v ' Jt- tttp.iiHT pr son, Mr. ana Mrs. Jay M. John- ;lji i u . d ln awd COU1U} .. ' ; !u the pciltioii; i IT IS ORDERED that said petition ir.d account ue heard uncl determined by this fourt ut the ollice ol the Probate Court in the courthouse In the City ol Austin, County o! Mower. State of Minnesota, on the 29th cl,i> ot Dec-L-ailH'r. 1958, at ten o'clock A.M. of said day. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED notice of snlU hearing be :.'lven to ull persons interested by publishing th:e order once each week tor three tiu'-1 cessive weeks prior to trie rta'e ol rutd < hearing in the Austin Daily Hrr.iid.i dally newspaper printed and pub-j jy 11.ailed * steers 1,300 Ibs down 24.50-2U.UO; utility and commercial cows 1U.OO- 1U.50; cannws and cutters 13.0017.50; a few cutter and utility bulls 21.00-23.50; a lew good veal- Whites: extras (48-50 Ibs) 41-44: extras large (45-58 Ibs) 40 l i-41; extras medium 33-34. Browus: extras (48-50 Ibs) 3941. Bid 53', Asked sioner of 55H ! Thursday. iion, Mr. and Mrs. Harold John-'"'""''' •"* Provided by law. GREAT HARRINGTON, Mas.vison, Mr. and Mrs. Glenms Gab-1 iAPi-Paul W. Foster, 65, retired weekly newspaper publisher, for- IIK.T legislator and state conunis- administration, died riel, Miss Sharon Hunst, Diana and; Cheryl Johnson, Michael Morley Johnson, Cheryl and Low- ', A "if "f,°^ ell Gabriel, Mr. and Mrs. F Tor-' Austin, of Probate I (PROBATE COURT SFAU MllvS.'CATHKHWOOD. HUCfHEo A Distributorship Opportunity First Offer in City CHECK THESE FEATURES: • Ideal for husband and wife combination, for small business man already established in city or as a full time business enterprise. •A selection of over TOO products backed by a company with 70 years experience, • No investment required. FOR COMPLETE DETAILS WITHOUT OBLIGATION WRITE BOX 549, WINONA, MINNESOTA Dairy Cattle Auction Due to ill health, I will dispoie of my entire Dairy Herd and Dairy Equipment at Auction. Located 3 miles east of ROM Creek, then 1 mile north; or, 3 miles south of Elkton, th.en 3 miles west; or, go west from Adams en 56 to Johnsburg road then 2Vz miles north. Tuesday, December 16 -1 P.M. BE ON TIME! NO MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS 22 HYGRADE GUERNSEY CATTLE — TB fr BANGS TESTED — . ' 13 — Very Choice, Large Type, High Producing Guernsey Milk Cow* This herd was started 30 years ago. Only Purebred tires er artificial breeding used smce. All cows are calfhood vaccinated. Most of these caws are fresh, all are producing heavy. J—Heifers Freih S—Cowl Frcih With Jnd Coif 2—Cows Fresh With 3rd Calf 3—Cows Coming 3rd Calf, All Springers 1—Long Yearling White Face SU«r 6—White Face Fall Calvti 3—White Face Calves DAIRY EQUIPMENT 1—Surge Unit Milkers and Surge Milker Pump 14 Foot Corn Silage Some Baled Hay Westinghoust Electric Milk Cooler 2—Dairy Wash Tanks BEEn Nearly New 20 gal. electric wi •"*' heater. Strainer - USUAL BANK TERMS HOGAN LARSON, Owner FARMERS STATE BANK of ADAMS, Clerk ART SPARKS, SARGEANT, Auctioneer ARM TALK GtNfRAL FARM STORES ON WHAT GROUNDS DID THAT JURY ACQUIT HIM? y/r |NSANITV. GENERAL TAKE IT FROM MIKE Howdy Folks: Wai, I shoo nuH 901 response trom a long wa>> olt on my lost od. All the way from Californy. Course, it was my Uncle and Aunt out there. They claim that the folks out in Calif, mutt all eat FARMPRYDE FEED; because I said it made you live tw-cc as long. Unk writes, "When we arrived out here in Californy 3 months ago, the tirst thing we saw when we got off the train was a funeral. I wondered about that, when these Calilornians claim to be so healthy. But, imagine my surprise, when within the next block we so* another funeral. R'.ght then my wife said she was going to write the L. A. Chamber of Commerce about it. MIKE She did. And 3 days later we gat fhij oruwer, "We hain't had a funeral in these parts since the days ot Boot Hill — a century ago — what you saw woi the buryin' et then 2 undertakers that used to be around here — we had to bury them because they starved to death." Wander why the undertakers didn't eat FARMPRTPS FEEDS too. MIKf GENERAL FARM STORES lor PetHici.iT geson and ton. Fi ; e No. GRAIN --FEEDS •• SEEDS ••FERTILIZER ( "cc-i-fC^K f/'UTi-AiH-/ .J- /*(!<. AV n^ 702 E. WATER v HE.1-2ICO - '14 fc'MAh.

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