Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 7, 1928 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1928
Page 4
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FOUR lOLA DAILY RECrSTER CHAS. F. SCOTT KiiH-rwl; lit ; llii> =• I'OHtoftlr.' Tef :«elTone- 18 • Pilvalf Ui-jiiiih Kx<-liiiiiui- CiiniK'CtitiK All l»i'i':""lnii-tit.<i. IMisT HESITATK. Artliiir Brt^bajie: Seftrelur^ ttoo- v'er .miinni8~rfa !«K Ih^ past yvar rcgiinN waici* nod (•mphiyroenr »IIUH : ''There. wa« litflp iin^niitloy-: nieiU expi'pi (liirlriR a mmlerate re«i'sslon near the enil of the year anil th«y rate of real wages remained higher than anywhere else in the world, or than In any other time in the world'i* hiRtory. T|he high prospect of the year did riot represent i^erely an upward sviiif; in the business cycle, but was the resnit of iliat general, and piirAia- nent progress which has marked the 1 nation's business." "That is a situation for American business men to ieep. In their mindf4. thus ayolding damaging, dnnhtful hesitation; Buplness and prosperity In this ro'untry. • hayp climbed to.'a permanent higher ph^ne jind barring fooljlshness, ,will slay there. - i \ .As James Speyer. inrelligeiit 'Saw Yorif banker, says. "Prosperity lis: our natural condition, not .anything unusual, or anything to worry dbont." THK TOLA DATLY' REGISTRR.^ATUJRDAJ^ i SUBSCRIPTION RATES. R.v r .nnifi- in I' i I h . iJa.-' •'ily. Ijilfanx Onp \V>i >k ,... 1 :... 1.1 <>tif c One Month ? '» CVnli» On«- Yf-at BY MAIL Outside Allen County Oiv^ Year V^-^'^ Sfx Month." -., Tbre,' .Months »)!>'' In Allen County One Tear »4.0n Six Mnnihs , K'.^c 'JTiree Months U-So Ono Month (Member of— National Editorial 'Asfociation. kahias Press Association. The Kansas'Daily League. ' Au^Jt Bureau of Circulation. Press Congress of the world.' Offlclal Pkper City of tola. Official Paper City of Biassett. Official Paper Allen County. : -< iMEIVIBER ASSOCIATED' PRESS. • Til- H.-Kist.r .aril.s 111- .Xss.-'Jatoil Tr.-'s ri -iXMl lA- s |M ><-ial 1-a.xi'il 'wlro The A.sso.liin »il Preits is i-xi'lusivply ••ri- till^d to lh(> f<ir nimljlicaliiin r .f all ni^>VH cllypatili.-^s critlltf ^il to it or nr.r OlhPrwIs.' i-riJit ,-<l In this paptr. mi.1 aHo ihf li>i-al ii^ws p\ililislir-<l ht-rp- in. Ml rights nr r.-piil)ll ''; uf spf/j Cial iTispiit.-lie-^ iHiviri arc also r ENING. JAN(JABY7,'l928. Bible Thouuht. fur Today. nohold. lilie days lumi', wiith llie l..ord, IliaT'l will perfornj tiiut pood tiling wliich 1 liave proniisi-d— MVr. :!.-.: 14., MXT.S COr .NTV FK.-I'KKS. Pur (he past ihrei- months ("has, 1'. Ut'i'lie.' the (iiivcrnorV cfrjclent and jirivate secrptary. has h-eii at work on Kansatt'sl.ili.stlcs. Tin- i-PHiill of tills work is now piildlslu'il ill till' I'oiin oi a-large sli<'»-t entitled "Kansas Sialistl<-s." and while liKtircs art' iiroverlilally ilry ihe.fe particular ligiires can- iiol fall in inti-rest every cill/.en of K.tiisas who really; cares to know Ills State and his own county or liis home town. Here aiT llie rfpiiri's alioiit .\llen county its iliey appear on iliis sln-ct: ' Organized, isri.'i; i>oi)iilation in ]:»27, :.'i'.S!)2, in Vna. H.lm: county si-ai. lola: poptilatinn 1927. T.:!."i4: l;uigililt* prfiiMTty in county 1!12T. ^.".7..'i2.l.0;i.s. intangible property..] $l.:{7:i.s:i.=;. toial vijiuation. $:!S,- S;t(i.!i:!:{: avera«<- alti'liide of coiin- ly. i.ii!lS feel: annual rainfall :!« 44 inches: average rainfall from April .1 to September :!••. 21.4."i inches: . lanil surface. •:!21.'.n>l acres; school poiMilation, 7.Kin: teachers (-niploy- im I , ill):, value of school Tl..S4.''i.ain?; antoinobilcs. .Nov. l!i2 .'>..'>4<l: Iruck.s. saiiie italf. I12<li itofal Dr. Henry Fairfield Osliorn. who hits lieen honored with the preside ticy of the American Association for. the AdOancement of • Scieneft, wliicli is the boily of scientists^ in the world, is hliinNelf a celebmted scientist who for the past twenty years has been the executive heail of the American ShiReiiin of .N'aiiirai History, In .Vew Vork t'liy. Dr. Osborn is particti- larly fanieil as an authority on evolution at|il the antiiiuily of mind. Ill" Is !i nalive of Connecticut and a- graduate of Princeton. In 1900 he was chosen to succeed Ihe late Prof. Samuel T. Langley as secretary of.^ihe Smilhsoiiian Institution. He -is the aiithnr of half a liozen books and several Ininilred scientific and educatioiial papers on zoolOR>-. comi)arative . anatomy and psychology, liozeris of scientific and learned societie.s in America and Kiirope ha%-e hoiiored Dr. OslKirnwith ineniherships. load inUeagc l.irj2: state road, 77: county marls .S7 : rci-i 'ipis from ••iiilo Il<-ensi- lV.<-s. $.SI..s7 !l :71: rc- c.-i|iis from gasoline tax. iflOS.- r.'jT .lli;: (Ihe last two itcmy. cover till- it .M -iod front .Inly 1, l!l2ri to Ociober l!l27t: distributed Hi <-oiin- ly Jii;4liway-lnnil. *l:!2.210..-,l; di.s- triliiiliMl to Sl.ile aid fund. ilS.- .'.!»:!.:!o: liinhs i;i2i;. 4it;: deaths l»2i;. 2«1: total nuinli<r of bjinks 10; idial bank deposits .luiie sntli, l '.l '.'7. $4.021.<)SS: fi.ld; crops Jil2 (l. acr.-;t, ir.;t.t;41. value $2,.'i20,l!>; flection ivliirns IS2i;. vote for Paiilen. Kepiiblican, for'(iovcruor, iiif.l: for Davis. ' nciiiQiTai, for ffovcruor. 2.13 !l; for Hyaii, ftepub- licaii, !w < retaiy of .•Hate. .•i.CGS; for ."••.liar.-hal Democrat, 2,12.'i; fire liii.'^i.ii I'J :'(;, !l.'i.2.'!4; pianos l .T .CC; radios tiM: olli.-i lll'-lll'; 1 2'il. (If. llicsi- fiiiiuis prrli.-ips Ollii llli..! "Why .was Provincelo^vn, with its colli and stormy water.s, selected as the scene of the maneuvers of the S-4?" That is the qiieiitloh .\rrs. Roy K. .tones, wife' of the coinniamler of the ill-starred ves!- sel. ask.s the Secretary of tife Xa- |)ropeny.| vy And it is a very pertinent (luesliiui. Service in submiijrines is uncomfortable enough and dangerous enough at hest. Why should it lie made more uncomfortable and m^re dangerous by sending the lioats lo a bleak cOUsI like l^l^nt o^ .MasHuchusetts in the winter time? It is entirely possible thai till' six men not injured' by Ihe coliisitui which sank the S-4 might have lieeu rescued in tithe lo saveitlieir lives if the sea hod been c,-ilni. as it nearly always is al this time of year in southern waters- and as it almost never is tit this lime of year, in northern waters.. ^. . • Bi^ Field of Entries for Second Place on the Ticket t<j the CEMENT INDUSTRY SAFETY REM SLAIN IN ACTION Of it wa? nice and well intentioiied and all that for Thair- man Scth Wells, being a "possible, potential or probabte" candidate musical iimtni-lfor Cnvernor himself', ini invite all jtlie other potentinlilles. possible- l,,,, priiliablliiieH to attend Ihe meeting c.ieaiesi Int. rest just latj"'" 'hi llepubllcan State Commlt- iiionicnt arc those sliowtn;; i"' »"' 1>^»'' Tppekn that lioni .Inly I. I!l2r 1, l'.»27. the jH 'opli- of iliirt county paid .'ir !l(».-';S4.X7 in autoniobile II- .ccn .vics and gJsolint' lax and Iliai of thai "large sum of money $1:12,.21<l..'il w.ns expended. <ir Is availa- lili- lor our own coiinty roads, . while $lS.ri'.t::.:!H was sent to the Stale for distrlliutiiui among other ciiunties. This $lS.r)!l:;.nrt was sent away from home'upon the tlieorv tliat It wonlil be used to build ^-oads In other counties which woiild coii- neil up with the roads wc have liuilt so when we wanted . to no away from lionie wc woiilil have roads to so: on.. Haven't we just cause of complainl^ therefore, wiien these other counties do not ; use the money that way. to ()ci(ih<»r O'ly and give Ibeli' reasons, if any. for thinking they slioitid be notninated and elected to that exalted office. But what an entertaining spectacle would be afforded Ihe ribald iand Irreverent observers If the invitation vkould be unanimously and lltef- ally accepted, anil how the State would-rock with laughter when the. story ^'as told! rl'^aughter, not WITH the|asplranls. but AT thenk —which is far from being a laughing matter; ' Sen.-uor rapi'cr has introduced n I'soluti'on in(ende<l to hring about reduction of freight ratei* on !:Ki'.'iin and grain products exported • fioni the Pnited Slates, in order thai .Ainei-it an grain grower.s hJid iiiiltiug iniiTesis may be placed in lii'lter position to meet Canadian '<'om|i<'tition. Ho\v easy it is for • us lo propose to reduce the other fellow's profits! Ksiieciaily when by so doing more would lie added to om'^own profits. Dispatches from Pasadena, fall- fprnia. report the recent .death In that city pf Dr. Willis L. .Moore who from 18!ir. to 1913 was chief of the United Slates Weather Ilil- reaii. Doctoi- IMoore yfaa a man of most attractive ' personality who, without .being a great, scientist, could talk more entertainingly about science than anybody we ever hearil except ICdwIn Slosson. Air who knew him in his Washington days will grieve to know he is liead. Ten Mills Operate Year Without Accident To Win Trophies Chicago! 111.. .Ian. 7.—Ten Portland cement mills. <'iglu loi:ited i in the I'liileil S<ate.« and two in [ Caitad,-). went through l!i27 without i a lost, 'iim«» acciil'ent. ' Kach of I these plauiiv wiirreceive the Portland Cemeiil As.'Jocial.ion . .-iafcl.v trophy, awarded each yeail io niii;.s ; operating an entire calendar year .without mishap. Tw!<e as many mill.scompleted tile year fre.e fioin | acciilents as have been able to do ; so duiMUg all iireceihug y.^ siuee \ llie safety w<|rk besan. Ill in2C only two mills were aide lo Wjn the ma^iiifi<-enf cast stone safety inoiiiimenl which is eiciied al the plant .of each successful contestant. The n-cfii'il M -t in I!i27 reflecf.w the inien..-u work iloni- in; tho cement; industry towards safe I operation. .N'early l.'iti mills lo-| operated in making l!i27'tlie In-st ; .safely .vear in the hislor.v of llie industry. As part (if Ihe froidiy award, j ea<-Ii of the winners is jirivileged I to s»Uil two delegates l«i llie .Association's spring meeiiiig. where- formal presentation <if iiuiWiies is ' made. Tliese mill repsesentalives j will be fnipyt.<t of (he entire (•ennnl indiir^try and an Kiich will ri-celve di.stingiiished honor. Alills <iperaiihg I lie full year without an accident are as follows: Martins Creek,. Pa., and Irontoti. (I., plants of land Cement Co.: Ci plant of Co well ptiril Co.; Hull, Qui', and Ont., mills <ir Canada Bonner Springs. Kan Ihe ICansas Portland i .\'ew Castle, Pa., ami plants of Kehigh Poril Co.; .San Aiitoniii pi Antonio I'oriland Duluth. Minn., mill PortlamI Cement Co. Already these organ; planfijng' to extend through 1.12S. Aliiha l^irt- well. Calif.. Hill t'eiiient 4 )»t .l3cville. 'em'eijt Co.; i.'., plant of 'etnelit Co.: lola. KalH.. [and Cement lini of Sail Cement Co.: <)f Cniversal izalions at'e tlieir reco'i:d NEWS EVENTS oriMfiOLdT [Riiilr of »>r. Ritfwell BFOIIKM Here i irom .Sail Ijike (It}- for In. leriMeHf—ilosepli Hack !i»re<i' .Snihlenfy. cFrant Iir.MBf >J.pT. of i )octor J\.\R. away. Tii^silay was brought i her] iiiay: Th<\ liody by .Mrs. K. R. Stewart :!u(l .M'j jwiic; daiighter j spec'ively.! of th I.Special political letter BegLster by-.\. L. Shultz.) Topeka. Kans.. Jan. 7.—Thia business of running for office isn't limited to allihe big league jobs. E\-ery now and then people, g«t their eyes, glued on .loirie secondary place and wh'n the election boards try to clean up liie 'debris jt look& like the referee separating rival ^polUall teams In the riappy rtay.< tiefore they .lOandoned' the i lying wedge. Right now Hie grand honorable position of lieutenant governor has been a tine' place for spectators to jtoinl to', the bubbles- as Indicating the spot where the departed was last seeit In the fifll bioom and glow ot man.v- political vigor. Only two lieutenant goV- have gone directly into the governor's chair and only four ffansaiM ever reached that poftj after iiresidiug over the upper house. GoyeRiior Pairien broke the spell nfier ^i iV-lay of nearly forty ye;ir.s. Such widely known Kunsaus of receiit years as Col. .A. .M. Harvey, James A. Troutmau, Sheffield lu- galis. W. V. .Morgan, and Dr. Charies S. Huffman have sat in th<'; lieutenant governor's office. There public advaucenieiK wtls slopped. R. J. Hopkiiut went U) Ihe attorney general's office and. Kiiprenie bench following a lapse of several .vear."? after serving as lieutenant governor. These jrro- motious. ihu. were due mainly to generouH distribulioiw of Akti Saloon League fund.* rJither than po- jjltical-prestige gained while using the senate gavel. Hen S. Patilen went directly from the office o£ lieutenant governor to governor. Only oiie other Kan.sau made tiie route. Thai ytas I .Vehemialr M. Creeirwiio began bis 'services as lieutenani goveriior sixty years ago last winter. Thomas -A. Osliorne was iieutenunt governor from 1S5.'! to l>Sfi."i. but waited until IS'7:'. to win the governorship. t'ntil- Ihe promotion which came to (I'overnor Paiilen only.oUe other man Bad' advaiicedj politically fromf lieutenant governor's rank. That! was I,ymau V. Humphrey?. ugfH^ He was-selected and twrfned In. Ihe spec|aI:»4iiool C<miluct4d! by Charley. Oi4f fttk. antii Fte*'rigg wh» app«ireuUy>mtjrt have had 8oi^ notloft a* to tilings as they tbpitgbt should bavn been dole <JT undone In Ith^ ' session. Mr. Wl^on got sJecbnd njoney in a field of two startirsi" ' Ssnator ftenTyM. Laing of Russel? may rini. J)ean of the .•;enate an «i previoxie .sfeTvice in the house. Chiilrman 6t taxation committee. If ^e sdoesii't ; go after "Congressman AVhite'? jpl) in the Sixth rdis- tritt. is a -prrobable contender in the; bis field. ; ' ^nator John 'W. Bavls of Kiowa i.=« iooklng. £rt the entry ll.«t with a view of climbing Ini Axlranced to president p'w>>tera *»f the senate wlren Senator .lamesi W. Pin ley retired from the post. I^d Archer of Hiawatlw, Repub- J»»X LKWIS i John L,ewis Utley was blnn near !t New Hanuori'y, Indiana., SJepiember j 26, 1859, and died ftecember 2.4. t 1:927, near Blue .Mound, Kansias. j Wh^n about 16 yeai-s old he moved with his parfenis from IndiaQ^ to Bates Couuky; Mo., wllere hei to manhood and was narried,Sep­ tember 26. 1.SS3, to JJiss Ehart. To this union were dren, fi boys and 3 gJrls. Of'this number three boys and one girl have preceded their death, one son, Floyd, fancy at the age of ence at the age ni- 8 Bertha Wt )Odward. of ing December 5. one t-ouella born 9 chil- Those living are. Kvei-elt. father in dylnfe; in In- yeatjs, Clar- yeak-s, Mrs. Wichita, dy- yeijr ago. k.f Kla- lican leader" of i the;house in 1925 l^^^'^' Elvis, of Cheiopa; .Mi.s. Edna: is :4o6k!n# 6vtr three jobs Mav' ?"J"'"''"'®' Kiucaid;: .Mei|rell, ot run for lietitaiant governor. May talfe a call US - run for district Juijge. ' Might get in the race for! thq' senate. ;Jnrjr stIH out. BlAe .Mound; and Mrs. Keihn Sisson of Bronson. .12 grandchildren, three, brothers a id : one sister. These together with the wife and mother, are left l< mourn theli^ loss. Air. Ttley came ^o Kansas in 190S, living in A iderson near Kinciid for a whih, then moved to .Mleu- county and] settled 6. A. EdwatiLs of Sbennan: county haft leanings. Is president staie hoard of agriculture. Chair- ratm agri?tflthral committee ^ m;Slei'south- in ^he last legl!.latlve session. Has I uvin. there had severalstrange feelingi?. that I , .^^ ^^^^^ ; we»e readily, diagnost^d a.<» a will-' ^ im^ess to riin, iHit may decide to coijic back to the house. A .I previously: mentioned, it is stlD quite- :earl.v. There really shriuld be a ?igbt fair field of can- diii^tes by spring. ROClKY POINT • fMrs. -Anna SiOiUl) .lan. .'!.r—Sirs. .Mariah' Haynes of Xeflla Is vlslllngl her sister. .Mi's. Ouder and fi^nily. .\)iHR Bertice McGuire Is visiting Iier^: .•d.ster, .Mis. Karl Camp. .1; F. Ross. received word Mon- ceased active farm w'ork dml ha» liveil ncitr liis son Merrell,' engaging occasionally in '• some light work. Mr. I'tley, was seemingly in hl« usual health and had assisted bia son in shucking corn Salflnlay morning and lie ,ind his .son were. preparing to .go to Blue .Mound in the afternoon. .\boui 2 p. m.. while waiting^ preparatory lo startiug, he '. was sitting, on n chair holding his liftle granddaughter when the end sud-- denly came. .Mr. I'tle.v was very quiet anil unassuming, a good neighbor and friend, speaking ill of no one, and fiassei! out of tliis life a.s he had day. of the ileatli iof a coirsin, .Mr. Briggs, near Mnpieton. ' . S F. Camii took his daughter.' "ved. very quietly and peacefully •'I .MI.'fs Ruth, toi Ft.; Scott Sunday to'.'" await the resurrection morn. , ''resiime her school work. iOleiidyn ! J« ever lord of death and love can never lose its own." ' [s Culver) Wn. •«.—The body Uissell who passed nisht. January :5.j'^e! "Waited several .vear;} to get tlie Hatomon<ls awl Claiide Stout roile —.A FRIK.\'D. at hie lionie in Silt l^ke City, l-t^h. for interment, towns accompanibd tusseU. .Mrs. Fred . Kirk Stewart, nd grandK<jn re^ tieceaseJi. All At Ueail on the field of honor are ihj'se three Devil Dogs w.iio were anions ihi- .Marines' ras- u.'tlili-s (luring tlie fighting at giillali Willi the followers of fleiioral Saiidino, .Mcaragiiau li.nndit. 'I'op to lioltoin: Privates Ceo. K. Coldstnllh. Deer Park. Wis.: Ksiler Crosson. of Pliasant Plain. O.. ahd'firaily W. Wxtson. of Point, Kn. are from ^uli Lake City. Dr. and .Mrs. Slunriie Wolfe and ^Ira. W. C, W«)»U al of Kansas City, i.\lo.. also (.'ume jere to^ttend the services. At: ihtJ Santa :Pe .station tho parly-was met by Mr.s. M. K. Wolfe, sister' of the deceased, and Dr. WoUe.! A n imber of carloads of friends of tl e Russell larally were there ulso when tlie party arrived, j^t .Mou it Hope cemetery, where theiliofly irax taken, a short j service was conducteii by the Rev. f;. W. Horn. . I r. K. R. Russell was one oS the eirly pioneers wlw "ctil-d in ilutnbdiat. .After havlng- served in tjie Civ 1 war us surgeon; he and •Mrj». Rustell came here he early 'TOs. T ley remained hern for inau.v :^eBrs : nd be^-ame proni^ iuent and itifluertial in the life ot this city. 'IHy ^BK left here for a time thev|returied several years ago and ; reitin ned until a fewr{ months pa«r. wh >n they moved to Salt Lake -Cirji. Dr. Russell was eighty-six j^ears df.age at the time of his deaiti. , Joseph I £:ick w:is fatally .°tricken (itiite>'sudd<>iily tl is morning whilp working iif the lelf Service grocery whej^e; he h*s l)een employed for pome time. • fco far. as Is now known. .Mr. IlacK htd not lieen unwell latel.v, aiid had not complained or; nines I this morning. But shortb*; after the ofiening hour of the Self Sei-vtce grocei-y he vfas stricken anil died ImmetHnlcly. His death is: aftribnted to a form of e. Mr. Hack is survived heart troub by hi* wife' and three Children. \4ES , IM ME ^r HERG HMP! VAJHEKS ^ -THt*-/ WAS HAKlOlNj Ou-T GALL VOO MUSTA HAD A • /I'M MO''^ERUXX'V VES, MOU \ ^ / hAOLMES", 8or L \ CN-reuL'EM) I'M. AHEAD O'MlM MV A BocW PRIVATE -StfePPlM' CM CM -TE-LX. 'Af FELLER DOMT VNORK \ M 06R ehtoP. promotion after being lieutenant governor from l.*!77 to ISSl. •Xow Ihe job appears to attract a whole school of iwlitically amW- tious. Right, ten—maybe a doaen -^well known Kansans are possible or probable contenders for the job in the .August primaries; Anid in the .same ]vriniaries D. A.'X. present lieuU'nani governor will seek lo make use of tlie patli followed by Ben Paiiien and step to the giivern-Or's ch.air. Dorsett Prodace Co. lae East .Sfreel, fflfa .Phone m , fas* for Ponltry ami Kgfs (all is .4ny Time. We will eome after penltry. : Most (ft" the possible .contenders for lie.uteimni governor hiive had legislative service. .A nutpber' Of tiiem are n\en of state wide prominence and liave been active iii Re- puliiican affairs ovi r: •.V period of years. At Iea.«t five are inemhers .of the present state senate. Three are members of the house. Right at this time there are nine names on the card of possible- starters iii the lieutenant irovernwr event. To be sure "it. is iinite'early! There i.s ample time for new names. Likewise time fpr some of the boys to rtgitter a in enthusiasm. little ]03» In these day.* when politicians assure !h« voters of the high degree of InJelligence displayed in use of the ballot, there isn't aay need to worry almut a wise ilecls- lon. The mere fact, that with the pi'imari^'s seven muuth.<i away there are only nine ixj.ssibilitles. le.Tves no reason for concern. If a careful canvass sh<iuld be taken for the state it i.* likely that proh- ably 20irpeople among tho l.SOO.- 000 Kansans would Tie able to tell you something aliout eadi >>f the niu»»- possibilities. wit|i th.ein as far sis Bronson, to be ready for school Monday. Qeorg^ Stou[t Is; slowly recovering: from a tonsil operation he underwent at the Ft. Scott hospital fngsday of la.sjt week. T^is. community, is deeply grieved ihat Tommy Carnac has lost the long hard .figlJt he had mode' for his'health. He p'i««sed away Friday e^'ening af the Ft. Scoit bos- j GRENNAN'S .Mr. Johnson -is making satisfactory gains in the F"t. Scott hospital where he is taking treatments. | „. , Ynnr PniiWrV MI .SS Ruby \^'hitcomh has Iwen XOar fOUIiry, helping Mr.s. Russell Oavis with herl house work. Cfiir teacher, MLss Hosley. is back aftfir her vacation and 4Pacher and pii|>ils are Imsyj in school again. MARKET Comer Kast .Vnnroe and Kli|t StS. IOL.\. K.W.S. I I Eggs and Hfdes Tola's ProdQp« House Since IS 37« 1911 : Having decided :to leave the state. I will sell at Public Auction oni the;_pld Obbd Kerr farm.-4 thiles east of Lallarpe on tie slab ian*'2% mile>« .sonth. or V, mjles west of .Moran on the.slab and 2*« mlfes south; Just from flolden Valle.v church, on— s})eginnlng at 10 h'clock a. m.. the following described property: I'M KlO'T INJ SixM A SiGr i MOW.' SO X VAJOkiT • HAVE To ©E. • IM A ,Bl<&<5E1? • HU_RRSLiM TH • KnjJOA UKE^ MM—FOR A C»-V \KiGie. ALWAVS PUp.lit nations have just remitted . J!)(;.(mo,iJ(Mi to I'licle Sam oij /heir wtir (lelits. It's loo bad wars don't have to be fougli^ on a cash basis, 'i'hiin there" would not he so inany wars.—.Newton llepiilillcnn. It was fought^on a cash' basis) .so far as this Nation was concerned. • We not only paid on th«s nail "for everything we bought at hoiiie or abroad-^especlally abroad—but we paid for about II billion doi- ' If you ha\)e daughter, sister or wife .-Itruggllng to develop "a boyish slfcouctte" by statSring, tell her tuberctiloslM is Increasing because women fooil.shly desire to be thin. -Arthur Brisbane. Better tell her that from Paris comes the word that women this year aro to be plump. Dame Fashion commanifs inuch readier obedience than Old Man Doctor. , prove it ^ Inrs worth of the things other na -i Anyhow It Until this week's Literary Digest came in we thought "AtVnter Kent" WHS a" firm ijame, one member being Atwater and the other Kent. But the Dig. says Atwater IB .the firsli name of'Kent and to prints a picture of him. Is a; beck of a- tront ; Probably one of the first pros- pecis in the field for lieutenant governor was Senator It V. B. Van lie .Mark of Concordia. Right years iu the senate. Lawyer. Heart of smelling committee which worked on Lew Himse.v'.'a job last spring. Senator Sniith L. Jackson ofiAn- dersoir county, farmer member who has bei'Ji much iu evidence in a career in the hous-e and. senate, is' running. Also include Senator .r. W. Craybill of .Newton, head of the frateriials in working <int the in.soraiice code. ^.1. W. Berryraan, representative from Clark county, banker ami good roads advocate,' is likely to put final touches on a long legislative .service by nin- nlng. . Then there is C. C. Wilson who conies froni Meade. In order tha everyone may have some slight identification canl for the benefit of someone who doesn't know all of them. Mr. Wilson ran two years 1$ ;HORv««EH .\M» »rLEJ ¥-One broWit horite mule, S years old: wei^t 1,250 lbs;; 1 brown horse mtil^> 4 year^old, weight 1,300 lha.; 1 bi.^n mn^ mnle. yearling, good onei^ 2 suckling mules, mare and hor»>, twins^ 1 black;mare smooth mouth, .weight 1,200.[ Ih.s.; team brotfti horse mules, coming 3 and • yi^trs old; 1 brown horiie mule 3 ypui)^ old; 2.;';coming. 2-year-oId hor .-ife mules; i )my tnare"; 6 vears old.iwelght 1.460: lbs. l?4fFU> Of* t'.4TTtK—One roan cow just fresh,';6 years Wd, good milI{=^cow; 1 spotted co«r giving millv,>4 years old; 1 roan caw to be fresh, in .>''ebruary, 7 years old; 1 rert 'rtiw (o be fresh In Ifcbrtiary 4 years dtl; .1 rojin cow to be fresh about 20th of Jannat-y, 3 years old; 1 blji^k cow-to lie fresh in .March 5 yejirs oitt; 1 roan cow to be fresh In April.i :i years ohl, giving'milk; 7 coming yearling calves, i heifers, 2 steers; :\ heifer calves. One grain binder, 7-ft., good coii- dltion; 1 -N'ev* Century riding'.Cultivator; 1 -New Jewel riding" cultivator; 1 mowing machine ini^odd cohditicn: l hay rake; i f8-fo6t harrow', :;-secfion; 1 engine bed; 1 4-horse double-tree for team wbrk; 1 wagon anil rack;; 1 ilouble shovel; 1 endgate seeder; hog troughs and chicken coop.*.'. HIR.\ESS—One set breeching barnessr leather collars, good.. FFF.I»—K.o bales of prairie hay; 20 acres of kaflTir corn fodder, in shock. HONK lIOrSiKHOI.D QOO other articles too numerous to mention. 'and :TKKM.S C'ASif—If cre<llt is desired see your local banker. No il piop-ei-iy to be removeii until settled for. Pleree H. Ui K.VOCK, .4<lneflonfer. FIRST NATIONAL B.VNK. L«Harp «v Clerk. 5, I.imch iSepred By Ladles of (Jolden Valley t'hnrclt.' . 'Ste mm QtTESTIONS YOU SHOULD ASK BeforeiYou Invest Yohr Money in'Anything: 1—C.-in I afford it ? 2—Ls it .sjife? 3—Are the-returns .satisfactory? 4—Is the confcem one of whose work aml^ pur- poi^e I can wholly approve ? ft. •.S.i Do.e8 it give satisfactory returns? Voii get the privilege of a .?^ll coverage; policy for abont one-fourth -the •'S'te charged by ol<|.|!ne companies of equal reliability. In case of art accident you h«^e only to get your'report into the home office promptly (your lo*al agent wilt iielp yoit). The company will see that yOur set- I lament Is mad^ promptly for damages. In case of lawsuits tfiey" rurjiish the attorney, pay^court costs and settle judgjments. Tftey for ph.vslcians fees or hospital fees. Yon lean do tSe s(t]^re thing pr^imptly. You deit't Ihire to worry. WILLIAM HARRIS Moraii, Kansas I,^al Agenl i ^ — Sjas the sarlsfaCtnry answers to the other tlrree qncki^^ He Is hsmdllng th« agency for the State Farm .Miuiial Anto InsiindiM Cdirnpany of Bloomfngton,: Illinois, through tlt6 Koasasr State^RaftA' Bn-;feaa. ? . J ' - . =. • . -S A$K HIM ABO^'IT. •--^^ i;

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