The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 19, 1933 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Thursday, January 19, 1933
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m^^m \- f \ fi— '5- i j * i»*Jj*>J TION /,v ,>; '. ^'>-rJ?*;^i ^:-g^- , v.'v ' ' j '*> -^^^ >- r .. ••'• , . . ^. t >, . , SOUTHERN AN' FULL A*0 iKotvUSlVt UHlTtD M«l REPORT I i . m * - . L uiN VALLE 19,^103 ' - " . '' f -\n ^. . - -. V; •HE'i/T.v. •»••••; over a HREE PHI! OMMENT B ILL ER o j - ' *. ;> \ n t I - •- - SL(* V r > tr L - 1 . PAC1S Ni Declares Nation ' Has Ignored Clauses • of Mandate FLEET MANEUVERS TO BE HELD EARLY _ * Foreign Observers Say Geneva's Suspicions Not Justified By MILES W. VAUGHN - JVtitedPi • . ' LATE BULLETIN WASHINGTON, Jan. 19. (U. P.)—Pres.dent-tiect Roosevelt conferred wlyvSecrttary of State Stlmson rste today after arriving from flew York fof a/series of discussions of domestic end International problems which will culminate In a meeting with President Hoover tomorrow. Stlmson wo tfce second csller after Mr. Roosevelt was established In his suite at the Mayflower hotel. Senator Johnson, Republican, California, who supported Roosevelt In the campaign, conferred with him for 20 minutes. ing Will Be ugural March Grand Marsha T (Unittd Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 19.—General John J. Ptrshing will be grand marshal of the Roosevelt Inaugural parade on March 4, It was announced here today. Admiral Gary T. Grayion, chairman of the Inaugural committee, aald General Pershlng had accepted the Invitation which was urged on him by President-elect. Roosevelt. of the ^Tapan^ee grand fleet wilt *l"''~'mL '• •"'"-•--" <• .'>•'•*»•?.••- '--_ ' J, _ •'•• ' ' be held earlier than had been ex^ . . * peeled this .year, an admiralty spokesman, said Y tod ay, and It was believed that t&o maneuvers would cover the region of the Marshall antj Caroline islands. A report of the League of Nations mandates commission, to be published tomorrow- in Geneva, was understood to disease charges that Japan has con• -»• "• •trueted naval oV military bases on these Islands In violation of existing treaties. Violations Denied By JOSEPH H. BAIRD (United P-. ess Leased Wire) \ TTfASHlNGTON, Jan. 19.—A fast" moving and effective American 'foreign policy on urgent problems raised by Europe's debt revision demand and far eastern events was the goal set today by President Hoover and President-elect Roosevelt as the' two prepared for a conference. Mr. Roosevelt was expected here late thin afternoon. He planned to confer at once with Democratic leaders on domestic legislation. The White House conferenco on foreign policy was scheduled for ll a. m. tomorrow^ ,' Informed observers • believe that an a result of the'conference,: the apparently, dead .war ,debt;nogotlationa -miiy bo-revived before- March 4. It was considered i ppqbatoe. ,that\tti'e Hoover M^ i^S*_^l —^£ • i— J 'M. • _' -ft. "*•* • A ••-• t-^I^pi ^ • ^—S I tor Roofio- BSVERLY HILLS, Jan. 19.—To the Editor of The Bakerafleld Cal"Ifornlan: . Everything la different nowadays, even the way a country getetta freedom. We give the Phil* Ipplnes twelve yean, In two yea re they are to have a constitution that !• is li (table to us. I hope they make It. Ours after 160 years la not suitable to us. They owe ua some money so we bet their freedom against ten 'year* that they can't pay us that. (We .can't pay our national debt In 100 years.) so here Is all they got to do to get their freedom. Get a constitution that will suit Democrat and Republican, pay all their debts and keep out of the clutches of Japan: That's what I call a sporting offer. Yours. WILL ROGERS. H \ Woman Slayer's Mind IsUn ill TRY AGAIN AWAKEN GIRL DEFENSE SPRINGS SECOND SURPRISE J Wi 4 Congress Its y.Will; Be Depleted in Few Months of naval or, miHtair^cJauHea of the mandates agreemeht7^f^,was pointed o*ut that .the ,mandates' >re\;administered by the- ministry of-colonies, and 1 be necessary to have additional funds thi^t any harbor Improvements would furnished. • » « ' mm * (United Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, ,Jan. 19.—Funds of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation available for business and unemployment relief purposes wjll be exhausted in the next six or eight months, Chairman Pomerene Informed a Senate committee today. -He warned that If n*w relief measures are adopted by Congress it will should be conducted by the state department rather than by a commission as air. Hoover favored. • Prompt Action Essential, Necessity of promiit action in thin field was "accentuated by two circumstances: - . 1. Europe's threat not to meet Its June 15 d«t*t payment to the United States unless the fundamental debt structure U revised before then. 2. The barrier that the present debt situation Is placing before preparations for the world economic conference. . , In f • 11 Months, to By Rj"rk COWAN (Associated Press Leased W r ire) CHICAGO, Jan,, JO,—Medical science is going to make another attempt to awaken Patricia Magulre, 17-year- Shall Not Be Deprived of. Attorney •^•^•^•^•^•^•l^^pMHrik^l^pMp^p^bl^l. 4 , LATE BULLETIN PHOENIX, Arl*., Jan. 19. (A. il-:for'.;J,*hri''Jv' Hall or an toctay '.the competence of WlnnleVRuth Judd as a witness against ths lumberman at his preliminary hearing .on a charge of being "accessory to the crime of murder." on grounds she Is of unsound mind, unable to comprehend the oath, and not a voluntary* witness. Press Leased Wire) "tTfASHlNqTON, Jan. 19.—Volunteer TV action succeeded where force failed lu the Senate today, and the protracted filibuster against tho Glass bank bill gave way. By H lono vote, the attempt,, of .the Democratic leadership to Impose cloture—U ml ting- de- bute slmrplyr-lost out, 58 to 30. Tho for to 30 ngtilnut. iucti: Ing defeat, UB the margin fell one short of the required two-thirds. There followed a turbulent scone of exchanges between Robinson, the Democratic floor leader; his foe and filibuster chieftain — Hucy Long of Louisiana; und another filibuster Thomas of Oklahoma. Once quiet settled, Senator Borah, Republican, Idaho, proposed the unnn- conscnt agreement to restrict each senator to speak one hour on the bill and half an hour on the amendments. It wont through amid ap- «fe Alleges Hoover Used Cabinet to Build "Machine" CRUEL (United Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 19.—Majority Leader Ralney accused President Hoover In the House today of having "built up" the d«. partmenta of commerce and interior aa a nucleus for a re-election campaign four years from now. Ralney asserted the depart, ment of commerce, "a Hoover or- ganisation, la loaded from top to bottom with Hoover men," Men, Women, Children r Included in Inhuman Russian Decree VICTIMS STRIPPED OF ALL PROP Both parties divided on the cloture vote, many having claimed in advance that they opposed the rule In principle .but were.qtixlous that the Senate up to yl4icule. \. '. \; , four $6mocratH arid 24 Re- publlcanfi. voted for'cloturQ. . Twenty Republicans Joined nine Democrats nnd .the one Farmer-Labor senator? Shipstead of Minnesota, against it. Land Given to Red Army; Step,Taken for Failure r (Associated Press Leased Wire) old Oak Park, 111., girl, asleep now lp H OENIX, Jan. 19.—Counsel for H ••!• * ^* ^ i_ A •* more than 11 months. If still asleep on February 15, which will be the anniversary of the dmy. she 'was stricken. will be Riven on or about that | being "accessory to the crime of murder" with an appeal that Wlu- ^& ^^^^_ ^^ • _ _ ^^^ ^^^^ • ^^ _ ^ ^^ ^ ^ be ' for commercial purposes. i * Foreign naval officers-were 'not Impressed by the suspicions aroused at Geneva over Japan's activities In the Pacific. Regarding the harbor Improvements on the Islands of Soypah and Pelew, It'was pointed out that Increased sugar'produc- tion necessitates better harbor fa- cllltiee. 4 Pomerene appeared at a banking and currency committee hearing on i bill to extend corporation relief loans to, public educational institutions for maintenance purposes. , "if the corporation is to continue its work it IH iroimy to take In the next six or eight months all money available ."under the relief act," he said. "If new relief provisions are to be in- *"• John J. Hal lor an tossed a dramatic bombshell into court at con- a blood transfusion from a person who I tlnuance today of the lumber man'H hits ( recawered from "sieeplnsr sick- | preliminary hearing on a charge of ness date. werf SS^SS 8C ^ UB r B t rav^erUre^LTe: I»«« *«» *«", Halioran's cU»o £ ac' pre- 8 ult of a transfusion given the pretty cuser, be v not deprived or her The I brunette last Sunday with blood rJghte." .drawn /rom the* arm of her sten-I Mrs. Judd is under-sentence to bo •in* «„ n . a •• RtI1 « fR ? tory re ~ 'ftther, Peter Mlley. r,««ni SUfeil*??TI" ~ nc J Uat| on P r ?: Acting on the sample principle as a I Mrs. Agnus Anne Lerol. A charge posai Before Friday, the league would Be rum or vaccine, It is hoped that the of slaying Hcdvig Samuelson still vnntiir m\-i Pan ? M *JJ" blood from a former victim of "sleep- pends atfulnst her. • Ir «, «« mis. carries the \\ ng 8 |ckness" uJ ready selected by the Hallo run 'is accused in a complaint or severe censure., of Japan, doctors, might hav.e the power to aid filed by the county attorney of aiding •h ^K «k m^ ^Pfc 1« M ^ —. ftA^.^_^_. - f ^_ •«•. . . _ ^ ^ ^ I ' . ' ^* PROBEOF ROLPH REGIME HALTED Dilaudid More Effective in Relieving Pain Than Any Other Drug, Claim ^_ ^^^ for their- conference. Japan Gives Worry — T — ^ Patricia to combat her illness. Japanese military movements near Physicians Interested the Great Wall of China were caus- In s a .little yellow painted wood ing anxiety at the state department house,.sandwiched in between similar and in foreign offices of the western buildings, a drama It) being enacted powers. AH have Nationals and that hiu3 drawn medical attention the property In the Peiptng-Tlentsln area country over. _ ^M ^^& — ^_ — L h H ^^^ The admiralty, while professing to I S r6as to furnish additional approprYa- knqw nothing of possible plans of the | tiona." ministry .of colonies to improve the harbors, considered such improvement ^ ' * r * . • logical. ;. ^ f Prepare for Maneuvers ** • Preparations are no%v under way tho general staff for the -grand fleet maneuvers which are held, every three yearn, a spokesman said. Ordinarily .the- maneuvers arc held In October, corporated It is Incumbent on Con- I Bouth of th <? Great Wall. It was stated officially that Japanese, penetration passy by. into that section would raise a new I °* problem. Chinese, legation made public I HI. a cable from its government which as- | from -Glasgow, (Scotland, containing a her In disposing of Mrs. Ltcrol'8 body and of a*lding and advising.her,to conceal the slaying' and to puca'pe from Arizona to California.- ,; ' Attorney Wseps With tears In his eyes und his voluo . at times choked with apparent, email Is one house the postman never tlon, Prank O. Smith, of Halloran's '»— K " Daily he leaves bundles' ... - .. - - •- .t Pomerene said he felt "some lo caHtles" were not helping themselves as much as they might, but "passing the burden on to Washington." eerted the Japanese were "planning .an stor£ about Patricia. A * A • •_•. K * _ ' _ ^'' hi ' _ , counsel, Informed the court he had mail from relatives in Dallas, been proceeding under a mlsapprohen- Jollet Morris and La Salle. H | On regarding the condemned worn- One day these was a newspaper | an . H flt ntus in court. Ho withdrew all previous requirements he had made that Mrs. Judd'H uprising in Tientsin." The legation The telephone rings constantly. The L O unsel be hlnes « ove ™««t.h ll d, as banks, liens .on delinquent taxes, A ^m ^ A r to to -disturb." the j-e Is a HUlQ| room or that solicitors, don't of other > "I iiave a duty to perform for Jack but they- will be held earlier this year, said they should apply to the federal ^K ^m ^K — — A _ 4_ ...^ probably An 'August. The plans were kept secret, as usual* Even the* officers of the fleet do not know, the nature of the maneuvers er tho destination of their ships until they,leave port. But it was un- . T f derstood thai-the region of the Can/--Igan, asserted* that many states "and llp'e und Marshall Islands would be | counties were paying off bpnd issues Included. government "only as a last resort." , ' i Local, authoclties with local re. sources," he aald r "could do much to relieve the situation." v t8l on Q f Jehol provlnoo until early • .^aoH mornln K Is « day^of new hope H a )o"a t do not renreLent £™ »,„>«,, T,« -M.I-.. *.„ „..,., .. h J^- - einbepB . of tho IOU8 family ? ua ^°l ab 'i t aod £m^.Sh?!S oo^ cow difficulty of winter operations In the | for mountainous terrain of Jehol. Other I8SU9S , While the Hoover-Koosevolt confer- » who -have cared for Pat constantly G23 *-hours or enough for 1065 sel," Smith said. v >Irp. Judtl was on the witness stand n ^ ^ ^ .. I »'•»»*» w M^at* •* »*» 1^*4 ^SIV* iv«V«W»o *^mi*»* 2 years and 11 months on w hen Smith made his appeal to the Senator Couzens; Ilepubllcan, Mlchl- ence be devoted primarily'to war y L'lgw .naval officers understood | of mooting current Ale maneuvers would begin between August 1 and 10 and last for tjiiout tlirue wcoVa, All ships uf' tho fleet, und nil naval-aircraft, were ex- pttcted to participate. j * • r^ 1 ^ ^^ f^* *™ *••**•• %•**•.• with current tax collections, instead t+.f •«« ^h^h A-i mJ~* ^ ,m. —.*- A *<_"_ _ THE WEATHER i San.Francisco bay.region;...partly cloudy tonight and Friday, becoming unsettled , IT.Hday afternoon; moderate temperature; moderate westerly winds. Northern California: Partly cloudy, tonight and KrlUay; becoming unsettled Ji'rlday with rain extreme north portion; (mow over the mountains; local fronts north portion, tonight; moderate temperature; moderate to fresh changeable wlnda offshore. , ... g.erra, Nevada; OccfjLBtbnul snow tonight and Friday;\nb change in 'temperature; moderate changeable "wlnos" .-'••• ; . Sacramento valley; Partly cloudy .tonight and Frfgay; becoming unsettled Friday with rain extreme north portion: local frosts tonight; gentle variable winds, v Bgflta Clara valley; Partly cloudy tonight ArilT'Friday; becoming unsettled Friday afternoon; flilghtly cooler with local frosts tonight; gentle variable winds, win Joaquln valley: Cloudy , to- ^l^rht and Friday; occasional rain ^extreme' south portion tonight; moderate ,,temner^tu re - ^•Southern CallfornlaiVCloudy to- ^nlght and Prtduy; aacaHlomU rain; snpw over the, mountainw; slightly Svarpipr e^tremo oast: portion to• night; .fresh, uoulherly <winUH off- P., SANTA FE1ULD QUIT FERRY debts and the Far Eastern problem, Issues are to bo discussed. Both .are Interested hi the'Geneva disarmament conference and in preparations ' for the world economic conference. J L The White.House conference, It was jearned, was inspired by the recent ^•B • A _ ^^^_ ^B L ^. ^_ .^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^_^^^ ^_ an 8-hour average. Stricken Suddenly Stricken without warning, from no. reason tl)fU has been determined, Patricia lapsed into uncon- scloubneHs on a Sunday morning while preparing for church. She hud complained for several days before of being HO "sleepy*!!/ She HUH added several pounds. to her Weight of 120 a year court fo eo alter proceedings that Mrs. . Judd .might have the advice of her ana I attorneys and her husband throughout the remainder of the hearing. Mre. Judd Dazed The condemned woman, who htia pparred with'Smith alternately In teuru and in blaifiing anger for two days, appeared somewhat duzed by tho turn of nffftirs. Defense Counsel Smith told ,, the court-ho'hstd underwtood, and his lu- (United Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 19.—Hoping to save a total, of $183,000 annually, ago. She ndosevolt-SUmscm talk fn New York. I Is fed llquoda—orange juice, ewog. There the two men fftund themselves clear soups—every .two hours during i voBtiguUou UDparently had 'corrobor- in essential agreement on major for- the day. Her 'body Is massaged to 1 * eign policies. This encouraged a be- | keep tho muscles from wasllhff away, lief that a further talk between Mr. 'Roosevelt and Mr, Hoover mjght reveal ways of "bridging the gap" between 'the ' two administrations and making possible effective foreign action during the .next six weeks, LADY BAILEY ston to discontinue thofr ferry tierv- Icea- on ' Han Kraanclsco ba3\ They Accompanied by Three , Surrounding him for the trip to to use Southern Pacific tracks I Washington were his most intimate advisers—men well informed on tne International and deb|s situation. Norman 1 H, Duvls, former Dcnio- under-aecretary of atute, who ^^_ — » FOUND SAFE (Continued on page Two) U.S. CLAIM AGJUNST FIELD SEHLED to OaUland mole, and Southern Pacific ferrlpH to 8an FrunclHco. At preHont, the, Santa ^Fo runs for- rles between Point Richmond and Ban Press Leased Wife) • PARIS, Jan. 19.'—T,ady Man' Bailey, famous British flyer' mlMHlng since (United Press Leased Wire) - "V *r*apuil.V, fc**^ OHllMfc' I- U 1U1IH iHT- "7 ---—«" -•• —-^ • »w| .«....%,. «vw... u - I U*t.iV|ny MRS beGllAfuUnU HIT rlea, betwebii Point Richmond and San oratlu under-secretary of ajute, who v ,""* Vi v «r in A'friru th« v Francisco, while thw Western Pacific has an order from both administrations M|f,|«try ainnounced tonluht runs-boata-between OulclRii.i nn^ H«« to Iieio Drenaro the uvendii fur ilirt ^"V** i r y . n r l ? ounoeo - l "! Ufc "7 un< Hllve on ilio J«n. 10.—A major toward rehabilitating the defunct Oil Company WHH claimed " runs boiita /between Oakland and San to help prepare the agenda for the Francisco. ' The Banta?Fe .would save I forthcoming economic parley, 185,000 ana 'the Western Pacific '|48,000 annually by the change, they re- taken today/by Jtebejver Wllllum C. ^ •• _ B^tt. - - Mfl ^. * __ _.______* ^_ 4 ^1 _ ._. - . _ d A • _ i Kini^'^S'' W- L aay X""*J^^««^^ - \ ported. In return for' uue of tracks and | In finance, t and 'Profeanor Raymond ferries, tho Sunta Fe would pay 190,000] Moley, another close adviser, and thevWcBtern PapJfJo |50,000 a year to the Southern Pacific. The .application was taken under Bubm.BKlrfn by Clyde L. Seavey, president of the State Hullroad Coinmls- ston, acting for the'Interstate Com- merce'Commission.' . .-v : •• i ' Lady Bailey, (ittemptlng to beat In tho - government's judgment for $9.277,661 agalrmt • the PHD- American Petroleum Company,- Richfield subsidiary'. - -: The government has agree4 to accept 95,016,000 as full settlement of an London to Cape Town Je^Oran, *!- £ ;'„ and ^Tex^ed f^m" a5 AVAWa . fJiin/lnXf ^ T/»t» • nil ft+Y*a\P * .T?v«A«%^il^ 1 * - * " .» *«•• ..... ». T . naval leawes in the JClk HUIn dlntrlc-t, _ ^^ ^ ^ ^ _ ^^ • ^& & ^^ Rect b I gerlai Sunday^, for Niamey, French West Africa. An extensive airplane i McDufne said, search of the deaert hat* been made | awarded In for her. The i .TOIflO.v Jan, KIN Dies 19. (A, P.)—Prlnoei (Vniied.PretiLeated Wire) Jan. i9.—The Pem- VOLCANO IN ERUPTION Java, Jan. 18. (A. P,> was Court and later upheld in'the United States Supreme Court. „ •' The settlement. paveu ( the way for sale of the Richfield properties, the _ ^ ^ _ M— — _ • . . f . _._ T __,,., -'T T -,,- ^ T _,,, , . , - . - . . tpWBV +++ %•* V *%*Vf ***V*^* ••• »*§.fV» b!UU| V**^ controlled House -late today The volcano Krakatao, which was ac- receiver said. The litigation had b««n ' ^"fc*_ _..1^1___A ^'W _ _ __ . _• . p.... .. 1 A il** «» f^**m •* A I ««* d>b 1 mm d-ft* 1^««1« +*.* • d> h^^_ ' •— _- __ I _ . .... _^. ^* _ , »' _ _ L reJootod Proaldcnt Hoover's 'program tive for a time last l«'cbruury, hus ma atumlillng, block in l|u» nutK n - i - 1. ' _ ' t , -' •' - -- . . -„ - '.*'«•'- ' ' *l * w -----» - ^ —— - -^ *. j,-, ^ V ^ *.*,. i -- , : ' » ' "T™^ I ** *4»»*JW* >*•* fr*J*Uf»*MK * MIW\-*V 4|| 9i,l\t ITlttr4 Mlohlaane Kwo r 63,, uncle of Umpovor for. extended roorganUation of tho burst into full eruption, throwing lava of prospective liuyers, At present, t4jo TUrohltp f a,ntt a-ynember of Uie House federal government/ which autoinatl- to enormous hoightB. TI»e unlnter- suhdard OH Com punyi'.'of 'California r* f- §"• f^ f*^*ft •«••••' p j • ' •* • • • ••» » A t ••• •^ m ' *A>.«* ^. . r*l J ^. ^1 I .^ ^ •* _ _L • * • 41 _. al . __ J . _'- •_< *••*' • ' I - _»>^_ A.'^. jft ^.l__^_. '. .^..__^_A| ^. • .1 A . . *• *, ** j* * 1 _ _ » _ _ . : - . ^ _ . ' _. t * • * •'• .-, f of 'Pec'ra for a ' '. r*'j- of yetira, dloU •blood cloti---•••,: :v >-,'- *.'•: J. J» =1 r- :n oaJUjr ;; UHls, th,e>, •prupotfulet;,. ^Tlio ypty f^'^-^ fupfed-Wow woniptlmos shoots 3000 to Jmu a ;bld : qr$33,000,900: boi»« f '- IVV ' vw.»» feot into u croU'by crcdltorfl. (United Prtns Leased Wire) WAHHINOTON. Jan. Jfl.—Medical HClence IR expected to announce soon the perfection of a narcotic drug derivative which Is more effective In relieving pain than morphine or heroin, the United Presfc learned today. Tills g—dllaudld—IR being rttudled hy tho United States Public Health Service «• ,• *• •** • •*•**•• i« I ^IIIVDU out ten c-uuuu xi.t;iiiiii at-i VIUB JnvCStlRatlOn, However, Will |and leading clinics throughout the na- Be Resumed in Senate on • . . - -. ; - February 6 n LATC BULLETIN SACRAMENTO, Jan. 1». (A. P.) The StntU Invtrtlgatlng committee return td Ute today IU consideration of leasing . negotiation! Director of Finance Rplland V«n- degrlft madt for a building In San Francisco. tlon. German and v Swlat scientists al- rtady have made remarkable clalma for dflaudld. Several high- ranking German doctors have aald dllaudld Is-not habit.forming. - • *• •„••'. Recent exparlments at tho Mayo Brothers* ollnlo have shown dllaudld to be especially "valuable in obstetrical ciisefl, and In prblnniced trcatmentH of cancer and painful disorders of Intestinal tissue. A report received by Harry,J. Ang- Hlliiffor, commissioner of the fed oral bureau of narcotics, from tho Mayo was abruptly halted until the end of the first half of the present session. "cousin" of heroin. It dl-hydro-morphlne (United Press Leased Wire) CaUt., Jan. 19.—The Senate /comriilttee's - investigation of | clinic stated Ihnt •'dllaudld In one- today | B ixth the dose of morphine proves as effective." Thin afternoon's meeting will be the I chSKlfy is until February 6, It M-as an- Ihydrochlorlde.", *.„!_.— • «. • • ;.. i "DUaud|d may be Jyst the thing T«.,,™. cnal ' mnn ° f the committee, medical science is aenrchlug so earn- Ininan'B statement was made after Lstly for/' Angsllnger told the United the committee ,was accused of being a Press "fishing expedition with no flwh" Ijy "Very little of tho druir has been Senator Roy Fcllom, San..Syanelirito. miuiuftwlurad In this country; perhaps who demanded a progress report from 120 ounces the group. ."The manufacture of heroin has been prohibited In this .country •Ince 192t, but bonded stocks •till on hand total about 200 ounces. The aale of heroin will be unlawful In answer, Inman denied the wona- were "fishing" and said bf'whafhajd been acuompllshed was ImpOHslble, Inasmuch as y no single phase of the inquiry had been completed. "I may say, however, that In reference to the San Francisco state building annex, the committee may be able to submit a report that will nave tho once these legitimate supplies are exhausted." Angslinger said the sale of dllaudid not bo barred, although it la a until conclusive "The report as a whole will be worth many timca what the work of the commlttoti will cost the state." D orenz, Famous f -. f * , Surireon in U. S. A (Associated Press Leased Wire) NKW VOUK. Jan, \9.—Dr. Adolph Ix>renv5, aged-Viennese practitioner of bloodloiMH Hurger}*, arrived here, today bemoaning tho fact he cannot do for the humaji brain what he can do for the body, * ''All my life," said tho famous 77- y oar-old doctor. "It haw been u mutter of llj»b straightening. J£i/w unfortuit- Uiat there IH nut ulao a method Iglitenlng out the brulna of for man. Emb Bill f Arm (Ansootated Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 30,—The Senat* late today approved a resolution . . to permit Preml^«nt Hoover to. place offer to drop the proposed IncluHlon of • . . • b . V A A k ^b ^ h t ^ ^_ _ ^ ^. • - M. — . JAPANESE LIFT ON U. S. AND SOVIET (United Prc*n Leased W\re) GENEVA, Jan. liX—.litpan offered today to Include the United State* and Hussin in future uffortH at vuuclllatlon of * the Mandiurtan dispute, prnvlded the LoHgue of Nations drop the policy of nniirecognttlon of the now JlanchurUn ntate of Mauchoukuu. YuHoke MntHuokn, chief Japanese dolegate, told Haul (fymaiiB, preHldeut of the loajfijfl'.H committee uf IU, that Jupuii would "swallow HUNMJU and tliu United StHtoH" HH I'diiellfutoi'M, if tlio nonrecognltlon prupusal of the t'ommll- tee's redolutlou were deluted. The Japanese proposal \V»B regurded as the answer to the lentrue'K niovo late yesterday In iHHuing an ultimatum demanding JupHiiene aoreptuiu-e of the main pnlntH of the leugue'H con- ctllntlon program. • The Japanese delegation WHH "caught off base* 1 by tUe committee's dramatic ^& __ to Co-operate M 1933. by Unltid Presi) OSCOW. 'Jan. 19,—Soviet Russia has banished to the frozen north the entire population of three southern villages aa exemplary punishment for failure to co-operate with the government's program of increased agricultural production. The order for this'wholesale deportation applies to every man, tvoman and child in an area which, according to the J92» census, has u population of 45,000. Tho Cossack villages involved are Poltavskaya, Med- vyedevsky and Urupskaya In the Kuban, region along the Black sea, Stripped of Lands Their lands will be given to members of the red army, to war veterans and other loyal elements, who will be instructed to transform the region Into a model, completely Sovletlzed productive district. The extreme action of authorities in the Kuban region, which was no't even recorded In the Moscow press, apparently was In line with the recent^ decree which went into effect on Sunday Itr Moscow and other large cities, designed to effect an enforced shifting of surplus urban population to the soli. Forced Into Siberia By a • system of identification papers and passports, .thousands of "socially undesirable" families, and thi>«o suspected of failure to fit, into, the Soviet regime, will be forced into Siberia where their labor will be useful to the raw production phases of the second 6-year plan, rather than the industrial. They will be put to work on farms and in mining and lumbering districts. Tho thousands of peasants who poured In to tho cities to escape tho collectivization system of farming, wljl lie driven back to' the land. Former land owners, merchants, priests, aristocrats und other "iiHollectuals" already have been pouring out of the cities, hoping to find refuge in smaller towns before they are caught In tlio web of the decree. The migration from Kuban, however, Is the only buch drastic mass movement yet recorded. It was revealed by (Continued on Page Two) ' • an embargo on - the exportation of the United States and RuHHla In future negotiation*, if Japan wpuld act-apt the rest of the program. IOWA RATIFIES LAME-DUCK DBS MOllNES, Jan. 10. (A. P.) RAIL STRIKE LIKELY .„„ . IX>NDON, Jan. 19. (U. P,)—A strike the conntitutlonul umendmont aliolibh- of railway employes of tho major uf Cuiigrti&j. I British llnoa appuured likely , ,U;duy Iowa today wont on record UH ratifying lug "liwne; duck" Tfca ptaio HOUHO'of UepresonliaivoH I after the NatUmaJ Union or^tuifway approved the ttujewUmoiit todu,y whilu Men refused to accopt wage r.*Uuc-> ncUa favorably yesterday. Ulous approved by the railway owners. tliu .1 » ; - + L , J ^ Kv it r. * * 1.1 9 ' .*>L* -»-& t'f* ' F -i' &\ -i i L P t H I - J" ^ J . I BPRtNGDA

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