Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 7, 1928 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1928
Page 3
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'r'. • --- ~~ ' ~ ~ THE lOIA DAILY REGIiyrER. SATURDAY EVE^G . Mrs. Marvin Holeman. who has been suffering from an abscess of She ear. Is reported improving. —Special reductions on Pants is month. Wc make them, $7.00. The Tailor... ^Jiss Edna King, a teacher in" the Salin.a schools, will return to her schoal work tomorrow after spending two weeks here with iier mother. Mrs. Sarah Kins, of 705 South street. See the new series Pontiac: Six: at! Hobart Motor Co. Mr. anil Mrs. "GeorRe Korr left r>u the-noon train today for Tulsa. Pkia.. to visit their sou, Dea^i- Kerr and family. ' —You win profit by feeding Humboldt's Rest I.,ayinR Mash. For Bale at the Sturdy ChiA Jlatehery. Mr«. O. n. Noal.'who has lipcn a KU «Mt [Of .Mrc. .1. A. TompkiliM. rt'iurned lochiy lo hor home in Humboldt. * • • « ! KKEE: FKFK: \\'ith oai-li purthiisf , of $1 or more of 'lOLOK.V i 'KACOCK TOILKT ARTICLKri we will civo citii'T a jar <if Vaiii.«liinpr Cream or a jar «f Ci<•a^''iIl^ .Cream. Death of John Keys. John Keys, aged 83 years, died at 7 o'clock last night at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J. A. Settlemeyer, at Xorthcott. west of Colony The funerial service will be held a' the Adams & Hesser chapel Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Burial will take place In Geneva Comc- ter>*. . —Feed your layiug hens Jlum- boldt's Best Laying Mash: only n .M per 100 lbs. at the Sturdy Chick Hatchery. Fred Chard, of 419 North Sycamore street, is improving his Home liy remodeling his front porch and walk. land Special Snnda} dinner at I'»HI Hotel, 05c. Honrs, 13:1.-. to i .Mr. and 'Mrs. Paul noblDKon. of Springfield. Mo., who have been vibiling since ChriHtmas with Mrs Uohinson'ii mother, .Mrs. Anna Hamilton. 'iO'j South Chcstnul Htrci'l. will return home tomorrow —"Van's Bread."" good as ever. , Mr.H. G. X. WVokly. of Chlilicothe .Mo., who has littn visiting her mother, .Mrs. C. F. .Moore, of 60.1 South ..Fefferson avenue, for the • finst two week.'', returned lioiiu- lo. day. ' -yO. .!>. Cox, .M D. Specialist, Eye, Ear. Xose and Throat. .Mr. and .Mr.x. T S. Daniels U-ft j>oi!ay for .Moiiue. Illinois, to visit .Mr. Daniels'.s sister. .Mrs. Hannah IKace. j „-\Vhy cook Siiiiilay dinner at • . *'h6nip whon .von can get a 'honie- ....... V ^ t «. r . I cooked" chiiken dinner at Lcw- . — ' man 's Cafe. I). T. -N'asli. MM ol<l solilier. wlio j — lias bfcn very ill ut the Soldiers | Miss Daisy Hamilton, of Kansas Home all^avenwortli..was hrouslitj City, who has been Visiting her mother. .Mrs. Anna Hamilton. 209 South Chestnut street, since Christmas, returned home this afternoon —For Real E.state Loans see the Seonrltj-, Blrtir. & Loan .trisoriatlon, tola, KsJ Office in First Natl. Bank. Mrs. .i .e. Litlrt'll and son Junior, of 410 West Madison avenue went to Ottawa on the early morning train for a short visit with relatives. [ to lola today on the noon train and wa<? taken to the home of Mrs. W. B; Kesfer, 21S South Burkeyo street, where he will be cared for. . He was accompanied by his dairgh- ter, Mrs. ROSQ Walker, of Arkaii- pas City. Another daughter. Mrs. Pearl Rose, of Winfield. is also here. We know Bakery Products • . are good. But Have . : You ' Tried Ours? VAN HOOZER'S. "Ilpboilion,'' the great jprize novel hy 'iiauii-l • Howe Farniiam. .daughter of Ed Howe, of the .\tehi- .=on Globe, now at the Ihia riiblit; l>ibrary: won the Dwid. Mead-ric-i ; torlal ReView pi-ize for the best Tiovel submitted in 19i«. It Is not Z^.sf another novoi^ of the flapper •era. Its roots scanh deeper into llife than that it is a poignant . jdram.a of the inevital/le;-revolt of • one generation from thit" which nurtured and preceded It, an affecting story of age wliich loves ^l»ut will not understand, and of 'youth which long perfnially for 'Dew scenes and is impatient of re- Etraint. ' ' i —Dtae at 'the Saunter Inn Sunday, Jan. 8; baked chicken, roast goo .se. with all the trimmins. .'.i>r vpet plate. Tomorrow is the anniversary of .the Battle of .New Orleans, fought j fion of ili • KourHh /(istricf.^ corn- in 1815. atiwhich A few frD 'htier."-. prisinir 17 loiiiiii's in smi.ilie'astern men under the command of .\ndr|w ; and .•;OUIII'MU ltan»as. will hold its Jackson defeated a large force i-i , annual meeifnii in I!iirlin::tuii next British professional soldiers. The j Tluir.sddv. January I:; .\ number • battle was fought nearly a ni'inth lot tbi.*officials of Allen county c.x- • after peace had lie^n declared. But | pect lo attend. The (|U-stioii;« to there no caliie oi- radio or even 'be diiefly disriissed will be roads. •steomsliips in ilios.- ilays and news • ta.\es and the niw primary law. travcli'd t ^lduly. STANDING GUARD OVl^R JANUARY 7. 1928. PAGE THREE Chaaute Trlliune: About the bus-; lest place in town now is the city light plant. A. half dbzen crews of workmen are i ^talllng the new 500 horse powr ^r 'boiler. do (ng the boiler brick work, renovating the plan^. and making a plac^ tor tbe new tiirblne. a 1.500 KW machine, will be here" between Fobru- .:ry 15 and March 1. —Give Hnmboldtfs Best Laying Mash a trial. Sold at the Sturdy Chick Hatchery. , Mrs. J. M. Rowdcn. wlw has been ill of bronchial ' pneumonia since November 1. is reported improving. - Special tnrkey, iroose and cbick- rn dinner Sni^a}, noon and ere nlnt', at Kelley Hotel, 50c and 75c. Betty Lou. daughter of Mr. and .Mrs. Paul Rowdeo. of Colorado Springs, who underwent a tonsil- lectority operation alst week, is reported as recovering nicely. —nr. A. B. Twadell. Osteopath. .Vew Globe BIdg. Phone 191. ; . SeveiJteeiJ new meml>cr8 were adtnittc^l at a Security Benefit as- Kocialion meeting at K. of P. hail laift night. Mem1>ers were present from Chanute, Humboldt. La- Ilurpe uid Plqua. The Chanute- Humiwldt orchestra furnished music for a dance following the meeting. .Mrs. Art Oliver has secured a rcser\-alion at tlie Security Benefit hospital at Topeka and will leave .Monday to have her ^ eyes treated. J Yesterday was a happy one for Ix )u Hershey, acrobat for Sparks' circus, who winters with friends here. Hershey has as his guest hero his brother. 'M. D. Hershey, of Colorado. It is the fourth meeting of the brothers since they were children. M. n. Hershey. who is interested in mining property on a Colorado rancl}. will remain here fot two weeks after which he will go east OR business 'connected• with his nropert}-. He then will return to Colorado to resume mining operations. The Allen Center circle met Thursday for an all-day meeUng i,the vocational agriculture dep.-irt-j „,g ,ioveUv i>f b.iliK out with .Mrs. J. E. Hunter. Piecing i ment, gave the club members som« ' THE S-1 DEAD NEWS NOTES OF MILDRED .Hany. Faniilj IhrLstmas and Xew Year's Dinners and Ont-of- Town Visitors. Dnrtni? HoJIdays. ! • • . Florence and Uncle George Rnxton spent Thursday with Mr. and Mw. Alphus Rogersl" . There was no church Sunday on account of the inclement weather. Reginald Pabor of Kansas- City spent the holidays with the Sinclair's. Little Shirley Ray Is on the sick list. f- ' .Mr. and Mrs.. Hollis Kimzey of •Miss Grace West who Iia.s spent: *^'""nett ale New Year's dinner with the holidays with'her parents. Mr. j '"^./'^ Mrs. Elmer Phillips. . -,„i ,M..o i: 1 II-' . . J '•'d Canfield was here from. and'Mrs. Lincoln West returned to Oklahoma and spent ChrlstnUa her siIiQol work in Turji«^ Sun- uith Mr.-;. Lena Sinclair and bis' ''"i;: .„ • I.childrtn. r JlTrl jif^-ftf"!^",,^!,''''"''"-"' ami Mrs. Preston Patterson ,":f.,'i ^'=!'5P^' ^'t\'- land Mina Lucille went to '.Moline tlie Holidays at', home. .They left Sunday for i^rajtt. .Miss Florence Riixlon and Opal Heath .spei'it the holidays- at their homes and left.i^unday fpjr the districts in which jthey teafch. Ronald Sinclair spent ;tlie holidays witli relatives in i'otony. Jlisa Emma Long spohlithe holi- .Monday.aftcrnoou and visited until Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. Firila Sniall. ' Mrs. .ilildred Davis and Miss £a- leta Isaac spent several days last week with .Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Lock in Tola. •Mrs. Clarence Isaac and family and Preston. Patterson and fam- The lirst three bodies lo be takenJ^rom tjie sunken huFl sled, tlag-dtaped, his lost comrades. e .submarine S-4 are sliown above as they re;t;;;i."fl;.gMUype;i:o«".i;edeckof rt^^ S. S. Bush„eli:at| l.,|vM.cetown. Mnss. A sarior stands gnani -oV | -^^j^ ^^jgl's;^'j^J^f » days in the home of -her uncle, i and I'reston, i-auersou auu i«iu- I'rof. Luncefoni at-Ott.-iw». / i attended a family dinner at Will .Miss Liston visited hei parents ; Wrtghfs: in .Moran LMonday. in Aliamont during ihe-hdHdays. .MLss .Meribetli Ater returned Saturday from Driimright.: Oklahoma I where she .spertt the holidays with I her cousin. J. P. Ellis anil fa in 11 y. j moved on Lillic Moore's farm. . Tliecia Tholen sjientf {lie .., ..nd \tra ATiiIIen and dauzh- pas.^ week witlj Relatives Tin. Hum- ' 'l^r ^'St ?^.S!Ss J ,, ' , J,. , . , ; I with relatives in Blue Mound. .Mr. and .Mrs; Ira .N'oi-ton enter- Don Ray and family spent Christmas with reiaUves at Garnett. Charles Burrows and family have JOLA DAILY ABSTRACT January S. 102S. \ F. S. Bennett and wife Lizzie .V. \ to Alfred W. Martin, lot 5. block :5. McDoirald'a Addition to lola. $S0O. Jennie .Gerberick.' et al. to Georgia C. Pendle. lot T>. block 25, Humboldt City. $'.tOO. Club Iteonranlzes. The Vocational Agricult met Friday for the e cers for the coming y< officers are: Jack Cam; idenl; Thomas Coblentz. ident; Ray Conger, secretary and 'Fireman Savie Child" at the Kelley lot rice alone, built and launc j Davis of Kansaj; City who Is spend- I ing her vacatiim at the ;i)arefflal Due hunared ships j j,^^,. Jlainty r€?freshments .•heil ri>r the sea i ^^.^.^g serve-,!; "Those prestjnt were. ily .spent Sunday wiih relatives in .Moran. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Keetoa and Dean spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Simion Morrow in Kansas City. Mr. Keeton returned Xton- day but Mr."?. Keeton and Dean remained until Thursday. fight between the Roman and pi-, Mrs. .Mildred Davis. Mt:. and -Mrs.! "'^jr a„d Mrs Will AVright of rate navi.-.s. Jerusalem restored , jj jr.; Mr. and .Mrs. Pres-^ " • for Important sequences in .story Patterson.^Ir. and"-Mrs. Ciar- Procession of Roman Power-Tri- 1 g^,^. ^y^rren, and VaugfinHunsak- uniph of .•\rrius—Grove of Palms— j •.^ Uniph UL -•Mtiii^—vji*j »f yfk i tfiMi.-i^— t ^j. The Court of Pilate. A reverend I ;,„,,„ voungberg spent ?he holi- Ipicturization of history's nuglitiest. ,^^.3 hisi brother and sister j events:, l.nOO .'MiO leet .of negative; ; . I-;iugh-thrills will bk'till'order of je.\i>o.sed and S.i0.uui> feet of posi-i cjaiV wils-m-aud Mi ~3 Lu'.u Sny-i This picture has been treasurer; Wkco Greathouse, club greatest anil funiiies reporter. J^"^-. "«^',;"7'^^^^^^^ complies, btit 11. ha.,., ,.,„j .„ ^.^.i,,,,,, „„ „.ip to Kan-! roads near Wicii'.t;i was home for ; j,r and Mrs. West took F. I- B. LEAVELL, 3fu D. Special attention given Dis- earea of Colon and Hectum. Electro-Physiotherapy Office lola. State Bank Bldg. Phones—147 audi 705 (i. W. Iiowden. , lif southeast of lola. is spending the winter with hi.s .son, J. si-. Rowden and family. . — Try our drive In battery and tit-e service during this cold weather. Bollinger Service Station. • Enclosing a clieck in payment for the; robinding of a Bible. .Miss Lillian R. Sherwmjii. of Yates Center reinarkeil, "I am well pleased with your work." The work was done by Andrew Wilson, binder at the Register. —Dr. .Montgomery. Chiropractor. ; lola Laundry Bldg. Plione 138. The. County (nficlals" .-XsKocia- quilt blocks was the work of, the day. At noon a sumptuous dinner was served b .V; the hostess.. At :j o'clock the meeting was called to order by the vice-president. Roll call was answered with a Bible verse. Roll call next time will be a funny story. At the close of the meetrtag. the ^liib had their usual Christmas grab bag which was enjoyed by all. Next ipeeting will be an all-day meeting wlUi Mns. Geo. Johnson,. January 12. Those attejiding were: Mrs. Pleen- er. .Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Drake. Mrs. Fox. Mrs. Roedei; Mrs. Nlemeyer.: Martha and .Jr.. .Mrs. Harold RenUr lierg and Edwin. Mrs. Rose. Eralyn and Virginia. .Mrs. Clarence Turner. Alma an^ Betty. Mabel Morrow. I .A >is and Francis Smith. Pauline. Maxine and Nadirie Roedei. valuable points oh how to make the club a better organization. Several nej*- rules were made. .Mrs. Kenneth Foust went to Kansas City today to spend the weekend with her sisfer. Mrs. Shiriey Carter. . J . , .sas .Citv. those rare productions in whidi | .Messrs. Sh-.ii' .. the spectator is caVrled hrough ••'.••n.l.'Chamber-; are cutting wood in succession of heart-sijopp ng 'h'il!.-- jjr. I'ow <drs timber, while being convulsed w tli l.iUgh- .M- and Mrs. James Lane of Kd- i ter. . ; I _ [ _ ii;bnr^. Tex:is. came to spend the I shots ever photographed Mrs. G. L. Calvert ami two children. Junior and Betty Ruth, of^ Kansas Citv. are here for a several era were taken, weeks visit" with their parents and' The rescyes made grandparents. Mr. ^nd Mrs. M Wright, of the Weather Bureau. Irepid lire-lighters. ton. involve some e3c |:.eiii igly risky V. iindcrs at dai gers tliey uls Ml by. tlie comliict ! work, but while Or.' W. R. Colvin. who \k now livinp i tbeir daring and on the W. n. McKihney farm eight miles southwest of lola. has leased tlie C. .\. Swiggett farm, cast of plqua. for Ave years and will lake possession .March first. .Mr encounter, he is coir ludicrousness of \ tiieir eril even iij the midst of i ! suit is: one of the ni' j liumorous lilnis evi »r Colvin and .Mr. Swiggett will op- 1 Kdward Sutherlahil rlyl<' si lifjiil have this afternoon and afterward came ] j-piy^rj^jtv of Kansa .s. to the Register office where they; were .shown just how^ ai new^spaper in made. The members Included: Ray Overman. Clair Dee Wilsoii. Cecyl AVilson. Effle Bremer. Grace Ross. Ruth Gard. Jo Ann Adams. b°l Bricker. Lena Bell Stickle. Klva Stickle, Irwin Tippin. .lohn Wilson. Ralph Remsberg. George Remsberg. Rav-mond Baker.-Mrs. Carl Overman. Mrs. S: E. Ross and Carl G. lies. iicitics oi atti>li turret •Fireimn „p g;,,,,^. ..f b.i.-kethall. Kenned.v, -^j;.^^ C^^., K >ont,f ap.-l .Miss """Ghidvs W -L -ein-!. teachers in the .roininent Mhool«. visited in Carlyle Uliirin'.: vacation. , . . -Mis.-- Kooiitz Mr.s. C. S. Bishop, of :{02 No, ;h ,"Ben-Hur" To, Qpch at ;ding of her ncd.. Sycamore street will go to Kaiisarj city in the morning to spend tiire< • ^lays with her son. Fred Bishop iiteiiii-'d ll;e wed• V, .lohn llamilto'i ' Elite: Theaite^ l^onday/'f^^f-^-^- second •-•rade at Fred will appear on tlie 'Loew-! Dean Overman. Max Overman. Ma- |;Mi,iiand program three <lays next}} i week. heginning^Sunday. Today's Event.s. The British Parliament will assemble today for its new session. F. CREW Ph.vsirlan and Snruoon Eve Ear. Nose and Throat Glasses Fitted 2<i S. Washington, lola Office phone S:;9:Re.';. H.'-O —Wc pay 6'- on Eiill Paid and | piftv-five years ago today saw *; I'lstallmeui Stock. The best invest-. beginning of a terrible snow- •iment. the best method to save. ij.,orni. in Minnesota, which Caused • i .Secnrlfy Bldv'. A Loan Association, Li,e loss of 70 live.-'. •! lola, Kansas. j The; twenty-eighth annual National .Vutomobile show, the first big motor car show of the year. , * i "I have been a subscriber to the • ' Register for SI years." writes W. V" Office phone S29:Res. ll.'.a • 31. Hanna. of .Moran. enclosing his >. 7 ••*«>•*«*.*«.«. . siiheck for another year, "and it — i;seems like the' paper lias become .lolin W.' Bustard, of .Vew Ho.-ton 'a positive necessity in this family." : Illinois, is visiting in liie home of] Which is precisely what it set out - his.'lirother and wife. -Mr. and .Mrs • P.atil Bustard. 4ir. Sontli Jefferson . avenue. •to be: _If you want to pity or build. ' citv or suburban property. The lola Building & I-oan Associaiion will • make you a loan, low interest rate ] : no coiiimission. See G. ii. Pees . Secretary, at old Register building ' southwest corner of square. • -Specitil Cliirken Dinner iMin- day al .Kr:iu>e's Cuie. This is anotiier reminder to all-j lola men wlio like to hear a good talk, full - of information which they cannot get out of newspapers or books, and entertaining as well, that just such a talk will be.heard by all who attend the Current Topics meeting at the Kelley Hotel next Monday evening. Every man In Allen county is welcome to-attend this meeting — and the aKfonishlng thing to those who attend refiularly is that every man wlio can possibly do it does come to every meeting of the Ciir- —Dr. Lucy K I '.-l-'on. Chlroprac-! rent Topics cliib. .\|| that is nec- tor. Norlliruii Itbi.-; I 'lioiio jcssary Is to. call, tlie hotel or call | 2S« and say yoii will be there.' Mr. aiKl .Mi-. IAJIII-- -V.'a!!- iH 'l; Tlicn bring 50 cents to pay for your ! soil. Louis. Jr.. went to KanHa.-> t.'lty' T .'i < cut meal. There ought to be j ; this Sfteriioon to spend a lew dayc-lat least 100 men out to this next | Mrs. J. A.Spanglcr. of 21* .North F* street, left on the: noon train today for .Maple illll. called by the Illness of her grandson. Robert" Gene, the veai :in<l a hjilf old son of .Mr. and'MI ^ It, L. Tweedy, who Is O.uiti^ ill ot ~< irl. » l-ver. Wlien it wa.s a n ^vi written by tkncrall in 1S8U. has lu-en ill I aw forty-five years. Tr: ten different langu:;gt) to be translated info When it was a pfay was first produced" a*; a! play No- .Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Collins, who spent. Christmas and the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Allison, of 402 South Walnut street, left this! ^.-'n^^,^, J, t," morning for th«ir home in .Musko-!''"*'"*^"" '^^IV P '0 :"J«'»>'; gee, Oklahoma. ; Theatre, New ^orl;. |whexe it ran I , foi- forty wcek.s. It ; road for lwenty-i\vc . Coffeyville Journal: Tii.> |i >!a ,seasons' autl gross<;d Register has inaugurated a "Fifty i million iViollars. T .h< Years? Ago" column and is putting one company on the. sliipendousnes.-* 0| tibii. It played for will be opened today in New 'iTork City. ' The Siiecial Senate Campaign Funds committee has set today for resuming its inqujr.v Into the election of Frank L. ISmlth as United States senator from Illinois. ' Delegates representing the orth-. odox wing of the Zionist movement In America, will gather • in New York City today for' the .Mizracbi national convention. some highly Interesting reading matter'therein. The Journal for. . . some months has been running a at the Drury Lane ,Tl "Forty Years Ago" list of local ^"'^ "ver.ic news items land it has proven one of the most interesting features the paper ever published. There are enough! folks here now^ whp were boy.s.'and girls forty years a.go to make the items highly Interesting — and sometimes embarrassing. The men don't seem to care so much, but—well, there are folks who don't like for the world to know they were ten. fifteen or eighteen years of age forty years ago; • don with an averag $27,000 a week. Facts about' th.; screen version has be in the liiaking. On half spent in RoiOe jiictiiie: Th» n1 iree years yt ar and a i on historical sites and another year ii^d a half ; filming^ scenes at -MKroiC.oldwyn- Mayer studios. Culvcjr C5ty. Calif. Film premier Deceir lier! .30. 192.n. at the George .M. .iCiihari Theatre. .New York. One himflred| and .fifty thousand' people pJiiijl0 ,V '|d In' picture—100.0000 in tlje lAntloch* char- ' with Mrs..Walls's parents. Mr. and '/ Mrf, 1>. E. ShocVey. . '^—Dr. 3. T. Rdd, Surgery and * .X-ray. Phone 357. Through the courtesy of Con- '-':gressman Guyer the Register has ' received a voluntie of 750 pages en!; titled "Heariijps Before the Com• mittee on Flood Control House of Representatives." It is a discussion of the problem of controlling ' the floods in the Mississippi valley by a hundred or more men. most • of whom knew nothing about it ex- 1' cept that" the floods ought to be :' controlled,.but some of whom had given the problem really exhaust- y Ive and well trained study. The 'j Tolsme will be placed in the- city ': library where it may be consnlted c by anybody interested In the question. meeting. ^corner, iicclainied of the i.Norwoixi Roberts I .Ian. f>. Merilietli .Vpiii^fiate gav-. Moran and tl^eir son. Ray of Chicago, spent one. evening last week • witli Mr. and Mrs. Preston Patterson. . Delbert Holeman of Kansas City spent last week with his cousin, i Eugene .Aliller. Mr. and .Mrs. Ed Hite entertain- with a and Mrs. and Mrs. Mina Lu-Vorton and ' Kan:-:as Citv Fridav. ' V Vernon T ^hf ^r ^^l ^l^'^k^'^; of ! .New Year's. , ' them-home in the car Monday. Mrs. lljg.!.'jnl)(,tliam • Mr. and .Mrs.. Hubert Brown and , _\dam3 accompanied thein in Kansas cIiililr-:-n returneil Sunilay from I visite<l relatives spending the week wfth relatives , c-unday. in Glenco and. Stillwater. Okia. | Richard Sfhclair spent several iv :i cam- by those in- ery and Jlat The ga.s in Ca[i -lyle fioz. n up. ! Kosco Lewis- retjirned to f .ulii- [ ,ia^.^ Kincaid last week, i cothe. -Mo.. Sunday. Where he is r Charles Horde and family have ai attending business college. ; returned froih Kan.«?as City where e all etliics ver .se to; .Mr.s. GeorgeMVorks and sons, • j,,p^. ^^^.^x. the holidays with rela- i * .MiKs Lorelta niamon.i. I'aj Hogun jj^.^. . School Notes. School began Monday after a i week's vacation. In the production's bi ; sctMies ,ij„:j,|avs with the Kinser's. which is said to have Kj -n pro- 1 Kverv morning duced on a more Ijivish/: cale iha" : s«lir,ol we liav cither of its predece.-ison . "Behind the Front" and "W^>'re in the .'<avy, fourth, fifth ami si-\th ; and L:iwrehce P^ooper, of HiimboUit .Now." some of tli.? ino^jt daring .^^ra.ies of the sd ool an- g<)ing to i were hei-e'for, the , program the Iiaie a contest inj geourapii.v. school gave Christmas. ••r was • Ijirraiiif Wing from school tf> i: funcr.'il Tuesday : It siiow;ed Kriiltiv and ib< ;ire p|;:ying Fox ami Gies< Marj.^rle Hill has k-nf th< I he t'c- yjijiiyi credit fla^Uor two w>' has-been Jike Ryan who works at Cha-| i.auiine Miller c>f Belfry haa en: nuie spejit New Year'.s at Iiorae. ; [f;xeA the sixth grade. xinse<l| Mr. Isaac nrjir.v. Verlv an'dCenel j5„rrows, from Ozark has t;ond his aunt's' who have been visiting retative.>? L .jjjppp^ f],g first grade, fternoon. j 'here reliiri;.-d to their home in I Several of the .plant.<? in the boys , Sliawnee Saiui'>lay. j Cliristine Hitril.v sp.'iit Ihe week-^ j.a,:,,,, iidi-Und with VioUi Dean.; jli,.]. ! schoo Iroom froze during the va- hinond will play the town St i-xcitlngly| .Monday tnorniiig th'-. ink wis ""''>'• i frozen at scliool so tliaf we couldn 't • write at the regular time. Thi'^ '-iiioiv storm mailc the trains ;iat.- iii Carly'e. The giHs-f>t.C: director, and cojustruclor capi s, ; Ml-, an.I Mrsjc. E Ly. k and Paul, ,,.an, j,, a gameof basketball here all ! tiavis of lola .>ipeiit Suhrlijy al Clar- j .ja„t,ary 11. P>rery 1: 'file novel. •" Wallace i feller fori nshited into 1 s; fjirsl;novel Araiiic. I iBen-Hiir • , enrolled in the hool this week. ence Isaac's. •body 1-s urged to aitciid as the proceeds will go to Klov.l Wilsoji and f-iinily visited T'a^. ^„ „,e balance due 'on the r.-latives at Fi'edonia'last week, i pia'no Francis andJE.iith Nevitt tinted I j„ni„r piav has beeii post-' I.I.Ien McCoy ft Ki:ica4.i lasfweek. i ^ j^ter date. T!uy came ho-he Sunda.v. . the children are studying for Llo.vd .Sinclair and family si.ent; (j,eir bi -monthly tesU?. Friday at .-Mmi-Walker's. \ IJernico anil Wallaf^ Brown I , • ^f-nt tlie holidiiy witii (.;rand-' Turkish coffee is not all. coffee, ma Hubert at •Kincaid. i Throughout the east coffe is mixed ".Mr. and .MrvN. W; Lord of Kan- j with large quantities of barley or sas'City v.ereiat George Ruxton's rye meal, which makes it thick, Siiiiday of last'v.-eek. j and prevents it from exciting the Mr. and ^r.-f fJeorge .Kuxton and nerves too much. - laypd on thi cinset-inive about seven re kvas only loll r bl-caii-'e of V thk- produc- wenty weeks eat^e in Lon- buslncs.s' of Conden.scd Statement of the Security Building & Loan Asspcia^on lOLA, KANSAS At the cl<>sc of business December 31, 1027. RESOr.RCBS Cash in Bunk ~ --'-$ 12.756.74 Real FTstate Loans' i.- 29S.850.OO Real Estate Owned ... . 430.11 - Total ...-$312.036 85 GROWTH IN.ASSETS i Opened :fur Bn.slness .Hay 9, 19^4 June. 11). li«t . « n^-^^&Vl Dec, 31, 1921 47,S06J)6 June 30, 19i5 . ..... l.... 71,394.21 Dec. 31, 1925 . 126,127.«4 June .10, 1926. - 127,»6.47, D^c. 3li 1926 - : 217,16SJ« Jiine SO. 192;L :.-.j-„.. iTlfiMM Dks. 31, 1927 3134n&8y I,IAT!lLITf:S Instalment Stock -' .Full Paid Stock Prepaid Stock Rural Credit Full Paid Sto.k Permanent Stock Fndivlded Profits : Accrued Interest On Stock (Reserve Fun IT Reserve for Taxe.-; _.--• Contingent Fund -J : : Due Borrowers 243i):.O.i»0 'S, )SS.50 ISoO.Ort. ejrino.'fip 5U2.57 . SST.87 251.6.'; 440 .9? 422.97 Total .-..-1312 This statement is correct. HORACE L. MILLER. Secretaily. 036.S5 COUPR SPORT ROAOSmt SPORT CABRIOLET «.IXX« SEDAN 8FORT LANDAU SEDAN 'Everything NeAf—aiid still you get the 6-cyKm/^per7ormanc^ thdt made it famous** • \ —HARMON HOBART. That's the amazing thing about f^e New Series Pontiac Six! It is ctmi- pletely new in style. Its power h?s been greatly increased. Its luxury, safety, handling case and convtf^* ience have beiin inuneasurably c>n-. hanccd. Yet itoflfe^thesamewoncl^r' fiii depen^bility and six-cylinder sniloothneM so largely responsible for Pcintiac's Recess ill the past. Look at the list of '/eaturc s. That tells you ottly partof the utory! Come in- arid your eyes will tell you the rest! New Fisher Bodies' New Fenders New GMR Cylinder Head New Fuel Pump New Crankcase Ventilation New Carburetor New Four-W%el Brake^ y,S^^es NewHpnifoldSandMuffler New and Greater Pow^, New &ots-Flow Radiator New Thermostat New If ater Pump New thstrument Panel New Ciiiocidental Lock • New Dash GasoHtta Gaufe New Stop-Litht •New CUftch , New Steerini Gear New Frame New Axles. New WhoA Hobarl Moibr Co. 210-212 N. WASHINGTON 'PHONE 865 -1 Ji.

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