The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 12, 1958 · Page 11
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 11

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1958
Page 11
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ANNIE _*, BlTf HOW CAN flMWNi TWENTY YEflW C<m CHW6TMA6. SHALL WB QO IN? M/CHILD? W HAVtl > THAT 0.0 YELLOW TRAINER HAS A wit* OPEN REAR COCKPIT... HEfc WOSR.IN0 AROtlNP OVE* THB FIELDS MAYK US CANY fiETUPfiNOUSHeilTiS TO DO WHAT HE HAP PLANNBPJ PLV TUB »gp/ IVt. > 60 INTO THE SIPS I HAVE PCWONAL. WWJ6S5 WITH THAT KJ6L6S* TOO WPP ft* THAT WINfl'WALKINO ANP SWITCHING IN TUB Af* J COLONELI THERE HE IS NOWJ THATfe THE AIRCRAFT YOUR IMPERSONATOR MARY WORTH aOODNKJHT.DORRIE! VAGUELY TROUBLED,MARy SUPS BACK 70 ROOM AN HOUR LATER.. GOODNIGHT. MRS. WORTH.'AND THANKS! HAVE BUAMA», ISUPP05E-INTHE. UTTLtBAa.OOWUE? Y-YESJ—ANO OONT WORRY IF I'M CONE, IN THE MORNING, MM WORTH tl'LL GO RACK HOME AND (SET SOME THINGS--FOR SCHOOL, I MEANi A8ME* THIS MURDER fSf.'-MU EXPLAIN" WHO IS THE IDEAL OF ALL 100 AMERICANS? PATRIOTIC GESTUR6AU HlfcESMl forcoutstffVrr K I* -ANP WHAT -< V/OUUD) V/OULD HAPPEN * aeA AJ MSCONTINU^ BECAUSE YOO COULDN'T HAVE WISVMAE "TV " • —-—•»• •H/'V ml 7 WvJ V Si ITSCERTAiNW A $OU& > WORTH ONE *S> WE, UOUSV HIULBIIWSI " ' LIFETOGCTVOL) ffigfti' AUSTfN fM.'ni. fridoy, D«c. I?, 1958 11 THi TOODieS WHAT?—-WHV i—4 f WHO SAIO YBS--16UiSS3rpO-r I ~ .TAK6S VfcU OU CAUS6 HE THIN U3NESOAA6 PRISCILLA'S POP-By Al V«rme«r NOW IT'S 12 DAYS 7 HOURS AND MINUTES TILL CWRISTMA DAYS, 7 HOURS AND 39 MINUTES TILL CHRISTMAS! ESAD, MARTHA/ MAJ6 (?BAOlM<5 TH6S6 PAP£K T£LL5 OF A FAMILY OP If H HERB ^ THE ffOVS AR& ^^nf^s^^^^^^ 3 ^ FIREPLACE/THB STORV WOULD 5CROOS5 MIW5ELF/ 1 AW MOVED TO H&LP TK£ POOR 50UL5/ WHAT ^ PITY MV New AND NOW IT'S 12 DAYS 7 HOURS AND " MINUTES ^ARE YOLT SURE POP ,WOUND THE 3 CLOCK?, ' IT'S GOING AWFUL. SLOW OUR BOARDING HOUSE-Wlth Major Hoopla 15HOPPIM6 HAS CLEANED ?OOTJ ^7 FROM THE POCKETS AROUND FOR STRDOEL/ /MAYBE- VOU.WITH YOUR GENIUS, CAH WINK OF so/\\e- WAY TO MAKE THEM RISE TO THE OCCASl PERHAPS WE CAhl TAKE OPA COCLBCTlOM TO PLISHT/ CARNIVAl-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams JUiFOSCA V SHORT TIME. TILL HE CAM err SOME - THIW'SETTER "WITH HI .-. , 1 k,»OW-PUT TH' KIPS THROUGH SCHOOL, POCTO* BILU& AKI'THAT.' BUT THAT ONLV TAKES ABOUT THIRTy VEAR5-TMENVDU CAW QUIT; AW'LOOK fCZ. SOM6THW I I C0W.P <S6T 50ME7HW BETTER; THEM 1 SOT MARRIEPAN* WH6W HAP ThMCT PAIP PER, THgM 1 BOUGHT A HOUSE, THEM X\ CAR.-- TH6W A RAPIO. WE CAM USE HIM IMTHE BRAS* ROOM TIZZY-By Kate Osann "He's everything I've wanted for Helen. He's dependable, hard.working and scared to death of me!" Wrigley's Spearmint Gum 1 is a perfect little Christmas gift for those who do welcome little services for you. Pppular—inexpensive. NOTE: Wngloy's Spearmint comes In bright Christmas colors- ted and green on whit*. Want Ads Have Bargains and Good Buys! ~ Nampa, Ida., is named for Chief Narapuh (Big Foot), leader The shrew, a mouselike creature whose full growth is about two oJ the Idaho band of Shoshonejuictes In body length, eal* twice Indians. its weight in food in 24 hours. "You sure are lucky—being able to listen to the juk% box all day long!" During the Civil War, 359,528 j The original Erie Canal of 363 Union soldiers were killed or died miles grew into a network of mod- MSHOU.O LBARN _vTO BNGU6H PRACTICAL TO LETTER TWE NHW TOO/ ARCHIE I HE SHOULD 06 •* IN CLAOS LEARNING TO WRITS AND WHAT/" OH, FIDDLE-FADOLE/ HE'S OETTINCi WBL, THE HOME OFFICE PIPN'T LOSE ANY TIME'SETTIN& INTO 6T6VE WRItfHT'6 JUDD SAXON-By K«n Bald and J«rry Brondfl.ld q ... NOW, THEN, MR. MARSHALL, IF YOU'LL 6IV6 ME WHATEVER FACTS ARE DO 1 UNDERSTAND YOU'RE TO HEAP UP THIS INVBSTI6ATJON, SAXON? I MEAN--WBLL, . I SORT OF EXPECTEP AN OLPER MAN. SOMEONE- LET'S NOT WOWY ABOUT MY LACK OF 6RAY HAIR, MR,MARSHALL. I SORT OF SPECIALIZE IN KEEPING OTHERS f«OM SETTING- GIWffKt IF WE UNPER' , STAMP EACH OTHER, SIR, ' VDU CAN START TALKING,.. MORTY MEEKLE DIDWINTHROP Y COME HOME WITH A LONG WHITE / BEARD? ' MORTYTOOK WINTHROPOOWNTO GORTON* TO SEE SANTA CLAU6, ARE THEY BACK AtREADV? ALONG, WHITE WHAT? YOU HEARD HIM LONG WHITE OH, I PONT THINK OU? OREOPITHECUS* VWLU BE ANY TROUBLE.- WEIL JUST TWIST A FEW DIALS ANP THAT'LL BE WHOA, NOW, I THINK. CHECKING ON THIS FELLOW WILL BE PRETTY MUCH A PRECISION JOB HA! ABODV'P THINK. VOL) WERE GOING TO ASK US TO TAKE OUR UAB OVER TO V/ THAT'S JUST WHAT r AM SOINS TO OOV AMOS BRONSONI TROUBLE ABOUT BOYS' •A F06SIL MAN RECENTLY FOUND IN AN ITALIAN COALMINE NtVKMlWP. I WANT YOU. TALK OV6R OLD TWB*.. HOW ABOUT MBCTINfi W AT THB THEATER? IT 5 klOr THAT! CLLEM! I'M THRU PRBTEKJPIM(3.»Z AM ALU06T AT THB END OF MV WPP... ANP HARP5HIP6.\^BM?ELY HANSINfl ONI RUT IF YOU MB WITH y?U- I'V6 GWIK) EV6RVTHIN3 1 HAP TO THE 5TAO& ..ANP WHAT HMS I SOT TO SHOW FOR A 5CKAPWOK OPOLP NOTICE6...SUT NOT EMOU6H SECURITY TO LOCK AFTER NW OWN PAU(5HTB»- WHV, MAX WEWER1 HOW IN TH— HOW PID YOU FIMP BUOS BUNNY I LL LOAD XXI UP, THEN I'LL CARRY WHAT'S LEFT, POBKY! SURE. PETUNIA! B-BUT \ AREN'T [_ HANPLE 'EMI GOING TO SURE! ILL SEE THAT VA PON'T BUMP INTA NOTHIN BOYS! WILLYCX) HELP ME WITH THESE PACKAGES ? ON TH'WAY T'TH' CAR! FRECKLES IT PAYS TO RIAD THi CLASSIFIED ADS J^JSi loss ' s ern canals that now exceeds 800 mile*. SHORT RIBS LETS FACE rf- OKoutef DASH! VflW WO TUEV HAVE TO (WENT THE CAMHOMJ JACOBYS BRIDGE By OSWALD JACODY Written for NBA Service Shortly before the start ot the Master's pairs at the Summer Nationals veteran Louis Levy of New Orleans •ncl young Wilson Landley of Orlando formed a brand new partnership to play In the event. Just to show that a new partnership can do as well as an old established one they survived a scorer's error and the vidggHudea ot 104 bands to win the event. Here is one of their, most spectacular results. Of course, the six no- trump contract they reached Is a lay down, but most other pairs that bid the slam either made It In clubs or went down in hearts or epades. . Louis had a sound, although ace- leu, opening bid. Wilson's three-club response and the thr«e>spade nbltf were normal. Mow Wilton decided not' to bother NORTH 12 WEST •>73 VQ107 • 987052 *64 42 VA9954 • A *AKJ107« EAST AA96B4 , QJ43 *53 SOUTH (D) 4KQJ108 VK82 • K10 North and South vulnerable South Wet* North East 14 Pan 34 Pass 34 Pass 44 Pa" 4N.T. Past B4 Pass. 8N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— • 9 with his five-card heart suit and simply rebld his clubs whereupon Louis decided to take full control of the hand and used the Blackwood Convention to ask for aces. For a moment the partnership trembled in the balance. Wilson considered a seven bid, but eventually assumed that his partner knew what he was doing and passed. All-Year Tulips I 6UBSS DAISYS Nor AROUND/ By LAURA WttEBWEB Springtime toucb to enjoy »il Win oouipltmtnta wltb ttO» tulip chair-set. Crocheted tulips, wt oil by me«b — lor thalr or buifet cet. tern 708: directions, charU lor back 12',2X16; ar.i:r«it 1 ' lu No. 50. Seed Tiiirty . five C«nte (eola»>»tor tbl3 yaiwro - add 5 oeau tor pattern (or Ut - C!M» roallLug. to the Austin Dally Herald. N< craft Dept.. P. O. Box 169, Old 01 Station, New York H. ». 1. plululy FATT£BN NUUBUt, AOMKESS and ZONE. Seud for a copy of Laura er Needlecraft Book. It ba» lev signs to order: embroidery, c , kulttms, weaving, quUling, toll (be book. « special «urprto« to j « utti« girl happy - a cut-ou clothe* to color. 8«ud 39 ' tbt* book.

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