Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 13, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 13, 1933
Page 5
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IQLA, KANSAS THE lOLAIDAILY REGISTER. MONDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 13, 1933. "PAGE FIVE ' THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) AFASTWORKEH! . . LOCAL PRODUCE Eggs; : firsts •.. 10c Eggs, seconds 8c Eggs, -'thirds 6c /feggs, "ungraded 8c / Heris,-No. 1 : 8c Kens, -No. 2 6c NoJl Springs, V.i. lbs. up 6c No.i2 Springs ... 4c Capbns, over 9 lbs. 11c Capons, over 8 lbs. ....' 9c Capbns over 7 lbs 7c! Capbns, under 7 lbs. 6c j Capons, under 6 lbs .5c ! SUps rScl Butterfat, lb 14c j •6tags,'lb. 46 , Cocks • 3c I Geese.: lb .................... 3c • Guineas, each .. 10c | White Ducks, lb 4c i Colored Ducks, lb 3c Hides.-per lb. ; Ic i Mixed: Com, bu • 13c Yellow Corn, bu. ; ..14c Wheat, bu 27c Kafir Com ...13c WELL. HAND \T T' FOLKS ! I METT PAUL HA^?TtEY-AN OLD rPlEND HEAD or A BIG CORPORATION—.I'M HW/ING LUNCH WITH H\M T'M0Pl?OW,TO TALK / OVER AB\G OOB HES GOTLINE^^^'' UP FOP? ME HONEST Kansas City Produce. Kansas City. Feb. 13. (AP) — Eggs 9. . , Butter: creamcrj- 22; butterfat 10-15: packing butter 9',i. Poultry: hens 8-10: broilers 12; roosters 4-G; springs 10. • AND DOWN THE GANGPLANK CAM& kan-sas City Hay. Kansas City. Mo.._ Feb. 13. CAP)/i Hay: 14 car?. -Alfalla: No. I extra lffkt\. Sn .oOfi ^ 13.00: .No., 2 Sll.oOv'12.00; No. 1 $10 11;. No. 2 leafy $9^-'10. Prairie: No. 1 S7.50; No. 2 $5'?i7. Tinxbihv: No. 1 $79 7..50; No. 2 ai S5.50rui6.56,. i \ K.' C. Livestock Close. i .kars-sa.s City. Mo., Feb. 13. (APi. j Cdttle"; Clicice and heavy fed steers ; . mostly steady. Other killing classes ; imevei-i. -Ktcaciy to 25c higher. i Sheep: Lamb.s mostly sHeady to l^Oc lower; Top to .shippers S5.65. ' Hogs unchanged. ^ Karisas City Livestock. Kalri-sas City. Feb. i3. (AP>— lUSDAi—Hogs 5000: 770Jiirect; lair- ly active and"^ uneven, »15 higher i than Friday's average; top 3.45 on ' choice 180^215 lbs.: good andxhoico. ' 140-350 IbLs..'2.35-3.45; packing sows. ' 275-550 lbs.. 2.10-60: stock pigs. good.^ ' and choice,'70-130 lbs.. 2.40-75. j Cattle 7500; calves 700; killing ; classes opening steady to strong, but , little done early on , fed steer.s: : J stockers and feeders scarce; steers, good and choice. 550-1500 bs., 4.00- ; 6.75:' common and medium. 550 lbs. ; up. 3.00-4:75;:. heifers, good and choice. 550-900 libs..'4.00-5.75; cows.: good. 2.50-75: vcalers imiikfedt. me- ditim:' to rfioice. 3.50-7.00: stocker and feeder steers, good and choice 4.00-5.75. • _ Shee;o 10.000: a few early sales lamb.? lojjZo lower: best held around ^ 5.50: ^shecp^steady: Iambs, good and choice (XI 90 lbs. down. 5.00-50; gO0d:and choice 'xi 90-98. lbs.. 4.755.40: : ewes, sood and choice, 90-150 IBs.. •i'.50-2:60.- I 'xi—Quotations- ba.scd on ewes ' and wethers. Estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow; Cattle 5.000: hog.? 3.000 and • • sheep 9.0(^0. BODIES OPvDERED EXHUMED. NEWS OF COLONY state School Sripervisor Compliments Colony Schools Aftei- Tour of Inspection Last Week; Recent mcommg hners to New York brought a f:roup of ;wple seeking .something from the-United States. There was[ the British Women's gplf team nop to bottom^ Diana Fishwick. K-.\;hlnen Gnrnliam. Gwen Har- lopp. Barbara Pyman, Bee Brindlc. and Betty Dix Peikin.^, after American golfing laurels. There was Benjamin Conners ilov^-er lefti. former president of the-.-American Chamber of Commprce in Paris who has an iuntation from the French people for Col. Charles .\. Lindbergh to visit France. And also came Henry Garat lupijci plaudits, for he is enrouie to Hollywood to act opposite Janet Gaynor. Search For Bullets to be Made in Earl Quirin Murder Case. EVERY ANGLE TO BE UP Political Announcements Enid. Okla.. Feb. 13. iAP>—Dis­ trict :Judge J. W. Bird today ordered the bodies of Je.s.sie ;and-Zcxia Griffith. Blackwell school teacher.s.' c.xhuisned preparatory to the second trialpf Eai;I Quinn. former Mis.souri' _ convict, for their slaying. ' Both state and defense joined in the reo.uesi for the order. The purpose is to search for bullets in an' effort to determine the cahbre of the pistol used in the double killing. Quinn convicted of murder in the slajing of Je.ssie GrifiBth in his first trial at Newkirk. biit the conviction, which carried :the death sentence, was reversed by the criminal-court of appeals and a change of venue ordered for the retrial. It is.dackcled to begin Februaiy 27 before-Judge Bird. The time of exhumation will be -annpi^nced later. Judge "Bird said. The:'defense contended at the first trial that the weajjon exhibited in court as the one used by .tihe slayer wBs:"'planted" near the scene of the crime. MacDonald Tells Commons Washington Debts Discussion WUI Cover Economics as Well prmiary. ciated.. Your votes v.ill bn^appre- J. D. BUCHANAN. London. Feb. 13 (APi—Prime Minister MacDonald told the House of Commons today that the debts discussion at Washington next month i f-^r Commissioner, will range over the whole program 1 i wish to anuourice my candidacy; outlined for the projected world | for nomination to the office of Fi- economic conference. i nance Commissioner, .subject to the will of the voters in i!;e coming primary-. Your votns will bo appreciated. O. W. HOLMES. SCIL\FF ON T.A.BLE 3 HOURS DEIHOS to KILL SELVES OFF Minnesota Repnblican Predicts Last : of Them by 1936. Chicago.. Feb. 13. (AP)—Senator Thomas b. Schall (R.. Minn.) en j routie to his home, remarked in pass- 1 ing, today iliat "there won't be a. ^ Democrat left in congress by 1936." • I "The various factions can't seem tjo agree -on just what a Democrat is.'" he said. "Some- want to lower the: tariff, others want .to raise it. At 'the present rate they are tearing: into each other they'll all be worn out before '36." In an important statement to the hoiu^e he accepted the wider scop-:^ for the debts conference, declaring that the v.hole effort in those negotiations v.;ould be for a harmonious i a;)p;-oach m, the problem with the; , Unncri .States. I Siirsrons Fail to Find Blood Clol HP did not indicate that, the Brit-i . on Blond Boxer 's Brain. isii delegation, which he probably: will head, would be empowered to: Now York. Fob. 13. ip\P.—An makr- any definite decisions at Wash-; operation • rcnuiriiv alnio^l: three ington. ' . honr.s was performed today jon Ernie Economists who evolved a tenta- ' Schaaf. Boston boxer knocked out live program for the world economic • by Prirno Carnora last Friday night, conference, which-Is to be held some in an effort to remove a blood clot time this .summer with Mr. MacDon-' from the. base of the brain. No aid presiding, divided their detailed word was immediately forthcoming recommendarions iiito .six primary j as lo the result. , • subjects for^discussiqn at that meet- | Schaaf was taken Into the oper- ing. ating theaw-r at 12:30 and it was 1. Mbnetaiy and credit policy. i not ~^until 3:40 p. m. that he was 2. Prices. i brought out. 3. Resiunpton of the movement of: The only word coming from the capital. I surgeons was that they had failed 4. Restrictions on intemational to' !;nd the clot, which is at the trade. base of the brain, when thev ti'e- 5. Tariff and treity policy. panned the skull and had to" enter 6. Organi2ation i^i production and {the brain itself. They had hoped to COLONY, Kas.. Feb. 13.—Mr. and Mrs. Paul Holzapfel, Kansas City, spent the. week-end with his mother Mrs. Clara Holzapfel, and other relatives. Miss Betty Holzapfel. Lawrence, spent the week-end with her" father, John Holzapfel, and other relatives. * Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Barrackman and '_Wade Mosing were Ida visitors Friday evening. A ^ party of young folks held a skating party north of town, Saturday evening, then went to the Tola show and later to the home of Misd Alta Argo where card games. Jig-saw puzzles, and dancing was enjoyed. Chill was served at a late hour. * The free western show, Saturday night, was well-attended. Although many were amused at the silent picture all appreciated the fact that it furnished entertainmem for Col- onyitcs and showed good will on the part of the manager. Tiie show next week is said to be a talkie. John '\Milkerson. "Welda, was a Colony visitor Saturday. Althoug£. reported recently that Miss Nellie Schainost was not working in Topeka, we are glad to state that she still is at-work in the firm which is in the hands of the receiver. I Fred Schainost and Elvin Huskty took two cars of cattle to Chicago, m., Saturday night. Ellis Golden, Fr.ed Schainos:, Dr. R. D. Pulliam, and Charles Schain­ ost spent Friday night m Kansaa City. Miss Fern Scott spent last week in Garnett visiting at the Ihorae of her sister, Mrs. Charles Lineback. Mrs. TiUa Pinegar. who is in Wichita, is very ill with pneumonia. Her sister, Mrs. Mollie Shreck, is with her. Miss Etta Mason was ill last week and unable to teach In the grade school. Mrs. Ina Nickels su'ostitut- ed. Miss Lucille Porter. Miss Doris McCaughey, and Dean Brooks spent Saturday in Emporia. Natalie" Denton. Emiwrla; spent the' week with he|r grandmother. Mrs. Chan Denton, and otner relatives, i • ' Misses Lucille Porter and Franccr. Conard entertained the high school 1 I f :;cv.lty and friends at bridge, one For Finance fominissioner. 'i evening last week. Miss Alma Su" I wish jo announce my candidacy I petterhoff won high siore. Thos: r nommatioi) to the office ot, ^^^^^^^^ ^ ^ S Brooks, Ray Johnson, Miss: Alma Sue Petterhoff. G. Munm Welch. Miss Capitola Wilson, Mrs. Cresenz Owens, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Boone Mr. and Mrs. "V. E. Mastln. R. C. Hunt, :state school super- vi.'-^r, was in this county reccntl; and reported on the conduct of the \T .rious schools. Colbnys school ^planti was commended and also, its combination gymnasium-auditorium. The home economics department was characterized as the most bu?.<tanding. The superintendent is Victor E. Mastin. Miss Florence Graf. Ma-s. W. G Omf, and Miss Fi-anccs Swickard were business visitors in lola Saturday. ' . ! F. .^. Keefover spent Saturday in i lola • , i right' s.ioking America's for nomination Finance [Commissioner, subject to the will of the voters in the cbming trade. "Will the house idea of what probosals the British government iptends to ask the United States to discu^?" George Lansbury- floor leader of the labor party, asked the prime minister during the question period. "The agenda drawn up by the committee; of experts preparing for the world economic conference cov- find the clot on the stu-face where have a general • us removal, relieving the pressure wiiich had bioiight on partial para- l;.s's. would not 'oe so operation. ' At the Kelley Theater Today and Tuesday At it again—this time in evening clothes! Edmund Lowe and Victor McLaglen as Quirt and Flagg do some more scrapping, and now it^ Lupe Velez as the prize. The trio have the leading roles in '-'Hot Pepper," the new comedy. PLYMOUfH Sets ihe Pace. And Again— CHRYSLER Advises— ^ See All Thi^ee! Before Buying Either ROSS ARBUCia .E GARAGE CHRTSLEB I -PLYMOVTH Sales—Service—Parts ANNOUNCEMENTS AacUons COMMtTNITY SALE—Every Wednesday at J. C. Butcher's Sale Bam.. Col. Smock, Auctioneer. AUTOMOTIVE Antomobiles For Sile rplll-: hu.ucst iiipi! orpai) in the -»- world Is iu the ATL.\^-TIC CITY N ,1.. AUniTOUlUM Til., map is of PORTUGAL. I'KIl'INC, CHINA l.« the Iiome (if a newspiiper wlilcli has been inilili-lied toutiiiubusly fof 140O vi'iirs. At the lola Theater Today and Tuesday KIDNAPERS HOLD SCION 6F A RICH DENVER PIONEER (Continiied from Page One) grandson of Charles Boettcher. who founded tlie sugar and cement industries in Colorado and who built the first stockyatds in Denver. The kidnaping victim , returned yesterday by aii- from Kansas City ^nd :had attended a party with Mrs. Boettcher at £i down towni hotel. They had returlned home when the al'-'ductors accosted them. piresident of Boettch- tr-Newton. investment brokers here, and has other jnidely varied inter- e.5ts. He was graduated rrom Yal; university in 1923. No News Yet. Several hours: after, the kidnaping tnere wa.s no indication Boettcher had been relea.sed or that the kidnapers h:td conimuhicated with his limily. The 'family of Claud'- Boettcher. with; numerous city and police officials, \vcre gathered at the Boettcher homb and at the home of Jnme."; Quir;g Newton, Boettcher's partner. ! . Mrs. Boettchbr is a member of PONTIAC-BUIiCK Sales and Service^ Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phpne 80 '26 DODGE 4-dDOr sedan; '27 Chevrolet coach: used parts. lola Auto Wrecking. Phone 782. SALES ^""^Se 3^^^ Plymouth Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phoneaci Cash—Trade—Terms 6 Anto Accessories, Tires, Parts GASOLINE—PER GAL.. 5 '::C 100 gal. lots plus tax or" taxes (Not the Cheap i 3rd Grade Gas) VINE OIL & GAS GO. Wanted—Antomotiye SER'VTCEABLE OAR fbr scholar to drive to school. Prefer- roadster or coupe. Phone LaHarpe. R. C. Parish. : EMPLOYMENT 14 Help Wanted—Male AMIBITIOUS. reliable man wanted to take orders and deliver Watkins Products in lola. Chstomers established, good pay eVery day from start. Experience imneces- sarj-. complete training; given. Write i immediately THf: J. R. W ATKINS COMPANY, D-62, Winona,tMimi. LIVE STOCK 21 .Horses, Cattle, Vehicles the Junior League and chairman of MCUSTOlit HATCHING--lc -hi mod- Ihe Denver branch of the Wo:nen'=, I em Buckeye Mammoth.: world s IRENE DUNNE PHILLIPS HOLMES yn ^HE SECRET OF ^/!ADAME BLANCHE' ENTERPRISE •Fell. 9.—Out of town reiative- who were here to attend tiie funeral of Moynard Lee Tomson were:. Mr. and Mrs. Maiil: Kivet. Mr. Tom- | son arcl Mrs. Erigle of Williamsburf.: i and Mr: Ciem Kivet of Ray. Colo. L._.„_„,.., p ,.i .^.,T.,Mn and J ^s.^E.mer Peck ^visn^ ^J ^Su^i^,, Dinner 'euests Sund:-iy ;u tjic s'nn^er. Re-freshments of sand- wiche.s, pick!"s. take and coffc-i- v.-o:-' seized. The Peek i^imiiy arc mov- intr snbn to their Iiirni near Yale.; Center. "The meeting of the G. E. C. which I was to have been Ftbriiaiy 8 wa.s nd at . tlie Dewey Peck home MondTv. M". r.iid Mrs. O. G. Butterficld and family wr-re Sunday dinner guest,*; of Mr. .md Mrs. Karold Gay. Several pui>!ls have been absent from school on account of sickness j Friday at tlie O. and the sov?rc weatlier. j home. The'Enterprise 4-H club planned! nrd carried oiu a surprise on Mrs. i A. E. Feck home wero: Mr.' iiiid Mrs. Lloyd Rousii. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Linr: and Kenneth. Mr. and Mrs. Hov H,~.;.es .'ipeni G. B-.ifLcrfield Detour, Md.—T:-ue to its name.^ Orcnnization for Prohibition Rc- fona. I The Boettcher: family has played a major part in Colorado finance for iso years. Ch.irlcs Boettcher. I. r.nw 1?, came here as an immigrant boy from Germanj- and first discoV- ered the statejs possibilities , as •^^'22 sut^rr beet groi|Ving region and cc- !. best incubator. Set each Monday. We have purebred i blood-tested chicks: from layers. Leghorns 4'-c, big breeds 5c. Russeil Hatchery. Gas, Kas. Phono 953F?. FOR SALE—4-year-old hofse. •2 -'4 miles west of Carlylc. jj Poultry and SuppUes mcnt manufacturing center. Ho and | BABY CHICKS—For ]febniar>- 20th hl=; son. Claudel are actively a.ssoci- i r.t"d v.ith dozens of Colorado, cor-j portions. i ' . _ i LEGAL i Bond Law Repeal Sought. Topeka. Feb. 13. (AP)— The house pa.ssed today. 100 to 1, and sent to the senate the Davidson-Sargent Leavenworth Soldiers Injnr^. ; Kansas City, Kas.. Feb.: 13.-(AP)— Elmer Martin. 24, and Charles Faiizae.' 27, members of the post fire department at Fort licaven- wohh. Kas.. suffered severe injuries in . a motor car collision four "nilfes west of here today. Martin stiffered a broken' right leg. Tlie other car figuring In the accident wa.s driven by John Dick, McLouth, Kas. He was slightly Injured. Martini and Fauzae were taken to Providence hospital. THE J. F. GRENNAN PRODUCE CO. : C. O. COGHILL,, Manager POULTRY AND EGGS Egg Cas'es and SuppRes Old and Reliable—Established 1911 Comer Monroe and Elm (just West of the .Water Tower) ei-s the field." ui. MacDonald re-i ^i" repealing the statute-authorizing „ij J I; I commissioners of counties of more ' ! than 110.000 population to issue a , ^ 1 „f i- „ Tw 1 .•,i,„ I maximum of S200.000 bonds without Mortgage Proclamation mNebr^ka : ^^^j^^^.^^^ , Ijncoln. Neb.. Feb. 13 (AP)—Gov. • Charles W. Bryan] today issued an j "emergency" proclamation calling j i upon farm and j home mortgage i i holders to susijenc^ all foreclosures! pay for asylum. construction of a pgor until the state boa i act. rd of conciliation. Allen Countians at K. U. Lawrence. Kas.. Feb. ' 13.—Four I the legislature aifd congress could j students from Allen county have j registered for the second semester iat the University of Kansas. Stu- Final Shuler Appeal Rejected. ! dents who attended the university. Washington. Feb. 13. (AP )-The j li;^, first soircster did not register, supreme court rejected today for a Tnose from Allen county are: Rob- second and final time the appeal <?rt Allen Gard. J. Berji Kemp; and !of the Reverend Robert P. Shuler •^^^''"^ fear! McKarnTn of lola. and ;of Los Angeles-from decisions up-•Nrit^-'^Tie Barker of LaHarpe. ; holding the radio commission's ac- i ; — jtion in btirring his station KGEF | "ns'iand Wounds Young Wife;, jfrom the air. : .St. Louis. Feb. 13. •.•^iPi—Marlowe : " P. Miles. 22. a drug clerk, today shot Topeka^-Out of 821 bills presented |nnd critically wounded his 15-year- WISE Feb. 3.—PhyUs Heigley is ill witii ! the flu. • i Jodie Osborn is visiting at thr Dan Johnson hoine this week. MJ . and Mrs. Walter Davis and family. Mr. and Mrs. Mont Davi^ and family. Link Dorsey and Everett spent Sunday with Mr. and Mr.:. Harry Yoho and Mrs. Minnie Yoho. ?ylisses Dorothy and 'Veta Wilson who arc attending school in lola. visited with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wilson over the weekend. Dan Johnson'is spending a few days in lola. •visiting relatives. I Mr. :and Mrs. 'Will Grieve attended r. banquet in lola Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Heigley t^i: their daughter Phylis, to lola to the doctor Monday. Mrs.. Minnie Yoho visited Mrs. Lero\- Tippie and infant son, Monday. Alvin Gregg visited at the Jes,Gregg home Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Yoho si>en' Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Link Dorsey. Lenna and, Bob Grieve, entertained p. few of their friends with a party Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. John Bliss \'isited at the Mont Davis home, Friday ai't- erncon. The Pleasant Valley Sunday school held a get-togetfaer party at the Henrj- Eyler home Friday evening. There were about forty old folks, \-oung folks and children present .aclped with the program. Gamo.r were played and at a late hour eacii {one departed for.his home, havin; spent a very enjoyable evening. Elmer Peck, ilieir leader. Moncjay I tliis to-K-n is back on the maps of evening, when 14 members came to her home and siDenl the evening Ijlajinr games and singing. Tnc-y gave? Mrs. Peck a handkerchici the "state ro-ids comm.ission. Until construction is completed on the Taneytown-Keymar highway, motorists will detour to Detour. NOTICE IN BANKRUPTCY In the District Court of the United S'-.ites for t;he District of Kansas. Third Division. No. 2714 In Bankruptcy. Ill Rc; Frank A. Canfield. Bankrupt. Thi.'-. is to give notice that Prani: Canfield of lola, Kansas, was or. the 22rd day of iJanuaiy, 1933, diily adjudged bankrupt in the above entitled Court; that the administration of this estate has been referred to the undersigned Referee; that the_ transfer of any property of said estate by the bankiupi is forbidden by lavv; that the .First Meeting ef creditors of said bankrupt, called for tlic purpose of allowing claims, electing a Trustee and the transaction of other business, will be held ati the office of the undersigned Referee, in the Federal Building in Fort Scott, Kansas on the 21st day of Febriuiry. 1933, at 10 o'clock a. m. PAYNE H. RATNE21, Referee in Bankruptcy. in the Kansas legislature, only '28 have been passed and! signed by Governor Alfred M. Landon. Ap- .proximately half of the remaining rheasure.s are in the hands of committees. old wife. Mi-s. Ai-line Miles, and then shot and killed himself in a rooming house where Mrs. ADles had gone after a quarrel with her husband last Wednesday. They were married last; December 1.' Topeka— Scott Lucas, former judge advocate of the American Legion, was announced last night as the principal speaker at the annual dinner 0/ the £:ansas Democratic club here February 22. The dinner will cUmax the annual Washington day |; celebration of Kansas Democrats. wto.u.s.p »T .ofr. hatch, 400 S. C. Red!s, 173 Barred Rocks. 200 Buff Rocks at $5.40 per 100. Book your- orders now for custom hatching. 1 jc ijer egg. •Taylor Hatchery & ! Produce. 201 South Jefferson. . BABY CHICKS 100"; from flocks bIo<?d teste(3 and certified by Judge Harris, poultry expert. Ask about our 90% guarantee on Custom Hatching. v Allheavy breeds 5U-c Ass't Heartes .-. .5c~ Custom Hatching IV-c or $5 case WILLSON FARM HATCHERIES (Formerly CantrelU 2 miles south on 73\^or L. E. Steele Supply 'Talk Chicks with WUlson" -INCUBATORS—2 250-egg 'capacity. Favorite.incubators, new; sell at a bargain. Brownie's; ONE GOOD USED S (3l -Hot brooder, ICOO-chick size, guaranteed same as new, $8.75. Taylor Hatchery & Produce, 20r South Jeffe?son. SUNFLOWER CHICKS —.Hatches weekly. See us before you get chicks or hatching. S.unno ^TZT Hatcher^-, Brptxson. , MERCHANDISE Feed, Fuel, Fertilizers BALED ALFALFA—$7 ton; sweet .corn seed, 4c lb.: sweet clover seed, $1.50 bu. Austin's, 2 mi. n6rth lola. —I { KANOTA OATS—Good quaUty, suitable .for seed, 21c per bushel. M. R'. Lathrop, 4 miles south,' »4 east LaHarpe. --• -- •,' Honsehold Goods NEW SHIPMENT of coal, wood, and gas ranges, new styles and colors. Real values. Terms. Trade in old. Save at Curtis' Fum., 10 N. Wash. USED-STO'VES and Pumitore. Store' packed. Henninger's Fui^. Store. USED XilVING ROOM, dining room andibedroom furniture. Save 50%. Easy terms. W. H. W5od Fme Furolttuig, 202 S. Jeff. Phone 100. Slachinery and Tools TANK HEATER—A good used one. ii.50. Aljto^unty Implement Co. . Mnsicsl, Badlo 1 MAJESTIC aiid PhUco: Radios. Tennsi We trade. Curtts' Fum. I SEVERAL good used radios. Terms. Henninger's Fimilture Store. Wanted—To Bny I CORN PLAIfTER and riding plow. J. B. Sipes, 20 S. Tennt'ssee. Real Estate For Rent Honses For Beat I FOR RENT—Houses, good location. See G. E. Pees. HOUSE—5 rooiiis. partly modern. 503 : N . Jefferson. Phone 461.

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