Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 7, 1928 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1928
Page 2
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PAGE TWO ; Jye Bit together in our soul's high ' window. dPui-ftst, i • That looks ui>on:ih<i street of hu- i man life. ;|Wlthln our happy, hoiup; wltboui, ^ ;• the world thou fearest, J Within, our peace; without, r - wien's nugry strife. •lookout! See liow'strango eyes look here upon u»; :H8W poor they think our- dwell, Ing and how. cheap* iThey dream not of our Godlike Joys ' : and honors, : Th^ rich, ripe- field of blessing • that we reap. Sit ^ere, "my love, with <jall the r world' behind Us, band in hand, nor dare to Bpeak a word; 'TIB wronging Ood, to lihare what He fonslRncd u» ! With every outi-asi of the human ; herd. So alt we the uonl"« sweut friends, . - "ralrejjt; . ^ fTbe days go by as ligh' • i..;" kiss the flowers. .They seek through all e.. \ sweetest. auU earlb 's lu: est. » AlOTe so sweet, a lov .e so r »re : as ours! '• i , ; —Phillips Brooks. NORTH LAHARPE Jan. 4 .1— We wish all a very happy anrt prosperous New Yehr. Winter seems to have • come . to stay and we, are enjoying , it ial- though it.makes one step lively. : Mr. and Mrs. Adam Holmaa started December 30. for Pohlliac, .Mkhlgaii. to spend the winter viith their granddaughter and fanjily. They will stop off at Chauulu Field, Illinois, on the way therp and visit their griind.son and wife, .Mr. uiid .Mrk David Holmaa. .Nlr. and Mrs. fi «iorge Ehsmlnger siitfDt t 'hi ^'almas with her parents, Mr and Mrs. Phillips, near .Mildred. Mr. and Mrs. Hainmei wen* din-J ner guests of Mr. and .Mrs. Dunkerton on Monday the 2Cth. . Horae.'of our items arw uoavold- aijly late this week. Uusier Hamiiiel of lola spent Christmas with his mother and grandmoilier. .Mis. llammel and Mrs. W. T. Stout. .Mr. and .MrsI A. Holman's daughter, .Mrs. .Mi-L.auKhlan and .sou of .H City, eaiae Saturday iilght anrd took i .\lr. and' Mr.s. Holnian to .Moran whei* they spent Cbrist- nias with relatives and friendsj Will Campbell • lias wired his house for el (ttri<lty. A letter froiii .Mrs. Kmma.Swarti- man at Ki:. Dodge states she is weiT, but that there are quite a number • deaths at the home this winter. Little Joan of lolu spent most ol last Week with ;her grandmother and aunt. .Mrs. .Montgomery and .Miss Luella. i .Mrs. \V. T. Stout reeelNed a bo.t of grape fruit anil oranges from,! THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. SATURDAY KVgNmC, JAjNUAItV 7,1928 STAR f«!C^J^ W Important Ai^Enouncemcni Is Cominj^, Says B. T. Barber A nev. Star funr and a line of Dnrant sixes will beVhown for the first time In New Vork City todtiy according to inforihatlon received by till- Heglster this morning. It 1." said that W. ('. iDiirnnl, president of the company, jias reduced prices on tlie.Star four so that ' corre- .iponding with one exrep- tloti, will sell fotr the same as Ford. 13. T. Barber, local Star dealer said this morning that he lias no oftlcial Infomatlou from the com*- paiiy regarding the iiew models and their prices, but lias been in.formed: that startling and Important ilevelopinenls might be expected within a few da*s. The new four is said to havf* longer wheelbase. (OT inches, and lii 'U- body liiK'S. The new line of Duiatit .-ixes is priced irotn $7'Jii U Si.65(» and three chassif sizes, with wheelbase of lii7. 110' and ll!t liichi's. | He Has Delicatessen Woman's Relief Corjis .Heels ' i.- The first meeting of the Woman's , jlRellef Corps of the new year was i ^held yesterday afternoon in head- iQOarters at Memorial hall and the ipresident, Mrs. Ora Dille, aqnounc- ed the committees for the year as follows: ; Relief .committee: Flora Adams, ifchalrmaii; Sarah J. Coffield. .Mary i ipL Round and Jennie Mather. / ^e^utive • committee: Rhoda ;>fercer ,i c^.i!r!:i?n; l.Mcy Foster, ?JIary Pri-!-; .H!'!.. .laney Mariii,, I. \ 'i "AudltiiJ-- i:o.!i:ui:.i'< .- vtnii Lamb. 'Chairman: Mary Fiikrmiitli and I jFiora Adams. ; Home employmen.t commit lee: !Abble Ellis, chairman; .Margaret I iLnder.^oin and Mary K. ilound. I » Conference comnUtie.T Khoda irercer, chairman; Sarah .1. fof- , Held iand Martha tJohle, . • Flower) committee: onil l .:iiiib. Chairman; Ida Huff ami Oiiii Wilson. Thrift committee: .Mary Jtone- i Well, chairman; KdjKli Fr.r/.'- and; ftlartba Clark. / I Table comihltle.'; Si^lma fliaufy. | J^hairnian; Pearl Toiniiklns. Omi HVIlBon, . Kalherin« Dille. ..M :ibei Holeman and^'^ice Vaughn. * Child Welfare committee: Ida , Buff, ctaalrman; Agnes Gantt i^aiid ' i itory Dbnlca. . : i : •Americanization committee: ()l-| lye Nicji'ols, chairman; .Mary K. iteunil and Adelpbia Smith. ^.'Sixteen members . attended the aneetlng. ! • « « i^jBl Lenders Class Party f Thej Loyal Leadens class of the Jlrst-'Christian churcli held its inonthly party yesterday afternoon w in the social room of the church.. • The president, Mrs. J. W. Gavin, presided over the business meeting. Plans were made for the year's ^ork and the charity committee reported giving much aid to needy. i>erson8. -The sunshine committee .reported having made twenty-two -^1 B on shat-lns just before Christinas, giving a short program and leaving a holly wreath in | each home ylsited. The remaintler of itae afternoon was spent socially and refreshments were fjerved. Forty members and several guests «ind children were present. I • The hostesses were; Mrs.} C. O. Peterson, Mrs. Frank Nogloi. Mrs. .3Bert Fryer, Mrs. Leo Burgoir; Mrs. J. A. Griffith and Mrs. H. A. aliiyd-r. > ^ .:• .:- (Tbst-a-mere Club .Veets - !;MrB. A. L. Xeele. of 010 l\'ortl atfeet, was hostess hi .st lilghi to the membet^ of ih<- .Inst -d-nit-ie Clnb in her home Texu.s. Jim Slou Cliristmas. .Mr. and .Mr.^. All STAR DISTRICT (.Mr.s. S. .M. Uickcrsoii.) Iji -c. 2S.-^Happy -Vew Year to all! Tliiusday bi-iiig a fine ilay a sent them fori good liuinbei- oi C. C. club .mem- heis were ttiU. .Mrs. C. L. Djcker- •u Davis and Mr. j son wa.'i hostess. .Ml.s.s- Belle .Mc- (!ili favored us with a reading. Little Charlotte ISerg and Ualph Berg, spoke their Christmas pieces and Miss Nina Pereau sang a solo to the delight of her hearer.s. After JrolllcaUa busincs.s meeting was and -Mrs. Otto B:i^ker helped their lather, 1. Helm.^. butcher a nice hog last week. Grandma Yancy spent several da>"s. visiting her son, Percy, recently. ^ _ _ „ •Mr. and Mrs. Archie :Montgomery i Uelil and two nbw members elccl- and .loan ate dinner at the parent-j ed. Mrs. Howard Markley and Mrs. al .Montgomery home New Year's i s. W. Watkiiis. After Mrs. Dicker- da.v. : j son* assi.sted by several ladies, I. Helm-s's brother. ."3. Helms, of(.cerveil delicious eats, .club ad-}» Bronson and Mrs. Helms's brother, jburned to meet January 12. with W. O. Reno, of lola, visited tliejii | ,\iis. Joi- cVegory. Roll cjtll r< during the holidays. , •• j .spcuse will, b.- current events. L. LinebaVk and the Peak si.--j lers.each received a box of fruit; from .Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Reis in i Florida during CHiristmiis" lime. The Woman's Christian Teroixr- A severe Cold spell begun. Fri[ day Willi a northerly i wiinl ami I jn<iw. .• Harold NEVSmSOF N ^sno mis Johnny SCott. ton of the president of Northwestern University, Dr. Walter DiHScoU, noted, doesn't care; to follow in his father's footsteps. 'After being graduated young Scott imuounced his i|esire to bead a chain of delicatessen stores. He is sh )wn at the top serving his first custum.r in Delicatessen No; I in Evanslou, Young Stott IS also shown in the inset. 111. siippiin of iioliie .Eliiiid: John unjort; Hez ori: AV. H. LAHARPE'AND ITSClTIZENSlSEiliT; ttild Vell.n\s and ReUekah l.iidire'; itolil .lohit In^lallalioii. Kiu; h'abldt Hunt Repnrled Sue - r» »s. I'er>i>lia.«<. Boone wa.-/ sMildeiily ahce rnion held its meeting with '^"'i''^"" ^^"l' ai'P<'iidiciiis Fri. ,rs. .Minnie S<inim.-rvll!e. I>..<eni-.'""niiiiB and was rushed i.'i hiif r.ii. Tlie preslileiii. .Mrs. S. I. ' ""' •10 '')''-oii hospital n Clianute (iifloril. o|ieii<-(l tln-i ineeiiiiK liy'^'"''" •"' operation was pcrform- n-aiilng ihe frnsad*-; I'.^alin. Short Boonefallled from the liray.-rs were offerZ-d by several j seemed, to be do-i meinber.s, "Sonn) (il:id Day' wa>f i'"lie ni'.<ly .'^atinday. the la.-;L ue • sung. Mrs. Monigoniery leail a i'"["''I- I , note from .Mr-'. Liiviiui WooiM ^r. anil .Mrs. .S. B Boon^; iJaniel j l^''^;;'^.;'^^''' met l):cir, i"' v.'riiiy (•}• liiuii' r'. i-l inv . 11 'f •' • •' I'll. S .I M.-ir> i.'.ii! hfiiril. -Mr--. " L:iv'iiia ivooll : fir. ami .Mrs. S. B B(. ihanking the \V. C. T. I . ia.lle.s for i "'^»'"- '""I Ui'i'ol.. „ , ... , flowers sent h<-r wliiU- in ih,. ho.v '•"•"I'""'"^'d Harc.fd to t;iianinil.' "i""- ••" pital. .M)s. Andrews nported lliai : Harold lioone ri'inaiiied with L.MI\IfI'!-;, Kiiii^.. Jan. iV-^.lMier «'>'lt'- .>r J.ilkiiii.'. ;ii;iii)iin!: ;in(l ••jd.siiiii^" ti\'. lijir i.iiilii; liiiiil X'ii'.- siaK<d llilir-.l;!;.. uiili i iuli!> two |iiirlici!':i'i:-. Tiii- i-! <,( 111'- loiiil I 'Vt-iii. (if ••' .1 i>;i • ' is I'lir lii;- ITH :i •,n:v .i-^ l-u w«,i!:-ii : ••na .Mm r;', are iini iiivii ii iiml v iiil.- iiny [,. i ni'ili'i- gr.iii'l: I.'iti llK .V !nii;ir. iiii.-iii'.n 111'' ;; !;i :>'.'i 'Ii'.-x |i;i.r-i,ii-. Biin-iielt. vigiil scene s \Varil. left scene supj .Mi-Keevor. pdj^: noble ^rand; J. F. Ill viie. fi siiiiimrt of •.•ire ;^ra;id: C. F. Ilniiiiii:. eluip- l .iin: .fhi'.-icr ICIiii»tl.[ iiiii.sicjaii. .\e« <)f;';.-cr.- fur 'h-- KtLkaliV are: .•-::i(ii'- .Ml Keever,' iriiiSf (rraii 'i; Aliiiiiii'y .Stevc/i-, iji. vic'-tralid: •\lii .»nie Hvaii.-. ' -ecre aiy: .Mrs. .'.;.;.;rc. !r;;i-iir(i'; .Si> l.i Troxell, wiirilrii: l.iHV .I'ury, i iiid'dc'tress: Miti.'.ii- (iMi-r-. pii.'-; Ill lile grand: Ci.ira 'r 'nain-. iilsiilf Kiard: .Stella CjiM -ii. DiiNiii'- tjuaril; Vlin .i llart- ,!iie svand; Boone tho LoyaJ Teniperaiiciv !/ L. T. 1... of whtih sh<- !•( ' l .on-.ii U'il.son •giioii, or ; ilir»'cl(ir ' l .<<ri -,ii U'il.son reUiriied to Neo- ha:;Hot vet bM-n brgaliijcid. Sin"'' '•'•''"'^ Snmlay aftt-r si -v.-ral was insjtailed, to send for wIial-''">: 'JH : S. .M. Dicken.ou ever liti-rature was needed In use lainily. in Jii -rwork and it iV- to be paid j n -i -.'iv.-d from Los Angeles ^ lor from the trjiasury. iMrs. Sallee ^ ""' In'rih of a daughi.-r , j. ,^ was reinstated as director of Flow-1 1" ="id Mr;;. Will Jacob.-;, Mi-,,...,"... er Mission tnid Relief Those who ! "inl'.i- :"J. to whom the ijjimi- ol compos*- the committee for eiiter-' i'^ I.oiiise has been given. .Mrs. tainm.'iit for ihe .lanuary mei'ting ^ •'"•'"'"^ wa.. jloniieriy .Mi.-s Kleauor are: .Mir.. Belle Limes. .Mro. Jen- f*'ar. on aud a r. sl.leut. tor seveval nie Hagar, .Mr^. Gusta Thormann ><:"•-• '" "''-^ neighborhood, vvher.- and-Mrs. .Alaude-Rodgers. Follow- '"• li^''' many iri.'iuL,. iitg is the program for the Janu- R''l'oit ..f Star sclutol lor iK- ar.v tnejting: Rr.-iionse to roll call cenil )i r: Kiirollmeui. 7 giil<. S r.ililii> - . iif : !i> sii!" v.'>:i. liaviiiu- ii. !" '•.•ll- milt' v.- I'. Items 0)1 temperance work, Mrs. Rogers; .Messenger Quiz. .Miss Lncv l>.!ll lei ]M\s' that :ilr!'i '.:-jl> 1 find a :^.i'.- ..(..•. iif • an ail".. u: ir talk-il ;::!.! l::;i tiiiii- aii'l I . t..' I',, i.. /.; ; . till.'. F(»i; : M.r. .: fn-sli in a ti n •.••.ifiiir--.' ')'•< Til.- <Mii r'-: •I. ! V.I H 'I ( 111.!;!!!! I i.-i: .-..V'Ti :> • 1. tl;.t !l U 1 !1 ' '-ll • IjiM-i). DliNiii'- liiiaril; ' V. 1 lul.: ^iiMiiol.; uf r. |i ;i Ox ' •• ir;iii: I 'if vici •4r.'iii i: ' :; t 'li. ii f 'vii iiiii'ii'i iif • 'I i;!?: 1 1 1' i: )|iiiaii' rii; !i: •• jMif t; .1* s>'<. iji'i r. !• '. : I 'M I ; Clara I'arlasi- • i • i;il!':i Itai Ki -r. mil.-.' !;i .'itriliiiif i >fi ,'"i-.'<: Vi (l< liiiiv );:,uiil !iia>-l<'r: • ih iii-'-iili 'iii: Fr.iiik j .iMiI Clara l';ir!;is'ii. ! :-!i;\l!^; W. I. I'.i'c.iiiiiui j Li\'ii .'g .'<i 'iii. ^'laiiil' ins I iaii ; .1. • F. Simidli 'V I l ;,r; i' y. . ;;raiiil' wa Tii 'ilway and Mr.'.'. C. f. Hamniil, jlianis. Will. W'e<iVs Re.sideiice Biirn «i «Sat. tirday Mulil—Dr. Itnni'ttrd Op- eriited on at (lianiite JiAspItnl. \ iMr.s. W. P.7leath) NROSHO FALLS, Jan. .'.—Mr-. Crinn of Queiiemo, Kans.. is buying logs in this territory at present. lir. Banford Is very 111 In the hospital at Chanute. ' He was operated on for appendicitis a few days ago. .. Juy Dntton, sinall .son of ,Mr. and Mrs. ,Wm. Dntton, ea,sf of town, is rej-overiifg fiom a very severe attack of pneumonia. .VIr.!. mddle iias been very III lor !<',i'.'al ila.vs -11111 i 's toineuhat inipioved at present. .Mrs. Funk, who was formerly VI-K-T agent here, is still in the ho/.pital at Paisoiis. Il<-r many friends here liojie fur In-r eoiiiplete reco.ery. Mrs. -M. 1... Wilson is entertaining her sister. .Mrs. .Mecks, who returned from Texas a fexy days :ipo. Eilword .Snlllvaii retiirneil from Ijaiwrence yeaterda.v .where he on- rolled at K. V. for the nt-xt .semester. } Wm. Wjesl's residen'-^e caught fire froni a |l<'fective fine Saturday night and biirneil down. A few of i their htnisehold wods were saved. -Tliey have moved into lii" Finney cottage on Pe<'an street.. 1 'Mrs. Elizabeth AVolford is recov- ing from her recent illness. l-.Mr. and Mr.s.J. C. Wilson enter-j tiiined as guests . Christma; their] children. .Mr. and |.Mrs. Bi-ai li and fainily, Mr: and .Mrs. .Vhluds and family. .M--. and Mrs. Di.< and fam- il.t. Mr. atid Mrs. DicUerson :in.l family, Messrs. Ted .-iiid .Alh'ii Curtis, and Loren Smith. Then' wer-' twent.v-nine guests present. j Rachel Herwh entertaineil a fe\y I ofher^ schoolmates Thnr-sday eve-! niilg at a New Year's jiarty. Afti-r i a Jiierry hoiir speni i>i' lilaying j games refreshments v .ei:>' si rved i hv: th 'e hostessL Invited snesis I were: Lawrrtice (:<-or'.':e and Xao- ' mi AlcPaniels. Riisse>l t;eorKe and Grace Wilson, Clias. W''-'^"" Thelnia Boots. Delbert .SuHtvan .-tnil ; -N'aon>i Inse. (Jilberi .Me .-its and f;i-r- aldilie Slierwell, Boi) .l.ii-kson anil Doiotliv W'.isoti. .M'-iviii Lee riinl m .-.ioVI of I CatHarJne Kidiile.. J M k Doiii'lass nilir. right (and Optil .McDaniel. Clarence John- i Kific Sii'V-'son and Wilnia Dutloji. . : . Dni-j vi •<--gr.uid: I Ion ^nd -lleli-n Cix -hran; De.lbert i '^^ri 'iir. sup- ] Donnbl rtnjil lla/nl 1 h -v. itt and liar -il 'Mc sail-(old 'li)liiis (|in. - jia |ilaiM :ind' -Mrs Wiii. ScliiL-r I'liltiiaiiied the Till- ill- bridge cliilv at -iH 'r lioiiie Tluir.-;day in Green, evening at the aniui:il dinne.- party, jipal-.Mitch- A three <-oiirsi' liiiiibeiin wa.-: Stevenson served. Clients present were: "llr. raiiil mar- and 'Mrs. .McCool. .Mr. ;iiid .Mrs. Iiio. and Lutie Siilli'vaii., Mrj and S. \l: Si-iill, [lie guard- .Mr. and .\li 's; Fie.I itavvliiis mil Anna Pi(|iia. Mi. and Mi;;.-Floyd llerd- li-iis; Guy I man and l>r. ;ii'.d \lr-s. il. E. U 'il- Wm. Hatten,-^Ir. Edward i^.^llivan aud Miss Grac& Wilson altertiied the Elks ball at Ipla. : I Mrs. Maude, -.laeltson ; of] Ropoi". Kaus., visited jfriends aud rj'.'Jatives here last .week. ' ~; Mrs. Bonghton and Metta were dinner giie -its-;tif .Mrs. Jiiii. Sullivan today. : \ : Ronald Fuini-.r and J K Williarns were in Topeba on biL-iineMsi Wednesday. : ; ' • ; Mr. Hewitt;^ isonth . of town, is suffering froni^a broken nonein his hand, cau.scd by cranking his ca:-. The .Four Counties Taper wa .s irinev do j stalp pnHerly lnst^led >3in the buitdihg thisj,weekr Mrs. Mar^ret Hoist will manicuring, ^a.ssaging and. treatments aj the Wheeler ^ifiipv y\in}> afternoSns and. Saturday .ginnin.g January 7. Mi.s.. Hob ;a student of the '.McGregor beaUii- school. Kansas City. Her t'rieiirls wish •liei: success in this ^ new branch of industry. • ' i Richard Lieiirancejs home on ,-i • visit from Lincoln. Xebr., whet-'' be has been engage<l in Inisiness. i States Hcoir has added to his li^it of ;;eis a young "possuni. 10 .. t'enJ.t '-. lOc and 20c TODAY ONLY HOOPLA! OVER TIW TOP! -- • -I •, You'll way tbi.><, picture packs the punch. Two big shows in one! Rodeo .si-enes -actual shots and •-veryjbiiig a rodeo means in the line of riding and roping. 'With a story p.->cked to the hilt wiih hot action and sbrilis. Knockout? Yon bet I i-iil- i:XT«.V Al)l>Kl) Amazing Adventures! Startling Stunts! Daredevil Deeds! ' The inside .story of I he great- show_on earth I i- ii .i liJllL- ... •• li'!-w; buys; avernge daily a.tlendaiict-, girls" <;. boys 7; per rent !<if alli'iid- Jury; Patriotism of Law observ-;^"«'. '-'O n .i .ase .s of tardiiR-ss( ance, MrP. Hend'-rson; Meaning of i "itlii-r-absent tmr tardy :-f\ ,', "the Birthday of National Prohibi-I <-''i:'il<s Rose. Brttv I'M.-' and i '' tion," Mrs. Walton; Meniber.shlp in j l'"'-"-! Lo.-kari. - .Mr.-:. Cie-s.-n/ (J'.v;' the W. C.'r. I'.. .Mis.<^ Clara Par-U'li'!, teacher. . i ; lasca; Current Events from the! Li.reu Wil .son leff Monday fori II. .V ;i/t,^-' I. 1).. O ! J ••!.. 1,; .1 .1 ,';.;-., . .'. I .'• . ai-.-.-ii! (l\. li'iri-. '- iiali I'l'iii Ti;.'I III, II 'lile Tb.' ii .li .kab l.iil;-!' will hav.- in- a-s been at i stall.itiii.n uf officers tmiiglit. TlT>- Inpeka lor Mlistriet ;tri': idi-n.. \lis. .In,,. Su'.ll- er mother, : van. tin- iiistalliii)^ «.tiici-r. will be liresiiii. . MIS . Boots, noble t':raiid- .Mrs. Cleve Sbeu.ll. viee }',raiid. and I .li :uy 1^ wofk, liiruesH $48 jollier>- orri.-.:': . will b.- and; Uji, ai .sii sii.'.-ial (Slices mi ail I installed. - lungb-r lor i The Lsdies" .-Xid ni'ei ibis afler- lioon with Mr.s. Tidd tor a business .•;:.inil 1 liaplaiii,; ; .\»---. Carl '/.inktwlio I ' 11 .4- S I!. A liospjial al ' In aliueiit is |ii-r»i wllh '. iMr- n.iii-g. Salle.i, .M^s.-Zink is iii'rT soiii.- bellrrl -.viiiti'i' s''>''ds. Iiarj'aiii.;. • .\!tii>iiii.'ii 'h*' v,-ea!hf a ir.imb.i- W ','ri' (•iiiiUK -fi I 'l g.i I') lid;: t<>{ (ll :-!i-|i't iiii-etiiig of tilt' . , . ... .. iDia;i.I- III.MI- Ti-iVfii '.i'-t t;r.iiMt; ' liii .'da v nighr. .^|,.mber^ tnion Signal. Mr.s. Opal .Mitchell; | L.-inieit for a .Hbort vir:ii af O. W. 1 ., „ , ,-..;ar'..; William bid-.'.- w.-ie: .Mj-. and ..\l ' Sewing was ilu' ii.'isilnii- a freshments wen- .s.-rvid. 'The clttb iiU'iiiln -r^ -all^ •Were: Mrs. .Walter .MiAidiin. GTiarles Tobey. .Mr.'.. I'aiil '' Mrs. Chas. A. clilt. .Mis i lilay and .Mrs. chas. Tippii-.i ' <• o 1 eive lifrlhiliiy .SurprlM> I 'arl -1 Mr, and .Mrs. It. J. Hull..! Wnlbena. Kansas, who a f<! ago lived here an<f at one time i hi'; expecied. was recording seci^etary of the La-j Miss Daisy .N'ewlou, driving a' Harpe W, C. T. V. -She gave a.Verv i <7'^''^' ''"'*' '-'lai li. biirneii <,nt a con- ' interesting talk oii thi- work. As" il was crusade day .vhi, sjioke on lli:it. and among oilier thliigs sin- said ••juc \Y. C. T. f. is often T1-O.X .-11. M.- aiil Mrs. .1. iiMii. .Mr and Airs. W. L. M- .iiid .Mr-. Fred Ib-a : ii'l .Mr.s. lieiirjM'' Tta l.ilrv .liiry. .Mrs. I .ii .Mr."-. I .i «r ;is. llan;y Crjnse. c.-er and W. H. .Mi-Kiniler. u"l re- lidiiig I •• 'II. I I'V ' iii 'i 'iiiig rod Sunday on tlie. high- wa.v. mar Will liickerson";! and was towed into I'olon.y by Milo! Smith in hi.-s Ford. , ' Some oC tlie. east and roads ' are badly- drifii'd aiidi almost Im- I was zero •(iiii-iigenus alliild the I. O I) F. from this rs.. Ihiiner W. Bi'can- -McKijever. hinail. .Air. ;ue. .Aliss l.iviiigston. Fred meeting. It deciili'd t.i have a "Baked Owl Soiial' at tli" .M. E. church Fidiav. January 13. A union prayer meiting v.'as held .•il the parsonage AVi'dn-sday evt- ninp with the pastor, the Rev. A. »'. •Sl.wart, as le;:der. His t.heriii'. ••'!'iii> Open Door." Was pre- seiili'd ill an offi-ciive .\ay. .\ number fimii liiith i -liiirclie;< was i>re;?- *nt. ' Dr. and Mrs. M.-Cool. .Mr. and .Mrs -Ronald Fiiin.'v. .Mr. and Airs. I ' i ilii -ized be< • the prohibition law i.s being viiilat"d." She said "Till. W. C T. r. i- iiol a law enforcing jiirgaiiiza'lo'ii but instead, il is an 'I'dm-alioaal iirKan!/.iit^>n." .A-i oiif of our b'adti-s said. '•'\\'<'^ 1 •lili-at'-. r.-gislat<- mid agitate." U 'l- i bnniiMi 'ed woi^k against all kinds of vli -i- and ' route. lor liie helternieiii of humanity. I Mrs. C. C. Beard and Marguerite I ))as.-;able. B-ii .Allller the mail man ! from Geneva. v,as'dri^'lng and his i liorsi- fell on the Ice! breaking a ' .shaft of the buggy, however, h" ; buggy and flijished his : rf. Ill . \iiii 'rl <-a ':i future i|epeiid.>» upon thd iiiir /icier and ideals ol, her ftilure liilSteiiK. After lln- beii<<liclloii came home the Inst of the week from a Imlldny vlslf'wlth relatives Bre-~i Dnn- 'l'':v'l- i f'lr repaid'for the effort. Aliss I^nelhi .Monlgom«-ry return- •loGsouthFirs, «,r..-..enterb.inedii;;^;;;';:::^'!"';:;''"^^-''^^ last njlghl with a blrlnday surprise ' "" "^'''' >'"nitner- . 'j^riyifor KlizaMIi li .tx. \ The guests were; Lorem ker, Frances .S'lka. Velina Swt.y. Aftna Toedi.ian. Edith jnau. Opal Tiir!ier. .Alyrlle In HUT. •yesia -Wilniotb. fii-raldtlie .Soitth -j _ ard, Irene' (Jar-I.' Alyrlle. Turner- and Bessli' Pof... • • , • • • ' I ilohless 1o lirldire tinb (Mrs. W. D. Jones was hostess j yesterday afternoon In" her lionii^'at 615 East Madison avenue to the members of her bridg^ club and : guestp for an extra table. : .Mrs. G X. Weekiey, •of Clillli<o- ihe. .Mo -fi'v.; ,i t;i;i » favor ^nd Mi' d ;• ; i n" t-:c dub played '; ."•^ • .i- "-itr cards. Mrs.. Ji.»'V,,, J . j_fed by Afrs. ilel.Fronk in s-.-rving a lunch. ; The gue.sts were: Mrs. .G. X. Weekiey, Mr.i: Paul Reed. .Airs. Fred Uenton. Mrs. Frank McCar: tjiy. Mrs. S. A. Bixby, Mrs. G. AV. Sherwood, Mr.s. Mel Fronk. Mrs. J.' T. Hlatt; Mrs. Lloyd Carter, -Mrs. -.W. L. Cox.'Miss Mary Crouch, Mrs. • C. A. SwiggGtt and Mr.s. T. O. Ganatsey. • •> • •;• llaHliens.Roe : 'Miss Ada Barbara Matthews and .Mr. Ernest! Ogden "Roe. both of Chanute,)were married at high noon .today at'tlie Christiati church parsonage, 309 Si3uth AVashlngton avenue. Tfce pastor, the Rev. .L Lee ' Sejefordi solemnized the marria'fec. : Jfr. and Mrs. Roe i«ivilr continue their residence in Cbanute. and friends lu Kausas (^Ity and Paola. > \Ve have heard rumors of ii wed- ville and .Mrs. Esiella Green. Thi-! ding In this neighijorhood said i<> ' next meetlMK will i be an'ionnced i ''-i^";' '"•'•'"••'"d last week. laler. All liring voiir iniid book ' —' —— and ••The .Mess^ng.'r." Although if | OSAGE VALLEY • 's a very slorm.v. snow 'y day all i (Mrs. Edward Sis.sont ; Jan. .'..— .Mr. and. .Mrs. Dewey | ..''pillnian and son Jack spent iSiin-, .'d to her school work after a we.>k I, lav at parental Ik.r D.v ,,keiM of vaiaijon willi her moiiK 'r and Jip'me i lit.'le Joan, who visited ther^-. .Air.'and Mr.«. AA'aller Gilliiam and , nnliraTir?^'T7tr,T daughlers, AVilnia and Bonnie Lee. j PRAIRIE CHAPEL ; spent Sun.lay at J. P. Gillbam's. Jan. 3.—Joe Harclerodo lost aj Freeman Gillham who has been' good work hovse last week. i>n ''i«" Fort Scott ^ lios |)ilal for, Arthur Boyd and .Air U AA'. How-|some tjme. was iabie to be br'jught el! helped Leslie Twadell butcher a hog Thursday. Miss Louise Daugherty of Kan-, - - - sas City. Mo., spent part of the Lou'*''^' l^^Hey took New A'car's din- holidays with her grandparents, i ner at the home of Henry AVatldeW. -Air. and \lrs. L. W. Howell, and i ^l!-"- liouella Utiey is staying at j aunt, Mrs."Arthur Bovd. and fam-Uhe home of Alerle UtIey. I " • Dnk Sisson was a caller al thei| Fred Schalck home .Ahmday. .Edward Sisson's were visiior.s at .Afcrle Uticy's Monday. Peck Gillham visited at Edward SIsspn's Tuesday evening.. • I-ester (iillaspie and wife spenf AVetlnesday at the Joe Gillliain'I home. .Airs. AValtei- Gillhani called at the J. P. Gillham home AVedncsday i | morning. Edward "Sisson. Earl Sis-on and Jim Tlnsley butchered a beef AVed- nesday. .lohnnlc Shetlar called a doctor' Thursday " morning to see their baby who has a severe cold. Mr. and Mrs. George Gillaspie announce the birth of a sAii Jaiin-! ary ."i. • ; Frank Brown and wife were ^(dnesday evenlnK visitors at J. P. GlIlhani'A" Edward tSlsBons' were Mildred Tislto^ .Tliiuvday. . > i Although the plani are still in i" abeyance it is tbousbt likely that vfben tjie Prince at "Wales resumes - .I«Is globe trotting "It will be for. a tpur of .Kenya and other Britieb . BpssesaioiiB in East Africa.. lionie Tuesda.v.,which is good news 1 to all. • -Alerle I'tley and •family and Mrs. Hy. George Bacon helped his brother Ben butcher Mondaj*. Mrs. Joe Httrlock visited with her "parents, Mr. and (Mrs. L. A\'. Howell, and sister, Mrs. Arthur Boyd and famil>ifrom Monday until Thursday. She went to lola to spend the* remainder of the week with Mr. Hurlock's parents, and other friend.s. Lorn Rogers lost a valuable cow the first; of thei week. . -Harold Maxwell visited Friday night with his sister, Mrs. L. D. Mattoqks and family. Mr.s, Leslie Twadell! and daughter visited at the L.; W. Howell hOJne Tuesday. Mrs. Joe Hurlock and daughter, Louise Daugherty, relumed to their home in Kansas City. Mo., Mpnday. School sUrted again ATonday at OllTC Branch after a week's holi- lb.--greatest ..•ill lis snja! id" all limi- taking yoii liai-k-behind tlie sceni -s .-md ili'ii 'In- le-iirls and livi;; of th<; Kl.iiii.iiAiis ii.-oplt! who ;::<•.' de.-ilh ilaily ini flying irape/i-.;. in v./lld anim:il t :igi':) -in K.IW- .liisl rinr. ai-.d'ra'lliiping h"rsi -s iiv ainaziiig.' Slarl Salunlii.v and see n ne« chapter every.Saliirday lor 10 nrecks AIIIH-II-CfMIKDV AMI >K\VS. . .>10M >.)V AMI TIESDVY Wallace Beer; :tti;l Itaynt'.lid Halloii in "Firemen Save Aly Child" p m mm • E 4 I* f I . X • Tonight—rAilmis.sion Wc antl 20c Tex Maj^nard in "A; PRINCE OF THE PLAINS" Talk about KaiLsas'Cyclones! Talk,about'Topeka tornadoes!' Talk ^boiit the TAventieth Centui-y Limited! Talk about anything! you have a mind to that is .synony- mou.s \vith].spetfd~and theji slop talking when the name of Te.v AIaynar(l is mentioned. '! foniedy--"Adorable Ilora" . th^d EpWode "CrJinson Flash"" hrazy Knl Kartooii lininf-dj . ^ Coming.; Monday for "> Day.s A Picture for the Ages! With 'a estt of ihoutmtdt htaiei by RAMON NOVARRb BETTY BRONSON .MAY McAVOY C;AR!V 1 EI. MYERS FRANCIS X. BOSHMAN from iht noret evfyriglittJ Jby lUtprt Btm. TuUt by X«lluri«« Uilt»« 0H H; M. XMmM.- AJtpMion by JUNE MATHIS. 7,tnihlo bj cijlEY WItSON. A ^.etrO'GoUwyn-^yex Picture- Vi,»nui by h^Q^QtoWYNUAYEa. in mtmgtmtnl jrM Abtabini L. Ei\ta^*t, Cbu. B., billiofitiBi cmf Flaratx Zi$ilM. Jr. Scores of battlcahip*^ thouiandi of' la,* a fightuigr '-a biuuCrad dtrilliilK ftrugglci*> lleatk Hared every'tat- ftant-yqu'U g.MP-T you'U ciiee^t'"~yorfIl thrill every MCo^aC (hcM marv«Uwii^)eM«» -jiirt CM "oS^^^bm ney'! inome &U in ^M ^^l ett driunatic" prpdoctioai of afl|,^^ .j%ynee25(;-35c; Night 25c:5pc Aesop^s Fables lUid Topics of the Day

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