The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 18, 1933 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1933
Page 13
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THE BAKERSPIELD CALlKORNIAN, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18,1933 13, i Apathy Displayed by Many w Islanders Regarding New Status (Continued From Page One) TAe WEEK'S NEWS wag believed this opposition mny result In a determined movement .to, have the measure referred to a convention for action Instead of leaving Its ratification or rejection to the In- eular lawmakers, Representative Isldro Vamenta said action by the .Legislature probably would bo delayed until the July session In order that the attitude of the Roosevelt administration might bp determined. Tn.'any event, the provision In the bill providing b 10-year period of modified control by the United States over- the Islnnds was expected to precipitate a bitter struggle over ratification. Quezon and other leaders have long, stood firm In the belief that Immediate autonomy should be I granted. ' Opposed .by ButIness In business- circles acceptance 1 of • the'JHawes-Cutllng bill was opposed. Judging by Us present attitude the Philippine Territorial Legislature will reject the Hawes-Cuttlng Independence bill by nn overwhelming majority, Manuel Quezon, president of th* Senate and leader of the dominant Nationalism party,, told the United Press. Quezon, an advocate of immediate Independence for the Inlands, said that In Its present attitude the House of Representatives would reject the measure by n three-fourths majority and the Senate would, turn It down by a two-thirds majority. "The measure enacted not only falls t(f- satisfy the aspirations of the Filipino people—as It may its sponsors in Congress and the Philippine mission In Washington—but the economic provisions outlined In It unjustlfy the long transition period specified be fore Independence Is actually granted,' Quezon said. (A.s*oclat?d Prom Leaned Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 18.—Winter weather returned to Los Angeles today after the week-end rainstorm. The thermometer dropped to 40 degrees during the night and a heavy frost occurred. Inland cities experienced even colder weather. At San Fernando trte thermometer registered 20 degrees and 2i at Pomona orchards. It was 30 al Corona and Escondldo and 31 at Pasadena. There was slight smudging In the citrus regions, although the temperatures lacked several degrees from being dangerous. SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. 18. (U. P.)— The United States weather bureau here' today posted storm warnings from Eur«ka to Santa Barbara, Calif, eaylng gait-like winds and rain wer< sweeping down from the Washington Oreiron .coast. DESERTS SOCIETY FOR ART —Mlit JaneWaeey, 20 y»ar eld society girl, Is winning recognition In art clrclee lines her re> {turn to Nsw York ffbm two E«STS of study In farts*— FITS ON STAND Condemned Woman Collapses While Being Questioned in Halloran Case (Continued From Pagt Two) STOCKS AND MARKETS LATEST MODE FOR •EACH WEAR: Miss Leslie Leonard of the new rubber bathing suits at ths Surf CI6b, Miami Beach, Fl». NEW STYLE HAT ANTICIPATED—This photograph, made last October for Erwln, Wasey eV Coi to Illustrate advsrtlslng for on* of Its clients ap peared In January and Immediately started a new fashion in worn en's hats. Several New York stores, Immedl ately copied It and now It'll sweeping the oountr WOMAN TO CONDUCT SYMPHONY: Antonio Brlco la aoon to make her debut at the celebrated Metropolitan Opera House In New York, not ae a •Inger—but aa a conductor of a aymjthony orchestra f'^ of two hundred piecee. '«SH SINOIN* SAM AND HIS NEW AUTO— Singln' Sam not only gives away a new 1933 Pontiao Straight Eight automobile every time he broadcasts but also ridss In one. Here he Fa Inspecting his new Pbntlac. nlo. We had no Idea W tfolng on the desert -Saturday afternoon." \ Ltft lit 9 p. m. "About what time d,ld you leavo your Brill street house to go?" he nuked. "I loft at 9 o'clock to go over and stay all night with the girls." "How did you go?" . "On the street car." « Smith asked her If she walked In the alley to the house after she got off the car, and she replied: "I didn't stop nt the alloy but wont In the back way. We always went In that way. 1 ; Smith naked her for minute details of the arrangement of each room In the house; nnd of the furnishings. In c-nch room. When referring to the fur- nlshhigs of the kitchen, ho asked If Mrs. Jtidd saw <ho Ironing board as she wont through the kitchen. The condemned woman's breakdown was Imminent when she halted during nn account of a quarrel with Mrs. Lc- rol and Miss Snmuelson, which she asserted led'to the shootings In defense of her life, on the night of October 10, 1031. "I hate to tell It all—It was awful." She shuddered. Frank O. Smith, of Halloran's counsel, who was cross-questioning her, suggested the courtroom be cleared, to that Mrs. Judd might continue with less embarrassment. ' "I'm not paving any attention to anyone here,"'she said.. The suggestion was made a second time when she appeared'reluctant. Blemee H«llor«n "This Is an unfortunate situation," Smith said, "but I must say that Jack Halloran Is as innocent as any person In this room." "He is not!" Mrs. Judd screamed. "He Is responsible for the death of three girls in this state!" The complaint against Halloran does not charge him with Implication In the slaylngs themselves, but with "aiding and assisting" Mrs. Judd In disposal of the body of Mrs. Lerol, and with "aiding, assisting and advising" her to conceal the slaying, and to escape from Arizona to California. PRICES DECLINING ONS.TJARKET Selling Wave Forces Down 17 Issues; One Gains and One Steady (Associated Prc»i Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 18.— Tho stock exchange wltnesced a soiling wave of moderate proportions today. Ap a result 17 were down 1 up and 1 steady. Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar gained and the steady stock was Crown Zellerbach A. Standard Oil went off H to 24. Tide, wnter Associated preferred lost 2, Union and North American Vi each and Shell Union Vi. . Southern Pacific gild off % and Los Angeles Gas 6s, Pacific Public Service preferred, Pacific . Lighting (Associated Preti Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO,-Jon. 18.— Stock— Bid Alaska Juneau 11 California Packing 8 Caterpillar Tractor 7 ;onstf. chem. "A" 13 Jrown pref. "A" 8 Orown pref. "B"i 8 Fireman's Fund Ins 42 A. G. & E. pfd 95 klagnavox ., Magnln comd 3 North American 4 G. & E. com 29 G. & E. 6% 1st pf.... 25 G. & E. 5%% 1st pfd.. 22% Pac. Light. $6 dly. pfd.... 92% Pacific Tel. & Tel. com.... 78 .Pacific Tel. & Tel. pfd.... 108 ilchfleld Oil V4 !J L&P 7% pr. pfd jhell Union com 4 Southern Pacific 16 3. P. Golden Gate "A".... common and pre t, jrtiuj ferred, Pacific Qua common' and 6s all lost fractions. Transitmorlca was off V6 at 6. On the curb Willamette preferred enlned H. several hold even and 5 lost ground. Hobbs Battery, unsold for many months, appeared on the tape at 2, off 1 from the past price. r Cotton Futures THREE NEW YORK GOVERNORS AT INAUGURATION: President-elect Franklin O. Roosevelt and retiring Governor of New York, Governor Herbert H. Lehman and Alfred E. Smith, Roosevelt's predecessor as governor and as Democratic candidate for President In Albany for Lehman's inauguration. BROKER IN PRISON SAN QUENTIN PRISON, Jan. 18. (U. P.)—Reginald E. (Rex) Barrera, cruising Oakland broker, "put In" at this port today for a lengthy visit. He was sentenced to serve 2 to 24 years for forgery and grand theft after he pleaded guilty to charges of embezzling $144,0.00. POWER PRODUCTION NEW YORK, Jan. 18. (A. P.)— Power production figures released today for the week ended January 14 totaled 1,495,116,000 kilowatt hours against 1,460,639,000 In the previous 1 veek which included New Years holiday, and 1,602,482,000 in the corresponding 1932 week. PATIENT 8UE3 PHYSICIAN OKLAHOMA CITY, Jan. 18. (A. P.) R. B. Mlnter, a carpenter, alleges his physician left a rubber tube 4% Inches long In his back during an operation six years ago. He wants $10,665 damages. His doctor said It was <( pr«- posterouB." CHINESE MAY MERGE TO OPPOSE JAPANESE (United Prc»» Leatcd Wire) PEIPING, Jan. 18.—Chinese military commanders sought today to merge regular and Irregular Chinese forces to delay further resumption of the Japanese offensive against Jehol prov- III Now you can BUY ON FAITH "I talked with grandma the other day," said the young housewife. "I told her I dreaded this daily shopping—that I hardly knew where to begin. And she made me feel ashamed; she actually did!" We know just about what her grandma told her. "In my day you would have dreaded shopping much more. It was a real chore then. From place to place you went, looking, looking, tasting this, sniffing at that, buying on suspicion and not on faith. You didn't know who made the things you bought; they didn't have labels; most of them weren't in packages. "Now you know by name most of the things you buy. You buy a can of So-and-so's Beans today, and you know they'll be just the same when you buy them again. You read the advertisements in your paper, see where the best values are offered, make up your list, and out you go and get it over with in a jiffy 1 Count your blessings, my dear—they are many." •» Trust the products advertised in this newspaper. Head the advertisements and simplify your shopping. inco. fAitocldted Pren Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 18.—An opening decline In the cotton market today was followed by rallies but prices eased off again Inter In sympathy with reactions In stocks and wheat. March contracts, after advancing from 6.10 to 6.20 or within two points of yesterday's closing quotaHon, were ruling around 6.11 with the mid-afternoon market showing net losses of 10 to 12 points. Cotton futures closed barely steady, 9®18 lower. January, 6.06 (nominal); March, 6.09®8.10; May. 6.22; July, 8.84- October, 6.53; December, 6.67. ' Spot quiet, middling 6.20. NEW ORLEANS COTTON NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 18. (U. P.)— Cotton futures closed steady. January, 6.01 bid; March, 6.08(0)6.09; May, 6.21; July, 6.83; October, 6.51 bid; December, 6.63 bid. Spots steady; middling, 6.08. Sales, 3024 bales. COTTONSEED OIL DALLAS,' Jan. 18. (U. P.)—Crude cottonseed oil, 2%®2%c. L..A. PRODUCE MARKET LOS ANGELES. Jan. 18. (A. P.)— Beans, Mexican, bushel hampers green pods, $3@>3.25; loose, pound, lOfiiilc. Cabbage, local field crates Cannonball, 36<U>50c; rod, 60©75a. Cauliflower, local field crates, Pearl typo, 30(fti40c; poorer, 16®2fiu, Celery, Venice half crates and pony crates, hearts, 60@7Bc; poorer, 40<y)50c. S. F. Stocks 8. P. Golden Gate "B".... Standard Oil of Calif 24 Tidewater com 40 Union Oil of Calif «10 Western Pipe com 7 MARKET AT N.Y. L. A. Stocks (United Pr«»i Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES. Jan. 18.— Induttrlalt Bid Asked Byron Jackson 1 Claude Neon Electric 6 Douglas Aircraft 11% Emsco Derrick com 3 Globe G. & M. com 6 Goodyear T. & R. pfd 30 Taylor Milling 4% Van de Kamp 6 Western Pipe 7 Banks Citizens National Bank 37 Security-First Nat. Bank.. 43% Miscellaneous L. A. Investment Co 1 Pacific •Finance Co 6% Pacific Mutual Life 28 Transamerlca 5 Western Air Express 14 Public Utilities L. A. O. & B. pfd 96V, P. G. & B. com 29% P. a. & E). 1st pfd 25 Pacific Lighting com 41% S. J. L. &TP. 6% pfd RO So. Calif. Ed. com 27% So. Calif. Ed. 7% pfd 20% So. Calif. Ed. 6% pfd 24% So. Calif. Ed. 5%% pfd.... 22 So. Calif. Gas 6% pfd 23% ~ '" 16% Sinking Spell at Close and Prices Drop Fractions to Two Points LATE BULLETIN NEW YORK, Jan. 18. (A. P.)— The stock market suffered a mild sinking spell In the late trading today, from which It was able to make only a feeble attempt at rally. Prlcei were .down- from fractions to 2 points net. Transfers totaled 700,000 shares. (Astooiatct Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 18.—Th« stock market took on a rather pale complex- Ion today. Price changes were narrow, however, and In the main, the undertone was fairly steady. - Woolworth joined the recent sag In chain store Issues, with a loss of about 2 points. National Biscuit also declined well over a point. American Telephone and Santa Fo lost nbout a point, and issues off fractionally included National Dairy, United Aircraft, Goodyear, Standard of New Jersey, Sears Roebuck, and Montgomery Ward. The can, tobacco am! chemical stocks, however, were steady' to firm, and Corn Products rose a major fraction. Such Issues as U. S. Steel, General Motors, Du Pont, and Allied Chemical, were about unchanged. In some quarters in Wall Street, it was doubted that U. S. Steel would maintain the $7 annual dividend rate on the preferred, If It felt constrained to reduce wages again. General Feng Chan-Hal, commander of guerillas who have harrassed the Japanese outside the great wall, reported that the Japanese continued aerial bombing In the Kallun district, attempting to destroy three Chinese radio stations. Feng said he was sending General U Fan-Ting to Chentefu, Jchol capital, and to pclplng to arrange co-operation between Chinese regulars and Irregulars. The Japanese legation said the great wall eector near Shanhaikwan and the ninth and tenth passes was quiet except for occasional contacts between border patrols. The Japanese said there were no negotiations or peace overtures under way, and that the first move for a settlement must originate with the Chinese. : - : - *** — ; - Shackers Taking Old Farm Houses (United Prem Leaned W4r«J ' STANDISH, Mich., Jan. 18.— With widespread unemployment In the cities hordes of shackers, as squatters are known In Michigan, 1 are roaming through rural sections of the state, appropriating abandoned farms. Most of the shaokers are single men. A few, however, take their families along with them. They manage to eke out an existence fishing and hunting, sometimes hiring themselves out to farmers for board. Conservation officers and police are co-operating In Hn effort to control the wanderers, who constitute a major problem of law enforcement In some sections. Lomlta, Hawthorne, amtlngton Beach, half orates, 90cfi»$l; Long Beach, $1®$1.25. Cucumbers, hothouse, boxes of two dozen, local fancy, »l.EiO©1.75; extra fancy, 12® 2.60. Bak< ersfleld extras, *2.25®2.50; double extra, $2.76(8)3. Eggplant, Coachella Vnlley lugs, 75® 90c; poorer, 20@)30c; Mexican, 94j>10c pound. Grapes, San Jonqutn valley, lugs, storage, Emperor. 25@40ci Almorin, 85@40c; Cornlchon, 30ttSOc. Lettuce, crates, valley dry $1.25; poor, Onofre 4s pack, 4s, 85®90c: ~1<8>1.25. Icebony, Imperial $13)1.15; best, 3, 75c©$l. San Local, 40@60c; poorer, 15(r?25c. Peas. Ventura county, 7@8o pound; best. lOc. San Luis Oblspo, fancy, 14@16o. Imperial valley, fair quality, 9<9>10c; culls, 3ifj>4c. ' Maria, 1 . Southern Pacific Oils Barnsdall ................. 3% Boisa Chlca ............... 1% Pacific Western .......... 8V4 Republic Peto ............. 1% Richfield Oil .............. % Richfield Oil pfd ........... Vi Standard Oil of Calif ...... 24\i Union Oil (Calif.) ......... 10% 22V6 ---- 17Vi 24% 11 Citrus Market (Asnoolatcd Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 18.—Reports from eastern and middle western auction centers today gave the following price range per box: Orangei Grade Above Choice Choice New York Close (United Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 18.— Railroads Stock— Close Atchlson, Topeka & S. F 41Vi Baltimore & Ohio »Vi Chesapeake & Ohio 27-ft Illinois Central 12% Missouri Pacific 2"4 New York Central 17% Northern Pacific 13% Pennsylvania t.. 18% Southern Pacific I6 7 n Union Pacific 72Vi Industrials American Can 58 American Tel. & Tel 103% Bordon 23 Vi Caterpillar Tractor 7 Cities Service 2% Columbia Gas 16 Consolidated Gas 60% Corn Products 52% Curtlss-Wright 2 , Famous Players 1% Fox Films "A" 2 General Electric 17% General Foods 26% Gold Dust 15' Goodyear Tire & Rubber.* 16 International Harvester 22V4 International Tel. & Tol 7 Montgomery Ward 13% North American t.... 28% COFFEE MARKET NEW YORK, Jan. 18. CU. P.)— Cof, fee— Rio 7s on spot 8Vi; Santos 4s 10. * »* Ceylon ' producers are making an effort to develop 'a market In the United States for palm sugar, or "Jaggery." This product Is made principally from the sap of the flower of the cocoanut palm. Taxes were levied on windows for a long period .in England. Auumiuea, ouuiii luaiin. iuna, w»vu 6x5, from storage. $l,76w 2 : 6x6, $l.«v iail.75; poor quality frosted, 80@60e; Ventura county, 5x5s, good quality, $2 (92.25; 6x6s, $1.5001.75. Mexican, original lugs, 6x6 aha larger boat stock, $2.6592.75; car stock, $2.26<8>2.50; fancy stripped, 10®12c pound. Potatoes, closing Tuesday, qpenlng Wednesday, brokers' sales, Stockton sacked cwt.. Burbanks, good quality, $1.25; special marks, $1.40fi>1.50; ordinary quality low as 80c. Idaho sacked cwt. Russets, U. S. No. 1, 87%ff»>90c. FOREIGN EXCHANGE NEW YORK, Jan. 18. (A. P.)—Foreign exchange steady. (Great Britain In dollars, others In cents.): Great Britain demand, 3.34%; cables 3.34%; 60-day bills 3.38%. France, demand, 3.90%; cables. 8.90 7-16. Italy, demand, 6.11%; cables, 6.12. Demands: Belgium, 13.85%; Germany, 23.76%; Holland, 40.16%; Toklo, 0.62%; Shanghai, 28; Montreal, 87; Mexico City (silver peso), 30.66. LOS ANGELES HAY LOS ANGELES, Jan. 18. (A. P.)— Hay per ton, f. o. b. Los Angeles: Choice barley, $14(3(15. Choice oat. $16016. Alfalfa, delivered Hynes or Monte: U. 8. No. 1, $12.60018.50. U. S. No. 2, leafy, $12.00@12.60. U. S. No. 2, $11(912. TREASURY RECEIPTS WASHINGTON. Jan. 18. (A. P.) — Treasury receipts for January 16 were $6,022,760.90; expenditures, $17,725,717.90; balance. $402,261,818.44; customs duties for 16 days of ary, $9,835,088.73. New York $2.45(fi)3.46-»2.05@2.60 Boston 3.0503.85? 2.40ffl>2.80 Chicago 2.45^)3.15 2.-100)2.60 Philadelphia .... 2.95@3.10 .... Plttsburg 3.00 Cleveland 2.60®3,10 .... St. Louis 2.80{j>3.00 2.30@2.G5 Baltimore 2.96 Cincinnati 2.95 2.35.. Detroit 3.00(8)3.25 2.66 Lemons Graded Above Choice Choice New York $8.95<Ej>4.95 $3.70®4.10 Boston 5.35@5.DO 4.50(g>4.75 Chicago 4.80 3.95 Philadelphia .... 4.600)4.70 3.26<fi)3.SO Plttsburg 4.663)4.70 4.15@i4.30 Cleveland 4.2504.60 3.65 St. Louis 4.65 3.55@3.66 Baltimore 8.85@4.00 3.35 ©3.50 Cincinnati 4.20(3)4.60 3.66 Detroit 4.50 3:90 ew Orleans .... 8.803)4.40 3.40@3.7B L. A. BUTTER, EGGS, POULTRY LOS ANGELES, Jan. 18. (U. P.)— Butter Extras, 19c. . Prime firsts. 18o. Standards, 17o. Firsts, 16o. SENATE PROBES KREUGER DEALS * The Senate banking end currency committee, probing the tengl«d and falsified aff«|re of the late Ivir Kreugef a* they affected American In- vMtore, had an Important wltnoia In the person of Donald Ourant, left, member of the Investment firm of Lee, Hlgglruon «, Co., which handled Kreuger and Toll eeourltlee In the United 8Ut«». John Marrlnan, right, special Investigator for the committee; le shown ae he queetloned Durant •bout the withholding of new* of the Swedlih "match king's" suicide until after the New YorK stock, market was elated. Largo en ft: Candled clean extras, 4c, down 3c; candled light dirty ex- ras, 23c, down So; candled clean tandards, 23o, down 8c; candled light trty standards 23c, down 8c; candled hecks 28c, down 3c. Medium eggs: Candled clean mo- lums 23cr. down 4c: candled light Irty mediums 23c, down 3c; candled lean standards 23c, down 3c; candled ght dirty standards 23c, down 3c; andled checks 23c. down 3c. Small eggs: Candled clean smalls 2V4c. down 3Vio; candled light, dirty malm 22^s, down 3Hc. Poultry and Rabbit* Hens, Leghorns, 2 to 8U Ibs., 13o. Pacific Gas Electric 29^ Radio Corporation. Safeway Stores.... Sours, Roebuck Co. Union Carbide & Carbon 25% United Aircraft. Warner Brothers. Western Union 26 ut Westlnghouse .Electrlo 28 Woolworth Stores 32% J. C. Penney 28 Transamorlca „ •. 6 First National Stores 51% JoliiiB-Manvlllo 19 V'j Metals American Smelting 12% Anaconda Copper 7 Bethlehem Steel 14% Inspiration Copper 2% International Nickel 8% Kennecott Copper 8% U. S. Steel 27% Vanadium Steel 11% Republic Steel 5?s Tobacco and Sugar American Tobacco "A" 60% American Tobacco "B" 61% Cuban American Sugar 1% Great Western Sugar 7% R. J. Reynolds "B" 82Vi United Cigars, % Oils Mexican Seaboard....t 1774 Phillip* Pete 5% Shell Union 4% Sinclair 5<i Standard Oil of Calif 24% Standard Oil of N. J 30U Standard Oil of N.Y 7>i Texas Company. 15lT Hens,' Leghorns, 3% to 4 Ibs., 14c. Hens, Leghorns, 4 Ibs. and up, lie. Hens, colored, 3U to 4 Ibs., lOo. Motors Auburn 4u?i Chrysler 14 *• General Motors 13 Vi Hudson 4U Packard Motors 2'/j Studebaker 4(» Tlmkon Roller Bearing 16 Equipments .r Foundry... Hens, colored, 4 Ibs. and up, 17c. Broilers, 1 and up to 1 Mi Ibs., 14o. Brollors, 1H to 2% Ibs., 17c. Fryers, Leghorns, 2% to 3 Ibs., 14c. Fryers, colored. 2K to 8W Ibs., 17o. Roasters, soft bone, 3V4 Ibs. up, 17o. Stags, 18c; old roosters, 80. Ducklings, Pekln, 4 Ibs. and up, lie. Other than Pekln, 4 Ibs. up, lOa. Old ducks, lOc. Geese, 12c. Young torn turkeys, 13 Ibs. up, 13o. Young toms, dressed, 12 Ibs. up, 16c. Hen turkeys, 9 Ibs. and up, 13c. Hen turkeys, dressed, 8 Ibs. up. 16a. Old torn turkeyH, 12c; dressed. I6c. .Squubs, under 11 Ibs. dozen, 15c. Squabs, 11 Ibs. dozen and up, 20c. Capons, live, under 7 Ibs., 18o. Capons, live, 7 Ibs. and up, 20c. Capons, dressed, under 6 lbn,, 23c. Capons, dressed, fi Ibs. and up, 23c. Rnbblts, No. 1 white, 8 to 4 Ibs., 9c. Rabbits, No. 2 white, 3 to 4 Ibs., 6c. No. 1, mixed colors, 3 to 4 Ibs., 5c. Rabbits, No, 1, old, 5c. CHICAQO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO. Jan. 18. (A. P.)—Hogs— Receipts 30,000; mostly lOo lower; good to choice 170-210 pounds |3.20®3.30; top 13,30; sows »2.60<g>2.60. ' Cattle—Receipts 9000: yearlings and light steers uneven, about steady; top long yearlings $7.00; bulk $4.50®6.26; weighty ^teers II.260)5.00; all grades weighty heifers nnd beef cows weak, former as much as 25cr lower; vealers scarce and firm to higher; best }6.50. ~ elpts 10.000; not c llshed.* few Rales about steady; Sheep—Receipts 10.000; not e?tab- ihecl. few Rales about steady; bulk desirable natives $5.5006.00; thrnw- outs mostly $4.00@4.60; fat ewes $2.00 02.75. LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK LOS ANOELKS, Jan. 18. (A. P.)— Hoga—Receipts 125; strong; few gruln feds $3.75, heavy locals $5. CO. Cattle—Receipts 600; steady; medium to good steers and yearling* $4.2G«T 5.10; Arizona Mexicans $3.75; good Texas cows 13.40; cutter grades $1.50 ®2.76; hulls $3.76 down. Calves—Receipts 850; slow, about to steady; few Imperial calves $5.00. Sheep—Receipts none, medium choice lambs quoted $4,75<!P5.7G. METALS MARKET NEW YORK, Jan. 18. (A. P.)—Copper dull! electrolytic spot, 6c; future, 5Wc. Tin steady: spot and nearby, 122.63; future, $22.87. Iron steady and unchanged. Lead quint; snot New York, $3; Kast St. Louis $2.S7. Zinc, Kust Rt. Louis Knot ana futures, $3. Antimony, spot, $0. American Car American Locomotive 6H Baldwin Locomotive 4% General Tank 17U Stewart Warner Sy. CHICAQO GRAIN CHICAGO, Jan. 18. (A. 1'.)—Bear- Ishly affected by weakness of Canadian exchange rates, wheat prices averaged lower here today. , Meagerness of export demand today for North American wheat received unfavorable notice. Wheat closed unsettled, H'WTjo under yesterday's finish, corn unchanged to Vic lower, oats a shade to He off and provisions varying from "c decline to a rise of 7o. CHICAGO, Jan. 18. (A. I'.)—Wheat, No. 2 hard, 48c. New corn, No. 3 mixed. 22V&S>22%c; No. 2 yellow (new nnd old), 24c; No. 3 yellow, 22%0>24c; No. 3 whlto, 22%@23c; old corn, No. 2 mixed, 24V4c; No. 2 yellow, 25c. Oats, No. 2 white, 16V4@18Hc; No. 3 whtt«?, 16@16V4c. Rye, no sales. Barley, 22@36c. GOVERNMENT BONDS NEW YORK, Jan. IS. (A. P.)—Lib' erty bonds closed today: 3V4s, 32-47, 102.26. First 4'4s, 32-47. 102.8. Fourth 4V4s, 33-38, 103.9. Fourth 4Vis, rcg., 33-88, 103.6. TreasurU>»: 4>/4s, 17-62, 110. 4s, 44-54, 106.15. 3*18, 40-56, 104.22. 3%8, 40-43, June. 101,24. Slfcs, 43-17, 101.20. 3%», 41-43, March, 101.20. ItMiS, 46-49, 98.31. 3UN, reg,, 46-49, 98.30. 3n, 61-55, 97.26. SAN FRANCISCO LIVESTOCK SOUTH HAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 18. (A. P.)—HOCK—Receipts 625; best butchers available held around $4. Cattle—Hecelpts 200; slaughter steers nominally .steady; cows strong to 25u hlghor; medium to good under 1100- pound steers quotable $4©5; 1071- pound holdover Nevada steers, $4; cutter to common dairy type cows, H.fiO @2.25; calves, none.- Sheep—Receipts 1500; fairly active, strong to higher on largely medium 71 and 72-pound wooled California lambs, $5.25; yearlings, 25c higher; 95-poutld wooled, $4. BAR SILVER NEW YORK, Jan. 18. lA. P.)—Bur silver V4 higher at S6V4. ',..?.' . • , ' i',V»~r'' A '''' -I.~

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