The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1931
Page 6
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I$jH >>'•:''KA'.. '". ' '.' ?AGli SIX ni.vnn;vni.R BERT IN TITLE FIGHT Englishman Trimmed Ital\ ian Before He Won Title; ;.. Eyes Welter Crown. BY CLAIRE BURCKV '.' SEA Sen-ire Sports Writer • CHICAGO.—The last, of Britain's world lightweight boxing champions ascended the throne 15 yenrs ago. He was Freddie Welsh, born Fred Hall Thomas in I'ontyprldd, Wales. He outpointed Willie Ritchie for the championship In a 20-roim:i fight under British scoring rules In London. • •- The next aspires to step into office Friday night, April 24. He is Jack (Kid) Berg, born Judah Bergman In London, England. He would butpop champion Tony Canzoncr! In a 10-round bout in Chicago Sla- dlum. !.If ambition and aggressiveness| count In the prize ring—and, even | In this dark day. they do—(he BCTK boy can't be halted. He's on fire with Ihe idea that he can build up hls-champlonships lo' three — flrsl by winning (he lightweight title from Canzoncri; then by troiinciivt Jimmy McLarnln. and eventually capturing the welterweight crown turre'ntly resting precariously on the dark brow of Young Jack Thompson. Berg now is the olflchl Junior welterweight chainptoii—If such things be. ' Kid Berg reasons that his customary unceasing, untiring flurry of- leather will relieve Canzoncri of his (Hie. There arc many others who think the same, although I •confess that Tony nnd I are not Included in Ihal group yet. Berg teat Tony before In a January, 1930. bout, which, he claims, is assurance that it can be done ngain. Oanzoneri backers offer the Information that Tony was nDt In t':ie best of health when he lost to the TOhitechapel whirlwind. -At any rate, there is nothing in Indicate" that there will be a continuation of the recent practice of knocking out the champion in the first round, as Singer did (o 'M:\n- dell and as Canzoiicri did lo Singer. Berg doesn't throw drat brand ol punches. Neither does it appjar likely (hat the left hook to the mouth that flattened Singer In one minute and six seconds of round one will settle the impending fray. The Berg chin is known to be a! more substantial material. ,:Record-books reveal that Can- 'lonert Is the only fighter to win hot hthe featherweight anrt lightweight championships. A few oth- :ers held two titles in other divisions. Berg could join that group by ii victory over Camoneri. Soo Who's Back In the Wrcslling Picture Eack nt his olil slnnd. In (he hor.vyuc'Jdu famous hrndlork nrll-j. wjio jirubab'.y lia r.bove is a r.licio of Hie recent Lewis-Dim Oi-m to regain ihe title In; lost to Sunni'iibcrs, v.'liu nlish (ho ln:;te of his own mi'dlclnc. • ion to))) lin:i ttif sui-stllng cluiniplonshlp- business Is Kil (Stranglcr) Lewis, s lu-ld the Illle mere limes than any other man.. The match In which Hie Slranglt-r flopped George twice In film losi lo Qeoi'ce. The pleliiro Indicates 'that Lewis for u-illi the aid Wraii'ilcr perlously of the well-known close to a full. hcadlock; George Meet In Title Baltic Tony Canzuneri, upinr Ic-fl, lig 1 . luTlglil Iioxint; cliamplim nf the world, drfriids Ills rrmvn :i«adnl Engliind's wnrlliy dullciiciT J:ickie (Kid) Brrr, upirer riRlil, April 21 In ,Ch!r:iBO. Ill a previous fight bcfnrc Canzoncrl won the litlc. Ilcrj; dffratcd llic HninVlyn Kali.iu | in 10 rmimls, lower [iliiiln. Th:s shims Hutu. Irft, lanjinij" a left to Tony's face." PUS TIE PELS DJE1ERG Travelers Upset Vols As Birds Lose to Crax; Memphis Triumphs. Th New Orleans Pelicans lost to the Atlanta Crackers yesterday will!/. 1 the Little nock Travelers were downing the Nashville Vols.lo tie wlih Ihe Birds for the Southern league lead. . . ' 'Hie Pelicans could not solve .the offerings of Messenger who allowed only six hits. The Crackers pounded out 12 including three by Snreban, first sacker, for a 7 to 2 triumph. The Pebbles were held scoreless fur live Innings at Nashville by Droll bnt broke through to score seven rims in Ihe sixth and sev- .oiilh innings. Griffin of Little Rock and Cicero. Vol fielder, hit homers Hughes pitched well for the Pebs. The Memphis Chicks scored tout runs in the eighth inning to defeat the Chattanooga Lookouts, 0 to 3 The Lookouts used four pltcers and the Chicks three hurlers. Three base hits by Jcanes and Hame provided the fire works. Griffin was credited with the win. Tlvj Birmingham Bnrons won a 2 to 0 victory over the Mobile Mar hies with Hasty winning a pitchini duel from Walker. Wcls, Baron gardener, homered for one of the Barons' runs. The Barons got bul five liils lo the Marines' seven. LUAjj BRA1XMK lnp» James J. Johnston, the Boy Bandit of Broadway, who plans to Ernd the Primo against .lack Shnr- *•••>• In the interests of profit for 15 charities and James J. Johnston himself? At any rate,, it Just goes to show that Just because a man Is sus- jwnded in California or New York, I he needn't han;; up "his gloves, go hack home and accept a position in a stone quarry. Nay. not by a ring- fill, my dear MurgtitroyO. • Ho Scream for Lewis Monsieur Jacques Curlcy's champion of the world is Jean Londos The .Messrs. Sandow t Bower. Inc., world champion is Stranglcr lewis, who won the title from Don George recently in Los Angeles. The. Sandow A: Bowser till; is the same one that Lewis lost to Gus Sonnenberg, who in turn lost to Don George. While George wa . Hnouiu champion, a hue and cry came address? frftfr, tW_ —-.-I. !_*!__ _». ... . .-,' •-*» t Should one reach for the ball ;i •• from the east, to the effect that if .;•; Geonje really were champion, why :i didn't he defend his crown against Jeem Londos? ' . But now that Stranglcr Lewis is Sandow i Bowser champion, . the the screams from the east have abruptly ceased, and Meester j.->cm Londos, . the Curlcy champion, is walking on tiptoes lest the old Strangler catch him if he doesn't watch out. M. Curley knows trie Strangler M. Cuiley knows that if the old Etrangler ever got that good arm of .his about Jeem Londos' skull, he would squeeze the very buttons of Jeem's vest right out through his ears. • • • . . HeHer-WeltCT! ; Last fall Tommy Freeman won Pie world welterweight champion- •hlp Irom Young Jack Thompson with the Important aid of a referee's decision in Cleveland. Recently Young Jack Thompson won it back from Freeman in the same city. Freeman, after taking a tort of half-hearted pasting for n rounds, was partly blinded when his Jeft eye swelled up like a pumpkin. • There was nothing left for Free• m»n'» manager, Tommy Mcointy. but to punt. He did. He held his lean back and the bout was called • technical knockout in favor of Reaching for the ball causes n tension in (he winal column which be avoid-'rl i:i the golf swinO: f Is more apt to slice wUU tl'.is stance due lo ihD Hal swing. No doubt you luvj often notict:'. !io-.v mud-, stralsh-.i-r you can shoo 1 MOT£- BOBBV AVOIDS AW TEMSQN, IS LOOSE AND KEEPS . HIS HANDS CLOSE TO Tfie eoov DID YOU KNOW THAT— In a recent game with Boston, Bate Herman of the "Soopol- 1-as" actually ran into renter field for a fly lhal landed near the right n.?ld .foul line . . . another time during the same game the Brooklyn right Holder caught the same fly ball three times . . . and finally shook it oft ... tl-o first lime he caught it on his right shoulder, the second lime on his left wrist ami the third I imp In hfs gloved hand . . . but it popped out. . . there was a runner on first at the time and a man.on third . . . after retrlevng the slippery onion. Hie Babe, with in easy play at second In sight, heaved away with a long arching throw to the plate ... so Uncle nobble pulled him out of there in the fifth Innliif lest he net killed. KANSAS CITY, Missouri (UP) . waterman 100, John Lenti 80 — The total bank assessment on | Lyman 99, Marvin Chapreli Lenti and Baxter Low Scores for Qualifying Round Twenty five men. plnved their (iiuilifving rounds for the annual s"rln? handicap tournament of the Blvtheville contnry club Sundav. All club members who participate in the.-tourney must compete' two rounds of the nine hole course by nnst Suml'iv. Apr! 26th. . . C. M. Ba^l.^r anrl John Lenti had the best scores among the players who turned in cards for the qualifying rounds Sunday. Baxter played tl-o 18 holes in 80 strokes and Lenti turned in a similar scori?. C. '•. T.lnUenich was third with 81 strokes. Members .who havo completed their qualifying rounds and their scores follow: o. G. Candlll PI, jclf Rrlnnd ICO. B. A. Lynch 83. Bill Poiarrt 90. Bob Kirshner 86. E. B. Oc 90, R. N. Wire Jr. 85. C. L. I.lntzenicli 81. Cnrll<s J. Little M. C. R. Babcock 08, C. A. Cunningham 100. Rodney Bannister 83, Ernrst Roc OS, E. B. Thomas 90. i Clarence Vollmcr 112, Leo Lintzcu- ich 90, U. S. Branson, jr. 97, C. M Baxter 80, H. C. Culp 84. John Waterman 100, John Lenti 80, E. B. 100. _TUKSDAV, AFRIL 21, 1031 BKUSIlllNG UP SPORTS Ruth Gets Two Homers, Na's Take Ane On Chin; Robins Finally Win. Tl-e rhamnlon St. Louis Cardln- nls ronllniird to set the puce In the National league yesterday while. Die end of the day's play found Ihrr.? teams, llio Senators. Yankees nnd Indians, tied for flrsl place Imiors lii the junior loop, A home run smash bv Jim Hot- tornlev in the sixth Inning'was the wlnnlii'i mamin that provided the Cards with a 3 to 2 triumph over the Chlcapn Cubs. Burleigh Grimes -flcd Smith In a hurling duel. Tli'n New York Giants 1 and Bos- Ion Braves divided a two game set. at Boston. The Giants won thn nioniin-j Kame 4 to 3 and the Uraves took the afternoon game 1 to, 0. Tlv: veteran Larrv Seibold oiil- liilcliecl Cnrl Hulilx'P. in the afternoon struggle with the lone tally coming in the nintli inning. A wild Hitch bv Bruce Cunningham provided tlte Giants with the winning rim In the eighth Inning of tho mnr'ilng game. Nick Cullop's homer gave the niiioinnatl Reds a victory over thr Pittsburgh Pirates nt Cincinnati. 7 to 5. The big outfielder smashed llv> ball over the fence with two runners on. Lucas. Red ace. wem the route for Cincinnati. Robins Wake 1(> The Brooklyn Robins followed suit with the Reds yesterday and broke ll'ffir losing streak by Irounc- 'Ing tlic Phillies at Philadelphia. 10 (o 5, Old Joe Shaiiie pitched for Brooklyn nnd seatterd the Phillies luls wliile the Robins for the first time exhibited their heralded bat- tiii» attack. Babe Ruth was the margin of victory for the Yankees over the Philadelphia Athletics yesterday Two circuit clouts by Ruth, each time with a runiwr on, upset Earnshaw, Mack ace and gave the Yankees a 5 to 4 victory. The Boston Red Sox acted like a first place club yesterday and the Washington Senators like a last place club. The Sox walloped ths Nats nil over the lot at Washington for a 13 to 3 victory. Russell held the Senators in hand. Hudlin allowed the Detroit Tig- rr.>; 12 hits but k.^pt them scattered while the Cleveland Indians won over the'Tigers 9 to 3. Th Indians' attack included triples by Hunni'field and Vosmik. Stoi>-2 hi it homer for Detroit. • man , arvn apivl loo hich Kansas City banks must pay ] Virgil Greene 08, Byron Morse 86 taxes this year has been almost i Sam Norrls 97. ' doubled by the city board of equal- ___ _ ization. which no longer accepts OLD DEEDS AUCTIONED OFF the banks' own statements with- PHILADELPHIA. (UP)— D"eds cut examination. 'signed by William Penn, two of The board raised the assessment W hL C li disiwsed of one-ninth ol she from S13.501.730 to S21.128.230. state of New Jersey, were sold dur- Banks were given the right to ap- | ng „ reccnl nuctton . A i cUcr „. u _ peal the incrcsse. The higher figure will add approximately ' Thompson. Thus terlude. Caraen in Agate endeth the in• \ Suspended for a phoney fight in California, we now have Prlmo Camera reinstated by the New York Boring Commission. Rejoice! . tor his sins have been forgiven and he has been made whole. Just the'same, there Is a, quiet with the shorter sticks, due Is round and compnc; swing. achieve a nice round swhvj ni must keep the hanch cln^c to th? body which Is tmp3i3i^:e by reaching or using the flat s,vtng! Reac'.i- Ing also throws one off l\i!an:: causing you to fall Into the 'shr,t which in (urn ei.i.i •? you to h;ei the shot, hit tho ^toimd, or the ball entirely. The illustration of Bobby Join is the proper slancs 10 take" at art- drc;s. Note how Te avoids any tension, is loose and kcrps his "hand-; . _ gher, ten by Washington at HorrlsUwn ,s,- N . Jr February 2 1780 which (ells altack | ng t he l(llso fold. "Red Coats" HOW THEY STAND Southern League " WV L. New Orleans : ,v--2 Little Rock Birmingham Atlanta- Cliattanooga Memphis ... Nashville ... Mobile American League W. L. Washington :... ] 42 Pet, .714 .71 .00 .423 -429 .333 .143 Pel , £ FAMED WR. m *®£iW To BEAT GAMES TODAY Southern League Memphis at Chattanooga. Little Rock at Nashville. M&iiile at Birminghant, New Orleans at Atlanta. American League Chicago at St. Louis. Detroit at Cleveland. Boston at Washington. Philadelphia at New York. National Leajue New York at Boston. Brooklyn at Philadelphia. St. Louis at Chicago. Cnly games scheduled. EDUCATION'S BIG OBJECTIVE PHILADELPHIA. <UP) — The most important objective in modern j education is for parents to devoir) ! the spirit of comradeship with theii children in the opinion of Jam;s S. Hebsriing of the University of Pennsylvania. New" York Cleveland 4 2 6611'""'"" ""'- "' St. Louis ;. 3 2 600 mnlce "• a Chicago , '. -.- 2-3 4m s ° 'hat woni' Philadelphia 2 4 Detroit 2 4 Boston 2 4 Who said there were- no Sir Galahads in the big leagues? Well there are, and Babe .Ruth, right, and Lou Gehrig. left, arc offered us proof. They gallantly struck out on the pitching of 17-year-old Jackie Mitchell, Chattanooga's girl southpaw shown above as she was introduced to the Babe. Joe Engel, between Babe and the girl, president of the Lookouts, made the introduction. UNIQUE MOVEMENT PLANNED [a bull weighing 600 pounds, refus- PHILADELPHIA. (UP)—A group led an ofTer of $10 to appear in a of Philadelphia women are plan-: benefit show here recently. He de- ning a movement to "bring th-1 manc'/d. instead, "three secaml- home out of the dark ages -and hand umbrellas" and refused to say National St. Louis ... Boston New York .. Chicago Pittsburgh . Philadelphia Brooklyn ... Cincinnati . League W. L. 5 1 S 2 5 2 4 3 3 4 2 4 going business concern 400'so that women will have more time '333 for bridges and teas." '333 .333 II. E. MANN SCORNED CASH MEMPHIS. (UP)—H. E. Mann who lives up to his name by lifting Pet. .833 .714 .714 .571 .429 .333 .167 .167 why. LONDON. (UP)—A total of 12D persons, 85 of wliom were men. 30 women and 14 cchildrcn, were found , was I dead in the city street here durin I January and February. lilt's chuckle behind a dispatch i close to Ihe bodv from New York which s!ated:"Car- ntr»'s reinstatement was technically at the request of several Italian newspaper editors, the Kalian Chamber of Commerce and the Italian consul general." And, pcrhaw Muswltni? Or, per\ NORTHAMPTON, England. <UP) When the body of Mrs. Elizabeth Bree was taken lo the cemetery here, It was the first time si; had left home since the death o her lihsbfuul nine years a;o. Always uniform and dependable April 26th ST. LOUIS AND RETURN Leave Blythoville 12:52 a. m. April 26th Arrive St. Louis 7:21 a. m. April 26 Returning, leave St. Louis before midnight April 26th. 1931. Cardinals vs Pittsburgh ROUND TRIP FARE RITZ THEATER Tuesday. Wednesday and ' Thursday Tucsil.iy-Wrdnesday Thursday TIFFANY She wants — Power Over Men — She gets — Dangerous I.ovc 'r VICTOR. McLAGUN MAIUENE DIETRICH ^ j . O Qnramount picture Also Comedy & News Adm.—Matinee—10 & 30c Night—15 and JOc. Money •Morals : / Marriage' , Ultrj Modern Dramiof Wiv~E»] Who Get Ac Lururics .Their,) Husbands Can't'' Af?orcL\ Liviih, Raviijung) Faslue-n i DUfJayy 'June Collvirl Hughes '£ Owen' McxJtc] Dorothy Chrisry' Dittcttd Coming—"TRADER HORN" May I2th, 13th and l-itii— Admission 50c. itfiiaasitsi Also Comedy'& Travel Talk Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 25c.

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