Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 7, 1928 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Saturday, January 7, 1928
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I • STATE KI CCMF. ' TnPgKA.KAN8« roKlCAL SOCliBTY. The REGISTER'S Cireuld- tioii records opeii to public itispection at any time. VOLUME XXXI. No. .64.. i;u<-('L-!«M>r 111 Thf loin Dally RcKistrr. The Icilii IHilly Kecont and .lola Dally Index. CIRCULATION is the ordy- Commoditu a Newspaper' Has to Sell Its Advertisers. lOLA, KAN., SATURDAY EVENING. JANUARY 7. 1928 The Weekly Register. Establl.'ihwJ l«fi7. The lola Dally Re«rister. JEstablishe^l ]S97. SIX PAGES 3 CHILDREN DIE IN FIRE Mother;Is Near Death in Augusta fl(»pital As Result of Blaze HIGKMAN DEFENSE AND PROSECUTION TO EAST AFTER MORE EVIDENCE TWO OTHERS SAFE Farm House Bums After Youth Uses Kerosene On Furnace AuBusta.i Kas., Jan. 7. (AP)—.\ father and three children wer« burned to death, the raothcr is ly- fuR at the iH>int of death in a local hospital, and tno ,oilier children escaped -nithout Injury early this J lorfling when the two-story fariSj louse or Harry Miller, five niilqs rorlljeuBt of Augusfa at AVTiite Stat OIL was destroyed by fire. The dead: \ Itarry Miller, If.. ();>al Millen 12.; llaytftonU .Miller. 7. Hernlce -Miller. "). Two older, tliildren. Jauies. 16, and Lulu, 17. escaped by crawling; down a polciHvhich extended to their second story bedroom. Mr.s. Miller, terrjibl.v burned, ran out of' the liou^e and succeeded in piit- tinK out the fire that was rapidly burning her dolhiOB- Started from Kerosene. The blaze presi^'niably started Los Angeks, Jan. 7. (AP)—A .search' through the middle west for evidence to aid in determining the sanity of Willfam Edward Hickman was launched today as attorneys hurried eastward armed with court stipulations permitting them to gather testimony regarding the boyhood arid school life of the confe8.sed kidnai>er and slayer. A stipulation was granted by^i BANDITS GET FROM BARLEY LINDY LANDS AT SAN JOSE FORWELCOME KANSAS FARM BUiREAUi GOES ON RECORD FOR M'NARY-HAUGEN BILL was Superior Judge Hardy only after he first bad characterized the mid­ west quest as a "tlghting expedition to see If attorneys can find whom they do not know as'yet can be found.'.' Judge Hardy, taking vx- ception to a defense statement that Bayard Store Is Robbed Lianding Is Difficult As A Second Time in j Crowii^ Rush Out to ' Six Months Greet Aviator tello will K^telnpt to. gather evi-! . ' ; dunce for the prosecution which CUSTOMERS HELD UP,WELCOME CHEERS win otTset any found by Walsh foi ; I '. "Tife'deL'nse attorney will cove .'About $10 Is TakcH in the Lar?e Crowds Gather To four midwesieni slates in hisj Scarch of FouT in See Ajnbassador of General Store sea^clii he paid. Hoyhooif frieud.s ;it might be necessary to postpone j schoolday acquaintances and othei the trial of this case." said there 1 person^ who knew Hickman in hif would be no poHti>oueraeni of thr! youth. Walsh declared would pro- trial from its 'January date no! vide tlie depositions that f^ickman'c.general store at Hayii niBtler what obstrucjlions might lf( defense-"not guilty by reason ol'mnf, ;ha„ \^\^ sh;irr <i .li)l)n Uarley. wh'i otfered, Attorney Jeroine Walsh acc^p- anied by Deputy District Atlornqy James Costello, left here last nigbt I Good Will 1 operates a ' "il. i.x l.iaviii}: r hd'diips. S;ri Jose. Co-'-'ta- Itica. Jan. 7. I.MM—Colonel at 6 o'clock for Kansas City.. Coji- i here. insanity"—w ,Ts dependent upon. While Walsh is in the east Rich-j . , . • / ard Cantillon. I^is Angeles attorney f'"" 'he .-ecoiul time in ilie la.-f si-x liere today fi will handle: the defense affairs! months. Two holdup men took|f'-^-''^ ( harle.s Dodge City, Kan., .Ian. 7. (AP)—The Kansas delegation in congress was urged to support the IVtcNary-Haugen measure in a resolution adopted by.the Kansas Farm Bureau at the closing session of its annual convention here last night. > ' An honest effort, said the reso-ijf l-eruh. conipjetiilg ihe sixth leg of ED SUTHERLAND HAS PURCHASED TIRE INTEREST tTire Repair Shop To Be Partnership Affair In Future PRICE WAR SEEN AS MOTOR SHOW OPENSF^RWEEK Chevrolet- Whippet and Star Cars Attract Interest Shop, local Marathon agency, hiis been sold to Ed. Sutherland, ac- fr6m kerosene' usisiTu -^la'™di'=°'-'' '° »" announcement made in smarting the furnace fire before i'""^y by Clyde Canatsey. who has dawn. By the time the family awakeneif. the lower floor was a blazing in-;^'•'"""' ferno. and escape bv the slaira was ; impoEsihle. Xelghibors arrived - promptly, but were unable " to rescue the trapped family. For! several minutes screams rent tho to hold up their li:iii <!.s Tliry loot- .od (he st(<re qiiiikly and left on 'foot. I Kand't'; (•o Soiitli. I Ai'-nrdin:: ;<> Mr." I!.irliy. Ihey j went south. T ':i<!:>: of a i-sir. parried Half int^estVtiv- Tire; New V„rk.;Jan. 7. <AIM-A price i-;-;-:-^-;|>-'if':^-^^ war among l.^Unufacturers of the i p„„^ihi,. ,i„. ,,..11 l.ft in the far. less espen.siv* automobiles in-) The .sheiilfs fon- worked cn creased interest in tlie 28th annual itbe case until :t o( Imk this niorn- Xational Automobile Show open-•""'^t-^ , , . , , They indicated, however, that they ing today for one week. ' \^^^.^ ,.,„P^ ,„ Grand Central Palace has been rests soon. transformed witji flowers and foi-' Accordinc lo dc'siriptions fnrj iage into a country setting fo^ dis -if'sHed>;. :h< men wore over- l.«ist night his stiir(\ was held up' his (enti-ai Ambriian tour, landed from .Managua. Xicara- p.' ni.. Central' stand- fwni |2t.« in casl: from his cash; ^''^^Jf,^^- ,3,;,,,,;^, ,he Americ-an ;drawer, and obtained a'bout tlO aviator circjed' the volcano'Poas I from four customers i!i the store whicli is about la miles from Ran at the J me Jose and thi;n flew above? the city," , flying above'the. American i«;gutioH Mr. lia .ley believes the t«„ n.-n pn-.^ideiWiai pabu-e. staging last iiiglifs robliiry staged Mjs conr.-e tlirough the air was 'the "(her bdl'liip. marked by wild cheers from the ' About B:in o'doik last night the P"i;"I:"e and the great crowds two men walked into the store an«l Rath<?red at the lauding lorderetl Barley :ind his ( nstoniPrs , ; , , The invasion ;of (be lutlon, has been made by the sponsors of the bill to meet the Just demands of opponents of the measure and, as introduced at the presen' session, it seems logical, fair, just and as simple as it can be inade to be effective and worka^ile. Asserting agriculture in the middle west 'suffers an unreasonable handicap, due to excessive transportation costs, the bureau pledged A I.ind- I 'tself to use every effort to reduce the The bureau went -on record as favoring the Missouri- Mississippi river navigation project, th? Great Lakes-St.- I^awreiict waterway and the reduction of railroad rates to the lowest possible early morning air, gradually dying ioperated the shop during of his business life In lola. .Mr. Sulh- was Alle'n County jbherlff in 1910, '20, '21 and '22, is j associated now with the White Kaigle filling station on Jackson. He will take up his work with Mr. Canatsey next week. .Mr. Canatsey's reason for dispos- crnwd of Kiiei.tafors o'lr the field forced the i-olonel to' agaiil take the air thri?e tini>'s and it. wii.s not until m *i fourth landing iil 2,1.S p. ni.. tllat th- plane finally came to rest. ^• Crowds Give Lindy Big Start . figure; ^consistent with- good service. : ;•. • TIic.- general program of the rfniith-j.rf'ver e.xtcnsion work was endorse<l in a resolution .which urijed state and national financial support to extend tho work! to the entire state. The rcsplution declared disatjvantages under; which agriculture has labored are real and Uiat thesupport of the federal- department of agriculture and the st.Tte's. experiment department ir .solving these problem.s will be sought.. . The organization of the committee of farm «»rganizations by thr Grange, the Farmer.s' Union and the Farni Bureau was endorsed. FLOOD MAKES HEAVY DEATH CLAIMTODAY At Least Twenty Drcwn- As Thames Goes Out Of Its Banks CITIZENS TRAPPED Four Members of Fjamily Are Dead as Othii's Are Rescued London. Jan. 7. {.\l')[—Overwhelmed with startling sudienness twenty persons were -tirovrned in the London area early today when the most devastating Hood in the history of modern liondou iswept OTHER TROUBLES FOR U. S. MARINE FORCE J,OOM UP Fear That Railways To Sea May Be Cut Off Is Out i the Thames river over its bahks. i The flood of water pourefi over FRFWrH MHTF IQl*''" ^••vtial places rRullvIl ilUlCi .luiwhen an abiiorinal tide, wllipped GIVEN TO STATE -Managua, Nicaragua. Jan. 7. (AP) —There was another situation today for iiie Marines lo take in j hand. Depredations and disordci near, the port of ('orinto raised the fear that railway communication between the capital and the sea might be cut. i . A force of 150 United States marines, was available for duty in the Into silence. The house was soon | Ing of a half interest in his hus- oniy a pile of ashes. The only avalI)Uile water was in a well at the kitchen door, where the heat play of the latest creations of forty-ihree manufacturers of passenger cars. In addition, there are displays of new truck models, shop equipment and accessories. The greatest interest probably centered in the exhibits of the alls, iumiiers and caps. Tftey were said to have masked with pieces of material similar !n overall denim. Both were described as cot more than 30 years old. .Miriincua. < Nirara.gua. Jan. 7. ^.\Vi- enthusiastic crowd as^nibled at Jlle flying field this morning to sive him a ,rousing .-iendoff. Colonel I Charlesi Llniiliergh pointed thelSpirit of Si. lyouis in • . . i-, the dire^l-op of Costa Rica, the I T^B^™ »r sixth Central American Republic wa,s ,. so intense workers wer« forced to stay away from il. Mn. Miller died in _ lh«? same bouse in which hn was born, his 'family having homesteadcd the farm. \\K leaves four sisters and two brothers. Mrs. Charles Davis -and Mrs. ^lack Clotise of Augusta, MIS. Clara Kipton of this county. Mrs. Jennie Forrest of Topcka, Ed >niler of Spiring township and " Thooiilaa Millei^, who lives on an adjoining farm,. Friends and neiglilwrs today took up a; collection to buy • shoes and clothing for the (wo fatherless, children who escaped from the fire with their lives. iness is quite simple: "I've had ; Chevrolet. Whippet and Star cars, just nine days vacation in the last {'generally viewed as rivals of the: nine years," he said, "and I think l^ord for supremacy in the low-1 Etheyl Cunimings Is Dcliiied Divorce Decree on his tour pfgbod will. He hopped off for' Sail Jose, the Costa Uican capita) jit 11:03- (central i>ti>ndard time.) i Tlie distance I between, the t«ro (apitals is about 210 miles, and Son in Jail On Assault: Charge • Kl Dorado. Kas.. Jan. 7. (APi — It is a sad day fur ilarvey .Millcr.l H. 'Held in jail liere on a charge of assault with inieiii to-kill ini .connection with the ;shooting of, Dan .Morales, a .Mexican, recently. Young Miller learned today of tho deatli of his father, two younger .sistehs and a younger lirother in the fire whieh d-slroyed the Milli r farm house near ,\UKUStu this inornlng. Executive Committee Of Teachers in Meet I've got some time coming .about nov- As it always has been, It was practically impossible for mp_ to"lBare tho shop for more than a few hours at a .time without running ; the ' risk of disappointing some of my custom- ens ill the s<'rvice that they have a riglit to expec^. With .Mr. Sutherland associated with me, either oii« of us can leave for a week-end or even a .summer vacation without interru^tiug the ser\'1ce of the shop." There are few men in town who j a^e niore universally liked than Ed Sutherland and it may be taken for granted that under the partnership arrangement, the prosperity of the Tire Repair Shop will tou- tihue to itcrow in the future as it has iinder .Mr Oinatsey's .solo ownership iu the past. Kan>--ns I'itv. Jan. priced field. The Fprd .Motor com- '•'••v N tt'imi pany will have « show of its.own opening Monday'in Madison Square Garden. 7. rAlM Mr:* f'>rnier :iecre- tarj; t-r th"" Ka-i'-.-is -Miblie vprvic* efi'^)in-i>ision. and her huVband, ^Pwight .\. (iitnmiPss. govemmrm ly that ihey would be posted at strategic points along the railway This railway, ijie only one in Nicaragua, connects .Managua and other points of tlie interior, with the sea. / • Sixty men. well armed and well Lis'way liesi ovier a chain of vol-' mount.ed. attacked the laborers on I'&noes and -sparsely settled cuun- a plantation at La Cabrera de try. • " ' i Ameya. advices from the district of . '('binandega stated. .The bandits Memorial of j plundered the dlsinct and commlt- , ted various depredations. . . Lindy Plafined One of the national Dhow's sur- chrmisi here, tmih vem d«liird d'- vnreos hv .Jutlco Allen C. SoflthTn in circuit court h'-r- Indr-y. M"*. Frank ,L. Smith Tur'^s Back on Senate Group Six More Bodies Taken From Sunken Submarine • Provincetown. .Mass., Jan. 7. (Ai'l—fcix more liodies of members of the crew of tho sunken submarine S-4 were recovered iiy divers in the engine roam today. TBis brought the number of bodies to 13. ' Washiiigton, Jan. 7. fA^•—The I bodies of four men taken from the S-4 yesterday were identified today • The cxeiutive coiulnillee of the -Mien Coiinty Teaeliers Hssoeiatinn is nii-eting tills afternoon at the 'offiie of Miss IioUie .\diinis. coun-; as those of Lieutenant Command- ty superl'nicndeni. to make plans, er ,W"illiam F. Callavay. Chevy lor a program lor the next meet- chase, Md.: Fred Henry O' Shields irig of the associaiion to be held | pf Atlanta, Ga., Carl Hareld soon. . ' • . Thompson of San Francisco, and '.Members of the committee are: James Johnson Attiite, of Rock- A. J. Trueblood. principal of Hum- mart. Georgia, .jboldt high school: E. W. Haglund, principal of T>aHarpe high school; Fred. Stanley, eighth grade teacher at Elsmore: Mrs, Ruby Schuster, teacher at Union:! .Miss Clara Hart- man., teacher at Carlyle, and Miss Adams.' Encampment Installs Officers for New Year Tola Encampment No. 19, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, in- stalled elective officers for 1928 at a meeting last night at I. O O. F. Iiall. 'Elmer A. I.,ewis. district deputy - graiid patriarcli.was in charge of the Installation. Following the installation, refreshme its were served by the incoming and. outgoing - ch'ler patriarchs. Officers Installed [were: H. R. Hess, chief patriardi: A. E. Wal tors, high priest: I. H. Vaughn, senior warden: Elmer Bryant, Junior warden: M. H. Wflson, trustee. Kahsa^ Gasolin > Tax Gollectioi s Are Out CoUecUdna under he state two- cent 'gasoMne tax in Alien county loUle<il»5,124.64 durnflr December, according to reports given out today at Top^a by f eth G. :W «1U. state oil im^pectoT, v ho announced . that collections have exceeded |12,000,000 since the tax went into effect May 1. 1925. The complete total is «2,107.59. DuringiDecem­ ber $393,110.39 Tra« ' oolle<;ted In Kansas. • Rich Opera Danter Slain by Utah Man Salt f.,ake City. Utah. Jan. 7. (AP>—Sheldon Clark, 25. of Miami, Utah, was arrested here early this morning and admitted that he killed a man. believed to be Don Solo- vitcb. fornjer Metropolitan opera dancer and moving picture actor, and- heir to a large French, fortune. I I SolovitcJi way found near ' death from blows struck over the ; head in a gulley near Gunnison, Utah, Friday afternoon. He was unconscious: and died soon after being taken to Gunnison. prises was the debut of three new models bearing the name of Durant, products of Durant'Motors, commemorating the silver anniversary of the entrance of William C. Durant into tl^e aiitomo.bile industry. Rieappcarance of \ the Durant name on ii motor car was taken in trade circles to be a sequel to Mr. Durant's announcement last summer tiiatlhe was coming back as, an active factor in the automobilt >ia« ^^on denied the oath industry. His company has beeui"f of^fe liy the senate, declined producing the Star and Flint cars. 11" have^ his Another debut was that of Paig<i'<'>« f«P«-inI rami cars under the new" name of Gra-;t"'"«e to which ham-Paigc. marking the entrance of the Graham Brothers, light truck manufacturers, into the passenger field. The Graham Brothers recently purchased the Paig<; plant. Practically cver.v booth in Hie passenger vehicle section displayeil one or more new models, making in the aggregate the greatest number of new creations ever infro- ducc.l at one sihow. ; ' ' Wushinpto'n, ;• Jan. 7. fAP»—A<fwas feared that an aitempt might statue of Calpliel I^indbergh to be I be made to blow up the bridge Ciimmin-s <r..i»-le.! li's wifes suit '•" 'i>-: Bourget lield. Paris ]connecting Corinto to the mainland with r crri-s.i.iii 'ouimemoralibn of his trans-At- thu " , ' . ' !iMit=c lliplit i.s coiiteinplated under' ril. i' l>: I bv lieiires-Mi.itive Kelley. Ke-I .\ strike of stevedores in Corintc piibllciin PI nnsylvania. jhas caused anxiety since approxi- I The nu'uioVi.'jl, wdiild he'donated i mately 65 per cent of the foreign bv ihe .Xnieriiaii government tC|commercei of Nicaragua pisses "WashiiiRtoii J-ii) 7 f --Frank '^•'ance and ^vould be placed near i through Corinto. The custoinsi coK L. SmitTi. senator-elect from llli- »P"' "'"'J<^ Litidliergii ended' hi? memoraple flight, Kelly announced tod ly.i The FVenih em- here alrt-ady ha.s signified that its gnv<jrniiii-Mt "would gralci- tahy ixcept KVA." Since Ameya is directly across the b.ny of Estero-from Corinto, U to have^ his case passed iirmn -by jiaisii fluids i-iriit- i^was referred. tfationsi because the Kellogg p.'an had been to declare against war in any form. , Nevertheless, diplomatic discussion of the arbitration • and conciliation treaty commitmeiits between the United States and France continue with practical assurance that the; root arbitration pact that expires F^hruary 27 will;be succeeded by a new peace a^eemcnt of this character. The note made puTjlic today sug- in conuiiemoraliiSn of his irans-.\t- 1 thus cutUng'off the seaport of Par- J KPS'"^'' » multilateral Jhtei national ' compact to renounce :"all. war of aggression" as a meanis of settling international disputes J *nt declaring that the subscribing countries shall "<imploy all pacific means" for the-settlement of: "differences lector said that he beiieved Vhe ."f whatever' nature may arise be- strike was in .sympathy with the t«'pen th.em." • [ rebel activities of General Angus- It asserted that a; multilateral' tino Sandino. it is thought that treaty renouncing warfdrd wo,uld the attack on the plantation waslfonstitute a declaration df interna- slaged by sympathizors with the,«i«nai \yill-which "could nbt fail strikers impressive example to all Little Hope of Agreement Soon to Outlaw Future Wars Washington. France's note. Jan. , 7 proposin? SHOW PREMIUM USTS ARE OUT Poultry Meetings Held And Corii Exhil^lt.s Coming In CASE DECIDED Boy To Receive Share in Policy, Says Supreme Justices WEATHER^d ROADS FOKF;i='AST FOR KANSAS-Gen- eniily fair titnlfrht. and .Sunday:{ slightly colder toniirht mid in extreme southeast itortlon Snnday. For lotn nnd YirlnHy-'Fair und sliirhtl} colder tonlKfat and Sunday Temperature—Highest ^festerday Premium lists for the Soiilheait 47 at 3 p. in.; lowest last'night 39 in by January 10. Roy E. Gwin, at II p.. ui.; uormai for today 30; jcounty agent, announced today in Topeka. .Ian; 7. f.AP)—Tnist • , , ,• i modifications relating to war risk Kansas Corn and Poultry show, to ^insurance can ibc modified only be held in Memorial hall January^with the consent of all beneficiar- 18-21, are out today. Entries for ies. the" state sjupreme court held the corn contest, which is to be a in affirming the Allen county part of the big show, already are dislrict court in a suit brought rolling in. against the. lioliev. carried by All corti contest entries I.ei^^I-^'dc Murr.-»y, ja AVorld war veteran. ,Th? excess yesterday 13; deficiency 1 order that germination tests can il"'""'"'"-"*' ''^^e since Januai-y 1st. 91 degrees; this!be made before the show siarts, * L. E. Willoughby, Kansas State Agricultural college expert, will date last year—highest 49; lowest .",0. Precipitation for the 24 hoiU's ending at 7 a. m. today 0; total for this year to date .02; deficiency since January 1st .26 inch.; Relative humidity at 12 noon yesterday 61 per cent; 7 a. ni. today 9a per cent; liaronieter reduced to sea level 30.l."> inches., Sun rise.s 7:39 a.' m.; sets 5:18 p. ni. Road I'ondltlonsi. Salina. partly cloudy, roads good. Dodge City, clear, roads good. Arkansas City, tloudy, roads good. Manhattan, clear, roads good. Jo- peka, cloudy, roads good- Pittsburg, partly cloudy, roads rough. Ottawa, claudy. roads slippery. Wichita, partly cloudy, roads good. Hutchinson, cloudy, roads good. George Williams Will Remain In Employment of The Register The Register is very glud to an-Icuiation of the Register so long. judge; all entries in the five -acre yield corn ^contest. • Entries already received in the contest are very good, Mr. Gwin said. Plans for the poultry show were advanced at meetings yesterday aiternoon and evening. Percy L. DePuy,. extension ponltryman from K. S. A. C, addressed a meeting Iri the Chamber of. Commerce rooms at Memorial hall yesterday aftemo}n; and one at Humboldt last niiiht Both meetings were well attended and plans for the show were discuss ^d. Individuals in the county, . rail ing poultry, were visited this mbrning by Mr. DePuy and Mr. G»in. Mr.^DePuy returned to Maahat|tan this Afternoon. wasitlie first war risk to be decided by the court. i . Murray, entered in the AVorld war-as a single; man. although at nouDce that Mf. Geo. L. WilUams, whose resignation: as circulation manager vaa announced some time 8^0, has been able to arrange his personal - business in such a way as to make it possible for him to give part of bis tfoie to the paper. He will turn over the outside cir- culatiori to other hands, but will retain the management and control of all that part of the circulation delivered by carrier. This is an arrangement which .the Register feels sure will tie satisfa^iy lo all concerned. Mr. AVUUamB bas handled tbe cUy clr- including of course as a major factor of thW work, tho employment and management of the carrier force, tliat It has become almost second nature to him and be can do it with one hand tied behind him, while for a Ume at leaat it would be a rather difficnit Job to anyone taking it on as a new-Job. Thoiie who receive the Register by carrier, therefore, may be aasnred that the- fine service! they so long have bad through ^r. WilliamB will continne without a break. The new' arrangetnent tot* into effect at the close of tbia veek. . er Editor Will ^peak at Burlington i "Some Phases of the Road Question." will be discussed by Charles F. Scott editor of the lola Dally Register, at the quarterly meeting of the fourth district of the County Officials association at Bnrlington January 12. Several AI|en county Officials will attend ,the session. Officers for 1928 will be elected. House Approves Probe Of S-4 Sinking Soon Washington. Jan. 7. (AP)—The house today approved President (TooiielKe's proposal for creation of a commiasion to Investigate the aiokinf of fbe atAiDartne;S-l. the time of his enlistment he was the husband of I Bessie C. Murray. A\'hen the wife liearned of the insurance she sought an apportionment benefit. | Tho soldier had arranged that one half of his ?10,000 policy should be paid j to his brother, Llo.vd D. Murra.v. and that the balance should be iused for the support and educatibn of -his minor step-son. Shortly before Murray's death he was alleged to have pronounced amendments to the trust plan, withdrawing the minor son from any benefit! j Following Murray's death, his widow, in-the nanie of the soldier's step-son. filed, suit. Both the Allen county d.sitrict court and the supreme court iield that the trusb modification ' could coihe only through common consent of ali parties affected, awarding: the stepson ,one-haIf tjhe^ policy. Justices Dawson and Harvey dissented. ! • j Tlie air section of the marine garri.son at Qullali was- in excellent -shape today for bombing attack upon the Sandino rebel.s. Six new pursuit planes have reached there and additional men were massed for the drive against Sandino. The marines were well supplied with food and ammunition. Sandino's present leication was a mystery today. The country affords many hiding places for ° the rebel bands. Once spotted by the planes'in their patrols, the band; arc. bombed and likely hiding places attacked from the air. Most of the,towns in Nueva Segovia are in the hands of the marines. Reinforcements will be installed in additional towns as they are taken over. The national guard, under General E. R. Beadle, is being increase<l. Tlie recruits will be put through a stiff course of training Two in Hospital As Result of Gun Play ! Eureka, Jan. 7., (APi—Smith Wahitiiand Raymoiid Mundy. oil fiedr ^-orker.s. todays are in a local hospital, recovering from buckshot! by a lieavy gale! nu-t flood waters, pouring down frmii the iijterior early this uinririiiR. .The rush of water was so sudd>-n tliat. hundreds - .| of persons sleeping in hasiement rooms were driven from theilj beds at least twenty laing tiappeji and ilrowiieil with tin- po.-isibility tliat there may still be furllier victims ' .•\s the tide- Went out. the Thames^ returned to noniial this morning I but fearing a n-currenee of the dis- '(.Vpj—I aster at the iit-xl tide, engineers ' .ji jre-ity i'^^"orked franlicallv to build : tem-^ to outlaw "war of aggressi;n." ^"^'^ given out today at the state de-j port of London authority Js-^ partment in an atmosphere clouded' suf^l a warning this afternoon thai- with doirtit over an ^arly agree-i repetition of today's flood is bos- ment submit an anti-war dec. | ''"[l"*^ 't'-uT 'T-^^' L , . I . The tides will lie ot iiKcreasmg , laratioh to the power of ^he world. n „.jj-|„ ,„„-,i Tuesday and as storms The insertion of the-"aRBrc.ssivej ar<? loreca.-^t and ilood conditions war" phrase into tlie' documentt'liri^tmas snows prevail in , constituted the hitch iii the nego-' Thames valley, the danger to • ' Ixmdon continues. Heath List. ' The deaf lis fliiis- far reported wfere as follows: ' In the'Westminster: area 1.x PutlMTi- 1. Ilammersnnsli 1'. • Burlini^huiii I. , Crowds, undaun'eil i)y the catastrophe. g;:lheri'd locla.vf along the embankment to see whether the devastating liiK'i tiiU- would recuh Thrilling and- :raKic stories of '. narrow esc.Tp!s;.v,'r.ri' received from ' all the district.^ niniiing from the. Thames e-iiiiar.v to Teddington. , where the Thames lock system begins. Ba.senieiits and ground floors in thousands 'of houses were • flooded by Ihe sudden rush of waters whitli '. swept oVer the Thames banks f(jr sixty mites from the sea. j The most patli^'tic story was;the di-owning of foiir sisters 'named;;' Harding. The .sifters aged 18,16. 6 and 2 were the daughters of a j workman who.«e eight children were trapped liy tlie rush of wat- \ ers. Harding working heroically p saved four of lii.s rbililren. but the J others were dro .wii '„il before he could rcacli them. .\1 Flood Singe. , The Thames at noon foda.r was • still in tiie flooil .stage above the • locks. At '.Moseliy. sailboats were navigating fhe streets, while at Maidenhead ilie unemployed were ., reaping a rii-li harv<;st rescuing : )| derelict automobiles from the flood waters. Funis were plying for hire like taxirali.-i. ti-rrying peupli: about town. ] The low lying parts of east f^on- <ion from the Tower liriilgf?" to Llme-- houso and the Isle of Dogs iwas a Scene of de.solation fliis mOrnlng The .street^ in the tenement districts wcrnJioo<Ir-d froin one to four feet deep and electric- lights failed Manj; of the inhabilant.s. of the thickily populated districts became panic stricken, fearing that ships and iiarges billowing in the Riger the 1 the nations -of the world and miglit very well lead them to suhsci^jbej in their turn to the same pact, thus bringing; in ^o effect as among ;all the nations, of the world an arrangement %vhich at first was only suggested between' France and the United States." No ex^laeation was-contained in the not^ oji the reasons ' which prompted tjie P'rench government to restrict-ihe effect of the antiwar covc.n:eit to wars of aggression. ; , : French Note ; Is ^Iade^:Public i Paris.. Jail. 7. (—France is witling to jijin the United States in inviting nations to join in a treaty, to; b*. signed b.v: the. United States aiid ,France, aboI'sOiing all "war of aggression," Min- '„=,..,, , ister Briiirifl's reply to Secretarj-. T"?'•'7"'^ '"'/J ^'•'"''h Kellogg says. The reply was made ^''""^ public at:QaalD-Orsay-at noon to-',. J"*"-'' ^^^"^ ^reat d.s r.;ss among Jjg^. ^ .. the poor ar.d the Uiid .Mayor is- This trea^^y, as already proposed' f"^*^ -"^'f f'^'-nt that relief mea?by Kellogg.-: would provide that "'^^.'^ would be I.i1.en .imne.nately "every pac|fic means": would be !• '^^'•f'"'='V^''^'''f .'^"'^^ brought tpfbear to avoid conflicts. ''-'^ ^'•'^'f ^t^tcd The French government e-vpects wounds received last night at the j that .the :-p>6pose<l pact will "be hands of Wfilliam Smith, negro received wish gratitude-by the en- Attorney Poes Not Understand • « ' A. Ray Elnfield. one of fhe attorneys handling ttie intefestB of Harold B. Staplesj the step -eon In- vofved in the pult ja^inst Llo.vd D. ^rurrRy. does; not iinders.tand the Associated Press report on the ruling in the case, i- Accordin; to Ejnfield, a verdict Was awarded fthe defense by Allen connty district court Budi a decision lias 6eein| approved by the BUliTeme conr^ -Staples iifonid re- (CoBttwMd !>B rave A Sro. 1) I Smith said he fired in self-defense i tire worId"3and will be universal- when Wahn, Munday and two olh- ly" adopted/ ers starred to attack his home. The notieiis a TuU acceptance of The quarrel is thought to have the proce^ijre outlined by Kellogg resulted from ill feeling within p I with the ^^ePtion of-the introduc- group of whites against the recent jtioh of the;words.',*war of aggres- increase in Eureka's negro popu-jsion." No , explanation; is offered lation. • I for the intiroduction of these. T.KNprdgreit Wins Verdict in Supreme Court Ove^ Cut Trees that there was l .nno pounds damage in the Tate pir-iiire gallerj'' w'herr several thimsand Turner sketches contained in mo portfolios were reported to have betn ruined. Topeka. Kans..' Jan. 7. (APi 'Owners must be> recompensed for elestruction of trees by telephone and electric light companie.<! when the owner's permission to trinj the trees is not" obtained, . the supreme court held- today. The court .affirmeb the verdict and Judgment of the Alien (x>unty dis- s trict court in allowing T. E. Nordgren $90 damage for each of seven trees cut down by an employe of the Scnitbwestern Bell Telephone Co., because they -were,interfering "^^'ith the company's wires. The suit brought by. T. E. Nord- gren..-«rho lives at 519 South street^ baa Jiad'an iti^restin^ tonrl through thp district and supreme courts. ;i After -va'jfiou-s preliminary tilts between coaose^ tho case was given to a jitiy Iii dieirict court in January, 19S7. At that tim'e .Vord- gren was;;5iilowed approximately $210. ; ^; In Pebriiary "the defendant filed motion for h nenr trial, ;btrt: instead of granting^ it, the court granted Ihe plaintiff treble' damages, .which broii'^t the amount due him above $800: The appear to the sujn-eme court, taken by (jbiinsel for thi? telephone company. I^ught today's verdict which ^ve4i|Xordgren ifamages ag- gregatingrmore than $Q0O. In adr ditlon the tetepfaone company moat pay co^ t^9 case, i ; " i '.ilM^: • • 1 ,'- »i f.-^-• - ; •- .-, : M. - -.- Fair Weather Seen For Kansas Sunday Topek;i. Jan. 7. (.VPi—Generally fair wcaflier with siifjhtly lower temperatures was forecast this morning by the wcatber bureau.' Temperature.';- tonight are expected to range from 2", in the northwestern seition to 32 in the southeastern counties. No fall'.of moisture has been reported in Kansa.i in fhe last 48 hours, the bureau said; and none is In prospect. Sic ies were partly cloudy over the state this morning. The low mark reported for last night was 28 at fjood.'and. Three Sheltons Are Convicted of Murder Taylorville, III., Jan. 7. (AP)— (3arl. Earf and Bern ie Shelton, ; Sonthem Illinois gang leaders, i were fpiind guilty by a jury in cir- ; cuit court here late toda.v of first , , degree' robbery in conns-t-tion witb holdup of the Kincaid. Ills.. Tnist ang Savings bank, September 27,: 1.924. Conviction carries sentence of from lO'xeara to life. ^ .

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