Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on September 1, 1933 · Page 9
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 9

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1933
Page 9
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irmi nr AMU"Blond Tigress" Gets a 199-Year Prison Sentence CHICAGO. <UB — Three death verdicti within a month, two of them within a week, and a US- year sentence tor a "blond Uf rees* accused of mardcr was the imposing word boasttd t>» Chicago court official* Thursday in their unprecedented drive « crisn* her* Sine* th« intensive criminal campaign was launched a month ago by the veteran J«df« John PryiUlsW following slaying of a policeman In a courtroom. 2» persons, have been •entenced'to prison. Many of them received maximum terms. • The heavy penalty again.t the woman whom police labeled the "tigress killer," Mrs. Eleanor Jarman, a similar sentence against one companion and a death verdict against another was returned by a jury In criminal court Wednesday night It urot the criminal campaign to a climax as \ Judge Prystalskl, who summoned judges back from their vacations to hold special court sessions on a crowd* ed docket, prepared to resign the chief justiceship. Mrs. Jarman, 28, mother of two children, was implicated in the brutal slaying of Gustave Hoeh, 71, a haberdasher, during a holdup. Witnesses said she kicked the aged man as he lay on a sidewalk bleeding from a fatal wound inflicted by George Dale, 28, her sweetheart. Dale was sentenced to die in. the electric chair. Lo Minneci. 27, third member of the holdup gang accused of more than 50 robberies, likewise was meted a 199-year sentence. York icriler hat discovered that 10-cent sptakeasjet flourish in Greemcich Village. Dots that explain the origin oi that famout song, "Brother, Can You Spare a. Dimet" AKE8 DAILY TTtlBUNE TIMES. AMES. IOWA, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBZ1 1, FAOl Bright Spots in Business •y UNITED PRESS Electricity output In the United States in the week ended August 2t increased 13.5 per cent over a year ago, compared with kst week's increase over last year of 19.2 per cent. Atlantic, Gulf A Weit In*. '•* steamsKIp lines reporta net Income for mend quarter of 1MJ at SW,M7, compared with a net lest of Sf7S,*29 in the •~" ""^ quarter. sine* H30-31, ai*4 wh«lMal« lMMin«M was 11 p*r ««nt «v«r year ago, acc«r4inf t* New York ftdtral r«t«fv* bank. NEW LAWS WRITTEN TO DEAL WITH RUM (Continued from Page One) local option elections. Where vote i» wet, groceries, drug stores and other mercantile establishments which hate operated for three years or more could sell intoxi cants. Hotels, restaurants anc cafes which have operated for three years under the same man agement could serve liquor with meals. The whole plan however is contingent upon repeal of the state dry law to be voted on September IS when the state votes on ratification of the 2let amend New York: Under a temporary law passed at the recent session of the legislature, the state beer control board,-, would be given control of liquor pending enactmtnt of permanent legislation next win ter. A license scale if. fixed in eluding the following levies: Lf- quor Jl a gollon. sparkling wine 40 cents a gallon; still wines Id cents a gallon; distillers 115,000 a year; wine manufacturers, $500; wholesale liquor dealers, $4,500; wholesale wine dealers, 5500; retailers in cities of more than 100,000 population, $1,500 for consumption on the premises and $1,200 for consumption oy the premises; in cities of less than WO.OOO population, fees would be $1,200 for consumption on premises and $1,000 where consumption on premises was not permitted. New Jersey: Old inn and tavern act would become effective restoring license system prevailing before prohibition. Rhode Island: State enforcement act repealed. Beverage commission will promulgate regulations for sale of whisky. THPPE GUESSES GIVE THE NAME OF THIS MAN. HOW FAR ABOVE EARTH DO CLOUDS FORM? HOW HIGH ARE THE STRIDE TOWERS ATTHEWDRLDFAIE? South Porto Rico Sugar Co. places common stock on a |2.40 annual dlrldend basis, compared with |1.«0 previously pa!d. Ward Baking Co. d«elares 90<tnt dividend on $7 prtfer- r*d, eomparad with 25 ctnts paid previously. Glldden Co. sales flnt half of Augugt total 11,110,674, compared with 1771,529 in the like 1932 per- lo<L National Cash Register company reports sales aggregating 11,512,350, highest total for any months since October, 1931. Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville railroad report* July net operating income of 15,546 compared^with a deficit of $83,751 in the" tame month, of 1932. Wall Street Journal says U. S. administration is urging distillers to roil at peak of production of 'medicinal liquor" to meet heavy demand expected after repeal, now virtually certain. Retail shoe prices Sept. 1 to be advanced 50 cents to |1 a pair. July sales of chain and department stores in the New . York district were the best [ FRANKLIN TWP. *— - ——,— Special to th*Trfbuiw-Tto**. FRANKLIN TWP., Aug. 2» Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Grinder and daughter Frances of Ames and Mr and Mrs. Clark Stuart motored to Sioux Rapids Sunday where they spent the day with the latter's brother Glenn Wbitinger and fam iiy- Mrs. Clarence Grierson and daughters Lois aad Irma of south east of Nevada spent Sunday aft ernoon at the Roy Grierson home Mr. and Mrs. William Stone and daughters were callers Thursday evening at the Oley Wold home. Mrs. Anthoy Lyons of Amarillo Tex., and father Guy Dodds lef Sunday for Chicago where they will visit with relatives and attend the Century of Progress. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Allen are both confined to their home this week by illness, Mrs. Grace Briley and Guy Ma thews were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hunter. Afternoon callers were Mrs. Maud Rogers and Mrs. Carrol Patterson of Boone. Mrs. Frank Borgmeyer left this week for a visit with relatives at Spirit Lake, r Mr. an<J Jirs. William Stone and daughters spent We'dnesday eve ning at the ,Hearj Fox home. Mr. and "Mra,. Herman Grabau and family left? Sunday for a visit with relatives In Minnesota. Mrs. Walter, Swejison and son spent Wednesday , afternoon with Mrs. Roy Grierson. Mra. S. N. Kingsbury and grand daughter Virginia Grooms spent a few days last' week at the home of her son Donald Finch and fam ily south of Ames. A We don't know what the member* of these nudists colonies plan to wear when cold weather nrmes. but probably U will be suits of cellophane. Keith's Fruit Store 1 312 MAIN Mich. Concord Grapes .... JOc Jumbo basket , Strawberries, pint . . . . ^ . lOc BANANAS, dozen 15c ORANGES, 252's, dozen 20c APPLES, 10 Ibs 25c PEARS, bushel $1.90 LElffONS, dozen . ...,.., ... 23c POTATOES, No. 1 f. 36c POTATOES, No. 2 18c TOMATOES, 3 Ibs lOc PEPPERS, lb lOc" WHITE SQUASH, 3 for lOc YELLOW SQUASH, 2 for ....'... .-j 15c Fresh Beans, Pea», Lettuce, Radishes, Corn, Celery and Cabbage BREAD 5 5c, 8c, lOc Held for Shooting on a "Dare" Charged with shooting Joseph Wood, a former policeman, with his own pistol on a "dare," Is 21- year-old Mary Casper (above) of Philadelphia. Wood, a "'brigadier' general" in the khaki shirt organization, was candidate for the Democratic nomination fot magistrate. LINK SAUSAGE, home made BOLOGNA, home made BEEF RST M choice 12c PORK ROAST, lb BOSTON BUTTS, fresh — BEEF ROAST, lb I5c lOc SPARE RIBS, lb PORK STEAK, lb PORK CHOPS, lb SAUSAGE, Ib GROUND BEEF, lb RIB BOIL, lb 7C IOC I5c lOc lOc 7c SPRING FRIES * —for Your Labor Day Picnic On account of the holiday, we will be open Sunday 10 to 11 and Monday 10 to 11. Todd's Market Phone 52 DELICATESSEN Free Delivery Answers on Another Page Phone 219 Free Delivery 2508 Lincoln Way Stop & Shop MEAT MARKET FREE DELIVERY TO ALL PARTS OF AMES Wi DO OUK FAKT Pork Roast . Pork Steak . Pork Chops . Pork Butts > Pork Sausage Spare Ribs . Beef Roast . Rolled Ribs . Rolled Roast. PORK BOIL SLICED LIVER 9c 9c 12C 12C IOC 7c 12C 16c I5c OOMPOUND ROUND STEAK BROUND BEEF lbs Sc Sc 20C Rolled Rumps . , Beef Boil.... Short Ribs . . . Veal Roast . . . Veal Round . , . Spring Chix . . . Sliced Bacon. Bacon Squares . . , Weiners ..... SWISS STEAK 12y 2 c SIRLOIN STEAK I5c PIGS FEET 15c VEAL PATTIES 18c SMOKED HAMS 13c BEEF LIVER 18c MILK it supplies vacation energy Active children additional nourishment to compensate for energetic sum mer play. Ice Crtam Cottage Cheeae Moore Bros. Dairy Phone 309 Lowest Prices "An low» Corporation Operated by Iowa People" _ 211 Main St.— I. F. Van Trease, Mgr. Buy Now & Save! rrs UP TO YOU Specials for Friday, Saturday and Monday, _ Sept. 1st, 2nd and 4th Sugar, lOMJc Finest granulated. .With grocery order FLOUR 24 1 / 2 lb Best Patent Hazel guaranteed Baking Powder Calumet 1 Ibcan Canada Dry Gingerale, «. 2 bots J5C Plus Bot. charge PRESERVES J lb jar PICKLES Fancy Dill Dailey's qt ar OLIVES Imported Queen Come Again qt jar BROOKFTJELD CHEESE •i/Ub pkg 6}/ 2 MIRACLE WHIP SALAD DRESSING . ptjar SALAD A TEA Orange Pekoe, Brown /4 ^b pkg . Label. Also Green Tea BEANS ~ Baked, Lima, Kidney Otoe, 11 oz. size 6 cans 28C MATCHES 6 boxes 2$C SALT Best Dairy 10 lb sack KARDWATER Castile Soap, Kirk's . , J bars 14C POTATOES Large Red River Chios. Full peck ONIONS New yellow' Globes 10 Ibs 2$C WATERMELONS tt S£ u "yf f ea. Farmers, bring us your eggs—we pay highest prices ALL PRICES LOW AT THE RED BALL Red Ball Market Phone for Meat—133 RELIABLE PRICES -:-JSELIABLE SERVICE SPECIAL. 5 to 7 Ib. average Boned Rolled Picnic Hams . lb IOC BEEF ROAST 7c ROLLED RIB ROAST 125/2C SIRLOIN STEAK Hamburger or Pork Sausage . lb 5C PURE LARD Armours .... 6 1/*% /•>C BACON Windsor sliced .. SLICED BACON 3 lb box PORK LOIN ROAST O1 /*% gC PORK CHOPS 3 Ibs for PORK TENDERLOIN . KIDNEY BEAKS Oto« Fey No. 2 can L 2$C LOWEST AVXSA01 PWCI OlIODTATOM MAXOLA on. Q«art CM BUTTEE Iowa State College > 24C Nevada Brand TUNA FISH ^an Camp's Fancy Light Meat size can 27c MATCHES \ COFFEE Red Bird, Finest Quality, Regular Sc Box 6 for 20C Chase ft Sanhorn's Dated 1 lb can COEN MEAL Certainty 5-Lb Bag 2 for 25c Certo Makes Perfect Jelly Bottle 25C SUGAR Pure Fine Granulated 10 Ibs WHITE KING Granulated Soap ao-ox pkg HOME BAKERY SPECIALS CINNAMON BREAD, 2 loaves... PICNIC BUNS, large size, 2 dor... PJECAN BOLLS, large cluster ...... ASSORTED CAKES, 2 for .. .......... BUTTERFLY ROLLS, dozen ..... mf Z)C ^j MM* *-_ Z$C SPINACH Del Monte Fancy, No. 2 a* 35c CLOROX bottle -f 41 V MAYONNAISE Kraft's. pint jar . Mortons SALT Plain or lo- *•- dized, a for 1>}6 PEARS Hillsdale Bartlett— No. 2% can, J»A^ 2 for 29C *****XX**XXX^^ <A ^^k. ^Bh. ^^^^ i_ ^kH^_ -^- _^_ V _ _ ^ POTATOES*^ Northern Grown PEACHES Placer Co. Elbertas, YOUR LAST CHANCE at This Price—BOX $1.14 PEACHES-PEARS, basket 25c I GRAPES. Red Malagas lb WATERMELONS.'the best, 15c ft 20c LEMONS, Itaddrt I t 'or LIMA BEANS, fresh full pods, 2 lb 19c | PLUMS, choice. e&ting, do«* 15c lOc 15c. Sweet Potatoes New Crop Louisiana 6 Ibs. <" 25c CELERY, crisp, tender, Ige bunch lOc PEAS, sweet tender as h. gr, 2 lb 25c CAULIFLOWER, white clean solid 20c ORANGES Thin Skin, Juicy. Good Sue, Doz ISc TOMATOES, selects, 3 lb* 10e ; ONIONS, White Wax, lb BEANS, green tender, 2 lb* HFAD LETTUCE '££&& 2 for 19c .tttx^cxxxjacxxjoK^^ PAROWAX For sealing ,b. ...... IOC SUN BRITE Cleanser for . 9^ Puffed Wheat P k g 9c NAVY BEANS Hand picked Mich. L ...... loc SPICES Pure Quill quality All kinds. Reg. lOc'tins 20C 3 for CRACK 'RS Oven fresh Sodas and Grahams Cheese Mild, sweet Long Horn lb. { MARSHMALLOWS Fresh fluffy sugar puffs 2 lb box JJC/ 17C 13C I CANNING SUPPLIES MASON FRUIT JARS Pint, dozen 65c Quarts, dozen .75c Half gallon, dozen . .$1.02 MASON JAR CAPS Dozen 19c FLOUR Gold Medal "Kitchen Tested" 12y 4 lb bag . .49c 49 lb bag ..$1.99 SEMINOLE TISSUE Full 1000 sheet count 4rolls25c Indian Head Dress FREE Peas / Catsup JAR RUBBERS Presto Two Lipped Me 3 dozen Dodge Center tender swts. No. 2 can Golden Sun fancy 14-oz bottle for 2lC 2lC Harts Butterkrust Bread white of whole wheat loaf Pose's Market Quality Meati at Low Cost—229 Main St. LARSEN'S CAMPUS MARKET Swift's Boneless Hams ALL LEAH lb. 18c Premium Sliced Bacon CELLO PKG lb. 25c Sliced Liver lb. Sc Gem Bacon lb. lOc Sliced Ham lb. 25c iamb Chops lb. 25c Veal Steak M>. 20c Pork Roast lb. lOc Beef Ribs lb. 8c Pork Ribs lb. 8c Bologna, each lOc Pot Roast lb. 12c SPRING CHICKENS FANCY WHITE ROCKS lb. 19c LEG OF LAMB FINE QUALITY IOWA LAMB Ib20c HORMELS LARD In cartons Lb 9c SWIFT'S PREMIUM BACON Lb

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