Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 13, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 13, 1933
Page 2
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TWO THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 13. 19S8. lOLA. KANSAS lETY. Anderson-Potter •Mrs. Josie Potter announces the marriage ofj her daughter Ruth to Mr. J. C. Anderson of Topeka. The nwrrlage topk place February 11 at 1 p. in. in Kansas City, where the bride has been employed as a nurse Iri the Trinity Lutheran hospital. Mr. Anderson "is associated with the Fleming and Wilson Mercantile company ofj Topeka and the couple will be at home in Topeka after March 1. ; ^ j • • • - lola Music Club to Give Oriental Tea The ilola Music club will entertain the Humboldt Music club with an Oriental , Tea tomorrow afternoon at 3:15 in the Baptist temple parlors. The following oriental program win be given: i; Talk: . t Mrs. A. A.Rasmu^sen The Arab Dance ftwp pianos) from "Nutcracker Suite' i .Tschaikowsky Mrs. Ed Dahforth and Miss i Florence Hpbart. Temple Bells.Amy Wbodford-Finden Wayne Eflin. Egyptian Dance ... J .... Friml ; Mrs. Bumey: Miller. One Fine Day (Madame Butterfly.) ..; " . Puccini I, Mrs. Fred Bergman. Duet of the Flowers! (Madame Butterfly) Puccini Mrs. Fred Bergman and Mrs. ! John Pnrkhurst. Reading, "Little Chink" Wing I Miss Anna iHcss. Kashmjirl Song, Amy Woodford- Flnden.- i On the Road to Mandalay.. .Speaks Edwin,Payne. WASHINGTON YOUTH COUNTERFEITER CHECK IN STUMP INVOLVES YOUTHS IN LINDBERGH PLOT NEWS OFUHARPE After woundnig two policemen who attempted to arrest hun for passing spurious money, Lester L. Lillie, 25, (aboVe), w;as arrested in Waslilngton and confessed, i^olice say, to manufacturing counterfeit bills. He led police to his counterfeiting aijparatus. He Is the son of a prominent Washington family. Chicago—Maybe somebody thought the police didn't haye miich to do. He ; phoned and complained . that lou^ talk nt an apartment party was disturbing his slumbers. The police found 35 persons at the'party but'no noise. Said Mrs, Ruth-Brown, the:hostess: '. • , "Somebody's kidding you. Every guest here is a deaf mute," DARROW FIGHTS FOR LIFE OF BOY, 18 Because Joe Bryant (right) attempted to cash a $17,000 check' which had been left in a tree stump at Ploanoke, Va., in an attempt to capture iier- scns who threatened to kidnap Col, Charles A. Lindbergh's second son. he and his friend Norman Harvey (left) and Harvey's wife were arrested. A demand oi $50,000 was made on Lindbergh in December and the demands were scaled down to $17,000 with the resultant ruse worked by police, Br>-ant claims he just hajSpeiied to be passing the stump (shown in lower picture) and found the check. GARDENING NOTES • From the City Federation In early February some of the older shrubs should be pruned and then again in the summer. Early spring pruning is done to get rid of straggling limbs, or limbs tliat are diseased, and in case of some young shrubs, to induce spreading. Dead branches are a menace to tree and shrub, health, 'They waste water, cast shade, check air circulation, spread disease and harbor insects. Cut them out and burn them at any time. Shrubs that flower on stems of the current year's growth also sliould be pruned to cause formation of new branches that will produce more abundant bldom. Summer blooming spireas need this kind of pruning, and so do snowhill hydrangea, silberblotch dogwood, pee- Ece hydrangea, beauty berry, kerrin and double kerria, Oregon grape holly, chaste tree, and. indigo bush. Some shrubs that have long canes sliould be pruned at this Umc by removing the oldest of the canes. Honeysuckle, elders, shrub roses, and W HAT COUNTRY IS THIS? I H WHAT CITY-IS THE" WORLD'S aOEST N £iV5PAP3? PUBUSHED ? Methodist Women's /Foreign Mission^ Society Meets st Home of Mrs., Lowell Ba^mnnk Friday. LaHarpe, Feb. 13.—Otis Barker, Ada, Okla.. IS here to attend the funeral of his mother, Mrs. Charity Barker. Bobby Lacy fell last week from a rocking chair and cut the end off one of his fingers. Word has been received here of the death of Mrs. S. J. Coleman, formerly of LaHarpe, at the old sol- dler'^s home in Dodge City, Feb. 4. Jim 'Van Dam, LaCygne, Kas.. spent the week-end here with his. wife and family, and Mr. and Mrs.'f* Osicar Fulkerson and fan^ly. Mr. and Mrs. Forest Marai and family drove to iThayer, Kas., lastf -3- Sunday to visit Mr. Marsh's ppr ents. Mr. and Mrs. Harry and family. Mr. Amnion, on his way to home in Kai^as City, stopped LaHarpe Saturday afternoon to cal('foji on business friends. Trie Women 's Foreign Missionary^ society of the Methodist church met' at the home of Mrs." Lowell Baumunk Friday afternoon. The meeting was presided over by the president, Mrs. Frank Stevenson. The progi^m opened with song, followed by prayer by Mrs, Tredway. Min -t; utes of the last meeting were "read and approved. Mrs. Lacy led the devotionals with Mrs. Howerton leading In prayer. Mrs. Bert Johnson gave the lesson on Stewardsip. The lesson study "Lady, Fourth Daughter of China," was given by Mrs. Amos Remsberg. The meeting closed by repeating the Lfard's Prayer, after which refreshments were served by the hostess to two guests. Mrs. Rutherford. Wellington, Kas., and Mrs. Ruse, Wichita, and the following members: Mesdames Guy Tredway, Leona Morrison, Prank Stevenson. Amos Remsberg. &. I. Glflord, Harry Lacy, F. J. Heath. J. W. Howerton, Bert Jolinson, Orin Hartl^-. Ffimk Stevenson and Prank Troxell made a business trip to Kansas City Sunday afternoon. D. P. Yancey and Marie drove to Elk City Sunday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brock and Mrs. "yancey. Mrs. Brock is greatly improved aft- after several days illness with appendicitis. The freshman class party was held Friday evening in the high school gym. Games . were played and refreshments served to the following: Misses Leona Stone. Fae Holmes, Edith Turlqy. Gertrude Myers. Dora Slate, Evelyn Rose, Esther Niiren and Emeiy Barker. Fred Geer, Willis Page, Lowell Baumunk, and the sponsor, Miss Gladys Stevenson. Miss Alice Harris spent the weekend at her home in Diamond District. • ! • F,.M. Westlake is improving, having had his toe, which was seriously infected, removed last week. Mr. and Mrs; Parkhurst, west of Tola, were in town calling on their daughter, Mrs. Minnie Pollet and children, Saturday afternoon. Miss Esther Moore spent Sunday with Miss Gertrude Myers. Miss Dora Slate was a week-end guest of Miss Lenore MiUer. Mis.s Edna Denton has been staying in loIa with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Dillman during the bad weather, in order to be closer to her school. • Mr, and Mrs, Miller, lola, were business visitors in LaHarpe Saturday afternoon. •ed. he said, "to make the hardest fight of my career." Clarence , right, famous criminal lawyer, is shown with Russell McWilliams, -old robber-slayer.of a Rockford, 111., street car motorman. , Dar- ffs pleading in circuit court at Rockford to save the youth from the ic ichair. Supreme court reversals twice haye saved McWilliams ||i'^;the chair. Overruled in his effort to have the youth's guilty plea withdrawn, Dan-ow now can only seek a minimum sentence. AbLEN CENTER Peb.-^ 9—Mr. Weith is slowly improving from a fall suffered last Wietft.'Mis. True, a nurse from La­ Harpe, IS caring for him. Mr. and Mrs. John Page and Willis, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. 'Albert Page, lola, and Bertha Fitzpatrick drove to near Amsterdam, Mo., Monday, and attended the sale of Mr, Page's uncle, H, H. Tracy. The A. C. C. was postponed on account of cold weather. It'will be held at the home of Mrs. Johnson Thursday afternoon, Feb. 23. The Loyal Neighbors club met last Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. John Page. 'The afternoon was spent piecing quilt blocks. Those present were: Mrs.' Rogers, Mrs. Aten and Wilbm',;Mrs. Johnson and Clarine, Mrs. Suskn Steward, Donald arid Larry, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Fox, Mrs. Turner and Bertha Fltzpatrlck. Next meeting to be with Mrs. Turner. Roll call, a house cleaning hint, Mr, a.nd Mrs, J, W, Shultz and family, Gas, have moved into the J, J, Fltzpatrlck place. Farmers Union was postponed on account of the severe weather, Maxine Roedel finished her work at Lawrence and returned home last week, Pauline and Maxine Roedel ex- ppct to go to Kansas City Saturday, PRAIRIE HALL Feb, 10 —This very cold weather has kept most of the school children at home. Our postman coul(i only., get part way. around his route in thLs neighborhood since the snow. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Boeken and boys of Prairie Hall spent Sunday at the parental Beaman home, near Elsmore. • Mr. and Mrs. Tony Stewart and son Charles, Prairie Ilall^spent Sunday , evening at Fi-ed Troxell's, Elsmore. Mrs. Jones, mother of Mrs.. Stewart, spent the evening with Mr. and Mrs. Myers. The community meeting which was at Prairie Hall on Friday evening. February 10, was put off till next Friday evening. February 17, on account of weather and roads. Mr. and Mrs, Frank Myers spent last Thursday; evening with Mr, and Mrs, Lawrence Anderson, Mrs, Arthur Boeken and Miss Maude Boeken called on Mrs. Myers Thursday afternoon and visited the school. EUzabeth and John Stewart have riot been to high school in LaHarpe since the snow. Cleo and Carl Nelson missed part of the time. Mrs. Arthur Boeken has 130 baby chicks, Mrs. John Nelson has sev­ eral Incubators setting. It Is hard to get ahead of Prairie Hall folks. Mr. and Mrs. "Elmer Duggan and children spent Sunday at Everett Baker's, all of Prairie Hall... Mr. arid Mrs. Boeken and ^aude spent last Sunday afternoon with Mr. and'^rs. W. 'VV. Smart and family, near Stark. , Mi's. J. R. Andruss, Bethel, spent Thursday afternoon with Mrs.- Harrj'A Boeken.: ' \ Mr. and Mrs. Frank .Myers, spent Sunday with Grandma Myers, La­ Harpe.- • ; : ANTISEPTIC byViCKS ^ for HAUTOilS MOUTR-yASH OABO L B' TRIAL SIZE (3S« V O I M) . . only 10^ cdl druggists Thoro Is a roafionablo way lt>' correct tliLs condition, i'au.spia"'' ''"a- son. Vou knovi-"r!Iat Tibily wciikneSH ia iroquonlly tlio result of ii ^Vl 'ak bloofi "picture"—lowering, of the rod- IjlooJ-cells and their llemoRlobln— that are KO veiy necessary to strength and vlt:iUiy, TIjpn why iK >t try S..<..S,—tlip proven Ionic fo;- decjides? Ha value lias been i)roved Ijy extensive scien tlfic research and by million^ of happy users'. . ,. Take S.S.S. and note the Way your strength and aiipotlte are i•esto^^l.• TWO'convenient .slze.s at .ill drun' atorea—the larKcr size la nioro economical. Don't porniit any one tu "HWitch",' you 'ill your delerinlnalion to restore yodr re<i-bloo<l-oell.s and^ their hemoglobin content for reguln-, . inf Ht ,renb'th. Q Tht s.s'.S. Co.. (Answers will be found on Page; 5) HORIZONTAL 1| L OW place '.between bills. S.A young oyster. 10 To bring into line. 12 Puddle. 14 In -what portion of the i British Empire is London? 16 To plunder. ISLimb. ISBrlnRing ;. financial' , .bankruptcy. Sfl Humbug'L 21 Falsehood. 40 Type of 22 Golf devices. ^'accine. 24 Frosting. <!2:story. 25 Marginal slope. '44 Gear-whpel .'2(5 Small drink. : tootli. 2STo make lace. 45Visiouaijy 29 Light business i zealot. , wagon. 47 Morsel. ."0 To draK along. 4S Celestia 31 Projection of a crown. ' lock. 50 Corrosion. 33 To abound. T,2 Auriculate. 34C,hum. 53 Closed au'U 3« A little : body, i . (busic). - 54 Let it stand 17 Answer to Previous Puzzle 3 H A, [S !i tie 55 Tidings. VERTIC.lli 1 Bowie 'knife. 2 Every. 3 Falsifier. 4 Tedium. 5 Popular cant. 6 Throe. 7 Onager. 8 Large silver German coin. 9 Strip of leather. 11 Decree. 12 To' publish. 13 Pieces out. 15 To require. 17 Box for sacred utensils. 20 Famous water falls in North America. 23-Ancient name for Jerusalem. 25 Who dlscov- ered Newfoundland? 27 Silent. 29 Tube cover. 32 You. 33 Waves at flood tide. 34 I-anguished. 35 Pear-shaped instruments.' 37 Huts. 3S Hodgepodge. 39 Incrustation over a sore. 40 Male servant. 41 Bewitching. 43 Volcano in SicUy. 45 Warning cry . in golf. 46 Signal system. 49 To devour. 51 Observed. huRonis roses should be treated; in thu; way. A more severe thinnjng is needed by coralberrj' and' garaen snowberry. I . The shrubs that should be pruned to the ground in early February arejslirub bushcloverj five leaf ara- lia, blue spirea. hj-periciun. butter- lly bush and smootli sumac. Pruning to the" ground also niay be desirable in order to rejuvenate older clmnps of snow hydrangea, the Rugosa rose. Anthony Waterer spi­ rea. and common snowball. Hybrid tea roses should be pruned severely, but instead of prmiing to the ground level, these roses should be pruned to within four or five inches of the ground. There is another class of shrubs, producing bloom on old wood and flowering In spring, that should be Ijruned immediately after flowering, but never in the early spring. Among these are spring blooming Spireas, lilacs, currants, winter honeysuckle, various sorts of mock orange. Japanese quince, winterliazel. deutKias, pearlbush, wintersweet. spring flowering tamarix. forsythia or golden bough, and flowering almond. Clean gladiolus bulbs now, ^re^ moving old stems and shriveled bulbs. Save the bulblets of the best kinds. If planted early the largest of these will bloom this season, others will develop to blooming size for next >-ear. It is a good plan to place a label with each variety to be ready for planting. If you treat j'our gladiolus bulbs with naphthalene flakes now it will probably prevent withered foUage and blossoms next suirimer. This withering is due to tripes— tmy, cream-striped black insects. Naptha- lene flakes destroy tliese Insects. : • To treat them, place m paper sacks,; sprinkle them with naptha- Icnn flakes, at the rate or one outice of flakes per hundred bulbs, and then fold the top of the sack down' so that the gases from the flakes will not escape. Never put the bulbs In cans or similar containers when they are being treated, because that may cause them to sweat and sprout, Three weeks after the bulbs have been treated shake the sur- j plus flakes out of the bag. j A small ad in the Classified col'- t umns often puts over a big de&L ROCKLOW Feb, 11—Joe Deer and Violet, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Boman spent Monday at Will Deer's. Roy Sylvester, Gale West and Carl Anderson helped Lonhie Reeder butcher a large hog Thursday. Tom Russell and family, north of Brohson, have rented the Walter Wright farm and will move soon. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stewart are the parents of a 10-pound boy, bom February 4th. Mr. and Airs. Pete McCoy, Cherryvale, were Sunday evening supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gale West. Mt. and Mrs. Walter Duggan called op Mrs. Chas. Horner and George Heckenliable's Monday afternoon. Mrs. Roy Wray and Mrs. Ross Kitzmiller spent Monday afternoon with: Mrs. Ed Beaman. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Eastwood and family spent Sunday at the parental Joe Jackson home. Percy and Everett Deer spent last Sunday with Jack,and George Crone. Mr. and Mrs. Ansell Perry spent Thursday at the parental RoyiPerry home. ' Haye you a house for rent? Or for Bale? Want to buy anything* TSfse the Clasaified colinnnsi rHav^ to Get \3p at Night? Same fbiinula .. same ptice. Ia original form, too, if you prefer COLDS OViRWMnjJON JARS USED VEAKLY Are you bothered with bladder irregularities; burning, scanty or too frequont passage and getting up at night? Heed promptly these' symptoms. They may warn of some disordered kidney or bladder condition. . Users <:vcryv/hcre rely Boon's PilU. Recommended 50 years. Sold everywhere. Grace •Carver Ransom, One of the 11 authorized lecturers of the Bridge Worid Lecture Bureau. IN CASH PRIZES Weekly For the Most Nearly Correct Solutions to Grace Carver Ransoni's HAND OF THE WEEK EACH AD BELOW CONTAINS A VALUABLE TIP PLAY CONTRACT BRIDGE ] Contesl it-: Easy Costs Nothing to Enter 10 Winners Weekly Copyright 1933 by Hand of the Week, Tulsa, Ok. Reproduction in whole or part prohibited. Trade-Mark Reg. Brid les I>I..AYL\G CARDS—FRIZES^SCORE i'ADS— CANDIES—ICE CREAM—POPCORN Our Tip: South plays heart on trick 12. West pidys a deuce on trick. 5. Cook's Drug Store SPRING SHOES ARRIVING DAILY Oui- Tip: Thii'teeiith trick i.s ikken by Ncrtli open.s with .suit INSIST ON SHOES THAT FIT Harrison's Bootery bid. THE HAMiMOND ELECTRIC Bridge Table II Shuffles— It Deals See it at the W. H. WOOD Fine Furniture Co. 202 S. Jeff. -Phone 190 Our Tip: East passes first round bidding. A heart wins trick 11. . Come in and See Our New Line of SPRING WALL PAPERS Get your copy of the Joy Color Book containing suggestions for interior decorating. Our Tip: West plays diamond on trick 9. A queen takes trick six. LAYLE'S Wall Papers—Paints In Cook's Drug Store. 4 \ NOR7H 4^ K .8-5-2 4 ^K -6-3 WEST ^10-9 ^ J -9-3-2 4^ A -9-8-2 EAST ^ Q -9-74-5 4Q -8-5 *10 -4 GRACE CARVER RANSOM Oti: of the Elaeu Authorized Lcctuicn of The Budge \\ . • . SOUTH # A-Q -7-3 V 10 -8-4 -^10 -6 «^.Q-J -7-5 rid U\tU!c BuT^ju Important: North dealer; north and south v-ulriei-able. COSTS NOTHING TO ENTER—RULES ARE SIMPLE 1. Read each ad carefully as each one contains a valuable tip on the correct bid. play and score of "The Hand of the Week." 2. Write your-version of the correct contract bidding, play and fihal score of "The Hand of the Week." 3. Your solution must be received at the ofBce of The Register on or before 6:00 p.! m. next Saturday to compete j for tile' prize awards of this j week's hand. i 4. To those whose solutions are i most nearly correct in the opinion of the Grace Carver Ransom and associated Judses, the following loj cash awards will be paid: First. $10; second. $5; third. $2.50; fourth, S1.50; fifth. $1: sixth. $1; seventh, $1; eigiith, $1; ninth, $1; tenth. $1, , i .5, In event of ties, neatness and general knowledge of contract bridge shown in solution will govern. Decision of the judges .shall be final. Winners will be announced two weeks from today: Z. Everyone Ls eligible to compete for the prize awards except profe.s.sional cont.ract bridge teachers or lectiu^ers. Your Best CONTRACT Insurance Our Tip: West, wins trick 1. West plays a jack on trick 12. R.i.T ^j|ip8 .0I|Age^cy RlfiONE 142 . HEAR (SULBERTSON'S "'..osfcTUREs ;. an Up-to-date RADIO $17.95 Up Our Tip: North plays lieart on trick 7. A trump takes trick ten. Radio Service Shop THOE WASHERS Badio'supplies of All Kittds For Cley er Bridge You Need [Good Lig Modernize Your Fixtures Use Genuine E<li.son Mazda Lamps Our Tip: South plays spade three on trick 2; West passes first round bidding. K. €. ELECTRIC & PLUMBING CO. 109 £. Madison C. »L JEWEXT Phone 65 If You Lose Your Shirt GET A TRUMP they're Guaranteed to Fit: Our Tip: West plays diamond on trick 4. North wins triek 9 with a king. PERHAM'S

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