The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1955 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1955
Page 12
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20, The Bug in Prosperity: Jobless Older "Workers By KENNETH 0. GiLMOUR .SKA Stuff C orresprmdeirt WASHINGTON — (NEA1 — There's an obnoxious fly in Hie ointment of today's perity and record employment. The administration freely acknowledges it but no election will solve it. Thousands of qualified middle age and older workers are out of work — from presidents to mechanics to secretaries 'Swindler' Beats Fine They find themselves lost in jungle of objections raised by employers who restrict hiring on the basis of age. The two most commonly given reasons for the discrimination are: Poorer productivity and overall performance. Higher pension, insurance and workmen's compensation costs. Couple this two-ivay bind with the fact that by 1975 the nation must be prepared to absorb at least 10 million additional workers past 45, and it's easy to understand why Labor Department officials are worried, from Secretary James Mitchell on down. As a result, they're giving top priority to a project now under way to shatter employment barriers for older persons. Under a special $160,000 appropriation, the Department is making a complete analysis of the performance, productivity, absenteeism, accident record and dependability of older workers. "We just want the facts," says Under Secretary of Labor Arthur Larson. "If the older worker comes ARTIIUK LARSON: The Labor Department Just wants facts. off badly, we won't cover up." Results are already pouring in. A STILL GOING STRONG AT 82 is William SHi;irff »f Brooklyn, who runs his own parts supply firm for Model-T Ford owners. But proprietor Scharff would probably find it tough to Ret ;i job somewhere else If he wanted to; qualified older workers find themselves •p against a wall of employer restrictions these days. typical example comes from OIK study of a manuhicturiiiK firn New En::Und. Here it WHS fo in that only 10 men out of 71 beiv.tu the anus of t>5 and 72 had lost to any great degree their value s i workers. Tiie siuciy, like all others, \v ) made under the mosi careful conditions. Supervisors of the elck ij- workers were asked a varied > r | questions, all aimed at compan u the employes' performance v. h. their working ability as expci enct'd during asjes 60 to 65. Under "speed of work," for <..-. , ample, it '.'-"AR repovied that of the i 71 older workers, 41 of the men i were the ''same," 27 were "?low-' er." and three were "worse." Un-1 der "dependability." 68 men of ihe' 7.1 were rhe "same," and three; were "worse." ! As results flow in, ofiicials at the ' Labor Department hope to proseni ; convincing evidence sometime next i sprintj thai older workers are capa-1 ble of tackling jobs and doing them ' well. ! 'Businessmen are not going to | hire older workers for senrimeiiui! ; reasons," says Larson. "They WHIH ; to be shown that it is good business! to hire the older worker. Evidently i the various studies made up till, now have not sufficed to convince : them." I Another problem still remains, j however, even if the first is elim-1 inated. It is the claim by employ-: ers that higher pension aiu 1 * iimir-: ance costs must be paid when they . hire older workers. This reason is• also the easiest way out for person-: nel officers who turn older persons j a way. ! The question is, how much of a \ real obstacle are pension costs'.' j The Labor Department is also j probing in this ration. A special [ group of insurance experts will \ shortly form an advisory panel to i Investigate pension roadblocks, if* will also attempt to eliminate them. "This is a matter that must be disposed of," says Larson. "Nothing could be more paradoxical than the prospect of a beneficent movement designed to help the old, backfiring and actually hurting them by blocking their hiring opportunities." One solution, he says, might be a super-pooling of plans to carry over pension credits from one pliint to another as a worker changes jobs. He admits, however, thai, there is no way out for ihe older worker who has no pension plan and desires to be hired where one is required. COl'NCIL OFFICERS-rlnstalled at ceremonies leader; Mrs. Raymond Sweet, 4-H leader; Mrs. were the above-shown oiiicers of the Glen Neal. international relations leader; Mrs. in Osco South Mississippi County Com onstr.ition clubs. They are M president; Mrs. Gilly Wright. Mrs. John Kile, secretary and Hurry Dunavunt Jr., reporter: Smith, historian; Mrs. Inez Pe:;i i Home Dem- Lloyd McAdams, citizenship and civil defense P. A. Benson. leader; Mrs. George Flaff, health and safety lead- vice president; er; Mrs. Owen Miller, family relations leader; treasurer; Mrs. and Mrs. J. C. Brown, legislation leader. They Mrs. Raymond were installed at a Christmas party at the Ma- :R'iiier, recreation sonic hall in Osceola, Friday. U.S. Sailors Play too Rouqh, Japanese Hotel Owner Says ATAMI Japan 'Jt — The D. S, Navy has landed again at this re-. :^ort trnvn .south, of Tokyo, and Fu-; jiro Suzuki, operator of a hotel and aquarium, says this time he's just about had it. Hi? latest brush with the Navy.' .said he, cost him the front door to j the aquarium, some furniture andj the sweet disposition of his fa- j vorite dolphin, j "I have run this hotel and aquar-j him for the lust five years and the] same thing happens over and overj again," ne .said. j He related: . ' Thursday night about 30 Ameri-! can .sailors in a festive mood were i waiting for launches to take them lo their destroyer escorts in Atumi' Bay. TL started to ruin. They broke down the front door of the aquarium to get in. While employes cowered in a corner, the sailors amused themselves by throwing tables, chairs :i!id six rowboats at the dolphin, which wa? not hit but lost its playful disposition. Suzuki stws this is bud lor business because the dolphin is one of his best attractions; "Thursday night's crew was about normal," he sighed. "The others usually break into the hotel, poke holes in the shoji (sliding paper panels' and peep at honeymooners. They're ruining my business." Suzukik called the police, who called the U. S. Navy, which had no comment pending an inquiry. After the sailors had withdrawn, the police came and took pictures of the WTeckage. "I don't know which is worse — the sailors or the police," Suzuki fumed. The newspaper Asahi said two destroyer escorts anchored in At- ami Bay Thursday night were Nos. 412 and 414. Those are the numbers of the Walter C. Warm and Le Ray Wilson. Slows Cops Down PROVIDENCE, R. I. Lfl — Police are under orders from their chief to stop all unnecessary speeding and reckless .operation of police cars and motorcycles. Police Chief John A. Murphy reminded the force there have been 37 accidents involving police vehicles since last July, rm-ipts irum fines. i-.mie ud'uss * $] bill lui.onn th«' $10 bills. He luul- n'l spotted it rwlil aw»>' because, »l tin- 1-oniiT.s, it louki'd like n 10- sjmt. iui ^ ^ ( The rulpnt. Wllliam.s, had, those traffic violators who pant j uu^''.^^!^'.'''^ 'ihnu ' on i'orn> fines Thursday at the Police Traf- ' J1 * ' " rm-.-s o[ , hl , $1 bill, fie Division there lurks a .swindler. N>"ndin r ^onin^<'^_ ^ Ht syivd vhc eivy o\u »t 59 HRM K t ,,,n h -Kv'i under the I>JTS of the Saw. j nnnc.--; prmun 1 ' Clerk A. A. Williams, counting me i LONG BEACH, Calif, i Row-delightfully milder and lighter! Oil) TAYLOR 86 01. n 'i AH. 1 1 u ;;ti i.r.ii.^- >.«< 2 MljxTU f'.Cl [ir.'l't Krllhi. U ^l lilli ir.fll.m all.! .-ullMMiig 111 I"'-' l>'i'.i!l"i« II." IT. H, re i S a.v,m!,v«,mi« l)on .-|iri/.t(l lii guieraluini tut Us nth u-lr auJ 1 •"« «'«'"»' Ol.n TAYLOR BOTTLE1I l> IIOMD KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY, ICO PROOr favonte of conrioisseLjis for generanoos. THE OLD TAYLOR DISTILLERY COMPANY FRANKFORT S LOUISVILLE. KENTUCKY I A Gift Mail Subscription to | 1 TU C 5 s i n c s The cscir" with -the BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS IS ALWAYS A WELCOME GIFT Here's the answer to your gift problems if you are looking for something fresh and different. A Blytheville Courier News gift mail subscription will hit the spot with your friends and relatives away from Blytheville. It's the best way to keep them posted on hometown news. fvery day your gift will bring hours of reading pleasure. World and local news, sports, comics and many interesting features will be delivered right into the home each day. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By Mail — 5(1 .Mile Itadius: One Year $fi.50 Six Months $3.50 Throe Months $2.00 To All Other Amis: One Year... .$12.50 Six Months... ,$<UR 58 OIM/VL-STY" . & To place your order fill out and mail this coupon or cull I'O 3-Mfil, Ulylheville Courier News Sub- scription Dept. W Illylherllli! Courier News, Circulation Department Walnvll A Itiillroail St., lilytlicvlllo, Arkansas Kndosf-d in rhi't'k iir money orilcr for $ for nilt mail si]lisrri|.lliin to Tin- llljllu'vilh' Courier News for months, dully issues. S«nd nfy Rift to: \jtrnc ..* Slnle i City Vnur Nnmn Address 1'hon* , DAY COUPE So p«?wor-Fcilly smooth I So powerfully safe ! Jusl slandinj; :il iho curl) il says, "Come in.-iili! iiiul laU :i ride!" Anil on the road, il says '"Co!" in unmistakable language! For ilirrr's inon: |inreaclion under the hood of ihis da/./linj- Super 88 for 1956 than \nu can inKt»ii\c.! Oldsinobile's terrific Kockcl 'r-:if>(( ninvi'j this hig beautiful car JIM ay from a ship light efforllcssl}'.,. giv« ISIEXA/ you that feeling of ihe sure, safe control of unlimited power. And aH this power U smoothed to silken flight by new JcUway Hydra-Malic*! Jctaway response i« lightning response—smooth, silent, wonderful! For ihe thrill of your life tr.ti tu and get acquainted with a real "power personality" —the Super 88 Oidstnobile for 19561 ritert MI Nfn«ry-f)gM nw4*hi Mltonol at •Hlrfl Colt on Svoor II modtk. nl M «»tr« iMj Sllirr ton* SUvkf rtndatd on HfeMy-Bf M "witk. Only Olth has all these "Features of the Future' if RotkKT-JMA'.tiM! if JMwiy Hydra-Milk* Snmlliness! if StoMiiifMwflirflreStylini! if DtHi-lKiindlUrliiilGcilfe! if New Safety-Ride Chassis! if Trend-SetterInslnimenlPanel! if Flairawiy Fender Desijn! if F.stiion-Fitsllnletiots! ... pfcrt tviry advanctj Power Feature^ to comp/im*nf that Powtr Ptrsonalilyl IVI -VIMT THf "KOCKIT DOOM"...AT TOW» OlOMNOtlLI NAUR'SI- HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO., 317 E. MAIN Ph6<M 2-2056 ~ ""AT NurOMMAMM OUHMOWU HIIHNT* -t*HI IN TOnAM." WTM MM «AIHK>WAT AN» MNMI* BATI CHMSTMAJ IVI ON NIC-TVI -

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