Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on September 1, 1933 · Page 8
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 8

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1933
Page 8
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BETTW nr AMI&* Waihington Twp. Farm Bureau to Hold Picnk Mon. The Washing ton Township Farm bureau will hold its annual picnic at Oakwood school, Jn th« center of the township, Monday, LabAr day. - r A cafeteria dinner will be served at noon, for which each family Is asked to bring two covered dishes, sandwiches and table service. Coffee will be furnished by the committee in charge. An ad dress will tollow th« dinner. Other events on the afternoon program include a demonstration on recanlng of chairs by the Story county champion 4-H club girls team, a kitUnball game between men of the east and west portions of the township with the dividing line at Beech avenue, and, contests and races with small prizes. The picnic will be in the nature of a homecoming for all past and present residents of the township Hartan Harper is in general charge of arrangements. JAOIOT1 Lone Survivor Of Poison Plot RUSHING Phone 329 MARKET We Deliver Harvest Festival new packs of summer's harvest are here! Tender garden-fresh vegetables—luscious tree-ripened fruits! Here are foods you serve every day. Wtat an opportunity to buy all you need for a week, a month, or many months perhaps—and save a tidy sum! STOCK UP NOW! Come in today and enjoy this festival of worthwhile values. BUTTER,- Armours's Clover Bloom, «* j* " Mb carton 2 for 43C SUGAR— Cloth 4 n Bag.... 1U Lbs S2C COFFEE, "A" Blend . . j-lb pkg 490 We grind it fresh CORN FLAKES, IGA . a l ge pkgs SOAP CHIPS, IGA, big I5c pkg q c CLIMALENE ... .lge pkg; 190 EXTRACT <£ST 8 SS ' I3c CATSUP, Carol, 14-oz bottle, % for GRAPENUT FLAKES 2 Kegular Pkjjs BEANS, Cut Green or | Wax-No. 2 ^ ^ £,_ PEAS, Good quality Wisconsin— * , Nq 2 cans.... 0 for TOMATOES— Red, ripe, Ko. 2 cans.... 6 ,„, 5lC CORX, good grade corn, Xo. 2 t Af . cans 0 for 4"C \ CANNEE Ifo. 10 can—in Blackberries 41c Cherries, Red Sour Pitted . ; ....... 59c Apricot* 45c Peaches, Sliced or Halves 45c FRUITS their own juices Pears .^ 39 C Gooseberries 51c Black Easpberries ... 59c Eed Raspberries . 57c Pineapple, broken slic. 67c; crushed 55c Buy in case lots at a real savings! Assorted Canned VEGETABLES 9 cans Tomatoes, 9 cans Corn, 6 cans Peas 24 N $2.09 PRUNES—^ +4 — Large Calif. Z Lbs Z1C 25-Lb box $2.29 California, small size, 2 Ibs 15c— 25 Ibs «1.69 SUPPLIES Jar Rings, 3 doz lOc Jar Lids, Mason, doz 19c FRUIT JARS Pints 65c Quarts 79 C 2-Quarts $1.09 Vinegar, pure pickling gallon;. ig c Jelly Glasses, %-pint. 39c CAMAY SOAP- 5 bars .... 25C ,50AP~-Nap- tha Laundry for SOAP CHIPS. . Lb Silver Leaf ..... J Box WHEATIES— 2 pkgs ............ . BREAD — ^White, Dark, Sye, loaf ... .. ^^ ZjC •-•^ jlC PEACHES—1S-K No. 2^ * cans 0 for 99C 34 cans $3.75 PINEAPPLE—Broken slice, No. 2^ ^ cans It for SALAD DRESSING, Carol, quart Telephone us your order early—-we like to give you service! Blue Grapes, make jelly now, bskt Watermelons, home grown, ripe, 20-lb aver- 4 A A age, each .......... JLUC PEACHES, California box, all sizes— A 4 AA $1.09 RADISHES, French Breakfast, 2 bunches. GREE.V OMONS, ^»_ bunch IOC CAULIl^lOWER, large nice CELERY, small 5c, Jumbo . . ISC «c IOC * ll g«en.... 2 CABBAGE, ,/ A72C SQUASH— Acorn .... for IOC TOMATOES— ~ 4 * IOC ~ Good rlne ... J Lbs CARROTS, BEETS, TURNIPS, bunch EGG PLAXT, targe .., ........... GREEX PEP- -, PERS ...... ... A for §C HEAD LETTUCE. large ........... 4 M ^ IOC IOC PEARS, Bartlett, basket ... POTATOES, fancy Iowa Cobblers, pk IN THE MARKET Pure Lard, 2 IK 15c BABY ROUND STEAK. lh.. BABY BEEF T.RON K STEAK, ih OH.KESK, Ixrnw horn and Brick Ham Loaf, fresh grd. 12i/>c Pork Chops, cen. cuts 12V§c Beef Steak, tender ..12yoc Homemade ring Bolo. 12V"c Baby Beef Roast 10c-12i/2C The Store Where You Peel at Home SMOKED HAMS, Armour's SUr, 10 (o 12-lh average, Ib - ROLLED ROAST, prime rib or rump.. SLICED BACON, Hormel's, Ib Hamburger, Sausage ..lOc Cottage Cheese, Moore Brothers iQc Pork Steak IQ C Beef for boiling 5c and lOc Pork liver: fresh sliced 5c "He put something in the grap« Juice." That was the accusation made against Mark H. S&anfc, Akron, O., attorney, br Cline Colley, 4, above, lone survivor of the bizarre poison plot that cost the lives of tha boy's parents and two brother! at Malvera,. Ark. Shank hat confessed the crime. Three Convicts Make Moonshine 1SHPEMING, Mich.. (U.E>—War- den W. R. Doell of Marquette prison ordered three convicts into solitary confinement Wednesday night pending investigation of reports that the men had been making moons-hine from prunes stolen from the prison kitchen. Liquor was found hidden in a prison workshop Tuesday. Three Ames Women Asking Divorce* in Petitions at Nevada NEVADA — P«titk>M of three Ames women who ar« seeking dl vorce decrees are on file la Story ! county district court here. Marguerite Herastreet is asking ! a divorce from Don R. Hemstreet i on the grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. The couple was married in Indianola May 22, 1929. Mrs. Hemstreet asks the custody of two minor children, -and support money for them. Charging her husband with .cruel and inhuman treatment, Ethel Brown is .seeking a divorce from Corrln Brown, whom she married in Nevada June 24, 1920. She asks "the custody of five children and $35 per month support money. R. C. Bickford is charged with desertion in the petition filed by •Cleone M. Bickford. Married at | Bellingham, Wash., June 12, 1929, Mrs. Bickford asserts that she lived with her husband until July 20, 1931, when he deserted her and has since refused and neglected to make a home for her. Gushing Market Red Arrow No. 1 325 Main Phone 99 HAM LOAF, GROUND I BEEF, 2 lbs OC** for , fcOC VEAL ROAST or BEEF ROAST 4 A _ ib 14C LOIN SHOULDER ?r POEK ROAST 4 4 j» Ib. '... >ZC SMOKED HAM -1C* half or whole, Ib i OC SLAB BACON 4 O|% any amount, Ib . IOC CHICKENS fresh dressed, Ib 1 Qf» I OC Buy for two days, closed Monday. Member NRA FINEST CREAMERY Table Brand College .... Ib. 22c 24c MILD AMERICAN CHEESE IB. 17e nYDRUX B ^S 3 ^ 29c Van Camp's or Campbell's BEANS 2 Plus Deposit 16 oz. cans Ik Del Monte Red Alaska SALMON 2 No. 1 tall cans 37c Lipton's TEA Orange Pek. Ib 20c 5* 15c PIG BARS, NBC spe- «- cial, 2 Ibs Z$C STUFFED OLIVES, -|« Encore, med. jar ... ISC QUEEN OLIVES, *-^ Encore, quart jar. . ./ 4)C SALAD DRESSING, ^.^ Rajah, pint *5C J/2-pint 9c — quart 23c Your money back if you are not satisfied with this rich, creamy salad dressing. FRUIT JARS, « A quarts, doz 7*C !/2-GalIon, doz 99c JAR CAI*S, genuine zinc, doz BI-LIP JAR RINGS, red rubber, 3 doz. . . Old Dutch CLEANSER, 2 cans SUPER SUDS, lie IOC tic GRAPE-NUTS, IVAX PAPER,,Cut Rite, S pkgs rjc ISc HIRES ROT BEER „-_ EXTRACT, pkg .... Z3C -_ §C RED BEANS, Sultana, 16-oz can ........... RED KID. BEANS, 44 Sultana, 2 16-oz cans IXC WHITE BREAD, Grand- tnotheros, sliced or un- * _ sliced, 16-oz loaf ____ OC TWIST BREAD — Grandmother's, the loaf ft supreme, 24-oz sli. loaf ^C KRAFT CHEESE, American, Brick, Pimento or Lim- tmrger, J/z-lb KKAFT CHEESE, Swiss or Did English, <A _ K 2 -lb pkg 19C PJSN-JEL (sure jell) 2 pkgs DAILY EGG MASH, *-_ 25-lb bag OjC DAILY EGG MASH, 100-lb bag T & T ROOT BEER f A _ EXTRACT, pkg IWC No. 1 325 Main Phones M-U EVERY CAY \\ BARGAIN DAY AT a j . i- kaw or -{ FAMOUS TOR TINE TOODS' No. 2 200 Main Phone £S 230-2319 SUGAR 10 lbs 49C 100 't* 4.90 COFFEE no. < 3 "* S7c CORN Pull No. 2 can 3 for ZSc PEAS New pack BY THE RED ARROW STORES X FLOUR Jersey Cream 49 lbs $LS4 FRUIT JARS Mason Every day is a day of rest from high prices when you shop at the RED ARROW STORES. Home-owned stores, selling for CASH, and passing our savings on to our fellow citizens. .$2.00 orders delivered free. TOMATOES 3 cans 25c GREEN BEANS Mayflower cans 5 MILK Tall cans for BAKING POWDER Calumet, large can asc COFFEE Maxwell House 26c lb GINGBRALE French Dry, ,qt. bottle 2 for GRAHAM CRACKERS Toy House 2 lbs 25c GrOOT>! / DON'T HAVE 1 pound of Boone Dairy Butter . . . 4c with purchase of 3 rolls of 1,000 sheet tissue Toilet Paper 25c 29c Adults Only BREAD> MOTHERS . $c FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES PEACHES Calif. Elbertas, finest on the market, hox •. •. $1.09 POTATOES, No. 2, peck I9c CORN, large ears, dozen lOc GRAPE FRUTT, fey Florida sweet, each .. 5c MELONS 6 large ones ,. 25c ORANGES A real good buy. Sunkist 2 doz 29C PEACHES large doz. 20c LEMONS Sunkist, doz. 25c CAULIFLOWER Extra fancy white heads . 16C LETTUCE, extra fresh solid, head . 10c CELERY large bunch 5c POTATOES, No. 1 large . . pk 350 SWT POTATOES Red Star, 5 lbs ... 23c CABBAGE per Ib 3c TOMATOES, 4 lbs JOc, bushel . 500 ACORN SQUASH large, 3 for 10c CARROTS per bunch 5c GREEN BEANS, smaU tender Quarts . . Pints . . . 6$c JAR CAPS Mason, per doi. I9c PAROWAX Ib 8c JAR RINGS 3 doz lOc SOAP / Palm Olive, per bar £' 5c r SOAP Big Four 10 RINSO large pkg Me x POST t TOASTTES or Kelloggs Corn Flakes 2 pkg TOBACCO Velvet or Prince Albert cans CRACKERS ' Tasty Flake / Ibs 2 Ibs 19e Red Arrow Market f Quality! * \ Service! s -'** Better Meats! PORK ROAST-- 90 POIM- Placer County Mountain Grown PEACHES, per box $1.13 5 TEA CO. M,MI 12C PORK BUTTS • .lie PDRK mmi • lOc BEEF ROAST --Uc * • I6c SPARE • • 7c ROAST > lgc ROLLEDRUMPS. BEEF BOIL 5c VEAL ROAST • 20C PORK BOIL 5c SLICED LIVER > 5c PURE LARD, i Ib COMPOUND. ROUND STEAK Me GROUND BEEF . jQc SWISS STEAK . SIRLOIN STEAK CflIX. - PIGS FEET . ISc VEAL PATTIES . J8c SMCTCED HAMS BBEF LIVER . .

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