Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 4, 1955 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, November 4, 1955
Page 10
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s TEN EVENING TIMES, (JUMUliULAMJ, ail)., FttlDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1955 Dial PA-2r4600 for a WANT AD Taker WISHING H ERE Is a pleasant little game that will give you a message every day It is a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your fortune, -••'• ,-.;._* *v» i^n.i-r in vnnr first name. If the number of letters is 6 or ju A day it )S a numerical puiijc ucsJ6»>cu us •>*•<..» --- j~ — : Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or -' more, subtract 4. If the number is less than 6, add 3. The result a •••• your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner of the reo ••- tangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then '•'• read the message the letters under the checked figures give you- : ; Copyright I«J. b» Willlim J. Mllkr, DUtrlbuted by Kin« F«tur«- >M." SICK ROOM NEEDS in stock • Child's and Adult Bed Pans Including • Wheel Chairs • Bock Rests • Bed Trays I • Crutches !.'• Canes • Invalid Walkers • Invalid Cushions add them to Your First National Charge Account LICHTENSTEINS Medical Arts Pharmacy Samuel Wertheimer 33 NORTH LIBERTY STREFT "Cumberland's Oldest Pharmacy" Dial PA 4-3730 • Anytime • We Deliver Mary Haworth's Mail Editor's Note: Divorcee with three coati is reluctant to give one to mother; Is she stinfy? DEAR MARY HAWORTH: I am divorcee with a son whom I am helping through school. I work very hard, sometimes holding two jobs, and there have been times v/hen my parents had to help me. rlowever, I have always tried to repay them for any help given me. Over a period of several years I have teen able to acquire quite a nice wardrobe. And now, because ! have three Spring coats, my mother thinks I should give "her one, as hers has faded. But I feel hat she should buy herself a new coat, as my father makes between ?50 and ?75 a day. Do you think I am being stingy? ,ty father is very tight with money, but I think mother should nsist on her due. Anyway, my clothes aren't very becoming to ier, as I am tall and she is short, 'lease advise me. —J. G. Mother Shotc$ Childish Bia» DEAR J. G.: Your mother's insistent emotional pressure, in can- lidly coveting one of your coats, s indicative of a childish depen- Ladies Rayon GOWNS Nylon Trim Asstd. Colors dent, self-centered bias. She fails to take fair-minded account of your special needs, in your particular type of hardship case — and rather envies you one aspect of your endeavor to build up security. The disinterested observer, objectively evaluating your circumstances, versus hers, recognizes that a cumulative wardrobe is a protective investment of sorts with you. Maybe you haven't consciously figured it out, but it represents both working capital and employment insurance in your scheme of things. When a woman with housekeeper obligations is "on her own" in life, her appearance is apt to be either an economic liability or an economic asset. Thus a backlog of nice clothes, in sufficient variety to be kept in good condition and refreshingly rotated, is a business help, !f wisely used; and by no means an extravagance, if one can afford the initial outlay. Implications j Oj Conflict ' A habit of being well dressed, a ionic to the eye, is an aid to morale, hence good for the health also. It tends to increase job efficiency and to-promote good relations with co-workers, and to foster- job advancement—owing to the salutary effects upon self-esteem. Also it tends to make one more valued on the job, and it steps tip one's chances of readily finding other employment, if mayhap a job is lost through no fault of one's CARDELLS 150 BALTIMORE ST. SURE . . .YOU'LL BE WISE TO ORDER YOUR Thanksgiving Turkey N 0 WI own. Well, that's my slant on the Baltimore Police Place Ban On Certain Pictures Montreal, Canada, with a million inhabitants is the second largest French-speaking city in the world, says the National Geographic Society. 1 BALTIMORE Lfl — A new police- imposed ban on certain news pictures, those showing material which might be used later as evidence in criminal cases, apparently is not'yet hard and fast. The ban was ordered by Police Commissioner James M. Hepbron and Chief Inspector Fred L. Ford. It followed recent 'departmental instructions that no member o£ the newly-created Rackets Division, except Acting Inspector Clarence 0. Forrester, could talk to. newsmen. Hepbron said yesterday, however, he would seek a conference on the matter of the picture ban with Chief Judge Emory H. Niles of [he Baltimore Supreme Bench, State's Atty. Anselm Sodaro, representatives of the attorney general's office and other interested parties to thrash out the matter. Hepbron said he, didn't want to do anything that could be inter-1 preted as improper, illegal or prej-j udicialto pending court cases, but! also wished to avoid withholding from the press and public anything! :hey are "legally and properly eri- :itled to know." : For " years, " Baltimore newspapers have printed such pictures, showing burglary tools, gambling equipment; and so on. The 'ban was 'imposed following a recent gambling-raid. . . Frank T. .Gray, assistant to the attorney general, said he had advised Ford that the police depart- f ment does not-have to allow such photographs to be taken. Gray "subject the department to criti cism." Ford had asked the opinion Kepbron said he had been advised by Judge K'iles "to be careful" and not do anything that would prejudice court cases by "im-j proper publicity." • j - State's Attorney Sodaro said asj far as his office is concerned, it| is a matter between the police department and the press. .The Automobile Manufacturers Assh. estimates that the current annual 560 billion miles of U. S. motor vehicle travel will increase by 33 per cent by 1965. Marriage Licenses *< o Raymond Joseph Rice, 469 Baltimore Avenue, and Catherine Louise Crump, Mt. Savage. Ronald Paul Fritz, Garrett, Pa., and Frances. JoAnn Dishong, Frostburg. . •. • • Ross Albert Hyde, jRD'i. Manns Choice, 'Pa., and Martha Mae Weighley, Fairhope, Pa. * Carroll Wayne Light and Claire Mae Clay, both Bedford, Pa. Michael Frederick Flynn, RD 5, and Julia Joan Howe, 345 Dora Avenue. - - ENGLISH GRAMMAR PUNCTUATION SPELLING Special Night School Class Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 pm Beginning Tuesday, Novembers CATHERMAN'S BUSINESS SCHOOl 171 Baltimore St. Dial PA 4-0966 Cumberland, Md. KEEBLER'S CLUB CRACKERS J k ' b 31c DIAL PA 2-6900 . , . Be sure of just the" very turkey you want for Thanksgiving! By ordering now . . . you get the very size you want, fully dresr) not a pin feather . . . completely ready for the oven. No, you won't get a better bird anywhere than -these broad breasted beauties from Albert's. - ' PORK ROAST RIB END LOIN END 29c 33c 2Yi to 3 Ib. Average BORDEN'S MINCE MEAT ?!; oz 49c Libby's Pumpkin 2 ^. 2 * 37c 2 t. 303 25c BETTY CROCKER or SWANSDOWN CAKE MIXES 2 *»• 57c YEUOW-WHITE-DEVIl'S FOOD AMERICAN BEAUTY CAMPBELL'S KRAUT 2r w 25c ONION SOUP 3 I, 29c KANOVH No. 303 cam 35c WILKIN'S COFFEE '£950 CHASE & SANBORN INSTANT COFFEE 2 2 ;;, 89c ROBIN HOOD, P1LLSBURY or GOLD MEDAL background implications of your three Spring coats, and your mother's yen to have one of them If you are being stingy, it is in spirit of thrift- or prudence — no arrant selfishness, I think. Where as your mother hasn't much logi cal justification for wanting ti splinter your backlog — when shi has a financially sharp helpmee to take care of her. —M. H. Who Oives Whom. In T hi $ Set-Up? DEAR MARY HAWORTH: I am a girl in my early twenties. Mj mother is dead and just my father and I are at home. I have an office job, eight hours a day, after which I prepare supper, do the house work and laundry and all the other chores. Do you think I should pa; board in these circumstances? My dad has a good job and other in come. What is your advice?D. D. DEAR D. D.: It seems to me that you are fully earning your board-and-keep at home, by doing the housework, cooking and laundry and other chores. Thus if you are required to pay for Jiving there, surely you shouk also be paid a domestic's wage for domestic service. If one is fair, so is the other, in my opinion. I think your dac s wrong if he feels you owe him rent in the circumstances.—M.H. Mary Haworth counsels through her column, not by mail or personal Interview. Write her In care of The Evening Times. FLOUR 25-lb. $1 Bag Vimco Egg Noodles P "r 19c MORSELS ;, 2 r39c Cucumber Strips ;;; 25c NESTLE'S CHOCOLATE LAKETON SAVE AS YOU SPEND with S&H GREEN STAMPS GET ORDER BLANK AT MARKET FOR. ANNIVERSARY COOK BOOK AND 75c COUPON ON YOU* NEXT CAN Of SPRY l85c MUM Maun* not m cuk ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Scaled proposal. 1 ! accompanied by Sure ty Bond or Certified Check for not less than 59i. of the amount of the bid will be received by the Conservation Commis sion of West Virginia at the Project Con .ilruction Office located at 'Davis. Wesl Virginia, until 2:30 P. M.. Eastern Stand' ard Time, November 22. 1955, and there publicly opened and read for the following: Labor and materials to install approximately 6,000 feet of water service including valves & fittings. Also includes setting & installing, including all piping and electrical work, the hypochlorinator. water pump and electric space heater. The Owner will furnish 6,000' of pipe with simplex couplings & 2 rubber rings for. e'ach piece of pipe and a coupling puller. Also the hypochlorinator, stand, solution & mixing drums, the water pump at the electric heater. This installation Is required for Cacapon State Park, located 10 miles south of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia on Highway No. 522. The successful bidders will be required i furnish a satisfactory performance bond for the amount of the contract. Liquidated damages for delay In completion of the contract will be S50.00 per day for each calendar day beyond the date specified in the contract. Plans and specifications are on file with: The Conservation Commission of West Virginia Project Construction Office Davis. West Virginia. Telephone Nos.. Davis, AL 9-4121 and AL 9-3011. ' Copies of the documents may be obtained by s. deposit of_twenty-five (525.00) dollars by check payable to the Conscr vation Commission of West Virginia for each set of documents obtained. The dc posit will be rclundcd upon return nf I plans and specifications in good condi tlon on or before the date of opening bids. The Conservation Commission of W Virginia reserves the right to waive technicalities and to accept any or re jcct any and all bids. THE CONSERVATION COMMISSION OF WEST VIRGINIA • By Carl J. Johnson Carl J. Johnson, Director Attest: Allen Scott, Executive Secretary. L«gal Advertisement. Adv. Nov. T—4-11 * EVANGELISTIC SERVICE * CHURCH NAZAREN NOVEMBER 2 to 13 Sirvicis 7:30 uch ivininc SPEAKER — Rev, Joieph litre* SINGER— Mr, Jack licrc* said he .also jtiitting th'e told Ford that per- photograpbs ; might Triegflr For Your Child li what you want. That'i why thli" specialized tablet was developed. America's mother- and-child favorite. ST.JOSEPH ASPIBIN EFOHCHIUJREM World* Urpst Seline Aspra For Chita CASH LOANS TODAY! $50 oo Look your best In FREEMAN CHARCOAL DARKS $2.95 month — 24' mos. j lorgsr Amount! en Similar Terms LOAN SERVICE , Incorporated S9 I. Moin St., Frattburg '5 IS S Liberty St., Cumberland I What goes best with your dark-toned suits? Charcoal Darks'. Color-keyed to harmonize, styled to flatter. Look and fee! your best in ... wonderful feeling FREEMAN'S $17.95 Random Soft Grain, Charcoal Brown or Black Other freeman'* $/ 0.95fo $24.95 . . .. gives you more of everything — style, warmth, value! Tweed is great for cold .weather wear . . . and Schwarzenbach's has a great selection of tweed top- coals! Styled by famous makers they include — Clipper Craft's colorful weaves, Hunting Ridge Tweeds by Varsity Town, H. Freeman's famous Stroock Folkweave, and Kuppcnheimer's Irish Walker. •Raglan or set-in sleeves to suit your taste. Every one an outstanding value! Clipper Craft ' ^ $45.00 Varsity Town ......... $55.00 H. Freeman .....' $69.50 Kuppenheimer ............ $79.50 Buy Oil DivM*d Payments: !i ]• NArember 54 In Dfcember * In Jannnry

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