Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1928 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1928
Page 5
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fc-riUROAY, jJiHtJ ^RY 7 Pramms tn Cctttnil Wndard ttaM. 'AM tlw J» P. 11. unle« otbM^ifti* in. iJa^rWocrclM on TliSt. mJ^WPO Atlantic CHy— 1100 6 :0S— Dtnner' Vnalc 7:00—Dinner Dance 8:00—Jaclnan Da^ Dinner • 10:00—Dance Mu« Baltimore—10M . 7:0l>-^N.'V. Symphony: Oreliaattk »:00—PhUco Hour ^ >:Ba—Dance Htttlc ^ 6aaJ ->^M/EBI •ceton—MO t:CO— Dlon4r ;Mustc (:30—Or<;he*tra; Muiicale -;:«0—Netr.Totk Syapboor Orcbeatra • ;00—Va^lcal Hour , 4e1.3-WNAC Boiten-«H 6:00—Dok'a Slofonlana' 7:U0-TBawaUaiu 7:30—Hockey Gamea •S:1&-rDance Music SOi!*-WOR Buffalo-m B :i5—Serenadera «°:30—Address , 7:00—High Jinkcra MS-I-WMAK Buffalo-6» f:JO—Theater ProKxaim T;30—Violin Recital : (i :00— Musical Program i:CO—Dance Orchestra HF;00— WMAK FoUlea ^ ^. I 422J— WOR Newark-710 |,S :1>— Siielton Ensemble ! t:4j—Ann J-ang; Ensemble ;«:30— VlUa Venlne Orcheatra 'MO —Chimes: MIxeU Quartet ; 7:10—Winter Carnival i 8:00 —Bamberger Little Symphony : if:(tO—Pianist: iioprano 9:30—Balalaika Bovers 10 :05—Hendertun 's Orcheitra. ' •491.5—WEAF New vjork— 110 I B K _Waldorf -'A»»orla Orcheitra 0:110—South Sea l&landcifs 6 ::u—High ^ inkent S;00— PalaiK D 'Or Orchestra 10:06—Cass Hangan'a Orcheatra 4H.3—WJZ New Virk—««> •« ;n—Harmoiiv SiiiRers | £ u"—Al Kric<lraatra Ori -Jie»tra «:ui)—Hotel Astor Or-^lieelra 7 :1)0—N. Y. Symphony Orchettra *,i>ii—Phileo Hour . V Kevflione IJiio ?:a«—Dorothy llt.we: Merry. Three 10 I'll— Slun -.l >«r Mu^lc S48.6—WOO Philadelphia—6M 6:20—Dinner Miisio 315.6—KDKA PittAurgh—«S0 5 00— Westlnghouse Band (£ 30 —Concert 7.00—.\>TC York Symphony Oribeatr* i:Ou—Pniloo Hour _ 483.6—WJAR Providence— «20 7 :C0—New York Symphony Orchestra S.OO-fPhllco Hour ' 277.»—WHAM Rochester—10OO ( •< SO— Two Pianos 7:00— N. T. Symphony Orchestra . >i«l—i>hlIco Hour 111 OS—Dknce PrcKTam ,^ 37 »,9— WQY SchsnecUdy—7M Uu—Dioner il'uslc < 30—High J inkers 10:00—Dance Pi;ocram iu.1—WBZ •prlnaflaW--MO • 6:30— Cnncert 7.30—Jluslcai Protram f JO—.Trio » JO—Dance JUuslo .SM.9-CKCL Terento—»« «:0«—mudid Uusic S2S7«VW Cliie«|(»-«» •3:ili—iUm.matk Srmfbouj Orchestra <«:«»-:^MiMte«I.H<Hir . ' 1:00— CoDcnaa iCarnlvAV lOi ^Oi -'Semwdera UB ^WEBH.WJJO Chtcagb -ijiao .&:00—tihtldrcA'a CI oh tfiOOr-Sympliony Orcheitnt 7:00—On^hMtra •:00—Studio Program ' 410.4-^WaN-WLIB Ohicaae—72o' 1:lo-:Eiu*m)>l«; String iQuloUt 1:20—Organ 3:00—Bon^ R«;lul ^ 10:00—The noodluma S44i»--WL» Chlc4oo-«70 ^:30—Na tionaf^)m ^°nk no* r moOi -Show Broadcast 11:3»—NaUonal florn Dane*' _ 447J-/WMAQ ;wa/ Chlc«0o-«70 .'CJ)0—Organ £dO-4DlBncr Concert '«:0«-4Cadlo PhotokHtue 11:30—Papular Song Cycle J«:15—:The65er Bevlew 4fia >7-WLW Cincinnati—700 7:00—New JTorlt .Symphuny Orchestral »:00—Happy Hoik>w J^uteruinera 10:00—Dance Jkluatc 36ll-WSAI CInclnnatl-tSO 6:30—Orchestra- 7:30—Studio Program - 10:00—Danc>e Murlc 10:30—Maids of Alelody ill:00—Dance Music 399.8- W TAM Clevatand-7S0 6:00—Hotel Cleveland Orchestra 7:00—Blue Flaah indiana »:00—WllUrd Cavaliers i »:00—Wandering Mlnalrela 645.1—WFAA Dallas—580 7:00—Musical Units 9:110—Vocal Music ll:0(j—Dance Mualc 11:20—Theater l-eltures 374.S4-WOC Davenport—100 S:4S—Chimes Concert \ 7:00—N. T. S.vmpliony Orchestra 8:u«—Phitco Hour ; I 535<4 -4WHO Oea Moines—840' «i:20—Orchestra ; I 7 :'i <i—New York Symphony Orchestra S.MM—Philco Hour 440.9—WCX-WJR Oetrelt -rrHUP 7:0(i_New York Symphony Orchestra .e.itO—Phlico Hour !>:uu—Personality Girls »:U0—Cotton Pickers 352.1—WWJ Detroit—«S0 4:00—Orcltestra e:<iu—South i>ea Uiaadera «:S0— High Jinkers . I 1:00—Musical Program: 4W.7—WBAP Fort Worth—800 i 6:00-Seven Aces 6:30—tiunday :^ooI L«saon l):oo—Musical Hour !*:60—Popular Numbers ll.:IS—Theater Specialty 370^—WDAF Kansaa City-itIO 7:00—New) Tork Symphony Orcheatra .)l:00-^aa.ture Hour. H:00—Popillar Program 11:4S—Nigbttaanka - 2t3.»—WTMJ MHwaulwa—UM 6:00—Orchestra 7:110—Varied Program !!;qo—Phlico Hoyr 409.3— WCCO. MinneapollfSt. Pau^-740 6:16—Dlnoei- Concert 7:00—Mew York'Sympboay Orobestra »:0<V-^hUcd Hour • . ' i>:0»-Flraslde PhiloaopUaa: Jiuato MIU—WOW Omaha«-M0'i 6:30—Orchastn 7:00—New York Symphony Orobsitra nov—Muileal Hour 849.1—KSD St. Uula—890 tafeife^. BAJLY mG^k&il ^dAiY ^EKmc, JAyUAm<> 1928. MO>rN><B» NOW.O^TEM.VOOMG LftDY- HQ •mROVyiNG THE CRUST THAT. TOO r f: PA<JE-SEVEN HIS OWN.JlEDICINE. rHRlFT]i „f|ieSS UlKETWCKS TO.YrwtR— ' Tb- eeb AT HINg^.O'£vOC)C JliSt To SMf" tL£CTOUlBTV;-3!M JUST TEAC B I N ' "BM., ' fb 1 teR PENMIES so! < •SKEEMEST LVN« HOSM ABOOT OECOf?ATiNQ NtY PLATE '*NITK SfMORe Slfeftk ftM' SPUDS, ,So8RV^a.Bor .'rtxjlC HflME Tb.HELP ME TOEtOMbMltEONTriE HeALS-EVERYONE ELSE »S fiETTJMS ALOMS VJITH JUST OMEHELPlN<a : BV TASn .OR Trt^ / DOSGOhilTf THERE'S AL\v.W '5 ATHOM TH' SOUP- JUST VJi\EN I SET AN MVOSff OF A MEAL DRmS TH CDRTAW OW -m' HASH - NOVl I GOtTA OETOoi •r 'O RESTADRRMT AN' T^lLL pP - fCOiW»W ,-ft>LH« X'MFEO OP OM IT.'C ^ U S PAX. IBM s>w sonncfc CHAPTER XXXIIL She spokf sharplv to Cherokee i nud hcsaded him towdrd hone. They rnde bat^ , t(i ranch in silerifi'.; rbr Tody, thougli he !was puzzled by wha< she had^said, ' forbore fronii quesUpninK her. lie raw Utile ot° her durinR the 'next t\k-o. day«; when the third, day I passed in the! same manner he be- 1 san ^o think she was avoiding him. I lie stirfened, and welcomed' th« i rhanco to ride ove\r to the lOI rant h with Joe Oraig to see (rieonse 1 Miller iU>out imme Texa.s lonRfaomg ' he had ibought for •wlnterinj; and j and u-ap snrprUed at hi.s o vn boj^- certbin that ness. "Yo«i onee oKked had met mine yet anc^—' ' He Sjt()pi>ed. alracxt be bad xeen.ber shudder. "Oh. no." she protested iji a qi Toice: "not about that. Lkl's^lk abnitt thUi." Kb(i Ke!>tiire^ about her with her band. "I'll am leaving' next week: I wpnder if. you kiiow how muc'h I'll miss |it wht-n I'm Rone." "I've always thoiiKhi yhii Here rixbt Klad to leave it." be Huid .sullenly. Ktuus because she |h;id di- iuNDAY, JAN. • te^iUaoelaled FreaaX ^ io Centtsl Standard timeu P. M. ttnleaa otherwise Inave lengths on left o( call, cica on right. pa AtUfitie ,CI^110O loatmmental Bacltal Orcheatra Evening ifnalsala p:.rt of which he wan williBK to'^««ed «he conversation. ' diKpoKe of. AiehoidUi he bad said notbing^to Uita abokit it. he had left Cherokee at the Bar K. %\'heji he returned Sbx wa.H silent »o long ;that: he thought he had angered her. "I kuow you don't mean thit." She fUid finally. "I think yoiK-ftre "s.<he thanked him. "Iliit you miiHtnt ' nP^'a"-^ ^f"^' >'°" ' spoil me," «he {iinijed. "Do joujkifow I'm leaving it tlii.s time not j i ri»aiiz«' .voii never ride him rwhile lift come back." I'm here? Just fori thai 1 | "i didn't know n>af.'h<'s:iiil fofi- ihat you ride with bp this after- jy iinnn—and I'll take Pancv'. . .' 'W8AL Baltimore— 1090 Trarelogue ' Orcheatra Service. EEI Bo«ten-UO Quartet Orchestra Hatir WNAC Bosun— 880 , Street Chnrch It ilour >:3U—American Singers j SOZp— WCR Butrale— MO 5:30—Stetson Parade 8:30—Central Presbyterian Church «:1E—Alviater Kent Hour - .' I 849.1pWMAK Bufral<H-560 8 :0D—fiffervescent Hour 3:^—.American Singers i ,5?5.4-WTIC Hartford-880 (:3b—Siejaon Parade 6:20—Capitol Theater Family I 4ee.i—won Newark-710 ::08—^niphonlc Hour 6:li—Sun lay Kreninc Musicals 8:00— ISrU r\-escent l^our 4I:3«—.4mirican Singers ' boi ill}! I >f<ause of her aloofnow durinK Mi»* last few] days melted j voice sounding to biui like the away: but be was a little aniioyed ivoi«>e of a siranger. .nevertlielefs -u liikle Impatlen' Willi her rapidly cht nitlns moods;; ' Sooner or later, lie wm tblnk- jiDK. he -wouM have |to speak—Mie would have to know jbe truth. His 'better iuflKment told blin. t<. keep; nllent.;io rnalntnUi tie pretense he I bad kept up lor so I OUK ; but he fell HtlflMi. It woHMl hurt her, of noon—and III takf Fancy . . .1 ..^ ^ci„unt of motl .r.r - Kho .-i- »;0t-6ohi Voorheea Band I'oorFanc.v." Hbe :dded: '>f »'">'""'•• sbe.s-^ k«1»Jw6AF New York -ew KKtinR old." .1 P'aineii. ^ I:oA-Yonng People's CoofcreDoe Tniiv nodded—Tie colonel" he I He. could not "wc ber lace for' 3:0*—v^rf. rv>nferen» •:aid. - will liate to p in with her - "je darkness, bat iM> ihousht she; |;' when the Hcie come-.' Tie hart not]sounded :w If she was cryinp. Kor «;• ;expefted to find b* r so friendly. •'.''' ' iTbe resiotnieitt be lad l/eeii har-j""'>'• "Rll.a" li'^ said presentl.v. bl«; ^.jo —xai »!O OT -COO 1 a lerrlfyini; lim- J:}!^? Blbl She lifted her bead. 'Rlia—" somflhow the thing' be felt that she wiiH not BlvlnKj^ould nn, conie out; he •would have i much consideration i[i> tils feelings.; up „, -ijeU!" be, said. | ° *" ''" ' " ' IIP hpard her laugh. "Is that; Oo I 488.8—WRC WashInaton-840 7:00-Jf. T. Symphony Orchestra l:00-4'bUco Hour 818*-;WTA0 WoreasUr-680 u..*8:Ca—Soutb-^aa-XsUndw-a ot-. . ^ ^'7.:at^Kew Tone Symphony Orcliaslia f t :m— DasM lltaais SOUTHERN «6.ft-WWNC AshSvlils-1010 .«:«>—Dinner Huslo 475.S—WSB Atlanta—620 7:00— New York »ym |jh &ny Urchesira «:00— Phlico'Hour • . S:30—Musical Program - 249>-WDOO Chattanoooa—1 ^20 7 a>«—Sunday School Leeecn 7:2%—£naeixible 384.4—KTHS «ot Springi—750 8:00—Seml-clasalcs 8:3((—Contralto; Baritone 9.00—Dance iFroli..: : • iu .B—WJAX JackaonwlIU— SJO' 7:00—Studio Proijraiu 8:00—Phlico Hon: S :04—Dance Mu-i.: 322.4—WHAS Louisville—330 4:25—Concert 7:80— New York Symphony Orchestra 8 .00— Musical lloui 7:00— N. Y. Symphony Orchestra )i :00 -Plillco HoMr II :uO—Dance Orkbestra (I hrs> rM-^KVOO TuV*— 880 8 .li0 -{?hilco Hour * Oi»--BrldBe Lesson • a:iv —Vocal Concert WESTERN 3a5 >-KOA Denvei >-8ao' 10 :60— Chief Oonzalsa Orchestra hours) 488.5—KFi Los ApgelM— 840 10:00— BCA Program 11:00— Phlico Hour 1S:00— Contralto l:Ouar-UldnlKht FroUo 416.4—KHJ I.OS AnflalM— 720 S.00— Concert Orchestra lv ;00— Cavaliera J.- :uu— JAmboree 336.»-KNX L^s Anaelct -^8 «d ; V.00— Playgoers Club Iti-O'-i—Festura Progcajn li :v')—Biltraore Orcheatra ' ::.uva— Jlidnlght Expreaa 364.4—KOO Oakland—780 J,) 60— RC.\ Hour n:iio— Phlico Hour • 1 .ij-Jo— Uaiice Miislo S08.Z—KLX Oakland— «80 S:riO— .Vews Broadcaat 4S4.3—kl:RC San Franeisee— 880 7:30—Mac and His Gang S:.;i>— i .'eclllane : course; i( could not Hill bi* would be hurt much more • '.^I MII hf Iforued fri Hps th>' hopelessnesf Itijr-and ther^ would of relief ill the cruel Hetiep anything tb (I do otherwlne. >m her own of bis louK- be' a measure pain. n the rtesper- a. Conference String Trio ' Parade . Theater Family ter Kent Hour ;al Drama^ WJZ NevO York—860 il Religious aervloe Travelogue 6:00— Swefrl-and Low 8:30— Oueka; String Quartet 7:i;i—Ucniier Hour 8:30— Vibrant Mek)dles 8 :45—liUcB. Jubilee Singers if:15—Don Amalxo 409.fl—Wfri-WLIT Philadelphia—MO 1:30— CSoniert Orrheatia 3aJ8— ,WOO Phlladelphla-MO 6 30—Setjiany preibyttrlin CHuxcb 319>-KOKA Plttstaurgh-l-tiO 7:U—Coll er Hour nU' uncertainty witi In liim—the jn«av without letliiig JH .-iine desperate unc«rtaiiity .with what you wanted to say to me iibead. Totiy; I'm listening." In the dimness lie rolled and, lighted a trignret. fo take three or, «:i6—Vib^nt.Melodies foifr nervous puffs and throw it l^tT!^^ Am.iio aw^y. Ill (back of blm Cherokee, 48^,6-WJAR Provldencer -620 made a slight sound of Impatient> t .-ao— stet ion iMnTde and cam«; over to nuzr.le him. Tony. 6:2u— tiipitui Th*at«r Family spoke lo him Soothlnarly. i .8 :i5-grci estra "I've pot two or thre- Iblofs rm ' '"-^-t'HAM -ifl80 my inliid." be b^-gan after a while., T» don't «eem rigb< to||et you go • which a drovnlug m:^ 1 blfl hand to clutch at .the Issue was met tli [ all <-nd to it. and. . woiitiiifinit peac** of Imiiid. III look at •rojkee and the blglstaKioii made little 'iiickirinK s<uuul at liif approacli. ^oii know; what tbey ar^. "St^enl years ago Joe ("rail; came :icross a little mav-'i erlck up In Caldwell and brought! Tilm .down lo tin- Bar K. If if.; batln'l Iteen for Joe Craig, who's I got :i Iieart a.s lilf;, as a bucket. T _ do.u't know uh .ir UDiild have, bisi• •7:1 j—CoIltf Radio Hour I come of Tue I'm real gr.lteftll to" ^a»fcal ITograoi . (if nvlcunie -M«-Oi,CKCl_ Tarant». n reaches out a straw. Once ere would be I fv<-ntually. lie 4:0o—Muscat Mllestoow 8:30—I*lrJilde Forum 8 :00 —Theater iHour 8:«5—Jublfee Siii«ers 370.9—VyJGV Schenectady—780 5:30—Legfcn Band 6:20—Capitol Theater Family 8:16—Atwat^r Knit Hour • :li— eibl cal Drama 331.1-1-WBZ Springfield-800 4:30-^huch of the Air 8:uO —BliH and O OM I Hour .u iif wt -lconie jiiin," Toiiy patted him j j,^ pau»»id and she muimured.' uffeciinnately. . "I'm light '"'W i-Kvervbodv loves .loe." f^lZ.'^'ll.JS^:':^::^] .-TnVy ,^oubl. The„mere was] , liarsb lauRh. ••.•Faliil heart 1 io.iv' n Wflccmed me.. ."Tliey Should. n.-erA?^"'"" father. Hi> menf I'm sure hoping to find it." in""h l"--" '^""e for me.. 358.»^CKCL Toronto-«40 1:00—<ig4" ' 488.9—WRC Washlnoton-«40 S:0O^Ten(jr. String Trio .. 6:30—Stetson Parade 6:20^Cat)ltol Theater Family 8 :1S —Alwiter Kent Hour - Sioir-VVTAG Worcester—580 6 :30— Stetlon Parade 6:20—Capitol Theater Family He lingered near the corral roost of the afternoon, waiting for Rita; B16.9—WMC Memphis—580 7:00— New Tor!: Syinptiony Orchestra In""— Studio Program 8 :00- Philco Hour ....... ^ 9:0»—Studio Cuiicert 336.9—WSM Nashville— 890 .?:is— Dinner '."onffri 7 :00—Ne«v y<irh Svmplio:>y Convert »;«0—Phlico v''';i '~*'t ' ' »;00—Bara Ii?i!i. u : 322.4—W^ MB New/^ Orleans—830 8:26— Musical l >r!.erM'ni iritO— Uaiice Orrheitra )3 hrs) 422.3— KPO San Frsnclsco—710 <• :;o—Dance Orchestra li.i'K —NBC Program (3 hrs.) 370J2—KHQ Spokane—810 7 .:()'i—Service Hour I'l.oii—m :.A Hour jl;H.i—PIUIco Hour K :00— Danca M UE I C (2 hrs.) fjbe did not put ln,au appear- until evening, 'tlhad :i tboii- Sbe said. 'I'm sure be doesn't. feel that hf's done so much. No i H'or*' than anyone would have done.! Hf feols .voitve done 50 much for; SOUTHERN fbut ancti . ^ sand things to. do." she explained.|liini. He's proud of you. Tony.' '"ami mother seemedj to want nic'; "1 don't i;now why be should lie. y minute, i i lint fm .'^ure happy to l:ear you sav; slipped nut right aftejr we bad eat-jit. What I w:int t') tfll ynii. tliough. that I IwantPd 10 s^'e 1^' tn retni-mher. \vhi>n ymi ?o :iway. _ ih .Tl I'm grateful—no matter wh:it' for that, be turns up. Will yon .io thfif."' -1010 STOCk MAkKET CUMi^UPWARD IIIK 'iS.Kl; loiJd 2 .-iO-lb. Imtcbeis 10 trad- Pixim'n- »^irr»v. lo: no to ISO lbs.. JT.tJiffi jtold me.' .-bj- sa^d. " [.HCklng sovvs JO.iOifi $7.25; i jealous of Cherokee s| I Htwk'fi^gs sciircf. si«-.idy; u 1 sale.«. 3011; f</d Impressive Deniwistration (i( Stretij^thjlhbwn Today t'.iiti SI A TS •good sl^ bcarce. en. expiaillMJK ,iln» siinsvt." ! ' it was not loo lat ass^iired her. "I'v.- iol F*:itii-y :ill .-iyildled " i .Slie watched Iiim idmiringly as ' f h<> vauliod to CbettJkee's I ers stci^fly / to w ' flM'llcl'S xiecrs. eligtbl.- *I3 l>w'me. Von needn't b» ::,,\r,m<W i ldollre», you. I wondi ijr^rir^'Tj .s?!^-*^*^ «-••-*• iirt teds off inn.sf; she stoik steady; hulls strong; veal- Sbe let her gaaeta' iiuu good i.i26-ib.ii^:^:«f"'^'' .r"^ back. Voii once [hat you wer»* nffo<;tloii for tb^ horse r if you fal- Tony admit- )£e In the pic- fo easily and Idle. "I.Ike a NVw .Vf.rli. Jiiii <! ( \Vi .-Vn ini- I r«'S»lv»- ilcruonslrallon of streni^lh I'M 'ilt pl .'ii 'f ill loJay 'i .stork ninrket iiilli .wint; 111" NwiMplnp ri'ticilou •H[ji'.s7 |i,'i ,j,„j'^ j'j' TV yeateidav. .Ml clasaesof stocks! j.ointed bigiier with violent ad- i irances'of fi to nearly tS l>olnts tak- liH! place in a /ew volatile specialties. The rally was afcompanted by a marked reduction In the vol- { ume of trading. nomlnun good '•^-;»-;"'!;:^ntaur." hhe tbo^igbk; "I wonder '""n I 1,o-«'If he is as unconi^oim as b. t^ sell :aroun.l ;$10....«, 13,,^,^^^ ,^ .. They rofle at a'gal op. to jjet to I vi'dl tnp 114.00. Slifeti l.'iimi: lambs, sirong 10 SHc hlgb-r: lop .'<:'-lli. f-d lambs ll.'; the/hori pulled In :at the topj Kan«n« Clly Prodnee. their hill l>efore the svn should slip on. As they of the rise, kita exclaimed iloud.l "We're Just lin time, fonyl IJCK^'. VHwat I'rop I'p.f Chicago. Jab C. I API—.Anprehen- Fioh over tile oiitTook ' Hr the Kansas Cliy. .Ian. fi. (API—Poul- I Sh« polpied to th trv, heavy hens, jnc: > light hens. | ball of/oijange fire. 17c; l.Sc. jfiil!" . _ , OUier prodiic^-banged. . ^^^J^: SS^ J'^ liflned her illsinount. lently beside ber whil domestic winter •wheat cri. • had it bullish influence on wheal vfllues j lodiay. Report:lJ»t hand ii 'ictjted j thai snow protection was Kansas City. Jan. 6. (.\P)—Hay imcbanged to $2.«0 up: receipts cAT-i. Allialfa So. 1. $2O.00«i22.50. , Kansns I'lty firafn. t indde^j Kansas City, Jan. 6. (API— fiua'e and west and southwe - diir-hvii^-at. receipts 7S cars; uucbanged ItiK the recpiit wave and als.i u, cent brgher :No. 2 dark hard dry conditions ik-est and souf Ueef j ji ,(stfrl.59»i.: .W 3 $1.46®1 .35: No. were, not fully relieved. t-"rn J2 hard fli"'?yi.32: No. .1 $1 .23 »4e' fehowed independent strength o»- iag a good Ileal to signs^tbat a fair j export business In com "was irtider way. Wheat closeil firm. to ^iiS ^L- 1.57; Xo. 2 red nominally 1.4.-.: Xo. ?. nominally $1 .3Ge| Close, Ma.v. Sl.i:.%: July Corn, refcelpts S .'i cars; i~ 10 X^'-, cents hlgber; Xo. 2 white 77 %iC5 Vd the sifn liiKitpnear She Was the first : spell. "Sunsets alwtj ; sad." she said. "Do t feel the same way? •.\ child" he abnWpred. "liates ihe-;dark: and I re«l!|on It's something we never onfgrpw. Rita iiodded utijierstandingly. "Toii.v." 8b| Silked pi you afraid, "Of the times r • rent net bigher, com % to .'ie 'l i.No. 3 76H'«?"7c: 'Xo.'2 yellow 81©' west, at a "It's heautl- admttted. He ground and and stood sl- they watch- lial.' "Why. of course." she Said won- i deringly. "Why sliotild I ever J ilink otherwise?" He prucked at his chaps witli! Je^^o-t-rolt^ 296.i—WWNC. AshevilK S :0 <l—Sacijed Music 6:30—Chui^ch Service 4*5 .J-^WSB Atlanta-830 • 6:00—Vesper Services 8:20—C4pl^ol Theater Family 8:15-:-Alwater Kent Hour 243X— wioOO ChatUnooga-1220 8:30—Enstjmble 7:30—Cumperland Preebj t n I3 n Church 3S4.4^I^THS Hot 5prings -783 8:00—Pppiilar Refrains 8:30— Vpcajl thumb and finger and truced a design in the cool ;;r.i^s with b!s ridit boot. A vugiie fear ran through her Ukn a chill. :uid she ! poke In a trembling voire. "Tony, I don't like to bear vou talk lik<>, tbat. There'.* siich a dreadful air nf—of finality in p. Vmi m;il«' me fi-e| afraid." "Of the dark?" be ask<*d with a •1 340.7—^^JAX Jacksonville- 860 7:00—Chuqch Seix'.cea S:u<>—OrgUn Recital 46ti3— W H AS i.oulsville-650 4 :20—cJioial F.vensong ' j C:2U—Capitol Theaiirr Family »:1S—Orcl(«strii S1 «.»4 -WMC Memphia—SW 6:^^—Capitol Theater Family 8;li—Atwiter Kent Hour ^ 338 >iwSM Nashville—880 t:!«—Capllol Theater Family 8:16-rAlwater Kent Hour S4aj|—WOOA Penaacala—1:00 1:30—Flrs^ PresbyicrUn Cbiiruli Rita—and there are tbe stars. I've not something else to tell you. Rita; something 's h:ippeneil to me." Her face was bidden from bim in | AUCflONS her bands, and be saw her tremble I i==^-^==::=^^-.-^--—=-^—•as IhouRb she felt a sudden pr^- rO.MMfXlp' 'SAUKS—Will be held j monition; but be went aiiead In a j at my .ffcd barn near .Santa K« swift rush of words. "It happened! ^tuck yaWls at iltimboldc once Kben you went east for the first] each moikh. first Sale to be heirt 1 time. Tp to then I'd always felt} Thursday Jan. I'J. ,W.- will sell sort of— well, :>nhoyed when-you j all kin^s >f bou.seliol'd goods, farm were around. I never did have any ImT>W>ineni.-«, livesrovk. .ic Any- use for girls, bnyway. But when i/bne ht^li g sttialt farm sales (-an : you went Hwajr you took som^-thlngf^idacie ik A 'ltb us jand sell «t resu-i with Ton. I guess it was iny heart. lar larjn Rita. I tried to argue •with m.v-j Jaier* Issile oi Ueplster. Uwight Well, nb;" be adknltted HOme thought. "I 11 .someWbat Hhen 1 wa4 'a yonngster. cent up. oats at % cent decline tofsiajc: So. .1 79«80c; NV ?-nix..! njue. cent advancf and 7irovbiloBs':76 fiSTSc; Xo. 3 ,74>i'ff76ime." Iiecause h; generally varying from 2 cent? setback to 10 Close; May 84c: Only SB^^tc: cetus gain. Oats, receipts S cars: tmcbanged; —:—7 . No. 2 white 5Sc: -Xo. 3 nominally Kansas Clfr lilte«««ek. ;i,2>4«?56c. i tCansas City. Jai^ «. <AP)—U. S tJeVjartroent of ..^grlcultare.—-Hogs #00: fairer active, n««»Hi; Hm^f ft.'lSc lower; inostlrlftc ?»wer than : Thursday's tafnmf. U0>t "'ahowln* - • - • Milo m-oiye. $l ..'!4i {M .40. Knflr. 11.2.';. Rye. SS^ig-lOO^. Burley, .sih ^4c., You're not he addled, look] queerly. "that you're dark?" She did not answer "The dark." .she miisell. "Is like the future—we go Into it •lering. .-. . Do. I seen to be talking nonsense. ToByT"! ".N'ot al all." Well."-^nndi she Unghed. talk about aokettila^ielMu- esently. "are dark some-' rPubllc Auction N'very Saijiirday it 1:00 o'clock at Btiibop's fiMKa Pavilion. to ibreak tbe; „ ys make me self, but it didn't do any gooii; I • Sinoiek, Ajuc. D.[r. Kills, ley make you^ used to ride along Jhe old trails 1 pjjBtJlc AUCTION-rP ithat yon and I'd ridden over before. iN^ve^y Sajirday it and mope and—" Rita's voice, harsh and strained. Interrupted his confession. '•Tony, you mustn't—yon ifir:'!; know wha: wi're saying—" * . •• me talk." he said Fa\a?ely. !"lf I make a fool of myself I'll^lo sed to after rebel meant bed- thflng to tell |lng at her afraid of the directly. kroplngs won- It in my own way. and yoirvt- got to listen. I told iny.seU I -wafi crazv and I tried to forget yoi- but it wasnt any use. <llrl | I've eof to tell you—I've got to—" Xo. Tony. Please." Hell and high viater cant stop me. 1 loie you. Rita. Do yoijhaaiM that? I Jove you." . I iTO BK CO .S 'TlXirEDi r -ftt 'DSCW-pSEX—Sales and Sew- simaik ^^OUnglon ^iJPfcwe 180. V»Mt mm KIta MifJ Whar will- kfee sift TAB), get* Us answer In tkel ant laslallMent* CENTRAi: . sis—KVw Chicago—570 • S :io— Travsldc'iia 7:15-Oonier Hour > 8:17—TwentycAfinates Good Reading 8:15—Diom Amalzo 3S5.S-r1ArEBH-WJJO Chicago—830 <:00—Organ Recital 6:30—Dinner »naical »:ao—Palmar House -Studio 416.4-rWON-WUB Chicago—720 6:60—Concert Unale 7:30—Correll and Ooiden 9ns—Our Music.Room 344.S— WLS Chlcago -tre 1:30—Cross Roads Sunday School 6:00—Utile Brown Church Chicago—870 6:15—Symphony Hoar 7:0<f^an4ay Evening Club 9:lii-.Same as WOB 10:00—DeLuxo Dreamers 42a.3-TWLW Cincinnati— 700 7 :15—CoUler Hour 8:15—Bandbox Hour : 361 .2—WSAI Ciiielnnatt—830 5:3u—Stetson Program 6:40—Hymn Time 8:15—Atwate'r Kent Hour »:1»—Biblical Drama 399.8—WTAM Cleveland—750 S :no— Stetson Parade r, L -3—Willanl Cayaliers !i:l.'.—Acwater Kent Hour lv:00-rDance 5Ius!c 282.8—WAIU Columbus—1080 8:00—Btferveaecnt Hour 9 :00—.American Singers 545.1—WFAA Dallas-r<50 6 :00-^Bih!e Class s:15—.\twaier Kent Hour ll:Ou-^Dance Music . | 374>S^WOC Oaveiiport-^-SOO ! 7:00—Edwards Congrecat lonal Church 8:ld—At water" Kent Hbuc •j:15—Biblical Drama i S3S.4^WHO Oea Molnts—S80 <:20—Capitol Tiieater Family »:15—Atwaier Kent H^ut !r:l5—Biblical Drama 440.8—WCX.WJR OatreltP-880 4:30—Twibght HourJ 6:30—Central .M. E. Churcb < 7:15—Collier Hbur aS2.7—WWJ Dst'ott—880 C:;0—Capitol Thcaur I Family «:00—Piano Recital 1 8:15—At water Kent Hour 1 489.7-WgAP Fort IWsrth-MO '6:00—Sacred Concert ! 8:00—Vesper »»r\lcts: »:15—Dance Muatc •381.2—WOS Jttreri ^n City-^ 7 :30—Pr»st>yterian: Churcb 470.2— WOAF Kansas City—«W 2:00—Yooaa Paople'a Confersno* 7:15—Collier Hour- 4:15—AtwAter Kent Hoar 399.0—WTMJ Milwaukse-IOM 8:15—Addreaa 9:15—Don Anutlxo 405 .2— WCCO MinnaapolU-St. Paul-740 5:30—2nd Church ot Christ. SclOMUt 7:15—Collier Hour : S:15—Atwater Kent Hour 608.2—WOW Omaha-S80 6:30—Theater FamUy 8rl«—Atwater Kent Hour .' 9:15 —Ctah Honr - , • 499.7—WOAI San Aotanio 800 t7:20—Travis Park Meth.iCburcb i 545.1—KSD St. Loilis-^«50 6::0—Capitol Theater'Family 7:15—Collier Hour 348.0—KVOO -Tutsa—880 6:00—Old Fashion Gos«cl 1 7.00—Vocal Concert 8 :l4 —.Atwater Kent Hour : , ^.8—WCBO Zi ->n— 870 8 .00 —Kvan«elUtl<; S^ngi; mixed quartet: male , j , V/ESTERM j 1 325.9—KOA Denver—920 7'3o—pinner Concert » SA:. —Kiist Baptist Church 468.5—KFI Los Angeies—640 10 .011— .\poIlan OrK.'in Reiital ll;Oi»—NBC Program 416.4—KHJ Los Angeles—720 ?:iK^:.Kirst M. E. Church l".iiu—Concert Orcheatra 336 .9— KNX Los Angeles—890. S:r.ii—Hollywood Unitarian-Church •.•:'-ii—Ilollyttoo*! Presbyterian Churcb lu:ii<i—Cuiu:erL Orchestra 3»4>-KOO Oaklaral—7S0 ~ !i:Sa— (Standard Symphony Honr l'::;j—Klrat Presbyterian Churcb . 491.5—KGW PortUmt—CM rireat Momenta In Htstory li ':>H)— L.itilti Symphony 454.3—KFRC,San Francisco—880 i ..;i(— Conrert 6rche*tra« /' Il ::ii—l.iance Music 422.1—KPO San Francisco—7W ^3u— standard Symphony Hour 11. 31)— Concert Orchestra (I'j bsa) 348.6—KJR Seattle—860 «:i5—Iniernatinnal Bible Student* .;. .;ii_i:hur.h Services i I <x»—ronotrt Orrhestrai 370.2—K HQ .Sp'okan*-810 !i:.':')-rSt .indard Hymphony .Aoor—Church ifervlces BUS I W ES S SERVICB MeTliiigJ Tm^klng. Storage SS CADL DE.iX TftA.S'5?FER — Phono .S8.t; will move vou'by hour or contract, ivith experienced men". • WHEN VOD .MOVEi-Or «tore year godds call Cori^'s Transferi OffUe J 45/ resldwce 1404 ; MERCHANDISE AVtieles For Sale .51 EMPLOYMENT i ; iielp Wa M—Male : KOREin.V wbRfC -lYoun.i; met men in-j woykliis in romantic CLOSI.Vfri rtlT, St«el tr;>ps: Xo. 1 traps. ' ITi-: .^o. I'-j traps. 2tH:. Allfn County Iinpl^ntent Co. _ HKlHlk POSTS—Kor siile. George Crowt^ll^ niik-s soiitli^ of Oas. XATT V E I.rAfRI-'it MostJyj oak. any ditne'iisions., See Paul'Atkins at Owl Creek Stmic Karnu .'. miles Huni))oMi or i;!!! Hud White Motor Co.. piiiiiio 1 : BnsIneMt and OiRce Kqalpmenf ai terosted iii _ _ _ - _ Soitb America! write at oiu e for iT.\-pK\vr£ITKrtS Fur .sale.'rint or intormhtion. Sc^ith .A.mei!ca:u Serv-; j ,..„[p wHliatn.s Tvp. writer Co., jfiiiO Alma, petroit, ^y^.,, Ma.iison. ' ice" Bureau,. 14 iMich. FINANCIAL. Honey to Loan-i-MorlgaiSPS 4«' Fael. Feed, Fertilizers _ M il.ALI^n -AI.I^AI.KA Timotiiv and <;ov <M-.. and lUiiiri.- )i;i>. Stewart i^"'k._ _ _ _ . Ij'ARM LO^AXS-^Qiiick service and nXl-Kft IlVvV-i''., "iuiie it barn.. reasonable rates; A. ri.- Haw-- j^p^i^ I' OWP I!. "4 mile , ast Sterl- thpmc. West MadHoa. i!,..^ Tl.-ii:hts. F.\RM .\.\n flTV LO.\.\Sn.e*f'^^OVKR:; A.NT) frMUTHY-ITlS^i^ Allen Cc.imtv Jnvivstm»ut Cj... Kei- ''"l'^ niostly . lov.r: al.^o sootl milk lev' Hotel pildK-. .li>:a. Kans. : 'f*^'- '» ''-^'i «1^>'^i^L-^ I Rov flillrspie^ Phone 9 .'.2-2. PAftM iVD f ITV LOAXS—Basi TniOTHY AXI) fLOVKR H.iv lor ' rate on farms, .vr. city fi 'l. i,;,!.. Phoue .TS«. Lallarpe. .or^short time. •R.:M. Cunnfngbam., =::=^:----- —- ' - ^-: -.^ lln<i«ebnld f.iMxta Sil .VIOXEV—^To loan on farm and city property. Jackson Realty'Co.. o\or Brbwn's HrtiK Store. i I 'lioK STOVK.S—ill nseil. cook sioj'f-.s. i ;il :iv;ii !t »-cil t" pi".' Koed .servic. U.-al i>:ir>:uiiis. Curtis Viirr.iliiri- Stoic, Lailarpt*. citv. properly. IjiUest.rale; 8tew.lrt Kl-'lI.ViTIIM; .V vv ;iii :l. SPiond * Funk. 1: . T \i:m>\. IIS ICa-t -lack.sou. Phone. MO.VEV TO l.OAX—On farms or • W. I'.ill.r. i!\.\i:i :s .N. MO.VBY TO t.OA.N',,^ repayable ln,«inall mtinthly p.-i;'-! meint.-*. These loaii? never Conicidue' - better* becaune fbeaper arjd mure convenient.: aecurliy Buildliik .t - ^ . . .,,„„,., 1J^i,n .V-n.. 1st .Null. H:nik ifidK.. OV|:,J. S :TI ll>.li I'Alll.dlf ril'ITKS. ;.n.4..--:i--- t-. Waliiiil liiiiliii.' :iiiii ll*»ilri>om niii-s. low pric «»i. K'l;ir:ilil»:' il siiivi s. . Heii- lliliKfr's Kinritiin- Sinn-. ilS W»*;:it \lai|i-;iin. ^Jtorses ;(MU^ Vehlelwt 4S: .'iiii:--. K \i L!;iiif" yi'iir tilil. ffir . iii-rt. i::i-v |i:.vt.i-iii .Curtis Kiir- niliir- '11 I.:.! I .i t _ IlI'lJOC MAI,J% HOC W.riKlil ; 2iU\ Ib.i.. a'cood tiiu-. Klamore, Kuii!<. hi. II! .\r<l. I'ltlVATK ;'iuii !s :ti .-^ir,.-1 H PnRfni .IKR.SEY cow Oil.- ni;i.- HOiith, ''a.'ii liiiii VVi.rk.s. VV. H. Civy. Phone SSS-i 1. ^ S;\i.!: 01 111: Si.iill. I'.-I.l. llllllhMllllIll l 'li.-:in'i't. HOtSTElX IIEIFER — Regintered. fresh Christmas day: also; others <lu |i to freiiheu iii Jaiiiiaiy. Pan!, Route 1. THK ol.ll AliM'.I' I •;! Iir-iiny ; jv>-(l i • :i |i-:tiiiy ••:iriittt"' V'nu- ran >:irn iliill:.r- l-y iMi.rrhasing y.iiir fMrniiii'-c. 1; j'lid used, at BiT.soir.s FiiniitUM- Sti re. Xorth .li'll'.-T.^till Str.'.-I.!. I Wanted -To Buy K.irmiug iniplenifiits- S 'I'.XKT Plli: .M ;\V VK.\I: RIC.HT^ •ry: al; kiiiils ot fe.l; H.-ii.-.;, 11- ynw n.-.-!i!!. -tCc. .Allen HORSES F an|l macbiuery or Will trado for lola proiiMriy i^r. luiiutv rr.i:i!i! ( suburb. H. W M.l'l 11 - li.ln, K«iis: small .Scon slr»-ei. "iol:!.. :REn .MAI. K" HO" - Iniiijiii; Mary WA.VTKIi TO i;i V -All kinds of cattif- ail. I lioi;s. .1. C. Butcher. n -r „:::;';.''• :..ur2 REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Ki|i'.:iri!s. A mil iniS'.- Wi -sl of SHtiA'F.S.—g.iod Sliiiriboln liiill. f.. ,.V. 'I"!!!'. '•; niib- south: auil - njifc-.s vast of I.4illarpe. Kans. Ponllry and: Sn|i|ille<i 10 RAiiUKI) ROCK IiOO.STKRS i'.ir <a]i: all new Missouri stocL-.M. .A. Sfcimel: I'liciic 94^,-12. RAf?Y CHICKsJ- list-liiiiV'. 2r perepK and "<•; pt-r cUiyk. Kes»i;v»» sp:i(e early; Stiiiily C :i;:k Hatihery. 220'AVest street. ici|i.. ' Farms and Land For Rent 76 i\fKK.-! Fur ri:it.'na forti. Il .i :vi!l" K:ii!(!;. I'liii. Ilnosefi For IJeut fDTT.M;!-: I'.n— il!. Ii^l.ii'i-.- ;!i Dr. ! nirCKEYE I.SCCKATOR 210-, I lit^l-chick -Sure ilatili htiw\ 1 w .fi ^rs: < liick f«-eiiers: al! in i <otidiliiin. n2l -Niirtb Sitit; I'ljmu: I ISJTJ. . , 6 per Till- Ail ^ii CouAty In- •I KIP.SI .'S at: S s and ;ttw. mlernj turtiH :1.T: Bids:.,; !"i;!t I:K.\T iiioi;t!i. S.->- Vcstilii 11! (11 kil.-. K::!;:.. fO.\IKORT\I;M: fiOI'Si:. - Five jO';:ii innilTi!. <iii .ii ;>lt-. jtaraiie. 1 tlx- ill. 'AT, .Vrit'h vtroet ""Key ' (i'HiT »iiuili. : i MERCHANDISE Artirle <i For Sale fM) .IJI'VS A i'liH^ .nutoiiiati rfvi'lvpr. a K'lijil (ii>: '^iins rwii:(i;ht. v~ RE .\I. ESTATF FORJ^.^LE HouHeN For Sale SI 84 SKVKRAI. «MAI .r. IIWKI.I.I.VOS— Fi.:' siili' I lii-:ii>. on easy n-rin.^. C. (.. Whitak.r. I'hi.n- 220.- AUTOiiOTIVE soliil. r ''Mted ami JV'biinKiii. Want a liiidioV If you i!"- <oiii'-; f(i I2'> Soiith Tltiril ^'-\ and iKjarlhi- iwi) on display frnin x f<» 11 i-vc- nltss. I 'lioiKs. :»r.. resblenie: ib»y. storf. t 'blinn>>y Sw »'ep To Fxclijinife-Keal IMafe 8S CI.KAIt nr.VCAI-iOW -r r <K )m. with .c: raK«' iii Kims:is fiiy. .Mo., for :•: ri-:is" or .-^mall liila property. .\ridres-i/'I,:i:iil." iar«- HcKlster.- sule infices. . Si-e'.llst Aatoiitshllwi .Sale il \ OAKI.AXD —• Dealeri) — POXTlix* | '27 Pontine de Itike landau t^dan.' driven 60ft ihUes: '20 Oakland' coupe: '26 Pontine coach.' "2.". Buick light six touring, fine] shap<': '27 -Ford coupe; •2 ."i Pwd 1 tudor. Frontenac he;^!. counter | balanced crank .shaft, all extralo: ; '2."» Ford- tudor. fine shape: ""S."* J <)*irl.':n«i; coupe, good '26 Cber.j rolft coupe: '2.'. Che\ rolet toifr-• ins: '24;I>odse ttNiring; brand new^j Chevrolet cofljcb. . Se eral oilier: 'i;ood uied cars. Casi. terms lor trade, ^lobart :ffotor ^o. AiitMiiABe AMtyiOliillw for Sala II O. icT'Csin) .CAR.S—192.5 Chevrolet tourii g; 1924 Cbe\TaIet touring : 192 .Ford roadster: 1924 .'Ford tot rln^ 1923 Stude4>aker ,4-pa3.'>.;'c mpe; 1922 Ford coupe; 1922 Fori co(ipe: 1927 Chevrolet ton triicl wU^ cab; Perries? "8" tourliii;: 19S1, itodge roadtater; fBU i|h(vroIet ton truck 'with grain holy; 1921 Overland tonr- ins:r ne: rly nev . IntcmttrtBlrtH gEsia 4ioi tv iar-iruck; U3&-Jf4ttd -:-j.--or I roadster. •1926 CHRYSIJ3R SEP-\! f—Chrysler "BO" coupe; Chrysler 'M" coach;, Chrysler "70" towing: 1925 >""<*.lj iiider sedan: Ford roadBterfl; Pordi coapeii: -Ford tourings- Al^ '"^ f^d shape. Ros.s Arbiickle's Oa^- a'ge. Chrvsler dealers. Phone 5«. BATTERIES—12 and 6 radiators: 33s4 tiresi. Wtecklng Co. .Phone volt: Ford lola Ante 82. BgsiiMS B^Ite.* 18 iWE CAN SAVE—Vou $iOO «m' new radiators ckaxte -SPECIAL SALE Dependable Used Car^ y A Used'Car /« aaDepemlable as the if • . IDfiklt^r Who Stlla It! ;? lad; HORCK m l».e new, l»*; H«f»«f IsWBTRfUIlSTiR. ^ • ISK WHJfiK SEDANJ. ia2«J lill»SI)> BROnJilAM. like new. • laeis rilHYSIJlB .Sl:llA.\. a real lalue. r 19S5 niWCK TOIHiSt;, a real Talue. DmOF. tOtniHc, esreptlanal vahie. :^ 1928 9rH K ThlTHSf!. i IK; TORD TRlHTi. like new. Recandltloned: Px-Tijn Graham Brothe^ Truck, gwiranieed. ^ We d6n't have so many used cars. There's a rMsbn. I flomf good, serviceable used car.i cbenp. We- trade or sell on easy terms. • ^bodge Btothera Car»—Graham Brotberi Trucks ^ ELLIS McyrdR company '(Open. Eyenhigs and Sundays) rhoBeS«l

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