The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 22, 1948
Page 2
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Blast in Powder Plant Kills Three b»feM*n F.It 50 MiUr Away from lif JMM? Nitro Work. M. J., June ». (UP)— which wu f«lt 90 «w»r ripped through three at th« huie Hercules Oomp*n.T pUnt yesterday, killinc thrw perion*. OMpur oftkki* fa New York MM thm of tht 11 plant build- in* Mr* eocnpJettty wrecked. The Kenni branch of the jprawllnp pU»t MnufftetairM high explosive!. TtM cmtiipaiiy announced that thoM kiU*d were Prank J. Mick- ll»h. 44; AJlftlo A. Togno, W and Esr:=I-i S. ftf.', », »ll nltro-gly- e*rirM Ofttrttori Th* oo«ip«ny .suwmmt said ttwrt »er« no injuries which rc- %uir*d ho»pil«l treatment, Th* fcuildmp destroyed, the Mid, were a mtralln; UKt two neutralize™. About 4M men w«e working at th« plant *t tht tint* erf the blast. The stalu- m*ot uid that property damage wa-i "mainly confined to the plant." Mrs. Israel Starker, proprietress of at Kenrll hotel, said workmen retching the hotel from the exnlo- jton art* reported at least three ptrsor* had been injured. Tour BluU Occur fsxu blast* rocked communities. in * wide area of Northern New Jenejr. In New York City, So miles away, ifcyscraper office workers Mid they Jelt the shock waves. SUU poked .said the explosions occurred it a nitro-glycerine neu- trtltaer. The HarculM plant U spread over Hveral hundred acr*«. It is bunkered and otherwise protected against blur. eoncuMion. Police blocked off highways leading into Kenvll and roped oil the explosion area. Hon 1 - «rer, in hour after the explosions, •merffency calls to ambulances and police emergency cars in all Morris County *talion* were reported can- eelBd. tin. atvker, whose hotel is about • quarter ot * mile tram the explosion area, said the explosions "Jmaihed a lot of our windows and broke zniny ol our dishes." She said condition! in Kenvil bordered on the chaotic immediately alter the Muti. BLYTKEVTU,g (ARK.)' COURIKR NEWS This Cot Won't Look at a King Flying School Teachers Tour 20 States in 18 Days for $180 Mew Haven, Conn., founded by! • the fc«Itsh, ha> a larger percent- | a(t o< Italians per populatlan than i «ny elty in the United States. King Abdullah of Trans-Jordan f s top man In the Arab world, but he .fails to Impress his cat. Puss lust turns her back and sleeps a. the Arnb ruler sit., at a conference In hij Amman polacc courtyard. (Pl'olo or NEA-Acrne itaft corresnondent Sidncf Gaiger.) Turkish Army Mtn Fact Court Martial in Ankara ANKARA. June 22 <UP)—Turkish Army men responsible fir the anti-aircraft fire against an American c-«7 transport over the Dardanelles last Thursday were held for court martial today. Tlie army announced Die disciplinary measures, and said bad communication!! prevented an antiaircraft battery from being notified of the c-47 flight. Turkish batteries opened fire on the transport, which was on an inspection flight of Turkish training centers. It was hit by one dilrt shell which slightly damaged (he starboard «-lii B . u landed safely at -Tura Airfield. 'Hie plane was piloted by Col James Ferguson, chief of the Air Force Training program and official of the American Aid Mission to Turkey. Church Snows Concern for Moral Responsibility OBERLIN, O., June 22. (UP) — The General Council of the Congregational Christian Churches was told yesterday that the church musa assume moral responsibility for youths who will serve In the armed forces under the new draft. The Rev. Carl Knudson of Plattsburg. N. V . former Navy combat chaplain, told the 2,000 delegates that "no one who Ls sincerely Interested in American youth can view the enactment of a new draft law without genuine moral and spiritual concern for (he welfare of the young men who are Involved. "The most Important factors In protecting the service men from personality disorganization are the folks bnck home, particularly church leaders." Read Courier News Want Ads. Be a Volunteer! JOIN YOUR LOCAL UNIT OF THE NEW NATIONAL GUARD-NOW! n a FIGHTING ORGANIZATION Jf you act quicUy, there may still b« a pin* lor you in the new National Guard. But yo* must »d ime, because the National Gtrard k« room only for lfc> bat... men who «* potential leaders ... men Trho want lo s,™ their country with pride in the great military *f»ditioni of lh« National Guard. THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES MIT 111,890 MEN WILL BE ACCEPTED It THE NATIONAL GUARD THIS YEAR Tbe National Guard's strength this year u limited to 350,000 men. Already 2oO,000 *re members. So, lucre's only room (or the best »». Physically and menially (|n a Ufie<l young men who are .We lo meet the high standard* •f the new National Guard will gel the kind «rf training that helps kcro America strong. They'll earn while Ihcy learn ... »,,d be rr»,)y U do their parlin proUxling America's tiil»Tr.. *•**'* Jhew Umittd . al Guard ur«J»r 1K« Aci. •*• T out local ^ ACT NOW! If You Con Qualify, See row loco/ National Guard Unif Today/ TNI NATIONAL fiUARD Of T MI UNITED STATES ' !.!• Company "M" 153rd Infantry NEEDS YOU!. rh« Armory on South Second Str««t ', 8:00 N 10:00 Two young women, » Piper J-3 i Cub, and > forced landing in niy- tlievllle proved to the managers of the Ulylhevflle Air roil that school teachers do have fun. Miss Marie Miller, a high school teacher at Steubejiville, O, started out June 3 mid headed f or Ixjiiisvllle. Ky.. where she picked up Miss Peggy I/in Sanders and together they toured 20 states In 18 (la.vj »nd spent about |180 each for expenses Bad weather forcerl the girls to land in Blytheville last Friday and they remained until Saturday, and explained to Ernest Halsell. airport manager, that this was an unscheduled stop and the only bad weilher they had encountered during their travel*. Miss Miller In a veteran al the (lying same having been at It since 1944, and she has a commercial license and approximately 530 hours In the air. Miss Sanders began her (lying In 18*7 and has 44 hours «nd a private license to her credit. The girls said they had nvenwf about 60 miles an hour in their 6,000 rnlle trip. They followed the Oregon Trail American Medical Prexy Denounces Drafting Doctors CHICAGO, June 22. (Up) —E<1- j ward U noi-lz. president of tlic • American Medical Association, yes- I terday denounced proposed legislation for Braking physicians. ' He said that a number ol the proposals were discriminator mid "uu- | constitutional." ( "The difficulty in drafting phy- j slcirvns and In placing the destiny ! of members of the medical profession in the hands of military authorities would bring a marked tic- i iicit of personnel to cure for ci- i vlhan requirements." he said. ! Bortz addressed the opening; meet- ! ing of the association's house o: 1 delegates. The meeting was the first item ot business at the 07!h I convention which has attracted more I than 30.000 members, guests ami j technicians. The five-day conclave includes . sclenlitic meetings al which inert.- CH! developments of the past year j are discuwed and c-iplBincii nn I j scientific exhibits of new phases of medicine. I Operations performed by stir- ! scons will be tclevizcrl to that as ] many as 1,503 persons can watcli each movement as it is IXMIIK made. In his presidential address ye.i- tcrday. Borti told the delegate.; | that •'organized medicine has neve.- I lailed to support an method which 1 logically pointed toward a higher j level of health for the American people." lo the Yellowstone park where they made their (Irst stop, and in West Yellowstone they landed at the highest airport on their lour, 1,000 feet high, !;i the Rockies they crossed mountains 13,700 feet high' lor their highest altitude. Tlie Grand Canyon offered them a, chance to exercise a woman's right to change her mind. They started to (ly across the canyon, but the down drafts were so terrific that they were pulled down several hundred feet, and were forced to change their courje and go around the Grand canyon. They stopped In Laramle, Colo., Casper, Wyo.. Idaho Palls, Ida., Sail Lake City, Utah. Tucumcarl, and Albuquerque, N. M., Amarlllo, Tex Oklahoma city, okla.. and Jonrsboro and' Blythevllle In Arkansas. Doth the girls are avlallon en- thuiasts. and Miss Miller stated pretty daily that she liked teaching In high school when such subjects as meteorology were Involved- Miss Miller | s a brunette, and Miss Sanders a blonde, and both are in their early twenties. Dorothy Law/or Back Home After Fruitless Search tor Rich Mate NEW YORK, June 22. (UPI — Dorothy Lnwlor, divorcee who advertised for a luisbnnd who would Kive her sio/XIO In cash, was back home yesterday opening fan mail after a fruitless trip South. Mrs. Lawlcr said "more than a hundred" letters arrived during her two weeks' absence. Jn Ihe midst of opening them, she .said she still had not found "the right man." The blonde hatcheck girl arrived, at La Gtmrdia F'ielil Sunday from the Dominican Republic. She said she found no one there who was suitable and that "things didn't pan out" with Danny wicker. Day- lona IBcnc)), FJa., tavern outter vvho had Invited her lo visit him. Hotel Ordered to Move Weary Porters' Bench NASHVILLE. Tenii.. June 22.— i UP)—The Maxwell House Hotel got court orders todny to move Its bench for weary porters to some other spot in the lobby. Chancellor William .1. Wade heard and agreed with the plea of ttie Java Shop, a restaurant in the hotel bunding, that the bench blocked the areaway between the lobby and the c«fe in violation of a 10-yrar lease. "Far from being reactionary hi atiiuce." he said, "the past history of the A.M.A. indicates a spirit, interest and aggressiveness in the search (or better medical care." in lift SATURDAY WENING POST BETTER HOMES t GARDENS and GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Y.u'H 8 .i a htart-u-aimmc. homr-wacmmg surprise—whin you irr nnd IONC/I llic new Otnnionifi! S,> ninth niR ln< only V29.95! A bis 9' i \1' GlamnniR—with an ?li-'Aool fncc tlial Rives the hrtunovn loot, the soft fc-fl "f » vmvru ruR f RitTi decorator pnM«int lo innVr yrmr liomr clow willi bra You've ,een pallctin like tbtsc in lop-price ruR>. Clioicc of moM-wRnle<t color'! You',, o.tuc.d o( sood w.or—wilh r.lnmoruc. lei a «;t«r-tf»l. JOi.ft.rS factory v,-orl>Tf^ tTnin|ir,t over ft GlainoTiig. Atlrr wrt- ih»mr<>onij. ClnmoiUE mil looVc.l rich, soil. Colon rciisled Into our store—see and admire ...Th« BEAUTIFUL ...The COLORFUL ... ALL WOOL FACE 95 90 mA JSI.U. AvoilahU in a vor!*ly of iii«i 27" » 5<" ra 9' * 1?', Moil and Glamoruq CMOtCt .Of ^ATTHNS.ANO COLORi E& Charles S. Lemons, Furniture Moves to Halt Unrest in Philippines MANILA, June 22 (UP* Pres IdeJit Hpldto CJuirino yesterday granted unconditional amnesty t« Agrarian dissidents in a move expected to end violent unrest \/ "l, tins continued In the P since the end of the war. <te I ned a |n br n' ccrcmo "5'' Wrlna Tfr,!? H^Vh f .P re «"« or IXHlls laruc, Hukbalahap leader, a docu- "J en ' filling full pardons to all HuKoaiarmp members, and to mi-m be^ofthe P. K . M.p.u.nfll'SI: The proclamation will go to Congress for concurrence, which I* expected toduy. The Agrarl,-,,, dissidents then win i ay down tn ( »rms within 20 days . JUNE 22, To Study St* Kullom REDUCE Ttke off vy 10 u, In 10 d«y> TO HAVE A MODEL FJGUAE NO DRUGS! NOLAXATLVK NO IXERCIIEI NO MESSY U QUID I NO TlRIKa ROUTINE! Todiy'B tllia-llne ixdjlunJ. •u envlfcd on mini,-LI. don't HO wllh usly liuiefs rul'- lp< Ltyrrj o/ fat Iim*;K>,'l Hjiir fcDuem-auce »ntl weigh y«m d'>wn p rilly Anil mentally TREMETT SWEET TABLETS BRING MIRACULOUS RESULTS AMHERST, (UP) — Fora- , -. — - minifera, liny animals which |»|i- iilatc tlic .sea in countless numbers. will be studied this summer in an eflort to learn 'more alxiut the hU- tory of the Atlantic Ocean. Tlie shells of the animal form part gf the ocean floor, Dr. Fred B Phlep er, who wlli carry on the 'studies' said he hopes to interpret condiJ tlons under which ancient m»in* rocl; was formed. COME, See And Hear James "Uncle Mac" MacKrell JAMKS* MucKHEI.r, Candidate for Governor And His Quartet IN PERSON ' SP.M Friday, Junt 25 At the Courlhous* Al Blytheville Don't Miss This Big free Concert SB?***; Sm^^=m=\ . KIRBV ,,R,,Q STOKE 1 Pol» ical Mv . {> aid By Ed . ,.. W(R)(|s> ^ Cypress N y "^ Buy Wow... on Our LIBERAL Credit Plan! only s 1.5Ca week! HOPE CHEST THE GIFT EVERY GIRL WANTS! PERFECT GIFT FOR • Chrtstmoi • Weddings • Birthday* • Engagement! • Annivtrfcanes No. 77tX)—A gorgeous chest nuuclictl American Wnlnin, X.ebrii wood and i\ew Guinea \Vood. GUARANTEED MOTHPROOF Fr«e Moth Iniuranc* Policy Given with Every ton* C«dar Chtttl No. JUl —A tnoni^e ^-fth most of rhe popular Mahogany styles. Famous Nationally Advertised Quaiityf Limited Quantity! Don't delay! Get that Lan« Ceiiar Hope Chest now . : i while limited quantities last! It'» a gift your sweetheart will cherish forever—th« only Aroma-Tented, Aroma- Tight Cedar Chest in all die world! So hurry! Authorized Lane Dealer Charles S. Lemons, Furniture

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