Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 4, 1955 · Page 9
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 9

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, November 4, 1955
Page 9
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Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1955 NINE T Election Board Notifies Noii-eligibles For Voting After the Allegany County Board of Election Supervisors notified 2,862 citizens that .they are. riot eligible to vote because they failed ' to cast ballots in the past five years, a number of residents "appeared to re-register'. For instance, yesterday Irvin J. C at and C. William McDermott, jistrars,'signed up four voters who had just received cards; notifying them/that their names ,had been stricken off the- poll books for failure to vote in .five calendar years. That compares, favorably with.the total of,12 riew'registrants for the entire month of October. The registrars .also received some 12 telephone inquiries, a number of them:from persons who insisted that they had voted in a Ruptured UTon Cut AMI D*K't D«Uy Am«th« »«jr- ior now it ctn b* controlled vritK fievdoa and Comfort in »T«ry norm*! d^y ind • night nctiTity. BMTUUB.Y MtTCMMT R«>m«|9c CU1 BALTIMORE AND ^litllll S RATE CENTRE STS. county-wide, election since November 1950. William A. Wilson, chairman of the Board of Election Supervisors, said that wherever a resident registers a complaint that he has voted since 19SO, board employes will check the poll books against the binders to determin if a mistake has been made on the part of poll judges. The board chairman said'such a poll book-against-binder check was made of the 1954 elections and some mistakes were found. When they were discovered the poll judge was informed about the error and cautioned against a repetition. ' ;. Although the matter of reregis- tration can be finished in a matter of a few minutes, Wilson stated that the Board of Election Supervisors does not \vish to be unfair to anyone. Each citizen has a. right to know that his voting records are kept accurately, Wilson added. Some voters obviously are confused between city and county elections. Separate registration records are kept by the various cities in the community and the ceunty. One woman called the election board yesterday to tell the registrars that she knew "she had voted in the . past' five years be cause she had cast a ballot for a candidate for, mayor of 'Cumberland. . • ' • . Road Warning Signs Sought ByYoungGOP The Young Republican Club of Allegany County at a meeting last night at the Shrine Country Club joined other organizations in urging immediate action to get warning signs for truckers descending Big Savage Mountain. Howard Buchanan, president, said a resolution was adopted during the meeting urging that immediate action be taken to correct the present lack of adequate warning signs on.area mountains. The resolution was. adopted due to the tragic highwayoaccident in LaVale on October. 19. Buchanan added that letters, concerning the resolution, will be sent to Gov. Theodore R. McKel din and the State Roads Commission. - •• . During last night's meeting plans were made for a Christmas party af the home of Woodrow Gurley, which will be held during December in conjunction with the regular monthly meeting of the county group. ' A nominating committee was also appointed last night prior to the annual, election of officers which will be conducted during the January meeting. Bridge Readers ~. •. • Seldom Lose By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service > Today's hand shows one of'the- important differences be.tween playing a hand at'the bridge table and reading "about it. Very few bridge players make an incorrect guess when they're-''just reading about a hand. ' '• . .: About 3,100 Liberty and Victory cargo ships were built by the United States during'World War II. m a i I f'Vj 1 e$ VIM i MS* Shop •Compa if • --.m ?'\ n it if * m PILLSBURYFLOUR25 DOMINO SUGAR 25 ARMOURS MILK 5 PUBLIC PRIDE OLEO PORK & BEANS 4 CRANIERRY SAUCE 2 on. 33c ARMOUR'S LARD SALAD Dressing QUALITY CATSUP 2 tr 39c ALASKA SALMON 53c £;„ ROCKINGHAM OLD VA. ROCKINGHAM COOKED PICNICS 32c lb 45 LB. WHOLE HAM PICNICS WORRELL'S PRIDE TENDERIZED LB. 29 • FRESH KILLED • FRESH DREST ROASTING CHICKENS 29< L. Juicy Club Steaks " 39c Tender Rump Roast Ib 39c Tender Round Steak »> 55c Chuck Roast lb 2?c Veal Shoulder Chops = 33c Pork Shoulder Steaks < b 39c Pork Butt Roast » 39c .SKINLESS // ' : • ft SMOKED All PORK . (^SKINLESS - • ^SMOKED Sausage 3 h SI Franks >» 39c Sausage < b 39c RED TOKAY GRAPES 10'e *. FLORIDA GRAPEFRUIT^Jc U.-S.-NO.-1 LONG ISLAND POTATOES 50-lb. Bog ; 93' Italian CHESTNUTS - 17c i Green PEPPERS > lOc SMALL DELIVERS CHARGE | 1 HOUR SERVICE IBLIC SERVIC OOD MARKET: 26 N tEOPCf STREET AND CRESAPTOWN PHONE ORDERS CALL CUMI. PA-4 0*00 CSFTN PA-2 5212 J a co by On NOBTH •AA-Q105Z VK652 482.--. '' WEST . '. "BAST .' 4k 9 7 63 ' 4>84 ¥10 .*J94 495 4AK1674S #9765 J2 +AIO SOUTH (D) Soutt IV 4 V VAQ87S 4QJ8 Neither side vul. ..•' West North But Pass .3* Pass Pass Pass : Pas* Opening wouldn't be interested'in. playing Irrigation Program Set For Area Farmers Next Year Irrigation'.practices will be-offer-' wuuiuu i ue iiueicaicu ui.juaj'ue , , , • , ,, • i. ..„,!„, a third round of diamonds. The «1 lo farmers of this county under fact is that East had nothing bet- a program-.adopted for next, year ter to lead, and West'might cer-by the .Allegany County Agnail- tainly have a second'trump in his itural Resources Conservation Com-' . • ' i^^IklAj. ..>...4«».*J((«* nt- rt rvifynrinc* in hand. South cari't even be sure that East has the nine.of hearts. West might ruff the third diamond with the ten from a' holding such as 10-9 or even J-10-9.. South would then look very foolish if he mittee yesterday at a meeting in the Court .House. ... • . •This calls for constructing and The Amazon River system ll' world's largest. of this county than does rye grass. One practice dropped from this year's program calls for stream;] bank protection, has found that effecive only when all farmers along a stream cooperate. Also deleted from the program was a practice calling for a cropping The committee!] this practice is|| sealing dams ,nd ponds as sources -— —-^ of irrigation water. •• Another new recommended practice would .provide payments-for seeding of sweet clover, red clover Some 140 county farmers have applied for cost-share assistance CHERROSOTE COUGH SYRUP Relieves coughs due !o coWs. Soothes "tickling FORD'S DRUG STORES Cumberland and Frostburg finessed the seven of. hearts and lost his contract. arid lespedeza as a summer cover 1 , .When the hand was actually crop for green: manure; :•• played. South went wrong. Hel The committee also endorses an considered it unlikely , that. West! addition to the forestry . improve- had started with only "three'redjment practice, concerning; erosion cards. Hence he put"up the ace-ofjcontrol on logging roads and trails. __' f ' •.. . • rril-' ••*-_. • -•*-!_!_ __ —i. ..>..^*-nw.rlA.» from the ASC in carrying out theirj projects this year. hearts and eventually lost a trump trick to East. ... .- •. . r. I'll bet not a single reader made this mistake. : .••--.. •' • Q — The bidding has been: . NortH East Sooth Welt 1 Heart Pass 1 Spade Pass 1N.T. Pass •-.'»'•/.'• You, South, hold: " 4AJ1065 V32 fMSi . What do you do?,' • A— P*M. Partner h*s > mum opening bid. sad n&e .!•' therefore oat of the" question. la mel) CMC* K p»T» to p*a« *t Uu low eootnet. • . The 'group -which met .yesterday also requests that rye be added to crimson . clover, vetch .and rye grass as a winter protective cover The committee believes that rye grows better in the winter climate When today's hand was actually played, West opened ''.a? low club, and East-took the ace.: Prosgects were not much good, but East did his best by leading• the'king of diamonds. West'signaled encouragement with the nine of diamonds. , - - , Thus waved on,. East-continued with the ace of diamonds and then! with a low diamond, West ruffed | the third diamond with the. .ten. of .j 1 hearts, and dummy overfuffed with the king. . . . j Declarer swiftly led a low trump from" dummy, and East just as swiftly followed-suit with the four of trumps. Now South had tb-guess what to do. Should he finesse': the seven of hearts, or should he play high heart from his hand? •- • It's all very well to say that East must have both the jack and nine of hearts since otherwise he TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is the 'same as <n the question just-answered. You, South, hold: *AJ1«6S . What do you do? . AftfWEf Eight Divorces Issued By Court Eight divorce decrees have been issued in Circuit Court. ' . Erma J. Newman obtained . a divorce from John L. Newman and the right to resume use of her maiden name of-Erma J: Lloyd. Ross .J. Gowans .'as granted a divorce from Betty Ann Gowans. Florence G. Hilleary was granted a ^divorce from Ralph F. Hilleary and custody of their infant child. Joan Carol Morris received a divorce from George' H. Morris and • the right ; to resume : use of her maiden name of Joan Carol Meyers. Betty Jane Bess obtained a divorce from Thomas E. Bess Jr. and custody of their three infant children. Elmer Leroy Nield obtained a divorce from Sara Jean Nield, Maybelle Dawson from' William V. Dawson and Freda Louise Grady from James A. Grady. Mrs. Grady also was awarded custody of their infant child. .... FUNERAL FLOWERS Try $, Our 5,00 Funtrol Boiktl ROPP'S FLOWERS 19 N. liberty St. Ph. PA-2-4330 irotory- Bclanctd for realutie iound reproduction. - fanordmic 3-Spioktr •Syittm. Ployi oil 3 tp««ds. Mahogany «r light ook finish. Sfond . txtra. 6HF5. J1I9.9S SYCKES MUSIC STORE 22 N, Centre SK Dial PA 2-1340 Only two states 1 still deny housewives the right to buy colored margarine—Minnesota: snd Wisconsin. * I JUST CANT" WAIT TO SET UNDER. MY WONDERFUL . ELECTRIC BLANKET/ It won't be' long till it's pretty chilly in Cumberland. Get.your electric bed coverings now so you'll be snug and warm these winter nights. 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