Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 25, 1974 · Page 16
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 16

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1974
Page 16
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RPKB NKWH-HERALD, Panama City, Fla. ( Tuesday, June '48,1974 Tavlor Air Conditioning Veteran Taylor's Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Highway 79, at Panama City Beach, offers sales and service on Amana radarange, room air conditioners, central air conditioning, refrigerators, freezers, heating, trash compactors and ice machines. Amana gives a five-year warranty, the only appliance warranty that covers parts and related labor for the full five years. Amana products are quality built, fully guaranteed by the manufacturer. They are backed by a century old tradition of fine craftsmanship. Dan Taylor, the owner, has had 17 years in the refrigeration and air conditioning business, three years on Panama City Beach. He gives Amana sales and service on Amana and all makes of appliances, giving efficient and fast service on both commercial and residential orders. Taylor has a staff of Church Meets LOUISVILLE KY. (UPI) after decisively defeating an attempt to limit the authority of their controversial council on church and society, decision-makers of the United Presbyterian Church devoted Sunday to worship before resuming working sessions of their 186th general assembly this week. well trained service technicians. He will accept trade-ins and offers financing on reasonable terms. Taylor's policy of customer satisfaction has turned Taylor's Refeigeration and Air Conditioning into a flourishing business. He said: "Our main aim is to serve the people." Apples, peaches, cherries and almonds are all members of the rose family. MORTGAGE LOANS F.H.A. V.A. CONVENTIONAL (CONSTRUCTION LOANS! VISIT OUR NEW MORTGAGE LOAN DEPARTMENT BAT NATIONAL BANK ANB TRUST Located corner Jenks Avenue and West 5th .THE BAY NATIONAL BANK & TRUST, CO. PANAMA CITY FLORIDA- KIRBY OWNERS The Kirby Company of Bay County has moved to 1206 W. 23rd St. (corner of 23rd St. and Airport Rd.) SALES - SERVICE • REPAIRS If your shag carpeting is giving you trouble, our new Omega was designed for cleaning shags. KIRBY CO. of BAY CO. For free Showing Coll 769-3906 Jr4fffflflffff 5YEAR WARRANTY PARTS AND RELATED LABOR Th« only opplianc* 'warranty that covert parti 1 related labor for 5 full year*. •lefcmtr Mkrbwo>l-0*im 0lHtn Air Cwtfitiontrs' fkllriftrottri fFrHitri QStor-Mw CwMpMltrc fDthwnWfiirs Taylor's Refrigeration |& Air ConoVtttontftg ' HWV. 7« PANAMA CITY MKH PH0NI2M-1M0 Gold & Silver Smith Gem Stones & Minerals Electro Plating Exclusive Jewelry Custom Cutting & Polishing Jewelry Repair ED'S ROCK SHOP 1108 Elhlyn Road PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA 32401 Ed & Jewel Pogue Phone 785-2406 Order By Mail NOW OPENED 1 ttl ^Hobby HllUspecialisi scale moiel shop*'; Attend, Amot, Shift, Mlnltiunt,Dteilt, Ptlnlt, M»iul»»ttB»»kt \ !• 80 SCALE MODEL LINES • MINITANKS • PREMIX PAINT SETS • ACCESSORIES { {TOOLS • SELECTED MODEL MATERIALS • AIRCRAFT, ARMOR & SHIP DATA BOOKS* J l 728 W AIRPORT DR. I |Ofen:mon.tue.ithuk i FBI MI'IDlH • 8»I 10:«M-I:PM C10SED:WED1SUN C0RNWEU FLOORING & CARPET wt fg? m Mi /At JPI WIN AT BRIDGE Right play for missing honors Minority has right to its privacy, too By Abigail Van Buren ®'IfM •» CMCW Trtt»ft».M. ^ NtW S»(l<., IlK. DEAR READERS: I received the following letter. [It was signed.]: , • v DEAR ABBY: We are two students at SCripps College in Claremont, Cat., who are distressed by the attitudes of the majority of the our residence hall concerning male visitors. Not only are men allowed in the girls' rooms 24 hours * day, but they are also allowed to use our bathroom facilities 1 We find it particularly embarrassing to encounter men just outside the showers with only a towel wrapped around them. We also sometimes encounter couples showering together in the same stall. These rules were approved by the majority of the girls in our dormitory, but we feel that, as a minority, we have certain rights to our privacy, and that since this is a women's college, we shouldn't have to accommodate men in our living quarters. We would appreciate your advice on this subject and hope you will print this so .that girls at other women's colleges who share the ideas of the majority will have a greater respect for the sentiments of the minority. DOUBTFUL Suspecting that "Doubtful's" letter might have been a put-on, I wrote to the Dean of Students and asked for verification. I received the following reply: Dear Ms. Van Buren: I have received your letter and the enclosed letter from one of our students. Indeed, the situation which she has described is not a "put-on." Though ours is a residential college for women, the college community, at the express request of students, adopted a 24-hour visitation system three years ago. Part of the understanding inherent in this procedure, and one which the students must reaffirm each year, is that special consideration and accommodations be given to any student in any residence hall who finds herself, as "Doubtful" does, in the minority. She has only to talk to the president of the hall, the residence staff person, or to one of us in the Dean of Students office, and we will make every effort to provide her with a living situation compatible with her particular lifestyle. I think "Doubtful" should be encouraged to use the channels available to her within her own college! Sincerely, Stephanie Adams, Dean of Students DEAR DOUBTFUL: Well, there you are. The Dean of Students has suggested alternatives available to you and others who find the prevailing lifestyle within your dormitory repugnant to you. Even though you are in the minority, I share your feelings of outrage, and believe that since yours is a women's residential college, those girls who have opened their bathing and toilet facilities to their male guests should suffer the inconvenience of applying for a living situation compatible with THEIR lifestyle. DEAR ABBY: My 88-year-old mother died of cancer last week. During her illness, which lasted for about eight months, she occupied our guest bedroom. I want to make sure the room is entirely disinfected. Would having the carpet, curtains and mattress dry cleaned make it sate for otners to sleep in that room? I have already scrubbed the walls and furniture with disinfectant. A friend of mine said I should burn up everything that was in that room and repaint just to be on the safe side. Please advise me. WORRIED DEAR WORRIED: Your friend is mistaken. Cancer is not a contagious or infectious disease. Since there is no known germ or virus which causes cancer there are no "germs" to get rid of. Give .the room a thorough routine cleaning and forget about it. NORTH • Q1088 ¥ Q J73 > 4>KQ78 WEST *J ¥6542 8763 10986 SOUTH 4 A95432 ¥K9 £KQ92 East-West vulnerable North 24 T . EAST(D) *K7 ¥ A 108 • A 1054 •VAJ43 West Pass Pass Opening lead-104 4* East South 1 N.T. 2+ Pass Pass By Oswald & James Jacoby Jim: "How about discussing the way to play certain card combinations?" Oswald: "Good idea! Let's take the common one of playing a suit when you miss the king, jack and some number of small cards." Jim: '.'Here's a fairly simple one. South reaches four spades after East's notrump opening. East wins the first trick with the ace of clubs and proceeds to cash both red aces. Then he leads a club back. You win in dummy and it is up to you to avoid the loss of a trump trick." Oswald: "The normal way to score all the trump tricks when you hold six to "the ace opposite four to the queen is to play your ace. This picks up the suit If either opponent holds the sihgleion king." Jim: "A review of the bidding marks. East with the king, He needs it for his opening notrump. It also marks him with at least one card with It. People just don't open one notrump with a singleton." Oswald: "This leaves South just one way to make his contract. He must lead the queen of trumps from dummy. Nothing will help him if Bast holds king-jack or king-jack- seven, but it turns out that East holds king-seven. If he ducks you let the queen ride. If he covers you play your ace and West's jack drops. Lucky, but the only play." (NKWSPAPKH ENTBUI'HISK ASSN.) The bidding has been: 24 West North East South • 1 Dble Pass 2* Pass 34 Pass ? . You, South, hold: • 6 54 ?K J 4 3 2 •AQ97 *3 What do you do now? A-Bid four hearts. You have made a very strong bid and your partner has heard it. TODAY'S QUESTION You bid four hearts and your partner continues to five clubs. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow announces the addition of a Propelk'f Reconditioning & Repair Service (nqme Repair ond Machine Shop to our existing services • " ' •• " ' • RE FINISHING T AC HT SALES it BROKiRAGf ^ I B F- R (_, L A S S WORK IVI PHONi 234 ?94H PANAMA CITY, FLA LAGOON DRIV 522 McKenzie Ave ALEXANDER SMITH CARPET ARMSTRONG SHEET GOODS MANY OTHERS CALL 7^-2773 For a free estimate * NEXT TO A&PD0WNT0W1 | COUNTER TOPS SHEET PLASTICS CONTACT GLUE ... «ti -> . '4 Y • _ HOLDS CARPET CLEANING A.C. HOLLIS, JR. OWNER ft OPERATOR WE SPECIALIZE IN CARPETS-RUGS- FURNITURE-UPHOLSTERY AND EE CAR UPHOLSTERY FREE ESTIMATES PICK-UP& DELIVERY 1114 EAST AVE. PHONE 785-4222 ALL WORK GUARANTEED I RICHARDSON fc SONS DISTRIBUTORS Rt. 5 Box 33" - riio-.' (904) 785-0839 PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA 32401 CURV-A-TOPS PRONTO CAR WASH ON THE CURVE IN ST. ANDREWS Completely automatic and our service is guaranteed i - - _T _____ j RESTAURANT . 4 504 W. 15th St. Panama City, Florida^ WE SCRVE AUTHENTIC MANDARIN CHINESE FOOD rtl EXCEUENT AMERICAN CUISINE 39 ffl Your Favorite Bear and Wines 1M ORDERS TO TAKE OUT 1 OPEN EVERYDAY 11 A.M. to 10 P.M. PHONE 785-9507 or 78 A-1 ALUMINUM BUILDERS AND CONSTRUCTION CO. TIME FOR THE SPRING OUT OF DOORS-WANT AN ADDITION-PATIO-PORCH, AWNING. OUR WORK IS THE BEST. GIVE US A CALL ANYTIME WOkK GUARANTEED-FREE ESTIMATES CASH OR TERMS. BILL GRIMSLEY, OWNER 785-5144 A TRUCK FOR EVERY JOB INTERNATIONAL INGRAM MOTOR CO. 2435 E. 15th St. Phone /85-9561 FASHI0NETTE HAIR FASHIONS 6 MASTER COSMOTOLOGISTS TO SERVE YOU: •Shirley Spedale •Runnel I Jones • Evie Goodman •Stella Morgan •Cathy Gray )S\ r ^^~*J\\ »Sylvia Justice !V'ow In our new Locution. 247 Hwy. 22-A. 785-3666 CATHERINE'S SHOP The Finest in Fabrics Patterns and Notions STORE HOURS: 9:00 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. TUESDAY THRU SATURDAY 2905 E. BUSINESS HWY. 98 PHONE 785-6091 Consumer Bill Faces Struggle WASHINGTON (UPI) - Con- -are on the other side. WASHINGTON (UPI) - Congress is pondering a bill which some claim will be a protective knight fof the consumer and others say will be merely an ineffectual addition to the federal bureaucracy. The issue is whether there should be a new agency, basically one man and a small staff, to step in with the consumer's viewpoint when another arm of government is making a decision affecting prices, safety or some other vital consumer issue. Sponsors say big business has money, lobbyists and $500-a-day lawyers to push its case, while the consumer usually does battle with a letter and a lOcent stamp. Opponents say another layer of government is not going to fix those that are not working right already, and that one person can never represent every consumer. The issue has brought some unusual and unexpected alliances: —Virginia Knauer, President Nixon's consumer adviser, goes around making speeches for the proposal while Roy Ash, the administration's budget director, sends letters to Congress saying Nixon will veto the legislation unless it is changed drastically. —Sen. Sam Ervin Jr., D-N.C, gets ready to lead a filibuster on Constitutional grounds against the legislation in the Senate while the AFL-CIO sends signals it too will join the opposition camp unless its activities are exempt from the agency's control. —The Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers crank up one of their biggest lobbying efforts in years to kill the idea, while firms such as Montgomery Ward and Zenith —and Business Week magazine editorially The dealing and debating in Congress are far from over. A bill has passed the House but it differs in several areas from the one which is likely to come up for debate in the Senate in mid-July. Thus, even if the proposal survives a Senate filibuster like the one that killed it two years ago it will still have to be reconciled with the House version before it reaches Nixon. And both sides are already counting heads to see if Congress can override a presidential veto should it come to that. The members of the Senate Government Operations Committee who approved the Senate version issued a report saying 210 million American consumers need someone to fend for them in Washington. They said that "no matter how big it becomes, or how much money it spends, no single federal agency can be expected to act adequately as both a decision maker and as a critic of its own decisions." Ervin and the other committee members who opposed the bill issued a report which says the measure was drawn up "out of a paranoid fear of businessmen and farmers, a patronizing attitude toward consumers and a paradoxical view of the role of government.. If officials in existing agencies can be malfeasant, so can officials of the new" agency. ' Royal Mother NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands (UPI) — Queen Juliana's daughter, Princess Irene, gave birth to a baby girl Sunday. The baby was named Maria Carolina Christina, a court spokesman said, and mother and daughter were doing well at Radbout hospital. TAC0 TEX NORTH DRIVE-IN CORNER HWY. 231 & EAST AVE SERVING 11 AM - 10 PAA 7 DAYS A WEEK PHONE 769-4312 PANAMA CITY QUALITY BUILDERS BEST QUALITY 265-3836 763-4403 LOWEST PRICES CUSTOM HOME BUILDERS PANHANDLE PRESSURE CLEANING Clean Your House Before You Paint FREE ESTIMATES 769-2323

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