Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1928 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1928
Page 4
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PAGE FOim 'RfDAY EVENING. J^AmTARrft ibSft" mam OHASi l4. 8COTT Telephone .'..} 18 1 PriViin- nraiich ISxchnnup OonnwilnR All J>|«U-Ullems). • SUBSCRIPTION RATES By CarriiT.m Inln. V,n;.-i'ity. IjiITnnM' anil Bapw»ir. One W.>.k. UOfinlf One Month .., .'0 Cente\ Ono War L....J7.M' BV MAIL Outside Allen County. Onfi V .'ar W.nj flfx Muiittw IS" 7a»rM>- Mijnihs .v.tlM In Allen County One Yenr JJ -OO Six Mmithi. t2.V Three Sfonthft ...J1 .8B One Month ....SOc Mamber o^— National Editorial Association. ' Kansas Press Association. The Kansas Dally League. Audit Btire3a..of Circulation. Press Congress of the World. - Ornclal Paper City of lolal Ontcial Paper City of Bassett. Official Paper Allen County. lolu did verji |w»II this x «Bir la the way of Cbctetmaa decocatlons^ Rqvrol of vafl'coloreii «i<ectric llgbts were ^'fs-zagged across'th» 8idewali (K° kli jrouiid \^the:' si^uare and for u block doma. the pcincl- pal Aide ntrcete, and' it Bisd» a very pretty efftct. In a^dltfott lo the lights a. niunbec q£ ^rduinfa, MEMBER'ASSOCIATED PRESS. Th<> ru -iflstf'r cnrrii-s'tho Associated Vr>V!) r.-port l>y sp<K'lnI lon.-iPil wire 'rii« Assri<-iatrtl I 'rcfSs Is I'XI-I IIS I V <*1 Y <>n- tlcji'il lo ih«' iiso for rcniihiic-arinn of all ii<>w.s ilisiKitchPs: orodltPil to it or imv olhf>m-is(> iTP<liu-<| in this |l:i|><»r. jiiiil also th'- local iii-ivs i>til>IIshP <1 lioro- lu. .Vll ri;;htH or ropuhllcatlnn of special ilisii.ili'Iifs' hi'rciti ar<' also. r«'- .«*1V (.I. i I ' Hlhlc Thought for Today. • .Si>fk Kond. atid not .<>vil. that •>•«• may live: and so .Ichovali. the Ood ,of hosts, will bf with you. as ye say.-Amos Tt:\^. set qut handiipm^lX.llgfaUd: Chrl% nia.s trees In CMmc of their daiisi But maybe we c^uld do .better ,aexi year, itp at Atcblsoi^ tbV Am.- eritran LegloB. toob^ It' upba itselir tO: nee that ^» city «taa ptoperlK d«forated,, and th^^^rasolft tii aal^ to have been tiie most eff^tnlre ever seen in KOiisan. Not onfy w<^re the co,Iprp.d Uchts across the streets nned-. but' heavy avecgrem Karlaiids were used aji (i\ Christmas tree.i ail-' genemnslyr tiRhted. The decorations were ex- ceedftiRly pcetty. and'y^tj they coat earli Individual merrhant only $.'•..00.' • Uow would it do for the Xfgian. in \o\a to put a^nimllar service to this town on its program for the ncM Christmas season? ; ASK iW THK WWttS. ;i Now that 1027 has drawn to its tlOKi- and mcu .iru suiuiuiUK up iiJi • JMliL -vPUK -nls. llKf III K I I I of'I ..lMd- I HM'K U across (lie Atlantic and the (wo Hiuicssful riiKiils that fojlow- Pd Ihis dnuMli 'SK will lu- Riven iiiiil; as ilic most noteworthy mill ci'ocli-in.'iklnK ••vents of tlie vi'.'i r. :.\tHl HI rlijs <;onnccl|dn il Is of and vifal InKjiest to dis- . <ov(-r ijuif on only tlirec- days sinon i y>|>rll 2l| lias ilii- wcatlwr ov«?r th«! : .VUuiUfc hi'inx sucli us tin niiUfe a ' MicTcssl'iil flithi jioyslble in. the > Jiidgm«^nt of ili-> .MotcorolORical ! t)i'fi<i' of .N'i'w York, and those ith «y belong. ; wiirr I lie very days jM -hen Cbamber- yVIIEliK BOOETS BELONO. Ark. City Traveler: Preslilent Coojiilge sees prosperity ahead for Why not? The bopey of cy- Vles in prosperity and business depressions w^iit the way of the horse and biiggy. It is era with the .Fi'tleral Ke-'^erve. bank keepinK the rountry Jon a sound econoiuical keel. Curloinly It is prcKldentliU year. And that li an- oth(!r boKoy that lias gone jwlth the hnsInesM cycles and the borsit and buggy, ^tun builds wiser than j l|e reallzt^s. ' Liibor today Is get- j iliiK a Irfgger slian- of tlie fruits 'of its efforts than ever before.' And that is auntiier stabillzltig feature in Ibe economic structure; I |.\hd In tlie years to come liibor will get inore and more. Which ,\n right.,. Uuf keep your feet on the ground and forget the bogeys. Put ibe bogeys, in the mutteums where SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON j ni.Mided lo preachers] there w:v< ' liii and .Acosia started Ibeir'cndur- ailcf fligbl in the nellanea, when J-indbiigli sailed away, (.May 20), and wlii'ii Cbamberlin and I^evine took off (.Iiine 41. If t'liambjBrlin :iiid At 'usta had headed for Europe luHtfad of <-iroling around over -.Maiihallan Ibiaud a cuupie 'of days ' liipy undoulttetliy would have I reaclii -d tliPir destination. Canuila. with a population of than ten millions, .was this country'« best custojuer, as well as Its chief source oC supply, during' the first nine months of 1927, as shown in a biilleMn on "Our Wbrld Trade'' Just' issued by tli* Foreign Coni- mercM Department, For I he. first I.ind -i"'"" ''•''•"''y Canada boiigbt A\ 0LI».F.\.SIIII »NE1) ««»r.K.Vl»HY Wmt'II STITK l««t:« single fact-hook alioul iU« TO THE KilXS. I Cluirdi. aiwiit present conditions in ihu world, al^iiit jAiirnuXIr .Quality ol Mark's Siory «f JcMKM In rontnNi With Pre <ieiHi.I »ay, ProdmrttosH — His ftero As u VlMXtT IUM I a Hrtper. pages, of copy lie i.x p»Srtraying the ilero of his liook in! full action. Ileally. this is woti(l«?rruI writing. Coaild«;r it: Tiie ttcb^cw prophecy iiilfllled; the lleralll. la work: the .Messiah baptiaert by John and at- tesietl- b.Y. heaven;, iKe ordeal in the wildeine.'<s: tlie fli'si prcachiui; of .lesus.. anrl its sitftstahce; tliQ' tall of the earliest .Tiseiplcs; the mecisage and miraclf-»iin Caperoa- Uiii. ^nd the first pr^^ebing and be bothereaiwith *lie ImSttlteislaial BtD^rs or indtvUltfer-persons; Not m d» wi^ learu Christ. Hfe caffie. reipreJWnUnft a. Gto*- whose' father- bea^E Is tbncbed'witb'a Jree4iit|*for hninan fi^aiWes aatt Inflrmitietf. It wasitt matter of concern to^ Christ th«ai P»1»r*li wifefs mjotJier lay.sfck of a fever. Brery cripple, every domestic, ©very: leper, «very fever- etJ'kiiffereri wa». to Him a call upon HI R DiTliJe re«nii*es. There is nothing that;Is greai enough!to affect the hajipittess of a mortaf that Is too dntall- to engage the attention of the;God whom Christ incarnated; lAmian woer do touch the Divine heart. 'Here bring yotir wotinded hearts; Here'tell your angnl^: hath'no sorrow. fioLt Heaven cannot: ll»«l." If MUrk ha*- "penne* no other portrait cff'Jesus tBan these-few lines iu-6ur lesson, all mankind would still i>e dt»btor lo him: ••Ana a* eTOn,i wbeh. th& sun did set, they brought unto him' all that were' sick. and. them that were possessed with deih- ons. Aii^l all the i city was gathered together tit thuadoor-- .And he healeit,many tliat were^ uibb with:divers dibeases, and! cast out mdny dembna." Are: men . troubled: about tbe character of God? * liet them look at thaf picture. Is ^e. nitflre of Jesus a perplexity? j Behold that sunset scene In old Capernaum: Co wftes beffloud the-miiid ami- wreck !he boib'? See Jesutt, the self- spending, man-loving,: all compa.s- sioniite Healer. Theological perr plexities vanlsli in the presence of Ibe Qgnro of tbe Son of Gotl who •came not to lie ralnlMered unto, but to minister": and who •'wen* about doing good" TlitiH the Son- showed the character of the Father.' . •• UNMtN very I ; (O. Di Strickler) ianc —^We wish.yotr all a .—. py iintt Pr*S4rou»'New TEear. TSj^ itiiit GtatiliUDtt^ is over we. will try;to be inOre prompt with bui; Itiems. '^htf'new year halo «tarted out .wi% int^ch colder I weather than <;bHstsnGi8 week. Looks more like ditHstmas time thl<| w«ek with tbe ^rtiund covered- with snow and the tbermom 'eter standing ab zero and- l,l»lj »W.-. : . . 1^ Mr. an^ Musi G, as ihefr Christmas aoii Mrsi E]a«I Co fit Sin.ns<>ft; Jfiss of iola, kadi IB*, a Mabel iaiid Irene. , Mr. and Mri. O. W, Rflmey ent/^r- taif^ed Mr. and Mrs.Cbrbin and Mrf'and.ilrs. George Coit^f Colony at ^hrEstmofl dinner Sundaly. , A family Christmas dinner waa enjjred at the N. T. Striekler re.s- Idence Sunday by the fc^lowing Merritt. Hewlett. Mr. and, Mrs .McGuire hod Bay guests: Mr. ' I anil children Brtice 'McGuire' ltd Mrs. S. COx, To tlie Editor: ; , Your editorial' oa ^Btockada of Through State Roads as -exJM^ in Cloud county, aroused . lu^ interest OS to there beiilgr o- r^sinddf- Why. woi)]d.'not a. nillos 3i^||r to the following be piactic;U>i#?::' \\Tien a selected ext^itslon a road has been ag]:eeilr iipoQ. by :tll? State' Highway comii^siaQ,'y^n^. f same has become btocked by o^e or more coiiunisB4on«r9-;oe t ^-cQX^i (%j In that path, penpit. the Btelp Highway Commissioa . to cS<)0i|> three memb<>rs from lt» own. jij^^ her. to go into execijlive confer«|f^ with that board: ot coitrmissldnS|i|. all to be presided over by a siv- mecriiii Hewlett. Mr. and Mrs. c. i pw»me ju.mice or .some otte of eoSal Strjckler .and two boys. Mr. and I cotiiidence, he to cast a deoimSf- •?• .V^"^ i^^**^"" ^l'' •'•hil'lren. .Mr. votein KAS-* of tie an* the decU 2n aart: Mrs.:OrarSf.rickier and girls. ; of this conference board to be a«i. u^^^J .P*""'. Strickler en- ;. epted as final. Therej may he i-om^ tertoined .the .foUowinff at Christ- leffui objectioiHo this liui It IMV ^asdiiui^r Saturday: Mr. and Mrs. i form the basis for a iiiieful dise «l- .W.jT. MtJlthows, Mii. and .Mrs. D. ' sion i .^N T»_ C?;^!*!. ',-\t^ J.^.t -•_» _ . I - _ i ' . In iJio interest of goodiroad^. P. s. ianptti!n^.L. 1 - , _ . .SETEX SK\TH^« K ,'^EBXOXS. : Kveiry one is as God made him, ami often a Kreat deal worse.— (Cervantes. • * -• • In the alphabet of dmrm there Is no such letter as i: it. is all you.—The Giil.s' C 'Ompanion. P.- &itiith,:Mr. and Mrs. John Uiait anii children, jif Harris, Mr. and; .Mrs. Le'oii ^eHsIngei- and ball}'. • . Mh^ Carrie Sn^th: Messrs. Oeorgej MQRTH-C^ EL9M0BE Alexander; Heijbert Turner. R. .A,.; i \nn-i PriceV matt, Arthur tind Harry Sinllh. A' , '"''Y. ^ *.„ boiintlful gooseidinner was enjoyed - "J'"' ?'f*^'"' by [all. and a rabbit hunt by the "kf'.v^ make-youll iTall to write nioh and a Christmas tree l)y the it '28: little liJlks. . Pearl Warren, who is f|hc nibio or alKHit nihlft l;ui<Is. .Vll were devoted to alwinut idea?;. Whereas hcallMig tour thrOugliotit GalTlee,— it in the faci .H about, Jcsiis and "'I ari; told, with cam^o clearnesu, about the Ililde and about the ! i":th« first tUpu.sand word.>» of the The Inttraattonai SuMtay Sriwel Lesi4on ,for Jimoafr N Kingdom that are th}» hone and t sinew of all" good proakjhlng. Mark i ^'*Me<i«s and Mark tlie Sltfk**— bl«graph>'. In ; the synagogue on the Sab' !is the first fact-finder| ami Vact-!''alh-i-yes, Jesus went l-^^giilarly, to liergli hit upon one of lite, lucky •layii and Cliamlierlin and LevUie lipiin aiiiiliier. Dm the' fad iliat • exp.rioncod meteorolORists. in con .'stant touch with vessels at a dozen poiiits ainuK thf- steamer lanes, keeping tab 'on Weather for a year, report thai only nn three days was flight liefi'i.;!? ll,<' ..Atlantic practi <-alile. jimsi tend to daiupen llu- eiithu.''l- • iisni of any ' envisioning who may have been more ifrom the United States thqn it: di «i; from'•'home." and also |for the tijrst lime Iii her history >»be sold liiore goods lo the . United State.i' than site did to tbe [Jnfted Kingdom.. The t%e Is eoiolhir When the United States and Can- a]ila will be .^o ci.early one ecoaomJIc unit that no more atr^tloa will Im paid. In the matter of tariffs or' other riestilctlons, to the line' Ue- iWeen the two countries th<a' is ;trK0:MeH of airships P^"! betw.^en two comhiK and Roing .across the seas, ofi""!' States. ' The dominaiioii of the wind over ' ; nircrafi is co^npleie. Airships can t liol ti.<4e the Wind, as seaships do. •|'o airships the wind I.S the sea ahit within the limits set hy the force of the WI^I IK I and the power .111' ilie plane tjiey ale wholly at its i -eri -y. The fjl-rman nvlntor. trapt. Kolil. for exaitiple. attempting a tligjit weslwarii during the past MMinnifr, driving a Junker mono- prosecittor I'age, at Kansas Clt^, heard a youth by the name o^ Ber^ noudy confess. In the pre.nence of witnesses, to having commuted two robberies. And then he told I lie young man to go home and have a happy New Year. He did ,not prosecute, he said, first b«- Iraiise there was no complIilnlBg ; witness, >ajuf second because the plane capable of making 125 miles' , .. , • -.hour. «ave up his under.aking !"I"'"" """"'"'^ was weak. v.benbc found himself ^ogress-''^"^ fiiK.liiii foiH- miles an lioiir agalnsl J • teller of tbo yew Tes ameilf. And It ^e church of His day^ despite its 'a, masterv of Mttrk'..^ G ispel means j; faol's—.the MaS«er to<^ His place a. real ChrisUati cduiiaiion. All jas; a teacher. speaUng with an •• -J-, sorts of It)^.si. allusions to 1 he i hority that astonished His (By William T. Ellta.) I teachings and example jsf Je.sus are ! he{irer .9. That note In .Mark shoiiltf Rearett since boyhood la iho at- 1 to be found in currenjt print and j not bo misitetL He ^rtray^d a mo.^phere of newispaper offices. I, d'"" ""r .^e: usually tlipiy do not'iqoinmaudlng Christ. J«>sus did Hot have a-deep sense ot the import- i-beck iiir with the rivdrded facts. |-sj>eak as a. learned (*inmentator ance of firtly ascertalnwt and veri- H»w to Kea4 » Bl^ffnpby. iupon other mea's sayihgs. biit as fled, and cir -arly written fiicis;. i The <fefect of mo.-(t jBlble study'an authority IHnuelf;: His word Mark is the mo.<«. Jonrmfil-stic ofiha-^ i»een it^i divi.sion Into "texts," , was not, "It ts said," ^hut •'! say the four biographers of Jesiui", be- primarily for homlleticiil purposes.; unt« you."' Here we a clear- cause he sets do.^n facts, teraely : Kverylwdy is accustomed lo read , <-'Ut and colo.^sal differe&ce between •a5tt4t vividly. He d^jwdis upon the! the .Scripture, if at all. oniy In' JMBSi and all.. othrt -J ScriUtnral r»«t3 ho recounts to carry their , meagre portions, and-I'^jr the''le^ iowu message. He does, hot go in for preachments aotf morallzings; 2il^ fnncUoa is to presmitl the data sons", it imparts. ThW .sc«pe and swing and contlnuiiy aled life-Uke- ne.ts and accunicy of ube greatest' Bridle [as -a iHace < pwn r)«bt. k. whs as -Jtoter ttat book, as a, historical Ijnok, is a ' H^: controlled the evil sfrlrllak the' unique record of verifiable gpo- j iHs*iM« and the eleaienta, and graphical alliLslons. In a long antf'.death Itself. A coaqOiM-lng Hero godly life, he appurentl, • had never' is He whom »u«k porlAri. reckoiied with the actii illty of the] | Uktt a good JoucBslist, Ma^k also Bible and its b.-ickgroui|(Ls. if'*^ ^ ffllmp««e of tbe jaauMm^nt Uest of all possible preparaUeni ot Jhe behol4eTS at tl»- ito^recp- the matter with the prosecutor hliuHetf becoming a complhlnlsg witness? As to,t|te second reason, a man's repntatloa for, truth niust be had Indeed when his own confession of a crime does not erca I establish a' presu'mplion of guilt. il head wind. An adverse wind liiay aris^' at any lime, lor liie wind lilowe.lli where it lisleth. and when II docs the flyer who Is half f :seas over, as far to come back as fo i^o on. is alt but certainly iosl.. • pr„ae,.u,„,. p^ge',?, conception of Mrs. Gr.i.v.son and her three meni^j^ duly to the public certainly is • onipaniiins. Hie latest victims of | p,.,.i,li.,r weather over faith, put their trust' in I lie. fad that their machine'wa.s an amplilhiaii. capable df landing on water as well as on land. Ami Mure are many who have feh that eharaetefs. His teachings w^fe H14 «#u. He was. not ia echo; bur a vblcie:>&at a clsten^ but it s^IhiT- , I f )o. aiso It waa with 1119 miracles. itselit. In sequeiK^e, antl with fin^ ! Uook is mi.ssed by tcJm readers., <Wl»t miracle work»r»,l In' the Old dramatic puwer, h- records Hie i-Why. you make the ^Jble'real!'' Te^nieitt and the .'Cew. Inwked' facts an«J allows thejn to speak for ; t »ai<l a .'mintly elder In lamazement. th« naUfca aJiil liewer oi; God. JeS- theraseltres. His biography of the j after listening to a traveler's pre-' oa ;pe«torm«li His mh-aiiles. In HfS Master la ob |ectlve; there Is little | sentailon of tho Bible las <i liiaceipwi of .Mark In it, but liuich of his subject: His wa.-j the practice of the ApD^es and of thie early Church. Their prei)chln<f wjis simply the Uflliac ot a -Story; ;,Tht»y regarded tllMutlveii as witheflses. gi\ing testimony to what; (hey hait seen aiid heard and sbftVetf. The facts df the life an* utterances of Jesus er^ toftf over aiid over again, owadays, we trnre departed a long i tire ay from that image. A man may dtiend the average . church •• for years without receiving any clear and* connected information (;nn- c«ruln( the GoRi>el story—whh-h Is the -Good Xews." There is an ahiding stimiitUH in facts Which may ndt. be fonifil In rhetoric. Facts are portalfle; oratory Is not. The ; receive a nt w lonceptlon of ihe .Alark portrays caret) ,for folks! bie'artfr can repeat the speaker's t Gospel. . flreat Teacher and Lortf.thougli He facfji. when there are, any, bht he : A Feat ef W'rfttmr. , was.- at no time did He disdaltt tbe canttot niio'e bis flnej flights of .N'ot an tentorial writer, Imt a 'com 'aion ills of commtki . people, language. i i rejMirter. was John'Mark. Before' "The'"broad" modern Wa of fWity ' In ai recent llirt of nooks reconi- i he is through with m .s' first few i BJMirns the thought that>God could for the *lx months of study of tbe life of Jesnp npon which the Sunday .schools have entereit is simply i f/k rnnfl fir n uinifM^ aflf ^Mw * rtne who never tnrned his _ but miirched breaet forwaird. Never doubted clouds would break. Never dreamed though right jwere worsteti, wrongj.,wouirt irlnmph; Held we faW to rise, are baffled t<i right better. —BroWiJIng. < k • The man who first ruined the Roman people was he' -who first gave tlicm treats and gratuities.— Plutarch. ' . * • • , SeesL ihoii :i man .wise in i his «wn conceit? Thereis more hope of-d. fool-than of him.—ProTerbs 26:12. • *' *' • Within; my ear.thly temple there's a cr<iwd; • There's one; of iih that's humble, one that's proud; "fhere's one that's byrbken-hearted for his sins; There's onfe Ihit, iihrepentanl, sits anit^Hns^ There'S\>nB'that. loy (=3 his ueigMror as hrhLself: There's one that cares for nausht but fame amL pelf; Proih much corrddiog>a<'& I wontd hi* free, • : If once I could d^teifmlne which is me! »' —E. S. Martin. * * Those Who takA only a few point's Intb' account find It easy to pronoiincd'Judgmeht; and man can make- up' bis min'it quickly'If be has only a llltle to make up.— Aristotle, Air. ani; Mrs.'C. Helnlein ienjoy -jbis home with an; nncis .at lL ^':^a, ed "haying; tlie'following of| their i Kan., spent Christmas here wUhi chirrtrea home.for .Christmals din- his mother and brothers. He wepti nery .Mr. find Mrs. .lohn llHnlPin'to Garnett Tuesday to visit his.sU- and Evil, ;Mi:. and .Mrs.'.1. Tipple ,er. .Mrs. Ralph Boman.: and. Mr. an<t girls, -Mr. and'.Mrs. I.croy Tip- Bomnn before reinrningi toLan- pie-andi children. Mr. anil .Mrs. .-V. iexa. . j. lla^kett. >lr. Will SwaKcrly was; y^(^^ p^^n Page .-,nd Edward .-V*' a Kue.?l „ , , der.son .surprised their friends tfr The srho^ ; chlldren^arc all »«nck lasl Wetlnesday. in school this week after a w.-nk s ..nn^r.-ltulatlons and best '^a'T'.Hon^^^j • ; wishes. i fvixTl n'OWM Last Thursday about noon ^Ijp ; UWij t ^IVtirj A. 'house on tbe Harris place. thrfe~ - ; (i.ill.v laillsl miles north of Elsraore. caught flje .tin. 4!— Miss I-tymon and niipils in the attic and biirncd to t»e bactf, islPHod to "school Alonday after a ground. It was: the home of^fr, ' w'e^k of Christmas-vacation. ; and .Mrs. Ernest Larson and'chU4- Mrs. C. R. Stroh spent Tuesday len and Ernest was away fr§qi at t'^e R, R; Clement home. home. .Mrs. Larson called for bf|p il 5fr. and ^Irs. John. Cress spent as soon a .s she learned-of the ff^ SniBlay eveuihjr at. the George but when neighbors atrlred it vj^ Scaife home., , too late lo save tbe building. Pgft Atfs. Scafe is not improved vei y : of the contents of the house wjfp mlicji. Sne has been suffering with.; Baved, but the loss was considef'a- netirltls. •. ; l)Ic. and .Mr. and .Mrs. Larson ha^ Rjjr Ellfci'spent Pridny moroinSiO'ir sincere sympathy, .with' Jacit Cath-pbClI-Brown. Mrs. Roy Sandenr and llt.tle ' it^ B. Clement dehorned cattle' daughter of Emporia retnmed '|o for;Ben Brown and Harrv. Hav!their home Sunday, after spendlag Wednesdd>-..; ."the holiilays with Mr. and Mrs.;J. , llr .s. Henry Wacner spent Satur- llL Woo<K Mrs. Saitden's- pareats.'- day. nrternoon at thc>" Ben Ellis! -Mr. and Mr.s. Ray Bradford v|«- hoirie. lied at the parental'Bradford honte Ren Ellis .served on flie jury in Sunday. ''iU .•Yates. Center', Monday. i ^ •• iT Howard Ellis siient xiya holidays i Chihuahua, the largest of W wifcli his aunt, Mrs." Charley Stroh.Mexican ."rtale.^. Is equal fn and'rfanrily. iarea to ihe State, of. Oregon. dented Power who hoA'awMred ia th#|ir midnt: "What? tUoR' is ihLt? I What new teachfa* is this? to read, at a .«^lngle sitting, thp en- ! For. with authority cbnunandeth r- f.'osTvl of .Mark. It ifhould be {He: even th» unclean »plrli» and resd as ii it hatl Just lome from ' ijhey' dp obey Him," The kingship tlM' press for tlie first time, awl ' «lf Christ*hh >*H from Mirk's pages. liH If all of Its informbtlon were I i Wh »t Ar* One'. Hiil^* I being freshly re !ca .<«d to the world, j j We share ibeanoaemeat of tbe Whoso cnrefully perii.«e;f ibis com-' ffaperiiaum crowd orer^ this rerie- pact Book of .Morit. as! nearly as ' Intldn iof the' chttraeten ol Christ, possilile in the slate qS mind of i si) swiftl> depicted witihin a' fey the original reailers. is 'certain lo • bunilred words. This Jetais wboi& receive : Lady Litcfc must have taken a fuijcy to Oluf .N'anson who. at Bock- fbi'd. 111., drove his motor car off ihi- .solution of the,overseas filKht I a bridge onto a railroad track, iirohlem would be found in the j where he landed right! side up after his car had titrn^ completely over, and Icame to himself; jiist in ' adopt ion of some type of vessel tlial woultl slay afloat for a long periiid ,if forced down to the water. Tlie best students of tbe prob- It'ni. however, do not hold lo this view.i They argue that a far larger marKin'of safely is provided if Ihe c.ddit'^ioiial Weight involved in carrying pontoons or other sea-safety dtvices, is given, over to the fuel supply, thus a -sfliiVing a l .Trger ra- din.s of .flighi' And that view wj >iild ..seem to he 'Justified hy Ibe fad thill no sliip whi <'li could conceivably be lllieil into the air could i<iug survive even a liiodor- ate sea.' : The he'sl assiiraiiC)) of safely in ovejs .Ja flight — excejit our way wliicli Is to slay at home.'—is the Llndliergh • way.—get a idane Uiat wiir slay in the air! lime to leap froiii the car beifore it vi-as struck and demollshetl by a passing trdlu. Of course If the Lady had taken a fancy to him a lUrle sooner he might not have run off the bridge and therefore would not have needed to hive his life saved twice In two shccesslve minutes by fh<> of chances. But CMaf probably finds it. easy to live up to his name at iljai. A baker at Cambridge. Mass., Hbot biinsel'f because he was out ^ of a job. And within an hour a letter arrived from his wife, in . i"'aI)fomta aniiounclng I hat lie hiid tiecoiiie rich tlirough' the dlscolir- _ eiy of oil «iii properly "he owned Ntbere. 'Which is onotbi^r warnlig . fhot II never pays to quit. Besides, ...„ one.'cfa always die.. Why ,\x\aty ttt least M I M *'*^ .iViach.J Tbe attorney for Edward Hickman, the Los Angeles kidOttpper, has entered a plea for hls.cBent of not guilty on the ground of insanity. It will be remembered be was not HO crazy but that lie got his hands safely on the rinsom motley liefore )ie delivered tHi mutilated cAriise ot Us victim to her father. And he was not so crazy but that he knew enough to fly from ('alifornla when, he knew the liollce weifg jj Jtls. tniil. . This being Xeap Year nsiybe Wndy thought; he would b4 safer If for the first tWQ or three wAeks > a . tatVLgn ENTERPRISE llxiren* Btitterffeld.) Jan. .1:—The G. R C. met with Mrs. Grace Pe<k on Wednesday, December 21. The day was spent knotting- comforters, and quilting. The grab bag w^ the l>ig event of ijie day. .Members present were: Mesdames 'Bo'rnharl, BuUerfield. nottd, Doollttle, Fl»k, Helman. May Preston, Ruth Preston:. Slcka. Bmlth. linger. Kidd atul tbe hostess, iMrs. Peck. Visitors w'erc-: .Mrjf. IMar SIcIra. 'Miss Josephine; Lager. Leslie Bntterfield, Francies Mae anil ijee Preston, .Mrs. Jdsie Preston; Charles and-'lEoberi Ridd and Mrs. FVetl Bill.s. Our next jraeetlnglwlll be- held with .Mrs. "Maiy Preston. Report of Enterprise school for the third month ending November 20. i927. Knrollmehs: bOy» 12. girls 7, toul IJt: days taught 16; average dally attendance 16 plus. The following had perfect attendance: Rachel Btrtterfieid. Marjorie Biirnbart. .Mlldrrd Preston. FYed Lager. Fred*- BtftterUeld. Efoualrt Barnhart, Fraacls auSit. Dean Peck,. Pranci.** Farr'ell, Lenore IfitriiU'aTt; Fradc^s ; ButteTfieW. Thomas Godsey, Ijebu Farrell, Clart<* Peck. H«Mior"i'oll students for the third month were: Eugene Peck, France's Batlerfield, Dean Pick. Francis Farrell, Donald Barniiart. Fr^da Bitttetfield. Francis liiger, Fred Lager. Rachel Bul;- terflrtd; Mildred Preston..; Melvla Hay^ was absent most of the month with pneumonia. f^rs. J. W. Bhrthers* Jan. .r — Woittn' M^Ver speot Bnaday with Frt« SaVBi«: Mrs. BMIe Adams and Lonale called on Mr. aii« .Mrs. J". P.' Wll- 3Ule Mond^ «iivttm0. Fred DoeiUM vIMtM Frfi^ afternoon witb^ Lyim.fin>tlteM. . -Mr. axA SCn. Bhldwia called at the Fred Halter iKinie Snad^. ' .Mr. SBd Mrs.' Fred Savias «et« hi leto Wedisesday. Mr. sad llfirR.i :.M]tvtin Igel add dausbcer KInaispenf Shaday wUh Mv. aad Mr*. Karl RerkM. Mrs. Joe Kauirmaa vtstled' with. M >K J. ft MeClenoo and Un. J. 8. Brotbevs Thmnritaf afteraoon. MM B RtiteBa tftmrntn at WBincId' and Leslie MatuecWto ot PRtRburg came Sanday to visit Msa New- [Iman'a omsln, Mrs: Ibirt fl«rlMB. ' Mm.. B*Be Adams and lioaalR ae- tendftd the'iM. B. Si/dub C&riMaian party' at tbe Crescent Taller schoifl koaaa Wcttwsd ^r. ' Mr; and Mn. theo Newauia of WlaOeMud HIM Volaw, Jabaa.ot sHavlng decided to leave the state, I wUlj sell at Public Auction, oh ! the fold Obed'Kerr farjn, 4 mile)*, east' of Ijaflwpe on, the slah, and 2% I miles south',, or 3 milKs of Moran.on the .slab and 2% mites aoutb, Jusl:across from Golden Valley'church, on— , Janoary llA Beginning ai 10 o'clock a. m., the following described prOperijr: ; MCIES—Onelln April' :i years old, giviag tfillk; S y«&rs old 1 7 coming yearling ealvest -^l ^ers., M0R.<iJE8 A^I> brown horse mule, weight 1.2.'"jl lits.: 1 brown horse |steers: :! heifer calves, mulf, 4 yea is old. weight 1,300 lbs.;! j-^i^^i horse mules; r hay mure. A years^ f ^°''f' 1o"f"«'-treo ''^'^ ionmyfhrkj old'weiEbt 14IIII lbs wagon and rack; 1 douW* shhf- ^&wi'}^l .K-Onoro.n \'V ' s-der; hog-troughs cow,}nst fresh,; 9 years old. good ; and:chicken coops. nlllKcow; I spotted cow giving' . H.V«.Mi.S.H-One act .bre«ahli» milk, 4 years old; 1 roan cow to be! harne.-w; leather Collars.: gOodi fresJi'lH Febriitir>'. 7« old; 1 FEI',I»-1..0 bales of pralrie-jhay; red^cow to ^be fresh in'February : 2« acres of kafflr corn fodd <g |r« 4'v«ar» oIrf;;l roan cow to be fresh shock. (9^ abopt 20ih of Jamiao. 3 .vears oW: I S<**E NOt'Sk'ntaiH nMnSJ ai)i| 1 bjilck cow to he fresh in .March other articles: too iMinteroits to Sy^ars old; 1 roan cow to be : iiientioH. I " 'TeitSfS: CASB—If credit is desired see your local baakerj >)(o property'to be.remove<l until settled for. : •', [ Charlie Pierce |; H. !<.HOf j. Auclloiieer. FIR.*it NATIONAL BAXK. I.a1l8iiie. ewfc ^ Lnnrb) Served By I:adles o| C;«Men Valley rhareli. • TO Ol'R LOVEB 0$1S It is our sacred priviU ;e aiid .duty to erect a suUabU °m(iptt- ment at the graves ot a«|r iajr^. one^' In loving memory. are thinking about th.If tloOv come In and lei you iliustratkins ot tkcl ^ypes of memorials we m ike shd erect. Prices have a wld^ riM>|iH to meet all needs. If you Obl^l- »J»isli! lit • maiy

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