Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 22, 1965 · Page 14
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 14

Ironwood, Michigan
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Thursday, July 22, 1965
Page 14
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FOURTEEN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THURSDAY, JULY 22, 1965. Mart Continues Mixed and Dull This Afternoon NEW YORK i AP)—The Stock market continued mixed and dull early this afternoon but there was Obituaries Joint Meeting Report Is Given To County Board Mrs. David Cavan Mrs. David Cavan. 75, of 305 N. Lowell St.. died at 12:30 a.m. today at her home following a lingering illness. She was the former Jessie Smith. She was born ! 1965 legislative action manclal- | ing that, all counties prov i d e 'county health departments. i Dr. Altland and R. Mant h y I conducted this meeting. E m i phasizcc' in the discussion on : the need for county health units, ; was the gap in the basic sani- Hurley Board Calls Halt to '65 Session Hurley City Clerk Mathcw Con-' nors states that the Hurley Board of Review has adjourned! for 1965. Forest Spraying Will Start Soon Hospital Notes i GRAND VIEW. Ad m i t t e d Wednesday: Mrs. Frank Kosc-1 ski. 148 E Jackson Road, Mattj T. Malison, Route 1, Mrs. Frank! Rimkus. 631 Brogan St., Joseph E. Ta'kewski, 59 E. Thomas 1889 Saginaw. Mich., and The board, stated Connors, 1 tary s -rrvices. such as sanita- rompletecl its business today An aerial herbicide spray pro.) -r hnmoo n lion -o resorts, motels and and ended its 1965 session. cct will begin soon on the Ottawa; St., mescal. Thomas P. trailer parks. To protect the The board opened its sessions National Forest, according UrJi loO2 tioience public health of the traveler on Ju i y 12 and adjourned until John O. wernham, forest supet-: Ethel Wnkus, -18 BESSEMER — Reporting on and the community against dan- j u i y 15 a nd 16. The board then vi ^ ) . 1 '.- ' smom-v -,r in'nt mnptinn \vith thp Cnm- p-prs in wntpr snnniips swim- adjourned again until yesterday Rotarians Hear Report on New Gas Pipeline ~; the jo'iit meeting with the Com- gers in water supplies, swim- was graduated from E a s t e m Following Mr. O'Niel's death supervisors, yesterday, that tl she was a teacher in the local collegc . boarc j members a r ., .-.1, s-.^ l .-. . , .-. ^1 * K rt»-\ ,-M\ C(~H-\t il ~ some selective im- Michigan University at . -ipnt. ti. She was married to J a m e s The Associated Press average Arthur O'Ncil. who died in 1923. of 60 docks at noon was off .3 at 31'J.O with industrials off .7 : rails o't .3 and utilities up 4. schools and then on Sept. ;), Wall Street's ears were, 1936 she was married to David cocker! for news from Washing-:B. Cavan. who died on May 28, ton—pussibly concerning big de-M956. She was a member of thc :isionb regarding the Viet Nam ! Church of thc Transfigurat i o n, .•onflict But no news came and Episcopal, .he market languished in uncer- s nc is survived by three sons, munit' College Board of T r u s- ming pools, sewage dispos a 1 tees, relative to site selection for food Handling and others, a the community collegc. thc hos- strong defense against condi- pital anc 1 health committee told tions which cause disease, must of be buib. it was pointed out. the The Michigan Health Officers e Association and the School of all ap'.ct-d that a college-hospi- Public Health of the University tal complex is advisable. but i of Michigan are co-sponsors of they u:lt they should have an ex-' a community health stu d y Mack Expresses Views on Road Stat" Senator Joseph S. Mack. to ; Jr., 1302 Florence St., Mrs E. Vaughn St., stugery. j "it is 2,000 miles to thc sourc* This year, plans call for ap- 1 Discharged Wednesday: Mrs. O j the gas supply that will be plying 2-4 D herbicide at the Waller Mcyer , wayne V. Anclcr-; rf d , th „ in Go . rate of > a gallon per acic to son Iron wood. „„„,„ „„ Ut . „*„, „„., approximately 2,000 acres of young red pine both in natural stands and in plantations. The! DIVINE INFANT, Wakcficld. Admitted Wednesday: Mrs gebic County by next Nov. 30, said O. G. Griffis at this week's sianus mm m y.Hinnnvi..-.. *•" _..„,. F ,. inksn n Ironwood meeting of the Ironwood Rotary chemical, which will selectively Rodei.cK Eiickson Iionwood.. kill poor quality aspen, bru s h suigery. Mis. An and weeds that compete with the Ironwoon, medical. Mrs Amelia Kichak. Club. pert consultan 1 in this field to'which relates to the organiza- iD-Iror.\vood) expressed "bitter guide 'hem in their choice of a tion. administraton, and f inane- disappointment" over veto of a site for thc community college i ing of county health agenc i e s D JH {ru,t would have allowed con- Thc purpose of the meeting. \ which will 'oe directed to the structior of an access road Lainty. Owen J. O Nicl of Drayt o n wnicn was called by thc hospi- Upper Peninsula designated as throup.h the Porcupine Mountain As the hours went by. howev- Plains. Mich.. Robert ON en u , alu , , iealtn coinnl i U ec. as di-; distri.-'. I for the study. The task Park 21 . ea . reeled by the county board, force wrs scheduled to start in Mack said the governor's ve- was to discuss with the college the U.P about July 22, s a i d to of ;he bill iS-530), which the P ^-i 11 board. >tf consideration of select-• Wagner ! senator staunchly supported on ' ing thr present site of the Grand * * * it s trip through the Senate, was Manty spoke on the provisions caused by "ill-founded opposition cc The value of the college- of the Bill H2255, enacted by the f rom persons who clouded the ispita' complex to both the col- : legislature and said he is avail- rea ] j 3£ . ue by misrepresenting the hospital, was rec- able to meet with local agancies; the fac'^." young pine for both moisture and sunlight, will be applied by helicopter. Discharged Wednesday: Mrs Pa Mareni Griffis is the project manager and general manager for Pana- t r ch Line "and Saunter, ma Inc.. of Houston, Texas. :-enisco; Kathy Evans, Ram-. which has the contract to-con- The application of herbicide to (say. remove undesirable vegetation| ber stand improvement. the first few years after the her-: er. traders and investors began of Seattle. Wash., and Lt. Col. :o nibble cautiously at some Brian O'Neil of McLean. Va.: leading issues, with the result two daughters. Mrs. W i 1 that all of the Big Three motors Scholfield of San Diego. showed slight gains, airlines' and Mrs. D. W. Ferguson of y - Hospital to locate the col- were edging higher and there Philadelphia. Pa.: two foster ~ ^ was some life shown by assort- children. David B. Cavan Jr. of 8d cnemicals, office equipments San Mateo, Calif., and Ann Eliz- and electronics. abeth Cavan of Cincinnati. O.: The Dow Jones industrial av- 28 grandchildren: 11 great- erace at noon was off .06 at gr 864.95 A more broadly based indi- North Hollywood, Calif. ogni/eri stock index, gained .04 at 84.11 vitt-Kershner Funeral Home, at noon. Funeral arrangements arc in- McKesson & Robbins put on a complete. steadier performance, holding a consistent gain and trading on a k*rs Joseoh Kanieski block of 50,500 shares at 42',. a ™ rb ' JO1)t; ! jn iNumebM gain of 3 point. Glen Alden was WAKEFIELD — Mrs. Joseph reported to be negotiating for Kanieski. 81. of 514 Sunday Lake reasale of McKesson stock it St., died at 1:30 p.m. Wednes- bought under a tender offer. day at Divine Infant Hospital, Prices improved slightly in where she had been a pati e n t slow trading on the American since June 30. She had been Stock Exchange. Corporate and W. J monci board in the suggestion. ; at any Hme. to discuss the pro-; "T' was to be an access harmful to wildlife on the joint meet- ceclure? and costs of establish- r0 ad—not a four-lane highway—' p committee chairm a n ment and administration of a as was charged by our opponents ' marked with helium-filled bal Wagner noted that Ray- county health unit. ; r rom j , owe r Peninsula. The road i oon s to give positive control of Rigoni. chairman of the Dr. S. Sandell, who is director i W ould have enabled millions of '. the spray area boundaries o) trustees, informed thc of the Tuberculosis Con t r o ' Court at Hurley Hears 10 Cases ,• n * o,,ri land, Superior and Marquette. Three persons were fined and , , bout five weeks lnp cure ,s aesu-oyea. mcr,- SSt^^^weekTn Iron CoSn- « rew workln B oul of IronWO ° d the herbicide itself is not ?, rf ^ " " 1S Jf,?.?* l II0 " Coun will be increased to 300 men and nearly doubled. be used kills species by growth at such a that the plant cell destroyed. There- struct the 276 miles of gas line between Duluth and Marqucttc. He was introduced to the Rotary Club by program chairman, Dr. Paul Lieberthal. "There are now 45 men employed on thc line who are headquartered in the Ironwood area," according to Griffis. Other crews are headquartered at Ash- T he arras tobe soraved are - ° r a "°* l J° ,.,, ' local dents." said Griffis. He described the pipel i n e motorbik e s routc in tne u PP er Peninsula as Brown Gilc- EU-' bein S the more difficult for con- i persons to enjoy the scenic won- precautions have been taken to 1 :;:•'• P /, H *,,„.,„'„ ,, nrt ' W al- struction and said the Ironwood college board of the many advan- ! Progi am in the county, noted , ders of tne 95 square mile Up-i insure protection to lake shores, ' f ener „.•/.„,'ripv Fnch of th" crew would be assigned most of tages of the site, detailing thc that Gogebic County and t h e; per Peninsula area affected." : streams and private land near J? 1 p ',«<! finp siti nlus S5 costs" the construction between Ash- available land area, the presence municipalities spend about S46.-: Mack said- i tne spray areas by maintaining in if h ,„„„" ,, p ?'X ,, nnris were land and Marquette. He estimat- of utility sources, and the exist- 000 annually on health services. * * * ! a buffer zone in which no spray-' .i',J fm-fe p rt b v Jiidce Wick- eel that the Ironwood payroll This could be reduced if the citing federal government fi- ' ing will be done. , o cieieci rouciieci oy Juutt W IL * ^ ^^ ^^ ^ gp _ ing buildings. county established a health de- gures Mack stated that only .2; The actual spraying will be Kind: ailing three weeks. o n proximately 535.000 per week. ' of in the miles and a college arc same, made s e v U.S. government bonds were mostly unchanged in light trading. Stock Market The former Stella Marcinkow he said asking that the college county health unit proposals. cause of i ack O f access. «l-i was born Novl 1883 in Po board fully consider the advan- Just last year, the planning -weii established areas, su c h land anc came to Wakefie d at tages from a physical and edu- commission completed a com- as tns 3mokey Mountain Park Jdiiu diiu Lcinii. lu WctivLiiLiu <u = ,_„!„» uo vonncr. nvphpn«;vp st.nriv On thp basis 1 ir.,n«.,.,.»«,,^ xroti^^oi r> o ,. L- jv.c..o, vnv u^cnv. nno people 01 iViiciugau win ut uc- me (jiujci_i «in i.uiiiniv.iiv>. -jn onpprlinn- nn hiirhwiv e r a 1 studies of the pl . ivcrt of reaching thc area be- • the Kenton Ranger District and ^"""'? u " " l > ' W e i ,H, ,,,, if n ,. n ^coi= ^ , , ? 'proceed from there to the Iron , na " nn ^ tl ,1 Dei and Besse- 10 ' 000 P° unas River, over mostly in the Upper Peninsula. This caused him no consterna- Diane Marie Swanson, Iron- 1 lion as he has had considerable Watersmeet ^ tl , . — * i lier Districts. The spraying will rf for speeding on High- experience around the world in the age of 7 with her parents cational standpoint. He recog- prehens-ve study. On the basis and Yellowstone National P a r k be complete in about 10 days, • Q of Mercer. laving pipelines through diff i- She attended the Wakef elci nized the fact that whether or of the report, the health autho- are taking advantage of millions weather permitting. * chalmer Urghart ' : school!5 and was married here not tlm proposed new hospital rities concluded the county had of dollars O f tourist trade and A " '"" •"""- 101 " '- J ° nn unaimei K ; May 5, 1902 to Joseph Kanieski. A similar project in 1964 re- Mich., $20. for night Holt, cult terrain, time "The main line must be com- NUON QUOTATIONS He died Nov. 14, 1954. She op- ers. Regarding the hospital site erated the City Cash Market the he sa-ci the board of trustees of last 16 vears the hospital strongly favor the She was a member of the Im- location of the new building in NEW YORK (AP)-Pollowing m fJStat?ConTIS?n StliS 1™ the present Grand View area if Church. Circle 3 of the church the proposals relating to the hos-. I and the Wakefield Chamber of Pltal are approved by the elec- fi Commerce ctors. There is room in the area Surviving are four daimhters, for both the hospital and collegc, n\j\. 1*1- ^^..-f-^^ » f _ f _ v . ^..^,,.^..-, ^- irtrt^Ji^nn^rtt.rt n f . ^.,,-, n ;i-. n ivilUI L., O^VJ, iwl infill i t 11* • - lilt; 11 in 111 iiin.. iiin.ii »vv- \.wi*» materializes, is up to the taxpay- nothing to gam in services, i n we were in the position of being leased 1.400 acies of joung pine. ; eeding on HighW av 51 in Oma. pleted by Nov. 30, 1965." stated _ ,. j. i. _ i _:t. n i ^.;*j-. i-i(-«fny-\1iiMTit-irv o orviiTTtir unit .1 , _i__ _: :*-: .. t- ~ n ^. . \ " D _.__. * "^ . .__ establishing a county unit. is a sectioned list of stock transactions on the New York Stock Exchange at midday with net chanse from previous close. HOUGHTON — Philip E. Rup- Allied Ch Am Can Am M'it. Am Tel & Tel ArmoU' Beth Steel Briggs Mf Calum H Ones & Ohio Chrysler Cities Service Cons'imer Pw Del EciJson Dow uhem du Pont East Koc! Ford Mot Gen f'c' r . Gen Motors Gen Tel Gerbei Gillette Goodrich Goodyear Hamm Pap Inland Steel Inter Chem Intenak Ir Int Bus Machin Int Ni^k Int Tel & Tel Kim Clk LOF Glass Ligg & My Mack Trk Mead Cp Mont Ward NY Orstral Pennoy, JC PA RR Repub Stl Sears Roeb Std Brand Std Oi! Ind Std Oil NJ Un Carbide US Ste-1 Wn Un Tel U—Up. D—Down 46--i U 48 :i :t D 11'. ij 67 U 35": s D 34'-s D 4 :: H U 20" s D 66V.- 43^4 U 78 U 57's D 35' -i 68'K D 231 : 'j D 83 Vi! D 51's U 81'.4 D 94 D 39 ;)8 D 45'- U 34. 8 D 55 ; u D 48 a '.i 43 U 43 D 33'a 341- D 463 :J 4 U 80'H 51°8 49 ;; s 54>-v! 83 ;i s D 33'4 U 39 n 4 31 :! 4 47'8 D 67'i! D 38'4 D 39 T8 D 66'.i D 78'4 47'4 D 76 5 s D 59'--: D 46" 2 U 37 ;1 4 D ... jj^., president Mrs. R. E. Craig of Chicago, ^.S'solin, interim director of Brewing of the Bosch Mrs. Peter Delich of Wakefieid, Mrs. Val Pesavento of I r o n - Company, an- plight. able to make significant economic impact on the Upper Peninsula by using the road (M-107) for access." Mack said the veto of the bill represented another example of broken promises by influent i a 1 L o w c r Peninsulans when it comes to helping the Upper Peninsula out of its econ o m i c Fred Stella. 51, of 421 Stella Bids for School Board the wood and Mrs. John Clark of . Milwaukee: three sons, Alex of Kinsineer. director of the 8 Wakefield. Stanley of Ironwo o d mumt ' T College Health Caie of Milwaukee; Project, who declared Community College, nounced today that negotiations on the report of Dr Rd., Hurley, is running for elec- aoVth"of"'Merc'er. William Bertagnoli. Hur 1 e y, Griffis. "Local service will not ;$15, for driving a vehicle with be readied this year." he saicl. • no muffler on Highway 77 in club Secretary John Patri c k 'Hurley. presented his annual report, ' Keith O'Konek. Duluth. S16. which showed that mcmb e r for speeding with vehicle over sri jp attendance over the past 10,000 pounds on highway US-2 year i iac | averaged 82.75 per west of Hurley. ccn t. Twelve of thc members are Donna Jean Oliver. Ironwood, past pre sidcnt of the unit. Five Lai - v S29. for speeding on Highway 51. members had perfect attendance " """ "We get nothing but lip-serv- tion to the Board of Education during the past year. C. Kenneth of Dr. are under way with a group of j c e when the chips are down and m the Hurley Joint School Dis- by tne stale traffic officer and lnv i,y more' than 18 : Com- local Upper Peninsula business- the vote- are counted." he said triers annual election next Mon- four were made by the county ncrfect attendance C re ers men headed by Charles W. Fin- simultaneously with the veto day, July 26. traffic officer. rim-son is q chnrter m that ger. vice president and master Ma ck announced he h a .i Stella was born in Italy but • .,,,'",' h u-hinl, ivri America's two-year community brewer, for the sale of the launched an all-out campaign to has lived in this area most of and S Mr^^nh^fMnnpifnf^vnnkp 5 and'"jurior "colleges can meet Bosch Brewery, provided that win"a"new. four-lane east'west his life. He came to Iron Coun- siifl wis spvpn oltnrtr.hnri,P,i manv o' the new educational all terms of the sale can be sat- highway thiough the Upper ty. Wis., with his parents when .ud, wis.. atven ^lanacmicuen needs in the fielcl of health. Hos- isfactorily concluded and per- Peninsula and asked the gover- he was 4. •••-•••• • He worked at the Gary mine and six great-grandchildren. Lakeside Memorial Chap e \vill open for visitation Friday pitals and health agencies which tinent contracts agreed upon. nor and all legislators to support have ^aditionally supplied and' This group will take over op- him in good faith. in Hurley for 25 years until it sration of the Bosch Brewery "in view of the distortions and closed and he now is employed sist doctors and dentists and in August. misrepresentations that accom- at the White Pine mine. For six n m pvirtnv Amoral O m.,n n c. , other professional personnel, can Charles W. Finger and Fred panied the opposition to the For- months in 1960 he worked as a viri hP hPirt ^tmris, Pt Q I ?-,-, no lonRei meet the needs of the W. Finger Jr., lead the group cupine access road." Mack said, guard at a factory in Waukegan. vviii be held Satuiday at 9 a.m. . ..,-.-. anfi growing field," of Upper Peninsula businessmen "i hope a project as worthy as ~ and will be officers in the new this gets support to the same Hurley City Council and the company. night at 7 and the rosary will be t™ 1 "^, men and women t0 **' recited at the chapel at 7:30 Saturday , at Immaculate Conception Cath- olice Church with the Rev. Charles Daniel officiating. Burial will be at Lakeside Cemetery. said "DvT Kinsinger, quoted Mr Milton G. Kellstrom •''» MASS — Milton G. Kellstrom '•»,58, of 1419 Altadena, Royal Oak, ture. the finance and buget committee and the hospital and health committee, the study of compliance with 1965 act of the legisla- Tiandating the establish- Six of the arrests were made Gustafson was recognized for " ' years of E. Gun- member of the club, which had its beginning in May, 1912. Visiting Rotarians at the meeting were John Duckstad, Don Morrison, Larry Olson, John McLauchlin, Joe Ore gory, Wayne Lynch, and G. G. Grif- iis. Mark Vukovich gave a report The City of Hurley issued a on the initial operation of tht stpiia cnrmpriv sprvpri nn thp u ' tal of 1|682 ^allons of paint Rotary popcorn wagon and out- Stella formerly seived on the Qyer tne two -clay distribution lined future plans for its use. day, stated Hurley Mayor Paul Don Austin is taking early action for the club to have the Mayor Santini added that 371 Mt . zi on S ki slopes mowed in 371 Persons Get Paint at Hurley degree Iron County Board of Supervis- gantini * + * ors for 14 years. He now is serv- "I pl-dge to use the full influ- ing as chairman of the fund Hurley citizens received p a i n t preparation for ne'xt winter's rec- with 172 widows, retired ence of my senatorial office to drive in Gary Location for the I see thai the Upper Peninsula is Iron County Chapter of the Wis- ions pensioned persons and dis per- reation seas on. for Retard- not relegated to the role of un- consin Association wanted stepchild of lower Mich- ed Children, igan." Stella states that he is inter- MacK stated that there are ested "in the welfare of school _ _. _ .... . _ LEO A. LAFRANCE anVa former "MasTresident. Tiled < ment of county health units in Funeral services for Leo A unexpectedly at the Detroit Os- all counties of the state. Com- LaFrance, 33, of Duluth, super teopathic Hospital, Sunday, July mittees were authorized to invite visor of public relations f o r more than 1.000 miles of four- children and in having a 4_ : Roy Manty of the Michigan De- Pickands Mather & Co. in the lane expressway in the Lower school district." He was born Feb. 10, 1907 at partment of Health to meet with Lake Superior District, w ere Peninsula, and many nt ore Mass City, and was the son of them and clarify procedures held Tuesday at Duluth. thousands of miles of four-lane 1 the late "Gust Kellstrom and and costs. Mr. LaFrance was well state highways, while the s Mrs. William Nowell of Roy- ! The matter came before the known in Ironwood, having been only freeway in the Upper Penis al Oak. He had been employed at board through a communica- a frequent visitor here, and his insula a-75i takes tourists right '• Excello Crop.. Detroit, and was tion from Albert E. Eustis, M.D father was once a resident of out oi 'he state and into Cana- 1 a member of the Masonic Lodge, of the Michigan Department Ironwood. da. 4 Survivors are his wife, Nancy,, of Health, who informed that: Mr. LaFrance died last Satur- "We want this road to run s Royal Oak: one son, Jack.'the state legislature had enact- day in a Duluth hospital of in- from the Mackinac Bridge to s Clawson: his mother. Mrs. No- ! ed Bui H2255, directing all juries suffered in a diving ac-| the Wisconsin border as deter- abled citizens receiving paint on Monday, and 199 persons, who fell into the category of home owners who live in t h e i r paint on Flower Boxes Are Damaged Benson/ Named To Committee Flower boxes seem to be in good cwn homes, getting Tuesday. No paint was issued to homes that are rented, apartments or prime target for vandalism commercial buildings this week, Ironwood. stated Santini, but the indica- Cases of vandalism again have tion is that these people will been reported to the Ironw o o d receive their paint within the Police Department as many of next several days. the flower boxes on busi ness The mayor, who contacted the establishments have been »am- KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Italo J Bensoni, 301 7th Avenue No., Hurley, has been appointed a Wisconsin" Paint, Lacquer and pered with this week in an area member of the Veterans of For- varnish Association, states from Bob's Dairy Bar to Tony's s well, Royal Oak: and one broth- 'counties shall provide for cstab- , cident July 4. Death was due to mined by the highway commis- O ign Wars of the United States that there will be sufficient paint Barber Shop on McLeod Ave. s\er, Clarence, also of Royal Oak. iishmc".t of local health depart- spinal cord injuries resulting S j on a r.c! the governor, who runs Committee on Finance and In- fm- nil and t-hp ^IR npvsnns wim i^aviv worinoEdav mm-ninn- n -m i : i.~i,i ~. . fvm-n Q hrnl-nn worfnHva ciiffovoH i.i-~ : ~ : T,,~. ,. ^ M, ~ i^i^u . . , -. ... . . lul clli ouu LIU- «xu H 1 -1 ouiio ^iivj 1 8 •"s from a broken vertebra suffered the commis ion. Just as the high- ternal Organization to serve at i"aVe"noT'vet''receTve'd''paint will lice "questioned" a boy "using'the while he was diving at Sugar ways have helped lower Michi- tne 66th annual national conven- be notified when it arrives. Phone in front of the Memorial CHICAGO LfVESTOCB CHICAGO (AP) — i USD A.)—, 25 higher; 1-2 200-220 Ib 25.00- ? member 01 (he Pine Lodge 25.25- mixed 1-3 190 - 250 ibs hunting camp group. East Early Wednesday morning, po- _-. . - lilt fv.rti-.-i n l-n.rtl »*-,*-, Try-., tt-rtlit.n r. i i 4' Fn **n ft . , - • t _* . i i_ _ i_ J _1- . . "-* "•• ".*««.-— j-^..., u .. J .' — D'*"*-" Funeral services were held at ments. the Kinsey Funeral H o m e, Royal Oak. Wednesday aft e r noon. July 7, with the Rev. Ed-j"(D escn couniy m me MHLC ^^ >»«o .^n. m ^^^,^. « ., u a u-emenaous ueueiu LU me m- unicago. persons who received paint win C. Wagstraff of Trinity Lu- !sh all either singly or in cooper- was a^graduat_e_ of^Duluth Cathe- dustrial. commercial and tourist Announcement of the appoint- their own homes are requested the area and made a disturbance use that paint on their own hut he could not give a descrip- homes and that the paint should tion of the boys or the car. . , be applied within the next 90 It was also reported that flow- this vital commerce artery O f Foreign Wars. days ers were pulled out of the flower and I look forward to support i n announcing the appo i n t- from all sides," Mack concluded. - The legislation provides that Lake near Grand Rapids Minn , gan , f oxpec t this one to be of tion to be held August 13-20 in Santini concluded that those Building and he stated that :-i»U. each county in the state He was loin in Duluth ad; a treme ndous benefit to the in- Chicago. persons who received paint for three boys in a car stopped in ... .. .„ „ i-'shall either singly or in cooper- was a giactuate of uuiuth catne- clustnal. commercial and tourist Announcement of the appoint- th thei-as: Cluirch oi Clawson offici-* a tion v/ith other counties, estab- dral High School. He was gradu-; development of the Upper Penln- me nt was made by John A Jen- tn ating. Burial v,v:s in White Chap-, ugh a county health department: ated from UMD in 1955 and sula . klllS| Birmingham, Ala., corn-he el Memorial .Cemetery. (2 , s tate financial aid to coun- served two years in the U. o.. .. We snou i d and mus t have iander-in-chief of the Veterans br Mr. Kellstron-. '.vas well known; ties to support approved local Air Force before joining Pick- and came Iiere to hunt! health departments is based on ancls Mather & Co. in 1957. Hogs 3.000: butchers steady to through the years. He was also 10 cen ts per capita-no county " "—•-"•• "• "^ D '"- T " rln '° snail receive less than S7.000: »'R^ f3i tht: state allotment cannot Branch. PSC to Object To Rehearing Peter B. Spivak. chairman JIARY CHAKANICH ! Funeral services for M r s . ; exceed'4o" per ceiirof'The aniniai Mary Smollar Chakanich. 78. of local'health department budget." 978 Newport Location, who Local health departments are died Sunday, were held Wednes- approveci by the state heal t h day morning at 10 at Holy commissioner on the evaluation Trini'y Catholic Church with the of the qualifications of the full- Rev. Ambrose Matejik officiat- Softball Games Slated Tonight Following is the Bessemer HVp^m^dTcai^heaith-officer "the ing. Interment was at Riverside Slowpitch Softball League tm : e medical neaun oincei, MIL ^b schedule for tonights games: Pallbearers were Milo Raiko- Anvil Tf>«ern will play the ich. Nick Vukusich, M i c ha el i-ast East Oldtimers at A n v i 1 and Fiori's will meet Last East 24.50-25.00; 2-3 230-270 Ibs 24.2524.75; 1-3 350-400 Ib sows 21.5022.00; 400-450 Ibs 20.75-21.75: 2-3 450-500 !bs 19.75-20.75: 500-600 Ibs 19.00-10.75; boars 14.50-16.00. Cattle 500; calves none; hardly enough of any class for adequate test of market; few scat- p e ter B Spivak chairman P lan . of organization the public tered lots choice 900 - 1,100 Ib O f the State Public Service Com- liealth !J ,"° gra . 1 , 11 . s , and , s ?.'l. V ,!, C L* 25.00-26.00. mission, said an objection will be filed with the Federal Power partmi nt CHICAGO PRODUCE Commission against any change Hues's CHICAGO CAP) — Chicago in Its June 2. 1965. order au- Hue.-l^ noted that there Mercantile Exchange - Butter thorizing Northern Nat u r a 1 12 cov.nMes in Michigan steady; wholesale buying prices Gas Company to serve the do not have hea th departments; \.nicn unchanged; 93 score AA 58'U: Upper Peninsula ^^oS^KKS^- Out or town persons attending All games will start at 6:30. Minnesota utilitv^ustomers 'of ment during the past year. In or- the rile-, were! Mr. ancI M r s Northern Natural have asked der that the health department ^'^^^l^Xr tent of the legislation, he sug- son John Jr , Ft. Jackson. S ment, Jenkins said: "Mr. Bensoni's long background of service to the VFW and his thorough knowledge and understanding of the internal workings of the or- a rummage sale Saturday, start- ganization assure me that he will ing at 8 in the morning at 509 be a valuable asset to this im- McLeod Ave. portant committee." Briefly Told The Salvation Army will hold box at the National Food Store ; the same morning. Assessors to Have Meeting Too Many Servicemen Still in Europe WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen Bond Is Forfeited In Fish License Case Cossi's Bar Stephen M. Young, D-Ohio. provided by the local health de- said Commission ei-i Pavlovich. John Pavlovich S r ., John Osterman and Steve Lu- Young at Yale, are cas n-embers of the Slovene Na- will take on Cramblit's at Er- thinks there are too many U.S which tional" Society Lodge 323 of win and the White Birch Wild- f[ v ! CP ™" Jj Europe 20 years bond of $30 in iron County Court visor ot assessments office at deceased was a mem- cats will tangle with Poor Joes Anei ^onci wai II. l Iron County Clerk Eino Ne- 1 vala has announced that there will be a meeting of all county 1 assessor;- at 9 a.m. Wednesday. Gene Gustafson, Manitowi s h July ?a, at the County C o u r t- Waters, was arrested on a house. Hurley, charge of possessing an illegal The meeting will be directed fishing license and forfeited a by a delegate of t)ie state super- at Underwood. 92 A 58- 4 ; 90 B 57«.i : 89 C 57; car- 90 B SS 1 -; 89 C 58. Eggs unsettled: whole- • ^.^n. .--*.. ..M^,^,, ,,u>^ «orv>.<.i — - . ~ t sale bi'vino- prices imchantred the FPC for a rehearing on its may properly carry out the in- Set. sale Di>m B puces uncnanMC. t»m or n,o i^uiatmn ho s .,«r- son clccjsjon claiming Hurley Driver Pays $10 Fine in Court One driver was fined today in He told the Senate Wednesday at J IU f 1 f i n a good way to help the balance Gustafson was arrested on Wausau. and will be expressly a ; for the purpose of issuing state of pa ments would be to brine cl:ar ^ e of buying a resident «sh- assessor's manuals and giving oi paj ments would DC to bling . „„„„„„ ,,,>,nc HP u/ac nnt a instructions in t.hp n.«> nf thoo» home 150.000 to 200,000 servicemen and dependents. ' m % llcense while he was not a of these 25 ] a; dirties 21. unqoted; Congress Votes Funds To Operate Itself checks a »d necessity to serve the Upper ° f supervisors and LIH.LM> peninsula ^^ M D ., associate commissioner agon The PSC's objection to thc re- and director for medical serv hearing request will state that the Northern Natural propo s a was the subject of Milchiloski and family, Onton- of as thc result of a traffic accident that happened Wednesday morning in Ironwood. August, Erspamer, Hurley, was fined S10 and $4.20 for GEORGE W. SULLIVAN Funeral services for George W. Sullivan, 83, of Hurley, will costs for failure to have his car Michigan Department Health. He requested that t h e ex'tensive board cfive him the name of the hearings all parties submit! e d; committee and individuals with be held at 9 a.m. Saturday at under control when he collided WASHINGTON (AP) — Con- briefs to' the hearing examiner ! whom they wish the health de-. the St. Mary Catholic Church at, with i Twin City cab driven by gress has voted funds to operate'. a carefully-considered decisi o n ! partment to work. ; Hurley with the Rt. Rev. Msgr. John Best Jr., at Lowell and itself during the year that began Was reached by the examiner, • The communication from Michael A. Proek officiating. Norrie St. July 1 exceptions to his decision were Commisrioner Heustis was sup- Burial will be at the SI. Mary Both houses acted quickly filed with the commission, a n d piemen! ed by a report by Sup Cemetery. Wednesday on the final version the commission's order ol June ervisoi Wagner, of a mectinu Friends may call at the Eng- of the bill, sending it to Presi-. 2 gave careful and comp 1 e t e he at'enc'ed in the Hancock san- strom Funeral Home. Hurley, dent Johnson. It provides S189.- consideration to the issues now atariur" on June 23. which was after 2 p.m. Friday. The rosary THE WEATHER TEMPERATURES IN IflONWOOD Thursday, July 'i 1 ;, 1066. For 2-1 hr. period cndine at 12 noon. 2 p.m. 74 10 p.m. 72 6 a.m. 70 -1 p.m. 73 Midnight 70 8 a.m. 70 6 p.m. 7ii 2 a.m. 70 10 a.m. 73 R p.m. 72 4 a.m. 71 Noon 77 Barometer: fi a.m. 29.93; Noon 29.91. qualified resident of Wiscons i n. manuals for the 1966 assessment. The license was allegedly pur- 1 The meeting will be conductd chased in Mercer. The arre s t in the circuit court room. AH was made by state conservation assessors of Iron County are re- officers. RANGE SKIES Sunset today 8:44. Sunrise Io A summons was issued and'morrow 5:30. Moonrlse tomor- arresl was made by the 1 r o n-j row 12:58 a.m. New MOOP July wood Police Department. 28. Visible Planets — Mormry . sets 9:15 p.m. Venus, sets 9:37 Pearl experts report that a p.m. Mars low in west 10:55 993.297 for the House and Senate raised in the application for re- called l\v the Michiean Depart- will be recited at 8 Friday eve- princess length strand of pearls p.m. Saturn,, in southeast 1:32 c «nd their subordinate agencies., hearing. ,ment of Health, tq discuss the.ning. .measures 18 inches. , a-f 1 - Jupiter, rises 3:03 a.m. Notice The family of the late Mrs. David B. Cavan request no flowers. Contributions may be made to the Memorial Fund of the Church of the Transfiguration or the American Cancer Society. quested to attend. NOTICE! The SKYLAWN Will Be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC ON SATURDAY, JULY 24. (Wedding Reception)

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