Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 4, 1955 · Page 7
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 7

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, November 4, 1955
Page 7
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Wai PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND. MD« FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1955 SEVENc t Mickey Mouse Club Has Highest Rating By JACK O'BRIAN NEW YORK-(INS)-It was a blithe and-swift "Shower 0£ .Stars" last eve: Good performers in a razzle-dazzle of music . and non- explanation or justification, caused simply enough by discovering just before air time that something har' - to be tossed out to keep the show inside its 30-minute size. So thev slashed lines and pieces sense, a juke box of jokes and! from the sketch but left it in to splashy tints. . . j puzzle and confuse. It would have Gary Crosby is just a woe bit! been a better show if the sketch too assured for us. : Patti Page looked her most Svelte | ever in her one-shot 30- rninute spectacular Wed. .night with Pierino Como and Genel Nelson, also a fresh and fast half- hour whose sole shortcoming was had been heaved out entirely. . . Gino -Prate's been signed for another P. Comocast (Nov. 12). Plus Dorothy Kirsten to soothe Gino's classical ears. Dean Martin ''& Jerry Lewis are guarding their Nov. 13 TV show its "comedy" sketch. j because it's delicate and might be It seemed, to lie there without { stolen -- a satire, for which the lads are not that subtle equipped They should be smarter and call it "burlesque.'' Mickey Mouse Club ' not : only is the highest rated daytimer, it even won nine of the top ten daytime Nielsen ratings (Mickey is slicet into quarter-hours for sponsor sep aration), led only by the work series. Couldn't happen to a nicer rat.- •' ;••: •• 'George Burns and Grade wil sing on their show Monday, a cutdown musical comedy. . George wired us he's "no Lanza," and immediately added: "J just changed my mind; I am". . CAUTION! because of protein richness SHORTEN YOUR TOASTING TIME TO PRODUCE THE WORLD'S FINEST TOAST WITH made with Dupoiit's DARVYL! TheyTl Do It Every Time ,_.. By Jimmy Hatlo HE'D NEVER THIKK OPB4CKM50UTTHE THE KID LEFT IT, OUT JWD THE OLD AWMH4STOFVTIT CR4CKR3T UP TO MOW? HE LOOKS LIKE HE'S 6ETIWTO OUR HOUSe.' HE'S OOHM6KT STUCK 6R46GIMS "WE OTHER DAy HE* GOT THE WIDEST C4ROMTWE NEIGHBORHOOD WITH ANOTHER WSURMOUMT4BLE PROBUEM —' Answer to Previous Puzzle Home on the Range Shaffer Improves Luther P. Shaffer. 70. of 418 Fayette Street, who suffered a heart attack Monday, has shown "mark-: ed improvement" at St. Vihc'ent'sj Hospital, Jacksonville, Fla. ] Sparsely Settled Forty per cent of the .natibiV* land and 35 per cent of its natural- resources are in the West, yet w&\ 14 per cent of the people of thfe" United States live in this region. jri . ACROSS 1 Cowboy. —— Rogers 4 Wild Hickok . 8 Trigger's mother 12 Anger ' 13 Bewildered 14Eggshaped DOWN 1 Mature . 2 Mineral rocks 3 Preceding day 4 Sew loosely 5 Poetic island 6 Rented 7 Fold 8 Engine 9 Eager Arms Arbiter Founded, by Richard III'in 1484, the English College of Arms is a supreme arbiter on family pedigrees in Britain. Its collection of 'amily records, the greatest in .the •world, goes back to the 15th cen- nry. - ISFootlike part 10 Speed contest "27 Military. z ffl 15 W 16 Kind of comedy . 18 Landed propertisr. 20 Ciphers 21 Before 22 Always 24 Ranchland measure 28 Paradise 27 Middle (prefix) 30 Commemorative awards 32 Amount of printed matter 34 Wipes out 35 Sour ' 36 Napoleon's marshal . 37 Swerve 39 Nuisance 40 Light color 41 Damage 42 Gay time 45 Saluting 49 Intersection* 51 Organ of hearing 82 Evict 53 Food regime 84 Falsehood 55 Mounds used , by golfers 56 Playing ctrds 57 Furtive Safety Last PHOENIX, Ariz. — UD — The police department had a very red face. Capt. Haskell Welch was in a minor traffic accident. He was cited only after Chief Charles P. Thomas ordered it, the next day. Welch is chief of the • department's safety program. . . 42 Gael 43 Girl's nickname 11 Large deer supplies (pi.) ' 28 Shield 17 Picture$qu« 29 Denomination 44 Flower 19 Regions 31 Taxes 46 Askew 23 Of the palate 33 Country In 47 Fasten 24 Prayer ending Asia 48 "The Old —— 25 Beak 38 National Mare" membrane 40 Tries , ' W She's sweet u 26 German city 41 Light fogs apple cider 1Z f lb 42 N. CENTRE ST. Th« price of Swift'j Premium Hams Jn our advertisement in last night's Times was in error,- The item should have read : . . SWIFTS PREMIUM HAMS WHbLE OR SHANK HALr 1 lb. 45c Boys' Combat Boots $399 Sizes T 0 to 3 135 Baltimore St. CHILDREN'S APPAREL IS OUR SPECIALTY .IN STYLE, QUALITY AND VALUE. IS N. Centre St. R-E-D-U-C-E-D! Girls' Corduroy JUMPERS With Straps Zsi Values 3*99 Sitei R to 14 Ked and Blue Croup «f Pre-Teen Carton and Rayon DRESSES 6.98 Values la 12.9 Valuei to Toddlers' , DRESSES Drttiy StyUi — Paifeli 3.98 Complete Selection of GIRLS' COATS Sit.i: Pre-teeni—7 to 1^—3 to ox ORLON SWEATERS Slip-ov«n .......:.. $3.»l Coal. . $5.91 Matching Sett LILLIAN'S GIRL SHOP 64 Baltimore St. S. T. LITTLE HAS SQUARE SHAPE COOKS 20% 1 MOIE the* IUm4 N> CONTROllEO HI*T /<-~^ f FRYPAN Eggs, bacon, sausage frjeJT co perfection because of CONTROLLED HEAT. Simply set die dial for perfect cooking and frying results. No guesswork or constant watching/. Water sealed element. from $19.95 $27.50 Patented RADIANT CONTROL gircJ. lame uniform toast whether bread is frozen of freth, rye or white, thick or thin. Btiirf. MOM beautiful automatic percolator made. Make the very finest percolator coffee made. Set it for mild or strong. Set it — forget it. Resets automatically to keep coffe* hoc $29.95 A Small Deposit Will Hold Your Selection In Layaway ________ • • • 3 WAYS TO CHARGE 1. Regular 30-day charge. 2. Pay Vi down, Vi per mo. 3. Pay 20% down,"10% per month • With any purchase from our "Beautiful Home { Shop" today and tomorrow we will gire you your {choice of any 15c or 25c greeting card in our stock. PESKIN'S introducing... BRAND NEW — ALL ELECTRIC — ROUND BOBBIN World Famous Precision Model BRAND NEW Round Bobbin Sewing Machine Darns, Embroiders - Sews Forwards and Reverse Over Pins. etc. Without flitch, Regular $189.50! As Advertised in Vogue Magazine - SAVE $149.00! TWs Sale Will Wot Be Repeated. 1 Posi'fj've/y Only at Hours Advertise*/ mile T/iey last! Now Get Yours How! Only the brawny sweater Fashion's telling t new yarn . . . about heavyweights .... sweaters with a punch line. Classic shapes, but knitted with double thickness in wool, orlon and even cashmere .' . . Some are so heavy, they're nubby enough to be outdoors in winter dime* . . . Come, see these new heavyweight champs .... from 9.95 Fashions Second Floor O te. O o at O Ml Z o X A. o z > si MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - NO MONEY DOWN! - NO INTEREST! (YOUR CREDIT MUST BE ESTABLISHED) NO FINANCE lifetime Guarantee! . A...-. CHARGE? and SALE! . ""•' Oi DEMONSTRATION FRIDAY, NOV. 4th HOURS 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. WARHAFTS 79 North C«ntr« St. CUMBERLAND SATURDAY, NOV. 51k HOURS 10 A.M. te 7 P.M. WEHLER'S 5 East Main St. FROSTBURQ i Factory demonstrators Check Itese 14 del«x features: s if Standard part* Built-in Dmroer Nunbcre*! tenta 4M »iywhtr«! ' IUc« l«r e»»y Special Cat H»ok t* ellmbutc • Flncer-tlp stitch r«niUlejc •If »e(wfn«d During Sol. • Automatic Bobbht-winwr • Sews Over Pta» . Senn Forwkrt and Bm«kwui • K««n4 Bobbin • P»TferfmJ AC/DC Motor . • SlmptWe* F»«t Contttl • Sevea speed* • lUay-to-reftd COMPARE WITH ANY MACHINE COSTING $18S.5» AND MOKE! NOTICE! rwUively N« Machines S«H At This Price After Sato! IRAND NIW ALL ILECTRIC i,. ROUND IOBIIN

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