The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 18, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1933
Page 8
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„ , , r ,,-r.n, . :•';• r rjW^'^ff^^^ j • ' ( ' ' * ''<^ .'•'*' / , , - ' > \ ,, *'-''' ' * '• * •^•yj.'V, ;* • c , L.'-y;,,.', "v * '"">';'' *%!'. ^ ;ty 1 Tim ft'AKttBSfflttLP CALIFORNIA?*. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, LEILA HYAMS "Islund of Lost Souls" New Attraction; Mas Excellent Cqpl ; H. O. Wells' "TMiind of Lost Souls," Bald to bo ono of the most startling adventure pictures ever filmed, will Show at the Fox theater today and tomorrow. Featured In the cast arc Charles Laugh ton, Bola ("Drncula") IAIROS!, nichard Arlen, T^ella Hyams tind Kathleen Burke, the girt chosen by Paramount from over 00,000 entrants in a nation -wide contest to discover a perfect type for the role of the "PnnlVier Woman" in tho film. The story revolves n round tho activities of 'a mad scientist, Charles Laughton, who, upon Ills expulsion from England, retires to an uncharted island which superstitious sailors describe as "the scourge of the south fleas." In weird and eerlo surroundings, he erects a highly geared laboratory and attempts to defy all principles of creation and evolution by developing human beings from animals 15y a process of electroblology. His most nearly perfect creation Is tho "Panther Woman," who falls In Jove with Richard Arlen, a south sea adventurer who lands on the Island after being shipwrecked. Arlen. hor- - rifled at the discovery of Laugh ton 8 Inhumane experiments, attempts to <scape. He is completely balked until help arrives In tho person of his jMancee, Leila Ilyams, who leads a rescue party to the Island. While plans for an escape are being lhadc, the colony of beast-men revolts dud goes on 11 wild ^rampage, intent dn killing everything in their path. An Dnusunl turn of events brings the film to a highly exciting conclusion. ' CHEVALIERS DIVORCED ' PAHIS, Jan. IS. (A. P.)— Maurice dhevaller and his wife. Tvonno Vallee, were granted a divorce today on reciprocal 'grounds. _j _ BARRYMORE STAtlRED mm mm STARS AT NILE TONIGHT SALLY EILERS IS Tlmo honored customs In Congress such as the hazing of recalcitrant newcomers, the Senate ceremony of acuomvunylng the (swearing of a. now lawmaker, and a hundred, and one llt- tlo delitlls unknown to the general ibUu come to 'the screen- tn "The Washington' Masquerade," dramatic story of national politics*, now at the Klulto theater. In addition, Inside details of tho ''lobbyist racket" shoeing how out side Influences constantly seek to sway the opinions of lawmakers, how women and other bait are used to trnp them, and how the lobbyists work, arc shown In this unusual drama In which Lionel Barrymore heads an elaborate cast. GOV. ROIPH DESIDNS SEEN IN FOX DRAMA (United rrenii Leased Wire) SACKAMlSNfO, Jan. 18.—Governor Rolph has appointed Sheriff Eugene W. Blscailuz of Los Angeles county as member of the board of managers of the state bureau of .criminal Identification and Investigation. Other members of the board include Chief of Police William J. Qulnn, San Francisco, and District Attorney Earl Warren, Oakland. The governor also roappolnted Frank C. Sykes of San Francisco as a member of the state board of prison terms and paroles; C. E. Mlddlehoof of Oroville, member of the board of veterinary examiners, and Mrs. Rose B. Wallace of Alhambra as a member of tho board of trustees, state prison for women at Tehachapl. A. G. Proctor of Woodland was made a member of the board of seg- Istratlon for civil engineers, succeeding Henry J. Brunler, San Francisco, whose term expired. TODAY IOX I HI XI IN TODAY CONTINUOUS, 2:30 TO 11:00 = ELLS' SURGING RHAPSODY OF ROMANCE, ADVENTURE AND TERROR! The Panther Woman Revealed I . . . In All Her Feline Beauty! IL CULTURE IS SEEN ON UP TREND (United I'reii Leaned Wire) STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Jan. 18.— Confusion caused by the present crisis, which hau hit tho International centers of music very hard, may prepare the soil for a new musical culture, although we cannot at present HOC clearly the' future development. This Is the opinion of Professor Olallo Morales, secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music. In a recent speech he deplored the unemployment among the musicians abroad, and the general lowering of the musical standard caused by tho world depression which, however, so far hus not affected -the musical life of Sweden seriously. The professor stated that he had observed a tendency In modern music toward greater simplicity and harmony and toward the classical and preclasstcal forms. The young composers seem to regard the former musical revolutionists ^ with • respectful awe. The young ones, ho said, now have the task of building up now musical works of art, linking .the spirit of the present age with the music, of the past. To counteract tho . unemployment among musicians Professor Morales offered an Interesting suggestion. Ho urged the organization of ambulating orchestras as a kind of unemployment 'relief work. These orchestras should bo sent to play in. communities In such parts of the country where there Is a lack of good orchestral music, REMONETIZE SILVER WASHINGTON, Jan. 18. (A. P.)— Chairman Steagall of the House bank- Ing committee today Introduced a bill .o remonetlze silver and said his committee would start hearings on :ho measure soon. SALLY EILERS lias Strong Role in "Second Hand Wife"; Double Bill Screened Saliy Biters, who came to the .fore In "Bad Girl," Is said to roach new dramatic 'heights' In "Second Hand Wife." the Pox picture in which she portrays tho rolo of a girl who, falls slncieroly In love with her .wealthy employer, ivlrrndy married;' "Second Hand Wlfo'Hs from the pen of Kathleen Norrls, one of the most uccessfut of modern novelists. It was spared for the screen by Hamilton UncFadden, who also directed 'the plc- U M!SS Bllers !s coroatured. with •Ralph Bellamy. In the supporting cast_ «ro Helen Vlnson, Victor .Tory, Doro-^ hey Christy, Esther Howard,' Karol Ciiy, riffle Kllster, Clay Clement and lla Wniker. " ' 'Second Hand -Wife" will bo seen on tho California theater screen .loday and tomorrow, along -with first run picture, "The Savage EDDIE CANTOR AND RUTH HAUU IN "THE KID FROM SPAIN' CCORDINQ to the reviews, Eddie Cantor's latest production, "The Kid From Spain," 'which opens tonight at the Nile, Is one of the most Important pictures of any year. The production dazzles with Its lav- sh backgrounds and spectacular musical numbers, provides no end of fun and gaiety throughout, ending In • an uproar of excitement attendant on tho bullfight which involves its hero and a very spirited horned assailant whose ability to leap fences scores a genuine sensation. This particular sequence is one of the biggest causes for merriment fever offered In a talking plc- , T e ii'e triumphant hit of "The Kid From Spain" is Its Star comedian, Eddie Cantor, who knows all the possibilities of fun-making. Lyda Robert Is an excellent foil for Cantor's witty sayings. Ruth Hall and Robert- Young furnish the romance while other featured players include Noah Beery John Jfiljan, J. Carrol Nash, Sidney Franklin, world-famous matador; Ben Hendrlcks, Jr., Stanley Fields, Pau Porcasl and fhe Goldwyn girls. STAR AT CALIFORNIA- Pick Winners in Tarzan Contest of Signal Firm HOLIDAYS PROVE BIG AID TO AITRAVEL 289.5 M.—KNX—1050 K. Due to the Horror* Depicted This Picture la Not Recommended to Children! SLAYER TO BE HANGED OAKLAND, Jan. 18. (U. P.)— Claude Forbes, chauffeur who confessed that he killed Harry Nelson, deputy Alameda 'county assessor, today was seh- tenced to bo hanged. , _ 6—News. 6:15—Bill, Mac and Jimmy. 6:30—SI and Elmer. 6-45—Currier's Serenaders. 7—Frank Watanabe and Honorable Archie. 7:15—"Pieces of Eight." 7:45—Reveries, tenor and contralto and novelty orchestra. 8—KNX Ensemble. 8:30—Hoslcrucians. 9-—News. 8:15—Cello Recital, Philip Musgrave. 9:30—"Patches." 10—KNX Ensemble. 10:30—Organ arid Marlon Mansfield. 11 to 12 midnight—New Paris Inn./ STARTS TONIGHT Matinees... TODAY AND TOMORROW Two Big First Run Festurea "The SAVAGE GIRL" With ROCHELLE HUDSON Walter Byron Harry Myers i-'M /v<- • , **!"< 6—CBS programs, to 6:30. 6:30—To be announced. 7—Boswell Sisters. 7:15—The Buccaneers. 7:30—Chandu, the Magician. 7:45—Myrt and Marge. 8—"HeadllnesX' ' 8:lit—CBS programs to 8:45. 8;45—The Voice of Romance. 9—Don Redman's Orchestra. 9:30—isle of Golden Dreams. 10—News Items. 30:15—Ted Flo-Rito's Orchestra. 11—Dancing with, the Stars. 12 to 1 a. m.—Marshall Grant, organ. - KERN—1200 K. 6:15—"Romantlf Bachelor," Vicks VapoKub. 6:30—Jimmy Bittlck'a Orchestra. 7—The Bo-swell Sisters. 7:15—Buccaneers. 7:30—Columbia Revue. 7:46—Myrt und-Marges—Globe Headlines. 8:15—The Islanders and Three Shades of Blue. 8:30—Frolic. 9:30—Isle of Golden Dreams. 10 T _"CroMS Cuts." 10:05—All-Request Hour. . 10:40^-fed Fto-Rlto's Orchestra. 11—Dancing with the Stars. 468.5 M-—KFI—640'K. ( United Prow Looted Wire) ' NEfW YORK, Jan. 18.—Increased travel by air, due to the holidays, is reported by officials ;of United Air Lines, on some divisions of which extra planes were put into service to take care of the demand for reservations. Extremely mild weather also brought about Ideal flying conditions all along .the coast-to-coast route. According to figures just .released by the nlr line, the first 11 months of this year showed an Increase In pas-, senger air travel by. over 110 per cent as compared to the same period of 1931. More than 84^00'passengers were carried during that period as compared with 40,000 for the same period last year. In the month of November, 6645 passengers were carried, contrasted With 2801 In November/ 1081. Th'e company also substantially Increased Its flying this year, as .the total mileage flown with air mall, express and passengers the first • 11 months amounted to 11,260,000, contrasted with 9,800,000 for 1H81. In November, 1,018,634 miles "were flown, an Increase of approximately 100,000 over the same month last year. An Increase In air express tonnage has followed the recent rate reductions. "Madison Square Garden" Is (Current Feature; Has Splendid Cast V " '" . •- ' • '. Being penny-wise hurts. But itt pays.': :. ..-...• •,. - ;. .. > "£''•- That conclusion has been reached by TKonrnb Melghan, noted screen star, featured with Jack Oakle, I*H- rlan Nixon/ Warren 1 Hymer, William Collier,) 8r., William Boyd and Znsu, Pitts',In' "Madlnon Square Garden," drama set against the kaleidoscopic background of New York/a fame'd civic, social and athletic center, which comesv to the Rex theater .today. "•'',' Melghnn, skyrocketed to fame through hirt work In the silent version of "The Mlraclo'Man," back In 1919, found the monetary returns as largo as the returns In plaudits. And Che temptation to splurge with the former was equally as large. But Melglmn decided he'd try to pet along without all the things .he could afford, and thnt he'd be a little less than lavish. The .balance wont Into the bank, even though It hurt for tho Ilrst few years. Now ho doesn't regret. It, He's rated as one of the wealthiest actors In the country. He owns extensive estates at Great Neck, L. I., and Bast Port Richie, Fla. When he feels the urge to work he accepts one of. tho numerous screen contracts offered him. And there are enough to permit ttm to choose only good onen. Otherwise, he can rest and play. » » E D ERICKSON, 11730 South Ber- endo street, Los Angeles, was awarded a 12-tube superheterodyne radio by tho Signal Oil and Gas Company for winning first prize In tho Tarzan radio contest ending December 31, In which over 200 valuable prizes were awarded. Second prize, a five-tube portable radio went • ta Frank Dlperno, 118 Hewitt street, Santa Rosa] Betty Jene Lewis, 1345 Bond street, Los Angeles, • came In third and won a beautiful Elgin wrist watch: The Tarzan Club fpr boys and girls started several months ago,' because of the tremendous Interest stimulated by the radio serial, "Tarzan of the Apes," sponsored by the Signal Oil Company. Tarzan clubs have already been formed In nearly every town In California and their total membership now exceeds 20,000 youngsters. ^^^ No Native Nevadan Elected to Senate • ('United Press Leased Wire) RENO, Nov., Jan. 18.—Although Nevada came Into statehood 63 years ago, a native of the state has never represented It In the United States Senate. _,' The | queer situation .wnl be/corrected when the new Congress -convenes, for Patrick A. McCurren, Democrat, senator-elect, .wasrborn In Reno 5C years «so. There has been, however, a native of Nevada In the Senate for 20 years, although ho represents another .state. Henry F. Ashurst, Democrat, Arizona, wns born In-Winnemucca, Nov., hut moved to Arizona when a baby In arms and hns rcprespnted Arizona without Interruption since that state was admitted to the Union. That Bak«r?flfeld today is one of tho most productive ureas for business In the entire state of California, Judging from the viewpoint of his company, Is the statement made by L. R. Haupt, branch .manager for the Gilmore Oil Company, maintaining one ot Its Important distributing plants " in this city. The Bakcrsfleld branch, opened three years I\KO, stands today as one of the best producers of business in the state. i VIn looking over our figures recently," says Mr. - Haupt, "H. O. Young, the district manager, and 1 discovered thnt our e business for De- comber, j\.Bt pnst. showed exactly 40 per cent gain over the month of May. Most of our Increases have been achieved since. the'company perfected and put on the market the new Rerl Lion flrst-qualltyjjiBollne. The point that interests uH-njpst, with respect to' Bakcrsfleld terrjtwjy, Is that the majority of tho consuming public here Insists on and buys a product of the highest grade, In the realization that this constitutes .real economy "l>'rpm BakersfleW we- nro distributing to a large area, including such points as Delano. Wasco, Wheeler Ridge and Arv'in, which constitute the limits of our territory In tho various directions of the compass." :—*-*-* . • Prison sentences are longer In the United States than for corresponding crimes In England. 2^ depositors since March, 1932, would fill world's largest stadium almost twice over SOLDIERS' FlELP.CPlPAOO-17O.gob CAP^CIT OPEN 12-11 P. M. » . AnyStft 300 SEATS, ANY TIME 15c Today and Tomorrow LOVE! DRAMA! ACTION , Jack Oakle, Marlon Nixon In Madison Square Garden and Selected Short Subjects . G RANAD 618 Kentucky Street Talking Plcturti Eviry Diy A ANY SEAT, ANY TIME, 150 Children Always IQc Today Only Flfi Dorsay In "The Girl From Calgary" News. Comedy and Cartoon Tomorrow Night Only at S:;!0 WRESTLING Hotel El Tejon A DELIGHTFUL P.LACE IN WHICH TO EAT Hot Toasted Sandwiches Fifteen Cents BukeU Ham Tuna Klsli' Konst Pork Swiss or American CUee.KO Deviled EBB JBucon and Lettuce Hum and BgK Served With Dill Plok\o, OlIveH, Tomatoes SPECIAL Hot Kbast Beef Sandwich, Manhed Potatoes and Brown Gravy, 25c Hot Roast Turkey Sandwich, Mashed Potatoes, Olblet Gravy, 46c El Tejon Made Plea a la Mode, 15c Club Breakfasts 25c to 50c to 7:30. Ensemble, VIRGINIA Continuous 12 m. to 11 p. m. 300 SEATS—Any Time, 15e LAST TIMES TODAY "While Paris Sleeps" With Victor McLaglen, Helen Mack, William Bakewell and Rita La Roy Comedy, Cartoon and Novelty RIALTO a TO B P. M., lit; AfTEII 6. ISc, 23c Today and Thursday "WASHINGTON MASQUERADE" With Lionel Barrymore, Karen Morley, Nils Asther , Comedy, News and Cartoon Friday and Saturday "OUT OF SINGAPORE" China Night Thursday PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY Now Curries SHEET MUSIC Shows 7 and 9 p. m. lit getting funny with d d beauties... gorgeous hered together like pc into o priceless string... in a lusty tale of bullfighting and love-making south of the Rio Grande EDMEQUI10R in Stmucl Goldwyn's Production of 'THE HID FRom with th* GLORIOUS GOLDWYN GIRLS AND . . . SIDNEY FRANKLIN WorlJ-Ftmout Mitidor 6 — Concert Orchestra. 6:30— NBC-KGO 7:30— Orchestra. 7:45_Or K un, Strin Tenor. 8— NBC-KGO program. 8:15— Transcription program. 8:30 — NBC-KOO programs to 9:45. 9:46 — "Buddies," male quartet. 10— NBC-KGO program. • 10:15— Phil Harris 1 orchestra. 11:30 to 12 inldrflght— Jay Whld- den'a Orchestra. I "Girl" Holly Trees Are "the Berries" | (United Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 18. — The 1 cheery red holly berries that appear I In windows and Christmas displays come only from female trees. Tho forest service, In a bulletin advising farmers to pla)it holly as a means of supplementing their Income as well as to prolong the American crop, points out that "boy" holly trees | are Just nice, sturdy trees and notli- i Ing more. It is the "girl" trees that provide all the berries. .• However, the forest service says, holly growers should plant plenty ot | male trees near the female ones to Insure pollination : and development ot | I tho berries. i The proposed railroad between Cape Town and Cairo la not yet completed. It Is finished from Cape Town to Lake Tanganyika, except for a Hliort utrptch. FRESNO •AKEMfltLD tMNTA BAKBAM •MNBUWAI [•POMONA , *SANTA ANA The number of individual* opening NEW ACCOUNTS in Bank of America since March 1932,total> more than the combined population* of Eureka, Fresno, Bakerifield, Santa Barbara,' San Bernardino, Pomona and Santa Ana. r' if ^" **^—— —. - •*—. ^^^^ 217; 35Q. Californians have joined BANK r*f s THE LINDBERGH LINE Looneytune Cartoon Universal News Continuous Saturday 3, 5, 7 and 9 DANCE Canaday's Pavilion TONIGHT Old Time and Modern Florence Bayless' Orchestra Admission, Gents 40c, Ladles 26c UGranada Ballroom Tonight Use Your Credit Card - QUINN JOHNSON'S MARVELOUS BAND Old-Timers' Night FRIDAY, JANUARY 20 Pop Weaber, Caller Dancing Starts 8:30 Ladles Free to 9, After 9, too REDUCED PRICES on / PLATES ' Quick Service . Office Over Klmball A Stone> Nineteenth and Chester DR. GOODNIGHT ROUTE COAST TO COAST HOURS - • I. ** 2 1/3 San Francisco » 14.45 1 LOB Angeles,... ••»' Fresno • 8>9 ' New York.......... 160.00 10% Off on Round Trips ' C*Ui Travel 6ute»u»,'Hotel Porten, Poetel, Wettern Union, Perm. K. R. or TRANSCONTINENTAL AM* WUTtnN AIM. JlM. Phone Ksr'n County Municipal Airport 3488. or Any Hotel or Trayel Bureau vast army of depositors since March 12 ,1932! * ' . • During the past 10 months over 217,550 new depositors have joined Bank of America's great roster—a public spirited response to a statewide appeal to put spare dollars to work, stimulate industry and create employment * < Your ' surplus funds in a Bank, of America savings or commercial account will help ALL California * V.#, Open an account in this time-tested bank

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