Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 11, 1933 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 11, 1933
Page 3
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^' IQLA/KA mm: D. A; McDonald vvjUl l^ave Sunday for St. Louis. Mo., ion business. Mr, and i Mrs. Al L._ Spencer will spend Sunday at Chariuteaa ^ests of Mr. and' Mrs. Mont Suhunets. —Dr. H/:L. Lacy. Dentist."1omce . ovier- Brown's, Drug Store. X-ray equipped. Phone 149. ' Mrs. G. F. Kuig of Chaniite. who has been s^iously ill the past month at the home of her daughter Mrs. Marie Pope, 512 East Neosho, is re- lX)rted to be gradually impronng^ D. A. McDonald Jr. drove to Kansas City today On business. . Floyd C. Smith will go to Inds- pendence this evening to referee the Independence junior QoU^ge-El Dorado junior college basketball game. —Stop those dripping faucets with Drip Proof Washers. lola Plumbing. Ca Phone 1175. • /\ Miss Golda Sparkman, who has been a guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Smith the past week, returned Friday night to her home in j Chanute. THE lOL'A D4ILY REqiSTER, SATURDAY EVENING. FEBRUA|tY 11,19gg. PAGE THREE a i:fe-:.->'.,^;t|.U.-"'- ^YCiiHlTHK IS THE VAStmSO BAD. WHEN WE FIPST CAME Any Siiit, Dress or Overcoat Cleaned and Pressed ..35c- ABI^ESOiV CLEANEE.S Plionfi 105 One Diiy Service If Desired Miss Alcne Klink, wlio resides, south of town, was a guest Thursday, i night .of licr aunt Mrs. M. S. McHenry and Mrs. Llllle Walter. —The Waimli Funeral Home nicr-; iU your confidence. Mr.s. M. S.; McHrnry relumed Wednesday from :i few days' visit .with her won Cliarlcs McHcnry and his famil.v. who, live north of town. SPECIALS FOR SUNDAY METiV Gteam of Tomato- Soup Turkey Dressing Giblet Sauce Cranberry ^elly Bacon Rosettes Creolb Sauce Pear Salad Radish Roscs Creamed CauUnowet Baked Potatoes Hot Biscuits • Apple Pie nu Oratln —25c and 35c—r Meek's POLLY ANN CAFE Phone 790 Mis.s Wilma Yocum, a student ijur;>e at St. Jolin's hospital iipcnt Friday afternoon with her parents Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Yocum. RADUNT HEATERS >Jew srhipmeni—latest designs— lirgre selection. You-ican afford to boy now at these reduced prices We Tradf—Free Delivery W. II.WOOD FLVE FURNITURE 202 S. Jeff.—Phone IW) , _Miss' Ij6liLa Siatelcr arrived Friday from'^ronson to be a week-end guest of her sister. Mr,s. R. E. Yo- ! h*cm"remained foralionger Visit." cam and her family. .Attention Teacher?.. j -The Register Job Department : will now bo oiJen dui'ing noon I hours and Saturjday afternoons. j Miss Evelyn McHehry, who has i been the. guest of her grandmother, Mrs. M. S. McHenry and Mrs. Lillie Waltei-, left Thursday evening for Humboldt for a visit with friends before returning to her home nqrth of town. Her sister. Miss Mildred McHenrj;, who accoippanied her —^For your Sunday pinner, complete llnq of Fresh Pffetrlcs. lola ' Bakery. .120 East Jhcks'on. I SATURDAY EVENING SPECIALS Mrs^ Kennetli H. Foust and her j : 1 pt. Puretest Cod Liver Oil. .79c children Phyllis and Jqlin left Fri- i : fi^.st^id Sanitary Napkins. .19c n-noon for a w^ek-ond .sUiy i U^^^healri^l Cold Cream. .59c day afternoon in Kansas City. S.-VLE Cleaning and Pressing; Moiii, Tucs., and Wed.' Only : Suits. Dresses. Coats. : Beautifully Cleaned and Pressed _23c—— 4 Garments Sl.lO j- CUT RATE CLJEANERS 109 West St.—Phone 773 : Call Early for Quick Service : Hats Cleaned and Blocked—45c 25c Com Solvent :... 19c : S2.00 Cara Nome Face Pflwder and SLOO Cleansing Cream, ': BoUi for $2.00 I : 25c Facial Tissues 19c ; ; SI.50 Symbol HW Bottle... .89c (Guaranteed 2 years.) : : 39c Chocolate Covered Pepper] ; mint Patties ... I..:. .25c 1 : Hortob's Fresh Peanut Brittle 19c :! : 1 lb. Jordon Almonds :39c COOKS Mre. Florence Lou,?shore wpnt to Tope?ca|thIs morning. She \yin re- iin-n tonight. Goixion Pendarvis left Friday afternoon for a week-end visit with friends in Topeka. —Ambulance service given prompt _ -.Ulcntlon. Pho. 72. Sleeper Mortuarj-. J.-C. Blaine and his son,Frederick i _ _., „,.~T„,," .„„ . „„ ,„ ; onPra.ey.sbure. Ohio, and Mr. and „,'^„°;„l^i"""-„^^'° f'"^,„^f" "^^' Mrs W P Blaine of Delta Colo °^ '^'^ mfection on his right foot wiran^ve Uiis "venlu-loi^e w^^^^^^^ "''^ ""'"^ '"°"'''^' ^ somewhat im-, Pennington. J. C. Blame and W. F.! ^- ^kmner said today. Mrs. L E. Van Doren, sister-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Van Doren of lola, died February 4 ati her home In Adrian, Mich., aqcording to word received here Wedneiiday. , Mrs, Mabel Ai'dendale arrived yesterday from Oarnett to be with her grandparents, the Rev. and Mrs. L. D. Wimmor. who are ill. FAIRMONT'S Frozen Fresh Stniwberries and Raspberries are now on sale at all tlie leading Brocery stores Howard Low:, who has been quite ill the past week, is somewhat improved, his twin brother. Hbwarth Low said today. Charles F. Scott.' publisher of the Register; spent a short time in his office today., and said that he had "about fecovei'ed" from a mild attack of influenza which has kept him confined to his home for the past several days. He .said that he expected to be able to fulfill all of his engagements for the coiping week. ^ Try It Now: NEW LONG WONDER BREAD More Bread—More Slices At Any Grocery Roscoe Richardson returned Friday from the eastern markets where he has been the past week purchasing spring merchandise, for the Riciiardson store. Veiiion Duggan of Kansas City is spending the week-end with Mrs. Duggan. .Any Dress, Suit or Coat Cleaned and Pressed 35c Let us Clean and Repair all tliose old ganncnts now! SPO-TLESS CLEANERS Phone 797 111 W. Madison HORIZONTAL 1 Abraiiiim Llncolji gained national fame by lilij slavery debatej 1 : What with, tn-as Lincoln by pro- fessloii? (p-l.) 14 Balan(ie-dae. 16 Pertaiiiing to a nerve. 17 Divers, 15 Pointed at as a gun. 21 Town. 22 Southeast. 2i Light Jjrown. iSAll riglit. Unkiiils. SO To lilije better. 50 Assfimed 34 Smeli. name. 35 Hiding -pWee 59 Sketclied. for provisions. 03 Opposite of SSTo value. 39 Witticism. 40 Forbedring, 41 Knock! 42 BQOty.j 44 Lassoa. 45 garmetit 46 Auto ) ;:A^tmn i/t ]^revious Puzzle raaiirf' • i: 'S'si J a • aaana HH .;y:ViH3r«iJii[ian. n[i5 [•j@r4: f^MH lima fijia.^ M. ai»iu2 awa- ciHa nas^ii saasB a-fusafg ass HHsaB fSIIlfiCllEK^fdl^QISiarZi]!] i 4ilnsane: 49 Pattern. 50 Keijative word. 52Heip. 43 Flagrant. obstruction. 3 English qoin. 3 Pitcher. 4 Hot spring. 5 Minor note. 6 Constellation. S Conjunction. 9 You and I. 10 The flicker. 11 Silkworm. 12 Rodent. |j'j(!y. aweather. fi4 Plants' parts. er, Body of water. LI Sneaky. CGRhytlini. C7 Unit «.si?tltcliea. VERTICAL 1 Stream pronoun. 20 Half an ero. 23 Deity. 85 Either. 26 Plays boisterously. 27 To love exceedingly. 28 Chose by ballot. 29 Blemish. 30 Writing implements. .11 Electrical unit. 32 Public L storehouse, 33 To repulsed 36 Particle. 37 To notice. 43 Northerner, U. S. A. 45 To pamper. 47 Negative. 49 Third note. 51 Sailor. 52 Onager. 53 Male sheep. 54 Beer. 15 Lincoln issued 55 Fishing bag. the famous 57 Card game. proclama- 5S Devoured. t ion, freeing 60 Uncooked, the slaves? 61 To piece out. 10 Neuter 62 To marry. Bhiinc .are nlngton. ' brothcr.s :of Mrs. Pen- ST. VALENTINE'S DAY Summed Up in One Word FLOWERS! Before you forget, phone 1066. and order your Valentine Flowers. Fresh cut flowers? Mother, sweetlieart. wife i and sister ail appreciate Valentines in the form of beautiful f loivci-s - ; Place Order Early \ ODOR GR^ENHOUSEis We Telegi'aph Flow'crs "The iSouUi Side Bible class mc\ j yesterday aftciTiOon in the home of I Mrs. TSi, W. .'.mold with ten mem- ! iKrs present. Tiie devotionals v,eri- led~,byfMrs Ila Wat.son. The meet- -inginest Friday \v:ll be nt the honi.^ of Mi-s.: Ila Watson. " ~ , Valentines of the Minute for Your Big "Moment" Jiuit received a shipment of delicious Chocolates and Bon Bons packed in lieart-shapcd bo.fos and Valentine wrapped. —Priced 15<rup— BROWN'S DRUG STORE Phono 255 : j Mrs. A. W. Young, who has been j :: confined to her bed the past week, i : I because of an attack of the flu. was ! :, improved sufficiently to be up ioday.' FRYER BROS. GROCERY Oysters, 5-oz. can, 3 for 25c oil-Boy Oats, large pkg 12c Chipso Quick Suds or Crystal White Soap Flakes. Ige. pkg. 15c Tomatoes. No. 2 can. 4 for. 25c Or 1, doz. cans for 70C Otoe Hominy. No. 2 > i can, 2 for. 15c "Dried Apples, nice quartered. \ 2 pounds for .15c Cocoa, first prize. 2-lb. pkg.... 19c THEN HELL BROKE LOOSE! . I consider '•Tlie Big Drive" a , most unusual picture, and one ' which everyone should see; \v\x- tlcularly those iieople who persist in the belief that war is the proper way foi- nations to .settle , their disputes. : it; Is difficult to realize, as one yieiws this picture, that the scenes were made :during the actual fighting of tlic World War!. It contains variety and one's interest from beginning to ,end. =^MRS. KENNETH H. FOUST. Motion Picture Committee, i Federated Clubs. (Watch this, space tomorrow. > '• THE J; F. GRENNAN , PRODUjCE CO. C O. QOGHILL , Manager , PppLTRY AND EGGS E^g and Supplies Old- and Rel^ble—EstabUslied 1911 Comer iMonroe an&. Elm (Just West dc the Xfaler. Tower) , Donald Milne, a sergeant in the anti-aircraft division of the United States 62nd coast artilleiy,' ariived Thur.«-xlay night from Fort ITotten. New York, for a visit with his parents. Mr. and Mre. T. A. Milne. Mr. Mllne has a 90-day leave of absence. THEY'RE HERE —Very latest Electric, Wasliers. Standard makes. Lower prices. Free tiiijs. Ternus. We trade. Curtis' Furniture: 10 N. Washington. D. R. Phillips was able to return i to bis barber shop this morning after being confined to his home by. 111- nes.s the past week. SUNDAY >|ENU Soup. Chicken a La Riene. Fried Chicken Maryljind, Stewed Chicken with Dumplings, Roast Sirloin of Beef. Roast Leg of Lamb, including three vegetables. Pineapple and Cheese Salad, Brown Betty Puddjng; Hot Rolls. Drinks. ' IjiOZY KOVE ' I 117 West St. i Dudley Hjendei-son went to Kan- '.sas City today to spend \tie week- I end with his brother Wayne Heiider- j .son and Mrs. Henderson. Mr. ahd Mrs. J. B. Kirk, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Kirk and their children Emclic and JacqueUne,. and Mr. and I Mrs. Stanley Kirk and their daugh- ' ler Ruth will go to "Wichita I tomorrow to attend -a meeting of the Masonic grand lodge bodies. OUR SPECIAL PRICE on Disc Sharpening is good only a few days longer (imtil Pebruary_15) Rer Disc- Plow Worfci General Blacjc- smithing, .Acetylene Weldhig C. C. McC.ARTY & SON 301 Souttf St. Phone 218 Mrs. R. S. Bai?ieyback and son Robert Jr., who have, been giie^ts of Mrs. Bameyback's parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Wait^ ttie past Tyeek, left today for their h6m6 in Wichita Falls, Texas. Mr. Bameyb(i<;l^ s^r-. rived last evening frbni Washington, p. C- to jd^ thein and to' accompany them home. Mr. and Mrs. James Lotli will arrive tonight from Girard to be the week-end guests of Mrs; Loth's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Anderson, land other relatives. M1.SS Olive P&ul left this noon for Winfield where she will take u nurse's training course at St. Mary's j hospital. CHECK YOITR BATTERY And you'll avoid being' stalled out in "no man's land" because of a dead battery. Batteries tested free of charge Low prices on new plates SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jeff.—Phone 80 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Palmer will aiTive this evening from Wichita for a week-end visit with Mr. Palmer's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J.'H. Palmer. I Miss Alice Hendricks sjwke in the junior high .school assembly Friday about her trip to Europe. —Valentines. Ic and up. Valentine Candies in heart boxes. 25c and up. Cook's. "The. Girl Resei-ves of the high school entertained their mothers at a tea in the Girl Reserve room yesterday afternoon. Barbara Seay sang, and Tillie Lltwin gave a reading; Other guests were ^the town sponsors of G. R. and [the high school teachers. Vieva Jackson was chairman of the committee in charge. MRSJGULLETTS NEOSHO VALLEY and UNION (C. L. Arnold) Union School Not«s. Feb. 9—Mr. and'Mrs. Ben Adams spent Tuesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Adams and family. Miss Xiiadys Hill spent Sunday with Miss Gertrude Hicks. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Osbom and grandchildren spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Lorance. There were only nine, pupils at school Tuesday: Gladys and Ken­ netli Hill, Evelyn, Kenneth and James Potter. Harry and Norbert Morinann. Donnel and Dale Adams. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Valentine spent Friday iiight with Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Creason and children. Virgil Turner spent iSaturday night and all afternoon Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Creason and children. Mr. ahd Mrs. Fred Wilson and daughtei- of Kansas City, are visiting at the Fred Rees home. — Helen Wilson, teacher. S. E. Fister b^d his automobile stripped of about all of the detach^ able accessories about a week agp, and now suffers the inconveniends of being without a car at the liands of unfeeling thieves. •:• •:• •:• •> •:• •> •:• •:• <• •:• • •> <• •> —ITEMS— ? •:• •:• •:• •> •:• •> • « <• •:• <• •> •> • « : —_ Mr Blaks Lumber co and Grain CO Sure are putting out Som nice pamphlets. It was pitifull to See them coming in with a. Ijoad of Wood no Mdnney to buy coal. We are glad the littel Barnes G\v\ is Improving as Soon as. I got my Box from Florida I Sent her .-i cotipel of oranges a, Mother tould mc She took her Babe to the Hos- pitial and they tould her to foetl her Florida oranges be cans it is Swecter|-and .som Say Helthicr. Oh what a Blessing it was to ha, the Phone 'in dming the Snow. Many! Thanks to Mrs H Martin for a dish of Ice cream and her Mother for bringhig it over it way just be I for the show com down. A. Man in.the Smiday School in Tulcie was speaking a bout Mrs Gullctt^ wrighUng and would like to know her Mrs D P Northrup hap- end to be hear and Som one tould him they was a Lady in the class from lola and he Met her and had a laulk 1 thought My Ears burnt. We Reclevd a box of Florida sweets and we hope .the seasons for be so they can hav. plenty of "Fruit in Florida. iWe ho^e no one Froze to Death bijt I hav an idea they did.. Guy Tredway liad Billle and Jim buisy yesterday he has Som fini^ coal liunp.coal, and it Sure Is fine to staA. a" Fire with. ! Y'ou could see them going up town witii a small Basket of Eggs and a blue look on thcar facer—Eggs .sp cheap. Earl GuUctt com after the Girls a Tuesday eav for fear of the cold. Mr and Mrs Henderson arived Home a Sunday from K C—Dr. Mll- nlx and wife brought them Home but Saw a Blizzard coming and tin-end a round and heded for K C— tlicy Icnorly Spend the winter thear. Peanut Butter is good for NeaiT- iousiiess so is A.^afidita and Garlic— .so is a dose of depreslon for It guides you a chance to see Who you are. Nc'.v York, Feb. 11. (API—Short covering in the recently depressed toUicco Issues gave an upward twist to the stock market in an apathetic week-end ses,sion today. A number of Issues closed fractions to more than a' point liigher. Transfers approximated 350,000 shares. The stock market, as me.^sllred by price av.erages, has closed a-little higher eveigr day tliis week, save yesterday, when Thursday's rather brisk upturn attracted profit taking. But the •action of the market this week has clearly made bears uneasy. Bullish activity cropped out ;today in i some of the sugars, notably South Porto Rico, which was bid up p. point to a new high for 193233. The sugars had been creeping up earlier in the week, as the raw sugar market stiffened. Short covering came into the tobacco's, as bears who had sold in anticipation of today's announcement that^ American Tobacco had. cnt cigaret- prices, took their profits., .Both American Tobacco B and Liggett and Myers B rose well over a point, ahd Lorillard and Reynolds B advanced fractionally. Rails, leaders recently, settled back somewhat, as traders learned thot the national , transportation committee planned to make its report' public next week,- probably on Wednesday. Traders were not sure whether the report would be construed as "bullish." since rumors had it that.;it would take management.s severely to task for failing to halt wasiefiil competition, and for piling up exc«issive debt stnictures in some instances. Losses in these shares, however, were fractional. American Telephone was again firm. ^ as Wall Street has turned to' an almost unanimous opinion thai- directors will order the regular dividend next week.: It gained about a point. Allied Chemical advanced as much. Some of the motion picture issues strengtlicned. with fractional gains appearing in Loews and R-K-O. Imix)rtant rcalieniiiciTtK, .nre expected in this industiy. as result; of recelver.shlijs for Paraniouiit and H-K-O. and have been subject to a wide as.sortmcnt of rumors. High Low Close ... 2-N ... 21U ... 58 "v ...103', ... 55'-s .. .• • 7^ ... 45 ... 43 ... 14---i ... lOH ... 42^s ... 12-; ... 53 ... 6"ii ... 36'U ... 37-V ... 14 ... 13-s .;. 20 ... 13'; ...6c ...9c ...8c .. 6c .. 60 .. 4c Eggs, thirds Eggs, ungraded Hens, No. 1'...; Hens, No. 2 ... I No.-1 Springs, I'.i lbs. up No. 2 Springs Capons, over 9 lbs He dapons, ovel* 8 lbs 9o Capons over 7 lbs 7c Capons, under 7 lbs flo Capons, under 6 lb.s .• 5c Slips ; -..5c Butterfat, lb. .....14c Stags, lb. 4f Cocks 3c Geese, lb. 3c Guineas, each .. — 10c White Ducks; lb 4o Colored DUcks, lb. Hides, per lb.' ... Mixed Com, bu. . Yellow Corn, bu. lyheat, bu. ...... Kafir Corn' ...... 3c Ic ..........13c I4c 27c 13c Kansas City Qrain. Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 11. <"AP). Wheat: 93 cars. Unchanged to 'Ac higher. No. 2 dark hard nom. 42%- 51'-c; No. 2 hard 43'.(:-44Vic; No; 2 red 47c. Close—May 41;xc; July at 42','sc;- Sept. 43»4C. Corn: 11 c^rs. Unchanged. No. 2 white nom, 22H-22%c; No. 2 yellow nom. 22 H-23c; No. 2 mixed nom. 2iri-22Vic. Close—May 22Tic and July 24 "ic. i ' ' Oats: 23 cars. Unchanged. No. .2 white 18-18%c; No. 3 17-18c. „• Mild maize 49c. KafU" 40-44c. Rye 34-35C. Barley 21 -24c. Cities Scrv . SO of Ind .. Amn Can .. Amn T&T . Amn Tob B . Anaconda .. Atchison ... Auburn Beth Steel . Can Pac ... Case J I ... Chrysler Con Gas ... Con Oil .... Drug Inc ... DuPont Geh Elec ...' Gen Motors Int Harv ... Mont Ward Packard Penney J C Phillips Petr Radio Std-Brands . SO of NJ .. iXJnion Pac . Tex Corp .. U S Steel .. Westingh E 25-; 5-; 4"i 15<i 27!.i 76 M 28>-i 27"l Low 20'. 57"; 102'I 53-s 7's 44'i 42 14", lO'i 42'; 12 52 5% 36'^ 37 13 13^s 19'4 13 2Vi 25' = . 5% 4-% 15'; 26::i 75 12% 27-''''. 27'i 21'; 58'; 103'; 54r, 7-.'s 45 42'i 14'. 10 N 42-''.. 12-; 52% 6 36"-; 37"-i 14 13T.< 19',4 13^i 2Vi 25% 5"^ 4% 15'2 2GTs 76 13 V*28% 37% Kansas City Produce. Kansas Clt3f, Feb. 11. (AP>—Eggs 9. Hens 8-10'; roosters 4-6. Other produce unchanged. OliTOUR WAY By Williams Gencnii Edgar X. Collins Dies. Washi^ton, Feb. 10. (AP)—Majoi- General Edgar T. Collins, 60, assistant chief of staff in charge of op^ flPfttiohs and training at the wac departmenti died early today at Walter Reed hospital a;fter^n illness o| se.veral weelfs. His home was at WOUR QoiUT! -fv-AAT AlMT so MUCrt OF A VvJlSE. CRACV< A'S. WOU M\GVAT -rv-\lMV<.- AIMOTKER GtMERATlOKl kMOXN VJHAT TH' FAMOOS OLD PED BAM DAM A l -S, / OR THATTH' K4AT(OM WA <5 BolUr OM n*— \T SHOULD BE. TH' KlA-noWAL FLACr — TH' SViJEAT OF P>OMS.g.RS ~--rK~TH'-^ IF vovjpjt GOMNA ee poETic, HOVS/S TVAi^? ITS RED IS TvA BLOOD OF PioN £ERe -vr^ SPOTfe ARE MAPTRRSTeARs, BuT ^OME ME.M OONTCrrHOkiOREDl |"T\U.-rKER DEAD FER FlFW VEARS! SO,VMUEM v/OU WEAR TH' OAEERIVJ', A MEVNi MERO'S \N0KJ A NAME- »iOo 'l^ FlWO A RED BANDANA RAMGivj'»M TH'HAU. O' FAME.' Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City, Feb. 11. (AP)— (USDA)—Hogs ^100; 825 direct; receipts largely direct; few sales steady with Friday's average; top 3^30 on 170-220 lbs.; desirable 150-250 lbs.. 3.20-30; few 260-300 lbs., 3.00-15; pdd sows 2.10-50. 'i. . Cattle 200; calves 50; for the. week: fed steers and yearlbigs opened the week 25-50 higher, but lost advance to close about steady; spots lower on medium io good weighty steels: lifiht mixed, yearlings, fed heifers and cows strong to 25 higher; vealers and calves 50 higher; stock-^ crs and feeders steady. Week's toiis: choice 1046 lb, steers 6.60; best light steers G.S.'i; 1314 lb. steers 6.15; choice 1533 lb. beeves 5i80; mixed yearling .stockcrs and feeders 3.75-5.00;. few yearling stockers 5.50. SheeiJ 300; for the week: lamhs 25-35 higher; sheep around 25 lower; top fed lambs to shippers 5.70; to packers '5.60; wcek'i bulk fed Inmbs 5.35-80; shorn lanibs 5.50; top ewes to shippers 2.85; closing top to packers 2.50; Texas feeding lambs -O.OOr Sets the Pace. And Again- Advises- BefoFe Bi^ying^ Either CBOBTsiEBTpLirMbiTTlA 14 Belli Was^^JUBle MAN WITH GAR NEEDED. IMJ4Er DIATELY Itq fill vacancy iT&c^l grocery route. Mxist be satlstied make $27.50 week^at st^rt;imore la'ter. Steady job; steady pay- fbr willing wotker. Write Albert .Mills, Route MgfJ, 227a Moninbuthi Cin- cirmati, Ohio. ^ MAN—Wanted to,; take rare j>f establishedj busliness in the sale of McCorinbQ] Enmupts. in -Allen cqimty. CcqcK^.. living rights-..npw with tncreijsing Profits as y&u become acqualhtea with,'customers and business. We finance t^spon- ' sible persons. Experience ndt necessary. Apply by letter to Mc- CONNON £ COMPANY, Special A-329, WJaona^JJlrmesota.- STOCK 21 Bone?, Vehiclfai FOR SAliP pair of ihuL, Jersey cow giving 2 gall per day, will \K fresh iii'" April. Boyer, S. Washington. La^rpe. 23 Itoaltry and SuppUeiS BABY CHICKS—All leadtag>reedS. Custom Hatching, IVjc per egg. Taylor's Hatchery, 201 South Jefferson, lola. LEGAL In the District Court of the United Slates for the District of Kansas, Third Division. In Re; \ ' • RAY L. LO'WER, Bankrupt, No. 2810 in Baniimptcy. NOTICE IN BANKRUPTCY This is to give notice that RayL. Lower of lola, Kansas, was on the 23rd day of January, 1933,'duly adjudged-bankrupt' in the above entitled ;Court; that the administration of this estate has been referred to the undersigned Referee; that the transfer of any property of said estate by the bankrupt is forbidden by law; that the First Meeting of creditors of; said bankntpt, called for the. purpose of allowing claims, electing a. Trustee an,d the transaction of other business, will beheld at the office of thei undersigned Referee, in the Federal Building In Fort Scott, Kansas, on thc.2ist day of February, 1933, at 10 o'clock'A. M. PA-STNE H. )RATNER. Referee in, B&njjaruptcy. ANNOUNCEMENTS Anctiona COMMUNITY SALE—Every Wednesday at J. C. Butcher's Sale Barn. Col. Smock, Auctioneer. • PUBLIC SALE—Postponed,'north of .Carlyle, mitil Monday, February 13. O. W. Ramey. OUver & Littler. Auctioneers. ' AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For HUDSON-ESSEX—Parts and Service. Bud White Motor Co., 209 South street. Phone 60. PONTIAC-BUICK Sales j and Service Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phone ai. Dodge "TVT^E. 0 \.D RAGr. e i»M BY HtA smwcf. inc. Bta.u.«.P»T.orr. „ SALES Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phone 301 ' •Cash—Trade-T-'fenns 6 Auto Accessories, Tires, Farts BATTERIES—13-piate. F ai c t o i; y guaranteed, $3.75 up. George R. Hiser,'224 N. Jefferson. Phone 63. GASOLINE^PER. GAL.. 5L%c. 100 gal. lots plus tax or t^es (Not the Cheap 3rd Grade Gas)' VINE Off. & GAS co; BABY CHICKS ; v . lOO'.o from flocks blood tcstod and certified by Judge HaraJH, poultry expert. Ask about oUi' OO'l'r guarantee on Oastom Hatcmng. All heavy brqpda fl'.ic , Ass't Heavies , -.5c Custom Hatching l%c or $5 case WILLSON FARM HATCHERIES (Formerly Gai^triell) '• 2 miles south on; 73W lor L. E. Steele Supply Cp. 'Talk Chicks with WillsOn" INCUBATOR —Successful, .:175r9M capacity, slightly used,' $lOi brooder stoves from $11 to $21.50. Allen County Implement Co. ; SUNFLOWER CHICKS" — H^ljea weekly. See us before ypu get cliicks or hattOiing. Sunfta;?^' Hatchery. .Bnaison... ' •(.' 24 EXPERT SERVICE for anV ij^e cream separatoir; also oil and gaS- olhie stoves. Bluinnon Htirdwai*; Phone 29. OUR NEW Harness De: reflects tlU' low price o: Shannon Hardware. ~ 27 Teed, Fuel, FertUiseis KANOllA OAT8—Good quality, suitable for. seed, 21c per bushd. M.'R. Lathrop, 4 miles south, 'A east LaHarpe. , 5 i WODDr-Green .or dry, $1.50 per rink, delivered. Brownle'si Ehdnti 88.^ : ' Ml H^utehold OOOAT^ NEW SHIPMENT of coal.wOfld, 4Wt gas ranges, new styles and colors. Real values. Terms. Trade in old. Save at Curtis' Fum,, 10,N. 'Vl[a^. USED STOVES and Purnituie. Store pack^. Henninger's f^ni., Store. USED COAL and wood circulators for sale cheap. "Vf. HJ Wood^Fiiie Furniture, 202 B. Jeff. Phone 190. 30 MAJESTIC and PliIIco ; Radios. Terms. We trade. Curtis'; Purn. SEVERAL good used radios.^ Terms. Henninger's Furniture Store. 31 Seeds, Eliants, Flowers' BEST OF BLUE GRASS onU White Clover.. Shannon Hardwart;. 32 Wanted—To Bay CORN PLANTER >nd ridlifig plow, J. S. Slpes. 20 S. Tennessee, Real Eatate For 37 HoBsoi For Bient FOR RENT—Houses, good location. See G. E. Pees. . Real Estate For Sale 44 1-SipRY HOWSE of 6 inovfe Dlf^lot t&'new location. «J Laccsy, MOran.-

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