Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1928 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1928
Page 3
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• 5 • THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, P IDAY ETENING. JANUARY 6.1928. PAGE THREE :A.| Douglass . Gordon, of -410 Sonxh "Washington avenue, ytas takeb fli at Neosho Falls last nigtat ;^ail stripococcns In his foot and •^arbrought home. He had a restless nigtt last night but vas resting easier iMay. Mr. Gordon . had the same trouble with his foot ee.veral monUis ago. _ ;—Box letter files, extra quality, 750 each.; Cook's /i Drug Store. • Mrs. C. H- oison. of 613 East, street, went to Arkansas City today to visit her sister. Mrs. Claude Freeman and Mr. Freeman. ; BASKETBALL TONIGHT: lOLA COLORED FIVE —vs.— DOUGU\S SCHOOL, Parsons At Junior High Cijm.. S q'clock sharp—35c Adm. . Mrs- Enima Krannich is report-, ed quite 111 at her home. 31G West Jackson avenue. •'—Good Coal makes warm fricrtd*'. ' Charley'Fowler, of 413 South street, received the sad news this morning of. the death of bis mother. Mrs. "Mary Fowler, of 632 North Saint Francis street, Wichita. The Fowler family expects to leave in the morning on the Suliriower Special to attend the funeral. —You will profit by feeding Humboldt's Best Joying Masb. For sale tk the Sturdy Chtat Hatchery. Ope of the Register carrier girls lost her glasses last evening while carrying her papers. The glasses had tortoise shell rims. She would appreciate It if the finder would please leave them at the Register or oHll the Register and fell her where she could call for them. —^Maxine Chocolate Covered Cherries, 49c lb. Cook's Drug Store. Mri«. M. E. Clark, of 1003 JSouth Washington avenue, will go to Caney Saturday to visit her son, A. S. Clark and family She will remain there until April. —The lola Ice, Cold Storage and I Mr. and Mrs. Ai L. Townsend. of Horseshoe Bend, i were called to dsawatomie yesterdaiy on account <k the illness of tlieir daughter. iRis Minnie ^tay Townsend, at the state institution. They returned home last night with the report that she was improved and that her temperature wds nearly normal. —Dr. Lucy E. Poison. Chiropractor. Northrup Bldg. Phone 32C. —Dr. Montgomery. Cblropractor. lola laundry Bldg. PUone 138. —Dr:> 4. T. 'Rcld, Surgery and X-ray. Phone 357. . .Mr. and Mrs. F. .M. Hummiston,< «f 3')S West Jackson avenue, -have both bee» quite ill. .Mr. Hummiston is .now "able to be up and around the house but -Mrs. Hummiston is still confined to her bedi Atrierican Beans In Russia NEWS NOiTES FROM COLONY .Mr. Harris Ketnriis to Colpny lo .Hanase Queen Hatchery- Henry Bartlett l^ses Ash Farm. The Io!a Ice Cold Storage and Fuel Company "^^euV ^'okToT best tuel .Co. Call 116 for prices. quaHty. Phone 116. —Feed yoiir hens lliim- lioldt's Host Laying .Ma.sli: only Marjorie EHen, the eleven and one-half months; old dauRhler of |3.30 p^r 100 Ibf.. at the .SC..rdyj;;,7 'arid '.Mrs! Otto Krannich. of .•a ^ick Hatchery. 1^23 East Linrt)lu street, who has ! been very ill,of pneumonia, is re- I ported improving satistaclorily. . Jfsso WfUfarc. nf Suranac, i Mlohigun. «-ho lia.s bet^ii .'i giiest in (he home of .Mr. and .Mrs. Robert Warner. "14 West .Lick.son avenue. 't for the past uvo wf-f>ks, will leave j . for Iionie on an i-arl.v morning • * train. ' * — . • —S )MH -i:il Sundaf dinner at Port-j. land Holel. «.3c. Hours 12sl.'i to ii —"Vans Bread." good as ever. . Mrs. .Minnie We.-enian returnod home yesterday from a two weeks visit with her son, William Wese,man,^in Harper. Kaiiisas. ' Special for Saturday: Fresh Assorted Fudge. JOc lb. - Howard's Candy Shop, —Get your 192S Rexall Weather IChart Calendars. Cook's Drug Store. Mi&s Leora Lehman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Lehman, of 501 North Walnut street, -^ho had her leg amputated above the knee about two month.s ago. is now able to ,Kit up. news her niany friends will be glad to hear. -FRFE! FHEE: - With each pnr<-liase of $1 or niore of f;oLDE.">; rK.xrocK TOlttrr ARTICLES we will glve.either a jar of Vanishing; Cream or a jar of Cleansing Crcfam. BROwy.s miu !>T<»HK MM. F. CREW Phy.sjcian anil Survpon Kar, Nose and Throat Glasses Fitted 1 ^2 S. Washington. lola Office phone Si9: Res. ll.'.O Diamond Church Notes (Fern Irwin.) _ ; A number from here attended the I funeral of Mr. Jim McKinney who had lived in this commui^ity for several year.s until last spring!." when they moved into the Wise neighborhood. We .s>Tnpathlze with ^ Mrs. McKinney and the children la 1 their loss. Mr. Scott and .Mary entertained; relatives from Baldwin on Chris mas. I niialH. over a period of several ycirs. .Mr and Mrs. Vickcrs entertaine.i i per nu-al. The children not only tfirivc <.n ih More than lOi'.OOO orphan chlMren In the S-'.nr K:v.«t an teatltnonials (.Mr."?. W. E. Payton) COLO.V\". J:in. 5.—.Mr.s. Allie Lowe, who bad been working at Hum^wldt for ' a month. returne<l Home Tuesday. Hobert Pufh made a business trip to lola aind Criauute Wednies- iday. -Mr and Mrs. Le.e: R.; Heltick returned Monda.v from an over Sunday vi?it with relblives at Ottawa. W. O. Wil .oon was in M'estphalia on hiisinV^ss Monda.v. Mr. Harris, of Parson^sJ who will nian.nge the Queen Hatchery this Feascn .j has moved here from Parsons witfi his f.^mily and will live! in the; Mrs, M. E. Jones residence, i Mr. Hurri.s is not an entire stran?er \ to Colony as he? "a.s owner of the I Frei- P'ref^. here, twenty-three. years.ago. , I -Miss Bfrnice Wells of Oarn^-ttj continue for the present, while ^he groom h IS chargi? of a section of the county road; throush Ciolony.' Thev wju make'their home with Mrs. W. B. Murphv. COLONY. Jp.n. «.—Kinsley Howery has been Iiere frorn' Kansas City for a visit with_ his grandparents. Mr. and .Mrs.'n. K.-Howery and other relatives .bnd friends. . Keith Lawrenc^- retnrned • Wedj- nesday from Moiind villey. -where he worked abou^ ten i'.ays as relief operator for": the Santa Fe. Burness Murphy drove to^Burlington Wednesday afternooit. taking home his sister. Mrs. Sydney, Tefft and childr^, who had-: spent several daVs here with' her mother. Mre. W. B. Mnrpiiy. Mrs. Wm. Dahler rtnd" children are spending a.conple of ;'weeks with relatives at'Sylvan C.rovc. , Pete Mazure returned ho^ie the first of the weeli from a butiness trip to Kansas C\ty. - ^ , C. A. Haldemaii is spefidin^r some time in Kansas^ Ciiy. during this cold weather. • Miss Althea McQuqid. after spending the holiday vacation hpro with her parents. Mr. and ^.Irs. O. C. Myer.s. returned to Mound City the first.of the week to re- i-umo her school, work there. The Commtinity church' organi­ zation has procured the services of Rev. J. K. Kelley. formerly of Terre Haute. Ind., as their pastor and will now have regular Sunday service, both morning and evening.. Chas. Martin, substitute carrier for Ed Hnnsicker, is taking the niai' on Route i for a couple of weeks, as Mr. ilunzicker is not well. Miss Alice Jane Boyer has returned to Golden. Gkla.. where she .teaihes. after speniHng vacation at I liomo. : Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Wallar were in Kansas City on business last iveek. Carl arid Miss Esther Palm re^ turned to'rence Sunday to re- |sume their work at K. L". after Kpending the j holidays; with their parents. Dr. and Mrs. C.A. Palm. .Miss Helen; Balyeat spent last week visiiingi with relatives and friends in Kansas City. i The popular Mexican game of j f'aiott^ bears, a strong resemblance j tp handball. .\n armpiece , made j of cane i.s worn by the players and wi-.1i sliis the ball is hit on the fly or f>n the liounce up against a wail. Four men play at a time, two on each side. Iheir son. Clarence Vickers. hi.s wife and baby daughter. .Martha Joan, during the Christma.* lime. Hugh Fergus. Kern Irwin and Jame.-* .Miltou were shopping in lola Tuesday. Mr. and .Mrs. Banta spent Christmas In Humboldt. ;, s di«-t. but .actii.iJIy iixt ••ivjnK a ,t ;ior .'j' luxurious of Colony and will finish h.-r term' of S '-hool; The gronin. who is a •vM.-nce of pt ,y..l«.| superiority o%-^r thof- r .-.-ivinK a .f ;ior., luxurious .•;••.,="„„•.;.,„,„;; f .^rnirT has I.-.sed ta.. .n Uus«iu. *1..-^ the cin .drcn tWn ^.Kosservo as cocK. and^.lf.:* ^i^/ [hV al^ now' ' - - —. - - - - - homo to their -friends. at XENIA NEWS (t;ien V. Dertlvani .Ian. .Mr. and .Mrs. Sam Wor- 'thington and John spent Weiliies- •A Friends of .Mrs. Jennie Mather, | ton: Jnother of R. I. Mather, of ' S.16 .North Jefferson avenu«". will be Borry to learn that she is confined to her bed on account of illness. I .\bl!.-.\ w. I-., in Caleshurs; Tlmi^s-j and Mrs.'Frank J .'Iuisoii and ! day :iii<! Kriilay. wlH -ri' tlH-y atletid- daimhter". Mi«s .\li(e of Kansas! cd tiif'uiiieral of a coiiJiin. City visited relatives here ilie last: j .Mrs. l.iltian Stevenson spent this „f the week. Thev were enrout- week visiting at the^ home of lier, home from Shreveport. I.a.. where son llulier Stevenson and • wife. they spent the holidays with th'irl .Mrs. Carrie Smith accompanied son. Rav Johnson and famil.v. Mr. 1 relatives from Jlronsou to. .MapJe- Johnson's .••ister. Mrs. Hugh Owens.: ton Thur.sday. wliet|e they spent who has been ill for some time.! the day visiting aij th- E. Ham- went to City Saturday to 1 monds home. ; enter a hospital and Miss', Alice ^ Mrs. Alma-Stevenson and -Mrs., Johnson accompanied her flicre on i Ian Knf:.jrs of Bronson and .Mrs.'the train as she was not able-to i Patiliii.- .>^(evenson spent Thursdji.y niako the trip with them in tlieir; .Mr. and Mns. Charlie Meek, return- ''•'•"'''"'^ ^''"O'* -'^V^ ca^^ . i 'ed home Friday. the afternoon they, accoinpani.d by Mrs. Chas. Mize and little daiiglf-, Harry Dragoo ha.s been spending ) The Franklin townshiii board callejl at the Hiiber ters arrived home Snnilay eveninir! his vacation at home, I^JP , Saturday 1 ; Si.'vensonj home in this Irish val- from a holiday visit wi.-h friends Mr. Thomas helped Irwin's i Mr.s. Graves, of Brodsoi. spent ley n?i;.-hhor'uood. 'at Atchison and with Mr. Mize's. butcher a hog Monday. ithls week visiting a daughter. Mrs. c^riTTrnVr i^t . /--T ^r^irr-. I'"''''"'* Topeka. .Mr Mip- went • SOUTH MAPLE GROVE to Topeka ami jspcnt Sjiluay. re- ^ turning with thein. j . i Miss Lueile SpCece. oldest .'.aaais- ' Mr. and Mrs. Parish were in lola - day at the Sam Irwin home. Tuesday. ^ I Sheriff George Heasorig of Fort Mr. and Mrs. Beal entertained' ^'^ot' ^^^^ vicinity Friday their children and families on affernopn. Chtistmas" day. ;. Kay Abbey was in lola Wednes- tertaiued mas Hugh . ilrs. James Irwin and James Mil- 1 —We payR'"'^ on Full Paid and - ^'r. and Mrs. ,1. Jackson enter- ^Val'<r .Smith and Mr. S^mltn. Installment Stock. The invest- taijied the following on Christmas : J"!'" Walker and son| Lldyd de- (Frinciis Cunninchanii ment, the best method to save, tlaj-: Dr. and .Mrs. Charles-Jackson •''•••?ied cattle at .Mapleton Satur- Jan. :;. i - Mr. and Mr-. F. L. Secnrilr BIdir. Loan Axsoclatlon, anil two children of Colony: Vern- day. ,Swearingen spent Cliristnias with lola, Kansas.' on Vickers. their grandson of Colo-i -^'rs. .Mariah Haynes spent sev-j their .-on, Lee Sw-aringea and i'ra(Jo Springs, colo.. and the Rev. i*"''"! days this.week at the home of family, at; Parsons "Abraham Lincoln" the Prairie Years by Carl Sandburg, has been added to the alread>- long list of good books at the lola public library. .Mr. .Mib-fjach. her sister. Mrs. and family. Theodore Glider i .Mr. and .Mrs. Elmer .Martin and Thn Rev Mr Misli -ii -h took ii\n '"niiiy. i i Billy Lee were visiting at W. .Mar- n^^t ^i:^^^'^^^:"^;' •^'^l"''?^r^^^er'^'"^•r''•"'.'ni• dav before rhristm -is attended a dance at the Em Miller Mr. and .Mrs Albert da> before Christmas. j^^^. ^..^.^j,^. MO „. ! fa.nHj. ,vere Chri.-rma • ter of :Mr. and .Mr.s. Fnsnk Speece. aiid Mr.- nnrness .Mniphy: son of \ .Mrs W. n. .Miirpfiy. were united in ' niarriaue Satrniay afternoon. De- • L -em'-er "l. The young coui-le. ac- j ; compauied by Miss Carolyn .More- Fionk anti ^'''1 I'erry Wiiliams.'riri>ve to; dav visi- • w'here the ceremonv was per- | on Burtuett lioni • in Mrs Vickers called on Fern Ir- • ntght. / tors at the fi. win alst Wediiesday morning. f Thieves specializinc ill auto ac- lola. ' Mash atrial Sol.l •it' thn Stiinlv i James Irwin.called at the .Meeder 1 cessories — especially auto tires— Mr and .Mrs. rui,rite Mclntyre, nhi"L. tirlLV^..- T ••! honle last Friday evening. jseem to be making this' neighbor- and fi^mily spent New years day P'^frli"' >"o"ns peoo! The teacher'and school children : hood u center of theiri activities, with .Mr. and .Mrs. F. L. Swearin- Ti\-e Humboldt's jtlest I.,aying! 1 a trial. : Chick Hatcher.v. Mrs. Kenneth Daniels, who ha» lieen visiting her i>arent.s. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Stephens, of ;.,aHan>e. •since "before Christmas, left today for her home in Winfield. Kansa-^ —0. L. Cox, M. D. Specialist, Eye, Ear, Nose and ThroaL —Why cook Sunday dinner at homo when you can g"t a "hoine- cooked" chicken dinner at ,. man's Cafe. - SpecJnl inrkey, uoose and chicken dinner Sunda). noon ^nd evening, at Kelley Hotel, dOc< anj) i-'ic^ '.Mrs.' T. A. Brown, whd conducts a grecery store at 521 North Cottonwood street, who has l>een very 111 for the past two weeks, is reported about the same. ' We know Bakery Products are good, But Have You Tried Ours? ' VA .S' HOOZER'S. are work again after their .week's vacation. .Mr. and Mrs. James Irwin have been entertaining their little nieces, Helen andiEileno Gregory of near Colony. The following were visitors Sunday at the same home: .Mr. and .Mrs. Joe Gregory. .Mr. Rob- Several weeks ago a tirte was lak- pen. . en from Leon Waddle's car during^ .Mr: and 3Irs. Earl«^ Thompson a pie supper at the X()nl3 school; and Lenore w-re Sunday visitors, house. l.ater they vislt^jd the Rns-lat Fi^auk Thompson's: 1 sell Davis home northwest of s George Brh'.kman siieiit Siinilay Xenia and stripped a Ford truck i with Orval and Acfhur Croisant formed by the Probate Jiidse. Th bride and groom are both grad- • nates ol '"olo'ny liiL -h sehool and Tile bride : has iiecn workiii:: for several ] months ar PaVton s (af^ and wiil I belonging to J. .M. Da.vls of tires ^ .Mr. and .Mrs. H.'jniy Saving were „ and wheels. It is reported guests at thf Fn^d Saving home i ert Gregorx', Hugh and Wavne Fer-'">ey stripped ii grain separator of Christmas day. ' gus. ' ' I bells. The latest Is that they en- .Vr. John Croisant. Cordelia Jiind • TheFarmer-s I'nion met and lered a curage on the Merrill farm, orval have tonsiljtis. '.elected officers Friday evening be- 'hrce miles east of Xenia .Sat-; .Mr. and Mr.s. Frank .McMillen : i fore Christmas.' Mr. Parish was '"'<'.ay nicht and took Tour tires Friday withj their uncle and. i elected president: Mrs. Ross, sec-jand rims from a ir>27 Ford road-;,oiisin who are jiere from Iowa • ! retarv-treasurer. I Wo haven't yeti*'*''' belonging to .Miss Cleo Dukes, and ..Missouri, visiting with .Mr. an<l! * hoped the thieves can be .Mr.,. Tempt>.. ' Golden Peacock • learned who tho other officers are. ' I' f'^ ''OI"-'' ' "ieves can iWe are ho|dng for a good vcar In'caught and properly punl.shed. 1 r-nion work. It was decided to ' ^'r. and Mrs. Sam Irwin have a pie supper some time soon,;'laughter Thelnia were in Ft. Scott and Mrs. M. K. Saylor. of Kan.sjis i date to l>e announced later. A pro-j^'"'"'^J- Citv who has. been visitiiig in the ; gram is being prepared for the pie home of Mrs. Da\is Wolfe for the', supper. past .seven weeks, returned home I James Irwin received a card;-^""H- ^ this afternoon. Mr-. Wolfe accom-1 from his cousin. Miss Anita Irwin. j «^<_[ Mrs. Aubr> Meek :-r El .Mr. and Mrs. Walter Buell of Ft. Scott spent .Monday with .Mr. .ind Walter Smith. Sure Way to Stop Night Coughing Mr.'. Virginia Cliildress i^fi today for her hoint- in Tulsa. Okla.. after a \1sir wiiJi her parents. Mr. \ , and Mrs. 11. AV. no> k" Ilarpe. panied her home for a few days \isii. uill :i;-(i visit her dauchr-r, .Mr- C.irl Saylor and family. i — fir A. R Tw;ololl Osteopath. New (Jlolic Bldg. I'hone 191. who is now statioiicd at Tsing Tao. China. (The card had Cliiuese printing on ir. Doilado. Kan., who have been.vis­ iting at the home of Mrs. ."neek's A parents and other relatives in this j •rescriptIon Thjif Ends toagh»'in 1"> .Minates >ight .Mrs. 1). L. Shaefer and infant soii. Paul Clydean. of C^ilony. re-! tribute the gifts and treats, of La- turped Jiome today from St. John 's j •'•uperintendent of. the .Sunday ^hospital. ' ! shhool .wishes to thank all who — I — , helped to make the'Christmas "pro—For Real Estate Loans sec the ( —Special Chicken Htnner .Sun- .vram and free a success, the com- Serurlty BIdL'.,& Loan As!.ociation, dav at Krause's Cafe. " • i mittee. the school children, the , lola, Ks. Office iti First .VatL Bank. . — .' ones who helped get the tree and | I i • — . j —Try our drive in battery and decorate it and the ohes who con-' '•p Mrs. I>. F. Miller, of Chanute, j tire service during this cold weath-, fributed money for the treats; also "who hag been visiting in the hoihe . tir. Bollinger Service Station. '" of her cousins. Mr. and Mrs. Otto | — Mrs. Caroline IJOVC. who has enjov tiful tree was loaded with gifts. Santa was present and helped dis-! The the ones who helped sack the*can-| dy. I .\ happy New Year to all our readers. Krannich. 423 East Lincoln street.- . , and helping in the care of Mar-i been uking radium treatments at jorie EUeif 1\rannich during her | St. John's hospital, returned to her illneES. returned home today. iiome in LriiHarpe this afternoon. I -Many strike where the oil is not cold weather. We understand the'touch. .V rr.niarkahle prescription next meeting will be Friday night as Tho.vine, w/.rking ofi an if weather and roads permit. At'entirely different principle, goes the next meeting the play. "Those direct to the; < is giiara.i- Dreadful Twuns." will be given, j teed to t-iop^the stubbornest cough Ames Ross and Lonnie Robb de- within I'l ininutes. One swallow livered corn to Tom Johnson near is all that's ueedei;. If it fails, get Mapleton Monday^ fyour moiiey back. No chlorotorni Mr. and Mrs. Will Ne>vman. .Mrs.-or other ihavmfnl drugs. Sale for Stella Frlel and .Mrs, Vi'alter Friel: children.' KqiK'lIy good for 'sore and baby of the I^aHirpe neigh- tliroat, for which purpose it is far jlKirhood spent .Monday with Mrs. superior to gariile.s. Ask for Tliox- Anija Jaro. ; ine. .•Jac; and ^l.uO. Solil by 'V ^'^alter Smith and .Mrs. .Myrtle | The Evans Store. TheThmStepstoa Ciystal Clear Skin! j The wonderful Golden Peacock Preparntion* ' bring you a skin of auperUtive tmoothoeu 'and fineneti. They Isantsh all slda defect*, ' prevent wrinkles and ag? signs, and arouse the skis to new life and vitality. Already a million women aU over Amenca are keetrins their skins radiantly, sloriously youtlifut witb these amazing new treatments. <;olJen Peacock Bleach Crcmc—Anamaz- ins new discovery of science which clears and whitens your skin almost overnight. Banishes rrecklcs.;blackheads, sallow skin, tan, hlotches, imnples and all discolorations. <1 .00>' <^oldeii. Peacock Tonic TIMUO Cr^m*— Just recently it was discovered that wrinkles, crow's-feet, Babby tis^es and age signs Wert dtie to a starved condition of. the skin. Bui now this wooderfut new creme has • atimu- latins effect on the skin—Arousing Uw slur gish. starved'cells to new life. (1 .00) . Coldrn Peacock Tonic Face Po-wdw—TJijl newpowderisactnallyasKin toojr—itiscooi- pounded of certainimportedingredients wUct have almost magical results in correcting en; targed pores, pirn pies, blemishes, roughness mm preventing blackheads. And it stays onl (.75: Start taing theteaptendidtnatmonta to night. UsethamforSdmyi. Then,ifyau'r notdelithtedyourmoneytrHtberefunded. P.VLACE DRrG STORE i;. W.^LAWKE-ME. Prop. ' • - • 1 * REAP A.W r.'001» BOOK » t » a . * . Which you nia.v leiif ' ' : tiy the day or week " LENDl.NC. LIBIUVRY : • .KVANS STOKE is - ' — « ' Ralph DHak" went to Chanute .•yesterday afternoon to visit his , wifo who is ;i- the .lolmson hoR- "•piUtl for oil-.•!<.>•;.m and treat- '•"nient. .Mr^ lir ^iti-'- nuiiiy. frieuds ! f" will be g! ill! kiio^ she is reported ii ii'i lieti«-r. i- —Food <:\\i- .1 U v M. <^ritccry b.v .\'.r- K ('. Keinsln-rs « nnd Mrs. H. L. .Me.Viel. I'nicevds to * 4lt\ Div. Presi-yterian Church -Jki — .\noUier l^ook now on the F. L. B. LE.IVELL. .M, 1». Special attention given DIs- eci>es i.f Colon >2ind Rectum. Elect ro-Physiotherapy Office lola State Bank Bldg. Phones—147 and 705 • •••as«aa«^ai»*ai « I ! —If .vou want to buy or build, I city or suburban propcri.v. The lola Building & I.,oau . Association will make-yon' a loan, low Interest rate, no commission. See G. ki. Pees Secretary, at old Register building southwest corner of square. .Mrs., <;. W. Cox. of S:!9 North Washington avenue, received word yesu-rday of the d «>8tli of her sls- I'T. Mrs. Susan Strode, at the home of her daughter. -Mrs. Ed .McKeritIn, of Bartlewille. Okla..: The funeral party pa.ssed tbroiiehi lola this morning on Its ,way to Clay County. .Missouri, where bur- shelves of th'e lo!a public library iial will be made beside her hu!«- is "The Rivef and I" by John G. Neihardt. .Mr. Xeihardi made an adventurous-, trip of two thousand miles down the Jlissouri river In an open power-boat with the Kid to bear liim company, and he telly] the story Of their joys and sorrows here. The start was made at. Fort Benton, the head of navlga, tion. and the Atom carried then* across Montana and down thie Dakotas to Sioux <5lty, Iowa. Thanks to the hardihood and the unflagging spirits of the adventurers, it was a happy trip, and the tale is told not only with humor but with a fine sense of the epic and historic -character of thkt nortbweat eoxoAty and with a poef s appred- band, who pa.ssie<L away several .vears ago. .Mrs. Cox spent Thanksgiving id Bartlesi-ille with hor sister. .Mr*. Strode l.« an aunt of Mr. J. L. Maffltts. 709 North street. Disheartcninlf - exhausttng. For « strooc. limber, pain^free back; mraand wofnen everywhere ateiu- ing vti Tecacmnending Foley Pillgj diuietic. Tliey Mdsfy:ca*t but little. Fol «jr nils HELP FOR SIOhVOMEN Lrdia E. Pinkham's Vegetable C«Hnpound Has Restored the Health of Thoussnds Brooklyn. New York.—Mrs. O. Hegmann of 228 Schaeffer St., was In d run-down con* ditlon aiid rould not do her housework. She could notsleepat night. Her 8tor>- is not an unusual one. Thousands of women find themselves in a similar lionditlon at somettlmeln their lives. "I found ly o n r advertise^ ment in my letter box;" wrote Mrs. Hegmann. "and took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and got relief." Mrs, Hegmann also took Lydla E. PInkham's Herb .Medicine i and Lydia B. PInkham's Pills for : Constipation, with good results. She says. "I am recommending your medicines to all I know.who.have symptoms the same as mine, and to others whom I think it .wHl help. Yon may use my statement as a testimonial, and I will answer any let terii sent to me by women who would like information regarding your medicines." i . There are women In your stated perhaps in your town—who have written letters similar to this one ^telling How mncb Lydia E. Piak- ham's vegetable Componad has School ChUdren Need Vitamins A child who is dgnally bright and efiiaent in class-room achieve* . inent» usually is well-fiourished, heavier in weight, cmd kuu gretater ; nthUmce to inflation, than a child viho is held back by vitamin". tffahutibn or und^mourishnient . Keep your boy o^ ^\ adeqadtely oitcunin-noarished at all tiraes. Supplement the daily Uiet «rith ea^y assinulated emulsified cod* liver oil as in Scofit's' Emulsion — to assure an abundance of heaith4>aildinig vitamins; To be at their bestja^d have the ability to do their best, children shook! be kept well-iiourished. Children 'elish and like (Indiana) lOLA, KANSAS. Time to Try Somethingf New Yon'rp jriid other mcthod.s with no relief. So ir'haf I sa>/ bioir irill he vir// brief: Isn't it; time to iiif .soincthit)ff >;.*/<',. And-^ee nhat Chiropractic offeri to ijoa? iDR. C. Z. MONTGOMERY THE P.AL .-nER CHIROPRACTOR Ibia Laundi'y Buildin<; Phone 138 E|ir^ry Mile l|lo more knocks. Ihstant pick-up. Reduced gear . shifting. A flexible eingirie — purring "^ith power — a siirplus hi silent Jower—ready for Anything — and ready all the time! j lied Crown fethyl \s worth a few |ents riiore per gallon I At any Standard Oil h Service Station at most garages S^tandard Oil Company

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